what lucy ate

Lemon bliss balls

- 1 & ½ cups desiccated coconut
- 1 cup almond meal
- 4 tablespoons brown rice syrup/agave/honey
- 4 tablespoons coconut oil
- zest 1 lemon
- juice 1 lemon (add/subtract according to how tangy you want them)
- vanilla extract

Mix dry ingredients in large bowl, add zest & mix well. Next add sweetener, vanilla, coconut oil & lemon juice. Mix until combined.
Roll into balls & cover with coconut. My sister added natural pink dye to them as a cheerful pick me up - but I think mixing through raspberries would probably be a better idea. Yum!

Cacao fruit slice & some vegan chocolate slice made with puffed grains and raw buckwheat. (Photo taken by my sister @healthfoodproject).

Lots of sweets! Basically; I’m trying to get rid of my cacao stash as quickly as possible. I’ve noticed that eating it makes my heart beat a lot faster/work harder than usual and it’s actually quite scary. I don’t ever react to excess caffeine, so i’m not sure what’s changed lately.