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nightmare starters part 2

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“Will you please tell me what they’re about?! How do you expect me to help if you don’t tell me?!”
“You should go and see someone about those nightmares. They’re only getting worse, aren’t they?”
“Can we sleep with the lights on?”
“I haven’t slept peacefully in weeks.”
“I can’t tell you my nightmare this time… It’s too bad, I don’t want to have to say it out loud.”
“Can I sleep in your room? I don’t think I’ll be able to fall asleep in my own bed.”
“I’m sorry for waking you… I had a really bad nightmare.”
“I can’t stop thinking about that weird dream I had weeks ago. It’s like it’s haunting me.”
“You look exhausted. Bad night?”
“Calm down, calm down. It was just a dream. It’s over now.”
“You’re overreacting. Everyone has bad dreams sometimes. No need to get all weird about it.”
“Are you still thinking about that nightmare? I’m sure it didn’t mean anything, okay? We’re not in a horror movie.”
“You should go to the doctor. These nightmares are making you miss sleep and you’re always exhausted. Get help.”
“How about you come and sleep in my bed? I’ll watch over you while you fall asleep, I promise.”
“I think I’d feel less tired if I didn’t sleep at all anymore. These nightmares are killing me.”
“I thought you didn’t get them anymore.”
“I guess it was a bad idea to watch a horror movie before bed…”
“When will you finally tell me what they’re about?”
“Wow, you look exhausted. Did you sleep at all last night?”
“Oh my god, that was horrible… that was so horrible…”
“How about you sleep in my bed for the coming days? It can be like a sleepover. I’m sure you’ll feel good enough and the nightmares will stay away!”
“I can’t breathe! It was real, it was!”
“Have you tried writing them down? They might go away if you do…”
“Have you any idea how worried I am? Please tell me what’s up with you or I can’t help! You look exhausted!”
“Please leave the light on.”
“Have you any idea what’s causing these nightmares?”
“I don’t think you understand how exhausting it is to not have had a good night’s rest in weeks.”

Don’t Say Anything (part 7)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Pietro being a little shit, Bucky being annoying

A/N: You guys wanted Bucky’s pov so I’m giving you Bucky’s pov. I hope you like it :) Have any of you watched Rupaul’s Drag Race? What do you think about season 9? Who’s your fav so far? I like Shea Coulee, Nina Bo’nina Brown, Aja, Peppermint but my number 1 is definitely Farrah Moan. I don’t really like Trinity Taylor so far though.

“Movie night!” Tony’s voice rang throughout the building. “I have taken the liberty of choosing a movie already.”

Everyone filed into the living room, sitting down where open spots were. Nat and Bucky sat next to each other on the couch opposite of you while Pietro plopped down beside you, wrapping his arm behind you on the sofa.

“What movie is it?” Steve questioned.

“A little something I like to call ‘How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days’.” Tony smiled as he clicked play on the movie. Everyone groaned.

“We watched this last week.” Wanda spoke.

“And we’re watching it this week as well.”

“Someone else needs to pick a movie for movie night. It can’t always be you, Tony.” Nat laughed, curling up next to Bucky.

Tony rolls his eyes and takes a seat next to Steve, opting not to respond to the red head. 20 minutes into the movie, Natasha scoots towards Bucky. He lifts his arm, allowing Nat to cuddle up to him even more. He wraps his arm around her, pulling her ever so close to him. Bucky kisses Nat’s temple all while looking directly at you.

The super soldier felt his heart break when he saw a flash of hurt in your eyes.

Is she okay? Why does she look so sad? Was it Pietro? If he did anything to Y/N..

He was pulled from his thoughts when Pietro placed a pillow on Y/N’s lap and laid down. Her hands instantly go to his hair, fingers threading the blonde locks. Bucky felt his body tense up at the sight. He remembers when you would run your fingers through his hair after he had a nightmare or even when you two were just hanging out.

“I love when you run your fingers through my hair, my love.” Pietro sighed happily, loud enough for Bucky to hear. He gripped the couch when he heard you giggle.

Bucky doesn’t know why he was feeling this way. He had Nat. There’s no way he liked you.. Right? No. Absolutely not. You were just his friend. Natasha was the whole package. He looked down at Nat who was under his arm and smiled. But his smiled faded all too fast when he looked back at you and Pietro, seeing him making you giggle even more.

Bucky rolled his eyes. “Some of us are trying to watch a movie.” he glared directly at Pietro.

The two of you look over at him and Pietro smirked. “Then watch it.”

“I can’t when you keep making Y/N laugh.” the brunette snapped.

“Hearing Y/N laugh is a problem? I think her laugh is music to my ears.” he smiled, knowing how angry he was making Bucky.

“Do that some other time.” Bucky was trying to keep his cool and trying not to cause a scene but judging by how everyone was looking at him, it was clear that he had made a scene.

“When you love someone-”

“Oh shut up!” Bucky cut Pietro off. The blonde opened his mouth to say something back until you slapped your hand over his mouth to shut him up.

“Stop it.” you mutter. “C’mon, Piet. Let’s go to sleep.”

You nudge him with your knee and he stands up, offering his hand to you which you gladly take. Bucky watches as you leave the room and his mouth opens and closes. He wanted to tell you to stay, to come sit next to him, but he didn’t.

When he heard your door shut, he leaned back into the couch, closed his eyes and let out a long, frustrated sigh.

He spent the next day lying in bed with Nat. It was a lazy day for the team. It was good to get some down time.

“Bucky.” Nat said softly as her fingers traced his arm.

“Hmm?” he hummed in response. All he’s been thinking about was you. He had no idea why. And now that Pietro was here, being all clingy and shit, it wasn’t helping.

“Is something wrong?”

He gives her a confused look. “Why would there be something wrong?”

Nat shrugged. “You’ve just been acting a bit weird ever since Y/N found out about us.”

“I was just scared that she’d tell everyone.” he murmured.

“We told everyone we were dating a couple of days ago, Bucky and you’re still being weird. Like, what was that last night?” the red head moved to sit up. Bucky copied her actions.

“What was what?” he knew what she was talking about but played dumb.

“You going off on Pietro. He didn’t even do anything.” she replied.

“He was making Y/N laugh.”

“So? Steve’s laughed during a movie and you’ve never gave him shit for it.”

“It was disrupting the movie, Nat. The movie that I was trying to watch.” he tried his best not to roll his eyes because if he did, she’d murder him.

“Wanda and Tony have disrupted plenty of movies - I have too and not once have you said anything. Something’s wrong. I know you don’t really like Pietro but you usually ignore him.” she says and she’s right. Bucky would usually ignore Pietro whenever he was over. So why was last night any different?

Bucky sighed. “I don’t know what you want me to say, Natasha. I just got irritated, alright?”

“Is this because him and Y/N are a thing now? Are you mad that she might be replacing you with him?” Nat questioned and Bucky gave her a look.

“What do you mean by ‘thing’? They’re not together. There’s no way in hell that they’re together.” his voice raised as he spoke. Y/N would never date Pietro. He knew she wouldn’t.

“I wouldn’t doubt it.” she shrugged. “They make a cute couple.”

Bucky’s jaw tenses. “No they don’t.”

Natasha knits her eyebrows together. “What’s wrong with you, seriously? You can’t be happy for Y/N? She’s getting over that asshole she used to like.”

“Pietro is an asshole.”

Natasha rolled her eyes at the super soldier but before she could reply, the door opened, revealing Y/N and wow did she look beautiful.

She looks beautiful everyday, what am I thinking?

“Hey guys.” you say softly, eyes wandering between Bucky and Nat.

“Hey snooka.” Nat greeted. Y/N gives her a little smile before turning to Bucky.

“Sorry if I interrupted something but I was wondering if you still had those coupons for free milkshakes?” you tilt your head in the most adorable way and Bucky smiled.

“Yeah, I do. Why? You wanna go get some milkshakes?” he couldn’t hide the excitement in him. Just the thought of hanging out with Y/N for the day made him so happy. The last time you two had hung out together was the day at the zoo and that didn’t go so well. He still doesn’t know why you broke down crying.

“Umm.. I was gonna take Pietro with me. We don’t want to stay in the building all day.” you say, biting the inside of your cheek.

His eyes went dark and he clenched his hands. Getting milkshakes was a Y/N and Bucky thing, not a Y/N and Pietro thing.

“Uh, well here.” he digs around in his drawer before pulling out the coupons. Bucky stood up and walked around his bed to hand over the papers. “I can come if you want. We haven’t hung out together in a while.”

You bit your bottom lip. “No, it’s fine. You stay here with Nat, maybe some other time.” you take the coupons from his hand. “Thanks Bucky.”

He watches as you walk out of his room and over to the elevator where Pietro was waiting for you. The blonde makes eye contact with Bucky and smirked as he draped his arm around your shoulders before entering the elevator.

