what makes this even worse is that he remembers a minor detail like that

Redefining Normal

I’ve always thought that the Gryffindor boys’ discussion at their first Welcoming Feast should have raised alarm bells, so here we go. I’ve kept things canon-compliant/plausible where possible.

“Enter.” At Severus’s drawled permission the owner of the timid knock slips into the room, his orange hair bright in the dim light.

“Mr Weasley. And what pray tell brings a Gryffindor to the dungeons?”

The boy comes closer to stand nervously before his desk. After a moment of fidgeting Severus sees him take a deep breath, obviously gathering what little Gryffindor courage he possesses.

“Well, you see, I was going to go to Professor McGonagall, after all she is our Head of House, but I never see her in the dorms or common room, none of us do, and then I heard that you were the one to come to in these sort of situations, and, well, I need to know…” His babbling trails off as his courage fails beneath his professor’s scowl.

“Mr Weasley. Get to the point, or get out and stop wasting my time.” The threat seems to work.

“What’s the definition of abuse?” The first year blurts out the words, his face turning red to match his hair.

“Why, in Merlin’s name…” He looks at him strangely; why is a Gryffindor, a Weasley, asking him this question? The one topic that will cause him to put aside his snarky attitude and respond in all seriousness. His blood chills as a thought crosses his mind. Surely the boy can not be asking for himself? Surely he is not being asked to intervene in the family of red-headed terrors? He shakes his head and turns his attention back to the nervous child before him, he is getting ahead of himself.

“Very well, Mr Weasley. I will answer your question, but then I do expect you to tell me why you find it necessary to know. There are four main categories of abuse; physical, psychological or emotional, neglect, and sexual. The non-accidental infliction of injury or pain. Verbal assault, threats, intimidation, or emotional manipulation. The withholding or lack of provision of necessities both physical and emotional. Any sexual contact with a minor or without consent.”

The boy nods to himself and Severus marvels at the expression on his face. Gone is the earlier nervousness, instead he is serious, thoughtful, taking in his words and comparing them to some previous concept. His manner is completely different to what he has seen so far, and he waits to discover what has prompted the change. Blue eyes meet his and he suddenly finds himself wanting to look away. He doesn’t want to hear what he will say next; it is a Gryffindor problem, not his. Yet the boy’s expression says otherwise.

“Professor, I’ve got some new definitions for you. Neville, Seamus, Harry. Neville, Dean, Harry. Possibly Dean, probably Neville, definitely Harry. And, bloody hell, I hope not Harry.”

The teacher in him notes his language, but the rest is reeling. When he saw the direction the conversation was taking he knew it would be bad, but all of them? And Potter. Perfect Prince Potter. He is supposed to be pampered and arrogant like his father, not… this. His mind shies away from the thought but runs into another equally uncomfortable. If he never saw it in any of them – and even this early in the year, he should have – what else has he missed?

“How…?” For once, his mind is too incoherent for words, but the Weasley boy understands.

“The thing you have to remember, Professor, is that I grew up with five older brothers, including the twins; I know how to read people. Besides, we talk, in the dormitory; most of them don’t really understand that what happens is wrong.” His voice is hard and Severus has trouble remembering that he is just an eleven year old.

“Dean, you know, is a muggleborn. They didn’t know what was happening when his accidental magic started, his parents thought he was possessed or something, tried nearly everything they could think of to fix it. He hasn’t gone into a lot of detail, but I know that discovering it was magic really didn’t help anything. I think he almost had to run away to come here.” This is not a story Severus has heard often, working with his mostly pureblood Slytherins, but it is more common among those from other Houses. He makes a mental note; this is a situation that will need to be resolved before the summer holidays.

“Seamus had it slightly better, at least his mum knew about magic and was able to help him, a bit. Didn’t help with his Da though. He’s muggle; she couldn’t tell him about magic until after the wedding, he didn’t take it too well. Things sound like they’re pretty much fine as long as his Da can forget about it. It seems that he’s learnt how to feel his accidental magic building, and to hold it in it until he can release it again out of his Da’s sight. Unfortunately, the results then tend to be slightly explosive…” Severus nods, that would account for the boy’s tendency towards pyrotechnics, then. He tries hard to avoid focusing on the rest of the explanation; the child’s situation far too familiar for comfort.

“Neville, on the other hand, has the opposite problem. For years his family thought he was a Squib, and kept half-killing him to try and draw his magic out. When they finally did, it was by dropping him out of a tower window; they were more excited about the magic than they were about him surviving! Now, he’s still not really convinced he’s a proper wizard and is terrified of disappointing people and not living up to his father’s example.” He winces. Blasted Gryffindors. That… explains a lot about the boy. As frustratingly inept as the child can be, even he knows that approach can only have made things worse.

“As for Harry, I don’t even know where to start with those bloody muggle relatives of his. I mean, his bedroom up until a month ago was a cupboard; literally! From what I can tell, if you think human house elf working for a Death Eater family you get the idea. And the worst is, he seems to think he deserves it.” No. That is not Potter’s son, Lily’s son. It can’t be…

“Professor, those are my dorm mates. Four out of five. Think about it; that is the boys, of one year, of one House. What is wrong with the world?”

Severus feels his preconceptions crumbling around him. Thinking of the list of students from his own House, and those who have been uncovered in Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, for once he can only agree.

Love to Hate You (part 5)

Words: 2.3k

Summary: Castiel learns about the bond and you confront Lucifer.

Warnings: Minor angst, arguing, lots of fluff, making out?

A/N: Minor plot deviation from season 11 and early 12, but I left out certain plot details to avoid spoilers. If you’d like to be added to my master tag list, just send me and ask or DM.


Tears had already begun to stain your face as you stared at Castiel. What could you say to him? He had to have been thinking the worst of you right now.

“Cas, I…” you whispered, hoping the words would just come to you.

Castiel didn’t need to read your mind to know what you were thinking; it was written across your face. He quickly pulled you into his arms and and tried his best to soothe you. “Shh, Y/N, it’s ok now; he’s currently incapacitated. Are you hurt?”

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mysticmessofcrap  asked:

Asthmatic MC about to have sex with RFA (V+Saeran included) but they start to have an asthma attack. Like, they can't breath and they have to get talked through it to breath again.

Thank you so much for the ask :D It was rather challenging, since I don’t know much about asthma so I had to ask my best friend Google for help there, but I like a challenge. I also hope that it’s okay that not all of them ‘talked her through it’ per se…some people handle stress situation better than others :P



♬ you were very excited as Zen was above you, giving you that dirty smirk you knew meant fun

♬ he began trailing kisses down your body, nibbling at skin and leaving his mark

♬ you weren’t allowed to do that, because he’d just have to cover it up with make-up, but he fucking loved doing it to you

♬ a private mark to remind him that you were his

♬ he kissed your thighs, his hot breath tickling your skin

♬ you could feel the arousal soaring through you, heart rate picking up

♬ when he goes down on you it’s like an explosion, really

♬ he’s damn good at it, sucking and licking at your clit while fingering you

♬ that is when you first start noticing that maybe you gasping for air wasn’t just a reaction to the overwhelming pleasure

♬ you brush it off at first

♬ you haven’t had an asthma attack in years

♬ instead you attempt to focus on the pleasure, rocking onto his wicked tongue licking inside of you now

♬ that is when you start to notice that damn familiar tight feeling in your chest

♬ soon followed by panting

♬ and then the damn wheezing sets in

♬ fuck

♬ you feel Zen freeze between your legs and look up at you in confusion

♬ you know what he must be thinking right now; what kind of unsexy sex noises is she producing

♬ what you didn’t expect was to him to immediately stop and to pull you up into a sitting position

♬ he kneeled in front of you, looking up at you with worry in his eyes

♬ he cupped your face, inspecting you before nodding with determination

♬ apparently he figured out what exactly the problem was

♬ “Do you have an inhaler with you?”

♬ you tried to answer, but only more wheezing came out so you shook your head

♬ another short nod on his part

♬ “Breathe with me. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. 3 seconds in, hold it and 3 seconds out. Yes, just like that.”

♬ he talked you through the entire thing and you’ve never been more thankful for anything

♬ or more embarrassed, for that matter

♬ you apologized a couple of times, but he stopped you every time

♬ “The only thing you should be apologizing for is not having told me you used to have asthma attacks”, he says, voice gentle.

♬ Despite you reassuring him that you were alright he insisted on bringing you to the nearest hospital

♬ not only that, but he carried you there

♬ in his arms

♬ the entire way

♬ once there the doctor gave you a new inhaler, suggested some treatments and told Zen he did good

♬ it made him feel proud to know he’d done good by you

♬ you thanked him for a kiss to the cheek

♬ he blushed

♬ “Lucky for you actors get stage fright so I know about a million different way to breathe and calm you down!”


★ when the two of you decided to finally share your first time together both of you were nervous

★ neither of you really knew what you were doing

★ it didn’t matter though, since you loved each other and were happy to share such a special moment

★ you’d gone about it a little methodically, reading up on the internet, preparing condoms, lube, music and such

★ you were still nervous though, because you’d read that the first time hurt and you were so bad with pain

★ both of you decided that it was best to start with making out, take your time and get into it

★ everything was fine at first

★ you were kissing, slow and sweet

★ then things started becoming a little more heated, passion taking over, tongues fighting for dominance

★ you could feel yourself getting wet, turned on, but also breathless

★ when he broke the kiss and started kissing down your neck your breath started to get faster

★ and faster

★ and faster

★ and yet your lungs didn’t seem to be filling with air

damn it

★ you began wheezing and apparently that got Yoosung’s attention because he stopped and stared up at you

★ had this not been such a serious situation, you might have laughed at his expression

★ he looked like a deer caught in the headlight, really

★ sadly this wasn’t funny and breathing became even harder

★ then Yoosung started to panic as well, gripping your shoulders and shaking you

★ what on earth was he doing

★ “Oh my God, breathe! You have to breathe! Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God.”

★ you sincerely hoped that animals didn’t have asthma…because they would have been dead

★ “Oh God, you’re not breathing. Why aren’t you breathing?”

