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PSA - screenshots last forever

1. In the light of being publicly accused of being a sexual predator, I have several things to say. Contrary to the person accusing me, I have screenshots supporting my side of the story. Bear that in mind when you send me hate. I find it very disturbing the number of people that have asked me to kill myself without even bothering to ask if the accusations were even true or not.

2. Someone is accusing me of being a sexual predator. I don’t know why she’s hiding behind an anonymous blog now, everyone knows the only person I co-wrote fics with, is her. She used to own the urls rhuubarb/anhcor/antihetharry/stylinscripts/paynet-ed. I’m saying this for clarity’s sake as I’m about to post screenshots, so you know all the posts are coming from the same person.

3. this is the posts where she admits she lied about her age all along and that I didn’t know about it. (contrary to what she claims in the now conveniently deleted post)

This is the screenshot of our last conversation (I was the one to put an end to it, contrary to what she claims)

4.  When we met, I EXPLICITLY had told her I didn’t want to interact with minors and she disregarded my wishes and built herself an imaginary life that she fed me (and our friends and betas) daily. She admits to it here too. I have tons of people who know about my age policy and know that I don’t want under any circumstances to interact with minors. That discovery, months after our falling out, led me to orphan our fics. Which I explain the circumstances of here.

5. I have sought legal counsel and I will be pressing charges against that person. This is not a game, this has gone too far.

Coping mechanisms aren’t inherently healthy (meaning: just because you use something to cope doesn’t meant that that thing is good for you or that just because it’s helping you in the moment means it will help you in the long term) and it’s 100% good to acknowledge this. That being said, however, you need to also acknowledge that not everyone is the same, that not everyone has the same experiences or needs or triggers, and that not everyone is going to experience the same coping mechanism the same way.

One example of this is fiction. Using fiction as a coping mechanism (reading or writing) is not inherently healthy. It is also not inherently unhealthy. Some people write and read certain things to cope and it’s an entirely positive experience for them with no drawbacks whatsoever; other people write and read certain things to cope and it’s a bad experience, it retraumatizes them, it triggers them, and it’s more a form of self-harm than it is a way to cope. A person who has a positive experience with using fiction as a coping mechanism cannot assume that everyone will have that positive experience just as a person who has a negative experience with using fiction as a coping mechanism cannot assume that everyone will have that negative experience.

This same thing can be said for pretty much any other coping mechanism—drawing, listening to music, knitting, exercise, taxidermy, cooking, whatever. All of them can be healthy or unhealthy depending on the person who is using them because not all people have the same experiences in life or with different ways to cope. A coping mechanism that is a saving grace for one person can be total hell for another and both these experience are valid, one does not trump the other and they do not cancel one another out.

So when it comes to mental illness, neurodivergence, abuse, and trauma, the fact remains that the individual knows their own experience more than you do and when it comes to what they do to cope if that thing is not harming other people and they say that it is a positive coping mechanism for them, it is not your place to tell them they are wrong and need to stop particularly when the only evidence you have that they are wrong is your own experience with that coping mechanism or your own personal bias about it (facts, science, evidence make for good arguments; personal anecdotes such as “this was a bad way to cope for me so it CAN’T be a good way to cope for anyone else” and emotional pleas like “this thing personally squicks me out so it must be bad” do not).

Now, if you have concerns about how a person is coping then by all means (politely) talk to them about it! But if they say that what they’re doing to cope is positive for them, if it is not hurting them, and if it is not hurting anyone else, then you seriously have zero place to then start talking over them and acting like you know their own mind better than they do and you certainly have no place to attack them over it, either.

Mental illness, neurodivergence, abuse, and trauma are not black/white issues. They have nuance and the people who experience them are not all the same. When discussing these things and reading what other people are saying it is absolutely imperative that you understand that your experiences are not everyone elses, that you do not always know what is best for other people more than they do, and that if you’re talking so much and so loudly that you’ve found yourself incapable of listening to anyone who isn’t talking in unison with you that you are missing out on most of the discussion.

Jikook shippers

I’m just really proud of you guys


These days the tags were focused more on Jikook and less on wars or haters.

It’s also filled with a lot of educational posts and our shippers stopping each other from going too far with the crazy.

