what more could i expect from them

I saw so much of myself in the Rangers this time around

They really were teenagers with attitude this time.

  • In Jason I saw the parental expectations I always struggled with growing up
  • Billy, well I was literally just talking about how my grandfather has Aspergers and I probably do too but my parents never wanted to let me be diagnosed and so I had to learn and create a lot of coping mechanisms 
  • Needless to say I was even more confused (and in denial) about my LGBTQ+ identity at that age than Trini was
  • Kim was holding so much guilt inside for a stupid mean mistake she made that I could relate too, guilt is crushing 
  • I don’t have a direct parallel with Zack but having trouble finding friends and simultaneously needing them to escape from the crushing weight of your responsibilities that you didn’t ask for is familiar

I think this film was really important and the characterizations were so far above what I was expecting (but were almost exactly what I was hoping for). I definitely think everyone that is a fan of Power Rangers and especially those fans who connected with the diverse and quirky identities and personalities of the Rangers as kids should go see it.

I straight up came out of this film feeling more content and whole than I have in so so long simply because I saw other people fighting through so much of what I’ve gone through to save the day. 

Let’s just keep sending positive thoughts to B.A.P, and their families. Let’s not expect the worse, or even say it, this could hurt them even more. Let’s keep sending our prayers they need us a lot right now. They have been through a lot already, I can only hope they aren’t put through something to test their stability once again.

Tonight During our D&D Session

They left off the last session walking through a Gate spell with their horses and into the unknown. The unknown happened to be at the bottom of a lake. I had hinted it would not be wise to take their horses with them, but they did it anyway. I’d planned for a half hour of ‘oh god we are at the bottom of a lake with six feet of ice between us and freedom’ shenanagins. I did not expect the horses to survive.

  • They spent an hour and a half cycling through turns in a complex display of teamwork, strategy, and creativity so they could escape the lake with their horses alive. 
  • I couldn’t bring myself to be mad.
  • The dragonborn was called ‘lizard’ fourteen (14) times. Most of them telapathically by the Sorcerer while trying to coordinate The Great Horse Rescue.
  • That’s honestly all I can remember from the session. 
  • I know more things happened but it’s all completely overshadowed by how determined they were to save those goddamn horses.
  • What in the hell.
10 Reasons to read Swung by Serafim

Please note spoilers are minor and more like vague references however I’ve put reasons 2-10 under a cut for safety :D  LINK TO FIC

1. Because Flamethrower (the author XD) is a fucking genius. She has this ability to really get into the heads of the characters and have them act in ways that are in character but not always what you expect. (Seriously she could write about paint drying and I’d read it).
Her ability to create stories that are so real and to me often preferable to canon and her understanding of nuance of the greys of life that there are few truly good or evil people makes for amazing villains and relatable heroes.

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So, like, I need an AU where Klaus hears about this school that’s dedicated to helping children with magical abilities from the NOLA witches.

He decides to track this place down because it could be a useful way to gain some more power, he’ll have a bunch of magical families under his control etc.

And he’s not aware, throughout all this, that Caroline is the one in charge of said school.

Surprise confrontation between them both ensues…

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Hi! I just finished season 1 of Sweet/Vicious and I don't know how to describe the way I feel about this show! It is one of the best things I have ever watched and I CANNOT believe that it isn't renewed for a 2nd season yet! Do you know of a contact page where I could send the makers of S/V a message? I already sent them a message, but just wanted to check if you know anything else? Thank you!

My dear, I am right there with you. This show has exceeded any and all expectations I had from day one. Tbh, I don’t know what I expected exactly, but what we were given is more than any of us could have ever asked for from a TV show. With all of this sh*t going on right now, the timing is just beautiful. Sweet/Vicious isn’t just a show, it’s the protest statement that we’ve all been waiting for, and we’ve been promised even better things going forward once they get renewed. It needs to happen.

The best way to be heard by @mtv is to contact them through here, facebook or twitter. Message them relentlessly. Let them know that the show is important to you, in more than just the sense that it is actually insanely entertaining.

There’s a petition that you can sign, and you can also use the tag #RenewSweetVicious on twitter. Make sure when you use the tag that you include the MTV twitter handle in the tweet so that they can see it. If you want to @ the official Sweet/Vicious twitter account also, they do respond to a lot of the tweets that fans direct to them.

