what my day consists of

I’m sure I won’t be on time so it’s bit early lol

BUT it’s either now or never…so…Happy early Valentine everyone! 

Have more Maki!! 




Elena Delle Donne in Nike’s Snow Day and Behind the Scenes.

Happy Valentine’s Day fuckos! Here’s what my valentines got. My day has consisted of: 

- Being given Frank Turner tickets (for May) as my present 

- My valentines being 8,000km away from, and 8 hours ahead of, myself. 

- Being told my almost-16yo cat is most likely blind in one eye. 

- PMS out of my eyeballs. I cried at The Beach Boys. 

- Dying my hair. 

 So mixed bag, mixed bag

York is a huge AI stan and he gets so ticked around “we’re all going to be enslaved by AI! we’re relying too much on artificial intelligence! the end is nigh!” type fearmongering. And the arguments are always awkward because eventually the person’s like ‘and what do YOU know about AI’ because he is obviously not someone who has a phd in AI theory but he can’t admit to sharing a consciousness with an Actual AI so he’s just like “I read it on the internet bye”

05•04 | 6/100

im so so so sorry for the lack of posts lately and for posting my productivity days a day later but here is what last night consisted of :) for one of my units we have to choose a small object and work on a series of sketches using different rendering techniques :+))) 

p.s charcoal is a struggle to work with dshfksdhkf

EDIT! i re-edited the photo and made it brighter cause the other one was too dim