what more could you possibly want in a show

#renewsense8 because...?

[cracks knuckles] hold onto ur hats - i’m bout take a lil’ moment to sing this show’s praises

  • 8 main cast members, only 2 of whom are white Americans; beautifully characterised, constantly developing, flawed, realistic people you root for, laugh with, feel in ur heart!!
  • every culture, language, sexuality and gender identity is respected. nobody demeans their own country for laughs and they’re so honest about the unique issues each character (called a Sensate!) faces specifically because of their race, their gender, etc ACCORDING to where they live
  • god, the cinematography. the colours, the acting, the shots, landscapes, the way it shows you parts of the world from almost every corner and makes you feel as if you’ve known them your entire life!!
  • it doesn’t go down the “colour-blind, we’re all human”, route. it actively accepts, celebrates and encourages ppl in the show (and watching!!) to celebrate our differences, large and small. they’re what makes us, us; not something to overcome, to connect in spite of, but because of
  • all of the 8 main characters are basically non-het, non-monogamous, and one of them is trans & if i was gonna define them, i’d have to say pansexual!! polyamorous!! go ahead & count how many non-white pansexual poly characters of multiple genders YOU know of in books, tv, movies, ANYTHING
  • it gives me hope for our future. that as one diverse race, accepting of our differences, understanding the enemy, we can fight what tries to divide, kill and disconnect us
  • it connects the people watching it to each other in a way that’s never happened to me with anything else. i can’t describe it, but it’s almost as if the empathic link between the Sensates pulls you and everyone else watching into some kind of massive network and you just feel real and vital and human and so, so alive
  • THE SOUNDTRACK IS POPPIN and what’s up by the four non-blondes is about to become your anthem. i swear it
  • every ship is 100% possible. they’re literally a big polyamorous pile of love (no spoilers … but wait for THOSE scenes). p much every ship is canon @ this point. what’s a ship war again
  • sense8 preaches loving openly, unapologetically. it’s an advocate of diversity in every form imaginable. it’s about acceptance; it’s funny, it moves you, it opens you up, and it shows you what the world could be, for a moment, if we could push ourselves to be more connected
  • so, if you read this far, and you’re totally into it - sense8 is available on netflix (and go.movies, if ur living That Life) rn, in danger of being cancelled so use #renewsense8 on twitter, tumblr and facebook to save it!!!!!!!! 

what they say: i want a live-action zelda but in the style of game of thrones!

what they mean: i want to see a live action princess zelda get her tits out, this aint a KIDS game no more!!!!! wouldnt it be epic if link TALKED???

what would probably happen if they made a live action zelda tv show: the shittiest cgi goron you could possibly imagine

On The Edge With You (Spencer Reid x Reader)

My first Reid smut! Just an idea that popped in my head. PWP. Spencer Reid x Reader smut. The reader wonders just how Spencer gained his stamina in the bedroom, he shows her just how he gained that skill.

“Spencer, can I ask you something kind of,” You hesitated, “Personal?” You were both on his couch, you lying down with your feet in his lap. It was one of his rare weekends without a case or paperwork. You both opted for a quiet night in after going out to lunch.

“Sure?” He said looking up from his book, a little concerned. “We’ve been together for months Y/N, I hope you know you can ask me anything.”

“How do you last so long in bed?” You blurted out, trying to ignore the heat rising in your cheeks. You didn’t mean for it to sound so accusing. It was a valid question though, just the night before you came three times before Spencer even seemed close to finishing. It got you curious, and even a little worried.

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Re: asks about art jobs, improving your work, etc. 

1. Try to make art that helps you reach your goals. Make art that you would want to do professionally. If you want to be a background painter, make a background painting portfolio; no employer will just assume you can do something.

2. Put your work online, and update frequently. Most of the jobs i’ve gotten have been people finding my portfolio website or even instagram and reaching out via email. Keep your (professional) contact info easily available. Make a website/portfolio site.

3. Branch out. Show a few different styles, moods, and methods you can do. This advice might be a little tricky because you do still want to have enough consistency that the employer could have an expectation of what you could deliver, but also more types of work shown = more possible jobs.

4. For super young/beginner artists - don’t worry too much about employment yet! Focus on learning the fundamentals, observing, and practicing.

5. Put your voice into things you make and really think about your own interests, beliefs, and even just aesthetic choices. Style is just a collection of things you like and gravitate towards built up over time.

6. Find some role models/inspirations – both doing the kind of things you want to do, and outside of your desired field. Look for inspiration in them, and everywhere you can find

Thanks for sending me asks, I hope this is slightly helpful!

Shipping discourse honestly could be avoided entirely with these simple steps:

1. If you ship a ship that may possibly trigger anyone or that people have expressed they are uncomfortable with, please tag appropriately. Better yet, put the ship name and any warnings in the actual post (possibly in a disclaimer) so even if others reblog and don’t tag, blacklist should still notice it.

2. If a ship makes you uncomfortable for any reason, don’t follow those who ship it, blacklist the ship name and any content warnings for things that make you uncomfortable or trigger you, and perhaps block those who are often making content for said ship if you don’t wish to see their posts in the searches or tags. Xkit and Tumblr Savior, as well as Tumblr’s own block feature, are very useful tools. Use them.

3. Similarly, if you do ship it, you can follow the same steps for avoiding those who don’t and are vocal about it.

4. You can post your opinion against the ship on your blog. That is fine. However, put slashes through the ship name if you mention it (both in the post itself and in the tags) so that it doesn’t show up in the search where the fans of said ship will be browsing in hopes to see more content of that ship. They are not, ever, in a million years, hoping to see your negative opinion while looking for content. Same goes for using the tags they use.

5. If someone expresses they are uncomfortable with a ship, do not press the matter. Do not bug them until they give you a reason (that reason could be trauma that the ship reminds them of and they, under no circumstances, are required to reveal that information to you). Do not intentionally send them it. Do not push it on them. Do not expect them to possibly cater to you and your wants just because you do happen to like it. You would not like the same done to you.

6. If someone does ship a ‘problematic’ ship, they are not obligated to give you a reason in order for their shipping of said content to be ‘acceptable.’ Again, past trauma may be involved and they are not required to give you that information under any circumstances. You may trigger them. Don’t press it.