★ possibly because he was shaking you like a rag-doll, but you weren’t quite sure

★ when he noticed that telling you to breathe and calm didn’t help when he himself was a wreck of nerves and anxiety you began pointing towards your bag

★ luckily you still carried your inhaler

★ at first he was confused but after about half a minute he finally got what you were getting at

★ he ran towards your bag and took the poor thing apart until he finally found the inhaler

★ he handed it to you, watching you take a puff from it every thirty seconds

★ usually you’d only have to do it once a minute, but he’d gotten you worked up

★ after ten puffs you stop, finally feeling like you can breathe again, and exhale

★ meanwhile Yoosung is kneeling in front of you, head hanging low

★ you reach out and brush through his messy hair

★ “I really messed that up, didn’t I? Man, I’m sorry. I promise I’ll do better next time.”


♨ this woman is literally prepared for anything, even things you’d never expect

♨ when you first decided to have sex with one another you were both knew to it

♨ not sex, but sex with other women

♨ you’d gone in head first, Jaehee had read up on it on the internet

♨ you were a good team, calm meeting crazy

♨ which is why it didn’t surprise you at all when she pulled out an inhaler during your asthma attack

♨ you’d been getting cozy on the couch, watching the latest of Zen’s play on DVD

♨ one thing led to the other and you were kissing

♨ you were straddling Jaehee, grinding against her in desperate need for friction

♨ it felt great and you wanted more than just that, wanted to feel her against you bare and naked

♨ the thought got you aroused, worked up even

♨ sadly, a little too much, as it seemed

♨ suddenly you found herself coughing and wheezing

♨ the fact that you were having an asthma attack when it’d been years worked you up

♨ you got nervous, and the symptoms got worse

♨ luckily Jaehee reacted quickly

♨ she gently pushed you off herself to sit upright on the couch

♨ she calmly disappeared for a couple of seconds only to return from the bathroom with an inhaler in hand

♨ you didn’t have a lot of time to worry about where she’d gotten it from or why

♨ you accepted it, putting it into your mouth and inhaled

♨ meanwhile she held up her wrist, staring at her watch

♨ “You’re not too far gone so I’d say one puff every forty seconds should be enough.”

♨ You had no idea how she remained so calm, but you appreciated it a lot

♨ “Take another puff exactly…now!”

♨ you did and about five minutes later you felt much much better

♨ once you could breathe and talk again you couldn’t help but ask

♨ Jaehee merely shrugged, a sweet blush to her cheeks

♨ “I noticed that you run out of breath at work much quicker than I do. I wasn’t sure whether I was right with my asthma theory, but when I googled the symptoms did add up and I’d rather be safe than sorry.”


♛ it had taken months to convince Jumin to have sex

♛ even just thinking it made you feel dirty

♛ not that he’d been repelled by you or the idea of sex with you, but he really wanted to wait until marriage

♛ when you explained to him that you weren’t quite ready to say yes though, he soon caved

♛ maybe the cat ears, tail and little bell to wear around your neck had something to do with it too…

♛ but who cares about minor details like that

♛ the second he came home and saw you in that outfit, his moral soon flew out of the window

♛ honestly, he just did it because he wanted to be better than his father anyway

♛ Jumin had admitted to never having had sex before, so you’d been worried it might not be good

♛ you worried for nothing, let me tell you

♛ you couldn’t tell whether he’d watched porn recently or read up on it or whether it was just pure talent

♛ but he was wicked good and you hadn’t even been naked at that time

♛ he was worshipping your body, touching you everywhere, feathery light

♛ caressing every inch of skin he could get his hands on, always tender and loving

♛ you were so overwhelmed with emotion you felt like you might actually cry

♛ especially when he stopped the naughty bits to press a kiss to your hand, just as a reminder that it wasn’t just about sex

♛ that is when you felt like all air got sucked out of your lungs…

♛ …and no new air was coming in

♛ how unfortunate

♛ he’d stopped when he’d noticed something was off, that you’d gone tense

♛ you weren’t wheezing yet, but from how you remembered your attacks, it would set in soon

♛ Jumin was looking at you, frowning slightly as he didn’t seem to understand what the issue was

♛ when you gasped out for an inhaler, it quickly made click

♛ he got out his phone and called for his servants employees to get you an inhaler

♛ while waiting for them he talked you through the attack

♛ his voice had always been low and soothing, but in that moment it was even more so

♛ by the time someone came the inhaler you were mostly calmed down again

♛ he still told you to take a puff or two for good measures

♛ “See, that is what happens when you have sex before marriage. Now please tell your doctor to send me your medical records immediately. I need to take precautions.”


☼ he’d been holed up in his room for almost a week

☼ apparently working on some virus that was harder to program than he’d anticipated

☼ when he’d finally come out, Seven had been stressed and tense

☼ you’d figured it’d be a nice gesture to…relief some of the stress

☼ you’d pushed him down onto the couch, straddling him

☼ after making out for a while, things turning heated rather quick, you decided to climb down and go

☼ you went on his knees, ready to give him the blowjob of his life

☼ Seven’s looked wrecked from the kiss alone, so you were hoping that would blow his mind entirely

☼ his eyes were half lidded, lips parted and spit slick and God was that vision hot

☼ when you took him into your mouth he moaned, hand coming to fist your hair

☼ you groaned around his length, sending vibrations down his shaft

☼ apparently he liked that a lot, because he bucked his hips and thrust into your mouth

☼ you didn’t like that

☼ mainly because for even just a split second you felt like you were choking

☼ and that set you off

☼ you found yourself pulling off, panting and gasping for air

☼ then the wheezing set in and Seven finally reacted

☼ not that it was optimal

☼ in his half-panic he reached for an empty bag of Honey Buddha Chips and pressed it to your mouth

☼ you really would have loved to been able to roll your eyes

☼ however, all you could was breathe in and out of the damn bag

☼ you could still taste the faint note of chips with every breath

☼ eventually you’d calmed down enough to get rid of the bag, glaring daggers at your idiot of a boyfriend

☼ “Did you seriously just press a dirty chips bag against my face to breathe into?”

☼ at least he had the decency to look ashamed, scratching the back of his head nervously

☼ “Not really clever of me. In my defense, I’m sleep deprived. Still…not my prouder moment. Sorry.”


☀ You were lying in bed, wrapped up in your own world

☀ making out with Saeran was something you appreciated a lot

☀ for one it took a lot of trust in you to let you this close

☀ he also was a great kisser

☀ whether it be feathery light and just a brush of lips or passionate, licking into your mouth and claiming it with his tongue

☀ this time, however, you were surprised when he began touching you

☀ his hand disappeared under your shirt, slowly roaming upwards

☀ his touch left a pleasant shiver behind wherever it went

☀ when his hand wrapped around your bare breast, fingers playfully twisting your nipple you gasped

☀ you arched into the touch, biting your lip to muffle any embarrassing sounds

☀ you hadn’t been touched like that in a long time, so your body was hypersensitive

☀ suddenly his hand was gone though and you were about to pout when you felt it sneak under your skirt and ~ oh!

☀ He used two fingers to push inside you while his thumb circled your clit

☀ it took your breath away

☀ which was fine, until he literally took your breath away

☀ this attack came so fast you barely saw it coming

☀ clutching your chest you gasped for air

☀ Saeran just blinked and calmly removed his hand from your body

☀ he then turned around leaving you facing his back

☀ you felt hurt for a moment, almost close to tears until suddenly he turned back and pressed an inhaler between your lips and pressed it, forcing you to inhale a deep breath

☀ a minute later he did it again, expression almost eerily calm and neutral

☀ you calmed soon after, still staring at him with wide eyes though

☀ what had just happened?

☀ when you asked him where he’d gotten the inhaler from he told you he’d brought it a couple of months ago

☀ you asked him whether he had asthma but he said that wasn’t the case, leaving you even more confused

☀ “I hacked into your medical record and saw that you had asthma so I took care of it. I need you alive. you also didn’t tell me you were allergic to eggs. That was reckless of you.”

☀ you just kind of gaped at him at that admission

☀ well, he certainly had a unique way of showing you that he loved you

☀ “And look, I got it in your favourite colour too.”

Jihyun Kim/V

📷 the entire day you’d felt somewhat breathless

📷 it had been rather stressful at the party, so you figured that must have been the reason

📷 especially as you’d watch V get on stage to sell his last photographs

📷 now he had none saved and left to sell and was incapable of taking more

📷 while he’d moved on from Rika and you’d actually gotten him to agree to the surgery, it’d been to late

📷 at that point, a couple of years after the actual incident, the doctors had said there was nothing they could do anymore, it was permanent

📷 you figured the heavy feeling on your chest was your heart sinking at said fact

📷 when you’d gotten home you’d still felt somewhat sad, but V had just laughed and shaken his head

📷 he’d seen this event as something to be celebrated, to be happy about

📷 after all he’d been able to follow his dreams and passions and take photographs until the very end

📷 when he put it that way, you couldn’t help but agree

📷 you’d kissed him then, innocent and light

📷 V, however, had other things in mind

📷 soon you’d found yourself pressed against the nearest wall, a leg between yours for you to grind against

📷 you shamelessly did so, panting and gradually getting more out of breath

📷 by the time you noticed what was going on, that you’d been wrong about those signs throughout the day it was too late

📷 the asthma attack hit you hard, the weight on your chest almost unbearable, forcing you to your knees

📷 you’d felt like you were suffocating and no matter how often you took breaths, nothing stuck

📷 to your surprise, V had remained completely calm

📷 he’d followed you on your knees and didn’t come too close, instead keeping enough distance to let you breathe

📷 he breathed along with you, showed you how to do it, soother you with his calm words

📷 when you’d calmed enough not to choke on him he got up and returned with an old looking inhaler

📷 you’d taken a couple of puffs and handed the inhaler back

📷 “I used to have asthma as a kid. This thing is old though, so we better get you a new one just in case.”


I’m sorry if there are some mistakes, I’m hella tired at this point and have been staring at this for hours XD I really hope you like it nevertheless 

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Creatures protecting Mummy!Newt. (If there's a ship worked in, gramander pretty please)

It’s not like he’s worried about the magizoologist that he just met a few weeks ago, but Newt normally spends some time with him in his office and he usually babbles adorably about his creatures and…

It’s not like he misses either or that he’s jealous of Goldstein because he spends more time with her. No, Percival Graves is not…

He looks at the door, sighs and leaves the documents he’s reading aside because he’s not paying attention at what is in them.

