what mishapocalypse

I posted this again cause this is my background for my mobile blog and someone wanted it. I didn’t want to go looking for my old post and I didn’t want that person who requested it to look through all my posts to find it. (Not my gif/artwork. Credits to the original artist)

gosteon  asked:

I've only been here since August or September, what is the mishapocalypse?

omg i totally forgot that yall youngins dont know yalls meme history

well small ones let me tell you a story about how tumblr user @lokisleathersuit fucking destroyed the internet with the mishapocalypse

this fuckface had the great idea of everyone on april 1 2013 to change their icons to this picture misha collins

and then they did on march 31 2013 to kick off the event and so DID EVERY ONE ELSE

after a while everyones feed on DIFFERENT WEBSITES looked like this

and a lot of ppl made memes 

like this wonderful gem

and eventually misha collins himself tweeted this and everybody went fucking WILD

in conclusion this was the funniest thing that came out of 2013 other then the meteor  hitting russia that somehow didnt kill us unfortunately