7. Do not target specific blogs or vague about others that have the opposing opinion of you in regards to a ship. Or anything, for that matter. It’s not only rude but crossing a line. You want them to respect you and your boundaries? Respect theirs.

8. Do not throw around serious accusations/insults like ‘pedophile’ or ‘abuse apologist’. For one, what someone ships does not at all mean they condone any problematic content involved in real life. Secondly, you may be throwing shade that could very well be related to past trauma (ie calling a csa survivor a pedophile) and that could cause flashbacks and/or panic attacks. That’s not cool at all. Have some human decency.

9. If a ship is generally considered bad by the fandom and you create content of it, please attempt to avoid using the general character tags. If unavoidable (like with the case of fic, where the character names are likely to come up) please be sure to put warnings in your post and try to make it as easy to blacklist as possible.

10. Do not intentionally seek out drama from people on the opposing side. Do not intentionally try to start shit or go after anyone over it. I would think this would be obvious, but it apparently isn’t. No matter your side on the matter, this is unacceptable and only makes others on your side look bad and take away from the credibility of your opinions. It also will make people less inclined to care about your side of the matter and won’t really benefit you in the long term.

11. Remember that YOU are responsible for YOUR comfort in your browsing experience. No one else is. If you are bothered by anything in fandom, whether a ship or those who oppose said ship, then you need to do what you can to make your browsing experience safe from it all. YOU. Not others. No one else is responsible for that but YOU.

12. However, you should also do what you can to make your content able to be avoided easily by those who will do what they can to do so. Remember to make sure you make your post easy to blacklist by those who may want to avoid it. If someone sees a post that upsets them because you didn’t do whatever you could to make it possible for them to not see it, then that isn’t exactly fair either.

13. Remember that there is a real, live, complex human being behind that computer. There is more to them than what they ship or don’t ship, and acting like that is the all there is to them is not showing them respect. It doesn’t matter if they do things you think isn’t okay. They deserve respect as a fellow human being. Even if there is discourse between you guys, please don’t forget there is a human being there and they are just as complex as you and deserve to be thought of as such. There is always more to these things than is shown on the surface, and that should be considered when interacting with them. Stay calm and consider their side as well as yours and be respectful of both sides. It’s hard, I know. It’s so much easier to dehumanize a person and judge them entirely off of one aspect of their lives. But the easier path isn’t always the better one. 

Please consider all of these points for the future. If we could all learn how to get along and respect each other, then discourse about this could easily be in the past. We should all be coming together to celebrate a piece of media we all like, not tearing each other apart over insignificant things like ships.

Game’s on!

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson


Imagine: Klaus gets super jealous over you and you decide to punish, in a very hot way, him for almost murdering your best friend Stefan.


*smut, so read carefully

Word Count: 1577

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“I am a little hurt that he’s not here tonight. We had so much fun the last time. And it is surprising. You got a room full of reporters, celebrities, cameras, and he says no. Is this dinner too tacky for The Donald? What could he possibly be doing instead? Is he at home, eating a Trump Steak, tweeting out insults to Angela Merkel? There’s one area where Donald’s experience could be invaluable, because Trump knows a thing or two about running waterfront properties into the ground. That’s probably enough. I’ve got more material. I don’t want to spend too much time on The Donald. Following your lead, I want to show some restraint. With that I just have two more words to say: Obama Out.”

Attn: Still Star-Crossed Fans

Did Still Star-Crossed change your life? 

Were you left wanting more after that finale?

Do you think ABC is shady as hell?

Do you want to see more of Lashana’s gorgeous face?

SavingSSC is here to fight for the little show that could. We’ve seen wonderful petitions floating around the internet, as well as countless people wondering why a show with such a beautiful, talented cast wasn’t given its fair chance. This account exists as a starting point  for what could be a campaign to get our show back. In order for that to happen, we’ll need as much man power as possible. 

We figure, if a show without any promotion was able to generate this much interest, imagine if Still Star-Crossed received the support it deserved! We’re down to accept campaign and promotion ideas. It doesn’t hurt to try right? 

Being pregnant with Negan's child would include

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• Him being really exited from the very beginning 

• Him only wanting the best medical treatment for his and your unborn child and always letting his doctor look after you even when its about something really small

• Him doing his best to help you through the morning sickness and often sitting next to you, holding your hair and rubbing softly over your back while hating to see you that way and cursing about the fucking shit you have to go through 

• Him thinking loudly about how your kid will be and look like

• Him consciously teasing you with weird name combinations out of your and his name for your baby

• Him telling his men that his and your kid is about to become the best one ever

• Him laying with you on the bed and talking to the baby in your belly and next to a lot other things also about how much you and him already love it

• Him being extremely exited when the baby kicks for the first time and wouldnt get his hands from your belly for the next time just waiting for the next kick

• Him amused ascertaining that in a few months he’s actually a motherfucker, only to get slapped on the chest by you before you laughing shake your head about him

• Him laying in bed with you while holding you tight and stroking over your belly 

• Him telling you how much he loves you and how happy he is to have you both

• Him bringing back clothes, furniture and toys back from runs for the baby and showing it all to you while becoming more and more exited  

• Him being even more protective than normally and always having an eye on you

• Him accompanying you to every appointment with the doctor and getting especially exited when it comes to the ultrasound-appointments, where he sits next to you, holding your hand and looking fascinated at the display 

• Him telling the doctor to not tell him the gender of the baby because he wants you both be surprised and also because he wants to be able to philosophy even more about it

• When you’re in the final weeks of the pregnancy him leaving you almost not alone and becoming next to exited also pretty nervous, even when he does everything to not show that in front of his men

• Him getting you every kind of weird food combination you want while laughing his ass off when you come up with some new combination

• Him getting you pregnancy clothes and literally everything else you need and doing everything to make you feel comfortable

• Him giving you back massages and even more ones when your belly becomes heavier and your back suffers

• Him cooking you everything you fancy at the moment

• Him bragging before his men about you being the greatest woman ever and no one but him will ever get the chance to get a woman like you pregnant

• Him keeping Lucille close to the bed because he wants to able to protect you both and him immediately grabbing it whenever he hears a suspicious noise in the night

• The days before the enumerated birthday, him becoming even more exited but also really tensed and beginning to deeply worry about what could happen or possibly go wrong

• Him trying to not show it to you to not make you uncomfortable or nervous

• When you begin to get contractions him directly getting you to the doctor and staying by your side the whole time

• Him doing his best to stand by your side and willingly letting you squeeze the living hell out of his hand while doing his best to stay calm even though he hates to see you being in such pain

• As soon as he sees you and your baby together, he would sit down next to you and watch you both realizing once again that you theres never gonna be something more important than you both to him and being overwhelmed with happiness especially when he gets to hold your baby

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The Grim Reapers Girlfriend (Min Yoongi)

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Summary: Most people think the Grim Reaper or commonly know as Death, is a faceless man wearing a dark cloak with a scythe in his hand. Oh boy were they wrong. Anyone who meets him would mistake him for one of God’s angels, so, what happens when you do meet him?

