what other terms could there be

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So heres the definition of demisexual so you can see if it fits you, demisexual is a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone. It's more commonly seen in but by no means confined to romantic relationships. The term demisexual comes from the orientation being "halfway between" sexual and asexual.

Oh, thats helpful and I could be that. But if I fall in love I dont want it to have a lable other than love. Do you know what I mean?

death doesn’t discriminate

Lafayette x reader ord count: 1230 tw: death, cancer 

enjoy :)


Your life was great. You’d lived with your beautiful twins and your loving husband in small house right outside the city.

You and Lafayette had gone through everything together. Whether it being you both not understanding why you got so jealous around each other’s significant others, or surviving the hell that college mid terms are, or raising two amazing twins, you had Laf by your side every minute of it.

Which is why you didn’t understand why you wouldn’t let yourself tell him what you’d been diagnosed with, so you could fight through it together.

It was a common form of cancer the doctor had said, but they’d found it way too late to do anything about it. Any operation they tried would just give you little bit more time. Not enough time for all of that surgery it would take and the huge hospital bill you’d be leaving behind.

So you decided not to tell the most important people in your life that you only had a few years left with them.

The only person, besides you that knew was your best friend, Angelica Schuyler. She’d try over and over to get you the tell Lafayette about your cancer, but you were too stubborn to comply. She’d try and bring up the subject every time you guys were with Laf, but you’d always quickly changed the subject and would shoot her a dirty look.

It was the first Friday of the month, which meant you were shipping your children off to their grandparents and you and Laf were having a date night.

You were in the bathroom finishing getting ready to go out for dinner.

“Mon amour, are you almost ready” You heard the thick French accent call out to you.

You snickered at the thought of you actually being on time for something. “Come on Laf, you know I’m not even close to being done” You called out from your bathroom.

He sighed and sunk into the couch knowing it’d be another thirty minutes until you guy’s departure.

He started going through some old papers on the desk that you guys never cleaned through. Checking his watch every five seconds to make sure that you would make it before the restaurant closed.

“Hey, when is Jaida’s science thing?” He asked.

You stopped in the middle of brushing you teeth and sighed forgetting all about your dinner plans and your outfit, and went to your husband in the living room.

“Laf, it’s not Jaida’s it’s Jalen’s!” You exclaimed. He looked surprised and hurt by your sudden outburst.

He held his hands up in surrender. “I’m sorry, they’re twins can you blame me.”

You were clearly agitated and upset. If he couldn’t even tell the twins apart, how the hell was he supposed to be with them when you were gone?

“I can blame you actually. They’re your children Laf, and they’re not even identical! You have to be able to take care of them.” You wanted to just break down and cry. You wanted to just tell him about your cancer so you could go through this together like you always did.

“Why are you getting so upset? I know our children it was just a mistake.”

It was ironic that just and hour ago you guys were the flirty, giggly teenagers that couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. Now you were in a screaming match and you just wanted to hide under the covers for a year.

A mistake? You can’t make mistakes, what happens when I’m gone?” You sat down on the couch and refused to make eye contact with the man you trusted the most.

He looked confused for a second and you swore that you saw him panic for a second, probably imagining the worst scenario of what you just said.

“What do you mean gone?” He asked cautiously.

You panicked and stuttered, you hated yourself for not telling him. It was too late to tell hims with out him getting upset that you waited so long.

‘I-I meant it metaphorically you know that.“ You don’t know if it was the fact that you wouldn’t dare to look him in the eye, or how your voice waivered when you tried to lie to him. Regardless though he knew that what you’d told him wasn’t the truth.

He shifted so that he was facing you and his face was just inches away from yours. You had no choice to look into his eyes, and for some reason that made it impossible to lie to him.

“Tell me the truth” His voice got deeper and more stern with every letter.

You grabbed his hands and sighed before finally admitting your secret.

“I’m sick” You let out a defeated sigh.

“What?” He asked confused.

You decided that you had no choice but to tell him. “I have cancer”

He jumped up at started rubbing his temples. You could hear him muttering ‘no’ over and over again. This is why you couldn’t tell him, he shouldn’t have to go through this.

“(y/n)” it was a whisper and you weren’t sure if it was directed at you or not.

You could feel the tears streaming down your eyes before you could even register that you were crying.

