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Daddy Issues
  • Baby Girl: *rolls up into a burrito with blanket* Daddy
  • Daddy: *working on his laptop* Yes, Love?
  • Baby Girl: *wiggles around* Dadddddyyyy
  • Daddy: *doesn't look up from computer* What is it, Princess?
  • Baby Girl: *wiggles around faster* Heeeeeyyyyyyy
  • Daddy: Use your words, Little one. *still not looking up*
  • Baby Girl: *wiggles furiously* PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEEE!
  • Daddy: *Looks up from laptop and smiles* What on earth are you doing, Love?
  • Baby Girl: *pauses and looks at Daddy*
  • *silence*
  • Baby Girl: *in a cute quiet voice* I'm a caterpillar...

the calendar // panic! at the disco

  • allura: shiro why didn't you tell me your planet used to be covered with giant animal monsters?
  • shiro: huh? oh you mean dinosaurs
  • allura: dinosaurs? no i think they were called tailed beasts? and that your ancestors would fight them using small knives and martial arts! and magical energy called chakra
  • shiro:
  • shiro:
  • lance: what? i didn't do it!
  • keith: .......*sweats nervously*

Except for the few, adorable moments he dedicated to kids, he walked that red carpet as if there was fire burning under his feet. Of all people, he had Simon Jones attached to his hip the entire time and that was only part of the horrible company he had to endure throughout the evening. And yet no Danielle, who’d be always so very willing, alongside him. Beautiful, but tense, dedicated to nicest fans but mostly detached, he might have nothing to promote but a dubious girl band project coming up and yet he could have made a good use of such a fitting opportunity to bask a bit in the spotlight, get a little more attention, spread his enthusiasm about his personal and professional moves. Instead he ran faster than Forrest Gump, chose not to discuss anything of what is publicly associated with him at the moment. Why? Is he as private and shy as Danielle shielding the wrong side of her face from the mean mean paps? 

One day it’ll end, but today isn’t obviously that day. And calling that a happy, free, willing Louis is like attending a Donald Trump convention and judging him a wise, competent, upright person.

After the Invasion

So you know how there’s all these posts about how aliens invade Earth only to realize that Earth is a death planet and/or Space Australia as the flora, fauna, weather, and natural disasters kill them off and traumatize them? Well, imagine that the alien invaders finally give up and leave Earth. What chases them off? I imagine that the resistance starts putting out information on cryptids. It’s the last straw for the invaders, especially since even the human inhabitants native to Earth seem to be confused about exactly how dangerous said cryptids are, and so the aliens have no way to be prepared to face them. Morale plummets (even further) and alien command has to call off the invasion due to the public outcry, making history as the first time this group of aliens has retreated from an invasion.

The surviving humans soon realize that the honor of chasing off that group of aliens has attracted a lot of attention from other groups of aliens. Some of these aliens are looking at possibly invading.  Others want to work with humans to turn Earth into a space vacation-destination. In order to discourage invaders while simultaneously attracting curious tourists, much information about the animals most infamous among the invaders is made readily available to the alien community in general, along with a lot of information on cryptids. Information on non-cryptids and cryptids is presented to aliens in much the same way, and the humans never clarify which are which, so many invaders are too scared to try and invade, while many tourists are intrigued by the potential mystery.

Of course, the tourists are horrified to learn that the hippopotamus is not, as they had thought, a cryptid.  

“You cannot look up at the night sky on the Planet Earth and not wonder what it’s like to be up there amongst the stars. And I always look up at the moon and see it as the single most romantic place within the cosmos” - Tom Hanks

Image Credit & Copyright: Yuri Beletsky (Carnegie Las Campanas Observatory, TWAN) 

What Team Flash should be doing to change the future:

  • Close the STAR Labs Museum. If they keep it open, there’s always the chance something will force it to close in May. Close it now and it’s not going to be in the news then. (They can always reopen it later.)
  • Get Barry and Wally to clean up and rebuild Luigi’s so it reopens much sooner than May.
  • (This should have been done weeks ago.) Call Harry and ask him what’s up with the gorillas on his Earth. Tell him not to do anything that might involve them attacking Central City.
  • Figure out what the deal is with Caitlin’s powers and find a real way to help her cope with them. A necklace and pep talks about friendship are clearly not long-term solutions here.
  • Google Music Meister? I’m 98% certain he’ll show up in 3x17 and everyone will just be all “ohhhh the dude from the headlines.” They should make some effort to figure out who he is, at bare minimum.
  • At least consider hiding Iris in some way. I know she would be stubborn and brave and want to stay rather than running away. BUT I feel like Joe, Wally, or Barry should’ve suggested her going to Coast City to sleep on Linda’s couch, or moving to Bucharest with a blonde wig. Or, heck, hanging out with the E2 West-Allens in Atlantis.
  • Figure out how Savitar’s going to escape the speed force in the first place. Learn more about the Philosopher’s Stone. Talk to Alchemy’s acolytes. Badger Jay until he fesses up everything he knows about Savitar. CALL HARRY WEEKS AGO.