It doesn’t matter what other people say because the truth will always be truth and either our hands are clean or we’re washing it.

Most of us shippers are level-headed and very supportive or willing to learn. Give yourself a virtual hug from me.

Real or not, all we’re doing is supporting Jikook’s health and happiness and gaining our own in the process.

I read the reviews for Justice League before I watched it, so I walked into the theater expecting to be disappointed. And guess what? I wasn’t! No it wasn’t a masterpiece like Wonder Woman, yes it had its flaws, but honestly? Most of the things critics were complaining about were things I didn’t even notice, and this is coming from someone who knew about the complaints and thus spent the entire movie watching for them. The only thing I agreed with the critics on was that there were some distasteful shots of Diana, and I wouldn’t have even realized they were there if some creep on the internet hadn’t pointed it out first.

Basically what I’m trying to say is, don’t let other people’s opinions keep you from watching a movie. This goes for all movies too- not just Justice League. I can’t even list all the movies I’ve decided to skip just because of bad reviews, and I probably would’ve given JL the same treatment if I didn’t preorder my ticket. A critic’s job is to give THEIR opinion on a movie, and as the saying goes one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Blindly trusting the opinions of others might make you miss out on something that’s actually pretty great.


before i forget this is the reference I made for the Takubun I did 

(this is embarrassing)

The Fic Writer’s Beatitudes

Blessed are the readers, for theirs is the archive.

Blessed are the betas: for they help us write the stories we see in our hearts.
Blessed are they that kudo, for they reassure us that someone likes what we’ve done.
Blessed are the rebloggers and reccers, for they help the readers find our work.
Blessed are they which leave comments on a WIP that say something other than “write more please”: for they comfort us when we feel taken for granted.
Blessed are the commenters; for their words bring us joy.
Blessed are the loyal fans, for they keep the fandom alive.
Blessed are the fan artists, for they bring our worlds to life before our eyes.
Blessed are they which read an entire long fic and comment each chapter, for the string of comment notifications fills the writer’s heart with delight.
Blessed are ye, who rec our fics in public and tag us, for seeing that we made somebody squee is the light in our days.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in fandom.

I feel like this should be a thing.

there is a difference between being worried about jackson because he’s feeling down because you don’t want him to be hurt and wanting jackson not to be sad because you usually see him happy and you want him to entertain you and be one dimensional!!!!

  • House Bolton: Betray the Starks, kill their men and leaders after swearing fealty the the House responsible for the death of their family member, take their castle.
  • Sansa&Jon: Fight to get their home back, have to kill a lot of men to do it, Jon beats Ramsey’s face bloody and Sansa feeds him to his own dogs.
  • People: That’s great, the Bolton got what they deserve, the Starks have been through too much!
  • House Tarly: Betray the Tyrell, kill their men and their leader after swearing fealty to the House that killed all their family members, take their castle.
  • Daenerys: Take her army and dragon to avenge her fallen allies and take back the resources stolen from the Reach to feed her armies. Offers the Tarly a chance to bend the knee which they refuse and openly insult her when Tyrion offers to send them to the wall by saying she's not their queen and has no right to do so. She burns them after that.
  • Same people except they don't like Dany: That girl is a tyrant, she's the next mad queen, just like her father, the North should never ally with her!!!

Venus in The Signs, Elements, Houses. ♀

The Venus Planet is associated with beauty, creativity, pleasure, feminine, harmony, love & attraction.

The Venus sign rulerships are Libra & Taurus, Libra being the one to bring harmony in relationships & Taurus being the one to bring beauty in comfort. The Venus sign relates well with those who receive love (whether women or men) in relationships then creates beauty from what was given, Libra usually relates well with men for they create attraction & Taurus usually relates well with women for they create pleasure. The Venus house is where your beauty is present & very alive in.

Remember to go out to the world with unconditional love for you’ll be able to receive acceptance, feelin’ beloved. ♡


Venus in Signs ♀

how you love another, who you are attracted to, how your beauty appears to be.

venus in fire signs embodies the impulsion, directness, passion and exoticism within love.

venus in earth signs embodies the physical, beauty, routine and practicality within love.

venus in air signs embodies the relationship, verbal, attraction and weirdness within love.

venus in water signs embodies the emotion, care, intimacy and vulnerability within love.

