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Spending time with you showed me what I’ve been missing in my life. The more time we spent together, the more I could imagine it lasting in the future. That’s never happened to me before, and I’m not sure it’ll ever happen again. I’ve never been in love with anyone before you came along — not real love anyway…not like this. And I’d be a fool if I let you slip away without a fight.
—  Nicholas Sparks, The Choice

This doesn’t start out this way, but this post is about Mon-hell.

Look, we don’t accept the “that’s just how I was raised” excuse for people in real life, okay? At least I don’t. Last year my friend made a comment about how this one kid’s parents didn’t like her being playground boyfriend/girlfriend with a black boy (she was a white girl) and I went, “Oohh so the parents are racists?” She got offended and said, “No, that’s not racist. I don’t approve of that either but I’m not racist. It’s just the way I was raised.”

… BITCH THEN YOU WERE RAISED RACIST! It’s not a fucking excuse. And you don’t get to decide what’s racist and what’s not if you’re white. So why the hell would you excuse Mon-ew of all his behavior “just because that’s how he was raised.” Being raised a certain way in no way excuses you of anything. You still have free will. It’s like when people try to throw the argument out there that, “Well not ALL white people owned slaves. Most didn’t.” Yeah? Well the majority of them didn’t do a damn thing to stop the practice and probably would have owned them if they could have afforded to. Even if they didn’t agree with it, if they didn’t stand up against it, they were fucking enablers. If we all lived by “how we were raised,” no progress would ever be made. Mon-hell could have stood up against slavery. When something is wrong, it doesn’t sit right with good people. Whether it’s how you’re raised or not. I grew up with a family that was pretty racist. But from an early age, none of it sat right with me AT ALL. So I questioned it and shunned all of that kind of thinking. And I called out my family on their behavior and I go out of my way to be the best white ally I can. I try to help change things for the better. It didn’t matter that everyone around me thought it was okay. I knew that it wasn’t.

So no, Mon being raised on Daxam where slavery and misogyny were customary does not excuse him from his behavior. Those things are wrong regardless of the society… and a good person would know that and fight against it anyway, no matter how they were raised. 

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How do you have so many interesting experiences with the Stars. I'm so jealous like I've been a fan my whole life and your stories just...how are they real?? How do you casually talk to players and make friends with fans?? Is it just a talent you have? Skill?? I must learn. I need pointers. I'm an awkward potato.

It took me a while to figure out my life because of this. You’re so right that I have crazy stories and honestly I don’t know how half of them come to be. I can tell you that if I was alone, like I used to go to practices alone, 98% of what happens wouldn’t. I’ve gotten compliments on my confidence and how I can be casual with the players and in all honesty, it is my friends. They’ve created this safe environment where I know (oh god or I hope) they like and encourage my nonsense to a point where it doesn’t have to just be in my head and I can at on it. And it’s not just my crew, it’s my followers too. They honestly enjoy and encourage that nonsense.I really hope that makes sense. I am still shocked when I walk away and just ask myself “is this my life? Do I really just get to talk to Radek Faksa about chicken nuggets?”
If anyone of y'all knew me 6 months ago, y'all would be shocked. I was quiet and kept to myself and just content with being angry at cute boys on knife shoes from my house. And in other aspects of my life, I’m still working on that.
But the players that come out to sign for the fans are doing it because they genuinely enjoy and appreciate them and want to give the fans an opportunity. 99% of the time when they come out, they’re in a good mood (or else they wouldn’t come out) and if I can shake it up from the usual routine for them instead of taking another picture or autograph, I will. I think they appreciate it, I treat them as another human, not as some legendary sports icon that’s on a pedestal, because that’s what they are. They’re a handful of misfits, dorks and children playing a game for a living, but most of all they’re real people, ya know they have lives and senses of humor. I’m getting rant-y here so I’ll wrap it up…if you want to talk to someone, go talk to them-wether it is a fan or player. I think it’s easier to talk to one of the players vs a stranger because at least the players, I know things about them going in. If you don’t know anything, ask them about their day, how was practice. One thing I rely on is what they have posted on Instagram. If they recently did something and posted about it, it was obviously a nice time for them, so talk to them about it, ask anything. Some people will be up to talk and some won’t, I have yet to have anyone walk away from me (mostly bc this is a team of good beans). Be yourself. You can be nervous (true story while I’m waiting in the hall, planning what I’ll say to the guys, my stomach hurts and a lot of the times have to lay down and really try not to get sick) but use that energy to propel you into your conversation. Be nervous, just don’t be afraid. My favorite quote is from Gavin de Becker in his book “The Gift of Fear”: “Rule #1. The very fact you fear something is solid evidence that it is not happening” so chill out and just do whatever you want.
Hope this wasn’t too rant-y and boring but just have fun dude. And I can’t even believe I can say that, but it works. Do something before you can talk yourself out of it *mic drop*

