what not to say when speed dating

[GOT7 as] Highschool Students

Mark: Sleeps in class. Gets 100% on the test. No one has heard him talk. Every girl wants a piece of him. Rumour has it he has a cute laugh. But no one has proof. Teachers let him skip presentations just because. 

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Jaebum: The hot bad boy. So done with this school. Just wants to graduate. Lowkey acts cute sometimes. Will never speak to you again if you point this out. Basically, owns the hallways. The best kisser around. 

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Jackson: Fitness is number one. Basketball is lyfe. Sports. Pray to the kale God. Juice cleanse. Will start an organic club. Is the captain of every sports team. He lifts. 

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  • Peter is the clingiest boyfriend you will ever have
  • But of course he doesn’t show it around everyone
  • He has a look that he gives you when he wants to cuddle
  • Sometimes he isn’t even discreet about it
  • He’ll straight up stare at you for an hour until you notice him
  • When he finally gets to cuddle with you, he’s a smiley little boy
  • He either likes to have you cuddled up on his chest or the other way round because BOOB PILLOWS  
  • Peter also loves playing with your hair
  • Ever since you taught him how to braid hair, he’s constantly asking to braid your hair
  • His favorite braid to do on you is the fishtail braid
  • Movie dates are a must
  • You guy’s first date was at the movies to watch Star Wars
  • That’s when you both started catching feelings
  • You cuddled up in your seat next to him
  • Peter did the yawn and put his arm over your seat move
  • Every once in awhile he would look over at you while you watched the movie and admire your beauty and how interested in the movie you were
  • You would pretend not to notice but it was so obvious that he was staring at you
  • Peter was still looking at you and you turned your head and he kissed you
  • I guess you can say it was out of this world ;)
  • Oh and just imagine jamming out to music in his room while his mother isn’t around to bug you guys
  • Of course Wanda loves you
  • Ever since you and Peter started dating, you and Wanda started hanging out more and grew really close
  • Peter and Wanda always fight over who gets to hang out with you
  • “She’s my best friend!”
  • “She’s my GIRLFRIEND!”
  • They could go on for hours while you watch them go at it
  • You three end up going out together
  • Then they start arguing over who’s the third wheel
  • It’s obviously Peter
  • Peter is the king of cheesy dates
  • He’ll take you on picnics, drive-in movies, etc.
  • By the way… this boy is very much a tease
  • I meant to say HUGE tease
  • He leaves trails of kisses down your stomach only to STOP right at your clit
  • He literally just hovers over you, breathing gently over you
  • Then he goes right to it and let me tell you this boy is 30/10 amazing
  • Let’s just say he takes advantage of his super speed during sex *wink*
  • Don’t expect to be able to walk correctly the next day
  • Hehehe
  • You can’t eat lollipops or popsicles in front of him either if ya know what I mean
  • Ok I feel dirty
  • Making out to Pink Floyd is like a normal thing for you guys
  • It’s literally a routine
  • Fridays at 2 are ‘make out on the couch to Pink Floyd days’
  • It’s very hard to get out of it
  • “Sorry babe, can’t make it Friday. I have a family dinner”
    “So am I supposed to make out with myself? You fucking know it’s like our religion to do this”
  • Peter also takes advantage of his speed to mess with you
  • He likes to give you kisses when you’re calm to scare the living day lights out of you
  • “Peter whaT THE FUCK”
  • Peter: *dying*
  • He also loves dad jokes, don’t fight me
  • “I’m bored”
  • “Hi bored, I’m Peter”
  • It’s annoying but cute   
  • He loves when you read to him
  • He says your voice is soothing
  • Peter usually falls asleep because you like stroking his hair while you read
  • He’s also loves taking polaroid pictures with you
  • He has a whole shoe box filled with them
  • He writes down the dates so he can remember everything
  • He’s so soft *sigh*
  • As for film for the polaroid….
  • He used to steal them but he knew you didn’t like it so he started to buy them
  • The first time he did, he put a bow on the receipt and gave it to you as a gift  
  • You have it pinned on your wall next to the pictures to the both of you
  • He was so proud of himself
  • He looked like a 5 year old giving his mother a homemade gift
  • It was so cute  

Soooooooo….. Barry and Iris have hit a bit of a skid in their relationship which means I’ve got a new roommate until they patch things up. You’d think it’d be awesome living with a guy who can clean the entire apartment in five seconds flat, but it’s actually pretty unsettling. 

On a related, unrelated note, things in my own romantic life have been less than stellar since Gypsy ghosted me to go back to Earth-19. You think dating a girl in another state is hard; try keeping the flame burning when there’s an entire multiverse between you. 

Anyway, to stop Barry from speed-rearranging my digs every two minutes, and to deal with our mutual heartbreak, I took my boy out for an afternoon of pure bromance. And what better way to do that than to recreate the most bromantic movie moments in the history of tinsel town? 