Lastly, tell everyone that you know about the show. Get them all to watch it. All of the episodes are available to stream on MTV.com, so lead them there, and when you rewatch the series (because let’s be real we all will) you can totally stream from the website which is good for them.

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So what did you think of the episode? I'd love to hear your opinions

Hmmmmmmmm, well, there were parts I liked a lot, and parts that distracted me from the parts I liked a lot.

Super Friend was a highlight, and the love of my life, Melissa’s, Moon River will be on repeat into the night. The other songs were fun but I also would have liked some more, actually?? Idk how many songs I expected them to complete on their busy schedule but apparently it’s a lot.

I wasn’t as into the gangster war as I could have been. Maybe it’s just been done a lot on tv shows lately. But the rest of the setting was very cool.

And as far as the famed Mon-El topic…

I knew that Kara was going to forgive him and everything, which was ‘super’ premature and I wish they could keep them either together or broken up for one entire episode. But really, I wish the episode had been written to be centered around some other lesson for the two heroes. 

Not just because this crossover glossed over the greater relevance of Mon-El’s complacency in his planet’s wrongdoings in favor of “but he lieeed to me” so they could have a neatly wrapped storyline, but because it was about that at all. 

(Not to mention, their love story’s weight was so incongruent with westallen that it was alienating. Like if your last words have to be “I forgive you” and right next to you, someone is dying and saying “I love you”, then your coma-waking kiss doesn’t quite ring as romantic. Though I do think not having her saying that was a good call.) (Also I’m annoyed that people who said ‘but if she hadn’t seemed so against slavery, he might have told her!’ feel validated by the show right now.)

Really, I’m just tired of Kara’s storylines revolving around romance at all this season. In season one, it was like a footnote at the end and beginning of the episodes and hinted at here and there within. Right now, it’s Kara’s only storyline. 

And I’m bored.

So I would have preferred Kara and Barry’s interactions to be more like their first crossover. When Kara had to win the city back and Barry gave her advice about it and THEN maybe a push in regard to her romantic storyline.

Honestly, if they’re going to have them be together, just do it already and stop adding on more relationship twists so I can get back to Kara’s own storylines. I think the producers are severely misinterpreting their audience as romance-needy viewers, when, if anything, many of us wouldn’t mind cutting the romance all together.

But whenever there was a break in talking about Kara’s dislike or like of Mon-El, the execution of it was pretty fun.


  • Mon-El and Kara’s reunion was sloppy, premature and missed the point.
  • The episode was about romance at all.
  • No Alex.
  • Not enough songs (this one may be expecting too much).
  • Could have had better song choices.


  • Super Friend!!!!! Wow cute.
  • Moon River, I’m love
  • Barry lovingly looking at Kara with no romantic undertones
  • Put a Little Love in Your Heart was corny but fun
  • Kara’s outfits!! GOSH
  • Iris’ accent was great and also v attractive
  • Iris saying that Kara’s name is Supergirl so the fact that she’s a great singer is implied. more of these two forever, please
  • Very pretty cinematography
  • Space Dad “I thought you two broke up” was really cute to me??? Just him trying to keep up with who his Space daughter is dating?? I can’t explain why I just love him
  • Gay gangster dads
  • Mon-El’s fake!dad John Barrowman was very well chosen
  • Kara angry that Barry thought he should kick down the door is so me that I feel attacked
  • Kara walking in on people hooking up will always be funny
  • Did I mention that Kara was (is) beautiful? Every frame is gold
  • The more I think about it the more beats there are that I liked

I’m kind of glad I’m not too emotionally invested in either Ben and Martin because the moment they open their mouths and talk about S4 I expect another mass exodus aka people leaving the fandom. :/

Thoughts on Broken Winds

This episode was completely and totally about friendship and relationships. The case could have been more interesting, more stressfull but it would have mean less friendships so I let it slide. 

The most interesting to me was Happy and Paige. For once, it was more about Paige insecurities than Happy. Sure our genius don’t want to pretend and have a hard time reconcilling what is expected from her and what she truly want to do, but this was easy to fix. However Paige is showing her insecurities about not being smart enough for the lot of them. It makes sense, being with geniuses all day long when you’re not is not that great for you’re self-confidence. That’s why she’s a little over-sensitive to Happy comments that aren’t worst than anything that she already said. I love how they resolved it and show a lot of growth from Happy.