i can’t believe i swore i was done with this hell of a show like literally two seconds ago and then the news broke and i sold my soul again

just like that

one headline and i’m back

Katie McGrath everybody. this is what she does to people

OH MY GOD WHAT SHOW ARE ANTIS WATCHING? HOW IS KARAMEL ABUSIVE? HOW IS HE MANIPULATING HER? I’m genuinely disgusted by all the ignorance from them. I have witnessed what an abusive couple looks like in real life, in my own family. And karamel ain’t one of them. Please stop. I get that you don’t like him but there is a line you should never cross and that is the one that keeps you from talking about issues you don’t actually know shit about. ALL BECAUSE OF A FUCKING FICTIONAL CHARACTER/COUPLE YOU DON’T LIKE? FIND YOUR CHILL.

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Sirius as a dog also looked pretty wolf-ish, made sense to distinguish them visually for when they fight... Also, with regards to special effects, it's easier to make a convincing monster that looks unrecognizable in the real world than to make a convincing computer-animated form that is easily recognizable to us in real life. like you don't look at the movie werewolf and go "That looks nothing like the real thing!" ... Also that creature design is unforgettable in my opinion! what a movie...

Yeah, I like it a lot. @bowtruckle also brought up the distinguishing bit, which is something that makes a lot of sense on screen. That whole scene will be in my heart forever, it’s so classic-monster-horror-movie, it’s even suddenly grainier. I think the creepy design fits right in.

Also, that thing is on the screen for like 30 seconds before it ran into the woods, why is it so much of a problem that it didn’t have enough hair or something

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I need some Poseidon interacting or really being in nonbinary Percy's life ,w,

yes!!!! idea; idk if anyone has heard of the trans dude that poseidon abducted in myth, but headcanon that ever since that happened, he’s tried to learn more and more about trans issues and identities. percy expects him to be confused, at first, like sally was (though sally was supportive all the way) or worse, cruel and abusive like fugliano. but he’s neither. poseidon just nods and is like “you dont have to explain, i know what that means, my child. do you want to go by another name?” and percy just blinks real fast and is like “nah, percy is good. not into perseus though. might drop the, uh, the end part.” and poseidon nods, just accepting it as is, and percy almost bursts out into laughter at how surprised they are.

another idea; a lot of the people in poseidon’s kingdom are neither male nor female so percy goes to chill with their dad and his subjects. they swim around, having a genuinely good time, because instead of asking them why theyre wearing a skirt or why their nails have lil fishies on them, the other folk all poke at their legs like “so fleshy!!! where are your scales, child of poseidon?” and percy laughs every time. “on the inside” they assure the people. “dont worry, just a demigod trait.” and they always believe percy and percy loves it so much.

just….. percy being happy. more happy percy content, yes please. - mod will

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What if you didn't had your ability

…If I didn’t have my ability? Maybe I could have had a better life. Maybe I could have had my mommy and daddy still…Maybe I could have avoided torture. Maybe I wouldn’t have been imprisoned since I was a child. Maybe I could have made real friends that liked me on their own. Maybe I could have gone outside more and saw how pretty and accepting the world could be so I didn’t have to spend a majority of my life hating it. Maybe…Just maybe I could have been a good kid.