We began with a rigorous beach volleyball match, a la “Top Gun.” I say rigorous because the sand was really hot, and not because we were at all competitive with the locals.  In staying true to the film, we learned that it’s insanely stupid to play volleyball in jeans.  Lesson learned.  Plus the net is a lot higher than it looks. Getting our… denim… kicked in beach volleyball, worked up quite the appetite, so we headed to get some pizza and arcade time in – Woody and Buzz style in Pizza Planet. Barry tried to make me wear the cowboy hat, but if you really want to go to infinity and beyond, I think it’s pretty clear which of us has the power to take you there.

My first instinct was to close out the night with a healthy second breakfast, in homage to Samwise and Frodo. But I felt like anything having to do with rings was probably a bad idea, given Barry’s current jam. Naturally I defaulted to some butter beer wizard style.  But in this case, the adult kind which led us to some Shabu-Shabu and hit the magic castle.    

Update: it’s now 3:00 AM and he’s plucking the lint off the couch quilt… I love Barry, but being bros all day is exhausting. I need my eight hours.  

Competition | highschool!au

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Jennie x Reader (fem)

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Summary: ‘Jealousy does not become you, Jennie Kim.’

Requested by @jeonmyg

A/N: I apologise in advance because this is all over the place. :/ Hope you guys still enjoy it, though. 

Part I | Part II

Word Count: 6,052

Warnings: Nothing much, a couple of swear words.

“I like you.”

      You’re not actually quite sure what you had expected, but you were pretty sure it wasn’t this. Jennie looks as if she had just stared into Medusa’s eyes and subsequently, had been turned into stone. Her expression is still, too still, her eyes are wide and she is utterly silent.

     You fidget, your fingers intertwining and you bite your lip, a wave of anxiety rushing over you like a waterfall.

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Mark Soulmate AU

Soulmate AU where a single sentence that your soulmate has said that day appears on your arm

  • to make this easier on me you go to school with mark and hyuck
  • i decided to spare mark of an angsty scenario lmao
  • lets start boyos
  • so youre actually good friends with hyuck
  • you think youre best friends but he makes fun of you so much you question your relationship sometimes
  • you feel bad for his soulmate
  • because hyuck says some really, really stupid things
  • “y/n i cant find my phon- oh nvm its in my hand lol”
  • “note to self: the smoke alarm should not be used as a timer when cooking”
  • “if you dont have “me” in your life, everything is just “aweso”
  • but i guess that makes him unique and i guess somewhat easier to find
  • you think your soulmate is very studious
  • “no no the answer is 234 i swear it is”
  • “i will actually give you my brownies if thats helium and not hydrogen”
  • nerd
  • but sometimes he says the sweetest things
  • “ahh im sorry but im not giving up on my soulmate yet”
  • “im sorry but i cant go on a date with you, my soulmate is still out there waiting”
  • and it makes your heart speed up when you see quotes like these on your arm
  • but this also lets you know he must be popular with the ladiesss ;)
  • anyways
  • you thought this day was going to be just like the rest but fate had a different plan
  • “y/n im going to my other friend mark’s after school, wanna come?”
  • “hard pass but thanks for the offer”
  • “pfft youre no fun”
  • “what ever you say fart face”
  • its unusual that hyuck doesnt walk home with you
  • but its w/e
  • lets jump to where hyuck and mark are
  • “mark why dont you date?”
  • “why date when you know you have someone out there for you?”
  • “youre so whipped for them and you havent even met them yet”
  • “yeah i guess i am whipped they say some cute things sometimes”
  • “i guess this is not one of those times”
  • mark looked down at his arm and noticed what hyuck was laughing at
  • ‘what ever you say fart face’
  • cue a blushing mark
  • hyuck is over to the side having the time of his life
  • but then hyuck realizes
  • “i knOW WHO SAID THAT”
  • back 2 u now
  • its late
  • like youre asleep late
  • but then your phone goes off turns out its hyuck calling you
  • “bith i was sleeping and im not going to mark’s its too late now”
  • “no no just tell me the words (mark shut up no get off of me im not giving you the phone) on your arm”
  • “um hold on i havent checked. it says..”
  • ‘ok fine my hair looked like noodles a few months ago but its fine now!’
  • cue another blushing mark and a laughing hyuck
  • “oh..oh my god thats too good…ok thanks y/n bye”
  • “wait hyuck why!”
  • whoops too late he hung up
  • “so mark, did you say that today?”
  • “…i want to say no but yes i did”
  • “mark you know what this means?”
  • “yeah i do dont touch anything while im gone ill know”
  • just when you were about to fall asleep, you hear a banging at your door
  • “jesus who is it??? its like 2 am”
  • lo and behold its mark lee, out of breathe because he was running 2 u
  • “jus…just give me a minute to catch my breathe”
  • “umm ok do you want to come in?”
  • “no..no just give me a minute”
  • thats when you caught a glimpse of his arm and the words you had previously told hyuck that day
  • “oh my god were soulmates”
  • once he (finally) caught his breathe he kissed your forehead and hugged you
  • this hug made you feel safe and at home
  • lowkey he smelled like strawberries
  • “so did you really have noodle hair?”
  • “shhHHhh dont ruin the moment”
  • “but yes i did”
  • ok im done
  • thanks for reading
  • its much appreciated
  • byebye
It’s August 11th 2017

