what makes everything else better

I want screaming, vengeance hux who is in so much pain after kylo betrays the order. Like, he changes everything in the First Order and every time he hears anything that resembles Kylo and his redeemed state, Hux gets that much more bitter. He’s not in that melancholy memories sad. The only thing he mourned was his weakness. He’s fueled by anger so much he could probably one man build another Starkiller, and he will but bigger and better.
Also, when he sees Kylo for the first time. he spits and directs any insult towards Kylo. No matter how much Kylo begs, Hux stays solid in his position. Hux dreams to watch Kylo downfallen in the middle of a fire that Hux created. In the middle of a battle that Kylo lost and Hux stands supreme.
I live for bitter, petty, spiteful Hux. One who would rather stab himself than let the Resistance win. He bathes himself in the sadness of the Resistance and feels content when seeing Kylo’s face broken because he knows it’s his fault for Hux’s destruction.

Dream sand lingers in the eyes
The breeze burned the kitchen down
To do what was necessary
Because everything else in my life
Could make anything better
But never getting lost

And my silence withered
For me until
Not even on the videos
Are often those who don’t need it
The end of the tunnel
I couldn’t find poetry

The poet you imagined
Would shape reality

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A Slice of Pie

Prompt: Based on the idea that Bucky Barnes loves pumpkin anything.

Warnings: none

Bucky x Reader

Fall was your absolute favorite season. You loved the cool weather, the falling leaves, and the changing trees that lasted so briefly before the snow settled in. You didn’t have to worry about wearing anything fancy, it was all about comfy sweaters and leggings. Bucky liked all those because you liked all those things, but there was one thing he liked even better, your baking.

It was no secret to him, or the rest of the Avengers, that your cooking was superb, but your baking might as well have been from Asgard because it was out of this the world. No one could figure out what you did to make everything taste so much better than anyone else. Tony even went so far as you watch you and calculate every measurement of each ingredient that you used before trying to make it himself. Everyone could tell which was yours the instant the food hit their tongue.

At the moment you were busy making pumpkin pies, 8 pies to be exact. You were having a work meeting the following day and everyone have unanimously agreed that you would be in charge of the dessert. Seeing as it was fall you knew you had to be pumpkin pies. The only problem was that if the team found out you were making them, you would be lucky to make it out the door with even one. Because of this, you were up at 3 in the morning finishing off the last one. You placed it in the fridge to cool off before finally collapsing on the couch in the connected living room to sleep for a couple hours, before you had to sneak them downstairs.

The smell awoke Bucky from his sleep. At first he was too groggy to realize what it was, so he rolled over intending to pull you close to him only to find you weren’t there. His eyes shot open and he sat up, looking around the room to see if you had just got out of bed. He didn’t see you, and he panicked for a second until the smell hit him. The sweet smell of a freshly baked pumpkin pie.

He jumped out of bed, wide awake at this point and headed down to the kitchen, the smell intensifying with every step. His mouth was watering at the idea of pumpkin pie. Ever since you had given him a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks he was hooked on anything pumpkin. From pies to cookies to coffee, if it had pumpkin he wanted it.

He tiptoed into the kitchen, looking around to make sure you didn’t see him. He knew that you must have been baking this late in an effort to avoid the rest of the Avengers. They would have taken the pies and ran. He was was only going to get a slice so it couldn’t hurt.

He opened the fridge slowly, seeing all the pies were covered in a plastic cover. He was gonna grab the first one he saw until he saw a note on one of them.


This one is yours. Enjoy :)

– (Y/N)

He looked over at your sleeping figure before smiling. He would thank you in the morning.

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Bakushima workin out at the gym cause yknow, that's what bros do, not cause bakugou likes to steal glances at shirtless kirishima workin his biceps or anything, definitely not like bakugou finds himself watching the sweat drip down kirishima's body or anything, certainly not cause bakugou might be a lil gay for his hair-for-brains work out partner or anything

Romance is for losers. Bakugou doesn’t have time for things like holding hands, or kissing, or worse, love, which is probably totally fake and boring and pointless, because how in the world are you supposed to bench press something intangible like love. He’s never felt the need to throw himself at the feet of some girl who would just expect him to do things like take her out to movies, and listen to her feelings, and whatever the hell it is people in relationships do. Bakugou isn’t entirely sure, but that doesn’t mean he wants to know. He just doesn’t care.

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There’s a Tiger in our Living Room

Title: There’s a Tiger in our Living Room

Author: @blue-eyes-and-bow-and-arrows

Rating: F for Fluff

Word Count:   1,322

Summary: Alec loves hearing his children laugh. Alec hates seeing them hurt and his protectiveness kicks in.

