what matt is saying

matt: (knocks on the doorframe) hey, lance? you got a sec?

lance: (looks up from where he’s milking kaltenecker) oh, hey matt! yeah, i’ve got some time. what’s up? is something wrong?

matt: no, everything’s fine. i’ve just finished catching up with pidge and, well… there are some things she just wasn’t able to tell me. so she told me to come to you.

lance: uhhhhh… okay? (gestures for him to take a seat) what do you need?

matt: (perches himself on the fence) well, pidge says you’re an expert. and i have almost like, two years worth of stuff to catch up on. now, this is a very humbling experience, as I’ve always considered myself a master, but (sighs) the world is a cruel, uncaring place, unyielding in its

lance: dude what the fuck are you talking about 

matt: i need you to catch me up on all the memes. all of them. all of the memes.

lance, dropping kaltenecker’s udder and affecting a serious pose: you’ve come to the right place, brother.


if you listen closely, you can hear silent hacker noises 👀👀👀 

You know what I think? When Pidge saw Matt in season three, it looked like he was being rescued by some people

And if you look closely in the season three trailer (I know it’s kind of hard to see because we don’t have good resolution yet) but you see these same looking people who appear to be fighting against the Galra 

It’s hard to see and it’s probably incorrect, but they look similar to the ones in the first picture, and it would make sense if they’d be fighting against the Galra empire considering they just rescued one of its prisoners. (I feel like they may have put on disguises to come rescue Matt, because their physique looks human)

But if not the people in the trailer, it definitely looks like Matt was saved by some resistant fighters of the Galra, which means he most likely is one now too


Honestly the amount of people who think Neil and Matt are dating is probably ridiculous. Then there are those risky people that think Neil, Matt, and Dan are in a polyamorous relationship.

Neil is so confused when someone asks about his boyfriend and he’s like “how did you know Andrew and I are together?”

MatPat: *takes a deep breath*

MatPat: i lo-

Jason: yes, you love Stephanie, we know, you love Stephanie so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Stephanie we KNOW, you love Stephanie you fucking love Stephanie okay we know, we get it, YOU LOVE STEPHANIE FUCKING PATRICK. WE GET IT.

remember everyone’s favourite headcanon about neil coming back to life once upon a time and telling his unsuspecting friends about it on movie night?? I wrote that bitch!!!

The light from the TV seizes every time a scene leaps off a building or the action crashes into the protagonist. It’s exhausting to be in the same room as the flicker of it; the pulsing gunfire and longwinded monologues intercut with showy violence that’s all soft in the middle.

The combat is slow — it’s obvious the director wants you to follow the stunt double’s prowess with your eyes, to take the moment that someone goes sprawling and package it, understand it, delight in your own understanding. The urgency of the fight whimpers and dies. It’s a half-time waltz set to galloping music, stilted dialogue fed into it all like splinters.

It’s almost a comedy, this palatable brutality playing out in a room full of fighters.

A woman hooks her leg in the window of a moving car and slides inside, and Neil makes a tsk-ing noise. She grapples with a driver and wins impossibly. The scene shifts and becomes a greyscale basement; the villain orders his cronies about in German that can’t figure itself out. Neil nudges Andrew’s foot with his and Andrew nods without looking.

The screen hiccups, abruptly paused. “What is it Lassie?” Matt jokes, mouth twitching. “Something wrong?”

“No,” Neil says, sour. “Just wondering if his German coach spoke any German.”

“I thought it was cute,” Nicky says.

“You think he’s cute,” Allison corrects, reaching over Renee to steal a twizzler from the knot of opened snacks on the coffee table. She bites into it viciously when she says, “you’re into boys who can’t speak the same language as you. They’re easier to trick.”

“Wow,” Nicky says, bewildered. “The bitch is out today.”

Allison swipes primly at her lipstick. “Always is.”

“You got another horrifying factoid to share with the class, Josten?” Dan asks. “Something about the proper technique for jumping between cars maybe?”