Here’s a good Dan song to listen to today: Luigi’s Ballad by Starbomb

Here’s a good Grumps episode to watch today:
Punch-Out!!: Mac’s Back - Part 1

Here’s a cool Dan fact for you today:
Dan once took a storytelling class and for one of the homework assignments, he had to do something out of his comfort zone, something he’d never do normally. His classmates got to pick what he got to do and his options were either attending a monster truck rally or to go to a speed dating event. He said he would have loved to go to a monster truck rally but this was when he was living in NYC so there sadly were none to go to. So he went speed dating instead and he says it was “super weird” but also “super interesting to see people boil down their entire personalities and what they want to get across in a five minute span”. He ended with, “It was not as terrible as I thought … I didn’t meet anyone there that I wanted to go out with. Not that everyone had something horribly wrong with them, but fuck it.

Here’s a good picture of Dan to look at today:

Five Minutes

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Title : Five Minutes

Pairing : Mark x Reader

Genre : Fluff

Words : 2445

Summary : You don’t care about speed dating, and then you meet Mark. 

You don’t particularly like that sort of thing. You don’t understand how could somebody manage to find a date in such an unnatural context. Your best-friend is highly experienced in the speed dating world. It’s funny how she can still believe in this when she keeps on going and always comes out without any hit.

“It’s going to be funny! Speed dating can be interesting if you try to play along. You only have to bear with each person for 5 minutes!” She still tries to convince you, and the worst part is that you accept. You always get dragged in the weirdest places anyways.

Two hours later and with a glass of rosé, you find yourself at one of the table in the restaurant. You’re more interested in the appetizers than the guy who is already talking about living with his mother when you will both have 3 kids.

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Spark Pt. 2 [Jason Todd x Reader]

Anonymous requested: “I’ve probably reread spark like 1000 times. Could you please do a second part? Like they both like each other and none of them wants to admit it and Jason’s girlfriend atm kind of figures it out and tries to keep jason to herself? You could throw in Roy and how he knows jason still likes the reader so he flirts and goes out on dates with the reader to make jason jealous and make him confess to her?”

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1165

TAGS: @anothertypicalgirl00 @pinkwitch21 @coffee-randomness @angstytodd @kpkarlee @aworldwideapart @lovingmytelevision @abbytheninja @ifthisislove-loveiseasy @spacewife @galaxy-jellyfish-queen @femdamian @dc-hoe @wtfisachoncexx @jxsontxdds @yoichooseno @kiogenic @iamthenightiambatman @mockingjay-fury @zhang91yixing @mama-aqua @bandsomatic @theamazingrain @batbros-before-hoes @american-assassin-and-superhero @hyp-oh-critical @justpensandpaper @nervouswastelandvoid


[G/N] = Girl’s Name

Part 1 | Part 2



Jason didn’t know if it was fate or whatever the fuck people called it nowadays, but after the party he kept on running into you in the most unexpected places. To say he was irritated was an understatement–the man was fuming. The problem was he didn’t even know why he was pissed but maybe it had something to do with the fact that he may still have feelings for you, his ex, and running into you frequently after discovering said feelings when he himself had a girlfriend already wasn’t a great scenario.

It would be a lie to say he didn’t enjoy the little meetings though. In fact, he may’ve enjoyed them too much, even if they were 90% banters and trying to one-up one another. It was almost as if you two wanted to make the other jealous.

Whatever it was, it was clear as day that the two of you were still quite in love with each other and while some hated it, others thought it was absolutely hilarious and one particular person saw it as the perfect chance to mess with his best friend.

“You’ve got to be shitting me.” Jason cursed under his breath when he spotted you enter the cafe, though it wasn’t you that got him cursing but rather the man with you.

“Is that… Roy?” [G/N] asked with raised eyebrows, having followed her boyfriend’s gaze. With a tense jaw, Jason nodded and continued to glare at them as he downed the rest of his drink. [G/N] stared at the man in front of her with a strange expression but said nothing.

“Look at them,” murmured Jason as he watched you sit down with Roy, “she is totally trying to get on my nerves.”

“I think you’re exaggerating.” [G/N] said, trying to reason with her boyfriend. However, he dismissed her and kept his eyes on the pair that was sitting by the window. Though you hadn’t noticed your ex and your friend, Roy certainly noticed them and he had a cheeky grin plastered on his face.

Jason knew that grin. “He’s messing with me. That fucker is messing with me.” he declared, throwing his hands up. “Dating my ex, what is he thinking? Does he know the damn bro-code? Never date your bro’s ex!”

[G/N] just sighed and shook her head at his behavior. It had been happening ever since the party and honestly, she knew what it was about. She wasn’t stupid or blind, she saw that he still had feelings for you and you for him. “Jason, babe, you’re going to make a scene.”

“Blame Roy, not me.” Jason accused, “he started it.”

“Now you’re just being childish.”