“Say something, please” You pleaded. You grabbed his hand but he pulled away quickly and walked away from you.

When you walked into your bedroom you saw your husband sitting there with an empty look on his face.

It was evident that he’d been crying, which made your heart break even more than it already had.

You sat down next to him and he stared at you for a while before pulling you into the tightest hug you’ve ever been in.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked you.

You broke away from the hug and looked up to meet his eyes.

“I- because we go through everything together” you sighed “we go through everything together and this wouldn’t have been any different”

“I don’t understand, mon amour, that’s bad?” You could tell he was confused and still in shock from the devastating news.

“Yes” you replied. “I didn’t want you to have to worry”

His head shot up and he stared at you with bleading, broken eyes.

You looked over at him and it like his world had just come crashing down on top of him. It was terrible for you to lie to him, but it was even worse to watch him crumble like this.

“I’m your husband it’s my job to worry about you”

“I know, but-”

“I can’t lose you” he whispered cutting you off.

You giggled. “You really have no choice” And somehow you found yourself in a fit of giggles, with a very shocked Lafayette with his gaze on you.

A light switch went off in your head, and soon your giggling turned to sobbing. “I’m dying Laf!” You cried into your husbands arms.

“I know amour, I know” was all he said back.

And you just laid down sobbing while he rubbed your back, you both still in your dinner clothes, but your dinner plans were now the least of your concerns.

In less than an hour, your husband’s biggest problem went from being late to dinner to the love of his life quickly dying, with nothing he could do about it.

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If you drop out of med school are you left with all the debt?


In Poland most universities are free and don’t require us to pay a tuition fee, therefore we don’t have such things as student loans and debts. So the moment I dopped out of med school, I could easily apply to another univeristy course that interested me without worrying about the money. However, I have no clue how this would work in other countries, sorry :(

Could anyone help us here?


edit: here is what our followers told us (you guys are great!)

“UK you have to pay for what you’ve already studied. If you drop out partially through a term, you will still have to pay it all up to that point and the rest of the term as well as your living loans”

“youd have a lot of debt dropping out of a us school”

“In Hungary, if you leave medschool in the first two semesters, you are free to go. After that you have to pay back half of your tuition. Its like 5-6000 dollars.”

Stuff kids on tumblr better relearn

1. You are responsible for your own media experience. 

2. There is such a thing as a healthy level of avoidance towards topics that make you feel unwell or even (in a real-life clinical definition of the term) trigger you - but you are the one to actively take care of what you view.

3. Avoiding does not mean policing others.

4. You have no right to tell artists to censor themselves - you may criticize what others do, you may dislike it, that’s fine - but actively asking for censorship when you could easily unfollow or block a person just makes you look incompetent in your use of the internet.

5. Do not give people on tumblr or /any/ website the responsibility for your emotional well-being. Because these people do not even know you so no, you have no right to ask them to take care of you.

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You ever thought about if Junkrat hadn't been a junker? But instead was recruited into Overwatch or Talon for his explosive expertise?

(I realize you probably meant this more in terms of what he might look like but all I could think of was Reyes/Morrison recruiting him going something along the lines of that scene from the A-Team)

((Might doodle some design sketches in future tho))




My parents taught me never to judge others based on whom they love, what color their skin is, or their religion. Why make life miserable for someone when you could be using your energy for good? 

domestic headcanons meme!

Send a symbol to hear the following about my muse…

☾ Sleeping habits
☼ Favorite time of day
☂ Favorite weather
¿ Term for the TV device, whether it be “clicker”, “remote”, or something else
↪ Internet browsing activities
☹ Response to a leaky faucet or other household problem
♡ What their wedding invitations would look like
☃ What they wear around the house
♆ The worst kind of neighbor they could have, and how they deal with them
♨ Their cooking ability (or lack thereof)
✂ How well they do yardwork (or blow up the lawnmower)
♟ If they like board games, and how good they are at ‘em
✧ How clean their living space is now, and/or would be ideally
♜ Interior decorating aesthetic
♘ Any pets they might have
☗ What you’d find in their cabinets
⚒ What you’d find in their toolshed (if they’d have one)
▀ What they’d hide under the bed
○ What tune their doorbell has, if not a standard ding-dong
☺ What their welcome (or not-so-welcome) mat would say
☻ How late they stay up
♒ If they do their laundry in a timely manner
☆ How they’d throw parties (what would go on at them, refreshments, etc)
✓ What a typical Tuesday night looks like
❥ How they’d invite you home for the night (yes, it could be a pickup line)

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Wouldn’t it be something if this show lasted 6+ years and the writers explored all of our favorite ships. Like season 1 would be Bughead and this journalistic fairytale would burn and then flicker out like a well lit flame, but still a flame can’t last forever.

