what matters to you defines your mattering

I realized something.

All Might has mentioned that people have been trying to figure out his quirk/lineage for years. Being that he was quirkless and received One for All, he just gives interviewers the run-around until they drop the topic.

Now Todoroki’s flashback 

As a little kid he was listening to an interview with All Might where All Might more or less says, “While it’s true kids inherit quirks from their parents, thats not what matters! What matters is how they define their own power! Their own person!” and this like fucking saved Todo’s life here.

And you know what? I promise you All Might was giving that answer out of pure canned on-the-fly bullshit. Because the sort of question to warrant that was probably, “So All Might, did you inherit your quirk from your mom? Your dad? How do you define it exactly?”

Like the reporter was definitely probing him for personal info. and All Might’s answer was, “yeah okay im gonna monologue for 5 minutes about something that doesnt really answer your question but sounds inspirational in hopes that you move on cuz yeah not answering that.”

Frigging. All Might’s defining words to Todoroki were in all likelihood just the result of All Might avoiding the question he was asked.

And that’s beautiful.

Neptune - place of your hidden potential

Neptune is a planet of illusion and confusion. It is very mysterious place in our chart. It brings people a lot of disappointment due to Neptune’s very enigmatic nature. I believe the house our Neptune is placed holds a great potential that is hidden there and takes time to fully understand. What makes you confused and vulnerable with a little bit of work can also be a source of your great strength. 

The House Neptune is shows when you are the most vulnerable. This is a place of confusion, place that you have always a problem to tell the reality from illusion. The way to master your Neptune placement is to recognize your weakness and allow yourself to be vulnerable in this area. Be aware of what brings you confusion. Awarness is your greatest weapon. This is what Neptune truly wants to tell you. Be aware.

1st House - be aware that your weakness lays in your perception of the world and yourself. You may feel lost in life, confused about how you see the world. You may not see it for what it is and people may see you not who you really are. Don’t idolize this world. Don’t idolize your views. Don’t let your artistic nature cloud your judgment. Also, don’t be afraid to be emotional. Don’t be afraid to show your sensitivity. Use amazing psychic gifts you have. Finding confidence in life may be hard for you since your perception of self is delluded but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You just have many sides to yourself and you can’t be defined with one word and that’s okay. Be a chameleon; don’t limit yourself to one. Also, your natural optimism can make you a little bit naive so you need to watch out for people because some of them will have no problem using your good heart against you so take care of yourself and trust your intuition more.

2nd House - be aware that your weakness lays in your self-worth. It is what brings you the biggest confusion. You may feel vague about your self-worth. You may feel confused about material things. You need to understand potential that lays in your soul and the practical use of your imagination. You also need to understand that material things are not the biggest evil on the world. They are also not your biggest need. It will always bring you confusion. Find balance!  Be aware of your money (abundance or their lack) in your life. Use them constructively on what you really need. If you can, make your art to give you profit.

3rd House - be aware that your weakness lays in the processing of your words. It can often feel like the words you are looking for in your mind are hidden behind a mist, like they are there but you can’t find them and use them. You can also feel at the moments that you are a better story-teller than everyone else in the room and desperately try to prove it. Don’t idolize the power of your mind but also don’t ignore it. Be aware that you can get an access to a beautiful inner encyclopedia but still you need to make an effort to check yourself while using it. Be aware of the voices you will hear, ideas you will get and be open to messages from your head but be selective of how you will use them. You can take people to other dimensions with your you words, you are highly creative but you must be aware that you need to check things twice before saying them because sometimes your words can be really confusing. Focus on making yourself more clear while speaking, avoid using unecessary words. 

4th House - be aware that your weakness lays in your roots. Family always can bring you a lot of confusion. Many times you don’t see your family for who they really are, you probably idolize them a lot just like your chilhood. You may feel truly lost at your core, not knowing who you are and being too dependent on your roots. Truth is, that yes,  you can become emotionally independent person who is also able to help others to see through their own delusions. You just need to make yourself your strong foundation and set clear boundaries with your family. Your imagination make them seem better that they really are. You need to remember that your home and people who make it are part of your life not the center. Family life will never be as perfect as you wish but it doesn’t mean it’s not going to be good. Appreciate what you can have.

5th House - be aware that your weakness lays in your vision.  You idolize everything. Romance, people, children, hobbies… Everywhere where you can express yourself and follow your vision of “something perfect”.  You just try to run from reality this way. Just be aware perfect love  or a child doesn’t exist. Express yourself artistically, yes, but don’t let your imagination cloud your judgment. Life here is not a Hollywood movie but it doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful. Use your imagination in your creations but don’t let it control your love life (and other aspects). You are extremely creative. Use it wisely.

6th House -  be aware that your weakness lays in working. You love to help others. Animals, people… Your service is needed but is also a place of your delusion. You may get lost in your job. You need to take responsibility and do your work in whatever you choose to but remember about taking care of yourself too. Also, you should pay more attention to deadlines. You can get lost so you need to remember about passing time and other details. You are really responsible and devoted, don’t overdo yourself but also try to look at yourself (especially your health) realistically. Getting a flu won’t kill you but don’t ignore it either. Keep yourself in check.