“Yeah. Don’t lead with your legs. That’s a good way to get yourself ripped in half.”

“Un-pause,” Renee prods, and Matt laughs when he hits play. The movie skids around and tries to find its own plot again. Light flickers over Neil’s frown.

The protagonist shoots at a tank until it blows up, and Neil snorts, jostling Andrew’s side when he stands up. He watches Matt and Neil have a conversation in gestures, and Matt relents after a moment, letting Neil slip away without pausing anything.

He’s gone for a while. Doubtless somewhere in their bedroom or breathing secondhand smoke from his own hand or killing time cross-legged in the brightness of the kitchen.

It’s less bearable, trying to swallow the movie without Neil shaking with laughter against him every time someone lies or shoots the wrong way. Andrew feels uncomfortably like the only other person in his lifeboat had just been rescued without him.

Another explosion rocks their sound system, and Andrew flicks bored eyes back to the villain circling the lead in a helicopter. He’s still waiting for the plot twist to get over itself and make an appearance, or for Neil to do the same. It’s starting to chafe, being in the dark with the whole team, shifting and breathing and rustling plastic packages around him.

The protagonist gets suddenly skewered by the debris from the helicopter he just shot down, and the heroine tumbles down over the rubble, scrambling to hold his face in both hands. Dialogue devolves into blood-bubbling I love you’s and come back’s from there, and Andrew concentrates on zoning out.

“He’s not actually dead,” Nicky says incredulously, mouth full of popcorn. Dan shushes him. “He’s too pretty to be impaled to death.”

“I bet you want him to impale you to death,” Matt says slyly, pleased with himself, and Renee frowns at him.

“Ay, he’s back!” Nicky says, popping another handful as the protagonist gasps back to life, face wet with tears or sweat or rain. “What’d I tell you?”

“You’re ruining this movie,” Aaron says flatly.

“Do you think he went to heaven for those five minutes?” Nicky continues, ignoring his cousin. “Like I get that he’s a mass murderer, but it was all ‘greater good’ stuff. Like charity work.”

“I don’t think God had time to decide,” Renee says softly.

“Like he was hanging out in limbo?” Dan asks, playing along. Renee shrugs generously.

“I’d love to die for like ten minutes, make a scene, have Erik weep over my broken body. Then high five God on my way back to life.”

“Nothing happens when you die, Nicky,” Neil says matter-of-factly from the doorway. He smells like Andrew’s cigarettes when he climbs back onto the couch, legs tucked underneath him. He reaches for a handful of popcorn.

“You can’t know that for sure,” Renee says, frowning a little. Her beliefs never show on her face so much as when she’s trying to fight back without fighting.

Andrew can feel his heart wind up and get ready to throw something, though he’s not completely sure why until Neil says, “I died once.” He shrugs. “God looked a whole lot like an endless abyss.”

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So one thing i’ve noticed about Shiro that i totally and absolutely adore for several reasons (one of them being that it lines up with my hc that Shiro would be an epic Cedric Diggory type hufflepuff in an hp au) is that Shiro is not an OVERprotective type.

Lemme explain why this is good and how.

We know that Shiro is protective of those he loves, I’m not saying he isn’t protective (AHEM STEPPING IN FOR MATT) but what i am saying is that Shiro isn’t SO protective that he belittles the strength and abilities of the people he cares about; which is a trait too often glorified in heroes, especially concerning the male hero to the female. 

Exhibit A) S01E10. Allura says that she’s going with them to break into the space base and everyone’s looking at Shiro like “dude you can’t let the princess join us on a such a dangerous mission”

and Shiro’s just like “sure, why not?”

while everyone else reacts like this:

Obviously, because of genre expectations, we would expect Shiro to say something along the lines of “no way we can’t endanger the princess like that” so it comes as a bit of a surprise, a good one of course, when instead of insisting Allura can’t come that he has no issues with it. He doesn’t even look conflicted, he has no idea why Allura shouldn’t be allowed to come! That’s because our little cinnamon role knows what’s up and he understands that Allura is strong, capable woman. At the very least he knows that he has no good reason to assume otherwise (even though there’s some pretty funny scenes once they’re in the base and Allura doesn’t even know how to hold a gun). But you get my point.

