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Things I’d like to see on Booklr
  • Reviews for backlist books. I don’t care if you’re reading something old for the first time. You just read Sabriel by Garth Nix? Or the Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta?  Or maybe Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz? DO A REVIEW FOR IT! Maybe it’s not the newest and hottest book right now, but there are so many older novels to discover and reviews help that!
  • Buzz for non-YA novels. I love the Young Adult genre/age group. But there’s a TON of books that aren’t Young Adult that would be fun to discuss and share! Occasionally we get non-YA books that get popular because of their appeal to the YA audience (The Night Circus, Shades of Magic, Song of Achilles, etc) but I wanna hear about more! Tell me about the mystery you’re reading, the poetry book you picked up, the old sci-fi series you found on sale! There’s a lot of books out there! If YA isn’t your thing, no worries, I still want to see blogs and posts for books outside that area!
  • Support Reviews. I’m just as guilty of this. I don’t tend to reblog or like reviews, even though I constantly skim, read, and look at what bloggers have to say. Reviews are essential to book blogging in general and great for the book industry! We should reblog and comment on them more! Show reviews your support, that you’re out there reading what they have to say, let them know if you pick up the book or not, share the review so others see it and maybe discover their next favorite book!
  • Discussion Posts. I know that some say that longer posts just don’t work on tumblr, but I love seeing discussion posts and reviews on booklr! Wordpress blogs are more likely to have discussion posts or just longer posts about books and stuff in the community, but I would love to see this stuff on here to. The fun thing about tumblr is it’s a very versatile blogging platform, from just reblogging to adding your own content into the community. Maybe we’ve all skipped over a long post because “TL;DR” but I think that reblogs and comments are perfect for talking and adding to discussion posts, so why don’t we all utilize it more?
  • Support non-English Readers! Every time I see a photo of a book that’s not in English, I notice that it has significantly fewer notes than of pictures of that book in English. I’m not sure what’s up with that? A lot of times you can recognize the book because the covers are the same, it just happens to have the title in Russian or Spanish or whatever language. Lots of people don’t read in English and that’s GREAT! There’s a lot of languages out there and those who read in their native language deserve support for their blog too! (Obviously)
  • REBLOG REBLOG REBLOG. bookavid used to talk about this sometimes, but likes aren’t always great for bloggers. I put a LOT of love and work into my blog and so does everyone else in the community. We work hard on posts, reviews, and photos! Reblog them if you like them! That lets us know you like what we’re doing and more people see it and we feel validated for our hard work. It’s always depressing when I post something and it gets 10 likes so I post it again and wonder if people don’t like it? Is it worth putting the work into if no one sees it or seems to care? I know some people try to stick to the theme of their blog but when you can, support bloggers and reblog instead of just liking it and scrolling on!

I know booklr has felt dead recently, but I’m not giving up until you pry this blog from my cold dead hands! Reach out, talk to people, let me know if you want me to check out your blog, talk to me about books, talk to other people about books, make posts even if you feel your blog is small and unimportant (it’s not, fyi). I love this community and I want to see it thriving again! I want to talk to you guys, hear your thoughts, get recommendations, and make friends


P.S. What do you want to see more of on booklr?? Comment, reblog, message me, let me know 😄

Blog (Michael)

Rating: R

Pairing: Michael x Y/N

Summery: Michael finds Y/N’s old 5SOS Tumblr smut blog and she tries to find a way to get him to shut up about it.

A/N: I like can’t find any good smut accounts. Plz hit me up with some suggestions. 

“And he roughly grabbed my breasts as he fucked me from behind. I was his dirty girl.” Michael giggles, holding my old phone in one hand. My eyes widen as I realize what he’s found. You see, before Michael and I started dating or even met, I was the biggest 5SOS fangirl you could find. I actually ran a 5sos smut blog that was pretty popular. I would write smut or reblog it. Sometimes I even had audios. The second Michael asked me to be his girlfriend I forgot it. But the pages are still up there. 

