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Let me tell you a story about a girl who quit med school

There once was was a girl who really enjoyed learning. She rarely had problems with her school work. Science has been something she had a particular interest in.

She has always been one of the best students in her school and her fascination in biology and chemistry has been noticed by her teachers. She Attended an individual education program in these two subjects, where she could learn faster and learn more with a couple of students with similar interests. At that point in life she wanted to be a scientist and work in a laboratory. So whenever anyone suggested she became a doctor, she would just say that it’s not something that interests her.

Her idea of future has changed the day she started high school. She decided to leave the door open for other ideas and see what life brings. The thing she was sure of was that in adult life she wants to help people. Her family, teachers and friends were telling her that that’s where they see her in the future- in a hospital helping patients. She really wanted to become a doctor at that point.

She read a lot of medical books, did volounteer work at an organization, which helped cancer fighters and worked extremely hard to pass her finał exams in order to be accepted into med school.

And then it happened! She got several messages from several medical universities that she is accepted! But the university of her first choice said no. She felt extremely proud, because her tests went great and she could pick from university offers, but that one university she was wishing to study at the most turned her down. That’s when she started having doubts. What if she wasn’t meant to be a doctor and life was giving her a hint? But she got accepted into other schools and that had to mean something aswell.

She decided to give medicine a try. She packed her bags, rented a small flat in a completely unknown city and set off for the biggest adventure of her life. The first couple of weeks were amazing! The new books, new friends, new classes. Everything was so fascinating to read about! But after some time, after the first fascination, the struggle started.

She no longer enjoyed studying the subjects that she was taking. Some days she couldn’t concentrate at all and just sat at her desk for a couple of hours not getting any work done. She missed her family and old friends a lot and didn’t get along too well with the new buddies. She cried every night, but she knew that these studies were hard for everyone, so she kept moving on, despite the health problems she started having.  After all, she wanted to help others.

But one day something inside her cracked. Within minutes she completely fell apart. She couldn’t stop crying for a couple of hours. She decided to call her mother and ask for some comforting words. They were on the phone for 2 or 3 hours. That’s when she told her mom, that she doesn’t want to do it anymore, she just can’t handle it any longer. Her mom understood and said that she noticed that something has been wrong for a long time now, that she was miserable and forgot about her health. Her mother wasn’t angry or disappointed. She wanted her daughter to live again. That moment of understanding, her mother’s words gave her the courage to stand up and get herself out of the hopeless state she found herself in. 

And that’s when the girl decided to quit, to end the struggle. She tried her best and fought till the end, but medicine just wasn’t for her. She’s been thinking about it for a couple of weeks now, but that phone call gave her the courage to do so. The next day, she signed her resignation paper, handed it in, packed her bags and headed home.

That girl is turning 20 in a month and her name is Zuzanna, or Zuzia as people call her. 

Yes, I am that girl. I quit med school after nearly a year of hard work, many tears and generating health problems. I tried my best to fit into the med students community, to start enjoying studying again, but I failed. But I don’t feel ashamed. It took me almost the whole year to understand that medicine is not for me. It took me a year to see that it only seems so perfect form the outside and on the inside it’s just full of abnegations, disappointments and illusions. It took me a year to see that my teenage dreams of becoming a scientist are my true dreams.

I am full of respect and appreciation for all the doctors and medical students, who sacrifice their lives to serve every person in need. The career you have chosen is probably one of the most amazing and wonderful paths in life. But as doctor Luanda Grazette once said: 

“Medicine is only for those who cannot imagine doing anything else.”

And I could imagine myself doing something else. I actually want to study biology, something I’ve always been charmed by, and try to help others either by teaching or working in a laboratory. But for now, I’m planning on getting healthy and finding peace and happiness in life again.

If you are going through relatable problems, have comparable doubts about your studies or have any questions concerning this issue, feel free to message me either though this blog or through my private page here.

“Sometimes it takes a wrong turn to get you to the right place.”
― Mandy Hale 




Right? Cold beer. Grown men on skates. What’s not to love?

Common Vocabulary Your Veterinarian Might Use

Have you ever been to the vet but were a little confused by a word or two they said? Have you ever wondered what those fancy words actually mean? Well, never fear, your friendly vet student is here to give you a list of commonly used medical words and definitions that you might just hear at your next vet appointment. 

