what makes a man start fires

Hamilton Songs as notes we’ve gotten in drama




The Story Of Tonight: ur making fun of the dumb hetero nerd . “hahahahahah @ the straights. They care about death” – you , singing your solo lines in this song

The Schuyler Sisters: when he walks on be repulsed by him , you know what he’s like

Farmer Refuted: cut her off more intensely, don’t let her finish

You’ll Be Back: more desperation !! ur pathetic and a child

Right Hand Man: u need to reek of dad

A Winter’s Ball: this is a mess !!! It’s just a messy huddle , it’s a middle school dance ,this cannot be.


Satisfied: A bit more reminiscing here !! a bit more celebration to y’all . you’re leading the toast

The Story of Tonight Reprise: don’t stop staring at your hot crush !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait For It: be wracked more by the confusion and love an dhatred for this incredibly ridiculous man

Stay Alive: oh my god ??????????? that was so intense and cool and hot

Ten Duel Commandments: REACT TO THE GUNSHOTS YOU [redacted]

Meet Me Inside: be more reactive when your dad is hella mean


Guns and Ships: we aren’t in like . sasstown . we’re in france


Yorktown: you’re done fighting . be done fighting and look away and celebrate , you’re having a huge good time , you won !!!!! be siced . siced

What Comes Next: the funny parts are really over the top and funny


Tomorrow There’ll Be More of Us: good sadness , make it a little bit more heart rending

Non-Stop: FAST !!!!!!!! SONIC HEDGEHOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO QUICK

What’d I Miss: hair needs to calm down

Cabinet Battle #1: assume your positions with more gusto !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you’re ready to fight

Take A Break: pls stop

Say No To This: decide where you’re going when u bone

The Room Where It Happens: better with your characterization in this song !! you look tormented and its cool

Schuyler Defeated: this is dangerous . be scared and angry


Washington On Your Side: they sound pissed off. I like that

One Last Time: u never lose ur composure . good job mr . cool composed man

I Know Him: you’re happy , you’re lost in your dreams


We Know: look at each other before you sing the last line together, u know what’s up, ur scheming

Hurricane: this is so good . so much turmoil . you’re a stormy sea and it’s exactly what we want . lightning crashes . Poseidon is having a WILD time

The Reynolds Pamphlet: remember all those speeches I made about mistakes being fine ?????? yeah . that .

Burn: move more ! more energy !! more angry misery

Blow Us All Away: feel free to get more in the baby’s face !! you hate this child

Stay Alive Reprise: don’t weirdly waddle over , run !! legitimately try and catch the child . fast run to catch the baby boy

It’s Quiet Uptown: she’s mad at you and sad and you don’t want her to be upset



Best of Wives and Best of Women: have any of you ever made your own beds . this is not what a bed looks like .

The World Was Wide Enough:, stop moving you’re dead

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: I’M CRYING !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M ACTUALLY TEARING UP

Can I pull a Tupac?

Context: players are looting a tomb and there’s a orb that shoots lightning protecting the leaders’ coffin. The warlock disables the trap, and they open the coffin.

DM/Me: As you open the coffin, the dead body collapses into the floor in a pile of dust, destroyed over the ages. It mixes with the dust on the floor made from the destroyed lightning orb.

(A few minutes later after rummaging through the mans belongings)

DM: Rogue, what do you do?

Rogue, our brand new player: Hmm. Can I snort the dust from the orb to see what happens?

(Stunned silence)

DM: Make a con save?

Succeeds, and her brain starts to feel like pop rocks, synapses firing faster, and gaining advantage on her next roll.

Monk: You do realize you just snorted a dead body, right?

Rogue: Oh. Yeah. Shit.

I think she’s going to come back next week.


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Dean dove into the water, not thinking about the consequences, just desperate to save a man’s life.

“Dean!” you yelled at the top of your lungs.

The two of you had cornered a werewolf in the woods, or you thought you did. What you hadn’t expected was to run into a man in the woods, and that distraction had been enough for the werewolf to make a run for it. The poor man had started running in the opposite direction, directly onto the frozen lake. By the time you had fired at the creature, hitting it right in the heart, the ice had broken beneath the man’s weight, and he had disappeared into the icy water. Before you could say or do anything, Dean was diving after him.

For what felt like an eternity, there was only silence. You made your way towards the broken ice, going as far as you dared, when suddenly Dean emerged, alone. With a gasp of relief you reached out for him and helped him out of the water.

“I c-couldn’t g-grab him.” he said, his teeth clattering.

“It’s okay, Dean. It’s not your fault. Come on, we gotta get moving.”