A/N: Here you gooooooo, tell me what ya think! :)



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I watched the musical (again) last night and the ending just really fucked me up. In the musical Veronica still loved JD but she can’t because of what they did. In the movie she’s really mad and wants him gone. When JD dies in the movie it’s probably because he feels like nobody loves him anymore and he’s better of dead while in the musical JD trades his life for Veronicas’ and she doesn’t want him to die. That made me really sad. And i’m sad that i’ll probably never see the musical with the original cast on stage.

Watched in 2017 #71

Beauty and the Beast (2017), dir. Bill Condon ★★★

Screen: Pittsford Plaza Cinema 9


Overview: The reader and Sam decide to mess with Dean through…easily confused wordplay.

Warnings: a smidgen of language, sexual innuendos, fluff, and fruit being sexy

A/N: I asked Lee to give me a prompt yesterday and this is what transpired from it. I had too much fun writing this @wheresthekillswitch :)

It had started as innocent. All things with Sam seemed to start that way, but all things with Sam also had a bad habit of escalating at a rather…fast pace. I’m not claiming clean hands in this – together, Sam and I had always been evil masterminds. And this time wasn’t any different.

We had just gotten back from a grocery run and everyone was helping put the items away. I was unpacking the bag of fruit when a sharp jab to my ribcage from Sam’s elbow made me glare and roll my eyes at him. He just wiggled his eyebrows at me, unable to keep the excited grin off his face.

“Pull it together,” I mouthed. He quickly cleared his face of any and all emotions.

“So…Dean,” I said calmly, “can you feel my melons?”

His hand froze halfway to the pantry with the box of cereal it was holding. He slowly turned his head, “Um…what?”

“My melons,” I repeated, “I mean, Sam felt them earlier and said they were firm enough but I just wasn’t sure.”

The box of cereal almost slipped out of his hands, but he managed to catch it after a brief spout of fumbling. “Sam did - what are you – I’m sorry, what?”

Dean didn’t have much time to react as I swiftly tossed a cantaloupe in his direction. He caught it and then just stared down at the round fruit in his hands, confusion written all over his face.

“Yeah, my melons,” I said, pulling the second cantaloupe out of the bag, “think they’re firm enough?”

I saw his knuckles whiten a bit as his grip tightened around the fruit. He briskly walked over to the refrigerator, jerked the door open with a little too much force, and then haphazardly tossed the cantaloupe inside, “I’m sure they’re fine.”

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Opening Night (Lin-Manuel x Reader)


so here’s this story, i’m not going to put a “read more” option, because the last two times i’ve done that, it’s derped really hard, so you’re just going to have to scroll, sorry. also sorry for mistakes, i’ve been writing this for like 5 hours straight i’m pretty out of it

Prompt: “I don’t want to do this, not without her”

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x reader

Warnings: A little bit sad at one point, terrible cliches

Word Count: 3,260 (hahaha sorry)

Three years before opening night

The usually quiet coffee shop was incredibly crowded, and you sighed before getting in line, reluctant to trade the comfort of familiarity for a shorter wait somewhere else might offer. So you waited and paid for the drink, pocketing your change while your eyes skimmed the tables and rested on a small, empty one in the corner. Once you were settled and had your laptop in front of you, you began to relax.

New York was very different than where you were from. The soaring buildings and chaotic streets made you nervous at first, but after a few months, they were oddly comforting, and you often found yourself smiling for no particular reason as you would weave your way through the crowded sidewalks on the way to school and work. You were a secretary for a large company, and although the job was simple and enjoyable enough, it was only to help you finish your degree in music. You’d been searching for a more practical career your entire life, but it had been last year when it hit you that everything you did led back to music anyways, so why not pursue it? So here you were in New York–lost and confused with very few friends and not a lot of money, but for what felt like the first time since graduating high school, you were living.

You looked up from your laptop as someone cleared their throat. A dark-haired man was standing in front of you, a coffee in his hands and a smile on his face. “Do you mind if I sit here? I promise I won’t be much bother.”

“No problem. It’s pretty crowded today.” You pulled your bag onto your side of the table and out of the stranger’s way.

As he settled, he pulled a laptop from his bag and placed it on the table across from yours. “My name’s Lin.”

“I’m (Y/N),” you offered, a smile slipping onto your face as you bit your tongue and turned back to you work. If there was one thing you’d learned about New Yorkers, it was that they were usually in some sort of rush, and rarely in the mood to talk while in public.

You continued to work in silence until your coffee was gone, and even then you stayed. For some reason, you couldn’t make yourself get up and walk away from this man. So you kept stealing glances any chance you got. Whenever you almost worked up the willpower to leave, his eyes would squint in concentration, or he would chuckle to himself, or bite his lip, and you’d be glued to the seat once again.

It had been almost an hour of watching him and pretending to work when he finally spoke. “Sorry, don’t want to interrupt, but can you think of anything that rhymes with ‘satisfied’?”

His question caught you off guard. “Uh… Cyanide?”

Lin’s eyes shot up to meet yours and a laugh escaped his lips. “That’s great, but I don’t think it quite fits with the story.”

“So what is the story?” you challenged, determined to help him find a word that fit.

He looked back down at his screen. “You really don’t want me to get started.”

“I have all day,” you lied, thinking of the things you needed to do.

His expression was hesitant and a little bit defensive as he began to talk. “Well, I’m writing a musical about Alexander Hamilton.”

You blinked. “Like, the founding father?”

“That’s the one.”

“You’re kidding!”

A silent sort of determination burned in his eyes. “I’m not, actually.” He withdrew into himself and started typing again.

“I want to hear this.” Once again, his eyes were on yours and you smiled. “C’mon, I’m getting a degree in music. I want to see how you’ve done this.”

“Well, it’s not finished yet…”

“Oh, that’s fine, just let me listen.” You pulled your chair up next to his, and one demo and a few explanations later, you knew this was going to be incredible.

You stayed in that coffee shop for three hours that day, talking and rhyming and learning more about Alexander Hamilton. Lin was like no one you’d ever met before. He was so passionate about this project, all hurried words and wild hand gestures, and he carried with him a steadfast will to see this project come to fruition. You fell in love with the lyrics he so carefully wrote, with the blueprint of this concept he so eagerly showed you. Hamilton took root in your heart then, and you knew you’d never be able to pull it out.

Eventually though, you had to pay attention to the clock you’d been shamefully ignoring. “Lin, I really need to leave now. But I want to hear more about this! I want to be there the night it opens on Broadway.”

He smiled, thankful for your support. “I’ll save you a seat. Front row.”

“Promise?” you asked as you finished typing your number into his phone.

“As long as you promise to come once you realize how ridiculous the whole idea is.”

You smirked, pulling your bag onto your shoulder and pushing your chair back under the table. “It’s a deal.”

One year before opening night

“Come on, Lin. You need to finish this!” You snatched his phone from his hands as he yelled indignantly.

“Hey! I need to respond to that!”

“No, you need to work, I’ve got it.” Of course he was on Twitter. So you typed a tweet for him, informing everyone that he would be taking a break to actually get some work done… for once. You spent a few minutes scrolling through his feed, laughing softly every now and then, until you felt Lin’s looking at you, a ridiculous pout on his face.

“Why do you get to have fun while I’m over here slaving away?”

“Shh, I’m trying to read.” When he kept his gaze locked on you, you sighed. “Pick up your pen, and start writing.”

Lin groaned and put his head on his dining room table. “It’s too cold in here to work!”

“Then turn down the AC.”

“But I’m trying to write. I think you should do it.”

You rolled your eyes and pushed your seat back from his table as Lin seemed to be struck with an idea he quickly wrote down. After grabbing a blanket out of his room and adjusting the temperature, you came back to find that Lin had migrated to the couch where he sat with his feet up on the coffee table, writing something in a notebook.

Before you had a chance to sit down, he said, “Oh, and I think I’ll need some hot chocolate, too.”

“It’s summer, Lin.”

“Do you want me to finish this musical or not? I need hot chocolate!”

You threw the blanket at him, but one warm drink later, you found yourself dozing off by his side while he hummed softly. You weren’t concerned–you’d fallen asleep on his couch and vice versa plenty of times. Right before you slipped out of consciousness, he looked at his notebook and sang a line so quietly you almost missed it. “Pick up a pen, start writing.”

Your eyes opened a tiny crack, the faintest hint of a smile on your face before you fell asleep.

Lin watched you for a few moments until your breathing became steady and slow. “You know, (Y/N), I think I love you.”

He kissed your forehead and tucked in the blanket around you, smiling as he turned off the light. What did he ever do to deserve you?

Six months before opening night

“Why don’t you find an actual date instead?”

Lin groaned. “Not this again. C’mon, (Y/N), I just really want to see this movie!”