7th House -  be aware your weakness lays in your  relationships. Whether they are of romantic nature or platonic; you may appear as a very confusing person to others and others are like that to you too. You may have problem with recognizing people who have bad influnece on you, you may idolize them and you can be too dependent on others. There is always something very entangled in your partnerships and you need to recognize that and stop idolizing people in your life. You need to directly adress those issuses. There is a chance for you to see relationships with people clear, as they are. You will become more confident and more independent as a person. Just stay aware of your relationships and don’t let them define you.

8th House - your weakness is tied to taboo topics. You may become obsessed with sensitive topics like death and sex.  You may feel you lack understanding of those and  try obsessively to get information in those areas. You may feel confused and feel you are truly not living your life here on Earth because you may focus too much on matters connected to the other world. You need to be aware that  delving into dangerous matters with that kind of passion may not bring you what you want and just make you feel more lost in life. Use knowledge you gain in constructive way. Don’t hoard it, it can cause you more pain. Share it with others. Don’t idolize taboo. Focus on mundane things too. Come back from the dead, your world is here. 

9th House -  your weakness lays in your philosophy. You may feel confused about your beliefs and be easily influenced by others in this area. Whether you are more into spirituality or religion, any area involving higher realms seems to be bringing confusion to you. This also apply to higher education. You may have problem with finding out what you want to study and you can become perpetual student or reject idea of studying at all. You may have problem with describing your life philosophy and often change beliefs. You can become a fantastic teacher for yourself and others. You have great psychic abilities. Don’t let this confusion stop you from spiritual development. 

10th House - be aware that your weakness lays in your social position. You  feel confused about your position in the world you may feel lost on your life path and you may appear to others as this always indecisive person in those matters. Be aware that feeling of being lost in life happens to everyone. You need to remember about what you truly want to achieve and understand that it will take time. Don’t idolize achievement. Follow it but don’t forget about other important things in life. You will be at the top of a social ladder. You will inspire others to work hard for your goals. Just be aware that outer sucess is not the goal end in life.

11th House - your vulnerability lays in your sense of belonging. 
Confusion is tied to your need to be a part of a group. You may idolize them a lot. You may idolize society a lot and see no flaws in how it functions.  You may also do that to your friends. You need to stop looking at people through pink glasses. Remember that humanity is flawed. Be aware of that  being a human means making  mistakes. You can be a strong individual who can do a lot of good for people and society but you need to remember about the fact that society is built from individuals who just like you, are only humans. Allow them to be.

12th House - your weakness lays in your isolation. You may feel very helpess and confused, you may feel you are not safe in this world and you may try to delve into another to find your inner security. You isolate yourself from this world and it not only brings you more confusion but it is also a source of your pain. You can’t run from yourself. You are extremely gifted person. You have amazing ability to reach higher dimensions but you shouldn’t do that in order to avoid pain. Be aware of the mundane world and try to stay more connected with it. You won’t regret it. Our world is painful but you are a part of it. And people like you make it more beautiful.

In retrograde
- you may have a problem with accepting your vulnerability due to the aversion in immersing into the more spiritual side of yourself. You are a very private person and you dislike showing  vulnerability but it runs deep in you and you cannot reject this part of yourself.

MBTI types and John Green (books) Quotes

INFP: You like someone who can’t like you back because unrequired love can be survived in a way that once required love cannot (~Will Grayson, Will Grayson)

ENFP: We need breve be hopeless because we can never be irreparably broken (~Looking for Alaska)

ISFP: As long as we don’t die, this is going to be one hell of a story (~Paper Towns)

ESFP: I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend (~The Fault In Our Stars)

INFJ: You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking how you’ll escape one day. And how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps you going. But you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present (~Looking for Alaska)

ENFJ: Maybe there’s something you’re afraid to say, or someone you’re afraid to love, or somewhere you’re afraid to go. It’s gonna hurt. It’s gonna hurt because it matters (~Will Grayson, Will Grayson)

INTP: It is easy to forget how full the world is of people, fill to bursting and each of them imaginable and consistently misimagined (~Paper Towns)

ENTP: I’m like grenade and at some point I’m going to blow up and I would like to minimize the casualities, okay? (~The Fault in Our Stars)

ISFJ: You don’t remember what happened. What you remember becomes what happened (~An Abudance of Katherines)

ESFJ: The marks humans leave are too often scars (~The Fault in our stars)

INTJ: I get it now. I get it. The things you hope for the most are the things that destroy you in the end (~Will Grayson, Will Grayson)

ENTJ: Sometimes you lose a battle. But mischief always wins the war (~Looking For Alaska)

ISTJ: If people were rain, I was drizzle and she was hurricane (~Looking for Alaska)

ESTJ: What matters to you defines your mattering (~An Abundance of Katherines)

ISTP: As long as we don’t die, this is going to be one hell of a story (~Paper Towns)

ESTP: What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable? (~An Abundance of Katherines)

It’s a amazing, whenever people talk about their asexuality they’re told it’s their Romantic Orientation that truly matters, and when people talk about their aromanticism they’re told it’s their Sexual Orientation that matters. What they’re really saying is that the A aspect of a person doesn’t matter. Who we are doesn’t matter. We are what they say we should be and our place is where they decide it is.

My asexuality is not a modifier, it is the most prevalent part of my orientation. Do not tell aces or aros that those aspects of their identity are just modifiers to the other part. If you are not ace/aro you have no business defining those orientations, and even if you are ace/aro you have no business defining other people’s identities for them. Your asexuality may be a modifier for your romantic orientation but it may not be the same for others. Stop telling other people how to identify.


