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calling all asexuals

hey everyone!! so i need a little help. i’m doing my math investigative task and my topic is on if there’s a correlation between GDP per capita and the number of asexuals confirming their asexuality. 

basically all i need to know is what country you’re from and what year you found out you were asexual! all data from 2000 to 2015 is extra welcome! please reblog your answer in the reblog and not in the tags so i can easily copy!

it’ll be super super extra helpful if you’re from the US, UK, China/India, or any other Southeast Asian country except for Singapore (sorry fellow Singaporeans!!) but feel free to help add on your data even if you’re not from the above countries!

and if you’re not asexual, please help boost this! i need all the data by february 5th so i have time to write up the report.

thanks so much!! as a way of saying thank you, everyone who reblogs this with data will be automatically entered in an art giveaway so please please do help me out, thanks!

Edit: thank you all so much for the data! I have plenty to work with now and won’t need more. The results of the giveaway will be posted this Saturday when my math has been submitted! Thanks again everyone, you’ve been a massive help!

SO guys i have over 4,000 followers!! (yikes) And I was like, I want to celebrate but Idk what the hell to do. Remember when I said I was gonna do a Duke contest? Well I’m doing a Jason one instead cause my Jason design is my signature thing(and what got me to my first 1000) Details under the cut!!!-

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at the moment I’m typing this (December 31st, 2016) a lot of joke posts about what year we’ll be starting tomorrow are going around. for folks with psychosis and dissociation, seeing a post that says “welcome to 2012!” can cause a lot of confusion, and potentially even lead to panic. If you are going to make/reblog posts that say any year other than 2017 (that is the year we are actually going into) please use some tag that indicates that it is in fact a joke. #misinformation should suffice.

I hope all my fellow people who have trouble with time and memory have a clear, non confusing end to 2016 and year of 2017!

AAAAND I was late for day one of this (I SWEAR I WILL DO THIS ONE TILL THE END…Crossember was just crazy for me and I know I will have even more time to prep in advance for Genoary.)

What I might do is that I will pick and choose the prompts I can think of something for and skip the others. I know that’s not exactly how these things work but I know I can do majority of the prompts! ^^

Anyway… promising Geno that I won’t make him cry unless a prompt directs me to kinda got him to be here for a bit so weeeeeeeee! ^^

Genoary idea by @shinydiamondblog

Geno by CQ

My Last Post (Because I am tired of all the hate we spread without truly seeing what the message is)

My Last Post (Because I am tired of all the hate we spread without truly seeing what the message is)

I joined Tumblr ages ago because it felt like a site where people could bond over shows we loved and bands we adored, etc.

But now, I can’t even go through a tag I love without seeing people boycott or hate on something I and many other people love. Things that help us get through our daily lives. These people shame and say so many nasty statements about subjects they don’t even take the time to research on.

Just because you have an opinion on something related to the issue at hand, does not make your opinion the only valid one. If you do not like something, please state your reason and leave it be. Do not incite riots and hate against something others love.

For example, the latest movie Split by M. Night Shyamalan has been recieving backlash from plenty of people on Tumblr because of the way DID is presented. Well, after waiting months to see it (because the director is a man who has inspired me - that no matter what people say, you always have the potential to succeed) let me one of the first to say that it ISNT about a man with DID, it is a movie with an element of FANTASY that I will not spoil for others.

The movie, however, shows:

1) A therapist who believes in and defends her patients when people she knows says that they think people with mental illnesses are ‘faking it’

2) A therapist who does her best to fight for people with DID, by gathering evidence to prove it ISNT a mood disorder when other lecturers at a panel try to discredit her views

3) A victim of abuse prove she is stronger despite all the odds, and can face her demons on her own

4) Young women, who despite their differences and views on each other, act like mature adults when the situation calls for it. They may not be the best of friends, may not be friends at all, but they will treat each other with respect, understanding and care because thats what people do for each other.

In fact, the movie ends on the note that those who are broken are the ones who are close to being ‘fully evolved’ and understand the true meaning of being grateful to be alive, because of all the pain they have gone through.

I left feeling stronger than I ever did regarding my own mental illness, based on the female protagonists growth, but because of your need to boycott everything just because of how triggered you may be, many people will not be able to witness this.

With that being said I have grown tired, and have realized that the community I once knew is gone. We are so easy to disagree with things without first taking a look at what really lies beneath it.