“That’s what you said about the last one.” You didn’t move out of your doorway, not yet willing to let Lin inside.

“But this one is going to be really good! Please! I’ve been looking forward to it since last year!”

“Yet you still couldn’t manage to find a date.” You pulled the door open the rest of the way and allowed him to walk inside. You weren’t ever actually going to turn him away, but he wasn’t off the hook yet. “Why don’t you ever date? Plenty of girls are interested in you.”

He followed you to your bathroom and sat on the edge of the tub as you started getting ready. “I don’t want to date any of those girls. Besides, I…” He hesitated, and your hand stilled, the mascara halfway to your eyelashes. “I’m practically dating Hamilton by this point. Why don’t you ever date?”


“Shh, you ask too many questions. I’ve only got one shot at this eyeliner, so don’t distract me!”

When you finished your makeup, Lin was waiting by the door, holding out your shoes to you and practically bouncing up and down with excitement.

You smiled. “Let’s go.”

He kissed your cheek. “You’re the best!”

A chuckle. “I know.”

One month before opening night

Lin walked with you to the theater, rambling on about how excited he was for you to see what his coffee shop writings were turning into. You finally had the day off work, and your degree in music could wait for a few more hours while Lin showed you what his entire world had become.

He introduced you to the guard at the door, to an orchestra member practicing backstage, to someone on a ladder that was fixing the lights. A smile stayed glued to his face as he led you through the building, talking to everyone and making sure they knew who you were. You’d met so many people by the time you reached the dressing rooms that you lost any hope of remembering names.

Lin knocked on the open door of a dressing room, catching the attention of the people inside. “Pippa, Jas, Renée, this is (Y/N).”

They smiled and hugged you while Lin launched into a conversation about their roles in the play, and the costume changes, and the character development. Their laughs were infectious, and you quickly found you enjoyed talking to them. Twenty minutes later, the five of you were sitting on various pieces of furniture, lost in conversation, when the man you recognized as Chris knocked on the door frame.

“Lin, we need you for a minute.” He turned to the girls. “And then we’re running Helpless and Satisfied at 10. You’re welcome to watch, (Y/N).”

Once Lin was gone, the girls turned back to you. “He never stops talking about you,” Phillipa said. “It’s a little bit scary, honestly.”

A laugh bubbled out of your mouth. “Probably because he never sees anyone else. He’s been working on this for so long that I think he’s forgotten what life is like without it. I’m just so glad that it’s finally happening, and that you’re the one playing Eliza. Before he met you, he spent a good month trying to convince me to do it.”

“And why didn’t you?” Renée asked.

“He heard me sing.” That brought a round of laughter before you continued. “No, I’ve just always wanted to compose a film score, and it would probably be best to not get caught up in acting right before I get my degree.”

“But you’re at least coming opening night, right?” Jasmine questioned.

The memory of your promise from years ago hit you hard, and pride swelled up inside you. “I’ll be right in the front row. I wouldn’t miss it for anything.”

One week before opening night

You stood in your living room and stared at the letter in your hands, already starting to feel nauseous.

Please inform us immediately if you will be present in Los Angeles on August 6 to begin working. We are sorry again for the short notice.

This was it, this was your chance. You had been offered a job to work with some incredible composers on a score for a new movie. You’d fought for your entire life to get to this point. But you still felt sick and your ears were ringing.

The sixth of August.

That was opening night.

You couldn’t stop looking at the paper, everything else around it having gone blurry.

A hand on your shoulder caused you to jump and spin around only to come face to face with Lin.

“Sorry,” he started. “I didn’t knock but… Oh, are you okay?’

You didn’t realize you were crying until his hand reached up to brush away a tear. Stepping backwards, you shook your head, a sob forcing its way up your throat. Lin tried to reach for your hand, but you pulled it back and held out the letter to him instead. He carefully took the paper and started to read, not saying a word until he finished the entire thing.

“(Y/N), you know you have to go.”

You fell onto your couch, and Lin was beside you in an instant, pulling you into a tight hug.

“It’s opening night,” you whimpered.

He ran his hand up and down your back. “I know, it’s okay. It’s okay.”

“I promised, Lin,” you mumbled into his shoulder. “I want to be there!” You looked up into his eyes to find him tearing up.

“I know you do, and I want you to be there, too. But… You can’t miss this opportunity, (Y/N) this is what you want. Go. I’ll help you pack if you need it.”

So you started packing, and when Lin finally left for rehearsals, you broke down on the bathroom floor and cried another ocean.

Part of you was thankful that Lin was supportive and helping you make the right decision. The other part wanted him to beg you to stay, so you could see him opening night, so you wouldn’t have to leave him.

You would have to leave him.

The thought froze you completely. Lin had been such a huge part of your life for the last three years. You didn’t even know who you were without him. He was the best friend you’d ever had, and even though he had to put up with all of your crap, he stuck around.

What did you ever do to deserve him?

Two days before opening night

You clung to Lin, trying not to cry again but ultimately failing. He was practically crushing you with his hug, buried in your shoulder and sniffling quietly. When he finally released you, he grabbed your hands, his eyes red. “Good luck,” he whispered, his words somehow louder than all of the airport.

“Thank you.” You squeezed his hands one last time before finally letting him go and grabbing your suitcase. It was heavier than it should have been. You were maybe fifteen steps away when you heard him shout.


You turned and met his eyes.

Ask me to stay. Please, Lin, I can’t leave you, I don’t know how to live without you. Ask me to stay!

A pause.

“Do not throw away your shot!”

A nod. A smile. And then you left him.

Opening night

Lin was trying to button up his shirt, but his hands were shaking too much, and he jumped when he heard Renée’s voice behind him.

“Almost ready?”

“I… yeah, these buttons just–”

She crossed the room and buttoned them quickly, pulling him into a quick hug. “Relax,” she said. “Everything will go fine. We’ve practiced this, remember?”

“I know, I’m just nervous, I guess. And I… “ he stopped himself, but quickly decided it wouldn’t hurt to express his feelings to Renée. “I wish (Y/N) was here,” he confided.

“Me too.” Renée led him towards the stage as they got their five-minute call. “You have no idea how proud she is of you, Lin.”

He shook his head. “This isn’t right. I don’t want to do this, not without her.”

“I know you don’t. But I don’t think she’d want you to throw away your shot, so get out there and perform, and then let her know how you feel.”

Renée was right. He’d perform for you tonight, even though you weren’t there. Still, he checked one final time to see if the seat on the front row was still empty.

It was.

Lin took a deep breath. This is for (Y/N), he thought.

Opening night

You realized you loved him halfway through the plane ride back to New York, and you just hoped he felt the same way about you, because you were going to tell him the first chance you got. When you stepped off the plane, you hit the ground running. You didn’t stop until you were in a taxi headed for the theater. Pulling your phone out, you opened your messages with him to let him know you’d be there, fingers hovering the keyboard. No. You weren’t going to tell him. It would be a surprise.

You payed the taxi driver and thanked him profusely while you dragged your suitcase out of the car. When you arrived at the theater door, you realized the guard there was the same one you met on your first day at the theater, and many times since.

He smiled at you and reached into his pocket. “Lin told me to give you this if you showed up,” he told you, holding a slip of paper towards you and opening the door. “I can take care of your suitcase, too.”

You laughed, trading the ticket for your luggage. “Thank you!”

Instead of looking at the ticket, you headed straight for the front row and plopped down in the only empty seat left just as the music started.

You’d seen the show in rehearsals, but this was just unreal. The energy and emotion everyone put into the acting was incredible. The opening number was going smoothly, and you leaned back into your seat, bursting with pride.

Lin didn’t see you until halfway through My Shot. But when his eyes skimmed over the audience, he did a double take, focusing back in on you. The whole process took less than half a second, but afterwards, Lin stood a little taller and sang a little louder.

You loved him.

When the play was over, a security guard came to find you and escort you backstage. You made your way towards his dressing room, but before you could get anywhere close, Lin was flying around the corner and running towards you.

He kissed you without giving either of you a chance to talk. He hadn’t slowed down from his run, so he backed you into the wall and held you there, clutching your waist desperately and pressing his lips to yours like you were keeping him alive. He pulled away with a gasp.

“I love you,” you said in unison, and you melted in his fierce hug.

“(Y/N), you are so, so stupid!” he said. “Why would you come back?”

Tears were in your eyes as you laughed. “It was a typo, Lin.” You smiled up at him. “The letter. It was supposed to say August sixteenth, not August sixth.”

His jaw dropped. “You’re kidding.”

“I’m not, actually. Besides, there’s no way I could live on the other side of the country without you knowing that I love you.”

By this time, the rest of the cast was swarming the room, and they cheered when you kissed again, neither of you acknowledging the need to breathe for a long time.

