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Summer is here!!! (for some people)

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been active few weeks again, finals are over last week and I needed to recharge and drawing random stuff after drawing not so long. I don’t really had that much energy to begin with.

Here is crappy pic of the three assistants in swimsuits that I randomly thought of, I’m changing Gogo’s for sure. Also there might be spamming

excuse me while I d i e ❤❤❤

(lil bb davo taking even his imaginary hockey games so seriously why does this not surprise me)

So in other news the CW clearly gives its shows a theme for the ships and then they have a competition to see who does it better because honestly:

destiel: cas gets out at the portal at the last second but gets stabbed in the back and dean collapses on his knees over cas’s body

westallen: barry gets to infantino street at the very last second and iris gets stabbed in the back and dies in its arms

bellarke: bellamy waits for clarke until the very last second but then has to leave thinking she’s dead and looks down at the earth being swallowed by primfaya

coincidence??? i think not

*struggles w/ not wanting to be like ‘every other simblr’ and start a new legacy and really wanting to start a new non story driven legacy*