To summarize Exhibit A: This scene is a VERY REFRESHING change from the standard “i must protect the princess, the princess is incapable of protecting herself, which means i’m the only one allowed to do dangerous things” narrative. Shiro does not judge a person’s adequacy based on unfounded preconceptions. This is a SUPER important quality in a leader. Also, this means he isn’t sexist. 

Exhibit B) S02E12. 

Keith offers to be the one to go into the ship to make sure what was supposed to be Thace’s job gets done. Kolivan says it’s a suicide mission and that he would never command anyone so inexperienced do it when Keith replies:

And of course Shiro, being the head of Voltron, is the next person who would have a say in this - who should be the one to talk Keith down. But he doesn’t. Instead he says this:

This demonstrates that Shiro, understanding who Keith is, knows that there is no stopping Keith which means the best thing for Shiro to do is make sure Keith gets to the ship safely. 

This is very similar to what he did with Allura. He doesn’t stop her from going on the mission, but insists he goes with her (i didn’t touch on that above but we know that happened).

So let’s just talk about what this means for a second. Shiro cares about Keith. We know he’s totally worried about Keith’s safety because he LITERALLY has to take a breath to COMPOSE HIMSELF before he says this. He does not want Keith to do this, he does not want anyone for that matter to be risking their lives. But this is war. I’m sure Shiro wishes for nothing more than to be able to trust that Thace will do his part. But Keith can’t rely on that, and Shiro knows that he can’t either. And they shouldn’t because they can’t be taking any chances with this fight.

So Shiro lets Keith do what Keith needs to do, what they all need Keith to do. Shiro chooses to trust Keith’s abilities, and doesn’t undermine Keith’s determination. This whole war is bigger than all of them! Keith is not just Shiro’s probably younger friend, Keith is a fellow paladin of Voltron. Keith is his equal, not some helpless child who needs to be kept out of harm’s way and given the least dangerous task because he has no right to be involved or because he doesn’t want Keith to get hurt. 

So Shiro says “I’ll give you cover.” Because Shiro protects those he cares about. And because he REALLY TRULY cares about Keith, and Allura, and everyone, he knows what they’re capable of. He trusts them. He doesn’t let his need to protect them belittle them. 

OVERALL: I just think this says so much about Shiro and the type of hero role he plays, especially as a leader it is so important that his protective side is not also oppressive. Shiro’s the kind of guy who would die WITH his friends, not just the classic FOR his friends. Shiro doesn’t undermine the people he loves like that, they’re all his equal, they are all capable human (or not human or half human) beings. 

If the people he loves wants to fight then they deserve to fight, that’s their right and not his decision to make. But he sure as hell doesn’t have to let them do it alone so he goes with them. He helps them however he can.

And quick flashback to the Matt situation. The only reason Shiro stepped in like that was because Matt clearly did not want to go into the ring. I think if for whatever reason Matt really wanted to fight that dude (maybe for his own revenge or something) Shiro wouldn’t have taken that away from him. But Matt was not ready, Matt was freaking out and Matt did not want to fight. So Shiro did it for him cuz THAT is the Shiro way.

(sorry this was probably way longer than necessary, I’m not very concise but I haven’t seen a post about this so i thought i’d try my hand at making one) 

Post-Kerberos! Matt HC

★ When the rebellion group helped him escape, he just ended up sticking with them and eventually became one of the best fighters there???

★ He doesn’t have any idea where his dad is, but scavenges through old Galran tech to hopefully find out.

★ The group is pretty much amazed by humans and low-key terrified of them bc of Matt 

★ He dislocated his shoulder once and the group was like, “it’s horrible to see another one go,,,,” and Matt was just like “???? i can put it back in place????” 