“Fuck! Mikey give me that!” I lunge for my old phone but Michael’s 6 foot stature towers over me. 

“You ran a porn blog? About me and the guys?” Michael chuckles. 

“Yes. Now give me the damn phone.” I state, attempting to grab it from him.

“The bio says ‘You can call me Y/N 18 Cal’s Girl’. I wasn’t your favorite before we met?” Michael chuckles, continuing to scroll through my teenage dreams.

“Michael give me the phone!” I whine, stomping my foot. 

“Dear god, I gotta show the guys this.” Michael laughs. I  attempt to jump on Michael’s arm to get the phone. I hang on Michael’s back for a brief second before falling off. 

“Michael, I swear to god if you tell anyone about this I will never blow you again!” I state firmly. 

“Calm down, kitten. It’s funny!” Mikey laughs. “Oh! I found a blurb about me that you wrote.”

“Mikey stop it. This is evil.” I groan, giving up on my attempt to get the phone back.

“I feel like Michael would be really kinky in bed and call you names like ‘kitten’ and ‘sweetheart’. He’d be like really into foreplay and have like a minor daddy kink. I feel like he’d leave a bunch of hickeys on your neck that you’d have to hide from everyone.” Michael burst out laughing. “Well you’re not that far off, Kitten. I have to show the boys this.”

I angrily squatted to my knees and started to undo Michael’s pants. Michael looked down at me, confused by my actions but not stopping me. I stroked him through his boxers and looked up at him through hooded eyes. 

“What are you doing, kitten?” Micheal asked, biting his lip as he stared down at me.

“Give me the phone and I’ll give you head.” I state, slowing the pace of my hand. 

“Y/N, it’s really funny. Come on, laugh at it.” Michael strains to speak. I pulled my hands away.

“Mikey, I was really proud of that when I ran it. Please it’s something I want to keep in the past.” I cross my arms.

“It’s just funny that you had these fantasies before we even met. Plus, they’re kind of hot.” 

“How did you even find it anyways?” 

“A fan tweeted me saying that you ran a 5SOS fan page before you met me and I thought you might have it on your old phone.” Michael shrugged. “If I give you the phone can I still get head cause I am painfully hard from reading your old smut.”

“Yes.” I yanked down Michael’s boxers to be met with his erection. I bit my lip and smirked before kitten licking the tip. 

“Y/N, don’t tease I gave you what you wanted. Please..” Michael groans in frustration. I quickly take him in, deep throating him. My nose meets his pelvic bone. I then hollow my cheeks and bob my head up and down his length.

“FUCK! Maybe writing smut made you so good at this.” Michael moan/laughs. I pull off of his cock and kitten lick the tip. “S-sorry princess. Please I really need this.”

I press a kiss to his head before bobbing my head up and down his length. I take a hand and run my fingers over the creases of his legs. Michael is a moaning mess above me as I continue to bring him closer to his climax. I feel him twitch in my mouth, indicating he is about to cum. I relax my throat as Michael takes my hair in his hand and face fucks me. 

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Michael curses as he cums. His legs shake as he reaches his peak. Michael releases into my mouth and sinks down onto the floor with me. I swallow before pressing a kiss to his lips. “Have any more secret blogs that I should know about?”

“Shut up.”

Some SS Japanese artists to follow on Twitter

After my post about the Japanese special SS tag, I got several asks about how to find good SS doujinshis and artworks of Japanese artists on Twitter, so here’s the list of my 7 favorite JP artists and a few descriptions of them, you can easily find their pixiv account in their profiles:

1.  ひな 森 @m_nmy01

My favorite SS artist of all time, Hina Mori. Mostly rated from K+ to T with a slightly shoujo-ish plot, her SS doujins are original and very in-character, especially the subtle Sasuke, always teasing Sakura and suddenly taking her by surprise :) She focuses mainly on Sasusaku themselves and their travel, sometimes Sasusakusara.

Her most liked doujin on Twitter (65k likes and 30k retweets, just wow!) is about Sasuke saying goodnight to Sakura after making sure she was sound asleep.

