what mess

I’m really struggling to finish a Karedevil fic.

It took me months to get over The Defenders and to be able to find some hope for them after Matt’s behaviour. Even as friends. I do understand his chaotic swirl of emotions but even so, it’s difficult for me to accept it. My main focus has always been her, not him. And she does deserve better. Her life is devastating enough without his help.

And now this. Just one image of Frank looking at Karen and I feel more concern, more love than in all Karedevil scenes. A scene of them talking by the river and I see more honesty and understanding than in all karedevil conversations.

Karen and Frank look at each other and talk as if there is no distance between them because they do understand and respect each other, whereas between Karen and Matt, even though they truly care about each other, there has always been an invisible wall. It needs to be destroyed but none of them seem to be willing to make the move.

So I’m going to try and keep my fic as pro-karedevil as possible (that was the idea) but right now, I don’t know how much kastle will break into it.

10 facts about me

tagged by @blumiin!!! thank u for tagging me <3 this took a while cos idk 10 facts abt myself im s rY

1. I say im yoongi biased but im rlly a hoe for all of them asdkdnsajkdnskn Namjoon has rlly been creeping into my heart recently dont @ me 

2. I have a cat named Ziggy n he’s the love of my life even if he bites me

3. I sleep with a stuffed sheep toy i bought from france called Hublot

4. I still have a poster up in my room from  the 2009 miley cyrus wonderworld tour ((it was such a good concert fucking fight me))

5. When I was younger I was super fucking obsessed with Robbie Williams, I grew up to the song Angels basically ((Would recommend the album Escapology, its such a GOOD ALBUM))

6. Although i read and loved Harry Potter, my favourite childhood books were the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman, and the Sally Lockhart Quartet also by Pullman 

7. I have no piercings, like i dont even have my ears pierced.

8. Im gluten intolerant?? sknsfdjkfnsjdfn I found out a couple summers ago after being in and out of a&e with the most insane stomach cramps ((that my gp dismissed as period pain, fuck that guy))

9. I’ve been horse riding for over 10 years now :) 

10. I used to take ballroom and latin dance lessons but i stopped because horseriding took priority but… I kinda miss it sdbfsdjfbksdj

these were all over the place BUT OH WELL THE MORE YOU KNOW AMRIGHT 

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do you ever finish a really long book and you just kinda. sit there for a couple of days.

Aside from the sadness/disappointment/self-deprecation induced tears, from canon we know that Bakugou is an angry crier, Kirishima a sympathetic crier and Kaminari a stress crier, which, when you really think about it, means that once one of them starts crying the possibility of all three of them ending up in tears is pretty high


what should’ve happened after s3 

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It’s been good to see you. I imagine the next time will be across a battlefield. We both saw what just happened, we both saw that thing. Yes, and I’m not looking forward to seeing more of them. But I’m loyal to the Queen and you’re loyal to Sansa and her dolt brother.