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Nina: “You’re kidding, right..?”
Hazel: “Nuh-uh!”
June: “Hazel..”
Hazel: “Of course I’m kidding! I don’t believe that woman’s prophecy, c’mon.. What do you think of me?! Anyway, they’re cute!”
June: “Hazel, please.. They’re my brothers?!”
Hazel: “I know, I know. I’ll try to sneak around so you won’t have to see. Blah blah..”
June: “That’s not the point.. Anyway, you’ll have beef with Nina if you take her sister’s lover away..”
Nina: “Ugh…”
Hazel: “Don’t worry! They might be twins but I can see the difference between the two of them.”
Nina: “…”


Faye thrust her arms out in the traditional Scottish ‘m’on then’, which was more commonly found on a drunken Glaswegian bloke but which suited her purposes fine. “Yeah, what? C’mon, Sum, don’t be mad.” Faye’s voice, which had started out fierce and stubborn, quickly became pleading.

“Don’t be mad?!” Summer repeated, her eyebrows climbing well above the rims of her glasses. “Don’t be fucking mad?”

“Whoa,” Skye said, quickly putting herself between the two, completely bewildered at the sudden turn of atmosphere within the house. They had been content to celebrate the last day of school, not having to go back while they were on study leave, and Loxley had even agreed to cook for them (he was skilled at it, despite not having much practice, but it was likely because he found recipes and followed them to the letter thanks to his habit of following laboratory instructions).

Lox gave a cursory glance over his shoulder, rolled his eyes at Faye, and went back to stirring a cheese sauce.

“She – She –“ Summer then hiccupped and wiped at her cheeks. “She told them I was gay, Skye. She told her friends!”

Is Kara in love with Mon-El?

So, I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’ve come to the conclusion that she is not. And it’s not just wishful thinking and/or because I can’t stand him. There are actual clues in canon that show that Kara is not in love with her boyfriend. Here’s why:

Exhibit A

The way Kara acts around her love interests. She gets flustered, blushes a lot, acts awkward around them. 

around James:

around Adam:

around Mon-El: error 404 example not found. I can’t recall a single Karamel scene where Kara acts like this.

Bonus: around Lena:

Exhibit B

The trope that a love interest watches and looks at their crush dreamily as they leave.


I know that Mon-El looked at Kara like this at least once too, but I’m really not in the mood to gif him so I’m gonna skip that since that’s not the point of this post. The point is to show that Kara is not in love with Mon-El, not vice versa.

But another person also looked at her like this, and even received this look from Kara herself in the latest Supergirl episode…

Exhibit C

These are actual quotes that Kara said about/to Mon-El:

  • “You are so selfish!”
  • “You are still the same macho egotistical Daxamite!”
  • “It’s not just the jealousy. It’s the patronizing ego thing.”
  • “Well, the first bit about your infuriating male ego, that part I meant.”
  • “More like you’re an arrogant dude-bro.”
  • “I can handle Mxyzptlk, but it’s Mon-El who’s infuriating.”

She’s never said things like these to James, and definitely not as excessively as she’s complaining about Mon-El. On the contrary, she said “You make me better.”

Another bonus; things she said about/to Lena:

  • “Kara Danvers believes in you.”
  • “I believe in her.”
  • “You are too good and too smart to follow in her path.”
  • “Now you have someone that will stand up for you, always.”

Exhibit D

This is Kara’s reaction when Mon-El first tells her about his feelings for her:

Exhibit E

This is Kara’s reaction when Mon-El says “I love you” for the first time:

In conclusion: I honestly don’t believe for a second that Kara has feelings for Mon-El. The most logical explanation is that she felt obligated to give Mon-El a chance because that’s what everyone told her to do or that she felt lonely and Mon-El knew what it’s like to lose a planet.
We know how Kara behaves around the person she’s crushing on. There are patterns. And we can’t see any of these patterns when Kara is around Mon-El. Besides the occasional kiss and “I’m happy” she doesn’t show any signs of having feelings for him. They haven’t even gone on any dates, not counting the one she took him on to “save” Lena.

Meanwhile @ CatCo:

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

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  • Interviewer: Do you like Alex and Maggie's relationship?
  • Chyler: #truedat they're the best. #relationship goals. I love them together. Maggie is perfect. They're endgame
  • Interviewer: Do you like Kara and Mon-el's relationship?
  • Melissa: *parkours to avoid answering the question*

*DC Show Writers trying to compare Karamel (who have only been together for like 5 seconds and who have only known each other for like a few months, who are constantly arguing and disrespecting each other, who are painfully awkward and just awful together) to WestAllen (who have known each other since they were kids, who constantly encourage and support each other)

me: “Get the boys, we’re going to war”