Then season 2 could be Beronica and they would go on all these fantastic dates and learn so many things about themselves that these two best friends never would have thought possible. They will refine what girl power means. And this too will end. But these girls won’t be shattered by it. No, it will have fused in them a bond so strong that together or not, cannot be broken.

Season 3 or 4 would be Barchie. Betty and Archie finally coming to terms with their feelings for each other, exploring a child’s dream of love and letting it consume them. And when it ends, it won’t be because it didn’t work out, because it did, effortlessly. But because there is a greater story to be told and greater love to come. I think a little Juronica could take place during this time too ;) a little wild and crazy fun for those two is definitely in the mix.

The season after this would be Jarchie. These two best friends admitting to themselves that this is something they have to try. It’s worth the risk, it’s worth the flame burning out. It’s worth all of it because after everything in their past, nothing else makes sense anymore. These two will fight for each other and let the chips fall where they may. And if it ends, it ends. And they’ll journey on as they always do.

And when the show comes to a close, in its final season, it won’t really matter who ends up with who. Or if none of them end up with each other. What matters will be the connection forged between these four friends and the way every moment shaped who they are and who they will become.

There will be boundaries broken, moments forever cherished, memories never forgotten and four lives fully lived. I’m here for these kids and their stories, their incomparable mark on this crazy world in this tiny town called…Riverdale.

A response to “A Dog’s Purpose”

I’ve been wanting to post something about the shepherd in the TMZ/PETA video for a while and I ended up getting so irritated by comments on Facebook I posted something there. I figured I’d just post that one here, with a bit of editing now that I’ve had more time to think.

I’ve honestly been getting fed up with people on both extremes of this issue. There are people on one side saying “animals shouldn’t be used for any sort of entertainment purposes ever” and people on the other side saying “oh no it’s fine that’s the only way you can train a German shepherd without getting bit”. Neither of those things are true, so let’s break down what’s actually happening in this video. In terms of the dog’s body language in the video (as much as I could see with the poor quality of the video): it starts off with the dog leaning away from the water and into the trainer (which could possibly be seeking contact comfort, or just where the dog happened to be leaning), and although the quality isn’t great so it’s hard to tell for sure, there seem to be some tongue flicks as well as the dog being quite still and tense. All of these are stress signals dogs use to communicate that they are uncomfortable with a situation. Next, it’s hard to tell if the trainer started pushing the dog or if it was just the movement of his hand along the dog’s body, but for whichever reason, the dog attempts to leave the area but is held back by the trainer. The trainer then begins to lower the dog into the water while the dog flails and continues to try and flee. Once the dog is back on land, he tries to pull away again and his ears appear to pull back. Again, another stress signal. The dog then stops trying to pull away and the handler pats him, but the dog continues to lean away from him. Now the trainer and the dog struggle again, while the dog continues to try and flee, pulling his ears back again. It’s hard to tell the dog’s tail position throughout most of the video because he’s flailing it for balance a lot, but when he relaxes his tail it appears to fall into a low position, though not tucked, again indicating the dog is fearful/unsure about the situation. When the trainer finally lowers the dog into the water, the dog is still scrambling and trying to get out. He pulls the dog up again and then it cuts to the dog in the river with his head going under.

The shepherd in this video gave both subtle and incredibly obvious signals that he was not comfortable going into the water. I have seen arguments that the trainer did this to “get the dog used to it”, but this is not the correct method for introducing an animal to a scary situation. What is happening in this video is flooding (no pun intended). Think of flooding as taking a person terrified of spiders and locking them in a room full of spiders so they “get over it”. Not only is this ineffective, it can be very detrimental to the animal. I usually don’t like to anthropomorphize animals, but this is a case where I think it is appropriate to ask you to imagine someone forcing you into a situation where you had no chance of escaping one of your fears and I think you could get a pretty accurate feel for what flooding is like. Add in the danger of fast moving water with a dog that is already not comfortable with the situation and it’s not a good combination.