Basic Summary: Death (Min Yoongi) meets you and instantly falls in love with you, his job is to take you to the other side but instead asks you to become his wife. While thinking of your answer, a miracle happens. You come back to life.

Pairing: Yoongi X Reader

Genre: Pure fluff, Humour, bit of Angst.

Warning: Swearing

“It’s been lovely to talk with you Mrs Kang” his deep voice bounced off of the creme coloured walls. “And so with you uh” The old lady stumbled over her words, not knowing what to call him.

The man chuckles, “Yoongi” he says lightly, leading her to the door way. She sighs and stops in her tracks “So this is it?” she whispers looking up at him, “I’m afraid so, I don’t usually tell my clients this but that was your last life, for now you will go up to the clouds…but I do have an escort waiting for you” 

Yoongi smiles and opens the wooden door, a tall elderly man displayed at the foot steps. “Oh my!” The old lady gasps and falls into her husbands arms, for whom she hasn’t seen in five years. 

“My Dear!” the elderly man shouted engulfing his wife into a loving hug. “Thank you, so much” the old lady reached out and took Yoongi’s hands and shook them, ignoring the fact that they were ten degrees colder than her own.

The couple walk up the stairs.

“Jungkook! Do I have anymore appointments?” the older male closed the door and walked back to his own mahogany desk. “No, sir. Not that I know of” the younger male pipes up from his own.

“Good, I can finally finish Goblin” Yoongi smiles referring to the hit K drama. 

As soon as Yoongi opens the website Jungkook screams “Sir you’ve got an un expected case. It’s a car crash scene” Yoongi groans.

He walks over to the door and grabs his jacket and hat putting them both on. 

“Where is it?” Yoongi ask’s, prancing the grounds where cherry blossom trees cover the street. “at the end of this street″ Jungkook whispers, barely keeping up with him.

The older male disappears into thin air to where the scene is, Jungkook groans cursing to himself that he doesn’t know how to do it yet. 

Have you ever heard of love at first sight? If you don’t believe in it. Here’s proof. Yoongi looked at the young girl before him, butterflies were released into his stomach, Yoongi had never felt this way before in his life as the Grim Reaper.

“Y/n Y/l/n” Yoongi started catching your attention, your puffy red eyes displayed perfectly. Normally he wouldn’t care but this time his heart ached just a bit.

After he named your age, birth date, weight ect. ect. You looked up at him “Is this correct?” he raised one eyebrow asking you, “The weight” you whispered he sighed and got out his pen, “Bigger or Lower?” “Bigger” you said “By how much?” he asked, you shook your head not willing to give out the information.

“Listen, I understand. You’re not the first girl who has refused to give me her age or weight, trust me, I don’t care about it.” He sheepishly smiled at you. 

“I’m 62 Kilo Grams” you smile. Yoongi, taken a back. Rarely no one tells him, of course he already knows but everybody refuses to tell.

“Great, lets go” he smiled extending his left hand out, you looked him up and down and then back to your lifeless body. Bystanders trying to get your bloody covered frame out of the car, some crying some screaming. 

“I don’t understand why they’re crying, I mean I didn’t even know them” You sighed standing up grabbing his hand. “Some people need to cry, so they take any chance they have to start crying. Others are just in shock.” he chuckles.

You smile and finally admire his features, “Why haven’t you asked any questions about me?” he whispered as you two strolled down the street. 

“My grandma, she told me about you. You were a legend and a myth where she grew up, I know exactly who you are but I never believed in it at first…but now you’re here” you laughed remembering the fond memory of your grand mother.

The two of you reached the end of street “This won’t hurt but close your eyes, they might get damaged” he whispered. In a matter of seconds you were at his office.

“I rarely do this. Actually, I don’t do this at all” Yoongi started, thinking if he should really ask you this. “But, would you like to stay here…with me? You wouldn’t go to the other side. Instead, you would be here as my wife” Yoongi knew this was forbidden.

You were taken aback by his sudden question, would you really want to stay here for the rest of your days? You didn’t want to die, from the stories your grand mother told you, he could go anywhere in the world and explore. Something you couldn’t do because of the student debt you owed to your university.

You were looking for the answer, Yoongi’s warm smile making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You though of the cons and pros and the pros took first place, you were about to tell him yes but then something happened.

You disappeared.

“Clear!” You heard a female shout, the electric impulses shot through your body making you jolt forwards.You’re eyes slowly opened, revealing the all too bright light known as the sun, ‘was that all a dream or did that happened?’

“What the hell happened?” Jungkook whispered looking at his boss waving his hand where you previously were. “I-I don’t know, find where she is!” Yoongi shouted.

Jungkook runs over to his black desk and grabs the mortal pad, an immortal electronic device that can tell you anything about anybody. “Sir…why did you ask her that? I mean, if you wanted a companion, there are plenty of other female grim reapers who would love to be all over you” Jungkook whispered, scribbling down the address on a scrap piece of paper.

“She…she was different than all of the others, humans and Grim Reapers. She knew who I was ever since she was a little girl, nobody in the history of my career know who I am.” Yoongi sighed grabbing the paper from Jungkook’s hand. 

“You knew what she was going to say don’t you? I could hear her thoughts from here” Jungkook laughs and sits down. “She was practically shouting yes” Yoongi smiles and vanishes to your hospital room.