7 years of Glee:

7 years since we first fell in love with Finn Hudson, and more importantly, Cory Monteith, while singing “Can’t Fight This Feeling” in the showers

7 years since we first grew to admire Rachel Berry - as annoying as she might have been - through her passion and strive for stardom

7 years since we met with the original diva, Mercedes Jones, through the song R-E-S-P-E-C-T and her assuring us that she will forever be Beyonce

7 years since we we saw that adorkable wheelchaired kid Artie Abrams, and knew we wanted him to be a part of our squad

7 years since Kurt Hummel taught us everything this show stands for, that it’s okay to be different because your real friends will accept you

7 years since we heard Blaine Anderson sing Teenage Dream for Kurt, with over-gelled hair and the biggest smile you’ve ever seen

7 years since we instantly fell in love with Trouty Mouth through his rendition of “Billionaire” (the Glee fans still have their theories about the real reason the Kylie Jenner challenge got started)

7 years since Noah Puckerman reminded us that people do change, and no matter how much of a jackass you may have been in high school you can still come out on top

7 years since we met the most complex “prom queen” stereotype of all time, Quinn Fabray, as she taught us to chase your dreams no matter where it leads you, and don’t let your past define you

7 years since we were introduced to resident bad girl Santana Lopez, and we realized that appearances are deceiving - the high school bitch can also be the one with the biggest heart

7 years since Brittany S. Pierce proved that self-esteem is where your intelligence comes from, regardless of what anyone else says

7 years since Tina Cohen-Chang showed that no matter how dim your light appears right now, it can still shine just as bright if you want it to

7 years since Mike Chang taught us to follow our dreams, no matter what anyone else has to say about it

7 years since Sue Sylvester and her evil bitch facade walked into our lives, ruining and saving every bit of it

7 years since Will Schuester taught us to chase our dreams, if it leads to stardom or not

7 years of the show that changed our lives forever.

7 years of the show that gave us new perspective

7 years of the show that taught us about acceptance, love, and dreams

To an outsider, it’s just a show

To us, it’s family

a (revised) reminder to trans people

if you identify with a gender other than the one you were assigned with at birth, you are transgender.
it doesn’t matter if you want to transition or not, it doesn’t matter what your pronouns are or the way you dress, it doesn’t matter if you don’t experience dysphoria.
dysphoria is not always primarily presenting in transgender people. and while dysphoria is a mental condition, being transgender is not.
nothing can define if you are transgender or not besides if you identify with a different gender than the one you were assigned at birth. you can’t decide to be transgender, you can’t decide whether or not you have dysphoria, but you can decide whether or not you want to act on it.
there’s not one way to be trans. as a person who is trans and has experienced dysphoria, even i know this. so stop policing trans people who don’t want to transition or don’t experience dysphoria. everyone’s different.

Why Today, You're Gonna Practice

Today, you’re gonna practice. Why is that?

You are awesome. Okay, let’s get this out of the way first thing - you’re great. You’re an awesome musician. That’s why you’re going to sit down with your instrument - because you’re just that cool.

You are going to persevere. You’re going to practice because you know that it’s just, a SUPER great feeling when you do. You know that perseverance is the primary virtue a musician can have, and you have it in spades. So despite how comfy your couch or bed is, you’re gonna persevere through leaving it anyway. Plus, absence makes the heart grow fonder - your bed will feel even nicer once you come back to it!

You know tomorrow never comes. If your lazy impulses, your friends, or your family are telling you that you can practice tomorrow, you should ignore them. Tomorrow never comes, after all. You’re gonna practice today, because a long enough string of “practicing tomorrows” turns into “haven’t practiced in months” before you know it. Practice every day that it’s today.

You know past failure does not define future success. Hey, if you didn’t practice yesterday, guess what? It doesn’t matter! You didn’t practice a day in your life before you started playing your instrument, and look at how far you’ve come since then. Yesterday no longer matters - you can never change it again. However, you are in a perfect position to change today. So when you practice today, you’re defining your future success perfectly.

You’re going to make yourself do it. You’re going to practice because right now - literally, the instant you finish this post - you’re going to get up and do it. You’re going to practice right…


Supportive Amis for the sad people

Enjolras loves you and is proud you’re surviving. You gotta save yourself before you save the world!

Combeferre loves you and will always support you in anything you endeavour to do!

Courfeyrac loves you no matter where you’re from!

Grantaire loves you despite and because of all the mistakes you have made. They matter because they’re part of you, but they will never define you!

Joly loves you and thinks all your struggles are valid! Both mental and physical!

Bossuet loves you and knows some things are out of your control, and thats okay, but you must never give up hope!

Musichetta loves you and knows you will always be loved. It gets better!

Jehan loves you no matter what gender you are or aren’t!

Bahorel loves you no matter how weak you think you are - he knows you’re so very strong! You can do this!!

Feuilly loves you and knows how tired you are, how hard you’ve worked. It’s okay to just take a moment to breathe. Thats plenty!

Marius loves you and knows how hard family can be. It’s difficult, but he knows you’ll find the love you deserve!

Cosette loves you and every single part of you! You’re beautiful inside and out!

Eponine loves you, flaws and imperfections and all. You are a whole, wonderfully diverse and amazing individual and you deserve to be loved!

