what my real life is like

“That reaction hurts you, just like you hurt me.”

“You said a lot…a lot of hurtful things. You said a lot of things, my friend. And you know what? You’re right about some of those things.”

“You’re my brother, ok? You’re my brother.”

“Last week you broke my heart, you nearly broke my face. But you’re my brother! And that’s a bond I refuse to let you break!”

“You’re my brother in life!”

“What you did to me is in the past, ok.”

“This is real. This is us. You’re my brother, and you’re my family.”

“I refuse to let you break that bond before me and you become WWE Tag Team Champions!”


The one thing nobody on this website seems to be Uber PC about the fact that almost all the gay couple you ship

Is two straight women or men playing an gay characters. if They were they would have Nothing to ship . No Sanvers, Wayhaught, Malec , Emison etc They Will Bitch All They Want About Somebody Who is Not Latina play Latina . Or an Actor’s Personal Life when It’s None of their Business . Really , You Can’t Like a Fictional Character on a TV Show Because of What actors is Doing in Their Real Life . Come on . I know it’s hard but try to separate fiction from reality your life will be much easier. You Could like One Thing About a Person Without Liking the other. Celebrities Are people And People Aren’t Perfect. but i’ve been saying the same three things on this website for the last five years. I’m Just Over it. I’m Going to go delete my account . Bye 

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I think it's disgusting how you write ABOUT TWO REAL PEOPLE! Jikook are not characters but real human beings! What's worst is that straight girls like you make them gay and have sex together! IT'S GROSS JUST STOP IT!

Ok, go pick up a fiction book. Like a hard copy fiction book you’d find in a book store. You see those names of the characters? Yeah those, guess what. THEY’RE GOING TO BE BASED ON A REAL PERSON, SAY WHAT??? The name is changed but the author barrow another person to create that character. Welcome to writing, welcome to the world of authors! As my teacher said “if you meet an author don’t be surprise if you end up in a story” cause that’s how characters are born BY REAL LIFE FUCKING PEOPLE. I could be as small as a ring you wear or your whole look. Now, yes, we are borrowing Jimin and Jungkook (and other members and other OTPS and other-) but they’re a character in a story. Even when it’s a non au they’re still characters and not the real Jimin and Jungkook. Characters based on real people is not new.

I am not straight, I am a Bisexual goddess thank you very much! Now, nothing wrong with being gay or sex, why do you hetro’s always get angsty over these things?

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Hello love! I know you're busy so I'm sorry to bother you but I was just wondering, how did you make friends with other writers? Did you just leave a "hey, let's be friends" in their inbox? Bc in real life I always make friends by staring at people until they come up and talk to me but i feel like that won't work here haha. I'm a writer myself but the writer community in my main fandom seems so tight that I feel like I'm kind of floating outside, not wanting to intrude. Any advice? Thank you xxx

Hi!! Don’t worry you’re not bothering me at all! <3

I think I met most of my writer friends through Tumblr – I either messaged them or they messaged me. What I’ve found is that it’s better to have something to talk about (a fic, a subject you’re both interested in, etc.) than to just say “Hi”, although both ways are fine!

I have a lot more things to say but this post got long ASKJLDFAJSFDLK so I’m just going to make you a little list of the BEST WAYS to meet people/writers in the fandom:

  1. Comment on fics!
  2. Write your own fics! When people comment on them, go check out their profile! ^.^
  3. Talk headcanons/AU ideas!!!!!! Or, even better, make original Tumblr content with your ideas!
    1. Respond to other original Tumblr posts / ideas!
  4. Message people on Tumblr / other platforms and have something to talk about (or, if you don’t, that’s cool too)!
  5. Join Discord servers – these are big for YOI right now! If you search there’s a whole bunch of public ones (SHAMELESS SELF PROMO: here is the Shall We Stream Discord server which has a ton of cool people (and authors) in it).
  6. Participate in any events you see going on!

I know what you mean about feeling like you’d be intruding (I used to be soooo quiet on here), but I promise that by approaching writers you won’t be! Everyone I’ve met on Tumblr, and in the YOI fandom specifically, is super approachable and awesome!

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The naruto fandom is one of the most toxic and sexist fandom I've ever been in.Someone actually said they hoped sakura got brutally raped and murdered.What normal person says these things?You don't have to like her but seriously,what has she done to you?I dislike Karin,I mean really think she's distasteful,but I wish no ill will on a fictional character,I was outraged that Sasuke stabbed her.What do these type of people say to actual people in real life that they don't like?My god the ignorance

Yup, it certainly remains as the worst fandom I’ve ever been exposed to. Disappointing, but watcha gonna do? :)

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ARE U REAL? THAT CHAPTER OF STORMS IS FOOKIN BEAUTIFUL! Are you jane austen? Shakespeare? (I like you better than them tbh) Like WHAT THE HELL IM DYING THAT WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING IVE EVER READ!!!!! The sparks, how you wrote that all, how detailed and just BEAUTIFUL it was. OH. MY. GOD. (I'm sad now bcz, what am i gonna do after storms? What will be the purpose of my existence??) Your fics, your writing is LIFE. Not at all exaggerating, they are literally LIFE!!