“C-c-cabin.” was all he said and you nodded.

“I know, I saw it too. Come on.”

You half carried him to the small cabin, his body shivering violently against yours. You thanked your lucky star when you found the door unlocked and pulled Dean inside. You felt bad to be using this poor man’s cabin, but this wasn’t the time to dwell on it. Dean needed to get warm, fast. There would be time later to feel guilty.

“Come on, let’s get you out of these.” you said, pulling his jacket off of him. He let you remove his multiple layers for him, pulling his shirt over his head before unzipping his jeans and pushing them down his legs along with his boxers. Looking around you, you located some blankets and wrapped one around him.

“Come here.” you ordered, guiding him to the fireplace, making him sit on the thick carpet in front of it. You threw in some wood, cracked a match and soon the room was filled with the sounds of the crackling fire. You wrapped a second blanket around him and knelt in front of him, using a towel to dry his hair. He closed his eyes and you tried not to be distracted by his long eyelashes or the countless freckles on his nose and cheeks.

“Thanks.” he said after a while, opening his eyes to look at you. He was still shivering slightly, but at least his teeth were no longer clattering.

“You would have done the same for me.” you replied, your hands still rubbing his hair vigorously. “How are you feeling?”

“Like a damn ice cube.”

“Well, there’s one more thing we can try.” you said, pulling back, and he looked at you questioningly. You pulled your shirt over your head and threw it aside before reaching behind you to unhook your bra. He watched silently as you removed the rest of your clothes.

“Lie down on your back.” you commanded and he did as he was told. He opened his arms before wrapping them around your naked body as you laid down on top of him, the blankets snugly sheltering the two of you from the outside world.

“Shit you’re cold.” you complained as he pressed as much of himself against you as he possibly could, eager to steal your warmth.

“Sorry.” he said with a weak grin.

You both laid there for a few minutes, silent and still as you watched the fire, your head resting on Dean’s chest, his arms wrapped around you, your body heat slowly transferring to his.

“Feeling better?” you asked after a while.

“I don’t know, I still feel pretty cold. We should stay like this a little longer.” he deadpanned. “Just to be safe, you know?”

Laughing softly you lifted your head to look at him and kissed him. You had meant it as a quick peck but then he opened his mouth, allowing you to slip your tongue between his lips, and you couldn’t resist. His hands slid down your back to rest against your ass, kneading your cheeks gently, and you moaned into his mouth. Without warning his hands were spreading your legs apart and he was sitting up, pulling you up with him, causing his cock to grind against your core and you both moaned at the feeling, looking at each other with wide eyes.

“I was trying so hard to control myself,” he said, slightly breathless. “but then you had to go and kiss me like that.”

“You’re stronger than me, I guess.” you replied before taking his mouth again in a searing kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing your breasts against his firm chest. His hands were back on your ass, pulling you closer. With one roll of your hips he was inside you, stretching your walls and making you gasp.

“Fuck.” he breathed and you held onto him tighter, pressing your forehead against his.

“Are you okay?” you asked him, concerned. “Maybe we shouldn’t-”

“Don’t stop now.” he cut you off, kissing you before you could reply. You swiveled your hips slowly and were rewarded with low moans that resonated deep inside you. His hands on your hips imposed a faster rhythm, one you were more than eager to keep up with. When he tried to buck his hips against yours, you stopped moving, pushing down to immobilize him.

“Don’t.” you admonished. “Let me do all the work.”

“God, you’re killing me.” he whined and you squeezed your walls around him in response. “Fuck! Alright. I won’t do anything. Just… please…”

You resumed your movements and this time he didn’t move. His fingers dug inside the flesh of your ass when you quickened the pace, furiously bouncing on top of him now. One of your hands reached for your core, your fingers working your clit as Dean’s head rolled backwards, his whole body tensing beneath you as he climaxed. Your own orgasm hit you by surprise, quick and intense. As you started coming back down, you could feel Dean lying on his back again, pulling you down with him. He rolled the both of you to the side and wrapped his arms around you.

“So? How do you feel now?” you mumbled sleepily against his chest.

“I feel like I should dive into frozen lakes more often.” he replied before kissing you.

adam taurus will be the one to take out sienna khan

its pretty obvious that sienna khan represents shere khan and  I thanks to silvereyedmaiden369 thinks adam represents mowgli “Remember how Adam’s sword is called "Wilt” as in reference to his red rose emblem?

And that because Adam’s sword is made of fire Dust it can make fiery slashes when activated by his Aura?

