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Part 2 witch!au!!! I wanna know more about their deal and why Neil's not Andrews familiar!

Neil is not Andrew’s familiar because he is not a spirit. Familiars are essentially the essence of a witch’s spirit and inner self taking the form of an animal. Gaining a familiar is a complicated process and requires blood magic, and Neil wasn’t summoned to Andrew’s side. It’s kind of hard to explain, but you know *jazz hands* magic.

As for the deal, it went something like this:

  • it’s the beginning of summer and andrew is tired
  • being around annoyances for nine months was exhausting and the only reason andrew is letting kevin inside his car is because of their promise
  • kevin stays in the car when andrew goes out
  • not too far but far enough that andrew can pretend to be alone
  • except there’s a cat in the tree above him that’s practically suffocating in binding magic
  • really, it’s a surprise that the cat’s even keeping himself upright
  • andrew… well, he’s not about to let a cat suffer so he takes the cat and does some magic to dispel the bind
    • side note: binding magic isn’t bad in any way
    • it’s usually used to make teammates/partners stronger
    • it can also be used as a sort of marriage ceremony
    • typically, binding magic isn’t permanent and requires the consent of all parties
    • however, the deal with the cat was that a taboo sort of binding spell was used so that he wouldn’t be able to escape his master without causing pain unto himself
    • that spell is not public knowledge–only the influential are meant to know about it
    • back to the story

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Scorpius and Albus are the perfect team in class. They have opposing and complementary skill sets, so they can always help each other study.

Scorpius, in all his flaily over-exuberance, has a tendency to be slightly slapdash with his wandwork, whereas Albus is a little more precise and economic in his movements. Sometimes in class, when Scorpius is flourishing wildly, Albus will grab his hand and start guiding him through the wand movements. It’s partly out of self-preservation (he’s nearly been poked in the eye one too many times to feel safe), and it’s partly out of a desire to help, because “no, you can’t just wiggle it around randomly like that. It won’t work. It has to be like this.” (Scorpius is too good to be let down by imprecise wand movements.)

For the first few years it’s all innocent, of course – imagine eleven year old Albus tutting and showing Scorpius how to do a proper swish and flick, because he doesn’t have any hope of doing the spell himself, but one of them might as well earn some points for Slytherin. But then by the end of fourth year they’re both getting a bit blushy and awkward, and Albus becomes very careful to grab Scorpius’s wrist, not his hand. And then by their last couple of years Scorpius will sometimes mess up just to give Albus an excuse to hold his hand in class.

Albus has a different problem to Scorpius. His spell pronunciation can be dreadful, whereas Scorpius, who’s learned French and a little bit of Latin ever since he was little, is fine with the languages. The words are the easy bit. Sometimes Albus will be sitting in the common room during the evening, muttering his way through the spells he has to memorise in time for their next Charms class, and Scorpius will just glance up from his book and correct him.

“No, it has to be an ‘ou’, Albus. Not ‘oo’, or ‘ew’. It really makes a difference.”

“Does it?” Albus will groan, thumping his forehead on the desk.

Scorpius will rub his back soothingly. “Come on, practice it now. Ooooooouuuuuuu.”

And then they’re both sitting there making silly noises together, Scorpius might even throw in a bit of overtone chanting, just to make the whole thing even more ridiculous. Albus will realise all of a sudden how absurd they sound, and collapse into a fit of giggles (which is partly Scorpius’s fault for thinking Jelly Slugs before a late night study session are a good idea; Albus isn’t cut out for this amount of sugar), and then they’ll just lie on top of each other, snorting and cackling, and crying with laughter. Everyone else in the common room thinks they’re a bit mad, and they’re both happy to admit they are, because they enjoy being this way, and every single time, despite all the weirdness, Albus manages to remember all his spells and how to pronounce them properly!






Hogwarts headcanon time:

Everyone seems to think that all the hidden corridors and moving staircases are intentional, because the founders were a bit insane (which is true). But what if most of it wasn’t intentional? What if it’s the cumulative result of generations of young witches and wizards learning magic and all the stray magic floating about?

Like, what if that one stair poor Neville keeps getting stuck in was the result of someone trying to pull a prank on their friend in 1824 and no one could figure out a counter curse? Or the moving staircases were the result of too many jinxes and missed spells and no one really knows why they move or when they started (but Hermione did find the first recorded instance of a moving staircase in 1532 in Hogwarts, a History)

I feel like all those quirks in the castle are much more the result of the school just being so saturated with magic and mischief that it’ll never be a remotely normal building again.

so if you care to find me
look to the western sky
as someone told me lately
everyone deserves the chance to fly


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↳ 06. Mal and her amazing discretion.

You will go. You will find the Fairy Godmother and you will bring me back her magic wand. Easy peasy. What’s in it for us? It’s all about you and me, baby. Do you enjoy watching innocent people suffer? Well, yeah. I mean, who doesn’t… Well, then get me the wand and you and I can see all that and so much more. And with that wand and my scepter, I will be able to bend both good and evil to my will! And If you refuse, you’re grounded for the rest of your life, missy.

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Nickname: ktee, ducky, rice, katherine

Sign: aquarius

Height: i haven’t measured myself in a while but i think around 158cm/5′2

Last Thing You Googled: is it safe to eat soggy potatoes

Favorite music artist: tegan and sara………..shut your up i’m gay (also steel train)

Song stuck in my head: waterfall by tlc

Last movie you watched: scott pilgrim vs the world

What are you wearing right now: my pink tegan quin shirt and jeans

What do you post: what DON’T i post?