Some Hina’s arts are published in her Pixiv account only.

2. すず❀ウスラトンカツ❀@szk_sssk

Suzu, another popular artist that focuses mainly on fluffy, humorous and sometimes ecchi Sasusaku. 

One of her most liked and retweeted doujins on Twitter is about Boruto observing his sensei’s sweet marriage: Briefly, Boruto saw Sakura blushing while looking at the ring on her necklace and asked her what that thing was, Sakura told him it was “a secret” ( ヒミツ). Later when eating ramen with his sensei, he found out that Sasuke kept the same “secret” as Sakura. When his sensei’s wife joined them and asked Sasuke if he could have dinner with her after eating a bowl of ramen, Sasuke replied that as long as Sakura cooked, he could eat her food anytime. Then Boruto teased the lovebirds, something like ‘oh please get a room you two’, then Sasuke was like ‘Ok lets go’, leaving Sakura like ‘Hey Sasuke-kun (>///

3. もーこ @m0_ko

Sasuke in Mōko’s arts is devilishly handsome and muscular, you have been warned!! You can find many cute SasuSakuSara arts in her twitter art collection.

One of my favorite SSS doujins is about how SSS say good morning (おはよう ohayō) to each other in a normal morning at the new Uchiha family, after Sasuke was back home forever. Sarada noticed how her mother flushed and unconsciouly bent the ladle when seeing her messy-haired Sasuke-kun in the morning lol, the little girl also noticed the happiness in her father’s face when replying to her mother and compare the before & after of her family when her papa was back. This doujin will warm your heart :D 

4. いづき@iduki_kaetiiii

Sasusaku of Iduki is mostly funny, but she also has some sexy and R18 doujins in pixiv only. 

My favorite SS smut of Iduki is when Sakura was assigned a seduction mission, and Sasuke was angry when he knew this. They made love passionately and when Sasuke was about to propose to her (because married kunoichis didnt have to do seduction mission), Tsunade interrupted the couple. When Sakura was off to her mission, it was revealed that Tsunade canceled that seduction mission and encouraged Sasuke to propose to Sakura but in another suitable time. 

In her Twitter, Iduki loves to draw a happy SSS family and has several T-rated doujinshis in as well :D

5. とば(さけとば)@saketoba_ss

It took me awhile to track down Saketoba’s Twitter account since she doesn’t usually tag サスサク in her works. She doesn’t do many doujinshis but her arts are hella cute, especially the SS chibi style! Check her pixiv account, there are some R18 kind of stuff for ya lol! 

6. 瑠璃@TRumi810

Sweet and sexy are what I think about Ruri’s doujinshis. She’s a very popular SS artists and I’m sure you all know her style. Dominant, rough Sasuke and passive, moaning Sakura are her favorite lol, just check her pixiv for more fun stuff  (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

7. 오스아@O_SEU_A

She is an exception in this list because @oseua is Korean. Her arts are unique and emotional, especially the sex scenes which can be found in her pixiv account, plus her SS animal version is super adorable. @Oseua is popular among tumblr community with her beautiful SS art blog  (can’t tag her, dont know why, i hate tumblr sometimes >”

That’s it. Please reblog if possible to encourage SS fans to follow good Japanese artists in other social network instead of reprinting or reposting their arts without permission :D 

Lastly thank you for all sweet thank-you messages in my inbox and sorry for not replying sooner (TT_TT). 

Now enjoy your SSS feel :D 

anonymous asked:

You should really make a side blog for all these asks

I’m…not really sure what else you expect us to be doing here then? We don’t get a lot of submissions for memes, and there are plenty of other blogs for news and other information related to autism, which rather leaves us with answering the questions people ask us. If what we’re doing isn’t your thing, it’s okay to unfollow us.

- Auntie Cat

Hey pal! While that might have been viable at the height of Advice Animal popularity 5 years ago, these days this blog is probably 80-90% asks and advice posts. We do still get/make the occasional meme, and those can be found under /tagged/meme.