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gdocs title: ice gays - in russia, mario kart owns u

Little Yuri gave Yuri exactly one day to settle in before appearing with a scowl at the door, with a bag of piroshki and a demand for a Mario Kart rematch.

“I haven’t set up the Wii yet,” said Yuri, trying not to yawn. Little Yuri had appeared at an ungodly hour of the morning, even by Victor’s standards, and had just barely stopped short of barging into their bedroom and jumping up and down on their bed until they got up. Victor staggered past them to the kitchen, dropping a kiss reflexively on Yuri’s head (“Blech,” said little Yuri, but not as if he really meant it) and started to rummage blindly around in the cupboard.

Little Yuri stared at him and then shoved him toward Victor’s very expensive TV which, as far as Yuri had been so far been able to tell, had been half-assedly hooked up to a Blue-Ray when Victor got it and then ignored entirely in favor of watching pirated movies on his laptop. Yuri heaved a sigh and went over to figure out how to set it up. “You’re younger than me, shouldn’t you be doing this?”

“No,” said little Yuri.

In the kitchen area, Victor said a word that little Yuri had carefully taught the triplets when he was in Japan, and water splashed everywhere. “Nothing happened!” he said.

Little Yuri looked nauseated. “Did you idiots even get any sleep last night?” he demanded.

“Yurio,” said Yuri, fishing around HDMI cables to figure out what was actually connected, “give me a break, I got here and we spent twelve hours unpacking my stuff.”

“I say we make purple”// Joe Sugg Imagine

Warnings: N/a

Word count: 1k+

“Baby girl?” Joe yelled walking in the door of our flat. “I’m in the studio!” I yelled. No, not a music studio I’m not some kind of upcoming new singer. I’m an artist. I was in the middle of a painting when Joe walked in. “Hey baby,” Joe said smiling at me. I smiled at him, wiping the paint off my hands into my pants. I hugged him and he kissed my cheek.

 "Have you been here all day?“ He asked. “Do you even have to ask that question anymore?” I chuckled. “True,” he said laughing. “I’ll be right back, I’m going to go grab something to eat,” he said. I nodded pecking his lips. I grabbed my paint brush and continued painting. I grabbed a new color of paint and got frustrated. I blew the baby hair out of my face and dipped my fingers in paint. I then started finger painting the canvas. Joe came back in with an apple.

  "So am I allowed to see what you’re working on?“ Joe asked, knowing I was protective of my work. "Yeah if you give me a bite of that,” I said knowing he was protective of his food. He held it for me due to the mess on my fingers and gave me a bite. “Thank you,” I said after swallowing. He looked at my art sitting in the rolling chair I had in the studio. “I like it a lot,” Joe said. I smiled. “I’m not really sure where I’m going with it but yeah,” I shrugged. “It reminds me of you, absolutely beautiful,” he said. Heat rose to my cheek. “Stop being so cute Suggy,” I said. 

He smiled at me. I turned back to the canvas and continued to work. “How has your day been so far?” I asked him. “It was good. Hanging out with the boys is always interesting,” He said. I laughed lightly. “Are Zoe and Alfie still coming over tonight?” I asked. “I believe so,” he said standing up and hugging me from behind. “What time?” I asked. He looked at his watch, “any time now, she has a key so we don’t have to open the door or anything.” I nodded, focusing. “I love you,” he said kissing my neck gently. 

I turned around and faced him. I kissed his lips and smiled. “I love you too.” I looked down at my fingers slightly and then at Joe. I took my blue paint covered hands and rubbed them down Joe’s cheeks. His jaw dropped. “Oh my god,” he said in shock. I smiled innocently. “If you want it that way, that’s the way it will be,” Joe said. He grabbed a handful of the paint I was working with and smeared it all over my face. “Joseph,” I screeched but laughed. I took a bottle of paint and poured it all over his hair.

 "Oh that’s it,“ he said grabbing a bottle of red paint. He unscrewed the lid and I backed up. "Joe no,” I warned. He didn’t listen to me and poured the paint all over my head. I grabbed the bottle of the blue paint from the table and poured the rest of the bottle on the front of him. “I’m covered in blue paint, you’re covered in red, I say we make purple,” Joe smirked. I hit his arm and laughed before smearing more paint on him. The room was filled with the sound of our laughter as we threw paint all over each other. 

There was paint all over us and the floor. I ran trying to get away from him and he followed me. He slid in the paint almost falling but caught up to me. He grabbed me making me laugh harder. He hugged me, getting the paint that was on him all over me. “Oh my god,” we heard Zoe say at the door. We both froze but then laughed more. My cheeks turned red, but you couldn’t see it from under the paint. Joe’s arms released me and he smiled wide and walked over to Zoe. “Joseph Graham Sugg do not,” She warned. I laughed. 

I grabbed a paper towel and wiped my face. He laughed and decided not too. “I guess we have to go shower,” Joe smirked. “Joe!” Zoe and I screamed at the same time. Joe laughed. “You can shower in our room love and I’ll shower in the guest,” he said. “Are you sure?” I asked. He nodded. I took a paper towel and wiped his lips and pecked his lips quickly. Zoe and Alfie stayed in the living room while Joe and I showered. I thoroughly rinsed my hair and my body cleaning the paint off of it. I washed everything and got out. I dried off and wrapped my hair in a towel. I got dressed in a pair of Fabric shorts and a loose shirt. I pulled the towel out of my hair and brushed it. 

I grabbed pillows and blankets and walked toward the living room. “Do you love her?” I heard Zoe say. “I love her very much,” Joe said. “I’m so happy for you,” she said. I walked into the living room to see Joe in sweats with no shirt on (aka my actual weakness). I hugged Alfie and Zoe, giving them a proper hello. I then sat next to Joe trying not to stare at his abs. I handed Zalfie a blanket and put on over myself and Joe. We turned on a movie and I cuddled into Joe putting my hand on his abs. He put his arm around me, pulling me closer and I tried to watch the movie but I got super tired so soon I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up in Joe’s arms as usual. But this time we were on the couch. Sunlight shined through the window. I saw a flash go off and I smiled. “Sorry did I wake you?” Zoe asked. “No you’re okay,” I said lightly. I wiggled out of Joe’s grasp and stood up. “Can I see it?” I asked. She nodded and showed me. She then scrolled over to show me the ones she took last night. “Thank you,” she said. “For what?” I asked confused. “Making my brother happy.”

Harry Styles - Boys Make Fun of Relationship - Imagine


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  • someone: what did you do last night?
  • me: stayed up watching [insert movie/tv show here]
  • someone: oh i don't like [insert said movie/tv show here]
  • me, sweating: y-yeah i mean,,, i just- i was bored a-and i had a lot of free time,, y-y'know?,,? and i thought w-why not give it a shot it- it wasn't that good anyway
(Natasha x reader) Secrets

Request:  “Can I please have a Natasha Romanoff one shot? Something fun, fluffy, humorous with a little bit of badassery and kindness/whole lotta love from the reader that impresses and totally makes Nat swoon/fall in love with them even more? Would love to include a display of affection in front of the team that is initiated by Nat to not only show the reader that she is now ready for the team to know but also a kind of ‘announcement’ of the relationship too? If that makes any sense! Love your work! Xx”  @labyrinth-of-thoughts

A/N: Okay so this can be a part two to another one shot I did which can be read here but it can also be its own thing. I also tried to add all the elements you listed but I kinda got on a roll and I didn’t want to add too much so it wouldn’t feel forced, so I hope you like it!

Words: 2,010

Warnings: minor swearing

“Y/N! Wake up!” Natasha’s silent but tense voice woke you up from a peaceful sleep. You were hugging the soft pillow on your bed and you were still groggy and tired, trying to register what was going on.

“Y/N, it’s eleven thirty!” she exclaimed again, shaking you gently and you rolled over to look at her. You blushed a little when you noticed that she was getting dressed, putting on a pair of jeans and wearing a cute lacy black bra.

“Nat…what’s wrong?” you muttered, rubbing your eyes and sitting up a little.

“Y/N! We slept in! They’re going to know something’s wrong!” she said as she put her shirt on and walked over to the bed. You suddenly panicked and sat up quickly, looking around at the scene before you. The two of you were in your room, which was messy as always. Nat was running around, rummaging through the clothes on the floor. The bed sheets were ruffled and you looked at the clock, still rubbing your eyes. You suddenly snapped awake when you realised what time it was.

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Silence (2016)

Hi friends!! I watched Silence (directed by Martin Scorsese) last night and I cried a LOT, such an unbelievable movie about religious persecution within Japanese history. Just wanted to know if any of you have seen it and have any thoughts (problem areas, what you enjoyed, etc) ? I went into the movie knowing very little about the history of Christianity within Japan but I think Scorsese & his team did a fantastic job of making the film accessible (hard to do when tackling such dark, intricate subject matter) while lending sympathy to all parties involved - the Christian Jesuit priests, Japanese civilians practicing Christianity, and Japanese systems of law. Personally, I think it’s an amazing film that tackles issues of identity, national pride, validity of religious institutions and agendas along with SO much else that I will have to think on… So comment if ya want I’d love to hear from u all!