Haha settle down babe Storms has another five chapters, and there is Tease after that and then my Winteriron and then I’ve been itching to write something with Wade/Deadpool so no worries I’m sure I can keep you alive for a while 😂😂😂
So glad you are loving it :)

‘I have always loved the style of iconic British punk musicians because they were so anti-culture, and it felt like a real statement.”

he just confirmed what I already knew for years so long story short goth zayn is real punk and punk zayn is real, communist zayn is real, also while I’m at it bi zayn is real and I’ve literally never been wrong about him in my life ever

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do you have any tips on how to explain alexithymia to a close friend? she's my best friend and she always turns to me about her depression and anxiety, and she wants to be there for me like that too, but i have a really hard time to understand and explain my own emotions. i've only ever really opened up about my real feelings once in my whole life (i'm 16) and it was extremely difficult. how do i open up and use her as a support system if i don't even know what i'm feeling?

This is something I’ve struggled with as well. It’s hard to open up to those close to us about what we’re feeling when we don’t know what we’re feeling. 

I would try explaining alexithymia like this:

“As an aspect of being autistic, I have alexithymia. This means that I have a really hard time figuring out what I’m feeling. I might know that I feel good or bad, but figuring out anything more specific than that is really hard for me. I want to be able to open up to you and use you as a support system but it’s hard when I don’t even know what I’m feeling. If you’re willing to help me figure things out, I’d be happy to try to open up to you about things.”

I’ve found that having someone else to process my emotions with can really help me figure out what I’m feeling. For me, this person is my husband. I’ll tell him that I’m feeling bad and then he’ll ask me questions to help me figure things out. For instance, if I feel bad, he might ask me what I was thinking about before I started feeling bad. He’ll keep asking questions until we figure out what’s wrong. This has helped me figure out my feelings more easily. Perhaps your friend would be willing to take on this role with you. 


Hello! So I’ve run into a bit of a predicament and I’d like to ask for your assistance.

As some of you may know, I’m working on a novel. And, logically, one needs editors when writing things like this—especially with what I’m like. My shit is drowning in typos.

I did have two real life friends helping with the project, but something came up and neither of them can help me anymore. What I’m asking is that if anyone reading this is interested in being an editor, please contact me. You can either email me at shinysylveon8@gmail.com or message me personally so we can talk things out.

Thank you!

Daniel Sharman Imagine

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You sat at the side of the set watching as Daniel filmed his last scenes of the day. His new movie was already amazing, you couldn’t wait till other people saw it. Even more you wanted people to so how good of an actor Daniel really was.
As the scene ended Daniel made his way to you

“I’m always happy to see my girl smiling but what’s the reason” he sat next to you making you smile even bigger.

“I’m just very proud of you” you kissed his cheek. Daniel pulled you on his lap.

“Really?” You nodded when he asked. It surprised you he didn’t even know it already.

“Yes. You’ve reached so much. You have such talent, but besides all that you are an amazing person. Making everyone happy and always so nice to the people you work with. You’re like a real life Superman” he laughed and pulled you in for a kiss.

“Thank you (Y/N). That means a lot to me, especially coming from you. Now what do you say if we go out to a nice restaurant?” you got off his lap and reached a hand out for him.

“Let’s go. I’m paying” you said making Daniel laugh out and follow after you

“In your dreams babe”

I did not expect to cry in Cars 3.  I did not expect to be one big teary goosebump.  But I did and I was.

Like… Cars 3 probably has some flaws.  Strike that.  It definitely does.  I’ve seen some reviews that were like… ‘Will kids be interested in a story about a mid-life crisis?’ ‘Does Cars 3 hate millennials?’  And those elements were not great.

But then halfway through, CRUZ RAMIREZ THE SAVIOR OF THIS MOVIE gets real with Lightning McQueen and everything changes.  And the entire second half of the movie is just like…. I can’t even words.

I’m not gonna spoil what happens but like… so good.  Goosebumps.  Weeping.  Still having feels.

Here are some things:

1. I never ever in my wildest dreams would have dared to hope Cars 3 would give me a PLUCKY LATINA HEROINE WHO ALSO IS A CAR.  Ever.  The characters in stuff I watched growing up never looked like my mom, and, like, Cruz Ramirez is a car, so she also doesn’t look like my mom, but the feeling is still there.  It’s still there.