Thank you for the past few years but I feel like Tumblr is no longer a place that makes me feel safe and happy to freely enjoy what I love with others without being sent messages about how “retarded I am for not taking the right side” (yes that is a word for word pm i received from someone who didnt like that I didnt support her opinion on mental illnesses).


Can i just point out

I think it could be canon that Lance likes Keith bc look at this

Allura asks the mice for any other secrets and??

This lil guy messes up his hair

and uses his tail as a sword

and even has that kinda grumpy look that Keith always has???

Then Allura’s like

“That seems like Lance.”

Ya know what seems like Lance? Flirting with someone after they’ve just come out of a sleep chamber.

Conclusion: I think Lance has a crush on Keith.

Well, I’d best be going to sleep soon, since I have to get up early to go to one of my uncle’s one of my dad’s side for Thanksgiving.

But before I do, I would just to say that I’m thankful for so many of you, and for how you’ve all stuck by me through what has certainly been a rough year for me, and many others as well. Even if some of you are on hiatus, or don’t follow me, I still think you are wonderful people. Even if we fight or disagree sometimes, I hope nothing truly bad will ever come between us.

I don’t have time to tag every last person, but I will tag as many as I can:

@takashi0, @furlockhound, @go-go-johnny-joestar, @rabbittiddy, @alex-c25, @thevideonasty, @letssaynotonormal, @insanitycase, @some-call-me-cupcake, @celticpyro, @true-king-of-monsters, @angelrin89, @dongelmeister, @fantastic-nonsense, @ultraericthered, @my-blanny-is-ready, @verdantrange, @canuck-sweeety33, @anoptimisticsnarker, @sweet-cherry-fairy, @oniongrass, @metropolisfinest, @crimsoncloak88, @araitsume, @takineko, @kurokaiserx, @kirbyfanneox, @go-captain-chris-redfield, @catnipcookie, @theliterarywolf, @azura-fox, @ravenclaw-starkid-1025, @keskronwolf, @kid-mera, @artemuscain-gamingandbs, @nana-bird, @jimmybobjames, @illogical-bullshit, @jamesandtheblog, @catcfmusicaluniverse, @joekewlio, @hasmoneanbulbasaur, @an-average-sized-person, @koop-dubi0us, @lucaumbriel, @unhappy-opinions, @firedragonalchemistofcourage, @official-albert-wesker, @princessmugi-for-peace, @princess-has-a-pen, @the-reaper-89, @nyx-born-prophet, @misterjakester, @king-porky-is-daddy, @animeandcatholicism, @discontent-troll, @darkvioletcloud, @sorairo-deizu, @kat12sakudark, @delinquentmiley, @peanutbutterpidge-remade, @broken-foreword, @pandasennin, @curiooftheheart, @wonderfulworldofmichaelford, @iancsamson, @tenaflyviper, @vikinglumberjack, @herr-docktor, @animenutcase, @ozthearistocrat, @absolutely-nothing-to-see-here, @coolericreviews, @admiraljellybeans, @remedialaction, @commanderkurama, @shock777, @boyonetta, @sindri42, @tigerdude51087, @slbtumblng, @kitfistovevo, @punkrockula, @jedidalek, @theswedishelf, @star-platinum-vs-the-world, @strawberry–pop, @fanloser, @djpain619, @charjynx, @givinginandsigningup, @comradeprozac, @wheres-your-bread-at, @pigspeetsandhooflikefeets, @clamanath, @pradictable, @boss-hoody, @quills-and-fantasy, @presiding-over-nothing, @ruriginzuishou, @quinzelade, @beggerprince72, @anti-ignorancegamer, @venom-apegacine, @stained-glass-sketchbook, @thatoneguywiththekeyboard, and to everyone else I couldn’t fit in.

I’m thankful for having such wonderful and supportive people in my life, and I know this phrase is usually attributed to a story which takes place at Christmas (it was originally coined by Mark Twain, but still), but I guess it really is true for any occasion or holiday; no man is a failure who has friends.

BTS Magic Challenge Day 1

Hi everyone! Yesterday, I posted this Back To School Magic Challenge, and I got lots of positive feedback! I’m starting the challenge today, as I go back to school in only 5 days (eep!). Remember to tag your posts with #BackToSchoolWitchcraft if you want to share! Here’s my post for day 1:

A Spell to Reduce Anxiety

School can be stressful! Here’s a spell to reduce anxiety:

What you’ll need:

A piece of jewelry (preferably with some sort of calming crystal. I’m using my aquamarine pendant.)

