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I’m raiding the Icarus & mythology tags greedily for any headcanon I can find :D


Helios is a very physical being – or at any rate, he is these days.  His small and winsome little body is still somewhat new, by their standards.  At some point, Helios had decided that after so many centuries of being tall and terrifying, it might be more fun to take a form that the mortals would find appealing.  And now, having determined that yes, it is more fun to hug smiling humans than to terrify them, it’s all he wants to do.  When he isn’t tormenting them for fun, anyway.

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The Most Popular Overwatch Ships

(according to Archive of Our Own)

Out of 10,998 fics: (as of February 20th, 2017)

1. McCree/Hanzo (2137)

2. Soldier 76/Reaper (1885)

3. Pharah/Mercy (899)

4. Roadhog/Junkrat (597)

5. Widowmaker/Tracer (587)

Compare to these stats taken on January 10th. Most significant change is that Roadroat has taken #4 away from Widowtracer by only 10 fics. Reaper76 has gotten the biggest spike with over 400 new fics in the last six weeks.

protip to future self: if when you get stuck while doing graphics just take a deep breath, say “fuck this” and abandon the project for a while. preferably for at least a week. just do it. get some distance bc it’s futile to keep staring at your screen while hoping that the ~perfect frames~ will suddenly appear in photoshop timeline because spoiler alert lol, that’s not going to happen. so get your shit together you nerd and do something else for a while, i promise you’ll thank yourself later!

love, past you ♥

what to do with my life


Raid Boss Event: Spiteful Sweets

February 20 - 26 / 27

Exchange raid coins for Young Sora and Young Riku medals.

Every 10 levels starting at level 30, the raid boss can drop a 5* Young Kairi medal (MVP/Host). Additionally, from level 96 to 99, she can drop from there (might be MVP/Host as well).

Bonus Times are the same as usual. Double spawn rate, double Lux, half AP.

Lux Rankings

February 20 - 26 / 27

Solo rankings feature Power Gems, and the Chirithy Charm: Pisces (Raid Boss  Ω Perk +10) avatar piece.

Party rankings feature Gold Crown: Pisces (Rare Enemy Perk +4), Silver Crown: Pisces (Rare Enemy Perk +2), and Bronze Crown: Pisces avatar pieces.

Sweet Prince/Prince Avatar Boards

February 20 - 27 / 28

Cost: 2500 jewels

Contents: Second Chance, ATK Boost III & Lux Plus, Power Gem, H&D&L x2, 6* Chip/Dale x3, Cid 10, Cid x3 (Male only), Magic Mirror x2, avatar pieces (x2, Male; x5, Female)

Titles: Wanted (Male) / Partner (Female)

VIP Quest (Minnie & Daisy)

February 20 - 26 / 27

7 quests. 4 Minnie & Daisy medals.

Purchase the 3 000 jewel pack to unlock. Then cry.

Next week will have 4 more Minnie & Daisy medals.

Phil’s Livestream // 2.2.17

He’s wearing the black tiger bomber jacket

Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes

He went for a jog today

Birthday haul

Martyn got him grey shoes with turquoise laces

“Damn I’m gonna look good in these”

He’s really bad at tying shoes

“I’m a sock guy”

He got a Rewined candle (it smells burnt vanilla-y)

He got a beetle jumper from his parents

Dan got him sushi gummies that have chopsticks and everything

He ate them on tour so it was made him nostalgic for tatinof

Taste test

He also got a book about socks, firefly on blu ray, and a terrarium that his friends made for him

“Don’t smash it like Dan did”

Dan also got him a big green lava lamp that he finds very relaxing

They hung out by the seaside a lot

They had afternoon tea which is his favorite part about living in the UK

His mum made him a cake that looked like he was lying in a ball pit

It wasn’t red velvet but there was so much flavor on top red velvet would’ve probably made him explode

He had lots of sugar induced dreams

“I was more garlic bread than human”

They watched Hunter for the Wilderpeople which he really liked 

He emu egg hatched into a full grown emu 

It’s name is Addywoo

“Don’t emu shame”

He wants the Nintendo Switch but big hands

“I’m like a titan”

Does Beauty and the Beast need a remake? Who knows? We’ll see

He wished for wishes but he told us he wished for wishes so does he get wishes who knows

He’s going to let Dan tell the falling story

“It was a mix of hilarious and genuine concern”

He actually did hurt his wrist and knee

“He’s a tall guy so it’s a long way to fall”

New AmazingPhil video 

“Mainly pregnancy is what it sounds like. So I may be pregnant.”

Maybe he predicted Beyonce’s babies 

The magic 8 ball confirmed that he’s the psychic link to Beyonce’s future

He asked the magic 8 ball some questions from us

“Don’t get the started on the quickening”

*Smacking the 8 ball* “Stop being rude”

It said yes to him getting a dog

“A dog is on the horizon”

He went on this cliff path with his family and Dan which was supposed to be really fun but it was a little too intense for him 

He stood in some sheep poo

If he does anything interesting he’ll do a Day in the Life but not just an ordinary day

Dan’s legs and eyebrows were never found btw

He had really great fish and chips last night

Groundhog Day 

He got sushi for his birthday celebration with his friends and they got a tasting menu it was nice

Who’s Your Daddy discussion 

New gaming video this weekend 

He played Mario Kart this morning 

The dead pigeon story

“I hope you’re all good and I hope you’ll have a lovely weekend… and as the magic 8 ball said you’re going to have a lovely day tomorrow”

Goodbye via emu residue 

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