There is nothing inherently wrong with training animals for movies. Animal training is mentally stimulating, a humane fix for common behavioral problems, and fun for both trainers and animals (if it’s not, you’re doing it wrong). However, the training methods in this video were not appropriate or humane. If the dog was afraid of going in the river they could have tried a gradual desensitization, using a different dog, or CGI. There was no reason to force this dog into a scary and dangerous situation. The second the dog showed signs he was fearful and did not want to go in the water, the trainer should have stopped. There is no reason to use force in a training situation–especially one like this that is potentially dangerous.

The one thing I want to say about the rest of the film is that I don’t think this necessarily means every dog in this movie was abused and every person on the film crew was aware of what happened. I am concerned about what techniques this particular trainer used with other dogs (or the same dog in different scenes), but he isn’t necessarily the only trainer for the movie. What this means to me is that this particular trainer used inappropriate training methods and should face consequences for it (which I’ve heard he will be). I mistrust PETA, and they are notorious for doctoring videos to suit their needs. It is very suspicious to me that the last thing we saw was the trainer pulling the dog out of the water and then a sudden cut to the dog going under. It’s perfect editing to elicit a response from the public. That doesn’t excuse the dangerous and inhumane training techniques shown in this video and like I said above, makes me concerned about what other kind of training techniques this guy used on his dogs. The point I’m trying to make is film crews are quite large, and I hesitate to pass judgement on the entire crew and cast because of this one terrible trainer (and those that watched and did not intervene). I can’t help but be suspicious of PETA, they just have such a long history of editing and taking things out of context to further their animal rights agenda. You’re within reason if you don’t want to see this movie, but please be aware this is NOT the standard for training an animal.

“And then you whisper my name,” he murmurs, resting his cheek on her shoulder, his breath coming hard against the side of her jaw. His hair is impossibly soft and it tickles her earlobe, but Rey tries her best not to jerk away and bring him to lucidity. “What a cruel…little thing you are…”

His eyes shut again as he brings in air through his nose and out through his mouth, as if trying to come to terms with her cruelty. Rey stares at the ceiling.

This could not be happening.

“I am not cruel,” she defends, unsure of whether she’s defending herself against a man who’s clearly not even self-aware at the moment or against her own heart as it beats desperately out of her chest.

“Hmmmm,” Kylo mutters against her, and her heart somehow learns how to do the tango in her chest for a moment when his voice comes hot and low against her skin. She couldn’t have ever known what the rumble of his voice in his chest could do to her when it sank into her own. “You are cruel. Your beauty…is cruel… your laugh… is cruel… it’s all cruel…even your—“ he stops, and Rey splits in two between relief that maybe, maybe he’s finally done for good, and frustration at wanting to know the rest. He huffs. “Even your stupidly cute… button nose… is cruel… cruel duckling.”

–– A Proposal by Any Other Name, Chapter 17. (Start from Here On AO3)

Notes: That Scene where Rey tries to argue with an awake-but-fevered Kylo who thinks he’s having the longest dream of his life. Rey, child, you should know it won’t get you anywhere. 

Hey, pagan friends, I had me a thought:

The correct people in Heathen circles (of which I am one) talk a lot about “reclaiming our faith,” since a lot of Germanic spiritual symbolism and language is also used by white supremacists; that talk has been motivated in large part by self-interest, since any reasonable person wouldn’t want to be associated with those assbags, but something occurred to me earlier today: It could also be an active offensive tactic.

A fun fact about the white nationalist movement is that there’s a *huge* religious schism inside of it; Odinists, atheistic National Socialists, and the Christian Identity people all cannot stand the sight of each other. If us Heathens–and I’m here using that as an umbrella term for every kind of non-Abrahemic spirituality with a vaguely Northern European flavor, from Asatru to druidry to certain tendencies of Wicca–did something no more substantial than try to be more vocal and visible talking about who we are and what we do, it could throw a wrench in their works, could hamper their solidarity.

I’m telling y'all to go out there and start blogs or YouTube channels or make memes or what the heck ever, take control of the narrative, and I think you could literally save lives.

Update: I’ve been informed that this post in its original form contains several conspicuous errors and misinterpretations of historical fact. Deepest apologies to those whose research I’ve mischaracterised - serves me right for posting off the top of my head. Watch this space for a revised and corrected (though hopefully no less absurd) version, once I’ve had the opportunity to pull my head out of my arse and properly follow up on the half-remembered sources that informed the original post.