A blanket that makes you feel safe, secure, and comfortable. It can even be a childhood blanket of some sort. Bonus points if it’s blue or some other calming color.

What you do:

Hold the blanket in your hands. Think about how comfortable you feel with that blanket. Think about the way that it makes you feel safe, warm, peaceful, and calm. Ponder on these feelings, and let those emotions soak into the very fabric of the blanket.

Gently wrap the piece of jewelry in the blanket. Say:

“When I wear this jewelry fine,

May comfort and calmness be mine.

Blanket soft, blanket warm,

May peace be mine when this jewelry is worn.”

Leave the jewelry in the blanket until you feel that it is completely charged with comfort and calmness. Wear the jewelry whenever you need freedom from anxiety and worries.

I hope you enjoyed! If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask. I look forward to seeing your posts for this challenge! Remember to tag any posts that you’d like to share with #BackToSchoolWitchcraft. Thanks for reading!


Can us karamel shippers get a new tag please? Can't deal with all the hate and drama. Just want to reblog gifs not read people's opinions on why our ship is horrible

Any ideas what we can call it? Monara? I don’t even know? Anything other than karamel so I don’t have to see all the hate

(I respect the opinions of others to have your own ship but please stop shitting on our ours and continuously telling us how horrible we are for shipping it)

  • The wise ally asks: What can I do to support you and fight your oppression, without speaking over your members?
  • And to them, we say: Listen to our voices whenever you can, and make sure to call out wrongdoings not only with your community, but also within yourself.
  • The rash ally asks: Why should I even support you if all you want is to oppress us?
  • And to them, we say: Us expressing our anger is not even comparable to decades of systemic discrimination and violence. We want equality, yes, but right now, our goal is justice, and to do that, we must raise ourselves up, and lower you down a bit.
  • The simple ally asks: Why can't we just get along?
  • And to them, we say: As much as that seems like a good answer, right now there's a power imbalance. We need to fix that by taking away some of the power that the oppressors hold, as well as give that power to the oppressed.
  • And to the ally who does not know how to ask the right questions, we say: I am under no obligation to educate you or coddle you. The information is within your reach, and it is up to you to change, not for us to change you.
The Much Needed ‘The 100′ Fandom Intervention

Alright guys. I have had fucking ENOUGH. This fandom is spiraling into a new realm of absolute STUPIDITY and here’s a much-much-needed fucking intervention. So, sit all your asses down and listen up. 

First of all, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON. This fandom used to be a fun place to hang out and enjoy this show and day-by-day it is becoming the biggest trash pile of toxic hate and stupidity and I, for one, am absolutely DONE with this. I want my friendly and fun fandom back where people weren’t over-reacting and overanalyzing and jumping at each other’s throats for NO FUCKING REASON. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t even go into the tags without getting my blood boiling over the absolute fuckery that this fandom has become.

I don’t care if you ship Bellarke or you ship Clexa or you ship Braven/Rellamy or you ship Kane with that fucking tree or you ship Jasper with a goddamn shoelace, you all need to CALM THE FUCK DOWN.

There is absolutely ZERO need for everyone to jump at other people’s throat for shipping what they like/not shipping what you like. Welcome to the real fucking world: NOT EVERYONE IS GOING AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT EVERY GODDAMN THING ON THE PLANET. So, instead of spreading pointless hate and unfounded accusations, sit down on your asses and ship your own ship in peace and let others do the same. And this is directed TO EVERY DAMN SHIP FANDOM IN THIS FANDOM including Bellarke and Clexa equally. 

You ship Clexa? 

THAT’S FUCKING GREAT. Talk about how great your ship is and how you got a great leadership dynamic and a beautiful kiss scene and a heartbreaking goodbye IN YOUR OWN DAMN TAG.

You ship Bellarke? 

THAT’S ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. Rave about how great a chemistry the two have and what a great development they have had over two seasons and how much they complement each other IN YOUR OWN DAMN TAG.

You dislike Clexa? 

HOW NICE FOR YOU. Discuss the things about it that make you uncomfortable and why you find it hard to ship RESPECTFULLY in the ANTI-CLEXA tag. Don’t shit on other people’s ship. Don’t trash talk other people’s tag. AND FOR FUCK’S SAKE STAY OUT OF THE CLEXA TAG. Tag your shit with anti-clexa and refrain from spelling out the full word ‘clexa’ in your posts. Instead opt for something like ‘Cl*xa’ or something of the sort to make sure your post doesn’t creep into the Clexa tag and muddy it up with hate. 

