what on earth could it be

Boy, look at this image of (what is probably) Pink Diamond. Look at how utterly cruel and malevolent she looks. I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts that this is a flashback showing her as the Crystal Gems saw her.

But if only there was somebody who could show a different side to Pink Diamond. Somebody who loved Pink Diamond. Somebody still on Earth. Somebody who may be residing in the temple as we speak.

If only…

alexisloizon: Exclusive “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST rehearsals footage” 🎬🎥
When journalists ask me “What was the atmosphere like on set, for Beauty and the Beast ”? I always say the same thing: I was surrounded by the most gifted, talented people I’ve ever met, including Josh Gad and Luke Evans.
Those two…
Luke is the coolest, he is a true star, very passionate, intimidating but always breaks the ice with a joke, down to earth, he wants to know you, and Josh is the funniest guy you could ever work with, full of ideas, very involved, humble, grateful and very kind… And they both sing all the time!!! Pardon my french but “LE DUO” is the real s***. I remember this one day in particular. Bill (Condon, the director) was supposed to come during the afternoon, like he does every day, to check how things were going with the number “ Gaston ”, what Anthony Van Laast (the choreographer, genius) was cooking for the movie.
But before, Luke and Josh had suggested we should all do a surprise for Bill, who loves musicals. And as a joke, sing something else…
Enjoy this exclusive footage from the rehearsals.

Humans are weird pt 2

It had been 9 months since Commander Narrynite had been rescued by Human Chris and Human Ann. He was still grateful for their actions and was looking for a way to show them his appreciation. He had overheard Human Chris telling Human Ann that he wished he could be home over “Christmas”. Narrynite had no idea what “Christmas” was, but he was struck by an idea.

“Human Chris, Human Ann. As a sign of my gratitude I would like to give you a gift. We are passing by Earth on our way to Drunbaa and I thought we could use an explorer pod to land for one day so that you could see your families for this “Christmas” that you keep speaking of.“

At this, Human Chris and Human Ann started “smiling” and they both took turns “hugging” Narrynite. The baring of teeth and the forceful embracing and restraint of Narrynite’s upper tentacles went against all his instincts, but he knew these were a sign of happiness and camaraderie amongst the humans.

Once they were near Earth, Narrynite requested the coordinates of Human Chris and Human Ann’s residences. Thankfully they were in the same region and it was decided that Human Chris would be delivered to his residence first. Commander Narrynite would accompany Human Ann to her residence as he was interested in her familial occupation of farming and wished to learn more about the traditions that have fed the humans for so many years.

“Welcome to Duluth, Minnesota!” Human Ann said when they arrived at her home.

It wasn’t long before Narrynite had wished he would’ve stayed on the main ship. Duluth was awful. His temperature sensor read that is was a mere 29°F and there was nothing but white blanketing the land.

Human Ann’s family was pleasant, but he had trouble maintaining a conversion as he was focused on trying to stay calm with the temperature being alarmingly low. If the temperature went below 20°F his skin would begin to freeze within seconds.

After a few hours of observing Human Ann’s family “sing” which he understood to be nothing more than synchronized chanting, he told Human Ann that their time was just about up and to prepare to leave.

As they were exiting the house, Human Ann’s dad looked up at the sky and said grimly “A storm is coming. Be careful Annie.”

“Don’t worry Dad. What’s a little snow.”

It began as they were prepping the pod for takeoff. Commander Narrynite looked out the window and saw the frozen precipitation lightly falling to the ground. He was startled when Human Ann said directly behind him “Sir, I think I should pilot the pod for this trip.”

“Absolutely not. I have piloted every craft I’ve been in since I gained my rank as commander. Not to mention, you don’t know how to fly.”

“I know I technically don’t have my license, but I’ve watched you fly the ship plenty of times, plus I have a bad feeling about this storm.”

“Watching me pilot the ship and doing it yourself are entirely different things. And you’re basing this assertion on a ‘feeling’ ?”