Okay maybe he misses him and maybe he’s worried because Percival Graves, Director of Magical Security, is an idiot that fell in love with Newt Scamander and doesn’t know how to tell him.

Percival groans and rises from his seat. He apparates outside Goldstein’s office and knocks instead of kicking the door open like he wants to.

The first thing he sees when he walks in is auror Goldstein with a blue potion in her hand and looking at something on her couch with concern. Then, after a few seconds she looks back at him.

“Do you need anything, Sir?” She asks.

Percival considers bringing up an excuse, but reconsiders it.

“Do you have any idea where Newt is?”

Goldstein sighs and points at the case on his couch.

“He wanted to see his creatures,” she explains, her gaze on his. It seems like she’s looking for something in his eyes and it looks like she finds it because then she adds: “Newt’s sick. My sister and I told him to stay at home and rest, even now I offered him the couch, but he’s…”

“Stubborn,” Percival completes for her.

She nods.

“It’s just a cold, but he looks tired… So I went to ask one of our healers and he gave me this, the problem is that Newt doesn’t want it.”

Percival pinches the bridge of his nose. Mercy Lewis that wizard is going to kill him one day.

“And why in hell he doesn’t want it?”

“He says the potion makes him sleepy and he needs to take care of his creatures,” Goldstein says and Percival huffs. “I think he has fever.”

“Of course he has,” he says, irritated. “Give me that, I’m gonna make him drink it.”

Goldstein looks almost relieved and she hands the potion to Percival.

“Thank you, Sir.”

He turns around and opens the infamous case; he’s not unfamiliar with the place, Newt has showed him around before, but he’s alert, the magizoologist has many dangerous (and very illegal) creatures inside and Percival is aware that they don’t trust him… yet.

Yes, he knows he’s probably losing it, but he wants the damned creatures to trust him because he knows is the perfect way to Newt’s heart.

Mercy Lewis save him because he’s so very much gone.

Percival stops when he sees Newt’s bed empty and the sheets on the floor; he knows he doesn’t care about order and that somehow he seems to find everything he's​ looking for in that mess, but after a few minutes of looking around he’s almost sure something’s not quite right. Of course Newt could be in one of the habitats, feeding his creatures and Percival hopes that’s the case.

He keeps moving, looking around, ready to use wandless magic if one of the creatures decides to defend their territory. Then, it’s not just him that stops, his heart does too.

Newt looks awful; his cheeks are two red dots, the hair over his forehead is wet and he’s shivering. He’s curled up in what looks like a nest and Percival realizes is Dougal’s. The problem is that the demiguise is not the only one that’s there; the mooncalves are moving around making distressed sounds, the Niffler is caressing Newt’s curls with one of his paws, Pickett is patting his ear and… minor detail, there’s also a Nundu lumbering in circles around Newt, for a moment Percival thinks the Nundu is going to attack Newt, but the creature lets out a distressed noise and the auror realises the creature is trying to protect him.

They all are.

Douglas appears out of nowhere with a blanket that puts around Newt with so much care that surprises Percival.

Newt trembles again and mumbles something unintelligible. Percival takes a step closer, but suddenly all the wild eyes are on him.

The Nundu stops and bares its teeth at him. A clear warning to stay away.


Fortunately, the magizoologist is not unconscious and the mention of his name, makes him open his​ eyes. He smiles at him.

“Percival! What are you doing here?”

“I brought you the potion you refused to take,” he frowns and for Lewis’ sake Newt pouts adorably when he stares at the bottle in Percival’s hands.

“I don’t need it, I’m perfectly fi-”

“You have fever,” Percival huffs, without taking his eyes off the Nundu.

“It makes me sleepy.”

“You can barely function like this, if you get worse you won’t be able to take care of them for days, even weeks.”

Newt looks almost alarmed and Percival knows he gave in even before the wizard nodded.

“Fine. I’ll take it,” he says, but when he realizes the situation he’s in he looks back at Percival. “Nancy is worried, she won’t let you near me until I get better. She thinks you’re gonna hurt me.”

It takes a second for Percival to know he’s talking about the Nundu. The auror thinks he can use a spell to give the potion to Newt but he knows the creatures, as tense as they are, won’t react well to magic.

Dougal hugs Newt and the wizard starts to caress his head.

“Mummy’s going to be fine,” Newt​ assures them. Percival looks as they relax a little, but he can tell they're​ still worried.

“How do I make them trust me?” He asks. Newt looks up at him and bites his lip.

“Nancy’s the protector,” he explains. “If she trusts you, they will do it too.”

Of course it has to be the Nundu. Why not the Niffler instead? He can give it his watch and that’ll be it.

Percival glares at the Nundu and takes another step forward; the creature roars and the auror freezes, but he doesn’t take a step back.

Newt gasps, worried.

“You must go, Percival,” he breathes. “She doesn’t let anyone near me when I’m sick or injured. She only allows ‘Seus; she knows we’re family because of his scent.”

If Percival were in a different situation, if Newt didn’t look sick and tired he would smile, he’d laugh, amused. Only Newt would explain with details why his Nundu was acting like that.

But sadly, Percival is too damn concerned to smile.

Actually, he starts to feel a little annoyed with the Nundu because she doesn’t let him reach Newt.

He takes another step and does probably the stupidest thing he has done. He growls at her when she bares her teeth again.

Newt must think that too because he rises in a second and starts to talk with the Nundu.

“Nancy, please…” But the movement must’ve taken a lot of effort because he looks dizzy, he stumbles and falls and Percival wants to run towards him, but he knows it’ll be worse.


The Nundu whines and looks at Newt and then at Percival. She moves aside.

“She’s giving you her approval,” Newt coughs.

And it’s the only thing Percival needs. He almost runs and kneels beside Newt.

He takes off his coat and wraps it around Newt’s shoulders. The magizoologist chuckles and blushes… or maybe it's​ just the fever.

Percival gives him the potion and Newt accepts it without complaining.

The Nundu gets closer and purrs.

“Does she like me now? Why?”

Newt mumbles something, behind his hands, he’s covering his face with them.

“What was that again?”

“She thinks you’re my mate!”

Percival blushes, although it doesn’t bother him at all.


“You growled at her,” Newt says. “You did it because she wasn't​ letting you near me. Your scent is very different from mine, but your body language says you’re worried and want to protect me, but you’re not my family so in her mind you must be…”

“Your mate,” Percival grins, amused. Newt nods and bites his lip and he looks so adorable the auror can’t help himself and kisses him on the forehead. “Well that’s not a bad thing.”

“Isn’t it?” Newt shivers when Percival takes him in his arms and buries his face in his neck. The magizoologist looks better now and Percival feels his chest warmer.

“They all have to get used to me if I’m going to be your boyfriend.” He blurts out and he’s as shocked as Newt.

Luckily, Newt seems to like the idea. He giggles and leans in to give him a kiss on the cheek.

Pickett climbs up on Percival’s shoulder and sits calmly, close to his ear. Dougal pats his shoe in approval, the Nundu curls up next to them and the Niffler well… The damned creature has stolen his pocket watch again.

But he doesn’t care. He doesn’t remember the last time he felt so happy.


a/n: remember that one line in “for forever” where evan was like “[connor]’s come to get me” because all he really wanted was to be found? well. let’s play with that scene, shall we?

warning: suicides mention / intentions , social anxiety , depression .

Connor stays silent for a long, long while after Evan finally admits that he’s tried to kill himself when he fell down that tree. 

For a moment, with his nose buried in the small space of where his jean-clad knees meet to avoid inhaling Connor’s cigarette smoke, he thinks Connor has disappeared. Like, who goes quiet for so long after somebody has just admitted to committing a suicide, right? It’s so weird, and unbecoming, and Evan’s half-tempted to just crack his neck to the left to catch Connor’s reaction but he doesn’t because what if Connor really had disappeared, but like, not in the way that he goes up and leaves Evan, the suicide kid, there, even though that sucks too and Evan thinks he can cry, but in the way that Connor’s never real in the first place and all those times spent together, no matter how odd and strange the camaraderie were, were just apart of Evan’s hyperactive imagination even though that’s not true, ‘cause it can’t be true, because somebody like Connor Murphy? Hard for the average person to come up with in their head, because Connor is so raw and real and his thoughts are his own and his emotions are heavy and cold and unpredictable but sometimes so, so nice, in the way Evan doesn’t think a “school shooter chic” could be, damn Jared, and it’s just—Evan thinks he won’t survive if after all this time Connor ended up not being real, okay?

But, a minute later (feels like eternityeternityeternity , feels like forever), Connor blows out the greying smoke through his nostrils and mouth and even with the space between them it’s as though Evan can feel everything: the way Connor’s chest rises and falls, the way a bird chirps atop of them as it flies by, the way the fucking Earth is moving.

God, Evan feels sick.

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Yuri had plans to come out to Yuuri, eventually at least, but such things rarely go as planned. 

Pairing: Yuuri/Yuri

Warnings for mentions of period talk and anxiety/insecurity about coming out.

(Also please don’t tell me I wrote my trans character the wrong way. I’m trans and this is loosely based off of my own experiences)

(Read on AO3)

(Portuguese translation) 

Yuri had a secret, one that he never dared speak of. He kept it well guarded, even more well guarded than his oh so secret more than friendly feelings for a certain Japanese figure skater. Such secrets he never planned to tell, he’d take them to the grave he always figured, but things don’t always go as planned. Accidentally confessing his long harbored crush to Yuuri while they were thousands of miles apart from each other? Yuri hadn’t planned that. And he certainly wasn’t expecting Yuuri to reciprocate his feelings and to end up in a long distance relationship with him over the course of the course the next few weeks. Really, the fact they were now a little over half a year into a relationship was the only reason why Yuri would spill his closely guarded secret to him. Under no other circumstances would he even dream of letting the cat out of the bag so to speak.

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dantea  asked:

College au? I'll let your creativity run free from there ;D (also what the heck, I'm planning on my major/minor to be English too?)

College Freshmen Are Loud

Read it on ao3!  & send in a prompt!

Summary: The noise in Dan’s dorm hall is cutting into his sleep. Phil provides a solution

Word Count: 1.9k

Notes: thank u, ryanne. I love college aus :(( (we should talk majors)

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Scarlet Speedsters

Warnings: Some (minor) swearing and mentions of sex.