You dislike Bellarke? 

GOOD FOR YOU. Discuss why the ship makes you uncomfortable and why you don’t ship it RESPECTFULLY in the ANTI-BELLARKE tag. Don’t shit on other people’s ships, don’t call the shippers names for shipping something you don;t approve of, and DON’T FILL THE BELLARKE TAG WITH YOUR HATE FOR THE SHIP. As I said for anti-clexa above, tag your stuff as ‘anti-bellarke’ and refrain from spelling out the full word ‘bellarke’ in your posts to keep it from appearing in the tag and screwing up the positive ship tag. 

Ship Bellarke as ONLY a brotp? 

YOU GO GLEN COCO. Talk about it in the BROLLARKE tag and refrain from trash talking romantic Bellarke shipping. Also, refrain from using the bellarke tag which is used mainly for romantically shipping Bellarke. 


There’s people talking against your ship in the anti tag? GOOD FOR THEM. They are using their own blogs to RESPECTFULLY share their opinions. They’re discussing things about their favorite show that they have opinions on. GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON. You do not have to get butthurt and shit talk other people or bully them or create unfounded accusations and fandom drama just because every person on the planet doesn’t worship your OTP. 

If you see people shit-talking your ship and it doesn’t make you feel nice, USE THE IGNORE BUTTON and block them. Don’t stoop to their level and start trash-talking things that they ship and feed the horrible vicious cycle of hate.

Fighting fire with fire only causes a fuckton of fire and burns everyone involved. Stop using other people’s hate as an excuse to start your own hate. Stop acting like little childish brats and learn to hold yourself accountable. 



Please Don’t Use Gendered Slurs :D

I’m sorry what I saw was the last straw.

When you use gendered slurs, especially things like ‘cunt’ and ‘bitch’ you’re basically saying it’ll always be okay for others to see ‘feminine’ things as being bad. It’s almost as bad as saying ‘you throw like a girl’ and stupid shit like that. ALSO you’re probably misgendering people, and even if you aren’t, better safe than sorry, no matter how mad you are, because when you use gendered slurs you just make yourself look like an asshole. (See? Use asshole. Everyone has one!)

ALSO before you go assuming this is solely about you, I can guarantee it’s not. Yes what I saw on the mweor tag was the last straw, but in all reality, my family does it, one of my friends does it, and sometimes others on the mweor tag do it. 

This has been a PSA. 


It seems the spam accounts are back and far FAR worse than ever. They’re posting hundreds of the exact same posts in the “jacksepticeye” tag and other youtubers too. It’s completely blocking the tag and my ability to see or interact with you all. EDIT: apparently it’s ALL of tumblr, that’s crazy. Tumblr need to do something about it

I’ve been flagging all of them as much as I can but there’s so many of then today for some reason. Just a reminder DO NOT interact with these posts. Don’t give them notes, likes, reblogs and especially don’t click into the stuff they post, it’s all clickbait nonsense to try and make ad money from you. Do not give them what they want. They’re even using people’s instagram pics and art for their profile pics to make them seem more legit.

Please just flag and report all of the ones you see and nothing more. Hopefully they will die down after a while and disappear. I would really appreciate it because right now I cant even see what you guys are posting in the tag.

- Jack

  • viewers: hey daredevil, your first season was really well-made but you had this glaring problem with anti-asian racism and you should fix that
  • daredevil writers: what did you say? you want more racism?
  • viewers: no! the opposite of that! no more racism!
  • daredevil writers: (looking at each other and shrugging) they want more racism!
  • viewers: nO are you even listen -
  • daredevil writers: if that's what you really want, we can't believe you're making us do this...
  • viewers: no one is making you -
  • daredevil writers: (slam on a big red button labelled EVERY ASIAN PERSON IS EVIL AND ALSO PROBABLY A NINJA)
  • viewers: oh my god

some of you may have seen this post in my other blog, and most of you know about the paper I’m writing about teaching/ learning Slavic languages, and how even though I’m focusing on local universities here in Montreal, I’m interested to see what people elsewhere are doing.

