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Hey, remember when I said that first episode of A Pup Named Scooby-Doo yielded 53 posts-worth of material?

Yeah, well, turns out there were even two more gifs that had gotten lost.

Scooby, intermittently flying through the window…

I hear a “vvvrrrooosh!” sound in my head every time he goes by, like the old Humongous Entertainment educational games had.

…and the now-empty front gate having silhouettes of the gang when lightning strikes, because the animators didn’t want to bother to re-do it.

So… yeah. One episode, 55 posts, in actuality.

Just imagine what would happen if they made a Pup Named Scooby-Doo movi– wait, no. I am not giving them any ideas.

[TRANS] BTS Official Fanclub A.R.M.Y 1st Term - Interview (P5)

(the interview is from 2014)
scan © love_as_hobby
do not repost/screenshot without credit.

Q: How do you relieve those stresses? 

Jungkook: I eat.
Rap Monster: I have to concentrate on something. Sometimes it’s game, sometimes it’s music. “Too Much” was a mixtape that I made putting all of my stresses in, but now come to think of it, it’s really too much just like the title. (laughs) I thought it would be cool putting my stresses into music, but seems like I was wrong. I decided it’s best not to pile up stresses.
Suga: I think my personality changed a lot. Before, I used to show my stresses out. I would show it out with something and then I’m done, but now when I’m stressed, I just flush them all out inside. Actually it’s not like I have a hobby…
Rap Monster: Photos!
Suga: Oh I like taking photos, but it doesn’t make me feel the catharsis and go “Haa~ I love it~ (in a feeling tone”.
All: (laugh and clap hands)
Suga: I said I like cameras but I don’t go “Uahh~ The lens. (admiring)” when taking photos.
Rap Monster: Lens..! 40mm! (cosplaying Suga)
All: (go wild)
Suga: I think I knew how to get less stressed even if I’m stressed now. If I think like “If I do better, the thing that makes me stressed will be gone. Let’s do better,” it won’t stress me out.
Jungkook: Honestly, I’m the type to not really think much. (looking happy)
Rap Monster: Jungkook just bounces it off. Suga-hyung lets it pass by and Jungkook bounces it off.
J-hope: Ting~ Ting~ (making sound effect)
Jungkook: When I’m stressed, I “Euaaa…” and then I’m fine.
Jimin: I still don’t know how to relieve stress. I just pile it all up or stay quiet by myself until something makes me laugh. When I’m like that, (points to Jungkook) sometimes he messes with me and makes me laugh. If I don’t laugh then I continue to stay quiet.
Rap Monster: (points to Hobi) How do you relieve stress? I’m really curious.
J-hope: Me? I’m stressed when a problem comes up, and I can only relieve stress after dealing with that problem. Other than that there’s barely anything that make me stressed.
Rap Monster: You don’t get stressed by trivial things?
J-hope: Uhm… Not really, but when I do, time is the answer. Sometimes I eat something sweet and it’ll be gone. (laughs)
Jimin: (points to V) How about you? I’m really curious how V relieve stress.
V: Me?
Doesn’t V do the most? To relieve stress.
V: If I’m stressed, it’ll all show on my face. “I’m not in a good mood today (showing face expression)”, “I’m really stressed (showing face expression)” like this. If I talk to someone, or play games, read webtoons or play games, I would still keep that face.
J-hope: You did a lot but…
V: I tried a lot of things but I still haven’t found any solution.
Jin: I cook something and eat. (laughs)
Rap Monster: You’re still the same. Food!
Jin: But I have to talk about how I relieve stress!
J-hope: This hyung is getting stressed again. He has to go eat something. Wait (points at snacks on the table) quick, give him snacks.
All: (laugh)
Jin: Not this. I have to eat something I make. Or go sleep. Sleep helps relieving 80% of stress.
Jungkook: Really?
Jin: Yeah.
Rap Monster: Sleeping is the best.
J-hope: Everything goes away after sleeping. Jungkook: I get stressed when I sleep.
All: Why?
Jungkook: I can’t sleep.
Suga: Who would believe that.
Jungkook: It strangely takes a lot of effort for me to fall asleep on bed.
Rap Monster: I fall asleep as soon as I lay my head down.
V: Rapmon-hyung snores as soon as he lie down.
Jin: These days I have to wear headphone to sleep because of Rapmon.
Jimin: (excited) Wow! (The snoring) even drills through the headphone. It goes “baaaaakk” like this, I even feel the vibration.
Jin: He snores everyday like a routine.
Rap Monster: So that’s why my throat hurts every time I wake up. Because I snore too hard.
Jimin: I was so surprised. V left the headphone on my bed. I just thought “What the, take care of your stuffs” and put it aside, but then when I slept I realized “Oh that’s why! I need the headphone!” and put it on. But the snoring drilled through the headphone like “dadadadadadadada”!!
Suga: I don’t feel anything. Guess I got used to it.
V: Me too. Nothing.
Jin: My bed is the farthest from Rapmon but it feels like I’m right next to him. But do you know this? Rapmon is really sensitive before sleeping. If I rustle even just a little bit, he would go “Jin-hyung”…
All: (laugh)
Jin: But then he snores as soon as he sleeps.
Suga: We usually share hotel rooms when going abroad or somewhere else right? I want all of us to use one room and let him use a room by himself.
Rap Monster: (embarrassed) Why, because I snore?
J-hope: (points at Rap Monster) You go sleep with manager hyung.
Jungkook: R~ight!
Jin: Exactly!
V: True!
Jungkook: A collaboration.
All: (crack up, especially Jimin)
V: Two top figures.
Suga: It’s my first time seeing such a collaboration.
Jungkook: (showing snoring collaboration)
All: (crack up again)
J-hope: You have to try going through it.
Rap Monster: Someone recorded and let me hear it long ago.
Jimin: It’s really funny. If other people snore, he throws his pillow and bury his face into the blanket.
All: (clapping and laughing)
Jin: If others snore, he wakes them up and tells them to stop sleeping…
Jimin: (about to cry from laughing so hard)
Jungkook: (clapping like a seal)
Suga: Jimin once snored and Rapmon tapped him “Yo, stop snoring” and woke him up, but he himself snored as soon as he lied down.
All: (stomach hurting so bad that laughing is getting hard now)
J-hope: Wow~ you’re really..
Suga: You have no conscience.
Rap Monster: I… did wrong. (laughs shyly) I relieve stress by snoring!
Jimin: If Jungkook’s about to snore, he blocks his nose but you snore right after laying your head down. No not snoring, growling.
Rap Monster: I don’t… (voice getting smaller)
Jungkook: But still luckily I don’t wake up in the middle of sleeping. It’s best to fall asleep first.
Jin: Waking up in the middle of sleeping is the worst… But we only have like 3 hours to sleep, go to sleep from Rapmon first.
All: (shaking heads) Ouh~ We can’t do that!
Jimin: Let me tell you how sensitive Rapmon-hyung is, we can’t even make any noise outside the room. He goes outside and tells us to be quiet.
V: But he sings in the bathroom…
All: (laugh)
Jin: And turning on music…
Rap Monster: I don’t~ Why are you being like this~
All: (having fun teasing Rap Monster)
Suga: Going around vacuuming early in the morning…
Jin: I remember back in trainee days, he suddenly turned on the vacuum early in the morning.
Suga: I was like “Why is he being like this? What is he? When is he gonna turn off that vacuum cleaner?” and was about to go out to say something, then he turned it off. I thought that was the end but…
Jin: He suddenly went showing and singing.
All: (laugh)
Jin: I still remember it was ‘Waiting’ by Yoonha-sunbaenim.
Jimin: (wiping tears and laughing again)
V: (laughing while holding stomach)
Jungkook: (clapping)
J-hope: Really… (laughs)
Rap Monster: Oh my endorphins~
Suga: So I opened the door and shouted “Be quiet!!!!!!!!!!”.
V: It was hilarious.
Jungkook: Why don’t I remember this? Was I sleeping at that time?
Jin: You weren’t there at that time.
Suga: You were in America.
Jungkook: Oh America~
Jimin: That was freaking funny.
Rap Monster: I only snore these days.
Suga: Yeah you don’t do that anymore.
Rap Monster: These days we have a new dark horse. (points to V)
Jungkook: He sleep talks a lot.
All: (copying V)
Suga: But we all got used to it now so it’s no longer a problem.

