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Icy What You Did There

Dean and Cas and skating needed to be a thing that I wrote. Yuri on Ice has done stuff to all of us and this is what it has done to me today. Hope everyone enjoys reading as much as I enjoyed writing!!

if you prefer, read it here on AO3!

“I can’t believe you actually managed to talk me into this.”

Lacing up his skates, Dean cast a dark look over at a red-haired, bright-eyed girl sitting directly opposite him: Charlie, fellow engineering student and long-time friend. She’d already finished tying up her ice skates, and was shuffling on her bench impatiently.

“Come on,” she said. “Lighten up, Winchester. Ice rinks don’t stick around for the whole year in Kansas. This is our last chance before next Christmas to -”

“- make complete idiots of ourselves,” Dean finished for her. He wiggled his toes; the ice skates felt heavy and cumbersome on his feet. “In public.”

“Speak for yourself,” Charlie said airily. “I’ve been skating every year since I was six. I’m not bad.”

Dean’s dark look melted into outright indignation.

“You said in the car that we could suck at it together!”

Charlie tilted her head sideways at him. “Well,” she said, “we can. You do the suck part, and I’ll be here for the together.

“That doesn’t even - hey, wait!” Dean got to his feet and started walking, feeling as ungainly as a gosling, following Charlie as she made her way over to the edge of the ice rink. “Charlie - maybe I should just watch.”

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Reminder for fellow spoonies:

If you need medication, now is the time to check if you have enough to last you into the new year. If you don’t, try to get a refill this upcoming week, as your doctors office might not be open between Christmas and the new year. If you can’t get your meds refilled before Christmas, make sure you know what days your doctor is available to get your presctiption during the next two weeks.

Please Don't fight the droid

GM: You are in the bar. What do you do?
Commander: I want to fight our med droid.
Everyone: Wtf
GM: *exasperated sigh as Commander and Med Droid roll to see what happens*
GM: ok So you try to punch the Med droid but miss. What do you do?
Med droid: I beat him into unconsciousness *rolls* *wins roll*
GM: Congragulations you are now unconscious.
Commander: But
GM: YOU CANT TALK YOU’RE UNCONSCIOUS, now Infultrator #2 what do you do
I2: I fight the robot
GM, Bothian Scout, Med droid and Infultrator 1 (me): *looks into camera like in the office*
And that’s how we started a mission with two incapacitated party members, so remember kids: Don’t fight the med droid.

Upon learning Montparnasse has never had a proper Christmas, Jehan brings him as their plus one to les Amis’ annual Christmas dinner.

And sure, it’s awkward, Montparnasse stays mainly with Jehan, watching them getting delightfully redder as the champagne and wine bottles empty, but it’s a family holiday, and Jehan is his family. He didn’t get to pick his family’s family, but does anyone, really?

Then comes the time to hand over the presents. As expected, Montparnasse gets one from Jehan, a very pretty jacket he’s been eyeing for a while. But there’s one he never saw coming. Whoever thought of offering him a box full of fancy teabags had been severely mistaken.

The little doctory one with the glasses waves at him with a wide grin: “Jehan told me you’ve been having trouble sleeping lately, so I made you a calming blend. All homemade. It got me through med school. You know what, I’ll put the kettle on right now!”

Thus begins Montparnasse’s uncontrollable and maddening fondness for Joly

HC that the matsuno bros all have different forms of ADD/ADHD

Osomatsu-impulse/inattentive, has trouble with blurting inappropriate things, spends money impulsively, procrastinates but still fears being left behind, issue with controlling emotions

Karamatsu- Classic with severe perseveration/hyperfocus. Repetitive and focused on trivial things, mostly concerning himself. (Ex: using his mirror for extended periods of time, fixing his appearance, using English vocabulary etc)

Choromatsu-Over-focused. High anxiety levels, always worrying but doing nothing, likes to argue/is oppositional, likes things done “his way”, obsessive (with idols especially lol).

Ichimatsu- inattentive/low grade depression with severe rejection sensitive disorder (fear of being rejected by others to the point where it’s debilitating) Low energy levels, feels worthless, negative/apathetic.

Jyushimatsu-hyperactive/restless “tigger type” (obviously) No volume control, lots of energy, constantly moving/hyperactive.

