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just Barry & Caitlin being adorable puppies and exchanging shared awkward looks ~ and loving their matching colors ;)

You know what I love about the foxhole court?

It features a canon lgbt relationship between a gay boy and a demisexual boy, a relationship that isn’t even a main focus of the books but still manages to contribute to both the plot and the character development.

A same-sex relationship that doesn’t end tragically, that shows these two characters staying together for years to come and leading a healthy domestic life with two cats, an apartment and a joint career.

A relationship that may not start out well, that is anything but love at first sight, but grows so much through personal struggles and mutual respect, and results in something worthwhile.

A relationship that places heavy emphasis not only on mutual consent, on learning and supporting, on protection and respect, but also on individual independence.

A relationship that doesn’t cast other characters to the sidelines, that isn’t the main character’s only source of happiness, because it takes more than romance to develop a character.

A relationship with a goddamn happy ending that feels entirely deserving for both characters because this is how they love, this is how they overcome their past, this is how they grow, not dependent on each other but side-by-side.

Just a goddamn happy same-sex relationship that doesn’t end in death or separation and that involves characters actually learning to respect and love each other basically???

I got so many requests for a sequel I finally gave in. Thank you everyone for the support! I give you doting Lance and my attempt at not turning this into Latte(I have a problem with putting that ship everywhere)

The Paladins had all gathered at the edge of the Den, cautiously peeking in at them. Black huffed at them before turning back to the the kitten painting the Pride’s claws.

Black was getting purple. The cub rattled on about his day as he brought the giant paintbrush up and down the metal, something about the Red kitten.

Black tilted her head. The Red cub was…annoyingly attractive?

Black turned to Blue who giggled out something about kitten crushes. Black sighed, her new kitten was so much better than the Red Paladin.

Green plucked up the kitten and pulled him over to the tin of paint she wanted on her claws, squirming around excitedly. Yellow nudged her with her muzzle, trying to settle the jumping Lion to the best of her ability.

Black nodded, semi authoriative, mostly to continue the allusion that she was actually in charge, what with the Paladins peeking in and all.

Blue and Red let a few snickers out at her authoriative nod.

Black merely sniffed and turned around, ignoring the Blue kits squaking at how her nails weren’t dry yet.

Green hissed as Yellow tipped her over, her stern nuzzling quickly turning affectionate. Blue eagerly jumped in as the cuddles began while Red jumped in and claimed Lance to finish her nails while the rest of the Pride was busy.

The Blue cub adjusted quickly to the new situation, but when Black peaked she could see the rest of the Paladins of Voltron gawking.

Black purred as she remembered when they first discovered that decided on a different paladin than the smol angry cub to pilot her majesticness.

The Paladins of Voltron awkwardly shoved through the door to the Hangar, frantic to get to the emergency meeting the high pitched voiced princess had called.

Black did her best to imitate Red as she stood stoicly(Red hissed internally) Yellow snapped at Blue and Green, immediately making sure no enabling occured.

The Red Paladin stood in front of the Princess, pathetically attempting to look more leadery. He bored Black fast, so she turned her attention to her new pilot(temporary pilot, Blue reminded her. Green aniggered in the background as Yellow tried to regain order). The Blue kitten was shifting back and forth on his feet, clearly feeling out of place.

The Pride hissed in unison at the thought of the Blue cub not feeling comfortable.

A sudden barge of banging on her particle barrier brought Black back to the most likely cause of the problem. With much effort she attempted at reigning in a snarle. Green happily informed her that she failed, Blue didn’t seem to mind because she eagerly jumped in on glaring at the pest of a Paladin. Red merely mooned longingly.

The princess started prattling on about how Black should accept the cub already. Yellow informed the Pride that they were not allowed to roll their eyes. Green immediately tired to pout, but that to wad shut down.

black looked back down to see the Red pilot had finally left her alone. Hmph. Good. Red purred.

Green perked up with the brilliant suggestion that she claim the Blue kitten now, Black nodded approvingly as Yellow gave up and sought solace with Blue, who was mourning the loss of her Paladin.

Black prepared herself to roar and beckon forward the Blue cub when the kitten himself stumbled into her particle barrier. Black moved her paws to catch him. That seemed to do the trick.