  • Matt: Guys,,,,stop crying,,,,this can be fixed,,,,,
  • Rebellion leader: i saw a dear friend die bc of that, there is no survival
  • Matt: *silently puts in back in place*

★ He has a scar over his right eye bc of the Galra

★ The Galra also found out he needed glasses and basically went, “well we can’t have The Champions friend like this!” and injected some weird shit into his eyes. Matt no longer needs glasses, but his eyes change colors depending on his mood and who he’s talking too

★ Matt, talking to keith as his eyes turn red: And so– why the fuck are you pulling out your sword?

Keith, seeing Matt’s eyes turning yellow as he talks to Hunk: “Uhm guys? Are we sure that Matt isn’t Galra?”

  • “I am right here”

★ When he first heard of Voltron his main thought was, “Well that sounds lit” but when he hears that ‘The Champion’ aka Shiro is their leader, he immediately turns into that Mr.Krabs meme

★ Somehow some people find a picture of the paladins and everybody is just “???? the tiny one resembles matt”

★ Matt automatically realizes it’s Katie and that the red paladin is Keith and just,,,screams for roughly 5 hrs

★ Why is everyone he knows up in space? He has no fucking clue but w/e

★ Makes it a personal mission to track down Voltron for himself and the rebellion

★ They end up showing up eventually to make allies

★ The Paladins talk to some civilians first, so Allura and Coran meet up with the Rebellion leader

  • “Number 5?! How’d you get here so quickly??” “Funny story actually,,,”
  • The real Pidge shows up like 0.5 seconds later
  • Pidge//Katie, tearfully: “MATT”
  • Matt, nearly sobbing: Oh shit waddup

★ Keith screams at him for a solid 10 minutes before tearing up

  • “It’s okay. I know you’re gay and texan already, Keith”
  • “I fucking hate you”

★ There’s a tie between whether Pidge or Shiro cried more

★ Allura: I’m princess Allura and you are?
single and willing–i meAN MATT

 ★ **Takes in Katie’s appearance** “Well, one of us is going to have to change”

★ **Inspecting Shiro’s arm** “Yo, your weapon is just a bitch slap”

★ “,,,,,you guys do realize Allura just picked your lions off of your clothes right???” “No she–holy shit”


  • He essentially spends his time pointing out problems with basically everything tbh

★ “Why does Voltron represent the olympic rings??”

★ He realizes Keith has a crush on Lance in like a couple of days

  • “Listen here, you piece of shit”

★ Slowly comes to the realization that he likes both Shiro and Allura

  • “Coran have you ever heard of a pickle?”

★ He helps Coran around the castle and stuff

  • “And this is the Teludav” “Y’all have fucking teletubbies here?”

★ Him and Hunk team up to annoy Shiro and Lance with puns

  • “I’m just over the moon with excitement”
  • “Aren’t you glad i’m not lion in the cold depths of space??”

★ Him and Slav get along pretty well

  • Shiro hates it

★ “In this timeline, there is a 42% chance of you getting together with the two of them.” “Thanks buddy”

★ “Why did you choose five kids to defend the universe there’s so many ways this could go wrong”

★ Him and Hunk set up the lions to play “What’s new pussycat?” 7 times with one “It’s not unusual” before resuming ‘What’s new pussycat?’

  • “For years, scientist have wondered if you can make 3 teens, 1 adult, and 3 aliens weep tears of joy by playing Tom Jones’ “It’s not unusual”.”

★ Lance is amazed by how smooth his skin is

  • Like, you’ve been in space for 2 years???? And majority of that was with the Galra??? Tell me your secret

★ Everyone figures out Matt’s crush on both Allura and Shiro and try to get them together

  • One plan consisted of a rock, 15 cups of nunvil, and a very upset bounty group.