Summary: Your unexpected memory loss happens at an inconvenient time but it leads to an unexpected ally willing to help you out.

The morning light was the dreadful thing that awoke you. Rays of sun seemed to fall directly over your face, rousing you from your peaceful sleep. At first you tried to ignore it but it became impossible to fall back asleep after the rude awakening. You stretched out first, trying to awake your body before forcing your mind awake.

Minutes later, you finally opened your eyes but froze when you noticed that you were definitely not in your bedroom, not even in your house to be exact. And to make matters worse, you suddenly became aware of the fact that you were completely naked. Your clothes were scattered around the room and the only thing covering your bare skin was a deep red comforter.

You almost didn’t want to turn around. Heat was emanating from behind you so it was clear that you weren’t alone. So, all in all, you were in someone else’s home, naked, with who-the-hell-knows lying next to you. Not to mention the pounding headache you had.

Slowly and cautiously, you rolled around, gripping the comforter tight to your chest to keep from exposing yourself.

You were half relieved, half mortified to see a presumably naked Barry Allen beside you. The relief came from knowing that you were in his room, not the house of a stranger who could have be a kidnapper or murderer for all you knew. But the dismay came from knowing it was Barry Allen beside you. Your best friend was lying naked beside you and you couldn’t remember any important details from the night before.

You reached over and roused him from sleep, roughly shaking him awake. Only moments later, he stretched and turned over to face you.

“Mornin’,” He mumbled, unable to keep the sleepy smile off his face. “How’d you sleep?” An arm snaked around your waist and you tensed but Barry seemed unaware, too wrapped up in his own peaceful world to notice.

“Barry,” You spoke up again but he didn’t seem to want to move from your neck so you continued. “Did we….y'know, hook up?”

He quickly jerked back, as if you had offended him. “What do you mean? You don’t remember?”

You shook your head, too scared to elaborate since you couldn’t remember much at all from last night. Everything was hazy.

Barry reached over to where his boxers lay beside his bedside table, careful not to let the blanket slip away and reveal his nude lower abdomen. He quickly slid them on in an effort to make both of you much more comfortable and attempt to ease the tension in the room a bit. “What’s the last thing you remember?”

You racked your brain for last night’s events but it all seemed so blurry, only the earlier events could be recalled. “I remember…” You sighed, trying to organize the series of events before recounting them to Barry to avoid unintentionally hurting him further. “I remember getting dressed for a night out with you, Cisco, Cait and Iris when I got a phone call. It was an unknown number so I usually ignore them but I felt compelled to answer. But it was pointless really because there was no one on the other line. And—And that’s it. That’s the last thing I remember.”

He didn’t respond and you could hear your pulse pounding in your ears. This would ruin your friendship and you could quite possibly lose Barry forever because of it. Because of a night you couldn’t even remember.

The air suddenly felt thick and your fight or flight instinct seemed to kick in. And you picked flight, not being able to confront Barry when he did nothing wrong. “I-I’ve got to go.”

You snatched up your clothes, dragging the comforter with you so you weren’t exposed at all. And you were gone.

That situation was not brought up again. Weeks went by without any mention of it and it was like it never happened but it was clear that a battle was waging on within Barry. You were still best friends; nothing more, nothing less. And without the memories from that night, it nearly felt like it didn’t occur.

But that ideal world came crashing down soon enough. You fumbled with your phone, halting on Barry’s number before deciding that it’d be better to just call Caitlin first. Hopefully she would know what to do.

“Hello?” She answered after five rings, blissfully unaware of the problems you faced.

“Cait, I need you to run some tests on me.” Your hands were trembling at the mere thought of what could possibly be happening. This could change everything. For better or for worse, you weren’t sure.

“What are you talking about? I’m not an actual doctor, y/n. I treat Barry since they’d think he’s some kind of an alien with all his superhuman abilities. I think you’d be better off seeing a true doctor to run whatever tests you need.” Her words were a bit rushed and you heard some fumbling around in the background but you couldn’t acknowledge it. There were more pressing issues to be dealt with.

“Caitlin, you don’t understand, I think I’m pregnant.”

She froze on the other line, trying to analyze the situation and make some sense of it before drawing to any conclusions.

“I don’t want to go to my doctor because I don’t want anyone knowing about this yet. I just—” You sighed, still in shock of whether or not this situation was real. It seemed like it was a cruel twist to what could’ve been a fairy tale. “I just need your help, Cait, please.”

Positive. It was positive, but the only people aware of this were you and Caitlin—though she didn’t know who the father could be. Barry didn’t know, he acted as if that night never happened which only seemed to make the situation that much worse. How could you tell him about this when he refused to acknowledge that it even happened?

Star Labs now had and awkward atmosphere, seeing as of both you and Caitlin were informed of you current situation while Barry seemed to go out of his way to ignore it all, completely throwing himself into protecting his city.

“Dude,” Cisco spoke up, effectively breaking the silence while wheeling over to one of the monitors. “Fire on Jefferson Street, the new apartment building. You know the one.”

Barry was gone just like that. A few papers you had forgotten to weigh down had flown across the room but Caitlin was quick to help you recapture them. But it was clear that she had other intentions as she pulled you into the hallway and out of earshot.

“Are you still not going to tell me who the father is yet?” She was a bit pushy about the subject but she was excited above all else. It would be a gift to be able to watch your little baby grow up, maybe even be lucky enough to be considered Auntie Caitlin one day.

“Cait, I haven’t even found the nerve to tell him yet. I promise that you’ll find out after he does. Just give me some time to process this.”

Barry could be heard over the intercom, saying how he had managed to get everyone out and was leaving before the fire department arrived.

He whooshed past you again but you and Caitlin followed him this time. “Another job done.” He smiled, pulling off his mask in the safety of the cortex while Caitlin returned to her work.

“Nice job man,” Cisco high fived him before Barry ran off to change back.

This was it. It was now or never because you knew that putting this off would only make matters that much worse. And Barry didn’t deserve to be kept in the dark anymore.

“Bare,” Here goes nothing. “Can I steal you away for a little while? I just wanna talk.”

Caitlin’s eyes nearly bulged out of her head in realization but you quickly sent her a look to keep it quiet.

While Barry seemed a bit uncomfortable with the idea, he agreed and followed you out of Star Labs.
You decided to return to his apartment for a bit more privacy rather than having the conversation in a public place for everyone to hear.

It wasn’t as awkward as you had expected, he was still his polite self as he offered you a drink and some of the leftover pizza he had from last night. You courteously turned down the offers seeing as you were ready to get this over with.

“Are we just going to pretend like that night didn’t happen? Because we both know that it did, even if I don’t remember all the details of it I still know it happened.”

Barry finally sat down on the couch beside you, sending you a pained look that stabbed your heart. He was so broken and you had no clue how to fix him. And he didn’t deserve this pain.
He stayed silent for a few moments, debating on where he wanted to take the conversation before speaking. “You told me you loved me that night.”

You froze. Surely you would remember if you let that secret slip out. You were nearly positive that your heart had stopped beating all together at this revelation.

But Barry, once again, spoke up before you had the chance to string up an intelligent response.

“I was shocked at first because I never thought you felt that way for me but you seemed so genuine and nervous to tell me; I knew you weren’t lying. And then,” He chuckled, “I thought I was a part of a damn miracle because the girl I’ve been pinning after for months just told me that she loves me, holy shit.”

Your heart nearly broke. He felt the same way. He remembered every moment that probably meant the world to him while you came up blank. Then after that blissful night, you ditch him but only after shattering his heart. Barry deserved so much more.

“Barry.” You pleaded, not knowing if you should apologize or beg him to stop to avoid the torture you both felt as he recounted that night.

“It kills me that you don’t remember and I don’t understand why. You didn’t drink anything. You wanted to stay sober with me so that I wasn’t alone so it doesn’t make any-”

His words were cut off when a clash resonated from his bedroom and you both sprung up instantly. He stood protectively in front of you, preparing himself for whomever had broke into his home.

“Stay here.”

“Like hell I’m staying here. Who knows what’s going on. This could all be some ploy to get you away from me, leaving me practically defenseless.” You were well aware that just by knowing Barry you were putting yourself at risk but you’d not yet encountered a kidnapping situation and you sure as hell weren’t risking it happening today. Being around Barry had to be much safer than being separated from him so you were not leaving his side unless you were forcefully pried away.

Though unwilling, Barry agreed to let you join after demanding you stay behind him.

He approached the bedroom with extreme caution, glancing behind him every now and then to make sure you followed.

“Who the hell are you?” He nearly growled, sticking his arm out to block you from going past him.

You stood up on your tippy toes to see over his shoulder. The sight of a tall, dark brown haired teenage girl seemed much more calming then the alternatives.

She seemed harmless, really, yet Barry refused to let his guard down. He wasn’t going to let anything happen to you because he made the snap judgment that since she looked harmless, she had to be so as well.

The girl jerks around at the voice, suddenly ignoring the broken lamp that must have been the cause of the crash that alerted you to her presence in the first place. She gasped quietly, her eyes becoming shiny as she intently stared at you and Barry, as if taking in every detail.

“If I have to ask one more time, I’m make sure it’s the last. Now, tell me, who the hell you are.” Barry stated, completely unamused with the situation.

“My name’s Scarlet Allen.” She sighed, twiddling with the loose strings of her shirt awkwardly and nervously. “What day is it?”

“February 17.” You answered but received a harsh glare from Barry for conversing with the assailant.

“2016, right?”

You nodded again.

She seemed to be sorting though information in her mind so you kept silent, not wanting to be the one to mess up the situation.

“Wait,” Barry interjected. “Did you say your last name’s Allen?”

Scarlet gave him the biggest grin, silently giving him his answer, as she waited for him to piece everything together.

“It’s obvious you’re from the future but how exactly are you related to me?”

Her gaze shifted to you, which Barry took note off and stepped in front of her view of you. She seemed to understand everything without having to be told a thing and you felt your heart constrict at the compassion.

“You’re my father.”

Barry’s entire body tensed as he seemed to be assessing the situation. It made no sense. His daughter had to come back from the future for some reason. He has a daughter. Who is also a speedster.
Him speeding through time was one thing but his future daughter doing the same was too much to comprehend. “W-What?”