Black purred at the memories before moving herself to the Hangar doors and shutting the Paladins out. The cubs could bother them later, Black paused for a moment before letting the Blue kittens Kaltenecker to come in.

Would it scar her new pilot too much if she ate his pet?

Special thanks to the two lovely anon asks and @violet-the-vulpix’s personal hc that she put in my ask for helping me to put this together, of course thanks to everyone who liked this strange concept enough to ask for more. I might turn this into a collection of one shots but I’m not sure yet. :)

i don’t know why out of all the rare pairings in this fanbase i find myself shipping allura x swirn but listen

first, picture swirn without her jellyfish. i imagine she looks a lot like her fellow mermaids. but with slate blue skin, a cute rounded nose, full lips, and long billowing brown mermaid hair similar to florona’s

i’m assuming too that while the mermaids are all one species, there are different ethnicities among them, and so swirn wears her golden bracelets on her wrists at all times, as a way to remember and represent her culture

anyway. she meets allura when allura and lance (her diplomat in training) return to queen luxia’s underwater kingdom to speak with the queen and invite her to join their growing rebel alliance

and when allura and lance are let in to meet with the queen, plaxum and blumfump are there and they are so happy and excited to see lance again. but swirn is just kinda curious about who the girl is he brought with him


How romantic!

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I've been seeing some stuff lately (not here on tumblr, but elsewhere) about ppl claiming Yona doesn't deserve to be with Hak... like that she hasn't done enough for him to earn his affections or to be in a relationship with him. Idk it made me mad so I was wondering what your thoughts are about it?

‘Kay. I got this ask a while ago and couldn’t quite decide how to form an answer, so please bear with me as I try to put my thoughts into words. 

The entire idea that Yona needs to prove herself in some way or another to be worthy of Hak’s affections, to me, is ridiculous. For one, people fall in love for many different reasons, and just because Yona was a bit of an airhead and not a badass when Hak liked her shouldn’t mean squat. If Hak liked Yona for such a long time he obviously saw something in her that he appreciated and wanted to pursue. That’s his choice, so people making out like Yona needs to be someone worthy of affection or something are likely disregarding that Hak fell for her because, to him, she was worthy of his affection. Now, I get that a simple response here is that, “oh but Yona didn’t like him back so it wasn’t good for him to like her, etc.”, but again I think this has no root as Yona wasn’t aware of Hak’s feelings. She never led him on or toyed with him, she simply liked someone else, Hak never let her know how he felt, and she therefore never viewed Hak as a love interest. Hak himself knew this and still chose to like her and not move on. That to me puts all these “not worthy” complaints on him. He could have moved on to someone “more worthy of his time” but he didn’t. That was his choice.

From a different light, and after Yona flees the castle and Hak starts to be more open with his feelings, I feel that perhaps some people who hold this thought don’t so much think that Yona doesn’t deserve Hak, but rather that because she didn’t return his feelings right from the get-go that there’s an imbalance and “Hak loves her more”, or “she hasn’t contributed as much to their relationship”, or [insert similar thing here]. In response to this I just… arg, I dunno, it just seems silly to think that Yona has something to make up for. Yona just… wasn’t too into Hak in that way at the start of the series and both have had to grow to reach the stage they are at now in their relationship. People are allowed to not like other people romantically, even if said person is super nice and would love them unconditionally. That’s called having a choice. And Yona is allowed to not like Hak’s sometimes iffy advances and tell him to stop. She is also allowed to start developing deeper feelings when the two begin to grow and mature together as they face different trials and support one another. 

I just… don’t see where the idea of “deserving someone” comes into this at all. Hak and Yona are just two people who have realised that they enjoy each other’s company and support in a deeper way than friendship and as such have started to grow closer romantically. Yes, Hak has dedicated his life to being her guard and has supported her for a long time even though one could argue he didn’t get out of it what he wanted (that is, Yona’s interest) but again, that was his choice. I’m not trying to defend that it was the right choice, but blaming Yona for his choice and then thinking she needs to make up for it just goes over my head. I really don’t get it. 