What Team Flash is actually doing:

What I mean is, where on this earth do you want to wake up in seven years? What do you want to see out your window when you wake up every morning and feel the fresh sun pouring in on your face? When you dress to the nines to go to your job, do you want it to be because you’re dressing for a job you’re still hoping to have, but still haven’t gotten? Or do you want it to be because you kicked and clawed your way up the ranks until you got the job you’ve wanted from the very beginning? Because you know you deserve that job and you know that some day you will be the best? When you walk into that embassy in Spain, do you want it to be because you’re a tourist who’s lost their passport? Or do you want it to be because some ambassador has asked for you personally, because they need an interpreter and they know you’re the best of the best? And when you find the right person, don’t you want them to have seen what a strong and powerful person you are, even on your own? Just… Keep that life in mind. Even when it comes to the little things, like writing a really, really boring essay, keep that life in mind as the goal you want to reach. When you wake up every day, remember what you are working toward. Because in the end, the only person that can get in the way of you reaching that goal is yourself. If you don’t have a plan.
—  My best friend, offering up some of the best motivation I have on hand, when I was trying to get through some essays. 

So… there are wildlife rescue centers in the urban fantasy settings, right?


“This friend of mine said when you are a musician and you are touring all the time and get to the level we are, you’re an astronaut. You go up and then you come back down to earth and you can’t really explain what is like up in space. Only your fellow astronauts get it”. 

Jasper gets jealous and turns into the major. (Request)

Jasper… oh my god <3

“Hey! Y/n! we thought you disappeared from the face of the earth! What’s been up girl?” Embry teasingly shouted over the border separating the Cullen’s from the Quileute lands.

Embry had always joked around with you, the two of you had been friendly with each other whenever you both saw one another. “You could’ve called me Embry, I do have a phone.” You told him in a slightly sassy tone. Just then you heard the sound of twigs cracking coming from closely behind you.

Turning around to see who it was you faced Jasper, giving you that handsome smile he always wore around you. “I was wondering where you ran off to darlin’” the both of you would usually take small strolls around the forest, but this time Jasper was a little late.

Awkward coughing erupted from across the stream, Embry was still standing there. “Well, As I was saying, I think we should see a movie sometime, Would you want to Y/n?” Not thinking much of it you blurted out a yes, earning that look from Jasper, he then looked over at Embry, “We are going to be busy, and also, don’t even bother calling. You know Y/n is safe. So don’t worry.” Jasper’s usual southern accent suddenly grew thicker and more confronting.

“Excuse me? Since when do you control Y/n? It’s their choice.” Embry stood up straighter than before, eyes burning into Jasper’s. A arm wrapped around your waist gently and pulling you to him. “I don’t, I am only protecting them” His voice was still filled with confrontation, Why was he saying these things?. “Protecting them? from what? they’re more safe with me then a stone wall.” ‘Jasper’ seemed to have enough and took a step toward Embry’s side of the stream, a low growl echoed through the thick forest. 

You couldn’t just let them argue, you didn’t see the Major that often, but you knew he never backed off. Except with you. “Both of you! Stop! Embry, go, I will take care of this.” Embry tried to protest but he knew it wouldn’t help any. Moving in front of Jasper, or the major, you placed your hands on his cheeks to try to calm him down, whispering comforting nothings.

A few short minutes had passed before you finally had the normal Jasper back, now in a embrace he spoke first. “I’m sorry Darlin’, I couldn’t stand to see him flirtin’ with you” It was all clear now, He was jealous. Jasper must’ve sensed your emotion. “What do you find so amusing sweet heart?” He pulled out of the embrace and now was looking down at you, a curious look written on it.