Cause I’m deep in my Bellarke Fam feels today!

Honestly you’re all bendiciones in my life! From every single one of my mutuals, to people who just send anon messages to spread some light and happiness, all of you are so dear to me.

This past weekend I went to Melbs for a quick weekend trip and met @aarya @fairytalesandbrokencrowns and @rayven-rayes not one of my interactions with these eloveky ladies was awkward. It was like coming home to friends you haven’t seen in a while, so incredibly easy and also a bit overwhelming.

So basically what I’m saying is we have an amazing community going on here. Cherish and love one another and if you can go put and meet each other. There’s nothing like giving that person who males you smile a hug in real life.

Los quiero tanto amorcitos

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What made you decide to follow Jesus?

I think simply because I realized I couldn’t “do” life on my own. I’ve really struggled with self-harm and destructive thoughts as well as depression and anxiety. God led me through all of that and was the only reason I made it through. Part of me always knew that God was real but I never felt like I could be good enough for His love and grace. When I realized it wasn’t about what I do or what I don’t do, I was able to begin to give up my life to him and it’s been the best decision. I obviously am far from perfect but when I think about life and life choices, I can’t picture a better one than one that is dedicated to Jesus. 

A quick apology

I want to formally apologize to my followers for not having posted anything of mine for the past two days. I’m sincerely sorry. Without wanting to go into too much detail I just want to say that I had quite big troubles at home and couldn’t find the muse, time nor energy to write as much as I’d like to.This isn’t some sob story blog and frankly I don’t think anyone cares what’s going on in my real life right now, so I won’t go into further detail than that.

The only reason I’m even mentioning it is because I feel like I owe you guys some sort of explanation. I haven’t established that big and loyal of a readership yet, so frankly I don’t feel like I can allow myself to slack of that way. Again, I’m really sorry. I promise I haven’t been completely lazy though. I’ve been writing up quite a long request that I’ll hopefully manage to finish by tomorrow as well as some WIP’s I’ve prepared quite a while ago.

Even if I don’t answer any requests my ask box is always open for any request you’d like to send it. I also want to let you guys know that I have some really interesting requests lined up, some of them I’m really excited to tackle too! Again, I’m horribly sorry nothing original of mine has been posted for two/three days, but I really promise to try my best to post the request I’ve been working on my tomorrow. I was really excited for it.


Hold the FUCK UP, son!

You tryin’ to sneak a MYERS BRIGGS TEST up in this fuckin management MEETING right now?

What, you learn about this in your INTRO TO LEADERSHIP CLASS from 1992?

HOLD THE DAMN PHONE; I SEE it don’t actually SAY Myers Briggs anywhere on this photocopy you handing out. Now I KNOW that shits COPYRIGHTED which means you too cheap to get the REAL DEAL; but I ain’t gonna call you OUT on your CHEAPNESS in front of my management CONTEMPORARIES.


You still EXPLAINING everything like it’s OUR FIRST DAY AND ALL, let me help you OUT.

You can put your INTJs, and your ESPNs and file them right next to my DGAFs.

This shit IS PLAYED OUT.

What you asking for next, my HOGWARTS HOUSE?


This MYERS BRIGGS shit ain’t the REAL DEAL you be thinking it is. It’s one step up from some HOROSCOPE shit. Personalities are COMPLEX and FLUID depending upon the SITUATION. Trying to SQUEEZE them down into 4 sub-groups does LITTLE but reinforce PRECONCEIVED notions about SOCIAL INTERACTIONS.

How about instead of this TIRED GAME you spend a few minutes having MEANINGFUL DISCUSSIONS WITH YOUR PEEPS about the trials and successes they go through EVERYDAY? Get to KNOW THEM on a personal level to better build a unique PROFESSIONAL ACTION PLAN for each of them.


