what lovely urls

hey did you know that

i love betty finn

It’s just cute when tumblr users use a character from a show as their main icon but then they put a different one on their side-bar and use the name of yet another character as their url. It’s like they are saying “Hey! Welcome to my blog, as you can see I love these characters a lot, and there’s so many more of them, but unfortunately I cannot show more”

Videogame Meme / Seven Male Characters [1/7]  - Matt Miller

You’ve spent months lying to us about what we’re hunting out here, and now when it’s clear it can’t possibly succeed, you want to keep lying? - Billy Bones // ep. 1.01

ive been on this hell site for so long without having a dany url which is my #1 goal on this site but alas, i will wait here patiently for a canon dany url

in the meantime, i have a not canon url but as close to the one i want, sooooo what do yall think about daenerys-targarven as a new url? or should i keep patchface?