Todomatsu- possibly classic, moderate rejection sensitive disorder. Takes stimulants (hence the job and social skills)

it’s really weird to me the way restraint is never acknowledged as violence. like I was reading someone talking about how guilty she felt because she slapped her son’s hand once, and she also mentions repeatedly restraining her son for non-safety reasons and doesn’t seem to feel at all guilty about that. 

or like drugging. psych meds change the way you think and feel or what would be the point? forcibly biologically changing the way people think and feel is a horrifying thing to do, even though people can’t like implant specific thoughts in people’s heads. I’ve been told it’s not punishment and then told “if you don’t do what I say I’m putting you on antipsychotics” “you are on these meds because of your unacceptable behavior”. and even when things like that weren’t said, when people in charge of you are putting you on psych meds against your will, they’re doing that because you are thinking/feeling/acting in a way that they don’t want you to, whatever their exact reasons for not wanting you to, and they are doing something unpleasant to you in hopes you will stop thinking or feeling or acting that way. but if you call it punishment, you are only saying that because you are sick. maybe it’s not intended as punishment but it sure doesn’t feel any better than being punished for being mentally ill. and it often amounts to forcing people to ingest substances that makes them physically ill, sometimes dangerously physically ill, or cause them memory loss because they were thinking or feeling or acting in a way you don’t want them to. 

like it’s not like restraint, seclusion, drugging are things are any less dangerous, terrifying, unpleasant, physically painful sometimes, or violating to people’s rights to their bodies than just straight up hitting them. these things can actually kill people.


skam episodes: 7:11 tenker alltid det er meg det er noe gale med
↳ What happened that made you have such an inferiority complex that you have to piss on the feelings of a first year girl to feel cool? Were you never validated as a child, or? Did mommy never compliment your drawings? Or did daddy never come to any of your graduations? You didn’t have hair on your dick in 7th grade and you were bullied for it? Anyway, you have to seriously get over it and start behaving like a human.

Steve Rogers learning about periods would include

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  • of course, Steve is an educated fella 
  • but the one thing he has almost no knowledge of is periods
  • so saying that he was mortified when he learnt about it would be an understatement
  • it’s 8 am, you’re in the bathroom brushing your teeth, angry at everything and everyone because mother nature has paid her monthly visit
  • suddenly, Stevie rushes to you, takes you in his big arms bridal style and runs to med department 
  • “Steve what are you doing?”
  • “Steve?”
  • “STEVE????!!!”
  • him looking very lost and worried
  • “doll, i was making our bed and i saw blood on the sheets. You’re bleeding, you’re hurt, you need medical attention. I knew that you would get hurt during yesterday’s mission. Why didn’t you tell me? i thought we-
  • “Stevie”
  • “i thought we told each other ever-
  • him releasing you from his arms dumbfounded
  • “i’m okay, i’m not hurt. i’m on my period that’s why there was blood on the sheets”
  • him looking at you with the same dumbfounded eyes
  • “you don’t know what a period is, do you?”
  • giving him the period-talk when you’re back in your room
  • his face expressions going from curios to mortified as you’re talking about bleeding
  • “but why? how? why?”
  • “so you’re bleeding, like right now?”
  • him carrying you to bed and cradling you in blankets
  • “Steve i have work to do, i need to get up so-
  • “no, you’re not leaving this room until your - you know - period ends”
  • “Steven, it lasts for 5 days”
  • “5 DAYS??!!!”
  • him being horrified and almost losing his balance
  • taking care of you thoroughly 
  • making you eat a lot of food
  • and chocolate
  • cuddling you and rubbing your tummy when you have cramps
  • making sure to check on you every 2 minutes when you’re in the bathroom
  • “Thor, did you know about periods?”
  • “the tiny dots you put at the end of the sentence”
  • him talking to Thor about periods
  • being quite happy that he’s not the only one who is clueless
  • Thor being scared shitless
  • “but, brother Steven, i do not see how that is fair to them”
  • finding tampons in your bathroom cabinet when you’re asleep
  • “is this some kind of secret weapon?”
  • reading the instructions on how to use a tampon
  • almost losing his consciousness
  • “Steve, why did you put a pad on your hand?”
  • “i was trying to make you a salad and i accidentally cut myself”
  • him walking around the tower with a pad on his hand

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Leonardo x Reader


Prompt: Leo’s s/o just had their babies and he was going to meet his daughter and son for the first time, what would happen?