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#who meets the grim reaper #like 'no thanks' - this is killing me what the fuck

ok but listen, magnus who becomes immortal through simple refusal to die. Death is not sure what to do about this, but every time he kind of pokes his head around the corner like, really there are rules – ? magnus is just goes, rules are boring and bounces. one day Death throws his hands in the air all i swear the two of you and magnus gets that gleam in his eye, like, two…? and Death is like, oh no.

anyway, my point is, magnus and alec are the two most stubborn souls in the universe who just won’t die, and once they’re inadvertently introduced to one another they’re unstoppable. a couple years down the road, Death gets a wedding invitation in his mailbox.

sorry but this is what goes through my head every time I hear “kit herondale”

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Drunk Todoroki and Sober Momo?

     Note: Thanks! This is rated T and comedic. I had fun writing this so I hope you’ll have fun reading too!

In which Todoroki tells her everything

              Drinking seemed to be the choice nowadays when someone suggested a meet up. Not that Todoroki was against it; he just wasn’t used to some of the places that his friends took him to. He despised places with gaudy décor, presumptuous staff, and most of all, he hated the places where you had to shout your lungs out just so the person sitting a millimeter away from you could ask you again what you were saying.

               Today was different though; a new bar opened up right next to the agency Tokoyami was working at and Tokoyami claimed that he was sure it was ideal for a chill, quiet hangout, and so the gang met up there.

              “How many phone numbers did Todoroki get again last time?” Kaminari chugged his beer and let out a satisfied sigh, reeking of alcohol, “8?”

               The electric hero turned toward Todoroki and draped an arm over him, “Have you contacted anyone of them? How about that chick with the red hair last time? She was hot dude!” Tokoyami waved at the server as Midoriya put down the menus and called for another round of beers, both of them interested in the others’ conversation.

               “No, I haven’t,” Todoroki replied with no smile in sight, “I threw them out in Midoriya’s car.”

               Midoriya placed his hand on his forehead, looking quite upset, “you have no idea how much trouble I got with Ochako because of that. She thought those were my ‘keepsake’. Could you please give me a heads-up next time?”

               “Oh sorry,” Todoroki mused and Kaminari chuckled at the thought of Uraraka’s angry face. No one has ever seen her be annoyed at Midoriya before so that must be a sight to behold.

               “And could we not mention this when she gets here with the others?” Midoriya leaned back against the plush couch, “I don’t want to relive that.”

               “Next time you could just give them to me. I’ll make good use of them, ” Kaminari said as the server laid down the fresh drinks, “speaking of which, I went with Yaoyorozu once and she got quite a few suitors too, if you know what I mean.”

               At that, Todoroki pretended to hold a nonchalant façade. The sudden murderous aura that poured out of him, however, was enough to betray him. He shifted his gaze downwards, reaching to discard his empty bottle over at Tokoyami’s side and the latter cocked an eyebrow.

               “Cat got your tongue?” Tokoyami said in a teasing tone, “you seemed like you wanted to comment, Todoroki.”

               “I don’t care,” the fire and ice hero ran a hand through his hair, “It’s her life. Why should I?”

               “You’re kidding,” Kaminari pushed on, “Remember last time when that guy from the support department in third year accidentally touched Yaomomo’s chest and he somehow slipped on ice and broke his leg?”

               “Yeah that looked painful, “Todoroki avoided their stares and took another swig out of his drink.

               Kaminari scoffed, “Yeah it was during the summer. Where the hell did the ice come from? And don’t tell me it was a coincidence that you were standing a meter away from him.”

               “I was just passing by,” Todoroki said, “I have no idea what you’re accusing me of, but I was the one who took him to the infirmary. Either ways, he probably deserved it.”

               Tokoyami and Midoriya looked entertained, shifting their bodies to get a better view of this. If only they had popcorn to accompany them.

               “Okay,” Kaminari now sounded quite agitated. Getting Todoroki to admit that he had a crush on a certain Yaoyorozu was a challenge he refused to lose, “You’re gonna take care of our bill if something happens between you and Yaoyorozu tonight. And if I’m wrong, then I’ll take the bill, how’s that?”

               “I’m down for free beer,” Todoroki nodded, looking quite confident, “You’ve got a deal.”


               It wasn’t until the guys were on their fourth round of alcohol had Yaoyorozu, Jirou and Uraraka shown up. Midoriya was passed out with half his body threatening to tumble off the chair, while the other three had reddened faces. Waving a hand at them, Jirou plopped down beside Kaminari and Uraraka quickly sat her boyfriend up. Pressing on the side of her phone, Yaoyorozu winced as the bright screen flashed before her.

               “I’m sorry we’re late,” Yaoyorozu said.

               “That’s fine,” Tokoyami handed the newcomers each a beer, “if you guys want something to munch on feel free.”

               “Yeah the bill’s on Todoroki tonight so whatever,” Kaminari smirked, eyes darting over to the boy beside him as he slurred his words together.

               Yaoyorozu wedged herself between Tokoyami and Jirou, “What’s the occasion, Todoroki? Did you get a promotion or something?”

               Todoroki squinted at the electric hero beside him and stood up suddenly at the assertion, walking away from their table with a drink in hand.