“Jasper? were you jealous of Embry?” you chuckled, Jasper rolled his eyes  before defending himself, “Jealous?” Giving him a amused look he easily broke down. “Alright’ I was, The way he looked at you, it got to me, I apologize darlin’” you couldn’t argue with him, and soon enough the both of you were at home, on the couch, you laying on him while his hand was brushing in your hair. 

Just as you got really comfortable your phone vibrated from the end table next to you, “Are you going to get that sweetie?” Jasper cooed. “No, They can leave a voice mail”.


I just… we both know what I’m up against, and I will save the Earth, I promise you that. I just don’t know if I’ll make it out alive. I didn’t say the things that needed to be said when I left Krypton, and I wanted to make sure I said them now - just in case.
I’m not giving up. But my mother didn’t send me to Earth to fall in love with a human, have children, live in a house with a white picket fence. She sent me here to protect Kal-El. And now I will use my powers to protect the Earth. And if I die achieving that, I’m at peace with it. I’ll join my mother. We’ll be together in Rao’s light.

Newt Scamander’s Day Off

**Gif not mine**


Request:   Can you please do when where Newt has a day off and he decided to take advantage and do cute stuff with the reader?  - Anon

I actually kind of liked this one? Bit short tho

You were standing in the kitchen preparing breakfast alone, as always.  Newt would always be awake before you and go into his case to work on his book more, in which case you would call him up when breakfast was ready.  You softly hummed to yourself as you stood in front of the sink, when you suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist causing you to let out a surprised squeak and jump.  You felt a head rest on your shoulder.  

“Hello, baby,” you said, bringing up a hand to pet Newt’s hair.

“Hello, love.”

“What on earth are you, Newt Scamander, doing up here this early?” You asked.

He unwrapped his hands from your waist and turned you around to face him.  “I decided to take a break from my book today and spend it with the most wonderful woman in the world.”

You smirked and cupped a hand around his cheek.  “Aw, you’re too sweet,” you said and leaned in to place a quick kiss on his lips.

He smiled and pulled you closer.  “Now come on.  I’ll help you with breakfast for once, I owe you one.”

You both made breakfast (without magic because Noot wants to spend quality time with you).  You made cinnamon rolls (which you referred to as Newt multiple times that morning)

You both enjoyed your cinnamon rolls together as you listened with wonder as Newt told you of new and exciting things he had learned about his creatures.  Pickett would occasionally pop out of Newt’s pocket to observe the scene causing you to giggle.

Once you had both finished eating, you volunteered to clean up and wash the dishes.  (Because you’re nice and you figured Newt, as clumsy as the cinnamon roll could be, would lose his train of thought and chip or crack a few plates).  As you scrubbed the dishes, Newt busied himself in the living room, tossing every pillow and blanket it seemed he could find onto the large sofa in a huge pile.

When you finished the washing the dishes and used your wand to put them back in their rightful place in the cupboards.  You walked into the living room where you saw Newt’s masterpiece.

You raised an eyebrow.  “Uh, Newt.  What is this exactly?” you asked, gesturing towards the sofa.

He grinned, walking over to you.  Newt suddenly and swiftly picked you up bridal style.

“Newt!” you squealed.

He laughed and pecked your lips.  He spun you around once, making you grip your arms around his neck for dear life.  “I just want to cuddle with my beautiful girlfriend!” he finally said and threw himself onto the extremely soft and fluffy stack of pillow and blankets; pulling you with him.  You giggled.

Newt pulled you extremely close to him so that your head was tucked directly under his chin.  You took it upon yourself to rearrange the pillows and blankets, (Even though Newt wouldn’t let you get very far out of his grasp), so that you and Newt were completely comfortable and engulfed by a mound of very soft pillows and blankets.  Newt pressed a kiss to your forehead and cuddled up to you.  You stayed that way in silence for what felt like hours but was really only two minutes.

He sighed.  “Why me?”

“What?” you replied, confused.

“Why me?  You’re Y/N L/N.  A girl who could have any man she possibly wanted.  Why did you choose me?”

You smiled.  “Baby.  Look at yourself.  You’re Newt Scamander.  You’re brilliant, talented, loving, sweet, adorable, and many other things.  You’re… different.  A wonderful kind of different.  There’s no one quite like you, Newt,” you answered, rubbing circles on his back.

He nuzzled his nose in your hair, inhaling your scent (creep xD).  “You’re too nice to me.”

“Aw.  I love you more than anything in the world… except…”

“Except what?” Newt quickly said, sounding angry.

You smirked.  “The Niffler.”

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!