Leo sat in the living room, knees bouncing, heart racing. He couldn’t wait. You had just given birth to his children, a boy and a girl, and now Donnie was running tests on them. He wasn’t sure how this would work. A human woman giving birth to a turtle’s children. He was sure something would go wrong, but so far everything seemed okay. Their vitals were strong, their organs were all functioning. Everything was fine.

You were so hopped up on pain meds you barely knew what day it was, but you were coming around.

“How are they, Donnie?” You asked.

“They…they’re perfect. Basically.” Donnie swaddled your daughter in her blanket. “I’ll go get Leo.”

“Okay,” you nodded. Leo basically sprinted into the lab at the sight of Donnie.

“Woah, watch it Leo!” Donnie rushed inside after him. He motioned for Leo to go over and stand next to you. His sparkling blue eyes landed on your very tired form. He took your face in his hands and pressed a long kiss to your forehead.

“How are you doing?”

“I’m all right.” You smiled tiredly. “Just tired.”

“Yeah,” he kissed your cheek. “Hopefully not too tired to pick out names.”

“I think I can manage.”

Donnie came over with the matching bundles and handed one to you and the other to Leo. He looked down at his precious baby daughter with all of the love in the world. Her sparkling blue eyes opened and closed as she let out a huge yawn and curled further into her father’s chest. Tears streamed down Leo’s cheeks and his knees gave out. This perfect little creature had his eyes and your smile. Half him and half you. He glanced over at his son. The little boy seemed to have your eyes and Leo’s shell, where his sister lacked one.

“Thought of a name yet?” You asked.

“Sapphire?” Leo asked. You nodded. “What about you?”


“Sky.” He nodded. Each of them named after shades of blue. “Sapphire and Sky.”

“Dudes, can Raph and I meet our niece and nephew, or are you gonna hog them all day?” Mikey walked through the door, Raph’s large figure trailing him. They smiled at their oldest brother.

“Congrats, bro.”

“Thanks guys.”

“Dude, you’re a dad now!” Mikey patted him on the shell. Leo smiled down at Sapphire.

“That I am.”

“So guys, Leo and I were talking.”


“And we had to pick god-parents.”

“And?” Raph raised an eyebrow.

“Raph, Mikey, this is your god-daughter Sapphire.” Leo motioned for Raph and Mikey to come closer. Raph took a knee, looking down on his tiny niece. She was so small. He tried to stop his eyes from fogging up, but there was no stopping the tears that flooded his eyes. The biggest smile you had ever seen on your brother-in-law tugged at his lips. Leo gently placed the bundle in his arms. He chuckled softly at your daughter’s smile. One of her tiny green hands reached up and found a resting place on her uncle’s cheek.

“Donnie, you and April are-”

“What did I miss?” April took off her jacket as she walked into the lab. “Oh my Gosh!”

“Donnie and April, meet your god-son Sky.” April took the blue bundle from your arms and Donnie stood behind her, looking over the tiny addition to the family. The last to come into the lair was Splinter, who very much wanted to meet the grandchildren he never expected to have. They took an immediate liking to the old rat and greeted him with happy laughs and giant smiles.

It didn’t take long for the cribs to be built, nor for the baby buckets to be assembled or Leo’s baby carriers to be sized. He came up to you a few days later with Sky strapped to his chest.

“Hey (Y/N), what’s cuter than a turtle with a baby?” he smiled. Since you were still on the road to recovery, you were seated on the couch, watching movies.

“What?” Leo turned around, revealing Sapphire strapped to his back.

“A turtle with two babies.” You laughed.

“You’re loving every minute of this, aren’t you?” You smiled and took your daughter off of your husband’s back.

“When I was growing up,” he turned around a sat down, taking your free hand in his own. “It was hard for me to ever imagine someone falling in love with me, let alone agreeing to marry me and then becoming my wife and giving birth to my babies.” He sighed and kissed your forehead, long and meaningful. “They are everything I could have asked for and more. They’re perfect. And so are you. I love you.”

“I love you too.” It was needless to say that both of you were more than ready to be parents.

What no one tells you about being “pre-med” until you’re doing it

I realized I wanted to be a doctor when I was a junior in high school, many events happened to bring me to this realization; however I told myself that when I got to college, I was going to be a chemistry/biochemistry major and be “pre-med”–so when the time arrived, that’s what I did.