-> CBC/Complete Blood Count: This is a type of bloodwork that looks at numbers for the different types of cells in your blood, such as White Blood Cells (WBC), Red Blood Cells (RBC), and platelets, to name a few. 

-> Blood Smear: Where blood is smeared on a microscope slide and analyzed for RBC morphology (anatomy/shape), organisms, what types of WBCs are present, etc. 

-> Anemia: Means a decreased number of RBCs and/or hemoglobin in the blood, resulting in weakness or paleness.

-> Neutrophil: Type of White Blood Cell, which is a cell of your immune system that can be elevated in inflammation, infection, etc.

-> Chemistry: This is a type of bloodwork that looks at the body systemically, such as kidney values, liver enzymes, glucose, cholesterol, electrolytes, etc. 

-> Urinalysis: This is where the urine is tested for things like pH, glucose, ketones, blood, etc. This can also be paired with a sample of said urine being analyzed on a slide for cells, crystals, or casts. 

-> Diagnostics: Tests (bloodwork, x-rays, etc) to figure out what the disease/problem is.

-> Baseline Diagnostics: Your baseline diagnostics (in most cases), would be a CBC, Chemistry, and Urinalysis.  

-> Radiographs: Commonly referred to as x-rays. Abdominal x-rays = abdominal radiographs.  

-> Fine Needle Aspirate (FNA): Where a needle is inserted into a mass/lump/bump and is then put on a microscope slide to see what sort of cells (if any) are present in said lump.

-> Alopecia: Loss of hair

-> Hepatic: Referring to the liver. 

-> Renal: Referring to the kidney.

-> Neoplasia: AKA abnormal growth of tissue, AKA cancer. 

-> Metastasis: Spread/growth of cancer. Metastasis to the lungs = growth of tumor from primary location to the lungs. 

-> NPO: Nothing Per Os (no food/water)

-> UTI: Urinary Tract Infection

-> URI: Upper Respiratory Infection

-> DOA: Dead On Arrival 

-> ADR: Ain’t Doing Right.

Brace yourselves.

For I have applied and been accepted for an extra internship in intervention radiology department. 

Because it´s fun! And anatomy! And blood(vessels)! And catheters! And scary close to vascular and cardiac surgery!

Intervention radiology is an invasive (of course) field of radiology concerned mostly with treatment of blood vessel disorders/trauma.. which doesn´t need to be or can´t be treated by surgeon. It also solves problems concerning any other tubular organs, but the main focus is put on blood vessels. The line in between vascular and cardiac surgery and intervention radiology is very thin and most of the time only defined by cooperation in between these departments. Most of the techniques concern wires which are navigated through the blood vessels to treat aneurysms, bleeding, dissolve an embolism or create one for purpose of safer course of surgery. Apart from that it is also required for picturing the course of blood flow in blood vessels in order to expose the defect, stenosis or anything that is wrong.. which can be useful in deciding whether the patient (most often diabetic) will undergo a simple or more complicated surgery or an amputation. 

It´s like playing the labyrinth games just under Xray control with a tiny wire. 

I think it´s about time I finally learnt the branches of external carotid. 

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favourite lit characters ♡ lila bard, shades of magic

I am a thief and a pirate and a traveler. I have set foot in three different worlds, and lived. I have shed the blood of royals and held magic in my hands. And a ship full of med cannot do what I can. I don’t need any of you. I am one of a damned kind.”

Sick Day

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam

Summary:  Dean has the flu

Word Count:  2311

Warnings:  None. I think I fluffed.

Tags are at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Sick Day

Kicking the covers off, you give up. Dean has been tossing and turning all night, and you can’t take it anymore.

Crossing to the other bed, you shake Sam gently. “Mmm…” he answers.

“Sam,” you say, shaking harder, “Sam, scoot over.”


“Scoot over.”

He rolls over onto his side and you climb into his bed. When the three of you had to share a room, you always opted to sleep with Dean. Sam tends to take up the entire bed with his massive frame. Dean isn’t much better, but you still end up with a little more room in his bed.  

Sam rolls back over onto his other side, snoring softly. Dean moans incoherently in his sleep from the other side of the room. You’re not sure if bunking with Sam is an improvement in your sleeping conditions, but eventually, you drift off to sleep.