               “Did I say something wrong?” Yaoyorozu scrunched her brows. Todoroki’s gait was wonky as he stopped at the bar that lined the dance floor, pulling a bill out of his wallet in a rush as he ordered yet another drink. He was showing clear signs of drunkiness and Yaoyorozu couldn’t help but stand up in pursuit.

               “I’m gonna make sure he’s okay,” the girl fixed her pony-tail up a bit and gestured to the others, “you guys don’t have to wait for me to order.”

               Jirou and Uraraka sat in confusion, the former turned to Kaminari, “what happened to Todoroki?” With a flick of her wrist, she checked her watch, “11:02 seems way too early for you guys to get this drunk. How many beers did you guys have?”

               “Probably 6-7 and a few tequila shots,” Kaminari said, head falling back to hit the cushion, “I might’ve pissed off Todoroki a bit, but it’s for his own good.”


               “Todoroki,” Yaoyorozu bent down to touch her heel gingerly, feeling a scrape forming from her leather stilettos. She knew she should’ve broken them in first before wearing them. She leaned her left arm on a nearby column and shifted her weight toward it, eyes now staring at the boy before her. Todoroki’s mouth formed a thin line.

               “You should sit down, you don’t look so good,” the girl urged, “I bet you were drinking non-stop.”

               Todoroki brushed it off, “Go enjoy yourself,” he closed his eyes and softly rubbed his temples in attempt to stop his headache, “I’m fine, I’ll just take a break here.”

               Yaoyorozu nodded, “Okay well-“

               “Hey,” Jirou tapped Yaoyorozu lightly on the shoulder, interrupting her train of thought, and her eyes scanned the boy’s drunken state, “Yaoyorozu and I’ll hit the dance floor, so you should wipe that silly grin off your face and make sure not to projectile vomit everywhere.”

               Had he been smiling this whole time? Heck, he sure wouldn’t be if not for the alcohol acting up. In preparation to send Jirou a comeback, Todoroki opened his mouth, gaping. Yet, before any words could come out, he realized that the two girls were already in the middle of the floor, moving their bodies to the brash rhythm of the music.

He felt odd, however. Watching as a guy around Yaoyorozu danced with her, his body language commanding her to move with him and Todoroki felt like he popped a vein. He couldn’t describe the pent up feeling he was experiencing at the moment and he wasn’t sure if it was because of the alcohol or not, but judging by the sly grin on the guy’s face, Todoroki was sure he hated that guy. His legs began to move on his own and within a few seconds, he pushed through and pulled Yaoyorozu to him.

“Hey, you’re ruining our fun man,” Todoroki could piece some of that guy’s words together through his dizziness as he dragged her out of the crowd. He didn’t bother to answer. Heading towards the corner of the facility, she protested the whole way until he led her out the exit door.

“What’s going on?” Yaoyorozu said, stumbling, “Jirou’s probably wondering where the heck I went.”

Todoroki let go of her hand and leaned against the alleyway. Wiping a hand along his flushed face, he grunted.

“Yaoyorozu I need some advice. It’s urgent.”

The girl tapped her finger at her side, “I’ll do what I can to help, if you had to drag me all the way out here to tell me…. It must be quite important.”

“Yeah quite,” even through his blurry vision, he could make out the concerned look that she donned, “I think there’s something wrong with me and of course, you, being someone who’s highly capable of complex analysis, should be able to tell me why.”

He’s rambling now, “My heartbeat’s been quite irregular. In fact, every time I see you, my heart just goes insane. I don’t know what is wrong with me.”

He picked up his head, noticing the shocked expression on her face and he moved forward to put a hand on her cheek.

“I think you’re…you’re drunk, Todoroki! You don’t know what you’re saying-“

“Let me continue,” he replied, taking a step closer.

She can smell a mix of alcohol and lime in his breath as he began to ease his forehead on hers. She remembered him being only a bit taller than her, but within a year, that fact has changed. Her face was as hot as his now, and she found herself placing both her hands behind his broad shoulders.

Staying in that position, he continued to spew, “Why is it that every time I see you with someone else…another guy…I just feel so mad.” He made a thoughtful pause, “I have the utmost respect for you. For as long as I could remember, I never really thought much of it. But now that we’ve graduated, I…I still think of you. In fact, I think of you a lot. Could you tell me why?”

Yaoyorozu batted her eyelashes as the cold air contrasted against their body warmth. No reply came from her, and slowly but steadily, Todoroki tilted her chin upwards with a light finger. Guiding the girl, he moved forward to capture her lips and she tightened her grasp on his back instantly at the sudden sensation. He tasted like spice and she tasted like strawberries and cream.


He was sure that was a dream. Had it not been his phone notification of 39 missed calls would he have realized that Kaminari was ready to rub it in his face first thing in the morning.

“You owe me for yesterday,” Kaminari’s voice came loud and clear and Todoroki sat up from his bed. Gripping onto the phone tighter, he groaned.

“Fine,” The boy grabbed a handful of his hair as he leaned forward, “Do you know exactly what happened?”

“Jirou told me you dragged Yaomomo out to the alley and that’s it. You two just disappeared,” Kaminari snickered, “apparently there’s more to it, Yaomomo has yet to reveal though.” Todoroki could practically see his friend’s smug scowl as he continued, “What a twist, who knew you were so bold.”

“Shut up,” Todoroki said, irritated. As he smothered himself against his pillow, he noticed an uncharacteristically floral scent. Round-eyed, he turned to his left and discovered something pink peeking out of the blanket.

“Oh no.”

“What?” Todoroki heard Kaminari ask and his hand lifted up the fleece covering. There, a garment that appeared to be a lacy bralette, lied crumpled.

“…I’ll phone you later, Kaminari,” Todoroki took a deep breath and hung up without warning. He honestly felt like his mind was in a blender.

How was he going to confront her now?


Age Gap ~ Joe Sugg (Requested)

Request: I was wondering if you could write a Joe Sugg imagine where there’s quite an age gap between him and the reader and she’s insecure about what people are saying but Joe is really comforting and makes her calm down

Word Count: 1,482

Warnings: Cursing? Idk.

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These Wounds Won’t Seem To Heal// Sherlock Holmes

Originally posted by moriarlocked

Contradict my opinion if you please, but in all honesty, the best gifs from the show are the ones from The Lying Detective. There are so many different levels of the emotional spectrum in Benedict and Martin that it’s difficult not to use them. 

Requested by Anon: On the way to work one morning in the torrential downpour that is London, you happen to get into a rather bad car crash. It’s not enough to kill you, but it’s enough to make Sherlock go nuts. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

  “Hi, this is y/n. If I haven’t answered, I’m solving crimes with the worlds only Consulting Detective who also happens to be my husband. Leave a message!” 