Do the work.


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The most hardcore game of them all... animal crossing new leaf

put a video game in my ask

never played | want to play | terrible | boring | okay | good | great | a favorite

Originally posted by towntraveler

Bruh I don’t care it’s fucking hardcore and it was stressful cause not only am I in debt in real life but I’m in debt in game too AND IT’S TOO REAL LIKE EVERYTIME YOU PAY THAT BITCH OFF YOU GET MORE DEBT LIKE FUCK YOU STUPID SCAMMING RACOON PIECE OF SH—

This is a great game, but it didn’t hold my interest for as long as I would have liked. It’s totally from personal preference of games though. I don’t know how people manage to make such nice looking and organised homes but it doesn’t matter what game has that feature (like interior decorating), my home just comes out a mess. I have no patience for like trying to make everything match and like crafting shit, just auto arrange everything pls. PLS.

I DID love making outfits and what not though!! Yesssss the outfit customisation is so fucking good I live for it and I lived for the community sharing their creations like that is fucking bomb ass I love it <33

I do have to say I was kind of terrified of the alarming rate Animal Crossing porn was busted out just as it was released though….

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I know some people are like, ppl who dedicate post to hate on a character are pathetic and have no life. but honestly at this point idc, I had to see my mother deal with this exact type of guy. My father is Mon-El, and he doesn't deserve remorse or forgiveness. The more I see his actions be excused by characters on the show, and shippers and fans in real life, I just get more and more upset. So at this point idc what ppl think. Hate me for being an Anti. Just learn to love yourself ppl.

yeah I know like you have every right to go off about monel and the awful writing but like some of those ppl don’t get what we mean cause they’ve never been through that and they think we’re telling them we want them to die or something like sweetie no stop

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Let me in on the deets about the coping mechanisms, I badly need them



okay so (this is gonna be a bad way to describe things but its so late at night) it’s dialectical behavior therapy, which was created in the 80s to treat women (i think mostly??) with BPD and suicidal thoughts, and it works for depression and bipolar disorder also. http://www.dbtselfhelp.com/ is the holy grail. so if you ever go through depersonalization, what you do is like?? focus on other things/parts of your body so it calms you down and puts you into the moment. they have these corny little movies that work so well for this, so they teach you coping skills and then you can do them in real life without the movie.

my favorite is be a tree, so now i do that when i’m at my computer and feeling bad, and do it alone when i’m in public and i need to refocus. you can do the “be a tree” method while just listening to calming orchestral happy music on ur phone. it’s like “drink from the spring, spread out, feel your branches, spread to the sun” etc. but then goes into “there are animals in your branches. this makes you the guardian of new life. the squirrels love every part of you” and then its just!! squirrel photos!! and you are so loved and at peace. do it. you wont regret it.

it’s just… so good, and really clears my mind when i’m having intrusive thoughts and obsessions. i do it when i’m stressed as hell on tumblr. i shut off the hell site and i go be a tree.

another is the idea of finding alternative thoughts and more healthy thoughts to replace your self hating ones with. along with that, the goal is to accept the thoughts you’re having but recognize them as bad for your health, and know you deserve to have better ones. this one is great for calming yourself out of self-castigation moods like repeated “you’re worthless, you failed, you should be doing that but aren’t” monologues that lead to you wanting to do things like self-harm.

there are also tools for getting away from those intense cycles of self hate. there are images you can conjure in yr mind and scenarios that remove you from the hateful thoughts. it’s kind of like the “pretend your suicidal thoughts are being said to you by trump” thing. actually, it’s exactly that, but there are more scenarios to choose from.

this is one of my favorites. basically, it’s more ways to stop your depression/anxiety/self-hate spirals with relaxing visualizations.

this is like all the DBT tools on two papers!

basically, the way you get out of these thoughts and cycles is NOT to wallow in them. you have to focus on accepting them and moving past and away, and these are ways to help. the first step, as it always is, is accepting yourself and knowing you deserve to push forward. this is so, so hard, but you can do it.

i would do more but i have to go to bed!! please please please visit http://dbtselfhelp.com and look at everything they have on there. it’s so helpful.

as always, remember i am a kid with anxiety, and NOT a mental health professional <3

Sebastian Wilkes

Sherlock is pacing the flat again. He put on a brave front while John was here, but as soon as the door closed behind him, he dropped the act. Not, that I can blame him. I would be anxious, too, if I had to face the one person, that was a decisive factor in shaping my university experience.