Wrecker | 02

word count: 1.274

genre: fuckboy!Jungkook, best friends w jikook, angst

A/N: This is a little bit short, and I promise the next part will be better ;) I hope you like it, thanks for reading loves ! x

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All day I had been eating ice cream and watching drama’s like a real heartbroken hollywood girl. You know, every girl who broke her heart ( in movies ) eats ice cream and rolls herself in blankets in front of her drama’s, being emotional with thousand of tissues around her filled with her tears. And eventually they will have a friend coming around to cheer them up and everything would be alright again.
It wasn’t like that with me, I didn’t cry after that night Every passing day I kept thinking about how I should confront Jungkook when I see him again. Should I be angry? Should I tell I love him with my whole heart? Or should I just ignore him and let my heart suffer for who knows how long. People always say your first love will never be forgotten. Is it the same with one sided first loves?
Jimin had texted me to hang out, he wanted to catch pokemons. But I wasn’t in the mood, so he barged in  to my home.
He was always awkward at these times, but he knew how to comfort people.
“ Do you want to eat some ramyun? Oh, I can make some kimchi ramyun right now if you want.”
“ No thank you chim, I ate too much ice cream already. You can eat some ramyun if you want.” I stared at my window, I really wanted to do nothing. The fact that I was heartbroken over Jungkook was too much for me. I didn’t even knew I loved him so much, it was too much for me to handle. And with Jimin being here, I wasn’t even a good friend to him. He is always so sweet and caring and all I’m doing here is mocking over a boy who doesn’t love me back.
“ Y/N you don’t have to worry about me. I’m happy I can be here with you, we can watch a movie and order some pizza, you like pizza right? It will be another y/n&jimin night.”
“ Yeah, let’s do that.” I said.

I don’t know what was going on. Y/N was mad at me for I don’t know what for reason. Jimin didn’t want to catch pokemons with me nor talk to me. Was I just blind or did no one want to tell me what was going on. Last friday I was fucking a girl and y/n walked in on us. She ran away and we hadn’t spoke in like days. I asked Jimin that night what was going on and he just said I was a stupid muscle pig.
Did y/n like me or something? Or did Jimin like y/n? Or both maybe? I don’t know.
I hadn’t talk to both of them and I felt pretty lonely. Most of the time we were always together with at least one of us three. I really wanted to know what I had done.
I decided to text Jimin, he couldn’t stay mad at me for so long right?

2:43 pm  Me: Jimin hyung

What? Did he just scot me? That was nothing for Jimin.

2:46 pm  Me: Jimin hyung, don’t ignore me pleaseeeeee. Why are you and y/n mad at me?
2:46 pm  Small hyung: Are you that dumb?
2:47 pm  Me: Huh???????
2:47 pm  Small hyung: Don’t you know?
2:47 pm  Me: What should I know?
2:47 pm  Me: What is going on?
2:48 pm  Small hyung: Y/N likes you dumbass. You broke her heart when she saw you fucking a                        uni slut. I know you don’t have feelings for her, but you should at least talk to her.
2:49 pm  Small hyung: Why didn’t you text her after friday. You were silent for a fucking week. She is really upset even she knows she shouldn’t be.

Did y/n really like me?
Ugh, I’m such a jerk as always. Why did I even fuck a girl on a party y/n brought me to. She probably thinks I am a horrible person now. I did have a feeling she was into me, but I didn’t think it was more than a crush. I used to like her, the first day I met she was a new kind of girl to me. But when we became best friends I brushed those feelings of me quickly.
Should I go to her like Jimin said? Should I talk to her? But why would I exactly, what should I say?
Sorry I fucked a random girl in front of your eyes? Sorry I hurt your feelings?
I really didn’t know. Jimin was right, I’m one of a kind dumbass.

The bell door rang, who could it be beside Jimin who was already in my house. Jimin walked to the door and opened it.
He was there, right in front of the door. Why did he came to me?
“ Jungkook?” I asked with a broken voice.
“ Y/N, I’m so sorry for everything I did. Please don’t see me like that way, I’m not what you think I am.”
How could he even know what I was thinking. My brain said I should just kick him out and never see him and move on. But my heart wanted to know what he had to say. Why was I such a sucker for Jungkook.
“ Why are you here Jungkook?”
“ I want to tell you maybe the feelings aren’t one sided. I don’t know what I am feeling, but we can figure this out together. I know you like me, and we can make this work y/n. I know I fucked up, but I promise I won’t hurt you again like this.”
My brain went dizzy, everything to much to take in. He had feelings for me? Did he just say he wanted to try a relationship with me? Or was I just expecting to much again. I didn’t know if I should give in, risking my heart to be hurt again.
“ Y/N I’m going to give you some time to talk, I see you later.” Jimin said walking out the door.

Jungkook sat beside me on the couch. I looked horrible and there were ice cream pots everywhere.
“ I don’t know what I should say to be honest. Where did this confession came from Jungkook? Why would you only tell me now when I’m broken?”
“ I don’t know y/n, maybe I never knew how much you meant to me. But what I know is that I shouldn’t let you go. I know we are best friends, and maybe this will destroy everything we had. But  I want you as my girlfriend y/n, I don’t want to be your best friend anymore. I want to be your boyfriend.”
And once more I was shocked by his confession. He did ask me to be his girlfriend. But he just fucked some random girl friday. So why should I believe him if he said he liked me.
“ Jungkook, you don’t know how I feel, you shouldn’t say some random shit like this to me.”
“ I’m not just saying random shit y/n, I promise.”
I promise
“ Do you really like me Jungkook? You are not just saying this out of pity for me right?”
“ I know I like you y/n, we just have to work this out.”
What should I say? Yes or no or maybe?
“ I don’t know Jungkook…”
“ Y/N I will love you and never hurt you again like this, I promise.”
I promise

A/N: I didn’t check sorry haha lol oke bye. 