2. They don’t say ‘Lightning McQueen has white male privilege’ but like… they kind of also do.  I mean, they’re cars, so they don’t, because he’s red, and also a car, but it’s in there.  And they definitely do not shy away from the fact that not everybody gets to have sponsors and encouragement and confidence from the beginning.

3. The first thing I thought when this movie ended was that I cannot wait for Cars 4 and they better freaking make me one.  Cars 2 was terrible and shouldn’t count.  That means they get one more.  Right?  Because seriously all of this movie’s weak/annoying points could be fixed by pushing Lightning into the background and making the Cruz Ramirez movie we all deserve.


So I just wanted to make a post to say hi to everyone, including all the new followers and just give everyone the reminder that you can feel free to message me whenever you want, about just about anything. I may not respond right away, but I will do so as soon as I am able.

Also, I am really busy right now with real life as well as writing. I am working on a huge collab project with @mossybrows that has spiraled out of control and consumed my life. I promise it will be fucking awesome though.

I am trying to get as much stuff done before surgery which is like a month away, less actually, and I will be unable to write for like 4-6 weeks after surgery. That’s when school starts and we all know what happened last year. Fanfic writing got put on hold.

Also still working on Three.

Just have a lot going on. Just be patient with me.

And welcome to all the new people!

ruthielindseySo thrilled to be in Austin with my sister @sophiabush. Tomorrow at 5:00pm central we are getting to teach a live streaming master class for @wework’s #creatorawards. We are going to interview each other on what it has looked like for us to navigate using social media for good. We will discuss topics like how social media can be used as a vehicle to connection but it can’t stay there- the real, genuine, heart to heart connection needs to be in real life- we will chat about what that journey has looked like for us in our own lives and how to facilitate real, authentic community- and the idea of living out of the abundance vs scarcity mentality (amongst many other things)
If you’re in Austin we would love to have you there and if not you can watch it live stream on wework’s Facebook page!
See you guys tomorrow!!! (And Austin, gahhhhh I love you so much!!!) pic by our big hearted brother, @boreta

I love deep talks. Like, hell yeah, tell me about why you’d prefer to talk to your mom rather than your dad. Tell me about your favourite lyrics in the songs you listen to everyday and why they’re your favourite. Tell me about the dog you had when you were growing up and how he was your best friend. Tell me about what kind of books you like to read when you’re alone in your room. Tell me about the things you think about right before you fall asleep. Tell me anything and everything.

list of random spirits encountered:

- a spirit haunting a lamppost on 3rd street. it asks for the umbrella of anyone passing by in exchange for a temporary alteration in reality

- a spirit haunting people with burdens on their mind. manifests as a pair of wings on their shoulders

and only 47 i'm gays in my i'm gay account

My baby boy Takashi Shirogane (*´◡`) I’ll draw the others soon | Redbubble 
(Keith, Hunk)

chasingthehero  asked:

Hi! I struggle a lot with drawing eyes, especially with shape and size :( but I love the way you draw them! Do you have any tips or tutorials???

Thank you!! well, eyes are a really particular thing in an artist style i think, and also something that can give a lot of expression and emotion to characters. I’m not really good at explaining my own drawing style, but i’ll try to give you a few tips that i use a lot to start drawing/sketching.

1) the size; i think face proportions play and important role here, starting to where to position eyes so they actually make sense. I start doing the circle and the crossed lines to make a mental map of the face

Also the cross makes easier to imagine the direction the character is looking at and so, where the eyes and the gaze is directed to, for example Pidge here may show us…

So, once you directed the face and positioned the eyes, you can start drawing on top, that’s a first step, so now you use what you’ve done to start the real thing and EXPERIMENTING!! 

2) the shape; here i can only say that it’ll depend on your liking and what kind of drawing style you’re after. In my case i like to make them inspired in real life eyes, but a little bigger and rounded, it dependes on the character tho, and the expression you’re trying to achieve: for that i usually play with how open or close is the eye and the final tip of the eye, which i lift, for example if it’s for a cat-like eye, make it more rounded, for example for kids or surprised expressions, or i draw it down, for sad or tired eyes.

The rest is to complement the eyes with the eyebrows (which is a strong game in my opinion) and well… go draw drAW DRAW!!

There and on is a lot of practice and observation, and eyes and expressions will come out naturally :) I’m also still learning all this so if you need any help you can check my ‘art-help’ tag, with tutorials and reference about drawing that i’ve been collecting. 

Hope this helps!! (◡‿◡✿)