 “How do I maximize my chances of getting into medical school?” I thought. Make all A’s, get involved in lots of extracurricular activities, research and clinical volunteering. So, that’s what I did—for 4 years of undergrad, I was a machine. I figured if I kept working hard, I would eventually reach my goal of becoming a doctor. This is all true, however, no one tells you what isolating yourself and studying for extensive hours at a time can do to you. No one tells you about the hardships you will face along the way, the friends you will lose who “don’t understand why you study so much,” all the family events, functions, parties and birthday parties you miss out on because you’re “at the library.” The difficulties of dating while “pre-med” are real. I dated a couple of wonderful people, who each decided to break things off with me because I would be “leaving for medical school.” Being “pre-med” (and I am sure these same struggles continue on into medical school) can leave you feeling drained, depressed, stressed, lonely and feeling as though you are not really “being yourself” (due to the fact you are working so hard all the time and trying to balance everything).

There have been only a few times during my undergraduate career when the words, “I am done with studying” have been said. Those times are when the semester actually ended. I never believed I was truly ever done with studying, because there was always more I could review or more I could learn. Considering the “weed-out” classes you have to take can have up to a 70% fail rate (depending on your university), you can imagine the pressure of always wanting to ‘do more.’

Every test, is a weed out. I will never forget after taking many science tests, upon receiving our test grades, I would always over hear someone in the room break down and cry, saying that now they have to change their major or now they can’t be a doctor. It’s heartbreaking.

 The struggle, is REAL. It is HARD. And it requires an extensive amount of work. However, it can be done. The best way to get through it all without losing your sanity, is to have an amazing support group; whether that group is your family and/or best friends. Have people who you can go to about anything. I wouldn’t have made it through and gotten into medical school without my family and friends always being there for me and being understanding.

Also, make time to have fun! It sounds impossible, but it is absolutely necessary. Go out and do something fun with your friends at least once a week!

Don’t put more on your plate than you can handle, if you are involved in a lot of extracurricular activities and you realize you’re unhappy lately and feel like you never get any “me” time, drop some activities and MAKE “me” time, that’s important for your happiness and your mental health. Also, make time to exercise, even if it is going on a walk. Exercise is the best way to reduce stress, boost your mood, clear your mind and take care of your mental health.

Find a mentor, someone who has been through it before. Ask them any questions you have about classes or medical school. Relieve your stresses and anxiety and get yourself a mentor.

I wouldn’t change anything I did, except for making more time to workout and relieve some of that stress. If you want to be a doctor, go for it–the reward will be absolutely worth it in the end.

 My goal of this post was not to deter anyone who seeks to be a doctor away from medicine, but rather to fill you in on the struggles that no one tells you about and to provide some helpful solutions for getting through it.

Hopefully it helped provide some insight!

plus my super shitty graphics


So, one of the characters I’m currently roleplaying is a doctor and I found while trying to do research for her background that there are almost no guides to playing doctors or medical students. So, this is a guide that focuses on characters that are doctors or are studying to be doctors. It has a lot of information that could be used in a characters background and current situations.

I would like to say that I am not a doctor nor a medical student (I’m actually a film studies major rn), however, I did put a lot of research into writing this guide. I do have the help of google and two parents in the medical field. Also, I’m not American but this is the American system since 80% of characters are American and it was the system with the most information. However, there is a tiny bit of information about the Canadian system at the end.

If you find it helpful it would be nice if you could give a like or reblog! If you would like to request a guide or anything my ask is here

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anonymous asked:

I hate when people ask "Can't you do that without meds? You seem to be doing fine! I know it's a huge struggle, more than should be reasonable, but you can do it! Why do you need meds?" Or "Meds are a crutch!" Like, would you EVER say something like that to someone with a prosthetic?? I know it's not the same but that's what meds feel like to people who have really really bad symptoms. Something that helps you function close to "normal"

You’d be surprised at what people will say.

But yes, this is ableism. Because you know what? Those exact same people, if you don’t take your meds and are struggling and explain, will get mad that you’re struggling. So they can all STFU, because it’s not their brain, it’s  your brain, and it’s not their life, it’s your life, and you and your doctor (FFS) know what you need. Full stop.