what make you come alive

Whenever she saw him her eyes; they sparkled like glitters. She was ordinary but with him she was a masterpiece. And that is what love does to you, Love enlightens you, it makes you come alive, more active. Love makes you feel confident about yourself. It makes you love yourself when you hate every single detail of yours. And with her he was becoming a true gentleman. He loved the way she hugged her, he loved when her lips moved to wave out his name.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1163 // @devashrificent on Instagram
Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

I was recommended by a lovely anon friend about this game! I just downloaded it and it’s so soothing and nice with such lovely colors.

Description: Abyssrium is for those who like their gaming Zen. Creating cute reef fish is almost as mesmerizing as swimming with the real thing. But it’s what happens when you’re away that makes the underwater world come alive. Anemones and coral grow, feeding your expanding menagerie. You won’t want to be gone for long!

Sakamaki: in love. Headcannons. Requested By Anon.

- it might take him a little while before he realizes what you mean to him. Until he does he will most likely hang around you more. And might pick on you a little bit, wondering what about you makes him feel alive again.
- Once he has confessed and comes to terms with his affect for you. Right away him places his mark on you, warning his others brothers that if they but you or upset you in any way they have to deal with them.
- He will make more efforts to be a little bit more active and will plan to take you out places. And will allow you to come and go as you please.
- He will most likely shower you with adoration, gifts and praise.
- He sleeps more often in your room then his own.
- He trails you like a shadow. And will likely listen to your simple requests.
- The way he confesses to you will be really romantic, and sweet, but simple. Like a rose with a nose attached to it.

- he notices right away, but he will question why he loves you a lot. So you will often catch him staring at you with confusion.
- He be strangely more playful with you, once he comes to terms with it.
- He makes a rule that his brothers must obey you.
- He barely punishes you at all, but will threaten to try and keep you in line.
- The few times he does punish you is followed by very sweet aftercare.
- He will have you with him as much as he can, and will seek your praise and your praise alone.
- He will most likely confess in a very grand way. As in taking you out to a fancy restaurant, taking you dancing, on a boat ride which will most likely end in fireworks. Only then will he get down on one knee and confess to you.

- the great one might be a bit blind to his feelings. But will certainly be freakishly possessive of you.
- Will start picking on you less, and you’ll most likely see the softer side of him. The side that blushes at what you say to him and your smile.
- More often then not he will sneak into your room so he can hold you close.
- He will start taking you places, he will also be more gentle when he bites into you.
- All of these will happened before he notices his feelings for you. One of his brothers will most likely have to point it out.
- But right away he will straight up confess to you. Asking you right wit with blushing cheeks for you to go out with him.

- he will notice once he likes you.
- He won’t be as erratic and all over the places. In fact he will be fairly normal, since you calm him down.
- He will stop visiting his dolls as much, in fact he will get rid of them if you wanted him too.
- Will shower you in at least three gifts a day.
- He will make you several outfits, some even from the request. Basically you’ll be some his living doll. Which he will adore and baby to with every part of him.
- He likes to sleep barely clothed with you. As in your only in your underwear and he is only in his. So he can feel you pressed up against him.
- When he finally confesses he is a blushing mess. And it’s when your in a room that he has hand set up with all your favorite things.

- he can barely figure it out till his brothers finally sit him down and explain even after that it still takes him a while to accept it.
- Once he does he will not give a damn about other females. Even ignoring them, insulting them, and pushing them aside.
- he treats you like a princess. And will address you as such.
- He started having more respect for you, he will still tease you but is nicer about it and won’t force you into anything you done want.
- He will confess to you with a speech he as prepared. Stating how he couldn’t believe how he fell in love with someone. And will go on to state ever small things about you that makes him love you more and more each day.

- oh he picks up the second it happens and is blushing as red as his eyes. All walls beware.
- At first he will try and stay away and then will find out he can’t. Because he needs you like you need air.
- He will always be at your side. And will often in fact caring your books and you from class to class. Not caring as the teachers tell him to put you down. He will make some excuse and will carry you.
- He is your personal bodyguard, all brothers beware of the wrath of Subaru if they draw even think to bite you.
- It will take most likely a year before he confesses to you and it’s because he can bare it anymore.
- The confession will most likely come when he as a breakdown.
- Right away afterwards he is more affectionate though he blushed a lot more. He doesn’t care because he has you.

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Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive - and then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Dr. Howard Thurman (via OptimisticallyAstray)

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