Back to the Beginning {TVD 1x01 Review}

OK! So we’re starting from the beginning, every Friday between 9pm and 10. Considering that I haven’t like sat down to watch a full episode of the past seasons of TVD in a few years and my memory might not be the greatest I think I will start with my usual disclaimer: I will write my thoughts in real time so if I make a mistake at the beginning of this post, it will be corrected by the end. There will be anti-Damon and anti-Delena sentiments (I’m only mentioning these two because it’s the beginning of the series), I will probably bring up other shows and call attention to misogynoir, racism, anti-blackness etc. Gotta admit, I’m a little excited to start from the beginning, it’s been a really long time. Ready? Let’s go. 1. OK Stefan’s voiceover over the foggy woods is still HELLA campy though. I remember I saw this and was like, Fadi (my friend), are you really making me watch this? YES. She was so fucking insistent. 2. Yeah the foggy night and dark road, it’s very horror movie, very cinematic. 3. Them hitting Damon is reminiscent of “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” They even gave Damon a growling noise when he feeds. 4. Listening to the score for season 1, really emphasizes how much they misused the cues in season 8. The scary cue works here because people are running, getting snatched up on a dark foggy night, it isn’t just walking through the Salvatore house. 5. Jenna is legit a mess, like, right away, Elena is like drinking coffee and really chill, like do you not have a presentation today? Go. 6. Damon sending the crow to hit Bonnie’s car is like … Literally from the minute he’s introduced, he’s terrorizing her. 7. Also Kat is a stronger actress than Nina, even the way Bonnie says, “And I was like put this woman in a HOME already”, she has more presence than Nina. 8. “She looks a hot … can I say tranny mess?” “No that’s over.” And totally inappropriate. I completely missed that before. 9. LOL Elena’s “No comment, I’m not going to say anything” when Caroline walks away is delivered really well, yo you two secretly hate each other and that should’ve been explored more. 10. Stefan’s jeans actually look a little ridiculous in the pilot, though. Like they don’t look like they fit well. When Bonnie and Elena sees him in the office. 11. Jeremy is legit like a drug dealer though. That’s kind of a big deal. 12. “You need to chill yourself” …. … … Did KW and JP like consult any teens when they wrote this script? 13. And her fight with Jeremy is actually pretty muted. I’m an only child but my closest friends are older siblings and they’ve told me of times when their younger siblings were fucking up and they would like literally BE there all the time, they would walk them to class, sit with them at lunch, be like, so where are we going today? Elena threatens to do that but never really follows through and it always bothered me that no one held an intervention for Jeremy or set up a meeting with a counsellor. 14. It is still the cutest thing ever when Stefan catches Elena staring at him in class. 15. I do like that in season 1 they dress like they’re teenagers though. 16. “Shoo, that’s what I thought.” Yeah, Elena, stand up to that bird. 17. No, seriously, from a purely objective point of view I can see why the cemetery scene would be the scene that made KW and Bob Levi and JP go ecstatic because when the scene begins Nina seems a little nervous, which I get, it’s the pilot, but when the scene goes on and the dialogue keeps going, she and Paul just have that energy, the way she smiles, the way they stare at each other, there’s legit chemistry there. 18. Yeah, those jeans need to go. And Paul I love you, but your pilot haircut is nooooooooot working. 19. Like you look like a hedgehog, honey. The diary entries actually make this REALLY angsty. 20. LOL Vicki is actually pretty mean to Jeremy though. “I don’t want to announce to the world that I deflowered Elena’s kid brother” and Jeremy has these puppy dog eyes when he says, “And deflowered and deflowered” and it’s like awwwwwwww, you’re way too young for this. 21. “I’m meeting Bonnie at The Grill”, it’s not even Bonnie and Caroline though. 22. These Stelena stares are KILLING me. It’s different seeing it within the episode than clips. 23. The way Matt says, “I feel weird calling her … She broke up with me” all of them are so YOUNG and have these really innocent faces and it just makes everything seem so MEAN. 24. “Any siblings” “None that I talk to” so when Elena tells Damon in the next episode, “Stefan never mentioned he had a brother” I mean he didn’t say that he didn’t either, he admits to having siblings. I feel like I’m going to keep a tally of all the times the show forgets its own script to propel DE. 25. Yoooooooooooo I didn’t remember we get a shot of Stefan topless in the pilot when he’s putting on his shirt. *sigh* so gratuitous. I love it. 26. Those jeans are terrible though. 27. OK but really, WHO IS ZACH AGAIN? He says “Uncle Stefan” so like how does that work? 28. Stefan being blamed for Damon’s shit from DAY ONE. 29. Paul’s intense gaze is damn. 30. I also like how in history class they never discuss enslavement. Mmkay. 31. “You’re upset about something.” “No it’s just Bonnie, she’s … You know what, never mind. You’re here.” And from Day One Bonnie’s issues are ignored. 32. Paul and Nina look really good walking next to each other. 33. Tyler legitimately treats Vicki like shit. 34. “Jeremy. Is that you?” Yes, Vicki, Jeremy can create fog now. 35. Also Damon is so fucking extra with that fog. It’s unnecessary. 36. “I just want to let you know that I still believe in us and I’m not giving up on you” oh Matty, it was never you. Don’t worry though, you get a bench. 37. So Vicki is on the ground with blood on her neck and Jeremy is like “It’s Vicki” and Elena is like “oh my God” and NO ONE is taking out their phones to call 9-11.They just stand there until she opens her eyes. I mean, I guess. 38. Ian’s hair is RIDICULOUS. 39. I don’t understand how Damon got such a following, I find him thoroughly uncharming. Like he just talks SO MUCH. 40. “Damon, after all this time, after all these years can’t we just give it a rest??” “I promised you an eternity of misery.” How fucking petty ARE you Damon? 41. Ian isn’t menacing. 42. “How come the guys I want never go for me?” “I’m not touching that.” Bonnie is hilarious though. Like oh hell no, do not drag me into your messy shit. 43. Vicki and her black nail polish. So high school. 44. Matt’s eyes are actually really blue in the pilot. 45. I am so fucking glad the diary voiceovers disappear eventually. It’s just, it’s too much. 46. And Stefan and Elena overlap. Omg. No. 47. Damon looks creepy as fuck staring at Caroline. 48. I won’t lie though, Stefan constantly coming to Elena’s house, if it were me I’d be like sooooo are you just going to keep showing up? Like she isn’t a little bit weirded out that this guy keeps just showing up at her house? 49. And she can just invite boys into her house at how late at night? OK so my review is over! I’m definitely excited to be doing these every Friday. It’s funny though because pilots are meant to establish what the show is going to be about and what’s centered in the pilot is Stefan and Elena and their desire to get through their respective dark times. The supernatural element is secondary. It’s first and foremost an SE story. Until next week!

*NOTE* To avoid confusion: I’m not saying what Stefan did is comparable to Damon, Damon was terrorizing Elena for kicks, I’m just saying that Stefan comes across as intense in the pilot and I would be like dude you are at my house a lot but it makes sense because Stefan isn’t acting completely human because he isn’t one, throughout the episode he’s trying to train himself to be more human.

jonhillm  Look at this squaaaaad! Last night at my favorite movie theater in NYC I got to watch this dope film with a room full of beloved colleagues and artist I look up to. The soundtrack is crazy, cinematography is raw and inventive and the performances are fierce. So proud of @jonnylmiller Inspiring work brother. That movie was SICK boy. See what I did there? #trainspotting2 #dreamteam #squadgoals #moviepremiere #shamelessplug

anonymous asked:

Do you have prompts for platonic friends discovering they have feeling for each other (friendship turning into love)?

1. “How long have you felt this way?”

2. “Do you remember when we were kids, and we kissed just to see what it was like?”

3. “I’m sorry. I never expected this.”

4. “Did you know that everyone thinks we’re dating?”

5. “I love you. I know we say that all the time, but… You know it’s different this time, right?” 

6. “Can I tell you something? Last night, when we were watching that movie, and you fell asleep on my shoulder… I realized something.”

7. “This was never part of my plan. You were just supposed to be a friend.”

What is it about this trope that’s so very enjoyable? :D

Thanks for the request!

Blue Kryptonite - Karamel One Shot

“So, Rhonda broke her arm and Kevin has the flu, and they asked me to replace them for three days, thai means working from 10 to 12, lunch, then 1 to either midnight or 2 am.. but I don’t know if I should, like there’s a lot of dangerous aliens outside, and I want to help you!”
“Mon-El, I’m not by myself, Alex, J'onn and even James can help me, you should go, I mean if it’s not too exhausting for you.”
“Hey! I’m a superhero! I can handle some extra turns, blondie.”
“Oh right, mr. Valor.” He held Kara in his arms, swinging a little.
“I like when you say it.”
“Yeah.” She kissed him quickly, “Anyway I’m gonna go now, my bartender duties are calling.”
He kissed her cheek and ran out the door. Kara sighed, she’s gonna miss her partner a lot. But of course she was Supergirl, she wouldn’t stop at home sighing and boring herself to death; Kara decided to write a few articles about the fire that Supergirl stopped the day before, and the newborn child that Valor saved in that burning apartment. She wrote a good amount until the DEO called her in: she explained to J'onn why Mon-El couldn’t come so he told Pam to note that for his paycheck. “Hey, sissy!”
“Hey, Kara! Is everything okay?”
“Yeah, sure, why did you ask?”
“First, you never call me ‘Sissy’, second, you’re crinkling right now.”
“I’m no-” she touched her forehead “-damn it!”
“Spill whatever is going on in your mind.”
“It’s..probably silly..but I’m afraid I’ll miss Mon-El too much these days..it’s the first time we’re separating since he’s moved in with me, and I’m used to having him around all day..don’t laugh, please!” Kara pouted and Alex smiled back at her.
“I won’t laugh, Maggie completely changed my idea of 'too silly or too cheesy’. Just prepare something for when he comes home, or just keep yourself busy and you won’t even realize that three days have passed.”
“Mmh, okay..I’ll find something. Thanks, Alex.”
“Did you find the restaurant for the reception?”
“Kara, I think it’s too soon for this conversation, we got engaged just a few months ago!”
“Hey! I’m your MAID OF HONOR! I need everything to be perfect.” Kara crossed her arms on her chest.
“Yeah, yeah, you’re way more invested than I am.” The two girls started laughing, until Winn called them, there was an emergency near the mall.

As soon as Kara walked home, she dropped herself on the couch, tired like never before: she checked her phone, finding a text from his boyfriend: 'I miss you already..xx" She smiled at the screen, 'I miss you too, you have no idea.’
Kara started cooking Mon-El’s favourite meal, waiting for him to come home, and maybe watch something together and cuddle. Another beep rang in the room, about 30 minutes later, Mon-El wrote 'Babe I don’t think I can make it for dinner, I’m so so sorry..’
'It’s okay, we’ll see each other after dinner then. :)’
She was upset, but she was the one who told him to work extra turns: since Mon-El worked at the alien bar, she saw a new side of him, more responsible and mature, she found that really attractive, but most of all, Kara was proud of who he’d become. She ate both his dish and hers, yet she was somehow hungry: she picked a rom-com to watch on Netflix in the meantime. The movie was called Serendipity, and it was about two people who were meant to be together, because it was written in their destinies: when the two lovers found each other after years, she started crying, “It’s not that emotional!” but she kept sobbing until she fell asleep on the couch.
Mon-El walked home around 2 am, he found his lover hugging a pillow, deep into her slumber; smiling, he picked her up bridal-style and laid her down under the blankets, before kissing her forehead goodnight. Mon-El changed into his pyjama and fell asleep hugging his little spoon.

