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I want screaming, vengeance hux who is in so much pain after kylo betrays the order. Like, he changes everything in the First Order and every time he hears anything that resembles Kylo and his redeemed state, Hux gets that much more bitter. He’s not in that melancholy memories sad. The only thing he mourned was his weakness. He’s fueled by anger so much he could probably one man build another Starkiller, and he will but bigger and better.
Also, when he sees Kylo for the first time. he spits and directs any insult towards Kylo. No matter how much Kylo begs, Hux stays solid in his position. Hux dreams to watch Kylo downfallen in the middle of a fire that Hux created. In the middle of a battle that Kylo lost and Hux stands supreme.
I live for bitter, petty, spiteful Hux. One who would rather stab himself than let the Resistance win. He bathes himself in the sadness of the Resistance and feels content when seeing Kylo’s face broken because he knows it’s his fault for Hux’s destruction.

A Slice of Pie

Prompt: Based on the idea that Bucky Barnes loves pumpkin anything.

Warnings: none

Bucky x Reader

Fall was your absolute favorite season. You loved the cool weather, the falling leaves, and the changing trees that lasted so briefly before the snow settled in. You didn’t have to worry about wearing anything fancy, it was all about comfy sweaters and leggings. Bucky liked all those because you liked all those things, but there was one thing he liked even better, your baking.

It was no secret to him, or the rest of the Avengers, that your cooking was superb, but your baking might as well have been from Asgard because it was out of this the world. No one could figure out what you did to make everything taste so much better than anyone else. Tony even went so far as you watch you and calculate every measurement of each ingredient that you used before trying to make it himself. Everyone could tell which was yours the instant the food hit their tongue.

At the moment you were busy making pumpkin pies, 8 pies to be exact. You were having a work meeting the following day and everyone have unanimously agreed that you would be in charge of the dessert. Seeing as it was fall you knew you had to be pumpkin pies. The only problem was that if the team found out you were making them, you would be lucky to make it out the door with even one. Because of this, you were up at 3 in the morning finishing off the last one. You placed it in the fridge to cool off before finally collapsing on the couch in the connected living room to sleep for a couple hours, before you had to sneak them downstairs.

The smell awoke Bucky from his sleep. At first he was too groggy to realize what it was, so he rolled over intending to pull you close to him only to find you weren’t there. His eyes shot open and he sat up, looking around the room to see if you had just got out of bed. He didn’t see you, and he panicked for a second until the smell hit him. The sweet smell of a freshly baked pumpkin pie.

He jumped out of bed, wide awake at this point and headed down to the kitchen, the smell intensifying with every step. His mouth was watering at the idea of pumpkin pie. Ever since you had given him a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks he was hooked on anything pumpkin. From pies to cookies to coffee, if it had pumpkin he wanted it.

He tiptoed into the kitchen, looking around to make sure you didn’t see him. He knew that you must have been baking this late in an effort to avoid the rest of the Avengers. They would have taken the pies and ran. He was was only going to get a slice so it couldn’t hurt.

He opened the fridge slowly, seeing all the pies were covered in a plastic cover. He was gonna grab the first one he saw until he saw a note on one of them.


This one is yours. Enjoy :)

– (Y/N)

He looked over at your sleeping figure before smiling. He would thank you in the morning.

feel something; turn it up loud, take a deep breath, scream out the words, and remember: you are a l i v e. [listen]

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