5 Thoughts On Giving Speeches

There are five advices I try to follow when it comes to speeches - and I have 

1) 2 and a half ingredients

“A great speech consists of a brillant beginning, a brillant ending and as little as possible in between.”
(I was told that this was said by Winston Churchill, but I can’t find a proof to verify it.)

Make it short. Nobody ever complained about a speech being too short! 
And: The most important parts are the beginning and the end - for various reasons. This is where you win or loose. This is where you give a good speech or a great one.

2) 7 Seconds

A public speaking teacher once told me the following: 

“Humans actually pay attention for only 7 seconds straight. After that you as a presenter or speaker have to convince your audience to invest another 7 and so on. While speaking you buy their attention in 7 second blocks. Act accordingly.”

Following this idea, your intro buys you the first 7. If you mess up here, you have lost your audience for the entire speech. Therefore: be interesting, unique, make them wonder or laugh.

And if you have their attention fight to keep it.

3) Authenticity 

There is one simple but incredible effective way to make your audience believe you: tell personal stories.

When preparing your speech think of something from your own life that makes your point. Tell your audience about your own way, describe your personal struggle, share your moments of misery and glory - but never tell more than 3 of those stories!

Nothing is more authentic than your own personal experience. NOTHING makes you more credible for what you say. Understand yourself as part of the message you want to send.

Do not talk about yourself too much. Your speech is about your topic - not about you. 

Great examples for this are the following speeches:

4) Practice

“There are only two types of speakers in the world. 1. The nervous. 2. Liars.” - Mark Twain

This is probably true. But no matter what type you are - the quality of your speech is being defined before you step on stage. It is defined by the thoughts you gave it the days and nights before. It is defined by the minutes/hours you invest in practicing it - alone (in your car, in your living-room, under the shower in front of the mirror, …)! 

To sum this up:  
…no matter if you are type 1 or 2:

a) never just improvise! Your audience will notice. 
b) practice - your first lines, your ending, the most relevant parts and the difficult bridges, …

5) The spark

Give them something to walk away with. Something they will not forget. A thought they will be able to repeat at home all by theirselves. Enable them to spread the essence of your message in their own words as they have fully understood what you were saying.

Two examples: 

(”I have a dream” and “Yes we can”)

Hope some of this is helps you - on stage and beyond. 
May your future speeches become as great as they deserve to be.

Your m

i know carrie’s death is devastating, and i know we’re all mourning the loss of such a bright soul, but in these dark times please don’t forget what she taught us.

don’t forget that your mental illness doesn’t define you, but it’s not something to be ashamed of, either. don’t forget that you are so much more than it. don’t forget that you are not alone in your fight.

don’t forget that a jewish woman was a princess, and a general, and that she kicked some major ass.

don’t forget that you are beautiful no matter what age, no matter how your body has changed, no matter what unrealistic standards you face.

don’t forget that carrie was so much more than just princess leia. she was an author, activist, mother, friend, inspiration.

don’t forget that carrie would be so, so proud of you, just for being here and for continuing to keep fighting.

5riental  asked:

If I were to write a story that contained characters that were racially ambiguous or in a place where race didn't really exist (like with mermaids or human-like fantasy creatures) would the story be considered literature specific to my race even tho it doesn't necessarily contain race? I'm Korean and black.

Will my Literature be considered “[Insert Ethnicity] Literature” Despite Who/What I Write?

This could very well happen.

  • Libraries and bookshops may sort your fiction as “Ethnic/African American/whatever” literature no matter what the genre or subject matter because of your race alone. I’ve seen Authors of Color speak on this, that for having a diverse cast and/or just daring to publish while non-white despite genre or subject matter, their works are marked as “[insert group] literature”.
  • That isn’t a reason to avoid writing clearly defined racially diverse characters, as racial ambiguity is not necessarily proper representation (see Racial Ambiguity tag). Even human-like fantasy creatures can be ethnically coded by means of appearance, cultures, region, language, etc. something we’ve offered many resources for here as well.
  • You shouldn’t necessary feel you must publish anonymously or under a pen name for this reason either, if you don’t want to. You didn’t bring up this issue but it’s something worth mentioning.
  • In the case your work does get pushed into the “ethnic corner” and you’re uncomfortable with it, I believe you should reach out, and ask for it to be properly placed or labelled. I’d also suggest making your publisher aware of the issue too as they may have some solutions. I don’t have experience with this battle to offer much advice, unfortunately. Readers who do, feel free to share. 

For some really good reading on the subject, check out N. K. Jemisin’s article “Don’t Put My Book in the African American Section.”

~Mod Colette

It’s a symptom of “white as default” in mass society. Because you’re an Author of Color, you’ll run into challenges like people thinking everything you write is autobiographical. It’s the same deal with women authors who write about women— books about boys are gender neutral, books about girls are marketed only to girls and it’s not recommended boys read them.

It’s not fun, but unless a whole bunch of Authors of Color go through the process of fighting it and speaking out about it, nothing’s going to change. Right now there’s still a belief that diversity is some bold political statement instead of just part of life, so we’ve got to make them realize it’s part of life.

But things are already changing a lot! Of course, my point of reference is Canadian bookshelves, where I find diverse gene fiction semi-routinely, not separated out by the fact it’s diverse (mostly LGBT+, but some PoC-centric stories, too).

The more of us out there telling stories where we’re reflected, the more integration will happen.  