'good morning beautiful, I’m so sorry I came home at 2 am last night, I made you hashbrowns, if they’re too cold, just do your trick :) i love you - mon-el’
Kara found the post-it on the table, next to her plate: she heated up the hashbrowns and sighed, sipping her coffee. She was at CatCo for the whole morning, trying to focus on her articles only. She decided to stop by the alien bar for lunch.
“Kara, hey! I didn’t expect to see you.” Mon-El leaned over to kiss her, “how are you?” he was cleaning a few glasses.
“I was missing you a little too much, I guess. Did you have lunch already? I brought sandwiches.”
“I was just about to, thank you.” She grinned widely at her man.
“Nothing, you’re just really cute.” Kara bit her sandwich, “Can’t I admire my boyfriend? ”
“Of course you can. I saw you fell asleep with the tv on, what did you watch?”
“Oh, I watched a beautiful movie, it’s called Serendipity and you really need to watch it! It’s about a boy and a girl meeting in a shop, leaving their numbers on a book and a– basically she thinks that if they’re meant to be together, they’ll meet again and– oh no.” She was already tearing up at the thought of that ending when her earcom started beeping. “Alex, what’s wrong? Oh okay, I’m on my way.”
“They need Supergirl, don’t they?”
“Yuuuup..I’ll see you later.” She pecked his lips, before running outside the bar and unbottoning her shirt.
An alien was attacking a school bus with his laser eyes and all the kids were struggling, hiding under their seats, Supergirl shielded the bus, standing in front of the hostile alien and punched and kicked him with all her anger, that dude interrupted her quality time with Mon-El after all, until he was exhausted. The children behind her started cheering on the superhero, and Kara felt an overwhelming wave of pride and happiness taking over her heart.
That night, she decided to light up some candles, curl her hair and wear her sexiest babydoll: she felt prettier, but she was sure that Mon-El was the one who would’ve appreciated this more. She had an insane need of strawberries in that moment: Kara got so mad when she found out that there weren’t any, that she left a dent on the fridge. “Alex, can you bring me strawberries, pleeeeeeeaase?”
“It’s 11 pm, Kara, there’s no one open right now!”
“That’s why I asked you! I know you have them! Please!”
“Kara, are- are you crying?”
“No, I’m- Haha! Okay, I think I am after all. Please bring me strawberries!”
Alex sighed, a little confused, on the other side of the phone, “Okay, I’m coming.”

“Alex!” Kara immediately jumped, hugging her sister a little too much; her shirt got wet in a matter of seconds.
“What’s wrong?”
“Where are my strawberries?”
“Here. Why are you crying?”
“Mon-El said he’s working until 2 tonight. It’s Saturday..” Her tears fell on her cheeks again, she grabbed the box of strawberries and sat on the couch.
“Well, from the way you look, I would say that you were preparing a surprise for him..but it’s not a big deal! Stop crying, c'mon.” Alex sat next to her little sister.
“I can’t.. I can’t.”
“Kara.. I think there’s something wrong with you. Were you near some kind of..modified kryptonite?”
“No, no, I don’t think so.”
“How many times did you cry these days?”
“I watched a movie last night and I cried until I fell asleep, then this morning I went to the bar to see Mon-El, and I was getting emotional again while explaining him the plot..When I saved those kids I-”
“Okay, this is too much even for you; tomorrow I’m gonna do some tests on you.”
“Okay.. What if I touched something that made me too sensitive? What if I’m not bulletproof anymore? What if- oh no, here we go again.”
Alex got up to get some wine in the fridge, until she noticed the dents. “Kara, what’s this?”
“Oh..I accidentally did that..when I found out there were-”
“No strawberries?”
“No strawberries.”

“Kara, I’m about to check the results, are you on your way? Okay, see you later.”

“Okay, what did you find out? Is it a blue kryptonite? Am I okay? How do I cure this?”
“Kara uhm, I- I don’t know how to say it–”
“Am I dying?” Kara yelled anxiously, already crying again.
“Kara you’re not dying, you’re PREGNANT!”
“I’M WHAT?” Her voice was high pitched, she immediately covered her mouth with her hands, completely shocked.
“Oh Rao, oh Rao, oh Rao, what do I do? What do I do? What is Mon-El gonna do? I have a baby inside of me? In my stomach? I think I’m gonna pass out.” Kara blurted everything out without taking a breath, she sat down, next to her sister, who didn’t know what to say.
“I think you should–” The blonde’s phone started ringing. “It’s Mon-El.” She inhaled a deep breath and replied his call. “Hey.”
“I have a good news, I’m coming home earlier, around 9! I can’t wait to see you!”
“That’s great! I- I have something to tell you tonight as well..see you tonight.”
“Love you.”
“Love you more.”

“So, you’re telling him tonight?”
“I guess..”
“Before anything else..how do you feel?”
“I don’t know.. My head is just a big mess right now: I don’t know if I’m ready. A baby is.. A baby. It’s a big deal.”
“Yeah.. Are you more afraid of having a baby or.. His reaction? Have you ever discussed this possibility?”
“Yeah, never too seriously but yeah, we said that we both wanted to have children one day, but we never expected that day to arrive so soon..”
“Well, this is positive, isn’t it? Mon-El didn’t exclude a baby from his future. Before worrying too much, talk to him, and we’ll see the rest after that.” Alex kissed her cheek, finally making Kara smile. “You’re right..but please Alex, don’t tell anyone, not even Maggie. Pinky promise?”
“Pinky promise.”

“Finally home.” Mon-El walked through the door, ready to hold his girlfriend after what felt like an eternity.
“Hi babe,” she hugged him tightly, “let’s eat! How was your day? Is Kevin back?”
“Yeah finally, these days have been really tiring, I missed kicking alien butts with you.”
“Me too..” Kara chuckled, “luckily there weren’t many aliens to take down, so you didn’t miss out on much.”
After dinner, they cuddled on the couch talking about everything and nothing, she almost forgot what she had to tell him.
Kara stood up, holding a pillow in her arms; “Mon-El, listen..these past few days, I’ve felt a little weird..like remember when I almost cried explaining the movie’s plot to you?”
“Yeah, that was weird but, I didn’t judge you because I know how passionate you are over movies.”
“And I love you for that. But like I was saying, I didn’t feel right..” Mon-El’s forehead wrinkled with worry. “Is everything okay, Kara?”
“Alex did some tests, and she found out that I’m..pregnant.”
“You’re what?” His mouth opened in shock just like hers did a few hours before.
“I’m pregnant.” Kara covered her eyes. “Are you upset? Please say something, I can’t handle this anymore.”
“Upset? Are you kidding me? Why would I be upset if you’ve just given me the best news ever?” Mon-El stood up and picked Kara up, “Rao, I’m so happy right now!”
“Really? I was so nervous because I thought you didn’t want this! Now-now I can’t stop smiling.” Mon-El gave her multiple kisses all over her face, “I love you so much, Kara.”
“I love you too, Mon-El.”
“I can’t believe that this is happening..” He looked down on her stomach, smiling, his eyes were full of tears already. “Why did you think that I didn’t want this?” He stared into her eyes with so much love and awe.
“Because the only time we’ve discussed this, we said that we wanted it to happen in the future..but not a near future.”
“I said it because we didn’t have like..to rush, but I would’ve loved it whenever it would’ve arrived, as long as it was with you. From the beginning I knew that I wanted you and only you in my future, I couldn’t wish for a better mom for my child.”
“We’re really having a baby..”
“We’re having a baby.” Their faces were a mix of shock, happiness, disbelief, love. They couldn’t stop smiling and kissing.

When it was time to sleep, Kara kept staring at the ceiling.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, I’m just thinking about this little bean.” She smiled.
“Yeah and.. I couldn’t help but think if I’ll be a good mother. We’re not normal people, we are superheroes, we have enemies, we have a world to protect.”
“We can’t spend a lifetime worrying about what could happen. What did you tell me three days ago?”
“What did I tell you?”
“You’re not by yourself. You have Alex, J'onn, and even James: and that was only about the superheroing part. You also have Winn, Lena, Maggie, your earth mother Eliza..You’ll be a great mom. You’ve had good parenting figure for your whole life; I should be the one who doubts his capabilities of being a good dad.. You’ve met them, unfortunately. I grew up with maids and teachers, they were busy destroying Daxam’s society and I didn’t have a normal childhood.”
Kara cupped his face, “Hey, you’re not your parents. You are a different person, a much better person. You’ll be a great dad. We’ll be okay.”
“Thank you, Kara.”
“No, thank you. For everything, thank you for being always here for me, for the past two years.”
“My pleasure.” He kissed her forehead and caressed her head.
“Goodnight..and goodnight.” Mon-El’s hand stroked his girlfriend’s stomach, feeling like all his dreams were coming true: he couldn’t ask for a better miracle to happen to him.

