what losers think

/// when someone thinks you r cool:

What was my fav part of King’s Cage you ask?

Well, it might have been all the times Mare spit on people and chapter 22 and 25.

JK it was totally that time that Mare and Cal worked together to smash Samson merandus head into the pavement of Caesar Square like it was a melon. That just *wipes away a proud tear* that just really did it for me.

Yoooo~ So this was supposed to be a White Day thank you gift for my awesome possum JG Secret Valentine @microsoftgod, but as you can see…..I did not make the deadline orz 

But yes, as a Korean who must support their native films, I did my service did watch Train to Busan and was laughing at this being on your wishlist. You’re fabulous. I hope you like. Stay Awesome.


… the Sherlock team meeting the Shadowhunters team. Magnus and Jim are being sassy, 

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Sherlock liking of Clary, Irene and Isabelle looking seductive to each other, 

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Lestrade and Luke are like “so you are a werewolf and a cop?” Sebastian and Jace just glare in a scary way to each other, 

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every time Raphael rolls his eyes Molly blushes, John and Alec look at each other awkwardly and Mycroft only looks at all the people thinking “What losers”. 

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(not my gifs, credit to whoever made them)

my fav cartoons/fandoms im in/ stuff i keep up with:

  • The Venture Bros.
  • Gorillaz(band)
  • Watch Dogs 2
  • Daria
  • BoJack Horseman
  • South Park
  • Daft Punk(band)
  • Rick and Morty
  • Bob’s Burgers
  • Archer
  • Danny Phantom
  • Harry Potter
  • Teen Titans (only early 2000s show)
  • Superjail
  • Sweet/Vicious (renew this MTV)
  • Archie Comics
  • Riverdale (by extention since i grew up reading the comics^)
  • any late 90s early 2000s cartoons, yes any (e.g ppg,grim adventures.. etc.)

this is excluding anime but I dont watch a lot of modern anime, nor do i keep up with it.

this is also excluding many non cartoon shows and stuff (exception with Riverdale and S/V because their comic book-y/based on comics) also daft punk is in there b/c i mean pls.

tsukkiyama headcanon where tsukki and yamaguchi swap music regularly and tsukki sends yama a playlist like usual and yamaguchi listens to it and it’s pretty good but then at the end there’s one of yamaguchi’s favorite songs that tsukki absolutely hates because it’s “too cheesy” and yamaguchi looks back at playlist and realizes they’re all love songs

  • Everyone: Mrs. Mina Harker is an angel from heaven
  • Dracula: damn this paragon woman always thwarting me
  • Dracula: how dare
  • Dracula: I despise her so much
  • Dracula: and by despise I mean we're getting married
  • Dracula: I’m hate-marrying her dumb perfect face
  • Dracula: sweet hate-marriage revenge
  • Dracula: that’ll show her

so basically Jonghyun cannot keep a secret