“It sounds crazy, I know. I promise I won’t crash the ship.”

Narrynite began objecting again when Human Ann grabbed him on the upper tentacles and said “I’m really sorry for this.” Using her considerable human strength to restrain him and cuff him to the passenger chair.

“Human Ann let me go immediately!” Narrynite shouted as he tried to free himself.

“Commander, I really am sorry, but if I don’t fly this pod, I know we won’t survive.”

At this Narrynite became even more agitated. “Are you saying my flying capabilities are inferior?”

“It’s not that,” Human Ann said as she placed her hand on the throttle, “you’ve just never seen a good old Midwestern blizzard.”  With that she pushed the lever forward and sent the pod careening.

After about 30 minutes of cursing Human Ann in Jythoan, Narrynite conceded that Human Ann might not be entirely wrong after all. The sky had become a mottled grey and it was almost impossible to see more than 10 yards. He heard a strange rumbling and hoped that was normal.

“Human Ann, what was that?”

“Sir, I believe that we’ve encountered thundersnow. It’s pretty rare, I’ve only seen it once.”

Of course. Human Chris and Human Ann rescued him from a deadly crash only for him to get stuck in a weird Earth storm.

“Hold on Commander,” Human Ann said as the snowfall became heavier and the thunder more frequent.

At this point Narrynite was quite relieved that he wasn’t piloting the pod. Human Ann seemed confident as she navigated through the storm and despite a few mumbled curses, she appeared happy.

Narrynite eased slightly when Human Ann exclaimed “Sir, we’re almost to Winnipeg. Only a few more miles.”

It was only moments after they landed when Human Chris boarded the pod. He was “smiling” and sat next to Human Ann and they instantly began reminiscing about past storms they witnessed.

Narrynite knew he shouldn’t underestimate the humans and their odd planet, but somehow they kept surprising him. He made a mental note to next time choose a human from a more mild sounding region, Greenland perhaps.

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Wait so is the Darkseid/dictator Superman storyline happening in Justice League or in a future movie? Im so confused I feel so behind on everything I hate comics alskxjbdjcjf

darkseid, ruler of planet apokolips, imprisons and takes over worlds using the anti-life equation which is capable of manipulating the will of any living being in the multiverse. during the Justice League film, the parademons, darkseid’s soldiers made of imprisoned citizens of the worlds he has already conquered and tranformed into brainless fighters, attempt to start an invasion on earth with the help of darkseid’s second in command and uncle steppenwolf, so they can pave the way for their lord

this is what’s going on canonically in the dceu right now. according to the vision/nightmare bruce had during the events of BvS, it’s speculated that darkseid might use the anti-life equation to brainwash superman and make him fight for him once clark returns, but it could also be completely baseless since bruce might have interpreted the dream differently because he was fighting superman at the time and was very afraid of having him become a dictator with all the powers he possesses. superman going rogue is an if situation we may or may not see play out, it’s not a set storyline you’ll definitely see in JL or a future film

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Could Cas be in the empty? Misha says Cas in a realm "we taked about but never seen" we have never really talked about what realm angels go after death but we had talks of the empty and we never saw it

Could be. I mean the two plausible theories I’ve come up with are either The Empty (and hoping if that’s the case they actually do hire Scout to play a cameo even if it’s just sitting in the background of the scene scribbling everything down furiously while hoping nobody notices her in the shot), or The Veil, which played such a huge, ominous role from s9-s11 while Heaven was on lockdown after Metatron’s tampering… It had become the absolute worst possible version of Heaven’s Eternal Waiting Room. But it’s still a sort of transitory space.

I’m personally REALLY hoping it’s not The Empty, which was described as a place you can’t come back from. A place “outside of creation.” Essentially nothingness. It’s anti-being. I’d hate to see it actually depicted visually, you know? As if were a place that could contain ~something~. But that’s my personal *ugh* reaction to them taking a concept they’d set up throughout s11 to stand in contrast to Chuck’s entire creation. Honestly, I’d be really disappointed in a vaguely transcendental and existential sort of way.