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One Finger
  • Simulated patient: So, doc, what do you do for this "digital rectal exam" thing?
  • Med student 1: Well, I will leave the room and have you undress and put on this hospital gown. THen I will first do some general observations before having you lie down on your side for your exam.
  • Simulated patient: Okay...
  • Med student 1: Then I will insert two gloved fingers into your rectum and palpate the walls of the rectum as well as your prostate.
  • Simulated patient: Two fingers??
  • med student 1: Two fingers.
  • Simulated patient: Two fingers?!
  • med student 1: (oblivious) Yes, two fingers.
  • Simulated Patient: TWO FINGERS?!
  • med student 1: Yes... (then look at Med student 2 who raises her right index finger. Med student finally realizes her mistake)
  • Med student 1: ONE! ONE! I MEANT ONE FINGER!!!!!

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Love Vocabulary in Norwegian

Kjærlighet - Love

Jeg forguder deg - I adore you (lit. I worship you)

Jeg elsker deg - I love you

Jeg er glad i deg - I love you

Jeg trenger deg - I need you

Jeg savner deg - I miss you

Jeg vil ha deg nå - I want you now

Jeg vil ha deg - I want you

Du er bare min - You are only mine

Jeg tenker på deg hele tiden - You are on my mind all the time

Kjæreste - Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Kyss - Kiss

Suss - Kiss

Nuss - Kiss

Gi meg et suss - Give me a kiss

Mamma kysset nissen - Mom kissed santa claus

Du er min eneste - You are my only one

Å gå ut med - To date/hang out with (lit. to go out with)

Å flørte - To flirt

Han flørte med henne - He flirted with her

Klem - Hug

Han gav meg et kyss på kinnet - He gave me a kiss on the cheek

Tungekiss (lit. Tongue kiss) - French kiss

Han kysset meg! - He kissed me!

Et lidenskapelig kyss - A passionate kiss

Et kyss - A kiss

Gi/Få - Give/Receive

Han ga henne en rose - He gave her a rose

Jeg har aldri elsket henne - I have never loved her

Jeg har aldri elsket med henne - I have never made love to (had sex with) her

Å forelske seg - To fall in love

Å bli glad i - To become fond of (to start to love/care about)

 Å falle for - To fall for

Jeg faller for deg - Im falling for you (Im falling in love with you)

Elske sin neste - Love one’s neighbor

Å kline - To make out

Å kile - To tickle

Du er min hjerteknuser - You are my heartbreaker

Hun er litt av en hjerteknuser - She break lots of hearts

Jeg elsker deg av hele mitt hjerte - I love you with all of my heart

Du har et hjerte av stein - You have a heart made of stone

Hjertet mitt slår for deg - My heart is beating for you

Du er hjerteløs - You are heartless/callous

Du varmer hjertet mitt - You are warming my heart

Hun har et godt hjerte - She has a good heart

Hjertesorg - Heartbreak

Hva har du på hjertet? (“hva har du lyst til å snakke med meg om?”) - What’s on your mind? (“what do you want to talk to me about?”)

Å ikke ha hjerte til (“ikke klare å gjøre (på grunn av medfølelse)”) - To not have the heart to ("be unable (because of compassion)”)

“Hjerte” rimer på “smerte” - Heart rhymes with pain (in Norwegian)

Jeg stoler på deg - I trust you

Jeg liker deg - I like you

Du har et vakkert smil - You have a beautiful smile

Øynene dine glitrer - Your eyes sparkle

Så lenge jeg er med deg, så er jeg glad - As long as I am with you, (then) Im happy

Kjærlighet på pinne -Lollipop

Du betyr så mye for meg - You mean so much to me

Du er søt - You are cute

Jeg lengter etter deg - I long for you

HC that the matsuno bros all have different forms of ADD/ADHD

Osomatsu-impulse/inattentive, has trouble with blurting inappropriate things, spends money impulsively, procrastinates but still fears being left behind, issue with controlling emotions

Karamatsu- Classic with severe perseveration/hyperfocus. Repetitive and focused on trivial things, mostly concerning himself. (Ex: using his mirror for extended periods of time, fixing his appearance, using English vocabulary etc)

Choromatsu-Over-focused. High anxiety levels, always worrying but doing nothing, likes to argue/is oppositional, likes things done “his way”, obsessive (with idols especially lol).