“Roy’s being childish by taking [F/N] out on a date.”

[G/N] sighed once more. “Jason, look at me.” When he didn’t, she forced him to look at her directly in the eyes. “Do you still love [F/N]?”

This caused shock into Jason’s eyes. “What?”

“Do you still love [F/N]?” she repeated firmly. “It’s a yes or no question.”

“O-Of course not!” he exclaimed, though with an uncertain tone, “I love you baby, I always have.”

[G/N] leaned back against her seat and looked at him with disapproval. “See, I don’t believe that. You still love [F/N], why else would you be so bothered by Roy taking her out?”

“Because he’s my friend! He’s not supposed to be dating my ex–”

“Yet I’m dating you. Does that make me a horrible person?” she snapped, “And was [F/N] angry or pissed or upset? No, she wasn’t. Unlike you Jason.” Jason remained quiet as he took in what [G/N] had said. “Face it Jason, you’re still in love with her.”

“I… I–okay, I might be, but I am with you, [G/N].” he reasoned, but [G/N] only shook her head.

“I love you, Jason, I do,” she admitted, “but I can’t be with someone who is in love with someone else, and my friend of all people.” She gave him a sad smile and stood up. “I’m not angry at you or [F/N], you two mean too much to me. But… if you walk away from her, then you’ll regret that for the rest of your life. Make it right.”

With that, [G/N] left the cafe, finally catching your attention. You glanced at Jason and frowned, wondering what he said that caused your friend to walk out like that. Jason watched with panic as you excused yourself from Roy and walked towards him, taking a seat in front of him.

“What was that?” you inquired, or more like interrogated.

“What was what?”

That. [G/N].”

“I don’t know what you’re talking–”

“Cut that bullshit Jason, you know exactly what I’m talking about.” you snapped, “Now tell me, dick, or I’ll find out myself.”

Jason released a breath of frustration and exclaimed, “fine! Okay, you win. She thinks I still have feelings for you. Happy?”

“Excuse me–what?”

“Yeah, I had the same reaction.”

You say in silence for few minutes with him, staring at absolutely nothing. You didn’t know what to say, honestly. You were speechless.

“… I think… she’s right.” Jason began slowly, catching your attention and causing your heart to speed up. “I think… I may still be in love with you, [F/N].”

“You’re… you’re kidding, right?” you breathed, shaking your head in denial even when your stupid heart said otherwise, “You’re dating my friend–”

“She broke up with me, [F/N].” he said quietly, “She broke up with me so I could have my second chance with you.”

“What?” you uttered, “No.. no, no that’s… that’s ridiculous, okay? That’s ridiculous. I have a date–” You stood up and turned around, only to find that Roy was nowhere to be found. “Where the fuck did he go?”

“Look, [F/N], just give it another chance, give us another chance.” Jason insisted as you sat back down.

You kept shaking your head. “We didn’t work before, what makes you think we’ll work a second time?”

“Because we didn’t fight for us.” he explained, “Because we let anger and our differences get in the way of what we felt and we let it all blow up in our fucking faces. We didn’t fight for our love, [F/N], but now this is the damn universe telling us that we should try again and this time we better fight for it like our lives depend on it.”

You stared at the man in front of you, thinking he was insane for suggesting such an idea but the fire in his eyes said otherwise. It told you he spoke of nothing but the truth and for the first time, you saw what others saw; his love for you.

“… fine.” you sighed, giving in, “But one date. Then we’ll see.”

The grin that appeared on Jason’s face was brighter than any that you’ve seen on him in a while.

“One date.”

1st place prize fooooorrrrrrrr @glizisweet wooo!!! 

I just wanted to say: I’M IN LOVE WITH HOW THIS TURNED OUT!! I think this is the most perfect ‘Sans’ head shape I’ve drawn to date (I didn’t know what colour Ink’s blush would be so I just gave him purple). I also did this thing for when I was inking pun pun pun his brush where I would leave white space to indicate where the brush’s strands overlapped, I think it worked??? 

Apologies if I didn’t get the vial colours just right, I had trouble with blending the paints for them (the paints are super vibrant and the colours are supposed to be watered down so they leaked everywhere).  I used a fan brush and this zigzag motion to make the trees AND THEY ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE TREES FOR ONCE!!! Then I added golden leaves drifting about randomly and some gold paint on Ink’s brush.There are little bits n pieces in this which just really make me happy~♪

I’m 99.85% sure that Ink belongs to @comyet , but if not then please correct me. 

Hope you enjoyed it ♥


So, this lovely person wrote this beautiful fic for my fluffy birthday month (◕‿◕✿)  and I loooved it, I love the way Stiles know so much about Derek and how everything evolves :3 it’s just SO SWEET!!, so I did some drawings ;) hope you like this!! :D 

You, Me, Curly Fries & The Breakfast Club (AO3) by the lovely sterekfluffer

Words: 2.253 Summary: The pack tries to set up a dating profile for Derek but Stiles kind of messes things up  (read here ↓ :D)

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The Red Flower AU

Previous part summary: finding out that Y/bff/n’s boyfriend cheated on her made Jungkook fight with him. Y/N took care of his hand but were confused because of her heart. You can’t do this to me heart.