Little Red Riding Hood

Close up pic of Red. The scared little bean. :3

The skeleton trembled, slowly backing away as the wolf spotted him. Tears sprung from his eye sockets in utter fear. 

He had heard so many legends of the beast, and each end in a tragedy for the travellers. The skeleton didn’t want to be its next victim, but …

The creature began coming close, and Red found himself only able to slowly move away as if the gravity around him got heavier, as if this was one of those nightmares where you simply couldn’t escape. 

Closer and closer it came, and the skeleton was outright sobbing at this point, holding the basket with both hands to raise it in from of him; either as a piece offering or for self defense, he didn’t know. But he did it anyway. 

The wolf stopped when it stood tall in front of Red. Its tail swished from side to side and it stared at him—watching him carefully—judging him for his next move. 

So the skeleton stilled in his place, though unable to control his small shakes and whimpers he couldn’t hold back. Red lowered his head, an act of submission that he didn’t mean any harm nor wanted a fight. But he might be a meal to the latter, and his fate would just end the same as the tales he had heard. 

The beast leaned its head forward, and Red shut his eyes, preparing himself for the incoming pain …

Only to feel the latter bumping his head and … nuzzling him? 

Red slowly opened his eyes in confusion and was surprised from having the wolf so close to him. It licked his tears, and continued nuzzling him. 

“H-Hey, stop.” The beast stopped, and the skeleton really wanted to go home. It was all too confusing, and he didn’t know how to feel about the situation. 

“… You’re fucking weird,” was what he concluded. 

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Heya, Suga-san! Does Kuro get along with the rest of the Karasuno family? :D

Kuro says that he doesn’t mind Kageyama’s stare because “He looks like angel-chan… what a pain…”?

Stuck Like Webbing

(A/N): idk what this is but it’s shitty. lol help me

Pairings: Peter ParkerXReader

Summary: Peter is dating (Y/N) but he hasn’t told them he’s Spiderman yet and he’s scared to.

Warnings: None?

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace

Peter and (Y/N) were best friends. They had met at the beginning of high school and they were attached at the hip. They could constantly be seen together at school, out of school at each other’s house, they were never apart but what was a friendship turned into something more and both knew it. Peter being the awkward kid he was, didn’t know how to even approach the situation and he didn’t want to screw up what they had so, he contained his feelings as much as he could but as the days went on, he couldn’t help but always stare at (Y/N). He noticed how he loved their laugh, the way they scrunch up their face when they’re thinking, their nervous fidgeting, the way they ate or even just walked. He loved everything.

He finally got the guts to ask them out and he begin to make his way to their house with a bouquet of flowers when some police officers sped past him, chasing after several cars. He wants to ignore it, wanting to just head to (Y/N)’s apartment but gives a frustrated groan as he runs down an alleyway to change into his Spiderman suit.  

It doesn’t take too long but by the time he rushes to change back into his regular clothes, its already getting dark. He grabs the flowers that are drooping slightly and he gives a curse before rushing over the (Y/N)’s building that’s only a couple of blocks down. He finally makes it, walking up to the door, ringing the doorbell as he tries to straighten out his crooked jacket and he looks up when they open the door with a smile. “Hey, Peter.” (Y/N) smiles out as they step outside, closing the door behind them and Peter gives a small smile as a nervous laugh escapes his mouth.

“H-Hey, (Y/N).” Peter stutters out awkwardly, trying to remain cool and they chuckle slightly, taking a step forward.

“You okay, Peter? You look nervous and why are you so sweaty?” (Y/N) questions with a smile as they point to his damp hair which is sticking up in slightly different ways and he curses before running quick hands through his hair trying to fix it.

“Yeah… yeah I’m fine! I-um… these are for you. There a bit… droopy.” He says as he hands the drooping flowers to (Y/N) and they grab them, giving them a smell, closing their eyes as they do.

“These are beautiful! Thank you, Peter.” (Y/N) says as they look at the different types and Peter gives a deep breath, hands fidgeting in front of him.