~Mod Lesya

“Listen to me,” she said, staring intently into my eyes, as I stared back at her as mine were now filling with tears.

“So what he opened your ‘i miss you’ text that you sent drunk at 3 in the morning and he didn’t respond? So what he stopped giving you that shy smile that he always used to send your way when you walked by each other in the hallways? So what his fingers are now intertwined with the hand of a girl that isn’t you? He is the one with a problem.”

“He clearly fails to see how utterly iridescent and beautiful and magnificent you are. Honestly, I feel bad for him. He’s pretty damn stupid if he can’t recognize the pure light that is bursting from your soul.”

“And I’m not going to lie to you, you’re going to meet plenty of other stupid assholes in your lifetime- they’ll break your heart in more ways than one. The one thing you’ll need to remember though- always, always remember- tattoo it on your forehead if you have to, is this: his opinion does not define you. His inability to see and appreciate the fucking miracle of God that you are is not your fault. So stop putting the blame on you, and most importantly, stop letting the opinion of a boy who won’t matter in 6 months time effect how you see yourself. You are worth so much more than losing yourself over a boy who doesn’t care.”

“What matters is that you put your heart out on the line. Yeah, it was torn to pieces this time. But I absolutely promise you that one day, you’ll give your heart to somebody, and they won’t drop it. Instead, they’ll give theirs right back to you. And something so indescribably wonderful and magical will come out of it that this boy won’t even be a sliver of a thought in your mind. I promise.”

—  Excerpt from a book i’ll never write #20

theclogmaster  asked:

Could I request the RFA+VandSaeran reacting to MC who doesn't let herself sit on her SO's lap, doesn't do cute piggy back rides, won't let her SO pick her up, won't lay on them or snuggle too close because she thinks she too heavy? Like she isn't abnormally big at all, she's just always been told she's too heavy so she's crazy self conscious.

Aww I sincerely hope that this hasn’t happened to you! Always remember that your weight doesn’t define you and I’m sure that you’re a fantastic person! Everyone should love themselves no matter what! Plus I know that the RFA members would love you no matter what you looked like! I really hope that you enjoy and don’t forget to stay awesome!! :) 


  • After another long day at his university classes, Yoosung wanted nothing more than to snuggle the night away with you
  • Yoosung came home to find you already laying comfortably down in bed
  • Without warning, Yoosung decided to join you and flopped himself down next to you and snuggled into you
  • But you immediately pushed him away leaving Yoosung very confused
  • “Why do you always push me away when I try and snuggle with you MC? Do you not like me or something?”
  • You have to explain to the poor boy that you’ve never really felt comfortable with your weight because of past comments from others and that you think you’re too heavy for snuggles
  • Yoosung eyes you up and down in disbelief because um what how the heck do you think that you’re heavy?
  • “MC, please don’t think that you’re heavy, you’re really not. I don’t want you thinking that you’re any less than perfect in my eyes.”
  • That finally caused you to realize that maybe Yoosung was right and maybe you weren’t as heavy as you thought
  • So that night Yoosung finally got to have his cuddle session with you as he kept telling you over and over again how perfect you are to him


  • Things were getting a little heated between you and Zen one evening
  • Zen had you pinned against the wall, kissing you passionately as his hands crawled to your waist
  • He was about to lift you up and carry you to the bedroom until you shouted in protest for him to stop
  • Zen sighed because you never let him carry you around and tonight, he was going to get answers
  • “Why don’t you ever let me carry you around like the princess you are MC? You know I’m your knight and I can handle it right?”
  • You sighed and decided to finally tell Zen that you didn’t want to be picked up by him since you think that you’re on the heavier side
  • Zen just kind of stares at you for a minute because how in the world do you think that you’re heavy?
  • He’s seen it in himself about not feeling confident in his looks when he was younger and he never wants you to feel that way
  • “MC, I hope you know that you’re really not heavy at all. I didn’t fall in love with you because of your weight, I fell in love with you because of your kind-heart and compassion for others. Please, never forget that.”
  • Leave it to Zen to use smooth words of love to make you cry
  • Zen smiled down at you and gently picked you up and for once, you didn’t protest
  • The rest of the night was spent with Zen taking about a hundred photos of you and telling you how one each one you looked absolutely stunning


  • Jaehee was coming home that day in an especially good mood
  • She had just received approval from the landlord that you and her could expand the cafe even larger
  • So Jaehee walked in the door, quickly taking off her shoes, and raced to find you to celebrate
  • You were in the kitchen, getting dinner ready, when Jaehee spotted you
  • Jaehee told you the good news to you and she picked you up and spun you around
  • That is, until you exclaimed for her to put you down, much to Jaehee’s confusion
  • “What is it MC? You never seem to like me touching you in certain ways, especially if I lift you up. Is it something that you want to talk about with me?”
  • You decided that it was finally time to tell Jaehee the truth, that you felt that you were way too heavy for her to pick up
  • Jaehee was puzzled by what you said, never in her life would she consider your body heavy so she smiled and reassured you
  • “Is that all MC? I hope you know that your body is fine to me, in fact, you’re probably in better shape than I am. You’re definitely not too heavy for me to pick up so please, don’t worry about it anymore okay?“
  • You smiled at Jaehee’s kind words as she finally told you the exciting news about the cafe
  • This time it was your turn to celebrate as Jaehee picked you up this time to properly celebrate with you, constantly assuring you that your body was perfect to her