- ♡

Aries Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of energy & drive in which she creates beauty out of sexuality & their vitality draws attention to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Taurus Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of pleasure & stability in which creates beauty out of self-worth & looks physically sensual to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Gemini Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of stimulation & wit in which creates beauty out of immaturity & becomes playful to those around her. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Cancer Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of reassurance & mood in which creates beauty out of emotion & extends their nurture into life. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Leo Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of confidence & ego in which creates beauty out of drama & their expression draws attention to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Virgo Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of class & motivation in which creates beauty out of self-improvement & looks physically poise to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Libra Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of harmony & validation in which creates beauty out of charm & becomes hypnotic to those around her. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Scorpio Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of desires & intensity in which creates beauty out of death & extends their darkness into life. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Sagittarius Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of wisdom & growth in which creates beauty out of adventure & their optimism draws attention to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Capricorn Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of dignity & structure in which creates beauty out of self-image & looks physically regal to the eye. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Aquarius Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of intellect & ideas in which creates beauty out of uniqueness & becomes detached to those around her. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.

Pisces Venus: when beloved, venusian is full of dreams & wishes in which creates beauty out of idealism & extends their art into life. others with this sign is attracted to & in love with this type of beauty.



Venus in Houses ♀

where the venus energy lights up, who you attract, what your beauty is typically recognized as.

venus in fire houses (1st, 5th, 9th) becomes, expresses & expands their love energy.

venus in earth houses (2nd, 6th, 10th) materialize, designs & models their nurture energy.

venus in air houses (3rd, 7th, 11th) interacts, balances & connects from love energy.

venus in water houses (4th, 8th, 12th) illuminates, consumes & heals from nurture energy.

- ♡

Venus in 1st: people are drawn to your harmonic rise to the surface & they appreciate your energetic charm & beauty, you’re always surrounded with balance, fighting for justice if others are unfairly mistreated, you have a sexy love appeal that others are attracted to, others are intimated by your passionate first impressions, your vital spirit is love energy, you are beauty.

Venus in 2nd: buying expensive clothes helps you learn how to feel worthy & valuable, whatever you wear looks rich & aesthetically pleasing on you, a keen fashion taste like no other, you’re stylish & a trendsetter, might be the type to buy an excessive amount of material possessions but you seem to know how to balance your money out, artistic fashion, you possess the art itself.

Venus in 3rd: you’re so witty that brings on an immense amount of charm to others, people love to listen to what you’ll have to say, combining harmony & humor together, I am somehow in love with your laugh that ties with your alluring voice that just simmers in the mind, elegantly feminine hand writing, you possibly write beautiful poets, beautiful voice, writing, words, mind.

Venus in 4th: living in an artistic home brings you true peace & comfort, you tend to always surround yourself with elegant beauty, you would make such a lovely parent, the ability to nurture & smother others with unconditional love is your nature, your family probably adores & appreciates you, you are just aesthetically pleasing to look at, your harmonious aura decorates like a home.

Venus in 5th: the art of being dramatic yet charismatic are one of your greatest qualitys, an elegance that only radiates outwardly with glamour, you express this gorgeous lavish light, a walking aesthetic, you need someone to always focus on & love you, nothing will stop you from being pleasing to look at, also very flirtatious & naturally attractive, you’re like an art gallery full of artistry.

Venus in 6th: sacrafice brings you much harmony, gracefully modest & polite to those around you, especially at work, co-workers adore your elegant poise company, delicate soft loving attitudes, the type to put others first & help sort out their problems, you’ll feel beautiful if treated your body with healthy natural foods & product, might be living in another cinderella story.

Venus in 7th: you fall in love then idealize others in your relationships, harmonious with your lovers, so very delicate, you attract partners that are particularly passionately attractive & fair, you love to be lost in your partner because it makes you feel like you’re in a fantasy, you don’t show your fun loving side to people you just met, you’re like the first houses bitch.

Venus in 8th: a passionate & magnetic seductress without effort, your feminine divinity engraves into others minds that haunts them, you give piercing looks that are extremely penetrating & deadly, you just soulfully scream sensuality & harmony, you have deep & intense desires in love, inheritance will grant you well, death will be beautifully slow & peaceful, you put out prostitute vibes.

