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Shownu’s Birthday Countdown: The ABCs of Shownu

➥ Day 26 - A is for Arms

Cause and Effect [Tim Drake, Bruce Wayne]

Because I have been thinking about Tim coming ‘back to life’ for six months and after this post I had to finally write out what I have been thinking. I worked on this for a pretty long time and am very happy so. Please enjoy.

Tim’s lungs burn. He’s not sure if it’s from the fight or the feel of breathing in real air for the first time in…he doesn’t know. There was never a way to keep count of time beyond the growth of his hair. It is longer now, enough to be in his eyes, enough so when the wind picks up on the skyscrapers of Gotham it whips along with it.

He is trying hard to breathe. He is panting. His body aches, limbs heavy from gravity alone with bruises swelling under his too-hot uniform, with cuts slashed out making his skin sing with pain. Much of the fabric is stained dark with blood, his gloves are slick with it. His entire body is shaking.

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i love looking at strangers because i really do believe there is something beautiful physically on everyone. every person has a striking feature and i fully believe that embracing the traits that make us unique only makes a person more appealing. i love strong noses, wrinkles, crooked smiles, birth marks, moles, scars, dark brows and everything that makes a person who they are. beauty is so diverse and subjective and thats what i love about it.

there has been so many incidents the past few days, it’s scary how unsafe the world we are living in is right now…

i hope all of you stay safe. be vigilant of your surroundings at all times. help people who are in need. support each other.

please be safe. my prayers are all with you.


I would bet five whole dollars that they start the first episode next season with Oliver being being mayor/dad/green arrow and then they slowly add in everyone else throughout the episode - like Thea picks Will up from school, Quentin calls for something, Digg calls from the lake where the poor man deserves to be with little Sara, I mean JJ (still a little bitter) AND THEN THEY WAIT UNTIL THE FREAKING END OF THE EPISODE TO HAVE OLIVER AND WILL WALK IN TO FELICITY BURNING SOMETHING IN THEIR KITCHEN IN THE LOFT. 😱😱😱