  • The stars must have been aligned in a certain way that day because Jumin was able to come home early from work
  • So it was understandable why you were more than a little surprised to see Jumin come home mid-afternoon
  • But he smirked at you, taking off his jacket and loosening his tie as he sat down on the couch beside you
  • Jumin had missed you dearly that day, so he leaned over to pull you onto his lap
  • The moment you realized what he was doing, you immediately told him in a stern, panicked voice to stop
  • Cue super confused Jumin
  • “Why don’t you ever let me hold you MC? Am I too inadequate to even have you sit on my lap? Is there something you need me to improve on?”
  • Not wanting him to be confused any longer, you explained to Jumin that you didn’t want to sit on his lap since you thought that you were way too heavy and would hurt him
  • Jumin was even more confused at this point, how could you possibly think that you’re heavy? So Jumin decided to correct you
  • “Please don’t take offense to this MC, but you’re crazy. Your body is the definition of perfection to me, don’t ever feel like you’re heavy around me because I think that you’re perfect just the way you are.”
  • Jumin noticed a couple of tears fall down your cheeks and he gently grabbed your arm and pulled you onto his lap to comfort you
  • He made sure to prove to you that you weren’t too heavy at all, that you would always be perfect in Jumin’s eyes


  • Seven finished up his coding for the day and noticed that it was still early in the day
  • He was extremely bored from working all day so he decided to mess around with you
  • Seven wondered around the house until he found you cooking some dinner
  • He smirked and sneakily grabbed you and put you on his back for a piggy back ride
  • You shouted in protest for him to put you down and realizing how upset you sounded, Seven out you down
  • “What’s wrong MC? You always seem like you don’t like me touching you certain ways or picking you up. Piggy back rides are fun and you should enjoy them!”
  • You explained to Seven that while piggy back rides were fun, you felt as though you were too heavy for them and you didn’t want to hurt Seven
  • Seven is extremely confused by what you said and has to make sure that he’s not hallucinating from working too much
  • He pokes your tummy and then lifts up his own shirt, revealing his slight protruding tummy
  • “Look MC, if anything I’m the one who’s heavier here. You’re definitely not heavy, in fact your weight is a lot better than mine! I don’t want you feeling like you’re heavy because you’re perfect to me!”
  • Leave it to Seven to always make you feel better whenever you’re down
  • Once he saw your smile, Seven smiled himself and positioned himself so you could hop on his back, which you did, as Seven ran around the house screaming how perfect you were, leaving a very annoyed Saeran in the other room


  • When you came home one day, V noticed how sad you looked
  • He asked you what was wrong, but you just brushed it off telling him that it was just a long day
  • But V knew better so he got up from his desk and went to go sit down beside you on the couch
  • V wanted to give you as much comfort as possible so he scooted himself closer to you and tried to carefully move you onto his lap
  • You immediately told him to stop, making V even more confused than before
  • “Please MC, you know that you can tell me anything. What’s bothering you? I want to help you out in any way that I can.”
  • At V’s kind words, you let the tears fall as you explained to him that you made a brief visit to your parents and they commented that you were even heavier than they last saw you
  • V tensed up, what did you mean that your parents said you were heavier before? V cradled you in his arms, giving you sweet words of love
  • “MC you aren’t and have never been heavy. I’m not quite sure what your parents are thinking but to me, your weight doesn’t matter. Please don’t ever think that you’re any less than perfect to me.”
  • He slowly slid you onto his lap and grabbed a nearby camera to show to some of his nature photos to help calm you down
  • You and V stayed this way for the rest of the night and eventually fell asleep on the couch with you having no more worries about your weight


  • Saeran was feeling especially moody one day and needed some snuggles
  • He found you asleep on the couch, he huffed but gently moved you over a little so he could fit in
  • Just as he was about to fall asleep, Saeran was startled when he heard you exclaim for him to stop snuggling as you pushed him off the couch
  • Now even moodier, Saeran stood up and rubbed his back as he asked in an annoyed tone
  • “What the hell was that for MC? I just wanted some snuggles geez. You’re the one always telling me to try and get closer to other people.”
  • You apologized to him, looking truly sorry Saeran sighed and sat down next to you
  • Saeran deserved to know the truth so you explained to him that you weren’t comfortable snuggling with him since you use to get teased in school about being heavy and thought that you still were
  • With an eye roll, Saeran brought his arms around you and told you
  • “Those people are idiots MC. That’s all in the past anyway, I think that you’re weight is fine now. And when I want snuggles I’m going to get them damnit!”
  • Saeran pulled you down onto the couch with him as he buried his face into your neck, sighing in contentment
  • You asked him if he really meant what he said, with Saeran of course telling you yes
  • Saeran softly stroked your hair as he whispered to you how perfect your body is and how he would never change a thing about you
Why I’m Writing Marco and Marty

(Some kvetching, some oversharing, some meandering) 

Hey, gang!

Today’s MM will be posted in the late afternoon, I suspect. Feeling sick today so I am catching up on sleep. Gonna try to make a concerted effort to get back on schedule this weekend, but I also wanted to say a few words on what’s been going on in my life. 