Venus in 9th: no limits what’s so ever when you’re in love, you seek for grand harmonious adventure, you appreciate the lessons you learn, you are in love with spirituality, you give freedom & acceptance to others, everyone adores your warm hearted presence, you bring attraction into exoticism, travel will be your priority, like a witness to the twelve houses creativity being manifested.

Venus in 10th: your public image is known for being a striking beauty, every one views you to be fierce & pleasing to look at, mastered in the arts & your creativity can be manifested into design or makeup work, you aim to be & you model how to be a this perfect public figure, everyone will remember you as this stunning & charming individual, a perfect role model of a venusian.

Venus in 11th: surrounded by lovely & soft groups of people that you admire, engaging helps you feel balanced, your generosity comes across as flirtatiously romantic, unique qualities that generally makes you even more attractive, you’re a social butterfly & righteous warrior, you allow others to be their authentic self, fairly harmonious with humanity, you’re like surrounded by beauty gurus.

Venus in 12th: living in an aesthetically dreamy world in which you surround yourself with, you easily fall for others, vulnerable to the world, you are very sensitive to those who connects with you romantically, spiritually creative & harmonic, you’re surrounded with this beautiful healing energy, people attract to your softness, creativity which manifests from the spiritual realm.


It seems like gatekeepers believe that the LGBTQIA+ community is this single cohesive unified thing with clearly defined edges and an exact list of who is and isn’t allowed and that all members of this oh so united group must feel the same way about things as they do, especially as it comes to this imaginary list of who’s “gay enough” to be allowed, or else be accused of attempting to sow seeds of divisiveness in the community. 

And I feel like that’s why exclusionists are so determined to paint their current crusade against aspecs as totally different from and in no way related to past “discourse” and attempts to boot out members of the community they now claim to be protecting. After all, in order to continue to portray the community (as they see it) as unified and a safe space that needs protecting they have to at least say (if not believe) that bi discourse was wrong, that any past attempts to push out members who are now seen (if only barely) as acceptable were wrong. Of course some exclusionists are blatantly biphobic, exorsexist, etc. but at the very least the party line seems to be that “yeah well trying to kick you out was a mistake (probably anyway) but trying to kick these people out is totally justified and in no way related even though we say it’s for all the same reasons people wanted you gone, because we say you’re gay enough but they’re not”

For the same reason they will say that any bi, trans, nonbinary, etc. people who agree with them are the absolute authorities on whether or not this “discourse” mirrors past gatekeeping but when people from those groups who don’t agree with them point out similarities or even share their own experiences having been through this sort of mess before they are immediately mocked, told to stop “tokenizing themselves”, called homophobic (or biphobic or transphobic or whatever) for daring to point out similarities and not listened to in the slightest. Of course that makes perfect sense in light of the mindset gatekeepers seem to have, in order for the community to keep its unity and cohesiveness dissenting voices must be ignored.

So despite the fact that exclusionists will use the same arguments, word for word, that have been used to try and exclude now “acceptable” members of the community in the past, they refuse to acknowledge any similarities. They will not examine their reasoning or how it relates to past discourse because they’re perfectly happy in their echo chamber full of people who also like to talk about the “cishet invaders” (and it’s completely fine if some or many of those people are biphobes, truscum, etc. until they become so obvious about their views that not even other exclusionists can deny it anymore and have to drop them).

I drew the Seekers bc they make me happy, when they emote their wings go flap flap!!!! ;A;

if you’re going to talk about inaccessibility of information or elitism, the basis of your critique should be material inaccessibility & class barriers to gaining education & thus careers w/ prestige, not what language ppl use on the internet

is purposefully dense and ungrounded/ideological language used on purpose to exclude non-academics from writing & to make sure that whatever is written is useless? sure–just look at most of postmodernism

does that criticism apply to every leftist on the internet who uses a necessarily specialised vocabulary to get at what they’re talking about rather than having to make every point the length of a short novel? lol no

every field on god’s green earth has a specialised vocabulary. liberal SJ politics have a HIGHLY specialised vocabulary & a highly convoluted set of internally contradictory ideologies and mores to learn and failure leads to vilification and excommunication

