what mishapocalypse

I posted this again cause this is my background for my mobile blog and someone wanted it. I didn’t want to go looking for my old post and I didn’t want that person who requested it to look through all my posts to find it. (Not my gif/artwork. Credits to the original artist)

One gif can hold so many memories…
This is so beautiful. Misha not knowing what tumblr is and now he’s joining.
I’m glad I was here before this happened, that I’m here when it’s happening.
Who knows what the future with Mish on tumblr holds for us.

Okay, so I have decided to start watching Supernatural, because none of you have stopped me. You are bad people. Enjoy my trip through the rabbit hole and straight to hell.

Here’s what I know about it without having ever seen it.

-There are two brothers and their trusty sidekick, a gay angel, who hunt demons. One has nice hair and is a moose (?!), one has green eyes and loves pie.
-One of the actors is Jensen Ackles, whose ass I’ve seen many a time here on Tumblr, and whose name, apparently, is Jensen Ackles.
-The other one is Jared Pajdhdmdodjbrnrjdjdiwolsnb'dj&3)3. I’m not sure how many times I’m supposed to punch the keyboard to spell his name. I hope 4 will suffice.
-The gay angel is played by Tumblr’s boyfriend Misha Collins. I’ve heard legends of this man. I’m not sure what the Mishapocalypse was, but I don’t believe Tumblr has ever recovered from it. From what I gather, he’s a wacky, philanthropic sociopath with a perfect face. He is 98% of why I decided to throw my life away and watch this show.
-“Saving people, hunting things, the family business.”
-“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole”
-Their mother burned to death, but on the ceiling, which is a thing that happens.
-Their father is the absolute fucking worst.
-Everyone who touches Sam’s penis dies.
-In fact, all the women die.
-I mean, apparently everyone dies, but it seems like the men usually come back more often.
-So I guess the moral of the story is, if you are a woman on Supernatural, you might as well fuck Sam, because you are doomed to ceiling immolation anyway.
-Carry On My Wayward Son will one day make me cry in a dejected pile on my kitchen floor.
-Lucifer is the bad guy, except not really because everyone seems to miss him?
-Crowley is the bad guy, except not really because everyone seems to talk of him like he’s a sad little teddy bear?
-Metatron is the bad guy, except nothing, because everyone hates him.
-Whoever names these characters has an unresolved drug problem.
-Charlie is the best.
-Charlie probably dies.
-I mean, honestly, why am I watching this show? Why am I signing up for this heartbreak? Why have none of you stopped me? Why?
-Everyone always forgets about Adam.

  • Me right now: MishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMishaMisha
Me trying to introduce my friend to Mishapocalypse:
  • Me: *shows photo of Misha* Look this is Misha
  • Friend: Oh, ok,I know him from some TV show
  • Me: He plays Castiel in Supernatural
  • Friend: Oh yes
  • Me: But do you know what happend with him on tumblr every April 1 st?
  • Friend: ...no...
  • Me: *psychopatic smile* It's called mishapocalypse
  • Friend: Mishapocalypse...?
  • Me: Yeah!!! During it everyone become Misha and like and reblog every Mishapocalypse post! *quiet laught*
  • Friend: This is kinda weird
  • Me: Who cares? *show mishapocalypse photos* Look, this is what happens too during Mishapocalypse
  • Friend: *terrified*...Is there any way to escape or at least survive it?
  • Me: Oh yeah, there is one way...
  • Friend: What it is?
  • Me: YOU HAVE TO BECOME MISHA *maniacally laught*