what people thing

i stg i thought sana was gonna give isak a condom at the christmas party like look at this shit

what was i supposed to think

also isak you’re a teenage boy why didn’t you say anything

big blogs that became big blogs by not caring about or just not talking about fandom/social issues? can’t even relate. how do they do it

because she asked for it (smh), your fave is problematic: @forgetyouaslongasilive

  • intentionally tries to dress as a runaway circus performer 
  • constantly: “*insert aggressive thing in all caps* POLITELY/KINDLY.” 
  • casually made it into a uni that only accepts 0.6% of uk applicants
  • hair is Too Much™, so within the span of a minute she chops off an inch herself 
  • will go on a feminist rant/speech if you give her an opportunity 

PS is Carol (2015) dir Todd Haynes  trash 


I need to write this to get something of my chest because wherever I go I just see hate from this lovely community towards jack and I just can’t be silent.

Jack came out with a video about this Felix thing yesterday and I understand why. Everyone wanted to hear what he had to say. Everyone was asking and asking so Jack answered and then the fucking hate storm came. A lot of people (not saying everyone) started to hate on jack and giving him a lot of shit because of his opinion and I’m not saying I’m agreeing on everything he said but I’m not sitting and hate him. Come on, we are suppose to be the nicest community and then when jack says one thing we don’t agree with we attack him and giving him shit for it. WE FUCKING ASKED, WE WANTED ANSWER, WE CAN’T BE ANGRY BECAUSE HE FUCKING ANSWERED.

So I was around twitter last night and saw that people talked about what Keemstar had said about jack and so I went to his twitter page and saw this video he did and I’m just..wtf. Okay Keemstar and everyone else agreeing with him, I understand what you mean and I understand that you are disagreeing about things jack said but you can’t come and say that you hate jack because of his opinions. That is just bullshit. He said what he thinking about this thing and his options matter too. Isn’t this just what started it all? Some people (let’s call them the A-people) had one way to see this and when other people (let’s call them the B-People) had another opinion  a-people started to shit on the b-people because obviously was they right and b-people was so wrong but then b-people heard about what the a-people said and the didn’t agree with them so they started to fight back because they were right aaaand drama happened and people was hating on each other and so so angry. Do you all don’t understand that this won’t fix ANYTHING you are just starting more fights and more drama ffs.

Keemstar also said that jack is only thinking about himself??? whats up with that? Jack being selfish? Okay we obviously thinks about to different people..no? he meant jack like in jacksepticeye? The wonderful green bean? one of the most nicest person on youtube? that jack? Okay, listen. Jack is not selfish for saying that it’s sad that scare pewdiepie is canceled because he had a big part of it. He wasn’t selfish he was understanding. He had put down time for this. He knew others had put down a lot of time for this show and he knew Felix had put down a lot of his time for this show and to see that so many people (him included) had worked on this show for a good amount of time made him sad because he was excited, like the rest of them, to see the finished product of this show. He was not selfish to be sad because he had a big role in this one he was sad because he had a big role and I think that if anyone of us was in jack’s position we would be sad to and I don’t think we would have wanted people around us say that it was selfish to think like that.

Lastly I just want to say that I’m so angry on this community and for the first time I’m a little disappointed to be a part of this community and that is not easy for me to say. I freaking love this community, this is my second family and it means a lot to me but what has happened since jack video came out had made me very angry. There is people in this community (and again, not saying everyone) that have said that jack is a selfish man, that he has changed and that he only thinks about himself and what others says about him and please, are we for real watching about talking about two different persons because I can’t say things like that about jack, I don’t get it. I understand you don’t have the same opinion as jack and that you don’t agree with him, I’m not agreeing with all the things he said but I’m not sitting here and hating on him. Something Mark said in his respect video (you should look it up if you haven’t watched it) got me thinking about this situation. You don’t need to agree with someone to respect them. You can disagree with someone and still respect them. I think that is something for you all that are hating on jack for just saying his opinions and also for you hating on Felix but that is a whole other rant to write about and one I won’t put my thoughts in right now.

I just hope this drama will die down soon and everything will go back to normal because I’m tired of this hate that has started. Jack’s community is a community I don’t recognize any longer. Marks community (which I’m also a part of) are also full of hate and let’s not even talk about Felix’s community it is chaos there.