Sherlock huffed and pressed his thumb against the pound key. “Y/n, you only left for work twenty minutes ago, and judging by the fact that you haven’t answered, I’d say you’re probably back seat driving the cabbie. You’re worrying me love, pick up the phone please.” 

You and Sherlock were newly weds, having been best friends since John moved into 221B several years before. You spent most of your time with the war doctor and the Detective, and before you’d realized it, you were falling in love with Sherlock Holmes. 

  “I-I don’t know what THIS is!” Sherlock yelled, startling you as he pounded on his heart. “Every time I look at you, my heart goes faster and my head begins to pound! I’m absolutely clueless to the stimulating response my body goes through when you enter a room-” 

  “You-” You swallowed the lump in your throat and stood on your tiptoes, your lips ghosting over Sherlocks as lightly as you possibly could. He easily sank into your embrace, his fingers tangling in your hair as you leaned backwards to get a better look at his eyes. “You bloody twit, you are in love with me.” 

  “Oh, Sherlock! Haven’t you looked down the street? There’s a car crash just another mile down the road!” Mrs Hudson chided, throwing open the window shams. The rain had let up enough to visibly see the street, and as Sherlock looked out the window, it only took him a minute to deduce that your cab was indeed one of the two that had wrecked. “Where-Where are you going?!” 

  “That’s my wives cab! She could be hurt! She could be-” Sherlock halted at the front door of the building, running his hands over his scruff as realization smacked him rather hard in the mouth. “She could be dead.” 

Mrs. Hudson snorted indignantly as she passed him his Belstaff. “Your wife is one of the most fiery women I’ve ever met in my life. Plus she was crazy enough to marry you. I can guarantee you she’s not dead-” 

But Sherlock was out the door before she could finish her sentence.

For me, just do it for me y/n. Don’t be dead.


John Watson had seen you come into the hospital when Mary was having her checkup, insisting that he know how you had obtained your injuries. Your most major problem was a broken leg from the impact of the door, but other then that you mainly had several bruises and lacerations. 

  “Has Sherlock shown up yet?” Mary questioned, leaning against her husbands arm as they sat in the waiting room. Both of them had demanded to be in your private room once they had reset your leg, but the doctors had only taken you into the OR twenty minutes before, and they were not finished yet. “And here he comes!”

John opened his mouth to respond but was met with a wave of security guards, all shouting commands at one another as they swarmed the nurses station. Had it not been for the dark black curls and scruff, he would have never known it was Sherlock demanding to see his wife. “I’m sorry sir, but patient records and information are confidential. I can’t disclose them to you.” 

  “Like you can’t! She’s my wife!” Sherlock growled, tilting his head as several of the nurses rallied behind the desk. “You slept with your boss to get you a reputation,” He moved his finger down the line and continued to point out the biggest flaws in the remaining nurses. “You do too much botox to try and please your husband, you’re far too concerned what the woman in radiology thinks, and you’re questioning your sexuality.. My God, please get a life!” 

The former war doctor muttered apologies to the nurses as he drug Sherlock towards Mary, whose face became sympathetic as she motioned for him to sit beside her. “Sherlock, we saw her when she came in here. She’s banged up, but she’ll be alright. The worst of it is that she has a broken leg.” 

Sherlock laughed in disbelief, pulling his phone from his pocket to show John the five text messages he’d sent you from the moment you walked out the door to the supposed time of the crash. 

I love you. - SH

We need something good for dinner. The head might have contaminated the frozen chicken breasts. - SH

You, my love, are secretly wearing the red lingerie underneath your dress aren’t you? Naughty girl. -SH

Can you pick up milk on the way home? Used the rest to make coffee. - SH

P.S. There’s now eyes in said coffee. - SH

  “I asked her, I asked her to bring home milk and in return, she gets into a bloody car wreck!” Sherlock exclaimed, his arms falling at his sides as Mary patted his thigh reassuringly. “How stupid is that?” 

  “Mr and Mrs. Watson, y/n has been moved into recovery.” All three heads shot up as the lead orthopedic surgeon stepped into sight and managed a wide smile. “The bone has been set successfully, so now we’ll cast her up when she’s awake and send her home. Is there someone we can call?” 

  “ME!” Sherlock deadpanned, waving his hands in front of the doctors face. “I tried to tell your nurses at the station that I’m her husband-” He lifted his gold wedding band to their line of sight and waved it back and forth out of annoyance and disregard. “But no one would believe me!” 

  “I believe you sir.” The doctor reassured, clasping Sherlock on the shoulder as he led him and the Watsons in the direction of your room. “Any man that’s so possessive over a woman is sure to be in love if not married to her.” 

Your eyes were just beginning to flutter open at the sound of voices, the morphine in your system numbing most of the pain from your injuries. “Hello?” You called out weakly. “S-Sherlock?” John squeezed his best friends shoulder and motioned for him to step into your room, giving an encouraging nod. 

  “Hello love. You nearly drove me nuts by not answering your stupid phone.” He pulled up the chair beside your bed and took your bruised hand in his own, frowning as he ran his fingers over your knuckles. “I thought you were dead.” 

  “A car crash ending me? That’s the best you can do?” You deadpanned. Your gaze softened as you realized that he was indeed telling the truth- hence why his eyes were glassy and his breathing was eradicated; nearly on the verge of a hysterical breakdown. “Sherlock, I promise I’m fine. Just a broken leg.” You patted the open space beside you and he immediately crawled into it, careful not to dislodge any of your IV’s as his arms wrapped around your thin frame, your head now tucked beneath his chin. “I was backseating the cabbie. He was a terrible driver.” 

He chuckled and buried his face in your hair, inhaling the faint scent of vanilla. “I’m not surprised. You tend to do that to all of them.” A shiver ran down your spine as his fingers wrapped around the ties on your hospital gown, ghosting over the flesh of your back. “They took your lingerie off I bought you for our wedding night. I’m quite offended.” 

  “Yes, because what male doctor throws away scarlet red hot lingerie?” You replied sarcastically. “Check with the personal items. My phone should be in there too.” Mary and John stepped into the room just in time to witness Sherlock carry your face in his own hands ever so gently, his lips pressing against your forehead as he began his search for your personal belongings. 

He didn’t even get to leave the room. 

  “Uh, Sherlock?” Your tone became urgent as your pupils dilated, your focus now on the two people in your doorway. Judging by the way Sherlock regarded them as if he knew them, they weren’t strangers. Not to him anyway. “Who are the people in my doorway? I-I don’t know them. Can they leave?” 