It would harsh my mellow.

I personally hope it’s the Veil. The Empty has that sense of impossible finality to it, but the Veil is the realm of Reapers. It’s like a transit depot for souls, and the starting point from which reapers shuttle them between realms (Heaven, Hell, Purgatory… wherever angels go when they die…). And in that sense, it’s a realm just as real and tangible as Heaven or Hell or Purgatory, a place where the dead would logically go, but where someone might intercede and pull a certain angel aside for a quick chat before they move on to catch the train to their final destination.

I have another anon along these same lines:

You’re not betting on the upside down?

I know just enough about Stranger Things to know that this is a Stranger Things… thing. Mr. Mittens and Kidperson have both watched it, but I’m just like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. 

Heck maybe he got rerouted to the Faerie Courts and Oberon wanted to have a go at him? Maybe he’s temporarily been transferred to Heaven, but strangely it takes him a while to figure that out because for some reason it looks exactly like the bunker, but it feels so real and it’s just so tempting to read and relax and watch television until Sam and Dean come back from whatever hunt they must be on… and then he starts to realize where he is and what’s happened…

There’s an awful lot of possibilities for where he may be. Some are obviously more likely than others, but I think the two most likely are either the Empty or the Veil.

Since those are both places that have been discussed multiple times on the show (the veil has actually been talked about MORE than the empty, going all the way back to s2 as a concept, but really addressed as a place for the first time in 4.15.)

(not to mention it’s also the plane of existence where Hellhounds reside, in addition to Reapers. So any time the show has dealt with hellhounds, it’s been veil-adjacent as well)

*is forever bitter that so many fics focus on PD’s shattering like killing her was the only major moral issue the CGs faced but fandom continues to only treat the Earth Quartzes either like redshirts the CG can kill with impunity or h/arem fantasy whilst ignoring all of the dilemmas that could be examined about the morality of Homeworld breeding a warrior caste, indoctrinating and using what are effectively child soldiers, and how no matter which side they fought for their situation was inherently tragic* Pink Diamond who?

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Thanks for explaining your Dad Kogane theory! I honestly hadn't thought much on how he'd be cautious and distrusting of government organizations. Him being at the GG also gives the possibility that he was able to keep watch on Keith (via esp?), and maybe sensed when Keith left Earth. And with the GG having access to galra tech to upgrade their own tech it leaves the possibility for Dad Kogane to piggyback on those projects -making me wonder if HE could be that floating stranger in the trailer.

The thing about Dad Kogane is he’s got so much more going on than it feels like we’ve seen at this point. If he was aware of Keith, it raises the question of why he’d keep his distance- and if he wasn’t, then, what could’ve created a blind spot like that in his awareness.

And if they were close to each other… what made him disappear from Keith’s sense, if it can point him that strongly towards Shiro. Is it just that by the time of the Garrison Keith was such a defeatist about ever seeing his father again that he just wasn’t looking?

Honestly, my two cents for floating stranger, unless it’s someone we haven’t seen before (people have pointed toward Commander Hawkins or Ryou Shirogane, the latter admittedly more likely than the former since Hawkins is Vehicle Voltron and the VLD folks haven’t been all that fond of them) are Dad Kogane or Colleen Holt.

Heck, it could be multiple people, considering the Garrison usually operates in three-man missions. Just because we see only one floating figure doesn’t mean there aren’t two more.

I have never felt so strongly pulled towards connecting with myself. I suffered a foot injury that taught me to appreciate my ability to move, run, and do yoga. I miss doing yoga so much and I haven’t done it in weeks.. today I woke up with a severe pain in my lower abdomen. A doctors visit later they told me they aren’t sure what it is, but it’s not a UTI, and it could be a kidney stone. I’m back stuck in bed again, and all I want to do is dance and do yoga and be active… today has taught me to take care of myself. No more toxic food for my body. Only good, and close to the earth. Thank you body and universe for teaching me these tough lessons… I can’t wait to be well and active again soon.

