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lyrawitch  asked:

What sort of clothes do UT Sans, UF Sans, UF Papyrus, US Papyrus, and SF Papyrus like to see their S/O or crush wear? Like what's their favorite style or aesthetic that they just go wild for?


++ Sans ++

Classic adores huge T-shirts or T-shirt dresses. They look so comfortable and when you wear nothing BUT a big T-shirt, so everything is covered but he knows there’s a secret underneath, he always gets flustered seeing you wear them.


++ Sans ++

Red doesn’t really care about what clothes you wear on a daily basis, but he really likes lingerie. When you guys are getting it on and you wear some fishnet tights or a playful little outfit that he knows he gets to either take off of you or have fun with you while you’re in it, seeing you like that turns him on probably more than it should.

++ Papyrus ++

Fell loves elegance, so seeing you well dressed is always very pleasant. If you enjoy dresses, he loves seeing you in the ones that hug your body so you can show off all those wonderful curves. If you enjoy skirts, something playful yet put together is what gets him, and if you enjoy tuxedos, he loves when you wear the color black mixed with something bright, like a soft peach or teal. You clean up VERY nicely.


++ Papyrus ++

Honey really likes when you wear his hoodies. If you aren’t very tall, they’re super oversized on you, because it’s even oversized on Honey himself, and you look so cute. He likes when you bundle up in it or when you hold his hands through the sleeves, and you just become such an adorable ball of fluff that he can’t help himself. He wants to see his own clothes on you.


++ Papyrus ++

Rus likes when you wear tank tops, both thick and thin straps, crop tops, and/or shorts. Very summery clothes, pretty much. Shirts that don’t even have straps are completely fine too, and he likes seeing your skin. Rus loves seeing those smooth arms, those long legs and sometimes that teasing stomach of yours.. wearing nothing is totally okay too. Just not in public.


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Hi, I love your blog. It's so cool ^^ Uh, I'm usually very shy when it comes to asking people stuff. But, right now, I'm pushing my shyness away to ask this. What would UT, UL, UF, and HT Sans think of a S/O that talks to themselves Sometimes? And at times S/O gets so distracted with talking to themselves that they weren't really paying much attention and end up slipping/tripping/bumping into something. (This always happens to me ^^; I'm such a clutz ;~; )

Awe! I’m so happy you’ve pushed your shyness away to ask me something c: and naw it’s okie there are times where I’m trying to focus and I still fall down XD

Also- I’m NOT the best at Underlust. This is the first ask I’ve gotten with it, actually! I haven’t looked much into it so I don’t really know too much of the skele’s personalities but I’ll try my best


++ Sans ++

Classic finds it pretty cute when you mumble to yourself like that, since you get so absorbed in it. There are times where he gently touches your elbow or your shoulder to get your attention so he doesn’t startle you, but this time he saw you walking straight toward the table. He called your name and stood up, but you already hit your side and fell over. A very choked down smile appears on his face as you lay on the floor, surprised. You can hear him try his hardest not to snicker, and you burst into laughter. Classic helps you up and you two laugh about it as you silently die inside from the hit to your hip. Nice bruise you’ve got there, huh?


++ Sans ++

Whenever you mumble to yourself, Lust usually just looks at you and smiles a little, listening until you finally realize he’s there. You were talking to yourself about something, him standing in the kitchen, and you slipped on water and fell forward, not even noticing it. His eye sockets widen and he peeks over at you, and his expression becomes slightly amused, asking if you’re okay. You sit up and yell, asking why there’s water on the floor, and he starts smiling and snickering, telling you that he doesn’t know! You put your hands up and he helps you stand up, still giggling about it.


++ Sans ++

Red likes to tease you about it a lot, and sometimes mumbles with you while you’re still talking to yourself, doing like things like “mhm” “uh-huh” “oh really?” “Keep talkin’” and you don’t catch on for minutes. So when you were walking, talking to yourself, he tried mumbling to get your attention, not being able to help himself but watch you trip over a cord and fall down on the carpet. He covers his mouth and shuts his sockets, turning his head away while attempting to silently laugh, and you bolt upward, shouting his name. Red apologizes and says he’s not laughing AT you.. at least he’s not trying. You guys stare at each other for a little bit until you start laughing too, and he just lays down with you on the floor and you guys stay there for a while.