“You’re my father and I came here with a purpose and I’ve only got about five minutes to explain it.”

He felt his head spinning. “I’m not going to trust that you’re my daughter. I’ve trusted too many of the wrong people before and I always end up getting burned. So either prove your identity or get the hell out of my house.” The idea of someone from the future returning to his time to kill someone he loves was a possible outcome and, since you were the closest person available, he wasn’t willing to take any chances.

“Bare,” You tugged on his shirt sleeve to capture his attention. After he twisted to see you, you continued. “I think she’s telling the truth.”

“You believe her? After she broke into my home and gave us absolutely no reason to trust her? Are you crazy?”

“No,” You exhaled. It was now or never. “I believe her because I’m pregnant and the only other person who knows is Caitlin so it’s not really common knowledge that could be used to mislead you.”

The room fell into silence, leaving both you and Scarlet to observe Barry’s reaction, which seemed to be utter shock.

A minute or so seemed to pass and Scarlet grew more desperate. She didn’t have time to waste and Barry was taking too long to process this new information. “Please, I don’t have much time but I need you to understand.” She spoke up.

Barry’s head snapped back towards her but you did notice him loosen up a bit.

Scarlet continued. “I had hoped I had caught you before Amnesia first tricked you but I guess I got my timing off.”

“Who’s Amnesia?” You asked at the same time Barry asked his question.

“So why are you here?”

Scarlet sighed and ran her hands through her hair in a way similar to how Barry does when he’s stressed. There wasn’t time to waste if she wanted to patch things up but she knew that she’d get nowhere without explaining herself. “Dad, I need you to understand that mom isn’t lying about her memory loss from that night. Amnesia likes to play with his victims. First he’ll take away a specific memory as a sort of warning for the future that’s to come. Then he waits, over the years taking smaller, insignificant memories as a tool to remind you that he’s still there—leading up to his big finale when he wipes all of the memories involving the person that his victim loves most. And, I guess what I’m trying to say is that in about twenty years or so he does this to you, mom. He tears our family apart and you have to stop it before it happens. Just drop whatever case it is you’re working on now because if you don’t catch him before he leaves town in search of his next victim then your opportunities in the future will be next to none.”

Barry tugged you forward to stand beside him, rather than behind him, addressing you this time. “Do you still believe her?”

You nodded. At least it was a possible explanation as to why you couldn’t remember your first time with Barry.

“Then how do we fix it, Scarlet?” Barry seemed much more sincere now that you had swayed him into trusting her. It was clear that she had definitely gained Barry’s charms.

“Well, Uncle Cisco and I did extensive research and we found out he usually stays in a city for only a month so you have to work fast. Now there’s no way to get the memories he’s already stolen back but you can prevent him from stealing more. Please look for him, guys. He’ll tear our family apart if you don’t stop him. This is your only chance.” She stressed the ending, while constantly checking her watch for her countdown.

“How do we start searching for a meta we know nothing about? We’ve never even heard of an Amnesia or even someone being able to steal or manipulate someone’s memories.” Barry slipped his arm around your waist to tug you against his side. If this was true; if there was a possibility that this was his future—your shared futures, he would fix it. He had to fix it. And this seemed like it might be his only chance to.

“He normally likes to lie low but he’s always well known in shady bars. You should ask around for him there. Now I really have to go before I’m stuck here forever.”

She smiled at her parents who were completely unaware of their futures together, unaware of the hardships they’d face and overcome together. And most of all unaware of the boundless love they have for each other. “And I know you always told me that I should never go back and change the timeline but I guess I’m more like you than I’d like to admit, Dad. I can’t resist the idea of being able to save lives just by simply fixing something in the past.”

Barry coughed uncomfortably, not used to the idea of being a father or being called dad.

Scarlet spoke up once more, her words quick since she had limited time left. “Just know that you two will defeat all the problems you face now and all the ones to come in the future.

She sped over in front of you both, wrapping her arms tightly around Barry to pull him into a hug. "Please fix this, Dad,” You heard her whisper to him. “I can’t lose you both.”

He nodded before letting her go so she could hug you. “I love you, Mom.” She sighed, feeling at home in your hug but she knew it was time to go. And she left, back to her time, clinging to the hope that you two would find a way to prevent her future from happening.

The room was grew quiet after her departure, leaving both you and Barry to analyze every little detail she said about your entwined futures.

“So,” He stated, being the first to break the tension. “You’re pregnant.” Barry’s lips curled into a cheeky grin as he said those words, physically unable to keep the smile off his face.

You nodded as you leaned into his comforting touch.

He then twisted you around into a tight hug. “We’re gonna be parents.”

You nodded again against his shoulder. Now this was definitely not the conversation you had in mind when you wished to speak with Barry alone but it seemed to have a positive outcome. And it was definitely a great reaction to know that he had forgiven you for not remembering that night, seeing as how he knew it wasn’t a ploy just to act like it never happened, as well as knowing how happy he was to become a father soon.

Your daughter, Scarlet, was absolutely stunning and clearly raised right, making the future seem a bit brighter despite what she said lurked. She loved you both enough to alter the timeline in order to fix her family. Despite all the repercussions she could face by warning you, she was willing to face them all.

“I’m sorry for not believing you about not remembering that night.” Barry said. “Maybe I can take you out on a proper date tomorrow? Or maybe even tonight if the crime in this city wants to give me a night off.”

You nodded, leaning into his warm embrace. “But first, before we go out anywhere I think we should go alert the team to this Amnesia guy. We can’t let him destroy our future before it even begins.”

Barry was silent for a moment. After loosening his grip on you a smidgen, he reclined enough to get a good look at your face. “We will tell them everything and we will catch that guy. But,” A grin etched on his face and you knew he was up to something as his gaze flicked from your eyes to your lips. “I think a few minutes to ourselves won’t hurt anybody…”

A/N: I know I should be updating Fates Design, but I’ve been having hardcore writers block so I wrote this instead to try and work through it. 

Takes place soon ish, after they “defeat” the vision of Emma’s fate. And assuming the time line on the show, I’m pretty sure this is entirely possible (as in I don’t think it’s been a year since their first date)

also this is untitled because I’m lazy and suck at thinking of titles.

It had been one of the worst days Emma had in awhile. Between the dwarves, the lost boys and petty fights amongst neighbors, it had been a never ending cycle of drama. It was probably karma, she thinks, for the fight she picked with Killian that morning. Over the laundry, or was it the mess in the living room left by he and Henry the night before, or maybe it was the sink full of dishes and an empty dishwasher?

Whatever is was that started it was long since forgotten, the minor and insignificant details overwritten by the constant worries now looping through her head. But the stream of thoughts seem to come to a screeching halt as Emma pulls her bug up to the curb, turning off the engine and taking what feels like a walk to the gallows.

She braces herself before opening the door, the house far too quiet even from the outside. Killian hasn’t texted or called her all day and she’s certain the storm that’s been brewing is about to hit with full force. Both literally and figuratively. The fall weather brings nothing but rain and cold fronts upon the coastline, and tonight’s forecast is no exception. A fitting backdrop for the fight she doesn’t want to continue with Killian.

Holding her breath, Emma opens to front door to reveal a sight she hadn’t expected - Killian standing in the middle of the living room, holding a single red rose, surrounded by candles with petals on every surface, and a bottle of what she presumes to be champagne on the coffee table. She closes the door slowly, her mouth agape in shock and her breath shaky.

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Summoning Candyman, Ch. 4 (Jumin X Reader fanfic)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Rating : M 
Summary: “Jumin Han, Jumin Han, Jumin Han” you repeated in front of the mirror. When you wished for Jumin to be real on Halloween night, you didn’t expect him to turn out to be a criminal lord with a strange pet fetish… 
Keywords: Super AU, self-insert, loss of control kink, pet kink, creepy dominant Jumin, criminal setting, yandere, also some Yoosung X Seven and Jaehee X Zen
Author’s Notes: Good news: long chapter! Bad news: it got so long that the smut was transferred to the next one :( (I know, I’m evil!) But, Jehan’s creepy side and the master/pet dynamic have the spotlight, so I hope you all enjoy~<3 

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Safety first

“You’re beautiful” Jehan murmured to your inert form as he gently put you into your bed. He’d have preferred to bathe you first, scrub the filth of the night away, but you really needed to sleep. Those jackasses he had hired didn’t know the difference between scaring a lady and driving her half mad, and he feared you’d develop a permanent trauma of taking your shower in an enclosed space.

It was a minor consequence, for sure, considering he wouldn’t want you to lock the door when you washed yourself, but he was still chagrined. You were his pet; if it turned out that he had damaged you in his haste to corral you to your new cage, he wouldn’t forgive himself, nor the scum who did it. He was a responsible owner, after all; he took your well-being very seriously. 

“My precious kitten” he murmured to your ear, giving you a chaste kiss on your forehead before tucking you in. He loved the softness of your skin, the round shapes of your body; they reminded him of the dunes in Saudi Arabia, full of secrets and rewards for the prince willing to patiently dig their depths. And he was such a man, even if his capacity to endure seemed to lesser every day. One month ago, he would have never resorted to such cheap ploys; now he was considering much worse, if it meant possessing you faster. It was as if a pipe had burst within himself; for the first time in his life he wanted, wanted with a passion that would only be sated once you broke.

I have to be careful, he reminded himself sternly as he sat down at your bedside. There were many ways he could finish bending your mind to his will; by force (but that was vile, and beneath him), for example, or brainwashing, or drugs (but he wanted a pet, not a doll.) Those would be fast methods; by tomorrow night, you could be moaning his name, blissfully shameless and desperate for his touch. It was tempting, but he knew better; the best time for harvest was when a fruit was ripe, and you weren’t quite ready yet, no matter how delicious you looked. He’d make you want this as much as he wanted it; make you submit of your own accord, put your own neck in the collar he’d offer. You’d feel proud and liberated to be his pet, and your love would be that much more meaningful and real.

All things come to those who wait, said the old adage. For now, he was happy to watch you sleep until your eyes opened again.

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Priorities: part 3

Part 1 / Part 2

Requested: um yes

The address Luke gave you leads you to yet another frat party, and you sigh as you look at the amount of trashed people stumbling around all over the place. How will you ever find Michael in this mess?