Warnings: None 

Genre: Angst/Romance/Fluff

Italic: Y/N’s thoughts

A Jungkook CEO AU. Enjoy Noodles ^^

Part 5

Jungkook has been coming around to my house very often, his excuse being ’’ my cousin is heartbroken, I need to be there for her.’’ Which obviously isn’t true because he’s busy teasing and staring at me, I don’t know what I’m doing or feeling anymore. Why am I just accepting and not just kicking him out? Why am I responding to his jokes? Why do I sometimes sit around and think about his smile, his jokes, his laugh, his everything? I guess I’m only doing it to help my friend? But no, she’s fine now and she doesn’t need any help from him since I’m here with her. I’ve been asking myself these questions the past few weeks and I’ve not found an answer yet.

We’re currently in a bookstore with Y7bff/n’s and Jungkook’s parents. Their parents dragged the both of them out and obviously, my kind friend decided that they wouldn’t leave without me to this awesome party. So here we are, listening to Y/bff/n’s dad explaining about the books, how he has always liked them because they tell different yet similar stories.

I’m in a corner, hidden away from the others as I’m reading a book about love. It’s talking about how you’ll find yourself in love with someone you’ve never even thought of, the love might end up badly and only scars remain instead of that love, the words left unsaid, the happiness you once had because of one person turning into something you resent. You begin to feel lonely, and bitter, sad and then you come to a point where you feel nothing at all, that’s when you know it’s the end. I continue reading the book until I read something that made me stop. My mind goes blank for a second as I take a deep breath, my eyes never leaving the words as they begin to water and my brain works at full speed to remind me.

‘’Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable – Sydney J. Harris’’

My phone rings, bringing me out of my darkness.


‘’What are you doing there?’’

‘’Excuse me?, Who is this?’’

‘’It’s me’’ I recognized the voice, a small smile on my lips appears.

‘’Hello Mr. Me can I help you?’’ I say sarcastically.

‘’Wow straight to the point, well yeah I’ve been telling you to go on a date with me haven’t I?’’

‘’When are you going to stop?’’ I say and return the book to it’s place.

‘’ Never baby, you know, you should look behind you’’ I do as he said, turning to look behind me, I find him there leaning on the wall. The slight smile on his face quickly disappearing and being replaced by a shocked and worried expression as he walks over to engulf me in a hug. He held me in his arms, his chin on my head and his hands carefully placed around me as if I’ll break. I’m surrounded by his cologne and his smell, the warmth from his hug making me feel safe and protected, making me forget about everything, my focus solely on him, like we’re alone.

‘’It’s okay to cry, but make sure to only do it when I’m there’’

‘’Who is crying?’’

‘’You are’’ he says and looks at me and wipes my tears carefully as he holds my head in his hands ever so softly as if I’m the most fragile thing in this world. My heart starts beating, and I find myself speechless at the way his eyes twinkle. I avoid him, stepping back coldly, refusing to let him in my world. I look at his eyes once more, seeing his pained expression made me feel like I’ve done him incredibly wrong.

‘’Jungkook, you shouldn’t do this, give up’’

‘’I told you earlier now didn’t I? I’m not giving up, why can’t you just give me a chance to show you?’’

‘’Show me what? I don’t need you to show me anything, I’m perfectly fine and independent without you so tell me, why should I?’’

‘’Because I know you have a lot of stories that you’ve been keeping to yourself, I know that your smile is only a mask that you put on. I also know that I don’t want to regret never getting the chance to be in your life, I want you to open up to me, I want you to cry on my shoulders and not alone. I want to be there for you and I promise that I’ll do whatever I can to keep you happy’’

Seeing the sincerity and love in his eyes made me want to give my everything to him. I really want to hug him and tell him that I’m his but I can’t, knowing that the only thing I have is darkness.


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I finally got my computer back!! Tell me what you think noodles

Previous parts:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5(You’re Here)

According to Plan

3. “I wanted to surprise you for our anniversary, but everything that could’ve went wrong, went wrong.”

Baekhyun licks his dry lips as he nervously double-checks all the preparations.

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two months | michael gray

Jesus Michael is a clueless bastard. Can you maybe possibly do one where the reader from the “other woman” moves on kinda and Michael finally gets that she’s serious about moving on and he finds he’s NOT ok with that and then Charlotte turns out to be pregnant and Michael tried to explain it to YN that charlottes not keeping it and YN is sickly pleased about it and even says she hopes she bleeds out and dies? And michaels a little turned on????!

part one - the other woman. part two - the next morning

send requests here

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Dating Jungkook

Would include:

- *shy kook running away*

- him being really really REALLY shy at first

- not because you’re a girl but because it’s you and hes not sure how to act around you

- you being at first the one whos taking an initiative

- you trying to flirt but unsuccessfully

- him trying to flirt but unsuccessfully

- him slowly opening up to you

- you would know when hes fully open by his dumbest meme face right in front of yours rly