External image

The animals of the Jungle were afraid of Mowgli because he knew how to use fire. Power. I was wrong. Adam does not represent “the red flower”. He owns “the red flower”. Adam’s name also ironically translates to “man”.“ plus its


also in the 2016 movie shere khan had killed mowglis parents what if sienna khan killed adams family and pinned it on humans to get adam to start hating humans / plant the seeds to cause him to hate humans. and it to effect his growth.

also mowglis was given the nickname Man-cub and adam taurus can translate to man bull


Kipling stated that the first syllable of "Mowgli” should rhyme with “cow"and cow is the female counterpart to bull



For Day 1 of @fredrobinweek​ even though it’s about day three aha….Prompt was Old Habits Die Hard!

I perhaps took this a bit literally. 

“My dear,” you tell your ever-mother hen husband Frederick, “no amount of mollycoddling will get me through this.”

“Hush, dear,” said Frederick. It’s been sixty years since your marriage to Frederick, and the man is yet to change since. You’ve raised a lovely family, and even have your grandchildren popping over for visits weekly. Just yesterday you spent hours playing with the little ones, making sure to give them all their favorite things at once.

“You’re spoiling them,” Morgan had said. “What’s the matter?”

You simply smiled and said there was nothing at all. But Frederick knew. He knew, and he was afraid. He made the excuse to put you to bed the minute Morgan and family left, and started his old remedies. He warmed the fire, made soup, and covered you in blankets. You worry for his back, but he refuses to hear of it. The man moves as though he’s as youthful he was the day you met. In his heart, he senses that your time together will end soon, and yet, he tries his damnedest. Just a cold, just a cold…nothing some remedies won’t fix.

He brings your third bowl of soup when he notices something terribly amiss. Your breathing is shallower, and your voice much more quieter. “Frederick,” you say sadly. “You’ve given me a beautiful life. And I—“

“Don’t say it. Please. I just need to take you to a healer and—“

“Frederick. This is it. It’s—“

He keeps shaking his head, but he’s at your bedside and clasping your hands, his tears soaking your fingers. A moment like this, you deserve some privacy as you tell him how much you love him, your family, and that you’d have done it all over again with him. When it’s all said and done, all that’s left is a bowl of soup, and a smile on your weary face.

It won’t be the end, he swears. He just has to hurry up and meet with you on the other side. No matter what it takes…he’ll love you harder, work harder so that like before when you left, you can come back. Except this time, he’s the one that must follow you, even beyond this realm.

Honestly I am just glad that now not even the fanboys will be able to defend him, they were saying that he produced this crap because of mean WSJ that fired him, cut Bleach off, which I can understand really, you read this piece of shit that is the worst manga ending you could make and you think that there has to be a reason, maybe the poor man was treated badly and they didn’t want him continuing bleach anymore, maybe he was rushed but now you hear him say that he did what he planned from the start (lol Whut?) who is going to defend him anymore? He just gave proof that he is a shitty mangaka and a shitty author and the best part is that he dare say “I feel like there are a lot of thing’s I’ve left out” LOL omg this is amazing he really is Tite Kubo author of Bleach a “gag” manga and a great liar.

Had to tell a grown ass man today that making gross, sexist comments about my female coworker’s ass is wrong (whether he says them to her or not), and subsequently got barked at by said man with no regard for personal space because “he can say whatever he wants about her body” and “I need to stop with all this childish bullshit” and “he spends tons of money in this store” (he’s never spent a dime), and “he has tons of respect for women” (laughably ironic). What better way to start the week than with a man yelling at you, making you fear for your safety, and threatening to call your boss to possibly get you fired?

The Fox and The Maiden Fair: The Princess and The Vikings Archive of Our Own
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

“I’m sorry. It’s hard to leave everything behind so fast. I’ll grow used to my new life. How long it will take for us to arrive?”

Sigvard liked her. He thought she could make Ivar less angry. “Two or three days. It depends.”

Emer looked at him in confusion. “Depending on what?”

Sigvard replied in amusement. “It depends on how long and fast you can ride your horse, princess.”

Emer replied. “I may be a princess, but I’m not made of glass. I can keep your pace.”

The men around the fire laughed as they have heard the funniest of jokes. What made Emer feel challenged. They ate and one of them, Bragi, took a panpipe to sing a ballad. It was not so different from the meals in her father’s lands. The man started reciting a poem about the punishment of the god Loki and the role of his loyal wife, Sigyn.

Emer was impressed that the tale was so much like one that she has heard as a child. About how a common salmon ate nine hazelnuts that feel into the Well of Wisdom. What has made the fish gain all knowledge. The first person to eat of its flesh would conquer this wisdom.