Ichimatsu- inattentive/low grade depression with severe rejection sensitive disorder (fear of being rejected by others to the point where it’s debilitating) Low energy levels, feels worthless, negative/apathetic.

Jyushimatsu-hyperactive/restless “tigger type” (obviously) No volume control, lots of energy, constantly moving/hyperactive.

Todomatsu- possibly classic, moderate rejection sensitive disorder. Takes stimulants (hence the job and social skills)

Racist, homophobic “Karen” (yes That “Karen”) tried to re-add me on Facebook this weekend after she unfriended all of us and banned us from our own fandom group last year after the whole Thing with her daughter. I’ve also got a message from her, because apparently I didn’t block her when that shit was going down. It’s long and rambling and talking about how she regrets the the hurtful things that were said on both sides (lol, no) and how she misses my friendship and would like to talk again.

So I messaged Aunt Bee to see if she’s gotten a similar message and no, apparently not. No one from the old group has. Just me.

Out of morbid curiosity I clicked on her profile page to find that she has set up a make up tutorial thing and is trying to become an Internet Personality and is a one person clickhole of positivity posts and marketing. But also a post about how her kids have all left her and she’s in hospital, complaining that none of her kids come to see her. And I just…like…you threw one of them out because she was gay and threatened her with conversion camp in exchange for her education. Your other kid is disabled and you spend all your time talking about how God saw fit to test you with this “burden”…like…of course your kids don’t come to see you?? You’re awful to them???

Also what wild meds are they giving you in the hospital that you thought attempting to be friends with me again would be a good idea? If anything you should be attempting to talk to Aunt Bee to see how your god damn daughter is doing, seen as how you’ve left your former best friend to raise and support your child rather than face your own bigotry.

Like you made your bed honey, you can either lay down and die in it, or you can get up and change. That’s on you.

Cardiovascular Palpitations Pt. 2 (ft. Jeongguk) [M]

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→ fluff, smut, angst, really fuckign fluffy smut 10k
→ friends with benefits au, doctors au ft Taehyung
part 1 | part 2 | story talk

Yay! This was super cute but I’m seriously so glad its over lol I didn’t edit so its not my best work but it’s officially the longest thing I’ve ever written so I hope you like it! Let me know what you think, and I’ll be uploading a story talk and drabbles about this au soon! 

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Do you have happy and functional family headcanons for the Amis? ^_^

  • Musichetta bursting into Feuilly’s apartment every so often with 50 tupperwares of food because that boy insists on feeding himself cheap crap to save money and she’s having none of that
  • Joly sending “Get well” cards to his friends everytime one of them gets sick. He sends music cards specifically, to bring them a bit of joy, and it’s always exciting to get mail that’s not your electricity bill
  • Jehan always brings out beauty in people, either internal or external. They could draw poetry from a pimple and make you feel good about it
  • Enjolras is the best at organising stuff, so he makes sure everything’s okay and that everyone has what they need, whether it be suncream, meds, extra jumpers, you name it
  • Bossuet and Grantaire bring the cheer whenever one of them feels down. Mostly in dancing form. And making people laugh makes Grantaire feel better about himself, so it’s a win-win
  • Courfeyrac makes his friends playlists with upbeat tracks, because they deserve a pumped day, ya know?
  • Combeferre will talk about absolutely anything at anytime, and he’s okay with people texting him at night if they’re not feeling so well. He’ll distract them about brand new stuff he’s been interested in lately
  • Bahorel is a rock and perfect to go to on bad days, he’ll take you to the gym and make you burn all that negative energy. “It’s like punching people, but you don’t get sued, it’s great!”
Not Possible | Jimin, You

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‘Cause I’ll love you over and over again

He had seen you around campus a lot before, and you would be lying if you said you hadn’t noticed him too. With his luscious brown hair, always styled into a middle parting, and his gorgeous eyes which seemed to always sparkle despite where he was. Not to mention his smile, one that could light up the whole world. When he smiled, his mouth would open wide to reveal his perfect teeth, his face would lift so much that his eyes would turn into bows, creasing like paper at the sides. It was a sight that made you believe in angels. No one was to blame if they did a double take on him.

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