  “Y/n, this is John Watson.’’ Sherlock said slowly, his expression one of confusion as he set his hand on Johns shoulder. “You met him years ago when he moved into the flat with me. You call him Hedgehog because let’s be honest, he looks like one. And he’s basically your brother. Mary? She’s his wife and she’s carrying their child. A little girl. You’ve been helping with the baby shower-” 

  “I don’t know you. Either of you. Can you please leave?” Your finger hovered over the call button on the side of the bed, which was sure to alert any nearby nurses or staff. “I can get you into some serious trouble if you don’t go! Leave!” 

That smile. The one that always said “I have faith in who you are.” 

The endless nights of being locked out of the flat when Sherlock was in his mind palace.

His war stories. 

Their wedding day. The first time Sherlock had really, genuinely expressed how he felt about you despite the fact you’d been dating for well over a year. 

Everything around you- the hospital room, the sheets on your bed, the rank smell of chloro septic in the air. All of it was just so bleak. The woman had started to cry as Sherlock motioned her and her husband from the room to speak to them about whatever was going on. 

You obviously cared about them enough to draw her to tears. But there was the problem. 

Why couldn’t you remember the ones you love?

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Robbie's Awakening Part 4

(Yea I know it’s early but I don’t know if I’ll have time to post this part later. Also, keep in mind when you see in grammatical errors that I don’t nesscarily have the time to proof read my writing nor do I have a beta reader. But yea, onto the fic):

He’s still starving when he reawakens tied back up in the same chair. He groans as his eyelids slowly peel from over his blind eyes, angling his head a little as his nostrils flare. He’s in the same place and… he’s able to clench his fists once again.

“Mmmmaaaarrrrrriiiiiinnnnn?” He called out before he knew what he was doing, head leaning back against the backrest of the chair and rolling along its top. The smooth wood presses into the back of his skull but he doesn’t seem to care. He doesn’t really feel it. He tries to move his feet but… now they’re tied, too. He doesn’t like that. “Mmmmmaaarrrriiiinnnn??”

His voice echoes around him, being that rough and grating voice he’d heard when he had first laughed. It’s almost a hiss mixed with a snarling scoff. That doesn’t sound familiar to him. He pulls at his ankles, grunting as he does so.

There’s a clang behind him and footsteps and he tries again: “Mmmmmaaarrrrriiiiinnnn?!” His voice is louder now, more panicked even to his ears. Is he panicking? He can’t really tell.

“Yes, Robbie, yes!” it’s Marvin’s voice and he tries to twist his neck around to try and find it but it’s too far and he can hear something snap in it. He hears Marvin’s pulsating beat skip in its tune and it upsets him a little. That shouldn’t go off tune. Marvin suddenly appears beside him, alone this time. Strange… where is the one called Henrik? “It’s me, Marvin!”

“Marrriiinnn!” He exclaimed, jaws clamping down a little too hard and a tooth chips. He needs to stop losing teeth, he supposes. It’s probably bad for him in some way.

Marvin shifts to stand in front of him and he seems to have more control now: he’s not pulling at his restraints, wanting to bite into Marvin’s flesh even he doesn’t really want to. There’s a warm red glow to the blob that is Marvin and he guesses it’s happy.

“You remember me any?” Marvin asked and that question confuses him because does he? He catches the flash of what could be a memory: a white mask gleaming in the light, two eyes nearly glowing blue with happiness and black cape fluttering by. He guesses that that must be Marvin so he moves his head up and down in what he thinks is a nod, jittery as it may be. The blob in front of him claps its hand together excitedly. “Can you talk anymore?”

Can he? Marvin really needs to stop asking him so many questions. It’s hard for his mind to process them, he feels like it’s not actually supposed to so t hurts him to do so. He tries, anyway, finding himself to be drawn to this thing of food for some strange reason that’s not hunger. Well, he is drawn towards him in hunger, too, but it’s not just that. Maybe he could communicate how starved he feels…

“Mmmmaaarrriiinnn,” he ground out, tongue flopping about like a useless piece of meat in his mouth. Probably because it is a useless piece of meat he doesn’t know how to use. “Hhhhuuunnn-” he cuts himself off, shakes his head a little and clamps his jaws together before trying again: “Hhhhuuunnnnnnnnngggggrrraaaaahhhhh.”

There’s a pause of silence behind them and Marvin is silent, probably trying to understand what it is he just said. Honestly he’s not too sure if he said it right, actually. He probably didn’t. But he… tried? At least he’s trying, right?

“You're… hungry?” Marvin asked for clarification and it takes him a moment to realize you is him and he nods once more, teeth sinking into his tongue when he accidentally bites down on it. He can feel that same strange and warm liquid gathering in his mouth but it doesn’t necessarily taste like anything to him. Another clap and the blob hops up. “I’ll go get you some food, be right back!”

It disappears from in front of him and he doesn’t like that. He tries to twist his head around once more, smelling heavily at the air to try and find it. “Mmmaaarriiinnn!” He called and his voice is louder than normal. He pulls at the restraints, feeling the ropes digging into his skin.

“It’s okay, Robbie, I’ll be right back with some food!” Marvin called and then there’s that clang again and he knows that he’s alone.

He continues withering in his chair, pulling and tearing at his restrained limbs and hissing and growling constantly. The ropes dig deeper into the skin around his ankles and he hears a small and wet snap from his wrists. At this rate he’s going to end up snapping his hands off again.

But then there’s that clanking noise again and he picks up the smell of Marvin and so he calms down a little, not pulling as much. The blob appears in front of him once more holding another smaller and darker blob. He doesn’t like it’s smell.

“I didn’t know if you’d want it cooked or not,” Marvin explained. “It’s chicken. Your favorite from when you were… do you want it?”

He feels utterly sickened by the scent of this… “food”. That is not what he was wanting in the slightest. It’s not appealing, does not smell good and he wants nothing more than to slap it out of Marvin’s hand.

He growls, grinding his teeth together once more and he narrows his blind eyes. He pushes his back as far as it would go into the chair and angles his head backwards, wanting to get away from the offered “food”.

“Do you… do you not want it?” Marvin asked, confusion filling its voice. He shakes his head in answer, growling once more but louder now. He doesn’t want whatever it is the blob is offering him. He relaxes a little when Marvin sets it aside, away from him. “Then what do you want to eat?”

He knows, but he doesn’t know how to tell. He wants what’s on Marvin but he doesn’t want to hurt Marvin to get it. “Mmaarrrriinnn,” he hissed out.

There’s another pause and the sound of a nervous throat clearing. “You want to… eat me?” Marvin asked and he quickly shakes his head cause no but he doesn’t but that’s the only thing he can say similar to what he wants. “Do you want my.. flesh?” He shakes his head because yes that’s what he wants but he doesn’t want Marvin’s flesh. He just wants flesh. “Do you want… human flesh?” And boom there it is. He hits the back of his head into the chair’s backrest a few times because of how hard he’s nodding.