++ Sans ++

Horror usually just lets you do what you need to do, he doesn’t make a big deal out of it. But when you fall down, his head shoots over to look at you laying on the floor, holding onto your leg. You rammed your thigh into the corner of the cabinet, and boy does it hurt. You mumble something along the lines of “it feels like I’ve been shot” and THEN he starts smiling a little. Horror goes over and squats down next to you, a little amused from what you can see, and looks at you, asking if you’re okay. You pout and nod a little, and he chuckles, looking at your leg. Nice bruise, sweetheart. Maybe he’ll give you a kinkier one later.

so *cough cough* i just noticed something in morse code that made me … wow

so you know the


i noticed the “dots” and “dashes” changed on each side, and what really stuck out to me was that the “—” “-.” on each side clearly spell out “no.” there isnt any “…” so idk, it was just something that i noticed.

technically you could make anything out of these lines but i just thought it was interesting that the dots and dashes changed and that they were exact in their size, which could indicate some sort of code. and well.. undertale is no stranger to code


h e y but what fucc is a hood and how do u draw i t

hel p me ​@friisans help me ur sanses r rly charming and i lo v ethem



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This might seem like a stupid question, and I apoligize if it is, but what was Papyrus referring to when he said Sans hadn't recalibrated his puzzles? Monsters make them, but I thought that was for fun, and Sans is at work (if resetting their own puzzle is what Papyrus is talking about). Yet, Papyrus acts like he's supposed to be doing that instead of watching...waiting for humans? That quote confuses me a lot.

(undertale spoilers)

Here is the first mention of puzzles in the game, made by Toriel.

Puzzles must be solved “to move from room to room.” While Toriel does not say it, these puzzles were originally designed to stop human attacks. This NPC gives the explanation for all the puzzles in the underground.

It makes sense that puzzles were used to thwart humans. Depending on their difficulty, humans could be stuck solving puzzles instead of attacking. Since few humans fall into the underground, however, building and solving puzzles has become an “awful tradition” instead. Even Papyrus makes a reference to this in the genocide route. (Although he calls it a “loving tradition.”)

While Sans only ever mentions that as a sentry he is supposed to “watch for humans,” Papyrus takes the puzzle tradition very seriously. However, Undyne mentions in one phone call that she “was supposed to build a puzzle for this room.”

This implies that building and maintaining puzzles is a job for the guards and sentries, considering Undyne still makes an attempt. Luckily, she is able to use puzzles as an excuse to place a piano in a room!