Happy does know what frienship can be about now, and she show it not only with Paige but also Cabe. I love the call-back on the time they lived together and Happy’s face like “I can’t believe you don’t know this already”. Because that’s how I felt. Cabe should have seen it, since it was obvious that Sly wanted to be his friend in his own dorky ways. However I think It’s left-over from his insecurities about his age. What a 20-something would want to do with a old guy like him? 

There’s one point I disagree with, though. It’s perfectly fine to not share interest with one of your closer friend and to gently refuse to partake in something you clearly don’t want to. Sure Cabe didn’t handle that well since he didn’t see that Sly wanted reassurance about their friendship, but he didn’t have to join a game he clearly had no interest in  just to please his friend. Suggesting another activity they could both enjoy would have been the way to go.

And finally, I loved all the wedding talks. The competition to be best man was funny and resolution perfect and it makes the most sense. They built up Toby and Paige friendship a lot this season and she’s he obvious choice to be best ma’am. It will be fun to see the Dudes or Honor in action. I think at some point Happy might regret that choice, but that will be for our great pleasure. Plus it means that Paige and Walter will work together and I know Waige shipper will be pleased.

Others thoughts remarks comments and questions : 

  •  I could give you a hand literally sounds incredibly dirty to me. Yes I’m a 14 year old boy about this, I know.
  • Toby still have family somewhere, somehow. I can’t wait to meet them.
  • Sly seems to be the one with the most friend outside of work, while also being the most socially awkward.
  • I can’t get over concerned and worried Toby for his fiancée. I could torture Happy endlessly for those bits. Yeah I’m a bad person.
  • There was less fart jokes than expected. This is good.
  • So far, Scorpion willingly suffocated Toby, electrocuted Paige and Happy, froze Cabe to death, sent Sly to prison and poisonned Walter and send him flying without a parachute, among other things.  All in the name of saving lives but still they are dangrous friends to have.
  • “My tools were replaced by dolls” as seen earlier this season. I love continuities and call-back.
  • Do you think Cabe could lift Mjölnir?

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Hey, this might be almost the same as superheroes AU but what about x-men characters? Like.. for example Mina could be Kitty and idk, Sana - Nightcrawler or however you think/want, i just gave you an example (:

Ok I’ve only ever seen the movies, but I absolutely love X-Men and I’m gonna base this more off character personalities than their powers, but powers do come into it a little bit as well. I’m still working on the superpower AU and you can expect that one to be very different to this. Most of them are characters from the first few movies, but because I love Quicksilver so much I just had to have him in here

Nayeon - Storm 

Jeongyen - Magneto

Momo - Wolverine

Sana - Mystique

Jihyo - Professor X

Mina - Jean

Dahyun - Quicksilver

Chaeyoung - Kitty

Tzuyu - Rouge

anonymous asked:

Now that Japril seems to be rising, what do you hope to see happen to them moving forward? Also, if could you could create a scene for them for this season what would it be?

i *hope* to see maturity moving forward. i hadnt expected them to sleep together, but i like the way it came about. it was calculated (to a degree) and not remorseful after the fact. i’d like to see them having many more adult conversations that delve deep below the surface. ie, why jackson felt so deeply wounded by her ‘abandoning’ him to go to jordan (obviously we know now bc of his father) - and how they can move on from that. in a perfect world, theyd go back to counseling and spend a lot of time listening. to sasse, listening seems to be important so im hoping thats a relevant theme that sticks. there should be no continued banging without relationship progress. but as long as the relationship keeps progressing, i fully support any and all banging ;) 

and if i could create a scene for them, it would be watching hattie complete little milestones and fondly remembering samuel through them. bringing up his name without malice or vindictiveness or spite. maybe on his birthday, watching their little girl and talking about in what ways shes like either of them; and from that, lightly discussing how they think samuel wouldve been. what kind a big brother he’d have been, what kind of a child in general. allowing themselves to miss him while still (obviously) wholeheartedly loving the daughter they have. 