Marvin hums softly and he believes he’s thinking once more. Must be so much easier to think for the blob. Or maybe it isn’t. He just knows it’s terribly hard for him because his brain feels so weighted and every time he thinks a stabbing pain goes through it. He always tries to ignore it, though. Like he’s been doing this entire time.

“Maybe we could take you to the graveyard…” his ears twitch as he barely picks up the sound of Marvin’s muttering and he focuses more on that now. Wait, he knows what a graveyard is, right? Stones and dead bodies and dirt passed through his hardly functioning mind and he assumes that’s what it is. “Robbie,” his ears perk up and he lifts his head, angling his chin upwards when he hears the word. Isn’t that what he’s called…? “I want to take you where there’s food, but you can’t fight me. You have to trust me and listen to me, do you understand?”

He thinks he does. The words are slowly processing in his brain and he so wishes he could ask the blob to slow down in its speaking but he believes he knows the gist of what he’s saying. He shakily nods in answer, hissing softly as he tries to say, “Eeeessssssssssss”, which he believes is the correct way to respond.

There’s a clap and the ropes are being untied from around his legs. And then his arms. Then there are hands on his shoulders and he’s being helped up. He stands a little shakily, having not actually stood up without running or darting across the floor since he’d first woken up. “You good?” He heard Marvin ask and he jerkily nods once more. “Alright… gotta find a way to keep you from running off…”

Marvin walks from his side and he slowly follows, his step having a slight limp despite him knowing how to walk. He doesn’t know where else to go, so he merely follows Marvin with a small distance between them because he can’t keep up too well.

They make it to the other side of the room before Marvin finally stops, humming in thought. He’s hardly able to stop in time before he collides into Marvin, grunting as he does so. It is very difficult to control his muscles when he’s not moving quickly, oddly enough…

“Ah!” Marvin suddenly exclaimed and he jumps in surprise from the loud noise. Marvin turns back to him and he can feel it wrapping something around his upper body, tightening whatever it is in the back once it’s wrapped fully. He makes a noise of question, once more trying to twist his head fully around instead of merely turning his entire body. The thing around him smells strange and dull and he doesn’t like it much. It comes back to him as a dull red, nothing of interest to him.

“It’s a harness!” Marvin said in answer and he still doesn’t know what that is too well. He grunts again, hoping that would make him explain it more. Strange creatures with thick amounts of fur pops into his mind’s eye when he heard the word. “You know, straps of cloth to snap a leash on. Henrik must of had it for some reason… I’m not even going to question why.” There’s a pause before a hand is rested on his back and he’s being prodded forward. He takes a stumbling step forward and he nearly falls, but he catches himself in the end. “Let’s go get a leash now.”

He wants to ask why a leash is necessary. Why would they need one if they’re going to go and eat? He needs to be able to move, he thinks. If his food is anything like Henrik and Marvin he is going to have to be fast to be able to catch anything. A “leash”, as Marvin called it, brings up thoughts of being restrained and it confuses him to no end. Maybe he could somehow communicate this to it…

He scours his mind as he’s guided to another dull red color, this one being in the middle of an even duller color which surrounds the entire room. Curious as to what it is, and losing track of what he had been trying to think, he reaches a hand out to the dull red color and finds it to be cold and solid beneath his fingers. So this entire surface surrounds the entire room? But, why?

Marvin stops in it’s tracks when it realizes that he had stopped. It had started to pass him because it does move much faster than him. “What are you doing, Robbie?” it asked him.

And some how, some strange way, he answers it: “Jus crriossss.” His own eyes widen and he can smell the surprise coming from Marvin. He’s not sure what he said, but he thinks he meant how he feels as he runs a hand along the hard surface beneath it.

He can hear Marvin swallow heavily before asking: “W-what are you curious about?”

He tilts his head and decides to not even think about saying anything now like before. Perhaps the words come more naturally to him if he doesn’t really think… “T’e.. ‘ardnesssss… an…. ssssssoooootttttttt….” he knows he is isn’t speaking properly but… he still is… kind of? Right? His tongue does seem to refuse to work completely properly, just like the rest of his muscles.

“Do you mean the wall?” Marvin questioned.


“Why does it interest you, though?” It then asked and he’s getting tired of the questions because he’s finding it harder and harder to speak the more he does.

“Wan’ed tah… feel t’e…. re’,” he tried, finding it hard to see how in the world Marvin is still understanding him. He’s having a troublesome time understanding himself so it must be very difficult for the other.

“What red?”

“t’e… wal… re’.”

“The wall isn’t red, Robbie,” Marvin pointed out and this confuses the hell out of him. Everything is red. He should try telling it that.

“E’ry… tiNg… i’…. r’E…” he informed Marvin, turning his blind eyes on the blob. He can only make out the red around him if his face is in the direction of what he’s smelling. Marvin is a bright and pulsing red blob amongst dimmer red surrounding him.

Marvin falls silent and he can understand that. He can hardly understand anything he’s thinking much less speaking.

“Can you see me?” It then asked after a minute of silence, slightly shocking him.

He tilts his head and doesn’t know how to explain it. Of course he can see it. But… for some reason he has a feeling that how he sees is incorrect in a way.

“I… sssssseee…. re’,” he ended up saying, grinding his teeth a moment later. He doesn’t mean to do that. He just doesn’t know how hard he should bite down when he’s trying to relax his jaw or merely close it.

“Just red?”


“Huh, odd,” Marvin stated and then grabs his forearm. He jumps at the sudden physical contact and it apologizes a moment later. “We’ll worry about that later. For now, until Henrik gets back, let’s go get you some food. No one else should be here so we should be able to go straight through the house.”

It’s talking way too fast again and he understood half of what it said, the other half going through one ear and leaving the other. He slowly blinks and begins to shakily walk once more, nearly tripping when there’s a sudden incline in the ground.

“Oh, right,” Marvin said and he focuses on it again. “There’s stairs here. As in steps. As in lift your foot up,” he does, “move it forward,” he does, “and now set it down,” he does, “good. Now just continue doing that.”

It’s a struggle for both of them to get up what Marvin calls the stairs but they eventually do. Marvin is panting but he doesn’t have to at all. He smells at the new area, moving his head back and forth to better make out his environment. They’re in a larger room now and a strange dull red blob is in the center surrounded by more dull red blobs. How interesting. The “wall” of this room continues on until a door on each side breaks the constant color, one not even having a door but an open archway into another, smaller room. He wishes he could see in not just red but he doesn’t really know the difference. Or… does he? He does remember other colors but… he doesn’t? He decides not to ponder this fact. It hurts his brain too much.

Once he’s unfocused from these thoughts he realizes that Marvin is no longer beside him. He grows panicked and confused and smells at the air, grinding his teeth together when he can’t find him. He begins to stumble about, trying his best to find the now missing Marvin because currently it is the only thing he really understands at all in this confusing world he… reawoke into.