- him exchanging his contacts with you

- him never messaging to you

- you being the first to text him something 

- him being the type of person who reads your message but because hes just thinking too much he would think rly too much and answer you just after 10 hours with simple “hi”

- him always overthinking about everything

- him just wanting to go outside with you and members but they ship you two too hard so you are unexpectedly alone 

- strange atmosphere disappearing after some dumb thing what one of you does or says

- nerdy convos

- convos about movies series animes  

- you changing into nerd if you werent one before and falling in love with things which he loves

- you falling in love with jungkook in speed of 0,0000000000001 if you already were nerd as him

- first date would literally be just walking and talking about things what you two love

- this kind of dates when youre just together and enjoying each others presence

- movie dates

- sporty dates

- like rly so much sports

- him always being behind you when youre sporting just to see your ass

- sometimes he would unexpectadly touch it and you r like ??? ¿ ¿ ¿???

- “i just… i think you had mud there… yeah… ye”

- you actually doing the same bcs  you just need to have that holy view in front of you

- you always touching his thighs when you can

- him flexing his thigh muscles while youre touching him with some meme faces

- you being always jealous bcs whenever wherever you are going everyone knows him and so many girls wants to have a selca with him 

- you being understanding girlfriend but inside a bitch which is possessive af

- you always showing to your rivals that hes yours and you are always having that look on your face “DONT FUCKING TOUCH OKAY??? ^^”

- him having fun while youre like this

- him really liking it

- him being actually the same overprotective smug guy when its about you

- him really hating to see any possible guy around you

- “i know that hes your friend but… how many times a guy best friend in reality just wanted to date the girl huh?”

- his bunny teeth

- wrinkles around his eyes when he smiles

- bright big smiles

- his cute boyish giggling

- his cute dorky gigling while hes doing something strange

- you being always an offended potato bcs damn his smile is so beautiful why is he emo all the time just why

- him trying to cook for you something

- him always serving you some ramyun or cola with pizza from nearest pizzeria

- him coming home very late at night

- you being always worried for his health but proud nearly as mum bcs you love your boy so much

- him showering at home but then going to practise some more

- you quietly listening to his voice at night while hes covering his favourite songs

- you preparing for him tea with honey and leaving it next to door like some special kooks secret pixie 

- him kissing you on head when youre already sleeping with quiet thanks

- him singing you lullabies when he thinks that you cant hear him

- you waking up sooner then him just to prepare for him his favourite breakfast

- you always realizing that you woke up just too early and going to sleep again

- him being always late so he never eats your breakfast

- him realizing that only when hes on his way

- “im sorry i didnt eat the breakfast you made for me, but you can leave it for later… we can eat it together… if you want” 

- him being very observant about your mood

- sometimes you two lying on bed questioning life and being bored af just doing some strange noises

- like when youre bored you can expect from him anything

- “yoooooooooooooooooo.. hgdfjguzgZTDTDRgviughluiGHZgbGZGgzgzzuigkjh”

- you speaking with each other in your own language

- him being observant when you’re sad he would just sit near you and wait until you will tell him everything

- him becoming touchy just after some time so expect a lot of touches on your butt its like guaranteed

- backhugging you when you need it the most

- backhugging you when he needs it the most

- backhugging you just because he loves it just the same as you

- there would be just so many unexpected hugs

- you would be just standing somewhere and he would run to you hug you and run away

- sometimes even lifting you up when hugs 

- you tickling him when he does that so you both end up rolling on the floor and playing with each other

- but it wouldnt be the cute scene from some movie no no

- your playing is 3 WW, its Tekken, its Mortal Combat, its the battle for your honour and respect

-  you would fight sometimes so hard that you will break a few a lot things at home but then just laugh at it and continue to fight

- everything what you will do together would be like some challange

- him looking at you very often like challanging for something like even in who will blink more times in one minute

- you sometimes wanting to beat him

- him suddenly changing your playing into some make out sesion

- him lifting you up and caring in the middle of the room while kissing just to make you feel his muscles

- collar bone kisses

- jaw line kisses

- you kissing his nose and telling how pretty it is bcs you knows that hes kinda struggeling with it

- long kissing until youre out of breath

- him sometimes giggling in the middle of this make out session because your touch is just too tickling for him

- your make out session changing back into some fight again

- you sometimes dont understand if you are more friends or lovers

- him making you forget about such thoughts with single touch on your waist or word into your ear

- “im still just a boy but… for you i want to be a man okay”

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Flashback or not?

It has been suggested that the scene of Luci and Amenadiel in the Corvette takes place after Luci returns to LA in S3 and the fact that the vanity plate isn’t there is because the car was towed away and sold to the highest bidder and that the buyer had to get new plates. As the devil is in the details, let’s take a closer look at a couple of them, registration tag stickers and dates.