But just as you’re starting to walk to the building, a tall figure appears, one you recognize as Luke. You can’t help but scowl at the sight of Michael’s rude friend, but he isn’t fazed as he just grabs you by the elbow and leads you through the crowd, a worried frown on his face.

“Thank god you came,” he says. “I really don’t know what’s going on, he’s never been like this before I’m—there he is.”

Luke lingers in the door opening as you walk into the room you led him to, and you swallow hard before entering. You don’t know what to feel as you see Michael sitting in front of the bed with his arms around his knees, another one of his fratbrothers crouching next to him and talking in soft tones.

Your heart clenches just as anger rushes through your veins, because how dare he be so sad when he’s the one who fucked everything up, and also why is he so soft and heartbreakingly vulnerable-looking.

The caramel-skinned boy looks up when you walk in and lets out a relieved breath.

“Hey can you just—can you come talk to him? He’s been asking for you.”

“Michael?” You call carefully, and his head shoots up.

“Y/N!” He exclaims drunkenly, almost tripping over the words, and he holds his arms out for you like a toddler.

You don’t even have time to think before you’re rushing to him and suddenly he’s gripping your sweater tight and sobbing into your chest. You send a helpless look to his friends.

“Is he always like this drunk?”

“Sometimes,” the dark-haired one says, “but usually at that point he gets himself a girl to forget. Sorry,” he adds as he sees you wince. “But lately he just…asks for you.”

“Not to pry, but what has he done?” Luke speaks up, one hundred percent prying.

You send him a death glare.

“How about he pretended several times that we weren’t dating while you were calling me names?” You say sharply, and Michael’s grip on you suddenly tightens, reminding you of his presence.

He looks like a kicked puppy, and when you look at the other guys, they’re not too far off either. They mutter a few ‘sorry’s and ‘we didn’t know’s, until you wave them off because you can’t deal with this now. Not with an armful of helplessly crying Michael, who clings to you like you’re his lifeboat.

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Love How You Hate Me - Sam x Reader

A/N: Part Nine! Feeling a little better about this chapter! The relationship only becomes more complicated from here on out. Hope you all enjoy! Smut has to make up for last time, right?

@captain-princess-rose @bookishdorito @supernatural508 @faegal04 @kelincihutan @1967-wayward @impossible-box

Warnings: Very little plot, Smut, Little editing

Previously: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight

Word Count: Roughly 3400

“Sam!” You shrieked.

You’d finally broke. It took three weeks. Three long weeks. But, he did it.

He’d put the snake in the toilet first, remembering your suggestion. A large spider under your pillow. Crickets all over your room. Your favorite pair of shoes were super glued to the floor to ensure you fell when you slipped them on, or just got annoyed when you couldn’t lift them- you’d face planted. Your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash were filled with food coloring. You had purple skin even after scrubbing until the water was like ice. And those were only a few of his tricks.

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Chapter 184: The Surprisingly GOOD NEWS

Note: Hey guys, it’s Alec. Using a self-adapting reverse encryption program, I managed to hack into Sae’s account. Possibly to spy on her followers and the like, send clandestine messages to certain people to help my rise for dominion over the BL world! Muahahaha!    ( ๑‾̀◡‾́)σ» But I digress… thank you for your patience awaiting these upcoming chapters. Please don’t forget to thank our lovely translators for their hard work which the Addicted fandom relies on. Much love to the entire Addicted fan community.

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Women in Naruto

I think about this sometimes in the middle of the night. So I figured I’d write it down to vent, though I’m sure other people have brought all of this up before, far more thoroughly and eloquently.

Here I will rant talk about some (negative) patterns in Naruto in regard to female characters. There are obviously exceptions to each of them – Naruto is a long series with loads and loads of characters. However, they are exceptions and rare compared to the many characters who do fall into the patterns.

Gender imbalance

This is ubiquitous in shounen, so I’m mostly mentioning this for completeness. But. Women are half the population. In Naruto, female characters are less than one third of the cast.

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“Pansy”  ~  Draco x reader

“can you do one where you’re dating Draco and he gets mad at you during a fight bc you don’t like pansy and he thinks it’s bc you’re jealous but it’s actually bc she bullied you for a long time and like attacked you once and he didn’t know about it and you break up and then he finds out and feels really guilty and then some fluff. lol sorry this is kinda confusing” ~Anon

Hi! Thank you so much for the request! Sorry it took forever! It was so much fun to write! I absolutely loved it! Again, thank you, and I hope you enjoy!😊😘

  • y/n - your name
  • y/l/n - your last name
  • y/f/f - your favorite food


The halls were surprisingly empty. Y/n ran down to the dungeons to turn in her Potions essay early. Knocking on Snape’s office door, she heard a sinister giggle from behind her. She turned her head to see Pansy.

Y/n, y/n, y/n…” she sneered. “What a surprise…

Y/n kept quiet. Opening her mouth would only cause more trouble.

“Not going to talk, are you?”

Before y/n could retaliate, the door opened.

Snape motioned her inside his office, leaving Pansy alone in the hallway. He shut the door behind him and pointed to the seat on the opposite side of his desk.

“What brings you o my office today, Miss y/l/n?” he asked, giving her a dull stare.

Y/n smiled lightly. “i wanted to turn in my essay early, if that’s okay.”

He nodded. “That’s fine.”

“Thank you.”

After handing Snape her essay and getting some info on their next lesson, she left, heading to the library to meet Draco for their study session.

“Hey, you!” he flirted.

Y/n shut the door behind her. “Hey!”

Draco got up and pulled a chair out for her. As she sat down, he pushed the chair in for her. “Did you get that essay turned in?” he asked, all ears.

“I did.”

“Good!” He closed his textbook. “You can spend more time with me now.”

The door opened once more. A girl with medium length black hair entered and took a seat across from Draco. That girl was Pansy Parkinson.

“Hey, y/n.” she smirked cheerfully.

Y/n didn’t quite know how to take this situation. She hated Pansy. But, knowing that Draco was friends with her, she faked a smile. “Hey.”

After about three minutes, y/n couldn’t take anymore of their overly friendly banter. She got up from her seat. “I’m going to bed.” she stated. Giving Draco a kiss on the cheek, she left.

She couldn’t sleep that night. Something about Pansy’s act around Draco made her feel queasy. Throwing the sheets in the floor, she headed to the common room.

Draco wasn’t far behind her. He wrapped his arms around her from behind as they watched the dark depths of the Black Lake, nuzzling his head into her hair.

“Why are you up, Love?”

She shrugged.

“Come on.” He turned her around to face him. “You can tell me.”

The green colored fire from the torches lit his face. His smile showed the utmost tenderness. His eyes sparkled. Y/n almost got lost in his gaze, but she quickly re-focused on her problem.

She sighed. “It’s just Pansy.”

“What about her?”

“I don’t know.” She paused as the watched a sliver of scales swim by the glass. “Every time she’s around us, she acts completely different.”

Draco’s tone changed a tad. “What do you mean?”

“She just…” Her voice cracked. “I don’t like her.”

He rubbed her back. “Are you jealous?”

“No!” she shouted.

Draco let go of her and backed away a bit. “It seems like you are.”

Y/n’s anger got the best of her. “I’m not!”

“What is your problem?”

She scoffed. “What’s your problem?”

Y/n was sure that half of the Slytherin house was awake now. However, the yelling only intensified.

Draco was absolutely stunned by his girlfriend’s harsh tone. With his mouth agape, he finally thought of something to say. “We’re just friends! Why don’t you like her?”

“I don’t want to talk about it!”

“See?” he yelled. “You don’t even have a valid reason!”

A tear rolled down y/n’s cheek. The room was fuzzy due to the water that filled her eyes. She did have a valid reason, but talking about it would only make her feel worse.

“You know what?” Her voice was hoarse from the yelling and holding back tears. “You’re a jerk!” The waterworks began. “We’re through!”


Y/n ran past Draco and up the stairs, finding Pansy in the hall. Instead of starting another riot, she pushed her out of the way and ran into her dormitory.

Her pillow was her only friend at this point. It was something to cry on, something to hold. She picked her sheets up from the floor sloppily and cried herself to sleep.

The next day was really hard for her. She walked into the Potions classroom to see Draco sitting next to Pansy, Crabbe, and Goyle. It didn’t surprise her. She knew Pansy had somehow managed to pull off being the innocent girl she obviously wasn’t. Finding an empty seat in the back of the room, she sat alone.

Without anyone to talk to, brewing her potion was boring. She even forgot what she was supposed to be making. Halfway through, she stopped, sitting there silently.

Snape walked by her desk. “What is that?”

“I don’t know.” she shrugged. “Probably a poison now.”

He furrowed his brow at her. “Is something wrong, Miss y/l/n?”

Y/n took a deep breath, intending to say something (even if it wasn’t entirely true), but, instead, slammed her book shut and stormed out of the room, leaving all of her belongings behind.

The second floor bathroom was empty, which was perfect. She locked herself in one of the stalls and bawled.

She skipped her other morning classes. She skipped lunch. Her time was spent in the bathroom stall, overthinking every minor detail of why she hated that Pansy Parkinson. Memories flooded her mind, bringing her more discomfort. She wanted to leave. Not just the bathroom, but the whole school entirely. What was the point of being there if she didn’t have anyone to talk to.

Soon after lunch had ended, and what was supposed to be her Charms class time began, Moaning Myrtle came along and started her usual mockery. It was hard to ignore, but y/n tried her best. Her loud, high pitched cackles and whines made y/n cringe. It seemed like an eternity had passed. Getting tired of Moaning Myrtle living up to her name, she left.

Students were all over the halls, which gave y/n a bit of hope that she wouldn’t be found. But, as soon as she turned the corned, she saw Draco and Pansy with smirks on their faces. Quickly, she crouched down behind one of the statues and hid from their view.

“I miss y/n.” she heard Draco say passing by. She listened closely to their conversation, knowing that something was bound to happen.

Pansy giggled sarcastically. “Why?” she asked.

“She just gets me.”

Y/n watched as Pansy rolled her eyes.

“Y/n is a bitch.”

Draco became a bit upset with her remark. “No she’s not.”

“She’s always been one to me.”

“Then maybe you shouldn’t be one to her.”