#ActuallyAutistic Asks
  • 1: Did you discover that you are autistic early or later in life? How do you think it affected you?
  • 2: Which terms and words do you prefer when talking about autism?
  • 3: Do you advocate for yourself and other autistic people?
  • 4: How did you find out about autism?
  • 5: Do you have any autistic family members or autistic friends in real life?
  • 6: What, in your opinion is your best autism-related quality?
  • 7: Which autistic trait gives you the most problems?
  • 8: If you could get rid of one and only one autistic trait, would you do it and which would you choose?
  • 9: Any autistic traits that you don't have but wish you had?
  • 10: What do you think about support labels as an alternative to functioning labels?
  • 11: What, in you opinion, is the most ridiculous social protocol rule?
  • 12: What are your hypo- and hyper-sensitivities?
  • 13: What is/are your current special interest(s)?
  • 14: What is your daily routine like?
  • 15: How do you stim?
  • 16: Is there any media with canon autistic character(s) you like and would recommend to other autistic people?
  • 17: Which characters do you headcanon as autistic and why?
  • 18: If you could make one accommodation universally available and 100% accepted, which would you choose?
  • 19: What, in your opinion, is the most ridiculous autism myth or stereotype?
  • 20: How would you describe autism to someone who knows nothing about it?
  • 21: Do you have any happy autistic childhood memories?
  • 22: What, in your opinion, is the best thing about being autistic?
  • 23: Do you think autism influences your identity, like your gender, sexuality, religious and political views or personality?
  • 24: Are there any internalized ableist ideas that you struggle with?
  • 25: Do you think we will achieve autism acceptance soon?
  • 26: Are you a no eye contact autistic or excessive eye contact autistic?
  • 27: Are you a "no food touching" autistic or "mesh all food up" autistic?
  • 28: Are you a pretty rock collection autistic or soft stuffed animals collection autistic?
  • 29: Are you a get along with kids autistic or slightly afraid of kids autistic?
  • 30: Are you a soft, gentle touches autistic or a deep pressure autistic?

i know letting go of this season on friday is going to be hard, we know the end is coming, but honestly this clip just made it easier for me to accept? because of course it would be lovely to see these two again, but i feel like now this season has given us everything we could’ve hoped for, especially in terms of character growth? and seeing them like this today and truly seeing how good they are for each other, how it’s so good for even to have isak in his life and how it’s so good for isak to have even in his life…it’s just making the whole process of letting go that much easier? because although we won’t be hearing from them (not in a while, at least) we still know that they’re in a good place right now and that’s what we wanted all along, and that’s what we got 

I’m currently in the middle of a very hectic exam week at uni with my majors trying to outdo each other in terms of difficulty. While I will get to the requests in my inbox after this week, I made a quick little thing to sate my mind for the time being. 

WHAT IF Billy had his own title ??? It could revolve around him being the Sorcerer Supreme-in-Training where we see his adventures in the multiverse, the full extent of his powers, and his struggle with the great responsibility that comes with such great power. IDK man ( also this was heavily inspired by the Scarlet Witch title !!! AHHH I LOVE ITS ART SO MUCH  )

The general opinion on this site is that IRL aliens wouldn’t be anything even remotely humanoid. I’ve seen people come up with terms to describe organs, appendages, and genders.

From a statistical and evolutionary standpoint, it’s likely that alien life could be so alien we’d struggle to even see it as life.

However, people often forget the other side of the spectrum.

What if we leave Earth, stumble across an alien species, and find that they’ve dealt with humans before?

Not humans exactly, but close enough that an inexperienced eye would not be able to tell the difference.

From a biological standpoint, it’s possible that a species with no relation to us would evolve in a manner similar to ours. Not to mention that there’s really only so many designs that could be considered as viable to locomotion and manipulation of one’s environment.

From a statistical standpoint, it’s highly possible that even its culture could be uncannily similar.

What I’m saying is, what if we have a twin out there?