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Hedgecraft According to My Tradition

Let’s talk about hedgecraft! It’s a difficult topic to discuss, because if you ask fifteen self-identified hedgewitches what hedgecraft is, you’ll probably get seventeen different answers, and when you do get those answers, sometimes the language is cumbersome, difficult and sometimes bordering on appropriative that can make people feel awkward and strange about it. So, I’m here to try and put this difficult subject into somewhat easier words, or at least, as best reflects my practise and traditions. Others may disagree, or want to expound on something, and I hope they do! I’d love to get a dialogue going. I’ve only been actively hedging (ie: on purpose) for about sixteen years, so I know there are people out there with more (and different) experiences than me!

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Its absolutely ridiculous people say that Frisk is a racist stereotype portrayal of an Asian person, if you say such a thing, you are the one being racist, because theres absolutely nothing about them that would match an Asian person, Asian people don’t have actual long slit eyes wider than their mouth. the” -_-” face is not racist.

Frisk’s hair isn’t even that dark of a brown, and their skin is school bus yellow. not even people with jaundice have skin that yellow. Frisk has yellow skin because they don’t have a defined race, like a smiley, emoji or a lego mini-figure. No matter what color your skin is, your age, your gender, your religion, your language, you can relate to Frisk. 

Just look at their face, 14x10

Thats only 140 pixels. their eyes and mouth are 2x1 black pixels. you are getting worked up and accusing racism for a total of 6 black pixels. 

It’s not cultural or racial appropriation, no one owns the color yellow!

….uh okay, no culture or race owns the color yellow. 

Focus on something that matters instead of slandering a game to make yourself seem like some sort of victim fighting against a case of nonexistent oppression, you just make people with real cases of oppression get less attention. 
And no, I don’t NEED to be any specific genetic makeup to talk about this. If you said people of a certain skin color cannot participate in a matter than does not physically require any specific skin color, you are the one engaging in racism. 

You said it Flowey. If someone spreads these lies, they deserve to be publicly outed for slander and for taking the attention away from REAL issues. 

My Lovely Angel

gif is not mine

Title: My Lovely Angel

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 866

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by an anon! I hope you all enjoy! I love you all so much!

Lucifer met you not by destiny, but by chance.  He wasn’t supposed to meet you, but he was fortunate enough to have met you.  He liked that you never tried to change him from the moment you met him.  You didn’t judge him for who, or what, he was.  That’s what attracted him to you in the first place.  The more he ran into you, the more he started to have feelings for you.

It was when he saw you for the tenth time that he made his feelings for you known.  He was glad to know that you felt the same way.  With you being an angel, he felt unsure about you, but then he would find himself anticipating your next meeting.  After a while, he learned to ignore those feelings of doubt.

“[Y/N],” Lucifer called from the bushes behind the playground.  “I was hoping you’d get a vacation soon.  Aren’t you tired of that painfully white ‘oasis’ yet?”

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anonymous asked:

How does money (2nd house) come before communication (3rd)? It kinda makes no sense to me.

that is a good question, i’ll have to think about it… some ideas:

Your values (2nd house) are connected to your way of thinking (3rd house). your opinions (3rd) are dependent on what you perceive to matter or be valuable (2nd). your understanding of what matters (2nd) is dependent on how you were educated (3rd).

Fun fact, the 2nd house does not necessarily represent money for everyone. the 2nd house is what your sense of self is tied to, that’s why it comes right after the 1st house of the self image. for some people their sense of self is tied to money, as in, if you earn very little, that effects what kind of lifestyle you’re able to have, whereas if you earn a lot of money, that pumps up your identity. in todays society you are defined but what kind of job you have and how much money you earn, but if someone is defined by other things, then the 2nd house doesn’t have to be about money for them.

Also, money is something we have assigned value to, and that is why the 2nd house is associated with money, but if a person doesn’t care about money then their 2nd house won’t be about that. I know a person with a 2nd house stellium in Sagittarius who doesn’t care about money, but rather focuses on their passion in life; in their case, the 2nd house has to do with their ability to focus and get things done.

The 2nd house has to do with experiencing “richness” which doesn’t have to be tied into money, but could be indulging in things that may or may not be healthy but feel good in the moment.

In Placidus and Koch houses, I have an empty 2nd house, so no wonder I never really indulge in comfort food or things like that… In whole sign I have Saturn in the 2nd which means I discern what I indulge in…

If someone has more of a Capricorn/Saturn/10th house influence than a Taurus/Venus/2nd house influence, then they experience more depravity than opulence, more restraint than sensuality, more value on enjoying oneself in the long run than in the present. (this is my case)

Whereas if someone has more Taurus influence than Capricorn influence, they could be so seeking of pleasure in the moment that they don’t consider that what they’re indulging in could be unhealthy mentally/physically/etc.

In transits, a planet goes thru your 2nd house before entering your 3rd. So lets say someone has Capricorn rising, then the current Uranus in Aries would either be transiting their 3rd or 4th house, depending on whether they have an interception. Even though Uranus would already be done with their 2nd house, it’s like, as it transits their third, they gain new ideas that could influence their values or what they deem to be important. So this is one way that the 2nd and 3rd houses are so intrinsically connected. Also, if something is transiting your 4th house, then what’s happening in your family could affect what you deem to be important (2nd house).

If you’re a Scorpio rising, it is likely that Pluto (your ruling planet) is currently transiting your 3rd house. Your way of thinking is being transformed, you’re having the chance to confront the demons of your mind, which could cause you to rewrite your values, looking back into your 2nd house.