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Did we? - Joe Sugg Imagine

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Word Count: 1,365

Your eyes fluttered open as the bright morning sunlight shines through your window. A groan escaped your lips and you automatically flopped your hand onto your small table beside your bed, feeling for your phone. You felt the cold on your hand and winced as you looked at your screen.


You sighed loudly. Last night, was one your best friends birthday and they decided they would throw a extravagant party. Needless to say you had way too much to drink. You had come back to your apartment that you shared with your other friends, Joe and Caspar.

Your head pounded as you try to turn over in your bed. You tried to pull the blanket over the top of you but a heavy weight was stopping you. Suddenly that weight moved and you felt warm breath on your shoulder. Your eyes shot open and you froze. You had so many questions running through your head, most of them running along the lines of who the hell was in your bed?

You slowly turned your head to see a sleeping Joe. Shock filled you as you stared at him, he slowly opened his eyes, locking onto yours. As soon as his eyes opened you both just started at each other wide eyed before you both jumped.

“AHH” screams left the both of you as you flew to either sides of the room. You looked at Joe in nothing but his black boxer briefs.

“By any chance, did we?” he asked, obviously alluding to the fact that you guys may have have ‘done it’ last night.

“I have no clue” You looked around the room, the dress that you had warn last night and heels were scattered along the length of the floor along with Joe’s shirt and jeans. You quickly looked down at your body and grabbed your blanket to cover your body that was only covered by your lacy underwear. You pulled it up to your chest and stared back at Joe.

“Oh no we did, didn’t we!” Joe half cried his face scrunching together.

You had been best friends with Joe for a few while before he became famous on YouTube. He had introduced you to Caspar and later the rest of the boys. The fact that you had slept with your best friend of  made you feel really bad as you didn’t want to ruin anything.

“This is bad, this is really bad” You said pacing around the room, looking around thinking of what to do next. “All we need to do is keep it low profile, no one can know”

“Agreed” Joe said, you couldn’t help but look at his body. You would be lying to yourself if you didn’t think he was attractive.

“Wait” he said, bringing you back down to earth. “What about brunch?” he asked.

“Shit” you sighed. You had forgot about that, Caspar had booked all of your group of friends for this brunch today at 12:30. “I need to have a shower” you dropped the blanket and rushed to the bathroom in your shared apartment.


“Okay, so you go in first” Joe said as you walked down the road towards where the boys where already waiting. “I’ll come in about 10 minutes, got it?”

“Okay right, I got it” You paused, trying to compose yourself. You turned and looked towards the doors of the cafe. 

“Don’t be weird, everything is as normal as can be” you whispered to no no one in particular, trying to cure your nerves. You looked down and caught a look at Joe’s feet, The normal white socks that peeped over his shoes were replaced by familiar blue ones.

“Are…are you wearing my socks?” you asked, trying to hid your giggle. “I couldn’t find mine” he said, making you laugh. 

“Well, I better go” you said and left him standing there with a look in his eyes that you’ve never seen before.


“Where in the world have you been?” asked Caspar you sat down next to him.

“Oh i… um…” You tried to think of something, but not a good enough excuse was coming to mind.

“You’re never normally this late” said Oli, taking a sip of what you are assuming is tea.

“Also…where’s Joe?” asked Connor. “He’s never late”

“Joe?” you asked trying to act cool. “Joe…i haven’t seen him since-“

“Hello guys” Joe’s voice came from behind you. The boys greeted him as he sat down. “Sorry, my Uber driver was late, you know how Uber drivers are” he blurted. “With their cars….and…there driving…..and stuff” he scratched his head and looked down at his feet.

“Well thanks both of you for being so late because we are all really hungry” said Jack as the boys nodded with agreement .

Once the food came you all tucked in. You had just put a bit of toast in your mouth when Caspar spoke.

“So what did you guys all get up to after the party without me, because i didn’t come home last night?” he asked chewing on some bacon.

You and Joe both ‘uuuummmm’ed until Connor spoke up saving you both.

“Well i watched this great film on Netflix” he said taking a sip of the coffee in his hand. You did the same and waited for him to carry on. You took a sip just as she spoke “it was called Just Friends”

Your hand flew to your mouth to catch the coffee which had shot out of your mouth as Joe tried to keep in his laugh.

“It wasnt really my genre of movie but  my drunk self enjoyed it” he said trying to hold back a laugh. The boys carried on talking as you and Joe ate in silence.

“So, what did you two do last night?” asked Mickey.

“I was…alone…playing video games…FIFA….i played FIFA” Joe said not making eye contact with anyone.

“and i was in my room…also by myself…watching a film….alone…on my own…without anyone else…” there was an awkward pause before Caspar started talking again.You ate everything on you plate but you couldn’t stick around.

“I have to go" you said standing up and reaching into your pocket for some money. “Ill see you guys later, yeah?” you heard mummers of goodbye as you left.

“Sorry for being late guys” you said jogging towards your friends who were standing outside of the bar. you guys caught up every week to get drinks although you couldn’t always make it because of your job, but you tried.

“Wait” Caspar said. You turned around to look at him. he smiled at the rest of the boys then looked at you and Joe. “You guys didn’t sleep together last night”

“Wait what are you talking about” you said, confused on how he knew.

“I left my phone at home before heading of to josh’s and i let myself in, you where already asleep and Joe was watching TV. He told me he was going to sleep and i put him to bed”

“So we didn’t sleep together?” Joe asked.

“Nope” Josh laughed.

“Yes” you both jumped up and down with relief and hugged each, but you couldn’t help but feel a slight tinge of disappointment deep down.

You made your way into the bar, you stayed away from the alcohol and stuck with an juice. You sat down and watched your friends laughing with each other. You saw Joe walking over to you and you smiled as he sat down next to you. there was a silence before he spoke.

“It wouldn’t have that bad if we did sleep together, would it?” he asked not looking at you.

“No, of course not” you said looking in the same direction.

“I can’t deny i haven’t thought about it” he said as you felt your cheeks grow with a warm blush.

“I mean, we have known each other for ever, Sometimes the mind wonders” 

“I have to agree with you there Joe” you laughed, it felt good finally being honest.

There was another silence. “So, hypothetically speaking…if i asked you out on a date, what would you say?” he looked at you.

“well hypothetically” you teased. “i would say yes”

Warm Me Up pt. 12

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It’d been a week since Beckendorf’s death. Annabeth had finals she needed to study for, but so did Nico, so they alternated for who would stay the night at Percy’s and help him when he had nightmares.

Nico hadn’t even managed to fall fully asleep when he heard the screaming. He raced to Percy’s room and pulled the covers away, gripping his arms tightly. “Hey, hey, hey, sh, it’s okay. It’s okay, you’re safe,” he assured. Percy’s breaths came fast and heavy. His hands were shaking, and his hair was matted to his forehead with sweat.

A sob ripped through his throat and he hid his face in his hands. It hurt Nico to see his friend this way. He had dealt with death. He remembered how he’d felt after losing his mother, more so how he felt after losing his sister. He used to get nightmares too. He used to wake up shaking, petrified. He used to think he could hear them, see them.

But he hadn’t seen them die. The news simply came to him. Percy had seen Charles Beckendorf throw himself in front of the attacker, he had seen the gun go off, he saw the blood, he saw Beckendorf, struggling in those last moments to get the gun away. He had seen it all.

“Hey, Percy, look at me.” He reached forward and pried his hands away. “Look at me, Percy. I need you to focus on my voice, okay? I need you to look at me and focus on me. Can you do that?” Slowly, Percy’s gaze rose to look at Nico. They were filled with tears, making the green glisten like a jewel. Nico took a deep breath and tried to think of things to say to make him feel better.

Will was good at this. Nico wasn’t. But Nico had dealt with death, and Percy knew Nico. He didn’t know Will. “Okay,” he said. “Do you maybe want to eat something? Or do you want to watch a TV show until you go back to sleep? Do you want me to distract you by talking about my homework?”

Percy hesitated and took a few deep breaths. “Could you tell me about Will?” Nico blinked in surprise. “You’ve never bothered to stop and date anyone,” he whispered. “Until him. Tell me about it. What it’s like, what made him different?”

“Why?” he answered, feeling his cheeks warm. “That’s… a bit personal.”

Percy chuckled and shrugged. “I know. But I want to know- what made the notorious Nico finally settle down?”

Nico grimaced and shook his head. “Dear God, tell me that’s not actually a nickname people gave me.”

“No,” Percy laughed. “I actually came up with that now. Pretty proud of it, actually.”

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