“(Y/N), I was wondering if you’d like to… to get dinner with me sometime?” Peter asks staring at the ground as he kicks a certain spot and (Y/N) stares at him with a surprised expression. “I mean, if not it’s cool. I just thought it would be nice if we-” He begins to ramble but it’s cut off by (Y/N) leaning forward, giving him a kiss on the cheek making him freeze.

“I’d love to.” (Y/N) states with a wide smile which makes Peter’s heart flutter out of his chest as a smile of his own grows on his face.

It had been a few months since the day Peter asked (Y/N) out and the two of the could not be happier. It was the best few months of Peter’s life but he still had not told them he was Spiderman yet. He wanted to so bad but he was scared they might leave him because of it and he didn’t want to put them in any danger. They were too important to him but he didn’t want to hide something so big from them and he knew they were already suspicious of why he ran off sometimes. He had to tell them, he just didn’t know when.

It was a Saturday morning and he was on his way to bring (Y/N) lunch at their apartment when he gets an alert on his phone that their apartment complex was being raided by armed burglars. He doesn’t even bother changing into his suit as he runs as fast as he can towards the apartments. He sees people running out of the building but he doesn’t see (Y/N) anywhere and he quickly runs to the side of it, using his web shooter to quickly pull him up to the top floor by their window and he sees them inside panicking. He opens the window with ease, crawling in and they jump in surprise. “(Y/N)! Are you okay? Are you hurt?” He rushes out as he quickly grabs their arms, assessing their body for injuries and they shake their head, body slightly shaking.

“Peter, you shouldn’t be here!” (Y/N) exclaims as they look around paranoid and suddenly there are loud noises below them causing a small scream to escape their mouth. Peter grabs their hand before pulling them towards the door.

“Come on, we have to get out of here.” He says as he pulls (Y/N) behind him who is hesitant to leave their apartment but obeys their boyfriend as he peaks outside the door. “Come on, this way.” He pulls (Y/N) quietly towards the stairwell when all of a sudden, a man with a gun appears, surprising them both. “(Y/N) run!” Peter yells as he sends a swift kick at the man’s stomach, giving them a few seconds and (Y/N) doesn’t have to be told twice as they head up to the roof. Peter shoots several webs at the man, keeping him down, kicking his gun away before racing up after (Y/N). He rushes up seeing fear on their face and he quickly rushes up to them, grabbing their hand in his as he pulls them close. Angry yelling is heard from inside the building and (Y/N) begins to freak out as they look up at Peter with scared eyes.

“Peter, we’re trapped.” Peter shakes his head as he looks around at the surrounding building, figuring out what was the safest route to get off the roof and he gives a deep breath, the only thing on his mind is keeping (Y/N) safe.

“You have to trust me, okay? Hang on tight.” Peter orders as he hears the men about to enter onto the roof and before (Y/N) has time to question, he scoops them up while jumping off the building. Gun shots are heard their way and (Y/N) screams as they latch onto Peter as he begins to shoot his webbing onto surrounding buildings, swigging smoothly several buildings over. They land on top of another building but (Y/N) doesn’t let go of Peter, still scared and shocked of what just happened and he continues to hold them.

“What the hell, Peter.” (Y/N) mumbles confused and angry into his chest and he tightens his hold on them as he rests his head atop theirs.

“I’m sorry. I was scared to tell you… I was afraid you’d leave me.” He whispers into their hair and they pull back slowly, looking into his brown orbs seeing the fear in his eyes as well. (Y/N) purses their lips together before giving a sigh and leaning their foreheads forward.

“I’m never going to leave you, Peter. Sadly, you’re stuck with me.” (Y/N) lightly jokes and he releases a small puff of air as a smile grows on his face. “And I think I should be the one scared. You pretty much threw me off a building.” Peter looks at them offended which causes (Y/N) to laugh at their boyfriend’s expressions.

“I did not! You were safe in my arms, I knew what I was doing!” Peter defends as he squeezes (Y/N)’s sides causing a joyful laugh to fill the air and he can’t help the smile that grows on his face. He slowly leans down, kissing them on their soft lips and he can feel them hum against his. He feels their smile against him as they continue to kiss and he pulls back, planting another kiss to their cheek. (Y/N) looks at him with loving eyes before leaning over and kissing his nose.

“Sure thing, Spiderman.”