what losers am i right

  • Loser : ballad, slow-tempo melancholy hip-hop track.
  • Bae Bae : mid-tempo, soothing rhythm, soft-trap snares and melodic piano.
  • Bang Bang Bang : EDM, bouncy, electro-pop, siren-like, trap-laden breakdown.
  • We Like 2 Party : pop, mid-tempo, soft-hip-hop feel-good track.
  • Sober : spunky delivery and high-energy rock sound,lush guitars mixed with pounding percussion
  • If You : soft ballad, sparse guitar strums, impassioned belts and haunting croons.
  • Me : thank u :')

I don’t know what my life is right now. I am a loser on the internet who takes pictures and does too much online shopping (my GOD) to cope with severe depression. Also I am very delusional thinking I could model and blog and stuff (?!). So now that I’m getting noticed and followed by people I basically used to idolize, and brands are contacting me n stuff, my brain is going into overdrive and shutting down because I’m still a loser. But now I’m a loser with potential? Idek