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The Fic Writer’s Beatitudes

Blessed are the readers, for theirs is the archive.

Blessed are the betas: for they help us write the stories we see in our hearts.
Blessed are they that kudo, for they reassure us that someone likes what we’ve done.
Blessed are the rebloggers and reccers, for they help the readers find our work.
Blessed are they which leave comments on a WIP that say something other than “write more please”: for they comfort us when we feel taken for granted.
Blessed are the commenters; for their words bring us joy.
Blessed are the loyal fans, for they keep the fandom alive.
Blessed are the fan artists, for they bring our worlds to life before our eyes.
Blessed are they which read an entire long fic and comment each chapter, for the string of comment notifications fills the writer’s heart with delight.
Blessed are ye, who rec our fics in public and tag us, for seeing that we made somebody squee is the light in our days.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in fandom.

A Detailed List of Candles

I thought I would type up an extremely detailed list of candles today.

Of course you have you basic chime candles, but there is so much more! Here I’ll begin with the basic candle colors then go down through the list.

White: Protection, purification, peace, truth, binding, sincerity, chastity, happiness, exorcism, spirituality, tranquillity, can be used in any ritual, new begins, banishing, uncrossing, road opening. planetary magick, working with spiritual guides/assistants/friends.

Red: Protection, strength, health, energy, sexual attraction,vigor, lust, sex, passion, courage, exorcism, love, power, woman mysteries, mother goddess, Fire and working with its spirits, destruction, and masculinity.

Black: Absorbing and destroying negativity, creating negativity, jinxes, tricks, curses, protection, healing, banishing, attracting money, work with psychopomps, Crone, breaking addiction, astral travel, and spells to work with the spirits of the night. 

Blue: Understanding tranquillity, great for healing, meditation, patience, happiness, overcoming depression, work with spirits of the air, sky deities, rain spells, change, flexibility, subconscious mind, psychic powers, healing, water, ocean spells, and working with the Crone

Green: Earth, plants, healing, grounding, working with the Mother, working with the Hunter, money, finance, fertility, prosperity, growth, good luck, employment, beauty, youth, success in gardening, and gambling.

Gray: Neutrality, cancellation, stalemate, working with ghost, opening the veil, finding hidden things, psychic powers, and waxing & waning moon magick

Yellow: Color of air, charm, attraction, study, persuasion, confidence, divination, good fortune, psychic powers, wisdom, vision, sleep, health, metabolism, raising vibrations, and the mind.

Brown: Working with animals, healing animals, home, the hearth, and justice and legal work.

Pink: Love, honor, fidelity, morality, friendship, attraction, emotional healing, glamour, and self love.

Orange: Adaptability, stimulation, attraction, encouragement, legal matters, Solar magick, creativity, and spirituality.

Purple: Power, healing severe disease, spirituality, medication, exorcism, ambition, business progress, tension relief, command, compel, and control spells, and domination.

Most of these things have come from Kitchen Witchery by Marilyn F. Daniel, but then I have continued to add on as I’ve continued my path. I highly recommend the book if you are pagan or Wiccan.

I am going to leave out colors like gold, silver, and copper. I feel like those are very self explanatory. If they’re not reblog and I’ll type up another detailed list.

Now on to candle shape

Multiple day candles

Seven day candles! These candles are often called vigil or prayer candles. You can go to your local Botanica and buy some or you can order them.

Traditional these candles are prayed over and burned sequentially through out seven days. They are typically one shade, so use the list above to determine what you need it for. These candles are often dressed (anointed), by being removed from the glass and being carved, being drilled into, through the wax, and being stuffed full of herbs. They also sell different sizes of these candles, like an 128 hour candle. If you have a working deity like for example Hecate, you can then buy one of these monstrous candles and dedicate it to her, and save yourself some money. Don’t worry she’ll approve of the usage, but you can also find these candles with the name of the Orisha or a specific condition you wish to bring about. These candles also come as dressed or undress spell candles. You can by a vigil candle call Follow me boy/girl! or Lucky 7/ 7/11 candles, and etc. There are so many out and to truly write about each one deserves a separate post.

Then there is the famous seven or nine knobbed candle. These candles are often dressed and then prayed over for the amount of knobs there are. (If there is nine knobs then you burn a knob a day).

Figurine Candles

Adam and Eve/Lady and Gentleman  candles

These candles are simple suppose to be representative of a person. If you typically make wax poppets, I highly recommend being a lady and gentleman candle or the Adam and Eve candles. The only difference is one group is naked and the other is fully clothed. These are candles used when the spell is suppose to target a person or yourself. Carve your name/persons name on the bottom, and dress the candles. These candles come in a variety of shades, so again use the list above when selecting a candle. Two of these candles (same gender or opposite gender) can be tied together and burned to make two parties fall in love with each other. You can also burn each candle bit by bit to bring two people together, as you move the candles together in a line towards each other. 