“Darling we have to go now” your mum whispered to you kissing your forehead, “Your younger brother has school tomorrow, and your father and I have work tomorrow. Your aunty will come to check on you” she stands up and walks out the door.

“you have a lovely family” The nurse walks in, changing the IV drip. “Would you like the lights off?” she asks. You nod your head. Luckily there was no damage done to your spine, It just hurt. Like a bitch.

As soon as it went dark and the door was shut, you closed your eyes and waited for your deep slumber to arrive.

“Luckily I didn’t say yes” you whispered to yourself, “Why’s that?” you heard a deep voice come out from the corner. A scream escaped your lips “Who’s there?!” you whisper shout grabbing the plastic cup next to you.

“Relax, it’s only me. Now, why are you lucky you didn’t say yes?” The plastic cup flew out of your hand and into his, the lights flickered on showing his face.

“So it wasn’t a dream” you whispered, he stepped closer to you. “I repeat, why are you lucky you didn’t say yes?” he grinned showing the sharps of his teeth.

“I have a second chance at life now, If I said yes I wouldn’t be able to take this opportunity” you sighed. 

“But you were going to say yes, please. Come with me. I will give you everything that you could possibly want” his smile turned into a more general one, the type you would see on an angel.

“Didn’t you hear what I just said? I have a second chance at life.” You smiled resting your head against the white pillow.

“Well if you’re not going to come with me” he takes a seat in the green chair besides you.

“I guess I’ll just have to stick around for a while”

Little did you know, this is where your life changed.

(Part 2  Part 3  Part 4)

Public Humiliation (Yuta x Reader)

Rating: M

(A/N) It’s ya girl, Ry, back at it again with that smutty goodness, now kinkier than ever! Let’s all be honest: Who here has been personally victimized by Nakamoto Yuta? Everyone? That’s what I thought. What better way to celebrate our combined demise then with some kinky Yuta smut? Enjoy my little nasties!

Originally posted by royalyeol

You felt your face blaze with heat as the audience members burst into fits of laughter, practically busting stitches while you fought the urge to run off the set.

“Oh my, Yuta,” the television host chuckled cordially, eyes crinkling at you in sympathy as you looked down at your hands folded in your lap in shame. “It seems your translator needs to brush up on her Japanese quite a bit, don’t you think?”

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Flux: The Beginning (M) | 02

Prequel of Bliss | parts: 01 | 02 | 03

Character: Yoongi x reader x Jungkook

Genre/words: Smut, Poly!AU, Slow Burn, Angst / 7,162 words

Summary: One of them is your longtime crush, while the other is the man which you had shared your secrets with on many heated nights filled with lust and forbidden desire. You had sworn that it would end, and that secret crush would remain a secret.

Warning: mentions of alcohol, dirty talk, voyeurism

a/n: After re-writing and going back and forth in editing, I finally think it’ll be wise to post the whole series in three parts. Sorry if this part is much shorter, I will make it up on the last chapter :)

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Katie: Whenever I played any scenes with Millie, it was always straight down the line
Julian: No, there are definitely lesbian undertones in Merlin
Katie: Well at least I don’t have to lie about it-
Julian: Well you two played it that way
Katie: Oh come on, you wrote it that way!
Julian: Yeah, well, possibly
Katie: Possibly definitely!

Katie: And we all know that you never gave me any love interest
Julian: I gave you Morgause
Katie: He says in all seriousness!
Julian: Incestuous lesbianism, what more can you want?
Katie: You cannot make a show without lesbianism in all fairness
Julian: It’s got to be said

Julian: You know, I still claim that was you and Amelia Fox.
Katie: She’s a very attractive woman, what can I say?
Julian: Yes
Katie: You know?
Julian: No, I know, I agree, I agree   


Julian: More Katie galloping
Katie: I think you just did that so you could see my boobs move

2 sassy for u

Enterview ( Katie McGrath & Julian Murphy talk on lesbian innuendo of Morgana and Morgause)

Focus On me

Summary: You’re kidnapped by an unsub, but dying isn’t what you’re afraid of. All you’re worried about is leaving Spencer alone. 

Warning: graphic depictions of violence,  angst

It wasn’t dying you were afraid of. It was leaving Spencer alone. The thought terrified you more than any horrific end you could possibly meet in your line of work. Spencer was your everything, your sun and moon, the light of your life. You knew he wouldn’t be able to live with himself without you. He’d lost too much already, losing you would be a final blow you knew he couldn’t take. You’d come close in the past. A bomb threat, a car accident while in pursuit, physical threats from unsubs here and there. But this was different. You knew you weren’t making it out of this alive.

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Runaway Pt.1 | Taehyung (M)

Originally posted by pannaluca99

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Drabbles

Summary: Bad boy Tae takes an interest in innocent you and, even though you know he’s toxic, you can’t help but love him.

Word Count: 9.373

Genre: Smut, basically 

A/N: wOW this was long idk I really wanted to write it!! I was inspired by the Run mv (and Colours and Coming Down by Halsey (p.s, I’m making a second part to this and it will also contain smut so there’s that)

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anonymous asked:

yo yo sophie, what are series that you're binge watching right now? I'm not a serie person, I'm more a movie person but today people love to talk about series more than movies. so please I need a recommendation, thx!

Okay, I’ll try to restrain myself cause I have a problem 😂  my personal blog ain’t called “tvshowfreak” for nothing - I’ll give you my all time favs very limited edition

Still ongoing shows

Orange is the new Black (5 seasons so far) - Must watch and get involved with every character on a personal level! - this show is a masterpierce!!

The Walking Dead (7 seasons so far) - don’t let yourself be stopped by the “gory” side of the show, the characters are fucking everything!

Fear The Walking Dead (3 seasons so far) - spin off to The Walking Dead, all you need to know is Alycia Debnam-Carey.

Shameless - US (7 seasons so far) - Brilliant acting, fucking hilarious and dramatic at the same time

Game of Thrones (6 seasons so far, 7th coming out next month) - just watch it.

Gilmore Girls (8 seasons so far) - I can’t believe this show is back in this category but there it is! Fucking hilarious, genius writing (except for the new season I won’t lie), I’ll recommend that show until the day I die.