Undertale asks


1. Who’s your favourite character from UT?
2. Who’s your least favourite character from UT?
3. Your opinion about UT fandon:
4. What’s your favourite quote?
5. What’s your favourite soundtrack?
6. Pacifist, neutral or genocide?
7. Why did you decide to play UT?
8. Favourite battle?
9. Favourite scene?
10. Your first letter to Mettaton was:
11. Your reaction when you saw Omega Flowey for the first time:
12. Your headcanon about Frisk’s gender:
13. Which UT character reminds you of yourself?
14. Which UT character reminds you of your best friend?
15. Would you smooch a ghost?
16. Which UT character would be your best friend? Why?
17. Do you remember your first killed character? Who was that?
18. Did you do sth in game you regret?
19. Which ending was your first?
20. Your favourite land in UT and why: (Snowdin, Waterfall or Hotland)
21. Your favourite place in UT and why: (Undyne’s house for example)
22. Your headcanon about River person’s gender:
23. Your headcanon about one of the UT characters:
24. Butterscouch or cinnamon pie?
25. Your opinion/headcanon about six human souls:
26. With who would you go on a date?
27. Marry, fuck, kiss and kill:
28. Do you wanna have a bad time?
29. Your favourite UT au:
30. Your least favourite UT au:
31. Would you want to fall into underground?
32. Describe or draw your undersona:
33. One reason why you love UT:
34. One reasom why you hate UT:
35. If you could choose one type of food from UT, what would it be?
36. Your favourite amalgamate:
37. Your headcanon about Gaster: who do you think Gaster is to Sans and Papyrus? (Father, brother, uncle etc)
38. Your opinion about bad puns:
39. Do you draw fanarts from UT? If yes, then what do you like the most to draw?
40. Which of human souls fits you the most?
41. What would be the first thing you would to show to Sans, Papyrus or the rest of characters in human world? Why?
42. Which song reminds you of UT or one of the UT characters? Why?
43. Your opinion on underloid:
44. Do you forgive Asgore for what he’s done?
45. Did you pay for Tem’s college?
46. Have you seen any youtube letsplay of UT?
47. Do you listen to any fanmade songs? If so, then which are your favourite?
48. What are your favourite theories?
49. Who is your favourite enemy? (Not including boss monsters)
50. Do you have any headcanons about Chara’s past? (Why they hate humanity, why did they fell to the underground etc)
51. Who is your favourite dog?
52. What was your reaction to true lab?
53. Your fabourite voice acting:
54. At the end of pacifist run did you stay with your friends or did you come back to your family?
55. Who is older - Sans or Papyrus?
56. Your OTP(s):
57. Your NOTP(s):
58. Your BROTP(s):
59. Your favourite puzzle:
60. Which battle was the hardest for you?
61. Did you still hate Flowey after you discovered his true indentity?
62. The saddest moment:
63. Which ending is your favourite?
64. How old do you think Frisk is?
65. Any post pacifist run headcanons?
66. Your favourite NPC:
67. Humans or monsters?
68. The funniest situation:
69. Skeletonfucker, robotfucker, goatfucker or kinkshaming?
70. When playing for the first time how many candies did you take?
71. Did you kill or spare Flowey at the end of the game?
72. If you had to be one of the main characters, which would you choose?
73. If you had to kill one of the main characters which would you choose?
74. Which character(s) would you like to cosplay?
75. Your favourite Burgerpants’ quote?


aliceeee204  asked:

Hi, love your blog! I wonder if anyone has asked you about the photo of Frisk and the monsters we recognise inside sans's workshop. As the game never shows they have taken a photo until true pacifist, so does this imply anything...?

(undertale spoilers)

Thanks for the love, and big sorry for the wait on the response! Now let’s take a look at the infamous dialogue in Sans’ lab.

The photo of Frisk and their friends is an odd item because the photo is in Sans’ lab right after defeating Asriel. This means you can see the photo before you even get to pick the option “I have places to go,” which would lead to the ending with the presumed photograph.

Whether or not Sans remembers timelines doesn’t even to begin to cover the mysterious appearance of this photo. By all logic, this photo shouldn’t exist because the photo hasn’t even been taken yet. After all, when does Frisk have time to take a photo with the others after defeating Asriel? Even if this was meant to only appear after picking an option and complete the true pacifist route, it wouldn’t make sense for the photo to exist in Sans’ lab after reloading the game.

Let’s take a look at the other dialogue for the photo album.

Original Dialogue

What is interesting is that this photo album has photos of people Frisk doesn’t recognize. This is the case regardless of how much Frisk has explored the underground. It’s clear there are certain areas you can never reach, such as the city of New Home itself. If the photo is of old friends or family, it’s strange that Papyrus isn’t even mentioned to be in these photos. While people have speculated the photos may be of Gaster and his followers, Frisk can meet them in various routes, depending on the fun value. The wording of the photo seems to imply Frisk never gets to meet these people.

After Meeting Clamgirl

In this case, there is an additional item in the album – a card with a drawing. This only appears if Frisk interacted with Clamgirl. It’s a strange condition, but what is more interesting is the text “don’t forget.” What exactly is Sans afraid of forgetting? It’s unclear.

Ultimately, the photo album is a peculiar item in Sans’ laboratory that has given rise to many speculations and theories.

i marathoned the enitrety of woy and a) im heartbroken there are no more eps and b) i cant. i cant stop drawing wander. i have 3 enitre sketchbook pages filled with this hairy spoon please help me