  • nick spencer: let's make steve, captain fucking america, hydra for the shock factor
  • nick spencer: let's make magneto, a jewish holocaust survivor, hydra for the shock factor

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Do you really think you'll EVER fit in with the batfamily? You're some jumped up little test-tube thing who got given the name Wayne. And hell, I'm not even sure you even really know what right and wrong would look like if they both jumped you in an alley.

Ask a brutally personal and/or awkward question for my muse to answer absolutely honestly

“A fascinatingly juvenile effort at an insult. A word of advice, it is ill-advised to attempt to antagonise someone who could destroy you without a thought. Remember that. Now, allow me a moment to dissect your efforts here…

First… no, I do not expect I will ever fit in. I am not like most of them, and hardly any make any effort to understand what it is I have come from. I will always be different. I have made my peace with that. Second, if you believe for a second that no DNA examinations were ever administered, you are more foolish than I believed. I am a Wayne by blood — more than the others can say. Odd of you to attempt to use the name against me, considering I have more claim to it than anyone else in the family, aside from my father. 

Third, if I were incapable of distinguishing right from wrong, please do explain why I chose to leave my mother — the woman who raised me, the only real human connection that I had ever known before coming to Gotham, who had a destiny planned for me that would see me conquer the earth for an appetiser, in order to come to Gotham and risk my life every day in order to save both those I care for, and those who I do not know — the innocents that inhabit both this city and the rest of the earth?

If I did not know right from wrong — if I did not feel it in my BONES — why would I turn my back on the opportunity to ascend to power in the League? To be revered like a god? To take over this earth and rule it as I please? I could have had power beyond your wildest dreams, and I turned it all down. I changed my entire worldview, changed my entire life. I abandoned a life that was destined for greatness, to instead move to Gotham and do what is right — never even knowing if I would be accepted or not…….. And I continue to do good, even when it seems that I will never be accepted by him

If this is your best assessment of me, I can assure you, you are operating based on entirely outdated or incorrect information. Stupid beyond comprehension, if you ask me. Get the facts next time, and perhaps you will not suffer the embarrassment of making an ASS of yourself again.”

You could feel the fucking fire on your face, could see everyone’s faces and outfits, heard the sound quality, felt yourself get lost in the music
Jeez Louise , it was incredible.
Green Day is one of those bands that are so prestigious and iconic that i never thought I would get to see them live, so I didn’t know what to expect from tonight. But it was everything I ever could’ve imagined and a million times more 😵 😁

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It's weird to you?? I'd die to have people mail stuff to me because they like me.

It is! Don’t get me wrong, it makes me very happy. I put a lot of work into my stream and cosplay, so getting that kind of feedback or response to what I do can really boost my spirits! But, I’m just an average cosplayer/streamer/person on the internet, so that’s why it feels a little odd to me and I don’t necessarily expect anything like that either.

Different strokes for different folks! It’s cool to have people like you, but I don’t care to be someone people idolize and treat differently and benefit from that kind of viewpoint towards me. I just like my hobbies and sharing them with people (I’d do more of it if I could) and if people do want to send me stuff, for me it’s less about what they send, and more about the reason or heart of why it’s done in the first place – to hear that they were entertained, enjoyed the community, learned something, were inspired, or were helped/encouraged in some way, rather than because they like “me”, if that makes any sense. That’s what’s important to me; not what I tangibly get out of it, but that other people get something out of what I do.



Is this a mod or did you make this from from the ground up?
Aside from the UI and audio, everything in this was made from scratch in Unity!

Are you going to make more Undertale fights?
Sorry, but nnnnope! This honestly took a lot more time than expected, and I’d rather go back to working on my original game projects. If you wanna see more playable Undertale stuff, check out Unitale!!

What’s Red from??
Red is a recycled scrapped design I had that I wasn’t doing anything with, and needing someone who could before slashing attacks, I re-purposed her design for this project. Parts of her design were changed, and her writing/personality was recreated specifically for this project. So for all intents and purposes, she exist specifically for this.

What kind of monster is Red?
To be quite honest, I didn’t have any kind of monster in mind when I created her! However, I’ve seen her interpreted as a dog, a non-specific monster, a human, and a ghost possessing an over-sized doll, and I must admit I’ve developed quite a fondness for the last one. It’s not strictly canon, but it’s my favorite. It is canon that she is not human, however.

