what my dash was slow

Need some new blogs to follow.

My dash is slow and not really what my heart craves rn, so feel free to reblog if you post:

- Haikyuu!! (bonus points for seijoh)
- Voltron
- Kagepro
- Fire Emblem
- Love Live!
- Boku no Hero Academia
- Persona Series
- Pokémon
- Evangelion
- Pandora Hearts

On a more general scale also:

- Shitty memes and shitposts
- Dogs
- International Fashion/Couture
- Fashion in general, really
- Cloud/sky asthetic
- Vintage aesthetic
- Food (especially candy and pastries)

I’ll definitely try my best to check y’all out!

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Hi guys!

I’m popping in during my busy day to post something that is probably a bit controversial based on what I’m seeing happening on my dash….

Take a deep breath! Slow down!

I love that everyone is excited about all the Emma, Hook, and Captain Swan related spoilers that have been hitting us this week. It’s been a really fun time and the news all looks very promising. I’m not going to say manage your expectations … but I am going to just give a little warning:

Headcanons are not canon.

Last year I saw the fandom melt down after 4A because the arc didn’t resolve in the way that people wanted it to. It really wasn’t fun to look at my dash for a couple weeks because it was filled with disappointment. The writers intended to focus on different characters for last year’s mid-season finale and a lot of shipmates took it really hard.

I just don’t want to see everyone explode in anger if this arc doesn’t end the way they want it to. We’ve got a lot of good news and there are a lot of good theories bouncing around. Please, continue posting them but let’s just all remember that it may end up going a completely different way than we expected.

Now, keep having fun!