Notes: Unbeta’d so all mistakes and errors are my own. For @magnusandalec and based on this post. I hope you enjoy!

One of the things that Alec Lightwood loved the most about having children was coming home after a long day at work to the sound of boisterous laughter that hit him before he even turned the key in the door. He could easily leave behind his work day at the Institute by simply stepping off the elevator on their floor, the laughter carrying throughout the building.  

Tonight was no different. High pitched laughter that bordered on a squeal - most definitely Max - hit his ears as soon as the elevator doors slid open. Rafael’s more mild, but no less infectious, laughter mingled in, and maybe it wasn’t perfectly harmonious in tone, but to Alec it was one of the most beautiful sounds he had ever heard.

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The truth is, traveling changes you. In the best and worst ways possible. You become suddenly aware of how big this world actually is, of how little you’ve seen of life and how eager you are to discover, to explore, to get to know. You want to take pictures and you want to memorize all these amazing places and you want to breathe in that air and feel, for the very first time, that you are truly free. That you are truly happy. You want to learn those languages and all that history and you want to look into all those strangers’ eyes and see mirrored in them the same feelings you are having. You will see that. You will share this wordless amazement that keeps our bodies moving and adrenaline running in our veins. The unknown is powerful. The unknown moves you in ways you can never quite put your finger on.
But once you start traveling, you never want to stop; you become restless, like no place is really enough for all the thirst you have. You need to get packing, you need to get going, you need to leave everything else behind to go after what makes you feel better, what keeps you alive. What gives you emotion. You want more. And more.
Go ahead. Travel.
—  Camilla Bazzanella
Elsanna fandom-uniting project

A few words to continue on from the many posts that I had to wake up to this morning. It’s already been pointed out that we’re a passive fandom, something that I’m also guilty of. When the Makorra fans hate on Korrasamians, what do they do? They unite and band together and encourage each other. That’s what we need to do. Stop reacting and start taking action.

So, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to pick a story, any story, and say one positive thing about it that sets it apart from everything else. What makes that story good, and why the fandom is better off with it—and its author. I don’t want to see anyone else feel like they, or their story, doesn’t belong.

All you have to do is reblog with a note, or start your own thread. This project now has its own separate blog, so feel free to submit there, too. Come on, everyone! It’s time to spread the love and encourage the people apart of this wonderful fandom.

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I love your account so much!!! Can you do the "I TOLD you not to go outside and did you listen? nO. AND NOW YOU HAVE A COLD. AND IM GONNA HAVE TO NURSE YOU BACK TO HEALTH WITH SOUP AND MANDATORY CUDDLES” au? It was on your page.. Could you do it for Solangelo??

Rain Au #1 Solangelo: “I TOLD you not to go outside and did you listen? nO. AND NOW YOU HAVE A COLD. AND IM GONNA HAVE TO NURSE YOU BACK TO HEALTH WITH SOUP AND MANDATORY CUDDLES” au

The rain was still pouring; Nico could hear the sound of thousands of raindrops hammering the roof of his cabin. Nico was sitting on his bed reading a book even though it was the middle of the day. Chiron wouldn’t make us do activities in this rain. Days where the weather is allowed in are free days…usually. He felt bad for the Demeter cabin because they had to make sure the strawberries didn’t get too much rain.

Shaking his head free of thoughts, Nico went back to reading his book. He read for gods know how long before a loud banging sounded. He ignored it at first. No one would be stupid enough to be out in this storm. The banging didn’t stop though, and Nico had had enough. He slammed his book down on the bed and marched over to the door. The dark haired demigod threw open the door, prepared to yell at whoever was stupid enough to knock, when he caught sight of one Will Solace.

“Sunshine, what are you doing? You’re soaked!” Nico shook his head and glared at the shivering child of Apollo. Will flashed him a grin. “I w-wanted t-to see y-you, Death Boy. C-can I come in?” Will stuttered out. Nico’s eyes widened and he ushered the sun child into his cabin. “Will, I told you to stay inside today! Now look at you! You probably have a cold!” Nico growled at Will who was dripping water all over his floor.

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I love how they keep reminding us that “romance is not the focus in Emma’s life right now” … well, no shit, Sherlock

It wasn’t the focus in Neverland, either, and look what happened there

I’m just saying.  Romance has NEVER been the “focus” of the show, it just sort of stems from everything else, and that’s what makes the moments BETTER