^^ That ^^ description would also be the case if you’re a Libra rising and you have Pluto in Sagittarius in the 3rd house, because your progressed chart likely has a Scorpio rising with Pluto in your 2nd house.

In your progressed chart, it is likely that whatever you have in your 3rd house in your natal chart has now progressed to your 2nd house.

So if you have Saturn in the 3rd in your natal chart, then you might have Saturn in the 2nd in your progressed chart, which symbolizes how you’ve been learning lessons in life that have caused you to become more serious about your values.

If you have Jupiter in the 3rd in your natal chart, your progressed chart might have Jupiter in the 2nd house, which means that your nature of expanding your knowledge (3rd house) has led you to broaden your values (2nd house).

If you have Neptune in the 3rd in your natal chart, then your hazy way of viewing facts (3rd house) may have caused you to be uncertain about what you actually value (2nd house) as you have progressed. A more positive way to view this would be, your spiritual approach to knowledge (3rd) causes you to want to transcend the material world (2nd) and not be so attached to possessions (2nd), as you have progressed.

If you have Mercury in the 3rd in your natal chart, then your ability to see objectively, learn various subjects with your admirable curiosity, and assimilate facts has aided you to progress into thinking about your values (2nd) to make decisions that serve you very well in your life.

If you have Venus in the 3rd in your natal chart, then your love of learning aids you to manifesting wealth or material pleasures when it progresses to your 2nd house!

Thank you so much for asking, I’m glad I got to write this out! Please reblog this if you see it, I want to spread on this info. If you want me to see what’s in your progressed chart, message me.

You are looking for answers to all your questions and confusion in everyone else but yourself. The truth, the hope – the answers are buried inside of you. They lie beneath the numbness. Beneath the pretense. Beneath the despair.

You keep waking up feeling hollow and lonely because you haven’t been nourishing your soul. You run away from who you are and what you love. You keep pushing your own heart away. 

You still haven’t grasped that you matter regardless of what anyone else thinks or says. Your value, your worth – your life belongs to you alone. No one has the right or the power to define your significance but you. You don’t have to try to live a life designed upon the expectations or assumptions of other people.

Your heart hurts this much because it’s burning out from the weight it was never meant to carry. You don’t need to hide behind smiles and I’m fine. You crush yourself with each lie you breathe in and believe to be the truth. 

You matter. You are not leftovers. You are not unlovable. You are not destined for a lonely life. You are a wounded soul in a broken world. You are a work of art that only some will know how to appreciate. You are a story worth knowing. You matter.

Catch your breath. Take off your mask. Be gentle with yourself. Little by little you will find your way. Day by day you will know what is yours to do. There is still time for you to become who you are.

With love,


Nan has an illness.

First of all, I’m so so immensely sorry anon. I understand that this is a difficult thing for you and I feel so privileged to write this for you, and I hope that Harry takes your mind off of things. I am always always here for you not matter what my love, and that doesn’t just apply for you, for all my followers. I am always all ears (eyes :) )


You had come home. Quite distraught from the issue you at hand. It seemed fitting for a cup of tea. After the tea was made, you had made yourself comfortable in your one bed apartment. You sat in the dark. Not feeling watching TV, nor listening to music. Things were going to change with your Nan’s dementia. There was only one person you wanted in this moment. You picked up your phone and rang Harry. You tried to muffle your sniffles so he wouldn’t worry. “Evening luv, you alright? How was dinner with the family?” He asks in a delighted tone. “Um, can you come over? I want a cuddle.” You spoke quietly. “Is everything okay, my love?” Harry spoke. The background noise had quieted down and you figured that he had moved to be able to hear you easily. “Yeah, I just, I need my boyfriend.” You spoke. “Then your boyfriend is on his way.” He spoke. “Hey, I love you, yeah? I’ll be ten minutes max.”

The three knocks at the door startled you but you got up and made your way over to the door. You opened it to find Harry, dressed to impress. His suit and his silver boots. However, in his hand was your favourite box of chocolate and a bunch of lilies. “Thought you might need some cheering up” He smiled. You nodded and smiled opening the door for him. “Thank you.” He smiled. He went into your kitchen and got out the vase and slowly cut up the lilies to put them into the vase. “How comes you’re in a suit?” You asked with a slight giggle. “Grimmy had a little do, so I went.” He smiled. “I have some of your spare clothes, want me to get some?” You asked and Harry nodded adding a ‘please’. You walked into your bedroom and took out a pair of his shorts he normally sported around each other’s home and a top, but not before getting a top for your self to wear. You quickly changed and found Harry making another cup of tea for you both. You both sat on the couch and snuggled up. You head was resting upon his chest. “Want to talk?” He asked. You nodded. “My Nan has dementia.” You stuttered. Soon Harry placed his mug on the side and wrapped you in a cuddle. “Oh my, Y/N” He spoke ever so softly. “Things are going to change so much!” You cried. “No, no, no. You listen here. No matter what happens with you Nan, she will always, always be your Nan. No matter what. She’ll still be the person who used to tuck you in, take you to the park, make your favourite fairy cakes, and genuinely being a Nan. She will always be your Nan, okay? Her illness doesn’t define her. It just means that sometimes when it’s going to get difficult, you have to remind her of those things. It will get difficult, but I will be here every step of the day.” Harry says pressing a kiss to your head. “I love you so much, Harry”