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everyone going crazy over newest hero being an 11 year old black girl, buddy, guy, my dude, boi, am i the only one seeing controversy in you killing an 11 year old girl in a viddy game?

yeeeaaaahhh i dont think she’s gonna be a hero, maybe the new hero will be a robot she’s built or something? i also saw someone mention the possibility of her building athena a body!!

Imagine: Giving Daryl His First Blowjob and It Leading to Rough Sex

(A/N: Well, it’s official, Norman Reedus has made me complete trash. Enjoy this other lil one shot thing I had to write out).


Daryl had secured the room and he had stood there awkwardly as you walked up willfully to him and pressed your body suggestively into his, rubbing your chest up and down his, done with any subtle clues, needing to show him tonight how much you wanted him.

Daryl had recently confessed to you that he had never been given a blowjob before, this leaked out one night during a drunken session of truth or dare between you. You had been hinting at Daryl for months now, trying to get him to see how much you wanted him. After that night, you knew you had to make it up to the man, you planned to do it when the time was right. By looks of this old secure house, you had just found it.

Daryl noticed your eyes on him, his jaw tightened and he stared at you like he didn’t know what to do.

You smiled playfully in response and squared his shoulders, pushing his body back onto the bed behind him, his legs dangled on the edge.

You smile and kneel down in between his legs as you graze your hand up and down his muscular thighs, watching as your hands rub his blue denim jeans harshly, causing warm friction to be created. You lick your lips and rub your thighs together as your eyes lock on to the button of his jeans and his hard cock, throbbing inside its prison. You run your hand over it and intentionally rub it up and down, looking innocently up at Daryl, who is biting his lip and groaning to himself, trying to keep control.

“Shit, Y/N…” Daryl half grunted, half moaned, as his eyes close at your touch.

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You always play as a girl in overwatch? Are you that thirsty and desperate for people to let you win?

I’m pretty sure people don’t let people win based off of the fact that they’re playing a woman character, considering almost half of the available heroes are women and the playerbase itself is, I reckon, mostly populated by men. Tell me, in your experience, do you often see people on the enemy team stopping, going like “HEY! That’s an enemy Pharah! She’s so hot and cute, I’m not gonna kill her! Hey guys! Let’s let the other team win because they have a Pharah!” 

Because I’ve never seen that. 

I don’t have to justify myself to you. I have fun playing the characters I play. And yes, generally, I feel more connected to that character playing a woman. Because, interesting fact, I’m a woman! Wild, right?  

i cannot forgive disney for casting the most mediocre actress as the face of beauty and the beast to guarantee viewership of a movie that was always going to have a huge audience in the first place because it’s fucking beauty and the beast

It’s been a while since I did a post on my amiibo collection. I think the last time was back in 2015 in December… Anyway, in the span of a year, it’s only gotten bigger and bigger. This isn’t even including all the AC amiibo cards I’ve collected. And with the release of Breath of the Wild and Nintendo Switch in only about a week and a half, I’m sure I’m going to have to figure out how to make more room again. I’ve seen a picture of that Guardian amiibo, and it looks giant.


I don’t know why i did this, i just wanted an excuse

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Yep, you can use them just put credits