Orphan Black (5 seasons, the last one started airing last week) - you won’t regret getting into this crazy show, mainly because of the pure talent that is Tatiana Maslany and also hot french lesbians and crazy science girlfriends.

Stranger Things (1 season so far) - incredible show, it’s Stand By Me meets IT - if you haven’t seen those movies go watch them too 😂

Grey’s Anatomy (13 seasons so far) - good luck.

Wentworth (5 seasons so far) - women in prison, only a lot more dramatic that oitnb, but with characters just as amazing, also lesbians 😋

👇 Those two aren’t together👇  #ballieandfridgetforever

This is US (1 season so far) - really really great show 

13 Reasons Why (1 season so far) - all you need to know is Katherine Langford 😍😍😍  #langbellorises

Finished or brutally canceled shows 😭

Sense8 (2 seasons) - I fucking hate that this masterpiece is now in this category 😭😭💔   just watch it, it’s amazing 

Skins UK (6 seasons + 3 movies) - that tv show made me feel better in very dark times - brilliant acting, not always so brilliant storyline but we forgive them.

The L Word (6 seasons) - lesbians, lesbians and lesbians, amazing.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (7 seasons) - hot slayer, demons, the scooby gang, witch girlfriends, what more could you possibly need…

Parks and Recreation (7 seasons) - just fucking hilarious, after it you’ll only want to vote for Leslie Knope for president.

Friends (10 seasons) - my bet is you heard about that one, maybe watched it already, you should go watch it again 😊

The Office (9 seasons) - hilarious, I love it so much 

How I Met Your Mother (9 seasons) - you do find out how he met her eventually 😂  Great show

The O.C (4 seasons) - gotta put it in there, one of the very first shows I watched religiously (it ruined a summer vacation with my family when I was 12 😂 )

One Tree Hill (9 seasons) - another one of my very first tv shows, my attraction to Peyton Sawyer should’ve been a huge red flag to my sexuality back then 😂

Glee (6 seasons) - I hesitated to put it in here because it became fucking bullshit after season 3 #fuckyouryanmurphy, but I was indeed a huge fan of the first 3 seasons #faberryforever so here it is 

Obviously there’s a LOT more tv shows that I’ve watched, like a 100 more, so if you want more suggestions get back to me 😊  Enjoy!

I’m Tired of Being Your Secret

“What time is it?” Draco asked, stroking the messy black-haired boy’s outstretched arm, entranced in its seamless connection to his bare torso. Harry Potter sat up, picked up his glasses from the bedside table and placed them onto his face, pushing his hair away from his eyes. He looked at his watch.
“Almost two.” Harry responded, yawning and leaning back into Draco Malfoy, who had rolled onto his side to follow the warmth that Harry brought him in the brief time that they shared into the late hours of the night. His arms were spread across the whole of the back of the double bed that the room of requirement had conjured up for them. Harry nuzzled into Draco’s naked shoulder, kissing the bare skin lightly.
“Potter?” Draco asked after a moment of peace between them.
“How long is this going to go on for?”
“This. Us. The sneaking around in the middle of the night, meeting at the room of requirement. Not exactly romantic, telling everyone I’m going to see Slughorn, just so I can get a hushed, rushed and flushed few hours with you. I want…I don’t know…something more”.
“Hushed, rushed and flushed?” Harry asked with a smirk. Draco nudged his shoulder before giving him a serious look. The words that he had said suddenly then sunk into Harry’s head.
“Wait, what are you saying?” Asked Harry, sitting up now, in disbelief that Draco could possibly want to be open to other people about their relationship.
Draco, now cross legged sitting opposite Harry, shuffled closer to the boy he had begun to fall for, taking his hands in his own.
“I have spent my whole life trying to impress everyone. My father, my mother, everyone in this damn school. I finally have something worth showing off and I’m, what? Hiding it away like a dirty secret? I want to walk to breakfast holding your hand, and kiss you before I destroy you in Quidditch, without having to worry about who might see, or what people will think if I even talk to you in the corridor. I want to drink butterbeer at the same damn table, instead of feeding off stolen glances across rooms, offering to get the next round just so that we can have those few fleeting moments of disguised contact at the bar. I want your friends to hate me because they’re scared I’m going to hurt you, not because they think you hate me too. I want you Potter.” Draco exclaimed putting his hand to Harry’s cheek. “I want us.”
Harry looked into Draco eyes, and he saw all of their secret nights together, all of their stolen looks across rooms. He saw the first time Draco came to him, struggling with the aftermath of Lord Voldemort, he saw their first kiss, hidden in the back of the library, he saw the first time they came to the room of requirement, Draco walking backwards, lips locked to Harry’s, who was guiding the way, with one eye open to make sure they made it inside the room successfully. He saw all of the longing, and all of the loss, and all of the love. And he saw the possibility of a future together. A future where they could live freely without worrying who saw.

Harry took his hand to meet Draco’s on his cheek, bringing it round to his lips, where he held it tightly, closing his eyes to hold the moment of freedom. For so long he had ached to feel the hands of the blonde-haired boy that sneered at him across the room, and now that he had it he had to keep it a secret. Harry’s thoughts turned to Draco’s parents. To Molly and Narcissa, who would somehow have to come to terms with one another, and how difficult it would all be and how much stress it would be for the Weasley’s who had been the only true home he had known. The only place aside from Draco’s arms where he had ever felt truly safe.
“I wish it could be that simple.” Harry said, lowering Draco’s hand to the rumpled sheets that lay between them.
“It could be”, pleaded Draco, who could only imagine two years into the future, huddled next to Harry at Christmas, everyone round the fire, with his very own knitted jumper, a green ‘D’ lovingly embroidered to the centre; a sign of acceptance from the people that held such an enmity in Harry’s heart.
But Harry was more concerned. He was concerned about explaining to everyone, he was concerned about the reaction Draco would get from his ‘mates’, he was concerned about how his own best friends would take it. And so, the next words that Harry spoke pierced Draco like an excellently executed cruciatus curse.
“Could it?”