Why did you choose your URL: there was that meme where it’s like “your superhero name is the last thing you ate + your fav animal” or something like that and mine turned out to be bread dog and i thought that sounds pretty cool but there were several variations of breaddog taken on tumblr so i added the extra b, which is also there to balance out the double d aesthetic

Do you have any other blogs: i have a tegan and sara side blog @tesquin and another blog which i did own once about…a particular aspect……of steel train….which i regret…..i handed it over to a friend bc i didn’t want the username plaguing my screen every time i went into settings. she doesn’t use her tumblr much anymore so it’s just sitting there…out there somewhere…..in the world wide web. you’ll have a hard time prying the url out of my hands i’m never giving it out

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: i’ve never been in one before lmao

Favorite Color: blue or teal

Average Hours Of Sleep: like 6 ??

Lucky Number: 7 bc i’m harry potter trash

Favorite characters: FIRSTLY i know he can be a real dickhead sometimes but honestly??? i hate how relatable he is - connor walsh from htgawm. 

SECOND hernando fuentes from sense8 a REAL AND TRUE ANGEL he loves his art and he is so good at what he does and  he L O V E S LITO SO MUCH. 

also from sense8 AMANITA CAPLAN WHAT the fuc k she is so….SMART and amazing??? she loves nomi so MUCH she would do ANYTHING for her and she is so??? so smart about it what to heck she is so intelligent and incredible and her CLAP 👏 BACKS 👏 TRULY ICONIC. i would LET HER HOLD A GUN TO MY HEAD AND i would Thank Her.

fourth…maybe last, jacob kowalski from fantastic beasts what the fucking,,,he is so fucked over by all this wizard stuff but honestly???? he tries to wrap his head around it and with the things he can’t understand he just accepts without further question. admittedly he is scared bc really who wouldn’t be but even though he is scared he does’t try to fight whatever it is that’s scaring him whether that be wizard magic or a magical creature. and also he cares so much? he cares about the animals and he takes the time to understand and care for them. he doesn’t think newt’s weird for taking care of wild creatures like every other wizard does. these creatures are so (literally) otherworldly that yes he was scared of them at first but he was also?? fascinated and he was never aggressive to creature or human. he’s just….so…..caring….he is so kind and incredible and honestly i could see him cradling his and queenie’s daughter in his arms bye he is so loving and lovely and god what is there not to love about him

this has gone on for way too long

How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: usually 1 but 2 if it’s cold

Dream Job: music theatre actor

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i’m two (too) short but i mean  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I had a dream about coleslaw last night and now they’re serving it at lunch. Magic!

This is what being a yogi is all about. This is why we do it, folks.

look, i know that everyone loves a good hogwarts au, but…… have you ever considered……. marinette and adrien end up going to  beauxbatons academy of magic

Some fella saying that Sam Wilson is hot as hell. See no lies here, pal

Captain America & the Mighty Avengers #1 (2015)

  • James: She's not interested, Padfoot.
  • Sirius: Oh, sweet James. Of course she's interested. You'll see, I have the magic touch.
  • James: ...You have the what?
  • Sirius: The magic touch.
  • Remus: So you have 'the touch'? That sounds like something you should get looked at.
  • Sirius: What - no, you idiots, the magic touch, how do you not know what I'm talking about-
  • James: We're all magic.
  • Remus: We literally all have the 'magic touch', Padfoot.
  • James: So really, you're just saying you have 'the touch'.
  • Remus: Sounds terribly dirty.
  • James: Sounds diseased, really.
  • Sirius: ...You know what, you're both terrible friends.
  • James: *gasps* Sirius!
  • Remus: Don't listen to him, Prongs. It's 'the touch' talking.

Ford canonically uses magic, not just science, when he does experiments and what not. Like, he has spells in the journal (on the Lepracorn page he even says he’s making a ‘luck potion’), he uses a spell to protect the Shack from Bill. I’d love to see more stuff with pseudo-wizard scientist Ford, mucking around between the lines of science and magic. I need more Ford casting spells and doing magic-y things, and Stan calls him Ford-y Potter.

Bright colors and cuteness for everyone

Lazy Sunday- 10 Years

2015 is the 10 year anniversary of the SNL digital short.

10 years.

Lazy Sunday was the first. The iconic video was shot in days, on a low-quality borrowed camera. The group spend the night before the show editing it for broadcast, and freaking out.

Lazy Sunday made Youtube, and has been called the video that launched viral videos, with millions of views before it was pulled.

But if you look closely, you can just see a bunch of guys who nobody knew, filming, with no permits and having fun.

Samberg and Parnell walk up to a clerk who has no idea what’s going on..

And start rapping together.

But blink, and you’ll miss it, when they catch her smiling at the camera…

… as Samberg and Parnell ham it up in front of her !

Samberg said the best thing about the video was that, because it was pre-taped, they had no idea how the audience would react to it. When you hear the audience laughing, on the video, you’re hearing the same sounds that the cast heard as they waited- the reaction that told Samberg et. al that they had a hit. 




Finally, here are my pieces for the HxH Big Bang!! The fic is “Days gone by” by @ardathsade!

I had a really great time drawing these, and absolutely loved the story!!! Even though I was stepping waaay out of my comfort zone here, it was a real challenge haha Thankfully the writing gave me freedom to imagine and experiment.
Gotta say I’m impressed though, Tonpa is in no way a character I would get invested in if not for this wonderful fic!! So I can’t recomend this enough, seriously people go read it!

Last but not least, thank you all the amazing people who put this event together!