what possessed me to start my hair so late

AN: I already tried uploading this once and the computer decided to crash. After a small tantrum, I got my shit together and rewrote it. 

There was something wrong with Tony. He had been very withdrawn recently (more withdrawn than usual, anyway), and where Steve wasn’t unused to not seeing his boyfriend for days on end, he was beginning to worry after Pepper confirmed that Tony didn’t have anything pressing to do at work. Since they had started to date, Tony’s schedule had become more and more regular, and Steve was really starting to miss the pre-sleep snuggles they had gotten into the habit of having.

Deciding that there was no harm in asking if something was wrong, Steve headed down to the workshop and started to key in his code. He really hoped, as he waited for the door to open, that Tony wasn’t falling back into old habits. He really liked those snuggles, after all.

Of course, then he realised that the door hadn’t opened.

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