It was approaching 11pm in the eighth year common room, and Harry, Ron and Hermione sat at a table by the fire together, finishing off their work. Harry and Ron were writing a tedious essay on the intentions and dangers of the draught of living death that was due in the following day. Hermione was scanning through her arithmancy homework that was due in the following week. So far Harry had written “The Draught of Living Death is a potion that has many positive intentions and outcomes, but also dangers. Some of it’s intentions are-“. He looked up from his paper and saw Draco Malfoy sat at a table on the other side of the common room. Malfoy was looking at him with the same look that Harry had no doubt that he was looking at him with. Longing. The two of them just stared at each other for a moment, both with sad looks in their eyes. Following their conversation from the previous night, there was now a whole new dynamic between them. Now that he knew that Malfoy felt the same way as him about their relationship being kept a secret, he felt something else between them. Something almost like regret. The only ones left in the common room other than them were Ron and Hermione, but they were entirely oblivious to the fact that Draco and Harry wanted to be left alone. After a moment, Harry tore his gaze away from Malfoy and looked toward Ron and Hermione. They were sat closely together on the sofa, and Harry watched as Ron groaned and rested his head on Hermione’s shoulder.
“Hermione,” he said in a whine. “I can’t do it!” Hermione turned to him and kissed his head.
“Yes you can, Ronald,” She said, resting her cheek on his bright red hair. “Come on, write something.” She picked up his quill and placed it into his hand, closing his fist around it. He looked at her with a look that said how did I get this lucky? He leaned across to kiss her lips briefly, before the two of them got back to work.
Harry couldn’t help but feel jealous of them. They could so openly be happy in their relationship, without having to hide anything from anyone. Harry looked back over to Draco, and saw him looking at Ron and Hermione too before looking back toward Harry. The two of them smiled sadly at each other before Draco looked back down at his book, clearly not reading a word of it. But Harry’s gaze didn’t fall. He couldn’t bring himself to look away from the way that Draco’s delicate fingers caressed the corner of the page, or the way his tie was set so precisely to the centre of his chest. Then he thought back to room of requirement, and how many times he had pulled the tie from around Draco’s neck, and how he had kissed that neck, and how safe he had felt in those moments. Harry’s friends had given him so much over the years, but Draco had provided him with something he had never felt. A feeling that could not be brought to justice through words.
“Guys.” Harry said suddenly, loudly enough for Draco to hear too, who looked up from his book in surprise. Ron and Hermione looked up, and Hermione’s face looked worried.
“What is it, Harry, are you alright?” Hermione asked, her face paling, her eyes instinctively flicking to the faded scar, just visible through Harry’s tufts of hair.
“Oh, yeah! No it’s fine, it’s nothing like that.” The look of relief on Hermione’s face was bright as day, but Ron just chuckled.
“Hermione, he literally said ‘guys’, I don’t think that calls for such a dramatic response.” Harry heard Draco snigger slightly at Ron’s comment. Hermione rolled her eyes, but still looked relieved.
“What is it, then?” She asked, and the two of them looked at Harry expectantly. Harry looked over towards Draco, who stared back. After a moment, Harry stood up and walked over to him, all the while Ron and Hermione watched him, confused. As Harry made his way over, Draco stood up. He opened his mouth to ask what Harry was doing, but Harry just reached out to hold Draco’s face, and kissed him. Malfoy froze in shock for a moment before kissing back, the large book slipping between his fingers and hitting the hard wooden floor as Draco’s fingers intertwined with Harry’s. After a moment, Draco pulled back, and turned to Ron and Hermione.
“Surprise.” He said in a half-amused, half-worried tone. Harry laughed and pulled back, turning to face his best friends. Hermione and Ron sat on the sofa, faces entirely shocked.
“Look, I know this is totally out of the blue, and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, but I didn’t know how you’d take it. I guess I’m about to find out.” Harry winced, clutching Draco’s hand even tighter. Draco chuckled lightly next to Harry.
“Look Harry, I’m just glad you’re happy,” Hermione said finally, beginning to smile. “As long as you’re happy, I’m happy.” She got up to hug Harry as his face broke into a grin. He let go of Draco’s hand as he went to Hermione to hug her. When she went to sit back down she nudged Ron, prompting him to say something.
“Bloody hell,” Ron said, his face still staring into nothingness, an expression of shock and confusion on his face. Hermione wacked his head playfully, but still with a fierceness that threatened him if he said something stupid that would wreck his best friendship. Harry went back to Malfoy, and took his hand again. “No no, I mean don’t get me wrong I’m happy for you mate! But,” He paused, shaking his head. “Bloody hell.” Harry laughed as Ron put his hands to his head, clearly recalculating many memories. “How long has this been… how long have you guys… how long is this-“
“I think what Ron is trying to say is how long has this been going on? And how? And when?” Hermione finished for Ron.
“A few weeks after the final battle. Draco came to me because he knew I’d understand how it feels being under the threat of the dark lord and-“
“Uhm, Potter, can we not ruin my reputation please?” Draco said.
“Yeah, says the guy, holding my hand.” Harry responded and Draco immediately let go and wacked his head, the same way Hermione had done to Ron. Harry dodged and laughed, and Draco laughed with him. Hermione smiled at them, almost amused, whilst Ron just continued to look on in shock and confusion.
“Anyone else need a firewhisky?” He said, and Harry and Hermione laughed. They both immediately agreed to go, but Draco didn’t say anything. Hermione immediately noticed his unease.
“You coming Malfoy?” Hermione challenged, inviting Draco to join them despite the torments he had put her through. After all, if Harry had been able to put everything aside, then perhaps she could learn to tolerate him. “First rounds on you” she ordered while packing her things into her bag, before standing to look Draco square in the eye. Draco’s grip tightened on Harry’s, Harry’s eyes darting to Ron in fear and apprehension, who looked just as apprehensive. They both knew how ruthless Hermione could be when it came to something, or someone she cared about. She looked at Malfoy with a glare that neither of them had seen before. It wasn’t anger, yet it wasn’t forgiveness. It seemed to emulate a combination of the two, with just enough intrigue to keep both Harry and Draco on edge. Unsure as to whether his girlfriend was going to hug Draco or punch him, which admittedly he would not mind seeing, Ron put a hand on her shoulder. At his touch, she relaxed slightly.
“Come on then. Suppose we’d better hear how this all came about.” exclaimed Hermione, taking Ron’s hand as they began to walk through the corridors, the warmth of the firewhiskies pulling them towards Hogsmeade.