“Mmmmmmaaarrrriiiinnnnn?!” he called out, scratchy and hollow voice hardly reaching through the enclosed space he is now in. He speeds up a little, smelling at the air frantically to try and pick up its scent. “Maaarrriiinnn?!”

There’s a loud bang from nearby and he has to hunch over a little because it’s such a loud noise and it makes his ears ache. Marvin reappears a moment later, holding another dull line in its hands.

“Sorry, did I scare you?” Marvin asked and he nods in his jittery way of nodding. He smells guilt coming from the blob. “I won’t do that again. But I got the leash. Hold still now, I’m clipping it to your back.”

He does as Marvin asked, going deadly still. If he weren’t keeping his balance he would have fallen by now. There’s a small click behind him and then a tug and he nearly falls over. If a hand hadn’t stopped him he would have landed on his back. He’s straightened a moment later and Marvin comes to stand in front of him.

“Alright, the leash is on,” Marvin informed and it shifts a little. He catches what it calls a leash and runs his fingers up and down it, it feeling rough against his skin. He doesn’t much like it. “Sorry, I don’t know how you’ll react when we’re around dead bodies. You may go crazy and train and run off. You’re Robbie, but you’re also a zombie.”

And he doesn’t know why, but that sentence honestly makes something shrivel up inside in pain. A strange pain he hadn’t yet felt. Like.. somehow those words hurt him. Like they went inside and twisted everything up. He doesn’t like this pain.

He’s more than a “zombie”, right? Hadn’t Marvin said that himself before?

Isn’t he… “Robbie”?


The next part is the longest I’ve written so far so look forward to that. Man it’s fun to write this and a lot of people are liking it! Makes me happy :)

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Home Base

A/N: Rucas one-shot that just popped into my head one day. 
Summary: It’s the semi-finals. One win away from advancing to the State Championships. The bases are not loaded…but Riley Matthews sure is. 
Word count: 1,346

His shoulders were heaving with unsteady breaths. Lucas could feel the heat of the sun bearing down on him as a bead of sweat slowly made its way down the tip of his nose. The crowd was screaming incomprehensively, the cheering squad blowing their horns. His eyes glanced at the scoreboard. It was the bottom of the 9th, the visiting team from Eleanor Roosevelt High leading by one, as the Patriots of Abigail Adams High were out to bat, with 1 out and a player on first base.

Nerves were settling in as he watched his teammate and best friend Zay on home plate, waiting for the next pitch. His gaze then scanned over the crowd, coming to a halt in the front row bleachers when he met Riley’s eyes. He suddenly forgot how to breathe as the rest of the world fades away. She smiled at him and waved; motioning to the jersey she was wearing. It was his old baseball uniform from last year’s season.

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Go On, Then (Draco Malfoy x reader-- drabble)

A/N: ouch my heart,,, also i just wanna said that i’m not really gonna be writing too much smut at the moment bc i’ve literally just written so much in the past few weeks when before i barely wrote it at all.. it’s just very repetitive and i’m just having a very hard time making it different every time,, i’ll be doing the remus one that was requested a few weeks back but then i’m taking a break from smut. i’m really sorry guys.
#15- “If I could, I would kiss away all of your scars.”
#82- “I want you. Right here. Right now.”

word count: 468
warnings: none

You and Draco finally moved in together, after years of planning. It’s the middle of summer and you haven’t had time to install the A/C in your new place, in fact, you’re still moving boxes inside. It’s quite exhausting, really, especially in the heat. You would normally just use magic to get everything where you want it, but you’ve moved into an apartment, surrounded by muggles.

You’ve been carrying boxes up, wearing shorts and a tank top; Draco’s only wearing shorts. It’s the end of the night now. You both throw yourselves onto your couch, the only piece of furniture in your living room, currently. You glance around the room at all the cardboard, still out of breath and sweating. You look over at your boyfriend, only to see him staring at you. You smile and wipe the perspiration from your forehead.

“You know, I was really looking forward to this, until I realized how much work it was.” He chuckles, running a hand through his hair and throwing his head back.

You nod. You find your eyes going to his chest, as they have every time you see him without a shirt on. “Draco, you know, you never told me where you got those scars.”

He brings his attention back to you, caught off guard. “Oh, these?” He traces the three long white lines across his torso. “These were from Potter. Don’t you remember that?”

“Vaguely.” You reply, “Refresh my memory.”

He goes on to tell you what happened in the bathroom that day, how Harry used a hex on him that could very easily have killed him. You can tell that it’s a bit of a hard memory for him to look back on. He’s not proud of what he’s done in the past. You’ve assured him, countless times, that it’s okay, that you don’t blame him for anything, that you’re just happy that he’s okay, and here with you.

You lean your head on his shoulder. “If I could, I would kiss away all of your scars.” You mutter.

He smiles at you. “Go on, then.”

You giggle as you begin pressing your lips to the marks. He squirms a little. “Does it hurt?” You look up at him, slightly worried.

“No, no. I’m just…” He trails off, cupping your cheeks in his hands. “I love you.” He brings his lips to yours. The kiss is warm, hungrier than you expected. You pull away, surprised. “I want you. Right here. Right now.”

You laugh, “Sweetheart, it’s nearly 100 degrees out. And we’ve got boxes everywhere and-”

He pulls you back into him. “I know, I know. I just-” He pauses midway through his sentence to kiss you again. “I need you.”

You see the pure lust in his eyes and you melt entirely. “Okay.”

Waltz #1
Elliott Smith
Waltz #1

Every time the day 
Darkens down and goes away 
Pictures open in my head 
Of me and you, silent and cliché 
All the things we did and didn’t say
Covered up by what we did and didn’t do 
Going through every out I used to
Cop to make the repetition stop
What was I supposed to say?
Now I never leave my zone 
We’re both alone, I’m going home
I wish I’d never seen your face

Whatever you Want

I’m SO sorry this is late. Crazy few days and when I had time to write a few hours ago, my nieces wanted my attention. But here ya go! I’m sorry, I’m horrible when it comes to these prompts since I don’t do smut, but enjoy anyway!


Although both Sylvie and Antonio had off today, she went to her apartment for a few hours to clean up and make sure she still had an apartment to go to. Ever since her and Antonio got together a few months ago, she rarely spent a night at her apartment. However, sometimes she had to go there to pick up some more clothes and make sure everything was good.

Antonio made jokes about paying rent for a place that she barely slept in, but they both knew they weren’t ready to take another step in their relationship right now. And to be honest, Sylvie was happy. More happy than she has been in her life.