Life (2017)

Few movies have given me the overwhelming urge to rage quit. Life is certainly one of them. 

A clumsy, insipid sci-fi thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, and Rebecca Ferguson, Life centers on a science crew aboard the International Space Station who discover an alien species from Mars. In a development that shocks no one, the alien turns out to be a highly evolved creature that threatens everyone on board the ship and, if it isn’t destroyed, could make its way to Earth. It’s a ho-hum plot that lacks imagination, and unfortunately that’s the least of this film’s worries.  

Life’s biggest issue is its slipshod screenplay, which seems to have been pieced together using movie Mad Libs. Not only are we plopped right in the middle of the story, the audience is expected to care about what happens to these characters without being properly introduced to them. With very little character development to go off of, you end up not really caring a ton when an alien slowly rampages through the ship. With paper-thin characters, it’s hard to root for anyone, especially when all of them are utterly incompetent. 

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Burning Fossil Fuels Almost Ended All Life on Earth
A road trip through the geological ruins of our planet's Earth’s worst mass extinction.
By Peter Brannen

Imagine you took a random spin in a time machine and ended up in the Permian. Now imagine the time machine breaks down. You slam your fists on the dashboard and a digital red “251.9 MYA” dimly flickers and dies. The view out the cockpit window reveals red sand dunes and little else. From what you remember of your geology training you know that 252 million years ago is just about the worst thing you could possibly read on your display.

You kick the door open and—holy hell is it hot. You scarcely believe your breath. As you reach for the latch to slam it shut you’re startled by a thundering roar coming from the other side of the dunes. Curious, you step out into the primeval landscape. There’s no life, save a wilting weed here or there, where the dunes give way to barren soils, cracked and crusted with salt. The sandblasted husk of some odd creature sprawls across the wastes, its fangs bared.

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Do you think we'll learn anything about Shiro's background in S3? If he has any family and why he never talks about them. Is Shiro even from Earth? What about his history with Keith? It'd be funny if Shiro really is a prince & Keith is his protector/knight. Like it's so odd how secretive the crew is about this info. Shiro and Keith never got their own comics like Hunk/Lance/Pidge yet.

I don’t think Shiro has a family, it was kinda implied in interviews that he wants to teach Keith all the things he had to learn himself and that he sees himself in Keith kinda. Which could be just about the leadership, but maybe Shiro is an orphan too. He talks about Pidge’s family, but never about his own.

And I feel like this can go both ways, they either know eachother for like a year or two and Shiro was Keith’s flight instructor and later maybe navigator (cuz that’s what Sven was to Keith I think) 

Because they don’t act like people who grew up together, Keith calls him “Sir” alot, so that doesn’t fit the adoptive brothers or childhood friends thing. Or maybe they know eachother from a young age, but never actually spend any time together until the Garrison.


They have HISTORY. Like they’re both not from Earth and maybe not even from this time, and the relationship is yeah similar to a Prince and his Knight.

And yeah they are waiting for some reveal about them for sure…


I was happy lately since 1N2D ratings where steadily going back up thanks, in part, to better content and editing. But then, yesterday’s episode happened….

I usually don’t give much credit to k-netizens’ comments since they tend to overreact (a lot) and are often borderline insulting but unfortunately this time, I have to agree with the general opinion : by Jove was that episode painful to watch!

I’m not sure how the production team came up with yesterday’s concept but the execution was done so poorly it quickly turned into a real snooze-fest!

First : why on earth do they keep inviting guests when the members are doing so well together?? That problem really became obvious yesterday when you could see our fantastic 6 having fun with each other on one side of the screen and the guests fighting for more screen time on the other side. When has this become a promotion show???