Headcanon #4

Quédate Conmigo Eesta Noche (I’m going to preface this by saying I don’t know any Chinese terms of endearment, so I’m not purposely neglecting them, I just don’t know any)

Leo and Guang-Hong are all for cute nicknames and terms of endearment- just in their respective languages (Spanish and Chinese) so the other doesn’t quite know what they’re saying. (They’ve brought it up once or twice, that the other could be calling him a little shit and he’d have no idea)

Leo uses “cariño” (dear one) a lot, as well as “tesoro” (treasure). If he’s feeling particularly romantic, he’ll sometimes uses “mi corazón” or “mi corazoncito” (my heart/my little heart). If he’s feeling playful, he’ll use “chiquito” (little one). Leo is also slowly learning Chinese (unlike the mod) so he can use Chinese terms of endearment as well. 

Likewise, Guang Hong is learning Spanish and the first time he looks at Leo and says “Bésame” (kiss me), Leo almost has a heart attack because how can someone be so adorable and so sexy at the same damn time??? (Guang-Hong’s 18 at this point). 

One of Leo’s favorite things to say to Guang Hong both before they start dating and after is “Quédate conmigo esta noche” (stay with me tonight) because it’s something he actually wants, but he’s afraid of the answer. As long as he asks in Spanish, he can chalk up any rejection to Guang-Hong not understanding him. 

(What Leo doesn’t know is that Guang-Hong looks up what that means and next time Leo says that, Guang-Hong replies “Si”)

Sakura is not Sasuke’s “soulmate” and Hinata is not Naruto’s. That term is reserved for SNS as there is literally no other word that can be used to describe them. That is LITERALLY what they are, IN CANON.

Their souls have reincarnated as a pair through several lifetimes, destined to meet and share something that transcends any connection they could have with ANYONE else. THAT is what it means to be soulmates, in the most literal sense of the term. Try to find something else to describe NH and SS…such as “unrequited love”…you know, something that actually fits.

When spending on things other than books.
  • Me: *pays $50 for a dress*
  • Me: Damn, that could have gotten me two hardcover books.
  • Me: *pays $15 for a meal*
  • Me: $15, are you kidding me?! I could have gotten a paperback for that!!!
  • Me: *basically calculates each opportunity cost in terms of book prices*
  • Me: What a terrible waste of money, I should have bought a book instead. Now I have no money.
  • Me: Goes to a bookstore and spends $200 without batting an eye.

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This is like the 3rd time Cas and Dean's relationship has been paralleled with other supernatural/interspecies romances (Cain/Colette being the one that jumps to my mind immediately, plus i think there were a couple eps back in season 7), and several times they've been paralleled with other romantic couples in general. Though this ep might be the most blatant and textual that i can recall. What is even the counter argument? "They paralleled Isham and Lily." "Yeah but not in a romantic way???"


Relationship #1: To start with the one you mentioned, Ishim and Lily. It was all very one-sided, between an angel who claimed to hate humanity (and who used all the insulting terms we could imagine Uriel (who called humans such colorful things as “mudmonkeys” and “plumbing on two legs”) calling us. Yet we learn later that he was secretly obsessed with Lily, IN LOVE WITH HER, but it was unrequited. She was in awe of him at first, but then learned that, in her words, he was a monster. He loved her selfishly, in a controlling and all-consuming way.

Relationship #2: Lily and Akobel. It was a relationship of mutual respect and caring. We’re led to believe that it was a true love relationship that even brought forth a forbidden nephilim child… but we later learn that was a lie created by Ishim out of jealousy and rage (because hey, he was a monster). Akobel stayed with Lily to protect her and her daughter from Ishim. It seems to me (though I might be wrong, because interpretations) that it was a more platonic sort of love and respect that kept them together. But they obviously cared very deeply for one another.

Relationship #3: And this is the one that PINGED ALL THE FREAKING RADAR BUTTONS EVER, and the one that, to me at least, was the CLOSEST PARALLEL TO WHAT DEAN AND CAS ACTUALLY ARE, and the one that was lampshaded at the end of the episode with the proof that Dean can be perfectly thoughtful and appreciative, in addition to sarcastic… which were the qualities Cas most appreciated in Benjamin… because the TRUE LOVE STORY of the episode was BENJAMIN’S LOVE FOR HIS UNNAMED FEMALE VESSEL.

I already wrote up my painfully chinhands-y response to the whole relationship: http://mittensmorgul.tumblr.com/post/156761049320/that-episode-tho-3-mittens-you-ever-chinhands

*continues to chinhands*