Most countries have a way to make sure you’ve paid taxes and insurance on your car. To make it easier for the police to see if you have or not, many issue a sticker that you need to attach to your car. In California, these tag stickers have different colors depending on which year they expire and the colors come back every 5 years. The colors are as follows: 

  • red 2011, 2016
  • green 2012, 2017   
  • orange 2013, 2018
  • blue 2014, 2019
  • yellow 2015, 2020

We know Luci came to earth in 2011 and that it is 2016 when the show starts. We get to see the Corvette and its vanity plates in the opening scene of the pilot, but also in episode 202. The first tag is yellow and expired so perhaps the actual reason Luci was stopped by the police and not speeding? The second one looks orange to me but is probably red. But the one we see on the Corvette in the Sizzle Reel is actually green. So that tag would expire either in 2012, 2017 or 2022. 2012 makes perfect sense to me as that would be what a tag on a car bought in 2011 would say. So could it be a sticker for 2017?

To answer that, we need to take a look at dates. Even if Halloween is the only date actually mentioned in the show, there are other ways of showing when things take place, like the date on the top of a newspaper, a visitor’s tag, or even God Johnson’s admission papers. These give us a rough timeline and puts the events with God Johnson in May of 2017. That means that the car would have been sold in 2017 with new plates and that the new owner would have paid taxes until 2018, getting an orange sticker. 

So either the Corvette scene is a flashback, or Luci has been gone for at least 4 years, making it 2021-2022. I know what I would put my money on.

Africa, By Toto

Could you please do a Scott McCall imagine where they both quite obviously like each other but neither of them realize it until the pack steps in to get them together.

Warnings: Slight swearing, Use of the song Africa by Toto, random silliness because i’m not down for that ‘I’m a girl so I cry a lot’ like some other fanfics, no I’m going to sing my guts out and eat some damn cookie dough cuz thats real life yo. Also Fluff, cuz yeah.

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The definition of home (2/2)

AN: …I know Mari’s birthday is long over, but here is part two! I am sorry and will now hide in shame. Also, hightly unedited, so there are bound to be mistakes. Enjoy~

Pairing: KanaMari
Link Part 1

School is long over when Kanan and Mari are on their way back to Awashima Island, Mari’s arms full with presents and sweets. Aqours had organized a small birthday party in their clubroom - cake, decorations, everything included.

“So, you’ll head to the hotel for now?” Kanan asks, breaking the silence as they step off of the ferry.

“My parents are here, of course I will.” Mari chuckles, watching Kanan with a little mischief in her eyes. “Are you sad that I’ll probably not stay at your place tonight?”

The blush that creeps onto Kanan’s cheek is everything Mari needs to know and Mari starts laughing.

“Oh Kanan. You know I will come back. Though I am sad I won’t be able to say ‘Thank you’ to your grandpa.”

Stopping at the intersection where they usually part whenever Mari walks back to the hotel, the birthday girl looks longingly to where the diving shop is located. Kanan catches that, smiling.

“He won’t mind, don’t worry.” Kanan takes some of the stuff Mari is carrying. “I’ll take that. Since you’ll drop by again it doesn’t matter where all this stuff will end up.” With a smile, Kanan steps forward, kissing Mari once. It’s sweet and it’s short, but never unwelcome. “Go, spend some time with your parents.”

Mari smiles, eyes closed as she enjoys Kanan’s presence.

“Mhm, I will. I’ll see you later.”

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Request: #4 “I’m too sober for this.”, #24 “It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.”, and #28 “How drunk was I?”

A/N: This was fun to write :) Feel free to send in more!!

Barry knew Y/N was on a date, as much as it danced on his jealously nerve. It was his own fault, that she was on a date with the guy that had used the way too corny pick-up line at Jitters. It was his own fault because he had been holding off for weeks to ask her out. A small smile broke across his face though when he received a text from her about an hour after the date had started:

Y/N: I am too sober for this

Barry: lol, that bad, huh?

Y/N: omg…he’s called me girl and/or sweet thang at least five times

Barry: ouch…

Y/N: I honestly don’t think he remembers my name

Barry: want me to run by and save the day?

Y/N: lol, stand down Flash…I think I can suffer through dessert

Barry: alright…if you say so. I’ll stay up just in case

Y/N: :)

And that’s what he does. Barry eventually falls asleep about midnight, not having heard from her. He goes to bed, sending Y/N one last text but not receiving anything in reply. He falls into an uneasy sleep this time. A crashing from downstairs suddenly wakes him. He listens for a second, hearing another crash; it was six in the morning according to his alarm clock. It may be Joe, getting up for work…but another crash sends him speeding downstairs to the kitchen.

“Y/N…what are you-“ he says, flipping on the light, finding his friend standing on the counter. She looks back at him, a shocked look on her face as her eyes adjust to the light. Barry sees her starting to fall backwards before she even realizes she’s falling.

“Woah!” she says, her words slurring as Barry sets her on her feet. Barry peers at her…was she drunk? How could she be drunk at six in the morning. “That was super fast!” Her eyes widen as she looks up at Barry. They were glassy, evident of the heavy drinking she must have been doing. She looks around the kitchen, as if to see if they were alone before lowering her voice to a whisper. “Are you…the Flash?!?”