Diego and Eva were also supposed to come later tonight and she wanted to get things done at her place first and then spend the night with them. In the beginning of their relationship, Sylvie thought it was best if she didn’t sleep over when he had the kids because she didn’t want to make them uncomfortable or be the reason why they didn’t visit their father. But after a while, she started spending the night while they were there.

After a few hours, Sylvie drove back to Antonio’s apartment. She walked over to his door and she unlocked it, walking inside. As she closed the door, she heard him yelling.

“What the hell?” She whispered as she locked the door and headed towards his voice.

She walked over to the bedroom and she leaned against the door frame, as she listened to him yelling into the phone.

“Laura, you can’t do this.” He said, exasperated. “They are my kids.”

Sylvie sighed, knowing what she was saying without being on the phone.

“Laura! Laura!”

Sylvie assumed she hung up the phone and giving him a few minutes in silence, she walked further in the room.

She didn’t say anything, wanting to give him time alone to process the information but also wanting to let him know she was there.

“Hey.” He said as he looked up, hearing her footsteps. “I didn’t realize you came home.”

“Yeah, you seem preoccupied.” She said, referring to the phone call. She wanted him to know that she heard.

“Yeah.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Laura just being Laura.”

“You know, all she is doing is pushing the kids away.”

“Not really. She probably is making the kids think I don’t want to spend time with them. I was looking forward to this all week. It was the first time in a month that I had the kids while you also had off.” He sighed heavily.

Sylvie sat down next to him on the bed and she placed her hand on his thigh. “That’s not true. The kids know you love them. They may let Laura tell them these lies, but they know the truth.” She said, trying to get Antonio to see that he wasn’t going to lose the kids.

“I already have a rocky relationship with Eva. She isn’t making this any better.” He said, frustrated. “Sometimes I wonder if me and Laura stayed together how my relationship with Eva would be like.” Realizing what he said, he shook his head. “I mean–”

Sylvie shook her head, interrupting him. “I know what you mean. But probably. Teenagers are hard to deal with. Every teenage daughter rebels against their father. Whether they live with their father or not, every father goes through this. But don’t worry, Eva knows you love her.”

He sighed and he nodded his head. “Okay.” Although he was still in an upset mood, he wasn’t allowing Laura to mess up his night with Sylvie. She could ruin his time with his kids, but not with his girlfriend.

“Hey, I know you would rather see your kids right now, we can still do whatever you want. We can go out to eat, or just go out a night on the town. Something we never get to do. So, come on.” She urged him. She didn’t want to see him so upset and wanted to get his mind off of things.

“Actually, since Laura ruined our night with the kids and—” Antonio began, a small smile forming on his lips. ” It’s just you and me tonight. I was thinking we could have a little fun.”

“Oh yeah?”  Her own smile formed on her lips. “I have a feeling I’m going to need more energy for this, so let’s go grab some dinner?” She suggested. “I could make dinner or we could order in? Whatever you want.”

“I think ordering in sounds perfect. That way we can have some fun before it gets here” He said in a flirty tone.

Sylvie laughed, shaking her head. “Well, I did say whatever you want, didn’t I?” She grinned. “So, let’s order the food and then I’m all yours.”

“Sounds good.“ He smiled softly. “Thank you.”

Just Like Tales II - Vampire!AU

Baekhyun fanfic - Vampire!AU

Chapters: (1) / (2) / (3) / (4)*


Waking up the next day you feel this immense pain through your whole body, and a slight headache. Strange, you call it. You can’t remember doing something that could make you feel like you ran a marathon. The last thing you remember is.. being at Baekhyun’s house and now you are suddenly back in your own room.

And even more peculiar is when you decided to make yourself presentable for the day… you meet something strange in the mirror.

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anonymous asked:

(3/3, sorry didn't think it would be so long!) but anyway I'm really worried cause he's self conscious as it is and I know this could really damage his self esteem and it's really weird and I don't understand what's happening :( I mean yeah I was sleepy but I've been sleepier and thoroughly enjoyed our time.. I mean it still felt good but honestly usually it feels like the top of my head is gonna come off and now I have to work for it but nothing has like changed, I don't understand :'(

It’s honestly nothing to worry about, every couple goes through ups and downs emotionally and sexually. Sometimes things are great and you can’t keep your hands off each other and other times you just aren’t vibing. It doesn’t mean either of you are doing anything wrong, you’re just not clicking and that’s okay. Things will pick up again soon, but while you wait, you could always try helping coax it along by doing something that gets you both excited, if you catch my drift 😅

anonymous asked:

Do you have tips for feeling grounded during performance? I've been told that I *seem* very grounded, but tbh I feel like I don't know what to do with my hands and my body isn't mine and I want to crawl out of it. I don't have a problem in master class because those are every week and it's just my studio, but in competition and jury my technique goes, and I always leave frustrated that what I did in the practice room didn't translate when it mattered.

I like to think of my body having lines of energy that flow down through my feet into the ground and shoot out my head and hands. It keeps my limbs from going limp or feeling weak as I perform, and keeps my whole body energized. Comfort comes with practice too, and it’s not uncommon to feel out of your body at times! Keep practicing and getting feedback from professors and trusted colleagues, and you’ll get there!


You grab me so aggressively,
But it feels so soft.
Every slap is like a kiss
Every spank, like a hug
And every time you call me your “little slut”
I know I am loved.
Every thrust, I scream louder,
Every touch I want more,
And every inch of your body makes me
Act like a whore,
But your moans are my favorite.

You kiss me so intensely,
And it burns my heart with pleasure.
The way your hands meet my chest,
Or how you lick my inner thighs,
And the way you spit on me
When you’ve taken me from behind.
The way you admire my body,
Or how you kiss my neck,
And the way your face looks
When I’m giving you head.
But your moans are my favorite.

You hold me so sweetly,
I’ve never been so in love.
I can hear your heart pounding,
I remember when you said:
You never liked cuddling
Until I was in your bed.
I can still taste you,
For it lingers on my tongue,
I wonder what you’d say
If I told you you’re the one.
Because you are my favorite.

Two left feet: Imagine Fili falling in love with you even more when he watches you dance

Fili’s POV

Pairing: Fili x Reader

Words: 505

A/N: A short drabble, and the kingdom dance from Tangled was the inspriation source.

The feast was going on for a while now. Erebor has been reclaimed. And Thorin got crowned a few hours ago. And somehow, Kili was nowhere to be found. There was loud laughter and heavy footsteps on the floor. Violins and percussion were played by men and woman standing on the edge of the floor.

I’ve been watching her for a while. Her smile kills me. Once in a minute our eyes meet and she regularly motions with her hand, asking me to join her. But I shake my head every time she does. Her hair dances around her. Her laughter goes through skin and bones. I love how her dress flows around her like water. I love it how she’s so carefree. I wish I had some of hers.

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