and yet no one calls all of their rapidly shifting vocabulary and 50 new Latin affixes a week & adopted leftist vocabulary (modified to be more useless, see ‘intersectionality’) “inaccessible” for some reason

because the problem isn’t with how we’re expressing ourselves–it’s with what we’re saying. the concepts involved in truly liberatory politics fly in the face of value, retribution, respectability–capitalist concepts

the concepts involved in confronting white psychology (white sociopathy, white anxiety) fly in the face of individualist moral purity ‘accountability’-oriented politics, plus make people uncomfortable by demanding that poc are human and not accepting lip service on that point

again I think a few people are just unnecessarily dense on purpose–but it’s usually white leftists who view politics as a means of making a name for themselves, rather than as a site for love, empathy, liberation.

it’s not poc (trans women are another group I’ve seen this happen to) who are just trying to make sense of our/their experiences and lay the groundwork for a way out of exploitation and oppression–or at least a way to be treated better in the meantime

the problem isn’t that what we’re saying isn’t understandable if you put work into it (like you’d have to put work into anything else). it’s that people won’t put that work in because they don’t want to listen to us.

and then they hide behind “the working classes” to excuse their dismissal and their lack of effort, as if this isn’t incredibly chauvinistic. how can you say what other people can and cannot understand? how can you say how “dense” theory needs to be w/o having read into it?

I don’t doubt that much academic writing is inaccessible. I don’t doubt that’s it’s inaccessible on purpose. it is materially inaccessible, its language is veiled on purpose, what little it does say seems highly ideological

*where materially inaccessible = behind paywalls, inaccessible unless you’re enrolled in an institution that is an enormous investment of time and $$$$$ that many people do not have, are systematically prevented from having

my issue is with the rhetorical moves that 1. things written for no pay on.. twitter? tumblr? of all things? are “academic”, i.e. of the academy, just because people who have studied these things academically wrote them

2. that ALL writing that takes place under the aegis of the academy is automatically inaccessible and useless by very virtue of that fact. that ALL academic knowledge is useless

when in fact materialist analysis requires rigour and specificity, you have to study things in a way that is not ahistorical and that stands up to scrutiny, you have to use vocabulary in a generally agreed-upon way if it is to serve as shorthand. all of this requires study

to act as if ALL analysis that requires study is academic and that ALL academic work is useless is a pair of moves that forbids analysis in any meaningful way, that traps us in ideology, and that is thus–imo–reactionary

of course the subsuming of anti-capitalist work into the academy is very serious and needs to be contended with and that’s its own whole thread. but the people who cry inaccessibility about everything that has vocabulary they personally haven’t heard in it are not making such a sophisticated critique. they’re not making a critique at all. they’re just silencing.

*ALSO assuming what disabled people can and cannot understand and assuming that all people with cognitive / learning disabilities take in information in exactly the same way / that no one who writes using, a vocabulary, could possibly be disabled

as if calling people of colour “neurotypical” for talking about racism doesn’t have a long history in these spaces 😬😬😬

The Art of the ‘Baddie’: The Rundown Pt. 1

The long-awaited Baddie Rundown tailored towards those trying to achieve the classic ‘baddie’ look and/or recreating it for dependents/minors and those on a budget.  

Attitude: The Basics 

  • Rule number 1: Don’t let people push you around or walk over you. 
  • Have confidence.
  • Be unbothered/don’t care what other people have to say about you. 
  • Don’t be rude.
  • Encourage and uplift others. 

Attitude: Other Things To Keep In Mind 

  • The tricky part: Know when and when not to follow the crowd 
  • Be mindful of who you confide in 
  • Be independent. Even if you are a minor or dependent, try to start doing what you can on your own 
  • Create short-term and long-term goals and work to accomplish them  

Other Things To Remember When Adopting the Attitude or Look:

  • Have good posture
  • Be proud of the way you carry yourself 
  • Step out of your comfort zone (take baby steps but don’t do stuff you’re not comfortable with)
  • Keep up with your appearance/hygiene 
  • If you have a budget, when it comes to clothes and makeup especially, make dupes your best friend
  • Take your time investing in your items. Don’t break the bank on recreating the look asap. Start with what’s free, use what you have, and save up

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