But I’m begging you all to just respect peoples opinions, you can argument with them and say what you think but don’t hate on someone just because you don’t agree with them, it won’t fix anything.

I don’t know if this rant has made any sense but I just needed to say what I think about this jack drama that happened. If some of you actually read this whole text and didn’t throw you phone, computer or ipad away because of this text or because of all the wrong grammar in this text (i’m from Sweden so I’m sorry for all the wrong grammar!!) But if you have read this text and are thinking you want to talk with me about this drama please, my ask is always open, so come and talk to me!

Thank you for reading.

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So earlier you rebloged a meta on the drip Bucky had in on while he was on the chair, litiarly I had never read that before writing this, but it fits nicely. Based of a meta about Bucky's beefyness. OK, so in the shift from winter soldier Bucky to civil war Bucky, we can see he's beefed up. In the meta I read (which I hope you've read? I don't know where I would find it again to link you) it said that the Russians took better care of the asset, (part 1/4)

making sure he was well fed whereas Hydra gave him the bear minimum because they thought of him as a tool. But what if it was just another layer to their abuse? That metal arm of his is pretty heavy and directly connected to his spine, to keep it from hurting him he’d need to stay in constant shape to keep the stress off his spine, and to keep it functioning properly. This could also be why (part 2/4)
1) as the winter soldier he doesn’t take that much care of his body either, with the falling without bracing himself. When your in a constant pain like that (and he wouldn’t have years to build up some kind of tolerance to that pain because of cryo, in and out for missions) your tired and just want it to end. (Part ¾)
Or 2) Hydra to compensate for Bucky’s pain would constantly keep him drugged with things that wouldnt necessarily limit his body, just cloud his mind, and that makes him feel nothing when doing bad stunts like the straight dropping off from an overpass. Or fighting Steve at the end with litiarly no thought to the pain. (Part 4/4) (thank you for letting me share! If Tumblr has eaten any of the parts, Id be happy to resend it. (Also…I have an aghasty au with Steve if you would like to read it??)

@rogersxbarnesx suffer with me

i live for angst, so please send the au along! 
i don’t think i’ve read the meta you mention in part one, but that makes sense. hydra saw bucky as a tool, so they’d only do the bare minimum to keep him to keep him functional. they wanted him to be completely reliant on them, to make him come back no matter what. i also think bucky had stockholm syndrome, but that’s for another time. 
i think they made him push past the pain, and when you’re fighting, doing any sort of physical activity that releases endorphins, and that coupled with adrenaline makes you kind of forget it’s there. (i busted up a finger in boxing class once and didn’t even realise until i’d unwrapped my hands because of an endorphin high.)
i also think that bucky, well, he never really had to worry about taking care of his body. he had handlers, scientists, doctors, so many people tending to his every need (not necessarily in the right way, but it wasn’t something he had to think about) and he didn’t really have to. so he had to learn how to take care of himself again. 
as for what the drugs could be: you’re right. they could’ve altered his mind. hydra obviously had no problem with doing that, so what’s another substance that screws with him. the more i think about it, the more i think that hydra would give him just enough of some sort of painkiller to dull his pain, to keep it there just because they can and so he knows they’re in charge. it’s a power play. 

idk where i’m going with any of this i’m rambling while i wait for my laundry to finish. thank you for sharing your headcanon. i love it. i 100% agree that they made bucky suffer™ physical pain and just screwed with his mind. hydra’s a bunch of dicks.


emeraude talking about how the writers room handles different sexualities (x)


Okay I had this sitting about since December. I should have shared it sooner but well. I love this movie so much it reminded me why I do what I do

one thing i like about alex danvers’ coming out journey as an adult was that like….she was surprised, but…not…surprised. and then the more she thought about it the more she remembered all these things that she knew, but that she didn’t KNOW, you know?

They did a good job capturing the ways in which not figuring it out is some combination of not knowing and all the ways the world convinces us to not look and not see. 

this is a good time to remember that i love misha collins and that i am incredibly proud of him for doing what he thought was the right thing to do

the boy who stole sweaters

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what a bonkers year. none of this could have happened without you - so thank you for always watching & supporting! what was your favorite part??


I drew this as a print for SLO in Beijing (although I can’t be there *SADFACE*). Merry Christmas!