Second : seriously, what’s going on with the editing?! Let’s be clear here, I am fully aware not everyone can be an editing genius like Na Youngseok PD or Kim Taeho PD and some people, like Yu Hojin PD for example, are better suited for on site directing. Still, when you’re in charge of such a big variety program like 1N2D, you better make sure you have damn good editors in your team to make up for your own weaknesses! At least a third of yesterday’s broadcast could have easily been edited out and it still would have been more entertaining than what we got to see…

It kinda makes me nervous for next week’s ep as well : how boring must the original footage be for them to spend so long on eating scenes alone?
I really feel bad for the members since nobody leave them time to breath and be spontaneous. We all know they’re not exactly proactive when there is some lull time to fill in-between games but if you always prompt them for every little action, there’s no room left for ad-libbing either. And it’s always when they freely fool around with each other that they are the funniest!

I sincerely hope that once more, Yoo Ilyong PD will read the comments left by viewers and take action before it’s too late… Please don’t ruin everybody’s hard work and throw to the bin something you all took so long to rebuild from scratch!

Crdits: 꿀잼 over on Twitter for the comments’ translation

Vault Keeper (Planescape)

Most monsters I define by the abilities they have. The vault keepers are defined by the abilities they have lost. But then again, the vault keepers are not your average monster.

Sure, the vault keepers still have the ability to crystallize their foes or fill their environment with an explosion of crystal shards. True, they can craft and use just about any magic item. Yes, they can dominate any creature or construct associated with the element of earth and they weigh in at a respectable CR 14, but look at what they’ve lost. Vault keeper no longer have mythic power of any kind, sacrificed by their peers to the evil demigod of earth to try and save themselves from the yithians. Vault keepers retain some spell like abilities, but they no longer have innate control of arcane magic. They have to craft magic items rather than growing them from the earth itself.  And most importantly, they have lost the potential to grow and command the vault seeds. At one point, they could have created worlds within worlds. Now they are second-class citizens, the guardians of the vault builder’s work, despite the fact that it was the vault keepers who actually sacrificed their power in a desperate bid to save their race.

When working with the vault keepers, the most important factor to consider is how they feel about their sacrifice and their lot in life. Some will feel all to reasonable resentment towards the vault builders. Others consider their sacrifice worth it. Is the vault keeper enthusiastic about their guardianship of a vault or could they care less? Figure out how the vault keeper feels and what motivates them,  then you’ll have tons of plot hooks at your fingertips. Don’t neglect the vault itself, either. The vault keepers may not be able to make the vault seeds grow, but they can spend millennia guiding and guarding them after the vault builders decide to move on.  In many ways, the vaults are more a reflection of their keepers rather than their builders.

  • The Vault of Lost Names has floated through the Paraelemental Plane of Ooze since time immemorial, its libraries long abandoned by the vault by builders, but the vault keepers remain, tending to the ancient biographies and king lists. The keepers have set themselves up as the lords of the local cave giants and vault giants, but they have feared to move against the more powerful vault builders. That changed when they found one specific name in the listed in their roles, the name of a demigod who could help them defeat both their imperious brethren and the yithians: Xhamen-Dor.  
  • The Xiomorns are closely allied with the Elemental Lord Ayruzul, but most of the vault builders and keepers consider the Fossilized King to be more a patron than a god, especially since the even the meekest vault builders approach his personal might. The vault keeper Ak'mck is an exception to this rule. Ak'mck’s faith in Ayruzul’s divine guidance against the menace of the Great Race gives them the power of an Inquisitor.  Ak'mck uses these powers to hunt down vault keepers disloyal to Ayruzul and the vault builders, but they can serve as a planar ally to priests of Ayruzul who offer rare fossils or unique biological texts.

  • Long ago, the vault keeper Netter went into self-imposed exile in the City of Axis, studying every account of Mythic power they could find. Netter hoped to find a way to restore the vault keepers to their mythic former glory. After millennia of working with a host of scrivenites, Netter had become a formidable arcanist but was no closer than on the day they began. Then, Aroden died, and Netter found themself on the wrong side of the Axiomite Godmind’s barrier. Rather than perish, Netter thrived in the shattered realm and eventually found a relic beyond all compare, a single grain of sand worn off of the Starstone. It was not enough to make Netter a deity, but now Netter walks the mythic path of the Archmage and is quickly building a following of vault keepers eager to unlock their own potential.