In Loki’s story, he fled from Asgard due his role in Baldr’s death. By day he turned himself into a salmon and hid beneath a nearby waterfall. By night he sat by his fire and weaved a net for fishing for his food.

Emer was curious. Bragi stopped to drink. “What happens? Odin will find out about Loki’s schemes?”

Sigvard laughed with the princess’ interest. “He found out, princess. When Loki sees his former friends approaching, he threw the net in the fire and hid himself in the stream in his salmon form.”

“Just like Gwion did to hide from the Goddess Ceridwen.” Emer thought to herself.

Bragi kept narrating about how the Gods tried to capture Loki with a net, and each time the salmon barely eluded them.

Emer was questioning Sigvard each time the narrator stopped to drink. “So, Loki fleed from the Gods’ wrath?”

Sigvard thought the woman was as curious as his son, Harald. “We must wait to know it.”

Emer was impatient with the storyteller. “Why he must stop that much to drink?”

Bragi continued the story. Emer was now aware that, at last, the fish was caught by Thor.

When Emer saw that the man has stopped, once again, to drink she sighed. It was like the story would never end. She was tired, and in need to sleep. They have challenged her to make the journey in two days. She should rest to gain strength to beat them in their own game.

“I think I’m going to sleep. We have a long journey tomorrow, Sigvard.”

He looked at her mockingly, “But you will miss the best part of the story.”

Emer smiled, “I know what you and your friends are trying to do. I’m not innocent.”

Sigvard pretended to be offended. “I would never think you are naive.”

Why people should not hate on Chaol/why he is a really awesome character:

- he is a very loyal man - he worked hard to get where he is and it’s natural to feel loyalty to his king
- he became Captain of the Guard at a very early age, which proves that he is intelligent, driven and capable
- he fights his feelings for Celaena very hard, but in the end gives in and tried to reconcile who he is as a man/his honor to his king with what he feels and what he wants
- he does the best he can to protect her - he sends her to Wendlyn and kickstarts in this way her whole transformation from Celaena to Aelin; he forces her to do *something* and he’s basically the catalyst for everything that happens to her in Heir of Fire
- he makes a deal with his father, a man he despised, to protect the woman he loves
- he realizes who the king is and the threat he poses to the whole of Erilea and starts actively working with Aedion against him; don’t tell me that you have never been wrong in your life, then realized that and tried your best to rectify your mistakes - that is exactly what Chaol is doing now
- his rift with Dorian was natural and expected; remember, he is in his early twenties, which means that he was about 10 when magic disappeared - he was taught his whole life that magic was something vile and something that should be despised - it’s natural to feel repulsion when faced with Dorian and Celaena’s magic
- he loves Celaena and he represented safety for her when she needed it; yes, he did lie to her at some point, or more like - hidden the truth, but you have to realize that what happened with Nehemia would have eventually taken place anyway, regardless of him - it was bigger than Chaol and it was necessary to jumpstart things; Chaol is not at fault for what happened to Nehemia
- he is still more loyal to Dorian than he is to the king
- he is awesome and fantastic - bottom line

It doesn’t matter whether a man is in his backyard, lost in the woods, or attending a children’s music recital, if he can’t get a fire going at a moment’s notice, he is a hopeless failure. Fire has been so integral to the success of our species that now we can’t help but start them, even accidentally on the sides of freeways and with grease in our own kitchens. In fact, if a man can’t build a fire, you should rip open his trench coat and make sure he’s not just a bunch of rabbits piled on top of each other pretending to be your boyfriend.

The trick, of course, is to start small when building a fire: create a teepee of dry twigs, stuff some tinder or kindling in the middle, and then gradually add bigger and bigger pieces of wood in the same structural form as the fire catches and grows.

But what if that sounds like a lot of work?

Fair enough. I get it, the modern man doesn’t always have time to sit around blowing on dead grass and bark. These aren’t the carefree days of living in caves and eating every animal and berry in the forest for free. He has people counting on him in other quadrants of his life, specifically his followers on Twitter, who are waiting for hilarious updates about his camping trip. So consider this rule amended to: Every modern man should be able to build a fire using only a Duraflame log, lighter fluid, and 87 matches.

