what makes countries rich or poor

“Thank you to the academy for endorsing the truths of what the film says, which hundreds and thousands of people in this country know, the most vulnerable and poorest are treated by the Government with a callous brutality that is disgraceful, a brutality that extends to keeping out refugee children we promised to help and that’s a disgrace too.

Films can do many things, they can entertain, terrify, they can make us laugh and tell us something about the real world we live in - sorry it’s early for a political speech - and in that real world it’s getting darker and in the struggle that is coming between rich and poor and the wealthy and the privileged and the big corporations and politicians who speak for them.

The rest of us on the other side - filmmakers know which side they are on and despite the glitz and glamour of occasions like this, we are with the people.”

~ Ken Loach, BAFTA speech for Best British Film 2017

Obsession with ending poverty is where development is going wrong | Efosa Ojomo
Almost all development projects focus on alleviating poverty rather than creating prosperity. This is a fundamental flaw

What the fuck is the racist colonialist rich people bullshit?

If asked “where is development going wrong”, I’d be more inclined to say something like “poor countries are poor because of histories of exploitation.  Imperialist nations steal 100 and give 10 back with imperialist restrictions and claim it represents generosity and lie and say shows how much better and more knowledgeable they are than the countries that produced the resources in the first place” not “well, it might make very poor people starve to death less, which isn’t very important because we only care about GDP”.

Pretty literally, this corporate funded bullshit article says that:

Because poverty almost always shows itself as a lack of resources in poor communities – food, safe water, sanitation, education, healthcare – it’s reasonable to theorise that poverty is a resource problem. So, based on that assumption, we execute a push strategy of development – pushing the resources poor communities lack in order to solve the issue. But while we might alleviate poverty, we don’t do much else.

Also that kids don’t need to learn how to read and it’s only important that wealthier kids can be sent to private schools and instead funds should be used to manage “dangerous” adults:

What’s the point of sending all children to school if they can’t get jobs when they graduate?

Development practitioners today must ask themselves, “How much value is there in pushing universal education in a poor country where a majority of the youth are unemployed?” or “What is the incremental value of teaching a five-year-old to read in a country where millions of 25-year-olds are out of work?” Should development organisations not focus more of their efforts on the potentially more dangerous and volatile 25-year-olds than on the innocent five year olds? I for one, have never met a dangerous five-year-old.

But one might rightly ask, what about the moral imperative to educate children and the long-term gains a country might experience as a result? Those are valid concerns. But those concerns aren’t considering the following. First, when adults have access to gainful employment, they are likely to send their children to much better schools than many of the free public schools in poor countries.

This is incredibly and violently racist, colonialist, and imperialist.  Everyone involved in publishing it should be ashamed of themselves, including the Guardian.

Curious am I, I am curious

Can somebody explain the whole “America is Great!” and “America is the greatest country on earth!” thing, since we don’t seem to want people to move here? What, our national character is now that of the rich, snobby and popular high school kid who makes a point of standing near the poor, unpopular kids to brag about the AWESOME party they had over the weekend, then mentions how they’ve heard it’s going to be a really hot summer but luckily Daddy just had this AMAZING inground pool installed. Is that who America is?
And now, the unpopular kids can’t even visit. Or..are we the unpopular kid who thinks they can impress everybody else by claiming to have all the cool stuff? Cuz I knew a kid like that. He lived out in the country just a bit so none of us could go to his house. He had EVERY G.I. Joe, ALL the Star Wars Lego™ sets. None of which he ever brought to school and none of which anybody actually saw. And of course he had an Atari 2600, Colecovision AND Intellivision with every single cartridge. And maybe he did, but we didn’t believe him, and didn’t really care. He was the dumbass everyone avoided talking to.
Sooooo….what is the point of the chest thumping? To let everyone else know that we are absolutely freaking awesome, but we don’t share? Is there some kind of weird contest going on that I’m unaware of?
I. Am. Curious.

In India, incomes have tripled in just the last 10 years. Ah, but who cares about those, um, 2.5 billion people? You do! Weren’t we just wishing for a Star Trek-style utopia where all of humanity is one? So we should be celebrating the golden wave that is lifting China and India out of poverty the same as if it happened to us, right? We’re all members of the human family.

And make no mistake, the economic slump us Americans and Europeans are grinding through is, ultimately, due to the fact that the rest of the world has finally been invited to the party. Fuel gets expensive because demand goes up, because people on the other side of the world are able to own their first cars, air conditioners, and computers. Good unskilled jobs are hard to come by because people in developing countries are competing for what are to them the first good jobs of their lives.

In other words, the rich man did give up his fortune to help the poor. It’s just that we’re all that rich man. If you have a home with a computer, a refrigerator, and air conditioning, then you’re in the top, upper crust of the world’s living standards. You’re living the Emily Ratajkowski life – the one everybody else wants. So does that give you a warm feeling in your heart knowing that your loss is their gain?

If not, why not?

7 Reasons the World Looks Worse Than It Really Is


Bernie Sanders is NO joke. I know he’s popular for his crazy hair, but he stands for so many great things. He wants to make our democracy an actual democracy again. Rich families are buying the government and controlling who is in office and what they stand for because they can buy them. He cares, ACTUALLY CARES, about the middle class. We are the wealthiest country but for some reason, we can’t take care of the hungry and the poor. He wants change. He cares about democracy, the climate, and the people of the United States. My vote 100% will go to Bernie Sanders.