“You know I am,” Barry says, still slightly confused as to what was going on. The situation becomes slightly clearer when he spots the handle of vodka in her hand. “Y/N…what are you doing-“

“Dude,” she says, stepping back. Barry was stunned into shock. He had never seen her like this; she had to be beyond drunk. He takes in her appearance as she walks back over to the cabinets, reaching up for something in a different cabinet than before. Y/N was wearing what he would image she would wear on a date, except now it looked worn and slightly dirty. She continues to talk, her words slurring as she gets a glass down and sets it noisily on the counter. “Did you know that all of the stores that sell alcohol in this town shut down at like four a.m.? And then the like, really skeevy twenty four hour ones won’t sell to you if you’re drunk…which I totally-“ Barry grabs the handle of vodka out of her hand as she starts pouring some of it into a glass. “What the hell dude!?”

“First of all, when did you start saying ‘dude’?” Barry says. He speeds away and back, hiding the bottle of vodka and all the other alcohol in the house in his room for the time being. Y/N starts to protest, once she realizes what Barry had done. “And second…it’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.”

Y/N’s brow furrows as she juts her bottom lip out. “I thought you were my friend-“

“Yeah, and I thought you were on a date,” Barry says. He walks past her, grabbing the glass and dumping it out to pour her a glass of water. “What are you doing drunk?”

Letting out a groan, Y/N over-dramatically rolls her eyes, sitting down on a bar stool. “I told you…that guy was horrible-“

“That still doesn’t mean that you could run off and get drunk-“

“Oh my god,” she says, letting out another groan. “I got drunk because I wanted to be drunk Barry. I wanted to be drunk because I was having a really bad night. I was having a really bad night because the guy I was on a date with—who was horrible by the way, don’t know if I mentioned that—was not the guy I wanted to be on a date with.”

Barry’s eyes widen a fraction. Could she be talking about him? A small part of him said she was…but another part of him knew it would be wrong to coax the answer out of her when she was in the state she was in. “Come on…you need to get to bed…sleep this off…” He places a hand between her shoulder blades, guiding her out of the kitchen and upstairs. They pass by Joe in the hallway; Barry just shakes his head at Joe, silently telling him he’d explain later as Y/N covered her mouth, trying to hid her schoolgirl-like giggles. Eventually, Barry gets Y/N settled in his bed, giving her a t-shirt and sleep pants to wear. At her insistence, Barry had sat by her in the bed as she fell asleep, the early morning sunshine starting to peek through his window.

“Barry?” he hears Y/N say, sleep thick in her voice. Barry looks down at her; she looked asleep. He waits for her to speak again, thinking maybe she was just talking in her sleep. Suddenly, she takes one of her hands and grabs onto Barry’s. “I wish it was you I was on the date with.”

That night, Y/N stumbles down the stairs of the West house, rubbing at her eyes, her head pounding with the hangover she so richly deserved. “Morning sleeping beauty,” she hears Joe’s deep voice say.

“Shhhh,” she says, waving a hand in front of herself. “Too loud Joe…too loud…”

“Like you weren’t too loud banging round my kitchen at six in the morning looking for booze?” Joe says.

Y/N lets out a groan as Joe, Barry, and Iris each chuckle at her. “Oh god…” she says. She runs a hand through her air as she sits down on the couch between Joe and Barry. Y/N looks around at the family. It looked like they had just gotten done eating dinner. She lets out another groan, rubbing her eyes with the back of her hands. “I am so sorry Joe…how drunk was I?”

Barry shakes head, chuckling as he wraps an arm around Y/N’s shoulders. He knew that she didn’t remember a thing from the night…or rather morning before. He also knew, though, that he wasn’t going to waste any more time. He’d wait for her hangover to pass…but he was done waiting his turn. “Well…” Barry says, a smirk growing on his face. “I did find you on top the counter trying to steal our vodka…”

@winterandmistletoe requested “Future/Fluff/Gun Amaya and Len (+Sara+Mick even better)))”

All Ages, Mixen and Captain Canary with a healthy dose of friendship tossed in all around. Parts of it got more serious than intended, but it’s still fluff and optimistic!

As always, also on AO3.

Amaya’s still not always sure what to think about Leonard Snart. The version of him she met briefly was decidedly not someone she wanted to associate with, but Mick insists that the one back on the team for a while now, the one who died to save them, is nothing like who he was back then.

She trusts Mick, which makes it possible to learn to trust Leonard, despite a past including altered timelines that none of them fully remember.

Sara helps, too, if less directly. For the first week Leonard is back, the two of them just watch each other carefully. It reminds Amaya of animals who won’t quite approach each other, simultaneously recognizing potential risks and potential rewards. Then something gives, and Sara and Leonard are inseparable.

Mick won’t tell her exactly what happened, not even when he and Amaya manage to get some time alone in one of their rooms. Not that it’s surprising, really; Mick’s not a big talker. What he does say matters to her, though, whether it’s to the whole team or words reserved only for her, shared while she trails careful fingertips over deep scars.

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