If you really dig the memes and don’t want to unfollow, we tag all our reblogs as #Not Autistic Kitten, so if you’re on a computer running XKit you can avoid asks and posts like these by installing the Blacklist extension and blacklisting “Not Autistic Kitten”, and the Servant extension and setting up a servant as follows:

[Post is from] autistickitten
[Post is type] Ask

Hide the post

And remember, if you feel like we’re posting a severe deficit in memes, the best way to get us to post more is to submit ‘em!

-Brother Cat

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Why isn't there a lot of hentai with small chested girls but not loli's just older girls with small chests because that's just their figure?

If you ask for my blog, I just reblog what I found in other blogs, and I seldom, if ever, see small chested girls. If you say that in general, I don’t even know. Maybe because society told us that small boobs are not that beautiful and “men prefer big boobs”. And hentai is porn, they probably go with what people like more and what is more popular…

Hey tumblr!

I’m a new Mob Psycho 100 fan blog! I made it since I found I blogged a lot about the series on my main, haha. I’d be happy to support fan works or just blogs in general, and would even greatly appreciate some followers for my own future stuff!

I’ll be tagging main/popular characters, what the content is (spoilers, etc.), popular tws/cws, and whatever else in the future!

If you post MP100, like or reblog this post and I’ll check you out!

EXO As Kaixing Supporters
  • Suho: the mother, 'these are my sons do not touch them I will fight you'
  • Chen: the fanfic reader, 'what do you mean I have tO LOG IN TO READ RATED M???'
  • Xiumin: the fanfic writter, 'I have 4 fics started and 20 plot ideas someone slap me'
  • Kyungsoo: the low key shipper, 'my likes are full of them but that's my business'
  • Chanyeol: the hardcore shipper, 'TheY LoOKED aT EAch OTheeeER I Am nOt oKAy'
  • Baekhyun: the popular blogger, 'it's 3AM but people you best believe I'm reblogging to the sun down'
  • Sehun: the new blogger, 'found a Kaixing photo on instagram and can't stop looking it up so here I am'
  • Luhan: the intermediate blogger, 'My blog belongs to the beautiful Xiumin but here have some Kaixing because feels'
  • Kris: the fanartist, 'I thought it would be cute to draw them as chibis with ears and a tail and yes I suck but look at how cute they are'
  • Tao: the graphic maker, 'perfection. I have it. They have it. Look at my filters, wHY IS NO ONE LIKING/REBLOGGIN THIS IS GOLD'

I hate when I make a post that gets super popular. Cuz in the past 4 days I’ve thought “oh, what a cool blog name, I wonder what they’re like” while checking my notes and found that my stuff has been reblogged by

And the worst of all: Teen Titans Go fans

Like, this blog nor any posts from it are for you. Buzz off!

Welcome to the Sisterhood

Hello there friends!!!

Some of you may remember that, a few weeks ago, I made this post about a necklace I found on Etsy. I made a throwaway comment, and things… escalated. The concept of a Sisterhood of Sam proved rather popular. So… what else could I do, but make it??

@sisterhoodofsam is a blog that will be dedicated to all things Sam! (with Jared thrown in as an added extra)

Yes, I know there are other Sam-centric blogs out there. But there’s always room for one more!!!

We’re gunna be reblogging everything Sam and Jared related, including fanfiction and fanart. We’ve started setting up tags and a Queue, and will slowly be building on this blog. It’s still in a state of minor construction. 

Alongside myself, @skybinx-blog, @kydamyankee and @idreamofhazel will be running it. 

So come, Sisters! Join us as we bask in the glory that is Sam Winchester!!!

twigwise  asked:

Hey I was curious if rumors about the mods of this blog were true? It's being said that the people modding this blog are incredibly opposed to sexual!cecilos headcanons, to the point of threatening violence (maybe jokingly, I have only heard rumor) about it. To tell the truth, I don't want to follow anyone that is viciously against /any/ headcanon (other than white cecil. i'm cool bashing white cecil) so I would appreciate knowing...

We are not against sexual headcanons.

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