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Omg I can't decide so pick the one that calls to you. # 9,13 or 37. With sherlolly ship please

9. meeting online au

“It’s not working, Tom,” Molly said from her position on what was formerly their shared bed, hugging her knees to her chest, “we both know that. We’re just delaying the inevitable.”

Tom ignored her, continuing to throw his things into his bag, not that he had much – some spare clothes, a toothbrush, maybe a comb? He had grown to love his girlfriend’s home more than his own, even if her cat didn’t share his enthusiasm. He packed slowly, determined to drag this out for as long as he could, until she changed her mind. This wasn’t her mind, he was sure of it. Her friends had gotten into her head, talked her out of it.


He smiled triumphantly; he nearly always turned out to be correct.

“Can I have the key back?”

Tom dug the key from his pocket and, in a moment of outrage, threw it against the wall which caused Toby to flee in panic. He zipped up his bag and stormed out, vowing to never waste another moment thinking about her. Molly waited for the front door to slam behind her ex before breathing a sigh of relief and throwing away her covers, reaching for the laptop beside her. She flipped the lid, her fingers speedily opening her messenger icon. A new message awaited her and Molly settled comfortably against her pillows.


How did it go?

Molly breathed deeply, pondering her words carefully; oh, her internet chum knew all about her relationship troubles and had been reluctantly dishing out advice ever since they’d accidentally met in a chatroom some four months ago. He’d been looking for someone to help with work, she to vent; between them, they’d come to an odd sort of friendship. Not many people would be very accepting of others who wanted to share crime scene photos and autopsy reports. Molly later learned to her amusement he’d asked at least five other people before finding her, resulting in his suspension from other sites.

Molly flexed her fingers, choosing to be honest with him.


About as well as you can expect. He left, which is something.

Molly watched the screen, noticing the ‘offline’ display beside his handle; she debated closing her laptop and returning to the conversation later. Only seconds later, offline switched to online and a new message followed.


I suppose I’m wasting my time telling you you’re better off without him.

Molly smiled sadly, already typing her reply.


It doesn’t really matter. I always do this. I ruin every relationship I ever have. Just you wait.

Molly stared at the last three words, chewing her lip as she argued whether or not to send the message. She didn’t want him to take it the wrong way, scare him off.

Incoming Skype call…

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Some Freezy Pop shots from the episode ;D


Why does this scene look so familiar….




Oh how the tables have turned.

affordableautographs: Here’s my boy, now considered a man JOSH HUTCHERSON. I made a post recently about knowing Chloe Grace Moretz since she was very young, I’ve also known Josh just as long. I’m pretty sure that the first time I met him was at the Kicking & Screaming premiere back in 2005. It’s amazing how fast the years have gone by. One of the reasons I love my job is to see actors and actresses grow up and flourish in their careers. Josh has definitely done that, and more importantly he hasn’t changed a bit. He has still to this day been one of the nicest young starlets I’ve ever met, after all this time he continues to remember me and support me. Out of all the kids I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Josh is one the top few that I am most proud of. I’m looking forward to watching his future movies or tv shows and see him become even more successful. 

Happily - Dick Grayson

You were certain that today was the best day of your life, sat beside you was your husband, Dick Grayson, the light of your life. A tingly sensation passes through you as you lovingly note his features in the lighting of the rented luxury car, the former boy wonder notices your gaze and grins when he catches your eye.

The flush that takes over your skin causes his grin to widen, “I’m so glad to call you my wife.” He gushes, pulling you closer to his tux-clad body, “I’m so glad to call you my husband.” You mimic, giggling at how corny you both sounded. An arm is around your shoulders as you sit in a pleasant silence quietly, reminiscing on the events that took place earlier on in the day, which would be deemed the best day of your life.

You found it difficult to believe that here you were in Tuscany, Italy beside your new husband on your way to your villa, the only thing you thought to be the most expected was the aching of your feet after wearing the impossibly high white heels. Finally arriving at the beautiful property you still couldn’t believe you would be living at for two weeks.

Dick helps you out of the car, hand held out for yours when he bringing you into his arms and lifting you up, bridal style. He grins before pressing a gentle kiss to your lips taking his time to lead you both into the villa, you were nestled into his arms as he drops on the master bed, squealing in delight as he released you. “Dick!” You laugh, he jumps on top of you encasing you in his arms, the goofy grin he wears makes him all the more handsome in the soft light filtering into your room.  

“So, sweetheart…” He wiggles his eyebrows, making a giggle escape you, “I have a few ideas on how to start our honeymoon. What do you say?” He suggests, a cheeky grin replacing the goofy grin he was wearing only moments ago. You smile, “Let’s hear some of these ideas, babe.” Dick presses his soft lips to yours in a gentle manner, a hand coming up to cup your cheek in an attempt to deepen the passionate kiss. He pulls away, but not before noticing you breathing heavily and your flushed cheeks, “Well all of them involve getting undressed.” The flush deepens on your cheeks at his proposal, he wanted to have sex. “Okay, just let me go get undressed.” You rush into the bathroom after planting another kiss on his lips clumsily.

You stood in the bathroom, heart stuttering in your chest as the thought, you were finally going to lose your virginity. You both talked about it and made a promise to make love to each to each other for the first time after you were married. Here you were, married and about to lose your virginity, the day you had anticipated for a while. You carefully step out of your wedding dress, now just in your white lingerie. You stare at your reflection in the large mirror, looking over yourself just to make sure you looked fine. 

Meanwhile, Dick had prepared the room as quickly as he could, lighting all the candles and littering the room with red rose petals, he wanted this to be the most romantic and special night of your life. Finally done, he goes to take off his blazer and sets it aside, loosening his tie as well. He hears the crack of the bathroom of the door open and he looks up, his mouth opens in amazement. You walked out, standing in the middle of the newly decorated room, wearing nothing but your lingerie. Dick opens his mouth to say something but nothing comes out, he wasn’t sure if this was a dream or not with how breathtaking you looked, his wife!

The dreamy smile present on his face never disappears as he brings you into his arms and pressing the softest kiss on your lips. “You sure you want to do this, sweetheart?” He asks gently, his hands cupping your flushed cheeks, the attention he was giving you making your stomach fill with butterflies. You nod, a smile tugging at your lips as you watch his eyes light up.

He guides you over to the bed, tenderly bringing you into another passionate kiss before softly pushing you onto the bed. A broken gasp escapes you as he tangles his fingers into your hair, “You are breathtaking,” He mumbles against your lips, his other hand coming down from your hair and resting on your chest. “I love you.” You whine out as he presses himself against you, he smiles before pulling away from your body completely.

“I love you too, now let me show you just how much.” He smirks, ridding himself of the rest of his clothing, before making his way towards you. You definitely considered that night to be the best night of your life. 

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What if...William theory

What if William was not the baby the Van De Kamp’s received and raised? I know he looked similar but at the end of the ‘William’ episode, the mobile over his crib doesn’t move. Could that have been a pointer?

Perhaps the real William was indeed raised by Reyes or Doggett or another trusted source? 

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i think we need a list of reasons we love charlotte after that cas list 😭😭😫😫


Reasons to love @casthegrumpy​:

  1. Keeps the same url and icon year round
  2. Has a tagging system
  3. Killer sense of humor, dry and salty, almost like beef jerky, absolutely hysterical
  4. One time put my art in the background of her blog, which made me really happy
  6. Sometimes writes fic, is good at it
  7. Loves Castiel and Misha and Jensen and Dean and
  8. Woke
  9. Did I mention that she’s hilarious
  10. So funny
  11. Is actually super nice, I love her so much