Pansy eyed him angrily. “What?”

He shrugged. “Just a thought.”

With that, he walked off.

Pansy breathed heavily before starting to make her way upstairs. Y/n stayed behind the statue for a little bit, unsure of where to go. So, instead of hiding, she headed to the common room.

Watching the fish swim by was her favorite way to pass time. It was easy to get lost in the watery abyss of the lake. Not knowing, she missed her last class and dinner. She had forgotten about leaving all of her stuff in Snape’s class as well, which didn’t really matter. She could explain after she felt able enough.

The quietness of the room brought her to a calm state. It was peaceful. Enjoyable even. But, all good things come to an end. The common room door opened, which startled her terribly. She looked behind her to see the blonde headed boy holding a plate of her favorite food and the stuff she’d left behind.

“I didn’t see you at any of the meals today.” he said quietly, taking a seat beside her. “So, I brought you your favorite. Y/f/f.”

Y/n smiled a bit, but quickly returned to her saddening expression.

“And, here’s your things. I was going to give them to you in our next class, but you skipped all of them.”

She didn’t reply. Her food was still untouched.

“Look.” he continued. “I’m sorry about last night. I was being a jerk.”

Y/n shook her head. “No you weren’t.”

“Yes, I was.”

“No,” she interrupted, “I just let my loathing take over my emotions.”

Draco pulled her in for a hug. “I’m sorry.”

“No, I am.”

Letting go, he smiled warmly at her. “Don’t be. She’s not as nice as I thought she was.”

Y/n didn’t want to bring up the argument she saw.

“I see why you don’t like her.”

She sighed. “It’s not just that.”

He tilted his head with concern.

“Remember that time when I missed class because my hand started to hurt from note taking?”

Draco nodded.

She sighed once more. “That wasn’t the reason.”

He gently tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “What happened?”

She bit her lip. “Pansy jinxed my quill to make my hand sore when I used it.”

His eyes widened.

“Lucky for her, it was my only quill.”

“Oh, y/n!” He pulled her in for another hug, this one being tighter than the last. “I’m so sorry.”

Her eyes watered as she hugged him back.

“I feel so bad for not listening to you.”

She smiled with tears in her eyes. “Sometimes you just have to find things out on your own.”

After kissing her temple and holding her for a few more long seconds, he let go. He stroked her cheek and wiped away a tear that had escaped her eye. “I love you.”

Her eyes then flooded with tears. She wrapped her arms around him tightly in a quick manner. “I love you, too!” she sobbed.

His white school shirt became stained with mascara. Y/n lifted her head to see the mess she had created.

“Oh my god.” she gasped. “I am so sorry!”

He chuckled lightly. “It’s just a shirt, Love. I have plenty more.” He paused, changing the subject. “You need to eat.”

He pushed the plate of y/f/f closer to y/n, her picking it up with a grin. “Thank you.” she said. Taking a bite, she continued to smile. She was happy to have Draco back.

“After you get finished, you need to copy down the notes I took for you today, alright?”

She nodded with a mouthful of food.

“And then we’ll go to bed.”

“We?” she asked, not yet swallowing.

Draco smirked kindly. “I’m not letting you anywhere near Pansy until she can learn to be nicer to you.” He stood up from his seat. “So, you’ll be sleeping in my room. I’ll go get your pillow.”

After eating, y/n copied down notes like Draco had told her she needed to do. She felt a lot better after talking and getting caught up on all of her school work. She yawned as she fall back onto her pillow on the twin-sized bed. Reluctantly, she went to change into her pajamas and crawled under Draco’s covers. He pulled her close as he laid down beside her, not intending on letting her go.

“If we get in trouble, this is all your fault.” y/n joked.

Draco laughed. “Why don’t we just blame it on Pansy?”

Soon enough, they were both sound asleep.

DM Thoughts 17 : Longterm Worldbuilding


As suggested by devonplaysgames, today I will be discussing the prospects and inner-workings of worldbuilding a setting that you plan to use in a long campaign.

It just so happens that Devon came to me about this at the most perfect time that he could, for I am currently working on a campaign setting that I hope to prolong for a couple of years, and in my youthful hopefulness, perhaps tweaking it and updating it for many decades to come.

This campaign will be called the Aervos Setting (or Three Moons if you prefer), and it will be deployed on April 18th, I will have more information on it at a later date, but for now, we are here to talk about worldbuilding.

In my personal experience with worldbuilding, the first (and best) step is to create a “Bible” (See DM Thoughts 4 : A Free Campaign).

Now, I am going to lay down some tips on you beautiful people.

1 - Distinguish the World

Every memorable campaign setting has something that makes it different from another.

For example, for those of you who are familiar with D&D, they may take note from this; the Dark Sun Campaign Setting, which takes place in the world of Athas is unique because it is not-traditional, it takes in a scorched desert that provides little metal or water to anyone living within, requiring improvisation. 

However, an even better example which I like to use is that from the Eberron Campaign Setting, one of my personal favorites. Aside from everything Eberron has going for it (Warforged, magic-industrialization, and the vague Draconic Prophecy), the main item that stands out to me is the implementations of Dragonshards. Dragonshards are in a high demand, for they power every aspect of the aforementioned arcane-industry in Eberron, they run the skyships, keep the streets lit, and help these renaissance people do their humdrum day-to-day tasks normally. This is the staple of Eberron.

Now you need to come up with your staple.

Make it something that changes the face of your world immensely, such as a horrific plague, maybe an impending invasion that the populous lives in fear of, or perhaps even a lack of something (as seen in Athas with metal and traditional fantasy elements).

You may also wish to make it something that people cannot live without if you are so inclined. Such as in the case of an industrial setting, maybe some sort of master material that powers all, or an abundance of gunpowder and sulfur.

Whatever it is, make sure that it allows your fantasy campaign to branch out from the traditional setting, even if it may seem minor, it makes a huge difference, and will add a new and original element of play that will be entirely yours to toy with as you see fit.

2 - History & Lore

For your specific campaign you are going to want to create lore.

Lore is essentially the backbone of all story telling that will be going on within the campaign. It provides logical explanations for events that have shaped the area, people, and culture, within your world.

I would recommend starting by figuring out how your world was created. Perhaps it was a natural occurrence, maybe the God(s) of your world figured in on creating it, or was it a massive celestial war that caused this planet and the planes to come into being?

After that, figure out where history started from there, such as which empires rose and fell, what wars were fought to do the former, and other miscellaneous events that are important in the shaping of your campaign.

You are also going to want to tell about where each race came from and how they have fared in the world at large. This will help your players to be able to create adequate back stories for their roster of characters.

On top of this, I would advise you to make a calendar, this will incorporate a new level of fantasy when you actually take the time to create the names and lengths of the seasons, as well as dubbing each day of the week.

With that in mind, make sure to remember to depict the reasoning for the dungeons forming in your setting, the important figures (and potential clients for adventurers), and if you are into it; the politics of the world.

3 - Take Inspiration

Whether it be from the history of our realm, or perhaps the ideas borrowed and modified from other settings throughout and fiction, make a point of incorporating what you find interesting into your campaign.

For example, if there is a setting that you really like, but not everything from it will fit into your next campaign smoothly, than take as you please, as if it is some sort of tabletop smörgåsbord.

You may also want to take inspiration from any books you’ve read, games you’ve played, or any other media you have come across in your search for lore and well-incorporated mechanics.

4 - Planning

On top of all of that, this is a bit of an extra step if you are running a story-driven adventure instead of a free-roaming one.

Have an idea of how things are going to play out, let the party make choices, but I would recommend to always stay 2 sessions ahead in terms of ideas and plot.

For if you have to improvise on the spot for a campaign that is driven by a story, it may get jumbled and it is even possible that you may forget the details. Which will always hinder you as a dungeon master.

 5 - Tests and Parallels

This may be the most boring step, but the good part about it is that it is completely optional.

For your longterm campaign, you may wish to incorporate a test session or two, to make sure that the players actually like the setting and that there isn’t anything you have to change, for there is nothing worse than opening up a highly anticipated campaign to the party and having them grow bored of it immediately.

The tests could be with sample characters and would allow them to get a feel for the world, showing off all of its mechanics to the fullest and so on and so forth.

When I say parallels, I mean that for a while, you may want to have your players make two different characters, this would mean two different parties. And perhaps it would be wise to alternate which party the players use by each session. I would recommend putting these two groups across the map from each other, so that you don’t risk any unnecessary crosses between the two organizations of adventurers.

The thing about this method is that it allows players to decide what type of character they will enjoy playing most in this setting, and perhaps after several sessions, each player chooses whichever character they feel suits them best, and then sticks with that character to put into the “official” party, which will be formed of the players chosen characters.


One of the players characters is an Eladrin Sorcerer, whilst the other is a halfling rogue, both of which are played by the same player (on different occasions). At the end of five sessions, the player decides that she prefers the halfling rogue, and that character joins the official party with all of the other players preferred characters.

On that note, we shall finish, if anyone has any further questions on the subject, feel free to contact me wherever you may find me.

-A, a humble Dungeon Master

Infliction, chap. 4


A gun pointed to your mother’s head as your father shovels over wads of cash; threats being spitted all over the place as you peek through the meager crack in your door - only a distant memory.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14

The painting blinked. There was no way that wasn’t a blink.

Or maybe you just blinked; you wouldn’t know the difference due to the lack of anything in the past thirty minutes Eunwoo had left you in here. Would a bullet to the head really be worse than this?

It wasn’t even doing nothing for thirty minutes that ate away at you, it was the idea of being held hostage; the concept of people believing your security, while you’re infact, locked in a small wooden cabin the size of a shoebox, waiting for someone to rescue you. But how was that going to happen? Your only hope of escape was dropped in the other bedroom across the yard, probably in the hands of one of the Capos, giggling and laughing at your stupid lockscreen and stupid selfies you had taken among the stupid texts you’d sent to friends - the mere thought making your face red hot.

Your eyes avert from the painting for a second, knees bundled up to your chin as you sit on the uncomfortable bed (it was more of a cot - you found out) with the bitterly fragrant thin mattress that probably hadn’t been disinfected since it was stolen from, what Eunwoo would call, a barrier in the plan. Only a causality blocking what he so badly needed at the time.