This was co-written by me and my amazing friend Jack, who is incredible at writing so I just want to thank him so MUCH for helping me with this <3

Thank you for taking the time to read this! xx

Rain Storms || Min Yoongi

Originally posted by minyoongiaesthetic

Word Count: 1.6k

Genre: Fluff

Having Kim Seokjin as your older was definitely not an easy task. There were moments where you wanted to pull your hair out, and there were moments where you just wanted to smack yourself until you were no longer conscious. This was definitely one of those moments as you ended the call with your brother, him having asked you to head to his dorm to grab something from his room that he had left there earlier that day.

His members and him had left earlier to go to practice and didn’t want to leave as the dance was very important and they needed to learn it very quickly. The building you worked at was only a block away from the apartments they lived in, so you had no choice but to agree to his will and go to the apartment building where they spent almost everyday,

It was quiet as you walked up to the building, the clouds starting to roll in and block out the sun. The darkness worried you as you didn’t have a car to drive to the studio, and the nearest bus station was twenty minutes away. You hoped as you walked into the lobby that it would hold off on raining until you finished grabbing the things your brother needed.

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Time Out--Gil x Reader

Okay, this is another random idea of mine and I love Gil to death so here we go!

Just a heads up, I have used some bits and pieces of the latest novel of the Descendants series, cause I thought it would make this imagine a little more interesting.

Disclaimer-I don’t own any of the Descendants characters all credit goes to the creators and producers of Disney Descendants.

Summary-After Gil is kicked out of Ursula’s Fish and Chips shop, yet again, you decide that it’s about time he had some company on his time out.

Warnings- Emotional roller coaster, and a little fluff

(This gif belongs to me)

“Gil,” you woke, calling out to your boyfriend. You sat up, wiping the sleep out of your eyes, and stretching your arms and back. You were always up before him, since he loved to sleep in late, which you never minded, he was so adorable when he slept.

Every morning, you’d wake up to the sound of snoring, which always made you giggle. Gil’s arms hold you tight around your waist, and you feel the warmth of his body pressed against yours. His hair, when he took it out of his hair tie, would be a wild, blonde mess, spread out across the pillow, and every time he woke up to your E/C eyes, he smiled, and hugged you tighter, peppering your face with kisses until you had to push him off. But, he was twice your size, so he’d just laugh at your failing attempts.

But this morning was different, cause Gil was nowhere to be seen. His side of the bed was empty, with only messed up sheets to prove he was even there. You were about to panic, until the faint shouts and hollers from downstairs helped you figure it out.

He was with the crew.

You got out of bed, brushing your teeth and pulling up your H/C hair, putting on your ripped pants, with one of Gil’s jackets over a dusty undershirt. Your boots were fastened on in a rush as you stepped into the restaurant beneath your room.

As you expected, all of Uma’s crew was cheering over the captain herself, probably over some speech she made about disposing Mal and ruling Auradon and blah blah blah.

You checked through the many faces of scruffy pirates, roughed-up waiters, and depressing customers, but there was still no sign of the blonde that was the son of Gaston. Now you were extremely concerned.

Gil was one of, if not the most, loyal pirate on Uma’s crew, apart from Harry, the captain kiss up. Though he wasn’t the smartest one of the bunch, Gil was always on time for meetings, training, and any other crew duties Uma had him do. You loved how much effort he put into this crew just to prove how much he wanted to be a part of it. You loved his perseverance, and was always in your shared room to welcome him back with open arms after a long, hard day of swashbuckling.

You saw Harry leaning over the counter, staring at the TV screen, watching the new royal couple, Mal and Ben, feeding each other chocolate covered strawberries. If looks could kill, the TV would have burst into flames at the lasers he was shooting at it. Then he was joined by Uma, and threw a fish stick at the screen, seeing her smile at her first mate with pride. Typical.

You walked over to the two, interrupting their conversation to pull Uma’s attention to you instead.

“Where’s Gil?” you demanded.

“Well good morning to ya too, Y/N,” Harry smiled, biting the top of a fry hanging off the tip of his hook.

“Not now, Harry,” you scolded,

“I’ll ask again, where is he?”

“He’s outside,” Uma smirked.

“Why is he outside?” you questioned the crazy sea witch and the psychotic pirate that stood before you.

“He’s on a time out,” Harry snickered.

“A time out? What is this, Auradon Prep!” You stomped towards the doors, fuming at the stupidity of this crew. You were ready to grab your, probably very confused, boyfriend, and pull him back into the shop, where he should be. However, your plan was stopped by Harry, his hook stabbing into the crooked saloon doors before you could pushed through.

“I’m afraid ye can’t do that, little lassie. The lad needs time to learn to watch his words when talking ‘bout the captain.” He stroked his finger along your jaw. “Is that Gil’s jacket? My ye look rather fetching in his clothes. Wonder what you’d look like in mine.”

You smacked his hand away, earning a light chuckle from him, as he escorted you back to the counter. You took a seat nonetheless, and ordered something to eat. Glancing at the doors, you wondered what he could possibly be doing. Just sitting there, chewing on his nails, a disappointed puppy dog look on his face, as he watched everyone walk by. You felt terrible for him. You wanted to be out there and comfort him, but you couldn’t, cause you weren’t allowed outside.


Harry was watching the TV again, this time showing Mal surrounded by a ton of interviewers, looking very uncomfortable as she was questioned by all of them at once. Harry continued to frown at the screen in fury, but with a little more ease than the last time.

He had it bad!

“So how long you had a thing for Mal, Hook,” you asked.

The entire place went dead silent, all eyes on the girl who just asked the most unforgivable question known to mankind.

“Excuse me?” Hook turned to you, his death glare radiating onto you like heat from a fire.

“Oh nothing, it’s just, every time Mal and Ben are on the TV, you look as if you want to smash the poor thing. But when it’s just Mal, you still want to smash it, just not as much as you want to when Ben’s on it.”

Harry eyes went wide, his heaving chest matching the quick breaths he made. You wanted to pat yourself on the back for making him act with such rage, but you just flashed him a grin as you munched on a fish stick with glee.