Here are some questions for those who replied to that post and some other people I know are learning Slavic languages. I took the freedom to tag you, so feel free to ignore me…but I’d appreciate if you answered 😇 also, if you don’t want to answer publicly, you can use my submit box. Also, if you don’t want to answer it’s completely fine, really! And if I didn’t tag you, but you want to answer, feel free to do so, too :D

I tag @feuillyova @molliarty @apprentie-historienne @rukopisi-ne-goryat @danisudugi  @rainforestontheroof @eisbecherovka @nobletea @sapphicient @fashionablerevolutionary @chiefoftherevolution @rokirovka


  • Which Slavic language(s) are you studying/ learning?
  • Why did you choose to study/learn this language (s)?
  • What do/did/will you study? 
  • What Slavic languages are/were offered at you school/ uni?
  • Did you choose to major/ minor in a language (not necessary a Slavic one) why? why not?
  • Would you major/ minor in Slavic studies? Why? why not?

*If you don’t have Slavic background:

  • do you recall when you first heard/ became interested in a Slavic language (not necessarily the one you’re learning right now)?
  • Do you ever get asked “why are you learning this language if you’re not from there?” or stuff of the sort?
  • Alternatively, do you get asked “are you from X country” when you mention the language you’re learning ?

*if you have Slavic background:

  • are you a heritage speaker?
  • If yes, have you ever been in a language class with complete beginners of your heritage language? 
  • If yes, what was it like?

*if you’re self-studying a language:

  • what motivated you to start studying this language?
  • Do you get most of your resources from the internet?
  • If you have studied a language formally, what differences do you see between self-studying vs formal language education? Which one do you prefer?

it’s really that informal…let me know if you have any questions? and thanks for your help ✌️

anonymous asked:

Is it a szpd thing to have a hard time defining your own sexual orientation? I have szpd and 25 and still not sure what am I. Anyone else's the same way?

Yeah, anon, don’t worry. From what I can tell it is indeed somehow related to being schizoid. At least if you check my sexuality-related tags, you’ll find a few more questions like that from other schizoids (unless I forgot to tag them). 

It’s so much of a schizoid thing it even made it into the DSM-5, pretty much claiming asexuality to be an optional symptom of szpd. While it is known that there are plenty schizoids who are nowhere near asexual and are instead hypersexual or have some other kind of unusual sexual preferences. 

…Uh, alright, alright. I’ll use a readmore this time because the post is not exactly children-friendly.

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anonymous asked:

I wish that those trying to lose weight would stop using the "fatspo" tag... that tag is for those of us at a higher size wanting to show love and support for one another... to say "it's okay to be your size..." but then others want to shit all over it... one person in particular posted in the fatspo tag with another tag that said "seriously fuck all those who settle on being fat..." what even?

yeaaaah, it’s like we can’t have anything!!! It isn’t even effecting their weight loss regime or anything. We’re just trying to love our bodies! No one “settles” on being fat! Gosh. Know you have support and a place to vent in this community <3!!!

Mod TOri

going through my following list from the beginning of this blog and seeing most of the old, active rs tumblrs with “last activity 5 months+ ago” makes me rly sad idk????

ive been here since 2014 and i loved coming on here to post my life on rs and look at what other people were doing as well like i made it a daily thing to check the tag and smile at everyone else’s achievements but now i rarely post anything about rs, most of the people are gone and it’s just so quiet :-(

from the beginning of this blog til now, i’ve met so many great people from the tag – some which are still my best friends (ya’ll know who u are if u even check ur tumblrs anymore ;-;) til this day and i can’t thank the tag enough bc it brought us together 

like idk i scroll my dashboard for a little bit, check the tag for like 3 pages til it hits the posts i’ve already seen and i leave for days on end. it’s not the same and i miss it tbh 

shockcakes  asked:

So what is the deal with that one oc of yours with the orange hair?

its actually dyed blonde lmao

his name is david kein, he’s a loud boi who always needs to be the center of attention.

he can summon all sorts of magic weapons from another dimension, doesnt mean he always knows how to use em, some of them look so archaic that he doesnt even know where to hold em.

other abilities include masterfully playing the cello, fencing training and being able to burp the entire alphabet


If your bias group isn’t currently promoting please do us Twinkles a favour and help Stellar get their first win so we don’t have to see our girls disband! 

SBS The Show is the music show we are tying to win the most. Here is a link to how you can vote: http://save-stellar.tumblr.com/post/147398989918/help-stellar-get-their-first-win There are 35 premade tweets you can use to help us get our win, and even just one helps! Thank you, and I’m sorry for resorting to clogging your bias groups tags.

Now you may not care, but think about if this was your ultimate bias group. What would you want other people to do?