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The Price of Freedom is High (Part 2/?) (Peter Parker x reader)

Part 1

Requests: 1.  Could you write one about y/n & Pete dating for awhile but then she ends up in danger & hurt bc he’s Spiderman and they break up bc he feels horrible?? Angsty but fluffy pls. 

2. Please do Peter Parker finding out about his girlfriend being pregnant (they’re young but not underage) and doesn’t react well at first, but then he goes to aunt May and she talks sense into him and he makes things right with her.

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My picks ~ 5 Stories

This is not my usual weekly list, cause i came across some exceptional fics that were not loved enough here on tumblr and it is my job, at least i hope it’s my job (!) to bring them to your attention. these are the stories i’m rec’ing without a second though. you’ll love them

From the Start (8/?) by lockedout

Summary: “Do you ever feel as though you don’t belong in your own life?” he is staring straight ahead when he asks her, his thumb picking at the beer label. I used to, she wants to reply. 

Killian and Emma have been separated once more by a curse. But things never go as they are supposed to because magic has a mind of its own.

my notes: blending the soulmates trope with memory loses, fake memories and a tragic backstory to justify their time apart, the author manages to pick the best traits of both modern au and canon divergence. there are surprising turns in every chapter, the most notable one inside the swan household. it is tender and original in its approach with magic, romance and loss.

Rash Defamation (7/?) by @tomeandflickcorner

Summary: After a day-long internal mediation, Emma decides to take a chance and see where a relationship with Hook could go. When she seeks him out to discuss the matter, she overhears something so upsetting, it threatens to even put an end to their friendship. The wedge between them could not have come at a worse time, as a new enemy has arrived Storybrooke. Canon Divergence- No Lost Year.

my notes: i was instantly hooked in the captivating plot and the suble traits of characters that are explored. even though cs don’t have scenes together as often as we’ve used to, their bond is seen from other’s perspective and from how they interact with the group. they gravitate towards one another effortlessly and it’s interesting to see how their behaviour affects each other indirectly. the other aspect i admire is the originality with which she treats minor characters like belle, jefferson (the order is not by chance), robin hood and yes, walsh. she has enriched their origins and adjusted their arcs to fit the plot while showing new things about them. she does a lot of research so that every detail is suiting

The Wish You Make (14/?) by @tellmesomething-love 

Summary: On her 27th birthday, Emma Swan blows out a candle and makes a wish, not believing it will come true. The next morning, a man named Killian Jones shows up in her kitchen and claims he’s there to deliver her happy ending. Emma has two choices: sign the client contract and take the allotted year to make up her mind about what she wants her happy ending to be, or opt out of the whole thing and go on with her life as if nothing happened. If she accepts Killian’s offer, there’s really only one rule they can’t break. Emma’s happy ending can be anything she wants–except him.

my notes: it’s hard to categorise it. modern au, canon divergence, land without magic, with magic. the central idea is brilliant. the whole universe detailed and straight out of a movie with a big budget. what i love is that killian has a story/backround/purspose/personality that rivals emma’s in comlexity and intrigue. he is not a deus ex machina or a fairy godmother. their relationship is witty but it’s often filled with secrets and silence. as it should be. magic is incorporated seamlessly and it doesn’t alter the course of her life (it reveals things to her) nor changes how relationships work. i sense a big reveal coming!

Roses in December by @justanotherwannabeclassic

Summary: In a flash of rainbow light, Emma remembers. (Missing Year Canon Divergence)

my notes: okay, before you say it, i may have cheated with this one. it is beloved here, as it should be. i feel though it’s in the same category as the above, mixing canon divergence with missing year experiences and magic. and pain, did i mention pain? even the summary is majestic, wait till you read it in context. spoilers! when emma remembers, she misses everyone and searches desperately for the piece of her life that she left in storybrooke. but to no avail. however, when she does find someone, it doesn’t go as smoothly as I, at least, had hoped. storybrooke is sill filled with villains and emma has more reason to fight than ever before

Satisfied by @emmaswanchoosesyou

Summary: Emma Swan is trying her best to get over her feelings for best friend, Killian Jones. When his fiancee dies, she tries to get his mother’s ring back from the man who stole it while being there for Killian. But that might present a problem with the whole moving on thing.

my notes: multichapter sequel to next to me. it takes place a little after Milah’s death. the catch is killian still loves her and mourning their time together and the future they could have. you think that’s the most heartbreaking thing, right? wrong, it’s emma’s feelings. emma, who watched her college friend fall in love, move in and getting engaged with another woman, leaving her to hide her tears and stand beside him. as a friend

The Cardinal Sins of Homestuck Fanadventures.

So there you are, reading Homestuck, and suddenly you think “Hey! These sprites are pretty simple, I could do this, but with my characters instead.” Great. Welcome to the halls of the fan adventure. You have just become the one millionth person to attempt this, and like most of those before you, you are going to fail at some basic things. Or at least you would if not for this list. These are the cardinal sins of writing a fan adventure, curated after sifting through hundreds of terrible ones before you. Of course the zeroth sin is “Thou shalt not make a Homestuck adventure, thou shalt try to do something more original”, but since I know you won’t, let us begin.

Thou shalt not write Homestuck.

You are not Andrew Hussie. You will never be Andrew Hussie. So why are you trying to write his story? It’s a task you’re guaranteed to fail. Instead, you need to write your own story. This means you can’t just take his jokes and recycle them. This means you can’t just put carbon copies of his characters in the same world and then wonder why nobody is reading. It’s not interesting, and nobody wants to read the same tired “a boy stands in his room, although sixteen years ago he was born, only today will he get a name” schtick we’ve seen a thousand times. Introduce new plot elements, introduce new conflict. Don’t retread what we’ve seen already. Scratches. Ancestors. Exiles. God Tiers. Troll/Human relationships. All those things we’ve already seen. Do something else or change them up in a way that’s more exciting.

Thou shalt ask “why”.
This means a lot of things. You will ask “why” are you writing this comic. What is the story you want to tell, what is the theme of the story, what is the purpose. It also means you must ask “why” your characters do all the things they do. They must have a reason for everything - not necessarily a conscious one, but one you are aware of. This means every action they take, every piece of clothing they wear, every item in their room has some backstory related to the character. This will go a long way towards making them believable..and most importantly of all NEVER have a blank room. It’s lazy, a waste of time and the hallmark of someone who doesn’t give a shit.

Thou shalt not switch characters too quickly.
This is a big one, and it includes having a pesterlog two pages in. It is the tried and true sign of one who just wants to “get to the good parts”, so they rush through introducing the characters as fast as they can - but alas, you see, by rushing through you make it so we don’t have any reason to care or like these people, and as such you give us plenty of excuses to gloss over all of your meticulously written out troll quirks.

Thou shalt characterize properly.

I know, it’s hard. Making a really fully fleshed character is not easy for the best of us - but you know what is easy? Not making everyone the exact same character except for text color and quirk. Your conversations between your characters must not just serve as vehicles for things to happen - they need to have subjects other than just “Do you have the game? Yes. Let’s play.” These characters should have histories together, and not big mysterious ones, but little ones like how they love watching cop dramas together or make fun of each other’s hairstyles all the time. Write these histories, then play on them in your conversations.

Thou shalt not use pop culture as a crutch.
A good sign of a shitty comic is when a character is defined by what commercial products they are interested in. This goes double for kids who symbols are just some videogame property or superhero mark. Your character can like something, they can even be obsessed with it, but that means their character trait is UNHEALTHY OBSESSION, not whatever stupid game or cartoon happens to be the subject of their passion. The media is ancillary, and if it’s really going to be good you should pick something you yourself are not a fan of. You’ll find it much easier to write a well rounded person that way.

Thou shalt remember comedy.
This is important because Homestuck’s entire style is inherently funny. If you want to write a SERIOUS story with lots of drama, then you need to choose a different art style. You are wasting your time trying to make these cute cartoon stub people with no arms get really upset about something. It will never be taken seriously. Tongue in cheek is the name of the game.

Thou shalt know when to alias.
This is important, because Homestuck thrives on rasterized art, but every now and then real objects are resized down to fit. If you are doing this you must become aware of what aliasing is and when to do it and how to turn it off when needed. This means never ever resizing a sprite with aliasing on because you know it will distort the sprites. It means when you resize objects from google you will turn on aliasing because you know it will be necessary to make them look good. It also means learning to understand rasterized sprites can only be sized up by whole values (2x, 3x, and so on).

Thou shalt use proper perspective
Whatever room base you use will have lines you can use to find what the proper perspective is. Your posters must follow these lines. Your furniture must follow these lines. If you don’t, if you leave your posters as perfect squares on an angled wall you will doom yourself as someone inattentive to detail. It’s also important to use the same perspective for all your objects - if they are at different angles, they will look terrible.

Thou shalt know thine limits
Practicing as an artist is important and you should do it as often as possible, but if what you’re doing does not look good you should not try to pass it off, you should keep trying until it does look good or ask for help. If you can’t illustrate whatever it is yet, you should rethink your approach and see if there’s another way to do it. Most of all, you should make sure whatever you’re drawing is clear - the best way to do that is to flip the image horizontally and see if you can figure out what’s happening.

Thou shalt not overillustrate

On the other hand, you should know what the limits of the style are, and realize if you want to go outside those limits you should have a good reason. This means that creating small details and highly shaded eyes on the low-res sprite templates is a no no. Likewise with shading on the character, the hair, individual hairs being visible, the list goes on. These sprites are deliberately minimalistic in design, and going overboard on them creates visual conflict and actually makes them look worse, not better.

Thou shalt remember planning is easy, doing is hard.
Sure, you’re psyched, you’ve got everything planned out. You know your character’s motivations, you know the plot points, sweet god you’ve got the epic final flash planned out to a frame - but you still have only two pages done. That’s when it dawns on you that making a fan adventure is super hard. Like a job you put in six hours a day hard, if you want it to get anywhere. So be prepared, you’ve either made a huge commitment for yourself, or guaranteed one more dead adventure for the world to dissect with glee. Good luck, and try your best.

I don’t know that this is a complete list - there are always new sins being committed, including the minor ones like writing in canon characters and doing it poorly or using the sylladex system incorrectly, but if you follow these guidelines you should at least be off to a good start. Feel free to let me know what sins you think should be added!