4 Things Every Modern Man Should Be Able to Do

The Signs As Halsey Lyrics

Aries-“I don’t like them innocent, I don’t want no face fresh”-ghost

Taurus-“White sheets, bright lights, crooked teeth, in the night life”-is there somewhere

Gemini-“Go on and light a cigarette, set a fire in my head”-trouble

Cancer-“You’re writing lines about me, romantic poetry”-is there somewhere

Leo-“Cigarettes and tiny liquor bottles, just what you’d expect inside her new Balenciaga”-new americana

Virgo-“They sent him away to find them a fortune, a chest filled with diamonds and gold”-control

Libra-“We know very well who we are so we hold it down when summer starts”-new americana

Scorpio-“You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece”-colors

Sagittarius-“You’ve got a fire inside but your heart’s so cold”-haunting

Capricorn-“I’m headed straight for the castle, they wanna make me their queen”-castle

Aquarius- “Don’t belong to no city, don’t belong to no man”-hurricane

Pisces- “So won’t you take a breath and dive in deep”-haunting


REPOST @staythecourse_. This officer is a true WARRIOR.

These are words from a personal friend who responded to one of his brothers attempted execution.

Last night, you were stopped at the red light at 60th and Spruce. You were working solo, probably bored out of your mind because it was a quiet night. As the light turned green, you proceeded through the intersection. What you didn’t see was a man approaching your driver side window with a fully loaded handgun by his side. Without warning or provocation, he raised his weapon and began firing into your vehicle. Shot after shot, bullets ripped through the driver side door. Relentlessly, he continued his assault and started to make his way closer: 9 feet. 6 feet. 3 feet. Until finally his pistol was inside the driver side window of your vehicle. He continued to squeeze off rounds at point blank range. I know this because I watched the surveillance video showing his assassination attempt. You ducked your head down at just the right moment that rounds actually missed your head by inches. 3 bullets tore into your arm, shattering the bone and severing an artery. Without hesitation, you fought your attacker almost instantly. You drew your service weapon and viciously returned fire. It was literally a fight for life and death. Your shots were fierce and accurate enough that he retreated. He was wounded but continued to fire as he fled. You exited your car and attempted to pursue this coward, but your gunshot wounds were too much. The blood poured out of your arm like a faucet and into the street. You hit the microphone on your radio “SHOTS FIRED! SHOTS FIRED! I’m shot, give me more units. 60th and Spruce. I’m bleeding profusely!” Every cop in the city and surrounding counties responded. I was only 2 minutes away, but it felt like it took me an hour. We almost crashed 3 separate times trying to get to you. Other officers (who are in my squad and that I’m damn proud of) chased after the shooter and caught him a block away, the smoking pistol still in his possession. 2 officers threw you in their car and rushed you to Presbyterian hospital where their trauma unit and surgeons worked through the night to stop the bleeding.

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what makes me so angry about this copyright infringement meme is that it started because some people on tumblr had no fucking idea how copyright laws work and thought taylor was strolling through social media on her off days solely for the purpose of getting her fans into legal trouble and it sprung up again because taylor was sexually harassed two years ago (2!!! years!!! she didn’t even make a deal out of it, let alone a big one, no one even fucking knew it happened besides the ones involved) and now the man who groped her ass at her own concert–who got fired because he couldn’t figure out how to act around another gender without being a dickfuck about it–is PRESSING CHARGES against her because his shitty self couldn’t keep his hands off of her rear end which resulted in him being fired from his job because newsflash sexual harassment in the workplace or places where you perform your job is illegal and he sued!!! her!!! two years later!!!!!!!! and this meme is making a comeback because people saw the words “lawsuit” and “taylor swift” together so obviously people have to join in on it. so yeah now half of tumblr is making light of a woman being harassed at her own concert and dealing with it. but w/e i mean if it gets you notes…….


Günün anlam ve önemine uygun olarak :[Full Album] Minutemen - What Makes a Man Start Fires? 

Title: your eyes are like starlight now

Pairing: Larry

Rating: Mature

Warnings: smut

Louis started down the stairs, but stopped when the man spoke. “Uh—it’s really bad out there, what’re you gonna… I mean, you can come in if you want.” He turned back around and saw the man stepping aside and opening the door wider. He nodded and Louis noted the brown curls that hung a little past his shoulder bounce gently. When Louis didn’t move, the curly haired man pressed his lips together and drummed his fingers over his mouth before lighting up. “I was just about to make myself hot chocolate, too. And the fire’s on.”

Now he was bribing Louis. Louis grimaced. It sounded tempting, and really he wasn’t sure if he could go anywhere at the moment. Louis nodded, giving into the invitation. “Sure, thanks.” He said, running up the few stairs and wiping his trainers on the welcome mat before entering, the man shutting the door quietly.


Or a ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ AU where during a whiteout blizzard, Louis’ car breaks in front of Harry’s house, and out of the kindness of his heart, Harry lets Louis stay in until the storm’s ended.