With a deep breath, Harry pointed his hook towards you, and spoke in a low voice, “Ye lucky your Gil’s lass, or else you’d be very sorry ye said anything like that.”

“Oh I’m sorry,” you replied, “did I bring up a personal topic? Cause I’m sensing a bit of, oh I don’t know, jealousy maybe? Jealousy of a certain king by the name of Ben, perhaps?”

“Why you little..”

“Give it a rest, Harry,” Uma spoke, emerging from the kitchen. “She’s just trying to get a rise out of you. You’re only giving her what she wants.”

“Fine,’” Harry said, returning to his plate, defeat sketched on his defined features.

“Aw, look at you, being the good little first mate. Always listening to your captain. Speaking of the captain, Uma,” you waved. She turned her head to you, everyone now waiting to see what it was you had to say this time. You snuffed out your giggle as you asked, “how long, exactly, did it take you get that shrimp Mal dumped on you out of your hair, again?”

“OUT!” Harry cried, shoving you out the shop with a hard pushed.

You laughed, and ever so innocently asked, “What? Did I do something wrong?” Harry only scowled at you, closing the doors behind him.

You shook your head, chuckling at how sensitive they could be over the most silliest things. You dusted yourself off, straightening your jacket, as you saw him sitting a step all by himself.

You couldn’t help but smile. After all that time, he was still there, sitting patiently until someone came back outside to tell him Uma was over whatever he did and tell him he was allowed back inside. His back was to you, watching the world around him, still not noticing you there.

You knelt down behind him, and covered his eyes with your hands.

“Hey!” he said, trying to get your hands off his eyes. “Who is that? Stop it!”

You giggled, keeping your hands in their place. Placing a kiss on his cheek, you whispered in his ear, “Guess who?”

He knew it was you, but he wanted to play along with your little game. “Hm, I don’t know. Can’t be Harry, and it’s definitely not Uma. Is it Dizzy?”

You laughed at his guess, removing your hands, and letting his eyes adjust to the light.

“Oh, it’s my beautiful girlfriend!” He smiled, pulling you onto his lap, wrapping his arms around your waist, and your around his neck. You smiled, your foreheads resting against each others, soaking up everything about this boy you loved so much.

You chuckled for a bit, seeing his confused face as you did.

“What’s so funny?” He smirked at you, drawing small circle on your sides as you played with the ends of his hair.

“Oh nothing,” you smiled.

“Come on, tell me,” he insisted, pleading like a little child to his parent about what they got him for Christmas.

“Alright, if I must.”

You told him all of what happened, from when you woke up to when you were thrown out. He laughed at most parts, and was a little concerned when you brought up the part about Harry tossing you out the restaurant. You grinned as you assured him that you were okay while he checked for any damage on your person that Harry may have caused. Gil told how lucky that pirate was, cause if he did anything, than Gil was gonna teach Harry not to mess with his girl, personally. You admired his determination, but promised him you were fine, and that nothing was broken or bruised.

Once he finally believed you, he smiled at you, and traced his thumb over your cheek, grinning more at the slight blush that arose as he did so.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t with you when you woke up,” he said. “I didn’t want to wake you.”

“It’s okay, you have nothing to apologize for,” you smiled, still playing with his hair. He caressed both your cheeks with his hands, gazing into your E/C eyes as his drank up the sight of you before him.

“How did I ever get so lucky?” He asked, more to himself than to you.

“I think the same thing everyday.”

And with that, you pulled him into you, capturing his lips for the first time that morning. You tighten your arms around his neck, as he grasped your sides with a little more force. One of his hands rested on the back of your neck, his signal that he wanted to deepen the kiss. You didn’t object. He groaned slightly as you released his hair from its hair tie, and tugged on it. But he wasn’t gonna let you get away with that so easily. He moved to your neck, making you sigh in content as slowly traveled down to your sensitive spot, right where your collarbone and neck connected.

As much as you wanted to continue your little session, you remembered that you were in public, and that you highly doubted that those of the Isle wanted to see the display of affection the two of you were putting on.

Against your wishes, you lifted Gil from his current mission, and just looked in his brown eyes. You were both panting, and beaming at each other like two love sick teenagers. Then again, that’s what you were.

After you kissed him quickly once more, you asked him the one question you were most curious about. “What, exactly, did you do that got you kicked out?”

He shook his head with a small smile, before answering, “It was stupid, really, just a silly mistake.”

You lifted your brow, as if saying, “okay, what was it?”

He just kept smiling, but replied, “I accidentally called Uma shrimpy.”

“That’s it?” Anger started to boil up inside you. “Who does she think she is! She can’t just kick you out just you called her something as petty as shrimpy!” As you started to get up to yank the blue dreads of Uma’s pretty little head, Gil held you down by your thighs, preventing you from doing something far worse than damage you already caused. You shot him a look that screamed, “Let me go so I can pound that sea witch!” But he didn’t, he kept you in place. Before you could go on and on about how pathetic Uma could be, he shushed you with a kiss, which you gladly returned, no questions asked. Then Gil pulled you into a hug, whispering sweet nothings to you as you began to regain yourself. When you pulled apart, he looked at you and you nodded, letting him know you were okay.

“I just,” you stated, “I just hate how they treat you, they act like you’re a clueless dummy who always screws up. And you’re not! You’re the hardest working member in that crew! Even more than that hook handed pig head!” He just smiled back at you, holding your hands in his, tracing your knuckles with his thumbs.

“Y/N, I’m fine. It’s how it’s always been and I’m still living, ain’t I?”

“I still don’t think it’s right.”

“It may not be, but it’s how it is,” he said, curling his fingers between yours, admiring how small yours was to his. “One day, Y/N, we’ll have our own life, together. No more pirates, no more Uma, and no more Isle. Just you, me, and our own happily ever after.”

“You know those don’t exist for people like us,” you said, reminding him of of the fact that you were the villains, not the heroes.

“You never know. Maybe one day, we’ll get our lucky chance.” You smiled at him, kissing his forehead and letting him rest his head against your chest. You sighed at the thought of the two of you, living together without a care in the world. Just you and him off on some deserted island or in a castle of your own. The whole idea of running away from this reality to make your own with Gil made your heart flutter at the thought.

If only we had the chance, you thought.