From what I’ve gathered over time, Sherlock spent his early years in sort of a bubble. Sheltered by his parents and Mycroft, he hardly had any contact with children his own age. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. When constantly surrounded by rather intelligent and impressive individuals, one tends to either feel like the only potato in the room or strive to be just as extraordinary. Sherlock chose the latter.

After having been home-schooled for most of his life, university caught him off guard like a fish dropped on dry land. It was his first real foray into the schoolyard etiquette most people never grow out of. The social hierarchies, the cliques and all those pesky little interpersonal rules and norms you have to follow, if you want to be liked. So when Sherlock arrived at uni, all bright eyed and bushy tailed, he was in for a harsh awakening.

His polarising personality and lack of filter alone would have made things difficult enough. Add to that, him being a few year younger and several leagues brighter than most of his fellow students and you can imagine how things went.

Enter Sebastian Wilkes.

Originally posted by almaviva90

A smart young kid with a nose for who’s who and ambitions even higher than the building he works in today. Intrigued by his quirks and intelligence, he was one of the few people on campus to take a chance on Sherlock.

However, Sebastian was never one to turn down a chance to distinguish himself. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise, that what could have been a prosperous friendship, soon turned sour. Once Sebastian got his foot in the door with the in-crowd, all Sherlock was left with where sneers and jibes in public and crumbs of kindness thrown his way, eyes pleading, whenever Sebastian needed help with an assignment.

So, yeah. I’m not a fan.

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I have anxiety too. I love to write and roleplay. Especially on here. And it makes me is nervous to message or send an ask to see if someone wants to roleplay with me. It's really disappointing when I'm always rejected but I see stuff like right afterwards where they accept someone else's request. It makes me wonder why I stay on Tumblr. And it makes me bitter and sad. Is it my muse they don't like? Is it me? Or is it both... Do I just annoy people?

“A lot of what you are telling me seems like you are questioning negativity. You don’t really know how or what people are doing. Real life could stop people from role-playing.  You can always ask people on your blog and friends advice about your Muse to see if they are over powered. I have noticed recently a lot of people are closing up shop on Tumblr.  Animo might be a place for you to role-play if it’s something you want to explore more.”

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so i. uh. dont know what my sexuality is. i just know i love iggy & think girls are real hot?? but i didnt want to just assume my sexuality cause at the same time i dont really care what my sexuality is??? if that makes sense lol..... but that threesome. oh damn. i think you made me confirm with myself that i'm bi. so thanks. that was real hot holy hell. as the end of the fic states, this does need to happen again sometime. a++ 11/10 would fuck iggy & aranea again

Oh wow! Thank you, that is such high praise! Maybe one day I will play around with them again. I feel like in general I now need more Aranea smut and I did not know I needed this in my life til I wrote the thing so we all learned new things today

i swear my family hates me 

ok, i have problems with friends thing

my friend hangs out with boys 

she is not muslim so its fine with her 

my parents tho… they are not taking it well. They are very disappointed.

I told them i ignore the boys but my parents still are mad

i hate the other girls because of how they act 

I HATE them 

what do you want me to do? stay alone with no friends 

this is the first year i have real friends 

and i have no idea how to be….

a human…

i do not know how..

i was lonely my whole life…

no one liked me.. 

its hard to talk, because I sound so dumb..

I think it is better if i do not make friends next year… That would be better