Notes: The Dark Eras 2 Kickstarter continues, and Mage/Geist Golden Age of Piracy has joined the ranks of the chapters to be written! The next poll is a doozy though, at $50,000 either Epic of Gilgimesh Mesopotamia (~2100 BCE), Arthurian Brittania (400-500 CE), or Jazz Age/Roaring 20s (1920s) will be added to the books.

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Any idea how Shiro actually escaped from Galra ship? I was thinking that it was all too convenient that he managed to escape in S1E1 when he has nothing on him? My theory is that the Galra themselves sent Shiro on purpose to Earth to claim/confirm there is a lion on Earth. Which means, he somehow earned their trusts. Basically, I guess what I am trying to say is, could Shiro be a traitor all along and on Zarkon's side? Hence his disappearance? Idk is this too far fetched?

Well Haggar tried to kill him

But we dunno what side Haggar is really on yet.

“you could have been our greatest weapon” was about against something or someone other than voltron. 

And absolutely everything about Shiro is suspicious at this point.

And he did put Zarkon out of the way so probably not working for Zarkon haha, but what if he was working for Lotor?

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i did not like that video at all. Like what gives why can't they give some reassurance and no saying hook and emma is true love and their happy is not reassurance when we know they're separated and he's cursed. How on Earth could they be happy and then he adds a but. Grrr thoughts? It at least sounds like an LI for Hook cursed or not is off the table completely. So there's that I guess.

I see. I guess it’s simpler for me; I stopped caring about logic and lack of direct answers when it comes to OUAT. I only watch it (as well as the interviews) for aesthetic purposes; such as Colin O’Donoghue… so, there’s that ;)

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Hi it's my first time talking to you and I hate to make this awkward so I'll cut to the chase. If you could time travel to any time period, but could only observe NOT interact/change 'history', what time period would you go to and why

Maybe during one of the eras that Dinosaurs roamed the Earth or during the Ice Age (because Megafauna).

As socially anxious as I am, I’m less interested in human history and more interested in seeing extinct animals in person.

late night self reflective asks 🌙
  • cosmos: what's one thing you wish you could say to someone you are no longer friends with?
  • galaxies: what are three things you want to do before you die?
  • waxing: what is your proudest accomplishment?
  • waning: what is your biggest regret?
  • full moon: what type of person do you hope to be?
  • contemplation: if you could wake up one morning and everything in your life was perfect, what would that look like?
  • night light: who/what makes you feel safe?
  • ponder: what do you want to do with your life?
  • sunset: who is someone you thought would be in your life forever, but you no longer talk to?
  • midnight: are you a different person late at night than in the early morning?
  • candle light: are you an indecisive person?
  • reflection: have you ever changed something you liked about yourself to satisfy someone else?
  • sweet dreams: are you happy?
  • nightmare: what are you most afraid of?
  • constellations: who is someone you could talk to for hours and never stop?
  • reminder: who is someone you will never forget?
  • 11-11: what's something you want, but feel like you will never have?
  • shooting star: who is someone you trust to help you make the right decisions?
  • earth: where do you feel most at home?
  • soothe: what's one thing that always makes you feel better when you're upset?
  • slumber: what's one thing that helps you fall asleep when it feels impossible?

Hello everyone, it is friday and I would like to share this small section of a drawing that contains a friendly bee who is sunbathing

thank you xox


I don’t know how but this AU got heavily inspired by what Shimizu san said before-
Yuuri being earth and Victor being the moon who keeps drifting toward him.
I find these words so beautiful.


Zodiac Signs

You asked, i did.
I wanted something god-like and modern(ish) at the same time so here we go.
You can find more information about each character below. Hope you like it.
feel so embarassed everytime i do smth like that help

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