★ Matt actually likes nunvil

★ The Lions all take a liking to him and everyone would be salty, but he looks adorable when he talks to them so they deal with it

★ Pidge voice: I’ve banned Hunk because he kept messing with my shit but now—

★ He appreciates the fact that Hunk points out all the weird shit that’s going on while everyone else just accepts it

★ “Do you think i could install the internet to my mind?”
★ **sees all the upgrades Pidge added to Green** “yO—YO!”

★ Anytime Shiro or Allura do anything remotely romantic to him, ‘What the heck i gotta do’ starts blasting from the Green Lion

★  Allura called his ears cute once, and nobody saw him for 6 hrs until Lance found him frantically grabbing Altean romance novels while whispering, “what does it mean?!”

★ They go to a planet where it’s considered normal to have more than one partner

  • Coran convinces the newly dubbed “Poly triangle” to pretend they’re actually dating for reasons unknown
  • They pull it off so well that the Aliens eventually ask when they’re gonna get married
  • Everyone had vastly different reactions

★ “You guys are fighting Zarkon right? Why don’t you just turn him Zarkoff?”

★ Hunk voice: Um, guys, what are those things?
    Obviously annoyed Matt voice: Aliens. 
    Different ranges of offended Allura, Coran and Keith voices: Excuse me?

★ “I’m fucking tired. beam me up, Scotty”

★ Keith, kneeling down on one knee: “Matt, Allura, will you do me the honor of marrying my stupid brother?”

★ “Voltron? More like Dabtron.”

  • “How do I return a brother?”


★ Tried to convince Shiro to let him Pidge and Hunk install a laser gun sound effect or the lightsaber noise to his arm

★ Once, he finally found the courage to tell Shiro and Allura that he liked them but they mistook it as him saying he enjoyed their company or smth along those lines

  • He tried to throw himself out the airlock afterwards

★ Lotor eventually shows up and everyone is tense bc he’s shown interest in the Blue Lion

★ Lotor sees Matt, and just pushes Lance out of the way: Hello there ;)

  • Everyone pretends not to notice Shiro’s eye twitch and Allura breaking the weapon she was holding
  • Lance was offended at first but seeing their reactions made it worth it

★ Matt is oblvious to Lotor’s attempts though

  • Everytime he gets close, Matt just assumes it’s some weird galra thing

★ “Raindrops on roses, Allura’s white hair, Shiro’s back muscles and Allura’s eyes. These two could probably kick his ass and they’re a few of Matt’s favorite things”

★ Obviously exasperated Pidge voice: You guys just need to bone
    Stern Matt voice: What did you say?
    Pleading Hunk voice: Please don’t say it again
    Not Caring Pidge voice: I said you guys need to bone
    Shocked, Furious Matt voice: B O N E!?

★ They visit a planet with very tall aliens and of course shenanigans ensure

★ Keith voice: Y’know Allura, Shiro, you should probably hold Matt’s hand, so he can’t get lost everyone around here is pretty tall

  • **Disappointed, obviously knows what you’re doing Shiro Glare**
  • Completely oblivious, already grabbing Matt’s hand Allura voice: Of course! We wouldn’t want that!”
  • **Undignified, silent squeal from Matt**

★ Hunk voice: The stars sure are beautiful tonight
    Lance voice: Y’know what else is beautiful?
    Pidge and Keith voices: A loving relationship between Matt, Shiro and Allura

★ Eventually, the time comes where there’s a serious fight that both Shiro and Allura have to go through alone, and Matt freaks tf out and terribly confesses to the both of them:

  • “Okay, listen tf up. I can’t do that dramatic thing where I pull you down and kiss you and say, ‘Come back to me’ since there’s two of you. But I will say that I love you both, and if you dont come back i’m taking out the entire Galran Empire myself”

★ Allura and Shiro are both shocked but Matt is already fast walking away so they can’t say anything

  • They come back and make a beeline for him
  • Allura makes it to him first

★ Keith cries, Pidge and Hunk pull out a confetti cannon they made for this occasion, Lance falls to his knees in victory, Coran pulls out a cake. Everything is good in the Universe.

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