Bride and Groom candles

These candles are designed to be used in relationship work. Blue can be used to smooth out any relationships, black for cursing and serration work, red for passion and love, pink for fidelity and love, white for marriage, spirituality, and new beginnings for a couple. I do not know when they began to sell these candles, but there are also Bride and Bride candles, and Groom and Groom candles! If you can not find one of these candles either use an Adam/Gentleman with an Eve/Lady, Eve/Lady with an Eve/Lady, or an Adam/Gentleman with an Adam/Gentleman candle for the relationship work. Just burn them side by side. I recommend using the Lady and Gentlemen candles for this purpose. 

Lover Candle and Heart Candle

These candles are mainly used in love magick. Lover candles are often used to instill passion, and Heart candles can be used in all forms of magickal love working!

Divorce Figurine Candle

Pretty self explanatory. Used to end a relationship between two parties, but also can be used to end a relationship that you are end. If one party is unwilling to move you can burn a divorce figurine (to remove them physically) and preform a cord cutting (getting rid of their emotional and spiritual connection to you) to get them out of your life. I would like to note, that if you are reading this and are in abusive relationship and think about preforming one of these spell, please reach out to those around you and call the police, and head to your friends house or local woman’s shelter. They have resources to help you deal with the abuse. Magick can help us in so many ways, but we must be the active parties to help ourselves.

Gargoyle Candle

Used for protection and I often use this candle to work with my protective spirit friends. I often have a giggle when I order this candle. I order this candle from Lucky Mojo and they have it labeled with “Gothic Cuteness”. I love that company!

Two tone candles

These candles often have two types of wax, and typically deal with removal of a curse. You will see these sold as double action or reversal. You have red and black (reversal or send back to sender), green and black (removal of a money jinx), and red and black (removal of love jinx).

Master Candle or Master Hand Candle

These are extremely powerful candles. These bring about conditions, and are unforgiving. Make sure to be careful for what you use them for. They come in many different shades, so refer to the list of colors above when choosing one.

I don’t necessarily uses all of these candles, but as the saying in my group goes. Knowledge is a witch’s truest power, because if we understand we can move and bend what stand in our way. 

I don’t remember where most of this information as comes from since it is coming out of my spell book. A lot of this information as been passed from mouth to mouth and passed on to me. I hope this helps everyone move forward in their craft or at least I hope it provides a good read!

Heavily inspired by that one drawing you did of a smiling Phillip with a flower crown, this is Moana! (still trynna get the hang of the whole digital art thing its so tough. Any tips???) 💕💕


pairing: connor murphy x reader

word count: 5,500

genre: a lil mix of fluff and angst

summary: you and connor murphy are partnered together for a biology project, and you have no idea what’s going to happen throughout the course of the week - or what’s going to change.

a/n: my first connor murphy imagine ahh!!! im really nervous to post this because honestly it’s all over the place and probably really terrible but i kinda dig it………… and i hope u do too!!! enjoy!!! <3

“Connor Murphy and Y/N L/N.”

Oh, God.

Biology had never been your favorite class. (Which wasn’t saying much, of course – no one really liked bio.) It was boring to sit in, tedious to go to, and, frankly, completely useless – who actually used biology? Like, in a career? You only signed up for it because your mom wanted you to, and even then, you did it begrudgingly.

After the first day of the semester, you wished you could take it back.

Especially when you realized how thoroughly ignorant your teacher was. She was old, eerily silent (sometimes Connor liked to ask her if she was dead), strict, and, frankly, really terrible at understanding how teenagers worked. Like, she had absolutely no idea when people hated each other or loved each other – and, no matter who she matched together as class partners, things always ended in disaster.

Except for you, of course – you always had a clean track record.

You didn’t think it would stay that way for long.

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Ship || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: May I request a Jughead x reader (of course haha) where the reader is Veronica’s adopted sister (same age) and she’s a fangirl and she starts making ships within her friends (I don’t care what ship you use I legit like every ship) and she tells her friends who she ships them with and then Ronnie smug little Ronnie is like “oh you didn’t tell us who you ship Jughead with?” And the reader is all like “well I don’t know me probably” (or something like that) and Jughead hears it and fluff? Thank you

A/N: I loved writing this! I hope you guys enjoy it!