Does Red have canon colors?
Yes and no. For similar reasons to the above, I deliberately omitted a colored sprite to see people’s interpretations. The only thing I felt was certain was her red cloak, as well as her white mask, gloves, and boots, and the faded pinkish hair was retroactively made correct. The color of her “skin” underneath her mask is up to your interpretation, as long as it’s non-human.

Can I post a recording of myself playing this/stream this/make fan art/roleplay/cosplay/whatever??
As long as you link to the game itself, go right ahead! I don’t care none

Can I put her in a game?
This is a case-by-case basis! If you’re making an Undertale fan game with Red as an npc/enemy/boss/cameo, please ask, but chances are I will say yes. If the game is unrelated to Undertale, the answer is no. I do have future plans for a non-Undertale version of her and would like to do that on my own, but in the context of Undertale fanwork she’s fine.

How do I fullscreen?
Alt + Enter on PC, Command + F on Mac, my dude

The screen’s flickering a bunch???
This occurs on some computers, thanks to a UI bug in the newest Unity update. Until the Unity team fixes it, there’s nothing I can do about it. 

I can’t get the game to run at all!!
There’re a few reason this could happen: The file was downloaded improperly, you didn’t unzip the file (you gotta do this!!), or malware blockers is blocking it because it doesn’t recognize it. If you are on a Mac, sometimes your security settings will prevent you from opening software from “Unidentified Developers.” If this is the case, *control* + click on the “Undertale Red” app and select “open.” This should give you a prompt instead of a warning message. If none of these work, then it’s some problem on your end that I don’t know about.

I keep moving left/The dialogue won’t proceed?
This isn’t a bug with the project itself, but more so a problem unity occasionally has. Tab away from the game and back, and it should be gone. If you have a controller plugged in, that may also be the culprit, so try unplugging that/putting it back in. If neither work, then: uh oh

Color hex code shows up during a certain pacifist route line!
This happens due to an oversight in how I coded colored text, which happens ONLY if you try skipping that line. A fix for this will bundled with the update that fixes the flickering problem mentioned above. 

I found an unlisted bug!!
If it’s not covered above, feel free to shoot me an ask if that happens!  but if it’s a particularly brutal bug, I’ll probably hop right to it.

Dear non-artists

For whatever reason, today I have multiple friends contacting me at once trying to bum free work off of me. 

I cannot, cannot, cannot stress enough how much you should NOT DO THIS. 

  1. It puts me in a very awkward position, it’s uncomfortable and I don’t like dealing with this so please just don't 
  2. It is extremely disrespectful and just plain poor manners
  3. Knowing an artist personally does not by any means give you the right to ask them to do concept work (or any work) for you free of charge. 

Honestly, what is wrong with you? I would never expect handouts from friends. If anything, I am more inclined to compensate them for their time, supplies, and skills BECAUSE THEY ARE MY FRIENDS AND I LOVE AND APPRECIATE AND SUPPORT THEM. 

Of course it’s not just non-artists who do this–I have seen other artists do it as well. It is just less commonplace. 

  • “I know you like doing art so…” NO.
  • “Since you like <insert theme here> could you draw…” NO.
  • “You know what you should draw…” NO.
  • “You should do this for free, it’ll give you exposure…” NO.

Please please please do not ever do this. It shows that you do not truly appreciate or respect what I do. It shows that you do not value my work or its worth. And on a more personal level, it shows that you do not understand what my work means to me. 

And most importantly, it will make me distrust you.

@accidentprcne​ continued from here

She knew better. She knew better than to get involved with a demon- absolutely no good could come of it, and yet here she was. Katie had been desperate. Her brother was sick, was going to die, she had to do something. The witch took a steadying breath, speaking with more confidence than she truly felt. “And if I do?” This conversation wasn’t quite what she’d expected when she’d summoned him, but then again, if demons behaved as one expected them to, they wouldn’t be nearly as dangerous as they were. Either way, she needed to be certain of just what she was agreeing to.

A slow smirk formed across the demon’s face. If they were talking terms, he knew he had her. “And if you do, you’ll have as much power as you’d like. As you need. You think you’re a good witch now?” He paused, raising his eyebrows for dramatic effect while he gave her a moment to consider. “You could do pretty much anything you wanted – cure you brother, for example. When you think about, your soul is really a small price to pay for what I’m offering.”