Gifs by @queeniessgoldstein​ and @lodges-veronica


How you came into the Lodge family around the same time Veronica was born was a total coincidence. For years, Hermione and Hiram had tried to have children with no avail. Deciding having children naturally was out of the question, they decided to adopt. That’s where you came in. Your biological mother was a young teenager and your biological father had left her when he discovered she was pregnant. Realizing she couldn’t do this on her own and that she was way too young to have a baby, she contacted an adoption agency who put her in touch with Hermione and Hiram.

The Lodges were overjoyed when your biological mother had agreed to give you up to them. Finally, they could have a baby. When your biological mother was six months into her pregnancy, the adoption went through. All that everyone needed to do now was wait. However, a couple weeks later, Hermione Lodge discovered she was two months pregnant.

Your biological mother was terrified, thinking that the Lodges didn’t want the baby growing inside her anymore. They reassured her that they did, and three months later, you were born. The Lodges took you home, raising you as an only child until Veronica was born four months after that. The two of you were basically twins. Despite you guys being completely different, you two were as thick as thieves.

While Veronica preferred to shop and go to parties, you preferred to stay home and write and draw. Nevertheless, the two of you always made time for each other, whether it would be Veronica taking you shopping for a new sketchbook or you drawing Veronica a portrait of herself or of her favorite celebrity of the week.

The one thing the two of you absolutely loved to do together? Ship people.

“Valarchie!” you blurted out.

Your group of friends looked up from their lunches at you. Veronica bit back a smile.

“I’m sorry?” Archie asked.

Betty snickered.

“You and Valerie! Valarchie!” you said. “I finally figured out a ship name for you two!”

Archie chuckled.

You and the Core Four (minus Jughead) were sitting outside at your lunch table, Veronica next to you, Betty and Archie across from the two of you. Truth be told, you had a crush on Jughead. Veronica always encouraged you to tell him, swearing that he liked you back but you always quickly shook your head, denying that idea. He was your best friend. You couldn’t tell him you liked him because what if you lost him?

“Who do you ship me with, Y/N?” Betty asked, smiling.

You looked slyly at your sister.

“Veronica,” you said. “We came up with your ship name on the second day of school. It’s Beronica.”

Veronica coughed on her drink and Betty blushed.

““We,” huh?” Archie said as he smirked, looking towards Veronica. “You just helped Y/N out with that name?”

Now Veronica was blushing.

“Archiekins, that’s a story for another day,” she said as she turned to you. “Y/N, you haven’t mentioned Jughead yet.”

You knew where this was going and rolled your eyes.

“Who do you ship him with?” she asked.

You shrugged.

“I don’t know,” you said, smiling softly. “Me probably.”

You and Ronnie giggled before realizing that Archie and Betty weren’t laughing but were wide-eyed instead and focused on something behind the two of you.

“What?” Veronica asked. “You guys know she likes him.”

Betty quickly shook her head while Archie made a “cut” motion with his hand.

You and Ronnie heard a chuckle from behind and you two of you quickly spun around, seeing Jughead standing a few feet away from you. You froze.

Oh, sh—

“So…” he began, putting his hands in his pockets. You like me?” he asked, smiling cockily at you.

You gulped and you looked towards Veronica for help. Instead, she just smiled at you.

“Betty, Archie, I need to talk to you guys about that history project of ours due tomorrow. Privately. Come on!” she said as she got up, the other two quickly following her.

You grabbed her wrist.


“Shh, Y/N, it’s going to be okay.” she said quietly as she brushed a lock of your hair back behind your ear.

She gave you and Jughead a smile before she and your friends walked off, leaving just you and the beanie-clad teen. Jughead cleared his throat and walked over to the lunch table, sitting next to you.

“I-I know you don’t like me back,” you quickly said as you tried to keep your hands from shaking, failing miserably.

Jughead’s smile fell.

“A-And that’s okay,” you continued, looking down. “We can just pretend that this never happened, that—”

You stopped when you felt warm hands envelop your trembling ones. You looked up to see Jughead looking at you with the softest expression you had ever seen. Without saying another word, he slowly leaned in and claimed your lips with his. You froze for a moment in shock before you began kissing him back. He smiled into the kiss and deepened it, you gladly allowing him to do so. All of a sudden, the two of you heard cheering from a distance and broke apart, looking up. Across the field was Veronica, Betty, and Archie all clapping and whooping. You giggled and looked down, blushing furiously.

At least one of your ships was now canon.


A/N: Send me feedback! Hope you guys enjoyed!!


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am I really the only one who doesn’t see the chin grab as ~romantic~? I don’t know to me it was just Gaston being a manipulative asshole and taking advantage of LeFou’s love and loyalty to force him to lie, it’s not a thing to be ‘aawww they’re so cute I ship them so hard *heart eyes*’ about, but anyway


Can’t believe you made so many hours on the train so beautiful and funny.

anonymous asked:

general hc for maria?

boss’ memo : ive got several, yes ! and, a disclaimer–these are just my headcanons !! its fine if you disagree <3

Originally posted by pattoncandices

  • maria used to do ballet ! as a result, she has lots of strength in her core and legs, and you can tell she’s a dancer by the way she moves. there’s a certain elegance to her gait, and she has a knack for losing anyone tailing her in a crowd with how easily she glides between people.
    • also she has the most powerful thighs, ever.
  • she has borderline personality disorder (bpd)
    • (modern au) maria is also selectively mute–this is something recent for her, so she’s still learning how to sign
  • in terms of body differences from peggy, she’s shorter and curver, in addition to being a tad bit lighter than peggy (in skin color)
    • she eventually cuts her hair !
  • she’s really into writing,,
    • (modern au) definitely owns a studyblr and posts pictures of her plants
      • she has two side blogs, one for writing and the other for venting / mental health
    • for the most part, she’s self-taught ! maria has a habit of being v proud of herself for anything she writes,,
  • one of those people who comes off as quite confident, but is rather self conscious
    • by that i mean she seems aloof but this is actually due to the fact that she’s just too anxious / nervous
    • smiles often, laughs rarely
  • you should ask her what make-up she uses, she likes giving people self-care tips !
  • she likes to kiss people on the forehead (difficult with her height, but when she’s able to, you can hear her mumble, “boop…” under her breath as she does it!)
  • she loves to pass people notes with compliments on them–if you find a paper in your pocket that says, “you have a really cool jacket” it’s likely from her,,
  • one of her best friends is aaron burr!

windy15  asked:

Okay, since you're so well versed at villains I thought I'd ask: how do you go about creating villains. Every time I try to create one they end up being a good guy with anxiety or just bitchy for bitchiness' sake. I WANT EVIL, RELATABLE VILLAINS, DAMMIT! Thank you in advance.

“good guy with anxiety” [laughs nervously; that’s like a majority of my villains too!]

Some Easy Steps for Writing Compelling Villains

1. Draw their motivation at the same time you develop your protagonist’s. A weak hero/villain narrative will have … not many places in which their goals and/or motives align. They should want the same things, or different things stemming from the same source. You can get started by defining them by very simple concepts. Batman = order, Joker = chaos. Vader = fear, Luke = hope. Darkling = Alina, immortality. Alina = Darkling (!!!), m. mm ortality? I haven’t finished this series. These characters will grow into these absolutes, or they will start with very firm beliefs and gradually question and adapt them over time. The play between those two absolutes, though, that’s where the story lies. Mirror everything. Your characters should be forced to articulate what makes them different from one another. How did we come to be so different?

2. Stagecraft. Don’t shirk on the aesthetic. Big cloaks, bird imagery, thrones, glistening blood and gold. It’s always nice to give villains some evocative symbols they can draw their power from. Remember, they’re creating themselves–they are given more license to create themselves than most of us, because they are actively rebelling against a system of law and order, whatever that means. They’ve chosen this. Even if they’re maintaining that surface appearance, they have hidden obsessions that comfort them. Ozymandias in Watchmen – glistening businessman by day, ancient Egyptian god at night. Go weird. Go memorable.

3. Make the villain inextricably personally tied to the rest of the cast. This goes along with developing your protagonist and antagonist to mirror one another, but it ought to apply to every character and every scene. The more people you can get emotionally involved in the villain, the better. Darth Vader chasing Luke around the galaxy because he’s mad at him personally or he just got in the way isn’t interesting. Vader killing Luke’s mentor because VADER KNEW HIM and wanting Luke because THEY ARE BOTH JEDI and because HE IS HIS SECRET DAD is waaaaaay more interesting and gives every interaction complexity and significance. It matters what the villain and the rest of the cast say to one another. Don’t think of them as villain monologues; think of them as an attempt for the villain to communicate, to pull at another human being in a way they aren’t normally keen on. Are their words hitting your characters in a way that makes them question their principles? Are their discussions about tactics going to change the way our heroes fight? Make villains conversationalists. Make the heroes care about them, even if it’s in a weird, mournful way. Make us care what happens every single time their eyes meet across a room! 

4. Let them kiss. Let the villains love, whatever that means.

5. Death can be a good end for a villain or a former villain. But is it the BEST? Not enough stories explore what happens after the thwarting. Explore new territory. Think about the before and after of our most popular stories, and use it as an opportunity to dig at new angles of villain archetypes.

insecure: jealousy;

member- taekook x you

genre- fluff, (very) slight angst, au

words- 1,352

summary- you cant help but get a little jealous of taehyung & jungkook always being toegther. polyamorous!au

a/n- here is the fluffy version! i hope you guys like this one too! i hope they aren’t too similar! 

Originally posted by taekookie-bts


Usually, you aren’t the jealous type. In fact, it’s crucial for your relationship not to be. But sometimes you just can’t help it. Especially when it’s swim season. 

It started with Jungkook. He likes to be active all the time, which is why he’s on both the school’s baseball and swim team. When Jungkook went to the first optional swim practice, he came back buzzing about how much fun it was and how Taehyung would love it. Next thing you knew, Taehyung was going to practices with Jungkook, which ended up in both of them making the team. Of course, your boys are talented (and they both happen to look fantastic without a shirt on). Once they were both on the team, it was weekends without them and evenings spent waiting for them to come home. And you hate it. 

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by Saṃsāran  

There are times when we all suffer from hardship. Loss of a job, death in the family, divorce or break up but in our day to day lives most of our unhappiness stems not from these great but rare tragedies but from frustration. 

Simply put frustration is not getting what we want. Sometimes it is circumstance e.g. being stuck in traffic when you are in hurry and other times it is the acts of other people e.g. your neighbor playing music loudly when you are trying to sleep.

Our ego’s purposes are going to be frustrated on a daily basis. This is because we are not the rulers of the universe or the director of the play. The key then is how we react to these frustrations. We can get angry. We can be sad. We can lash out at those who block us. We can wail at the injustice of the universe in making us late for work. 

What does this accomplish? Nothing aside from making us miserable.

The key? Not caring. Yep. Acceptance. It is ego who demands to be the center of things. That traffic? Maybe an accident and another human being may be dying in a wrecked vehicle. People are going to let us down. Not always but often. This is because they do what they wish for their purposes and not for ours. Give up your expectations and you will never be let down.

Just say “this small stuff doesn’t matter”. Say this enough and they will cease to matter. In doing so you will quiet ego, be calmer, be happier, be kinder and the world will smile upon you.

Requiem: Part Two


Aurora took in the Spring Court, at the roses, the manor house, the trees, Dacia in a tank top and shorts and sandals, her golden hair tied back in a ponytail.  She ran down the steps, hugging her. She tilted her head, “How have the past two weeks at home been?” She opened her mouth but Dacia gave her a stern look, “Don’t say fine. Blake will start getting cranky about it.”

She examined Dacia. The females smile was still in place but there were circles under her eyes. She was stressed about something. “Why are you dressed like that? Are we going somewhere? I thought you were preparing for Calanmai.”

“I need a break so we are going to the war camps. We are going to train our stress out and you are going to make your move.”

She feigned ignorance. “I’m sorry, my what?”

Dacia rose a brow, “On Blake? Sweetie, the past two months with you two has been so sexually charged it made my hair staticy.” She rose a brow, the female’s hair was perfectly smooth. “So, to help my hair, you are going to go kick Blake’s ass and then make your move. Or I will make him make the move. Your choice.”

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I'm eating a salad in a bag. This is my life, it looks disgusting by the way. I'm sorry I use the request thing to talk I'm just very awkward starting conversations with y'all on different platforms. ALSO I'm curious: how old do y'all think I am? ~The stressed Local Texan FickyFuck

no worries friendo, you can talk on whatever makes you comfortable! <3 and salad in a bag sounds messy af???? AND I THINK YOU’RE LIKE…… 17? 17 AND A HALF? AT LEAST IN THE 16-18 REGION ~Admin 404

okay if i’m being honest tho, that’s how i always eat salads aND I THINK YOU’RE 17, but if i hadn’t seen your stories on snapchat, i would have put you at 18/19 tbh ~ Admin 626

Also how are y'all doing? Are y'all sleeping enough? Are y'all eating enough? Do I need to scream at pictures of people who piss you off? ~again the Texan FickityFuck up

I am eating enough and i mean i get sleep sometimes when I blink??? Are you??? Are yOU SLEEPING??? AND EATING??? AND BEING GOOD??? ~Admin 404

sometimes i eat too much or i eat too little, there is no in between bUT AT LEAST I GET ENOUGH SLEEP? AND HOW HAVE YOU BEEN??? i bet ur not sleeping enough ya hoe ~ Admin 626