what losers am i right


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Leave Them Alone! The Loser’s Club

Request: Dude what if the reader is like older than the loser squad^tm and when they’re confronted by McDouchey she like defends them and distracts him and his friends and they’re all thankful for her 

Warnings: just some minor swearing, offensive language, Reddie moment. (Sorry I love them too much not to put it in.)


The Loser’s Club. What a club, am I right? It was great to just hang out with them even though I was older by a couple of years. People thought I was weird hanging out with them instead of looking for men or makeup or clothes and shoes etc. Greta Bowers was very keen on having me be her “Best friend” but, I knew better then to fall into her trap. Now she hated me. 

It was a sunny day and we decided that we would hang int he Barrens, A portable radio and some magazines were all we needed on a day like this. We all brought our own stack to share with the others. I brought the radio of course because they weren’t “old enough” which I thought was bull shit. 

Bonnie Taylor’s Holding Out for a Hero was on at the moment and we were all talking and quietly singing along with the parts we knew. Eddie and Richie were touching thighs and shoulders as the looked at a magazine together. I smiled at them and looked back at my own magazine. 

“Well, look what we have here boys. Faggot’s 1 through 7.” Henry Bowers said as he approached the small group. I scoffed and rolled my eyes. Henry Bowers also known as McDouchey was always picking on the boys and trying to get Bev and me to go “hang” with them. 

“Just go, Bowers. I don’t want this shit today.” I said folding the magazine up before setting it on the ground next to me.

“Why don’t you to babe’s come hop in he car and we’ll show you a better time than these Faggots can.” Henry said smirking at the whole club who just shrunk away from him. 

“In your dreams, asshole.” I said playing with the grass underneath my hands. 

“Oh, you don’t want to know what’s in my dreams. It must be int here’s too don’t you think,” He said walking around the group while smacking their heads. “They are probably thinking about doing you right now. Isn’t that right B-B-Bill?” Henry said crouching down to Bill’s level to look him in his eyes. 

“J-Just leave us alone B-Bowers.” Bill said turning his head away from Bower’s stare. 

“Aw poor Bill.” Henry said and was about to punch him when I got up and grabbed his arm with all my might. I pulled him back and he fell down on his back. 

“Just get the fuck out of here Bowers.” I said as all the kids stood up and slowly made their way over to me.

“Do you think I care if you’re a girl. I will still punch you in the face. It makes no difference to me.” He sneered as he got up off the dirty ground. 

“It will make a difference when I kick your ass.” I said stepping up to his level. He was a bit taller than me and definitely stronger but that wasn’t going to stop me from trying. 

“You’re a really funny bi-” Before he could even get to word out I was pulling my fist back and pushing it forward into his face. The right hook hit him right in the nose and had him reeling backwards. His face was utter disbelief and I looked up to Belch, and Victor to see that they had the exact same face. 

“Would you like some as well?” I said stepping my foot forward to scare them. They scrambled off each other and ran up the hill leading down to the Barrens. Bowers had made his way to his feet by then and wiped his bloody nose with the back of his hand. 

“This isn’t over assholes.” He said backing away.

“Well, it is for know. just go you pussy.” I said and he turned around and ran after Belch and Victor.

“Dude, Y/N that was so cool.” Richie said after Henry no longer was in earshot. 

“It was nothing. I’m sick of that asshole picking on you guys.” I said sitting back down and turning the radio back up. Cyndi Lauper’s Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun and I laughed at the timing of it. 

They all sat in the small circle and kept reading but looked at me in a new light. I was happy to be there friend and that they looked up to me. Richie had thanked me the most because of him and Eddie. When  first found out I was shocked but then I could get why and was so happy. They were so cute. 

I don’t think Bowers was coming back anytime soon. 


Meet my dragonborn cleric Anaïs Clanless, who’s a big nerd lesbian who grew up as an orphan in a temple run by mostly humans and hasn’t really interacted with other dragonborns before, and just reads books about ghost sightings all the time instead of playing with other children. what a loser am i right boys

shoutout to @jonkroot for giving me the idea to give her some pretty feathers

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It's been a while since you have drawn Dramione fan art... :( Will we have one soon?

Well, I have my freedom to draw whatever I want, don’t I? :) I’m not obligated to draw certain things. If I’m not drawing a certain pairing for a while, I will probably come back to it, but it generally means that it doesn’t inspire me as much at the moment. I’m not going to force myself to draw something? I love Dramione, I am very supportive of this ship, and I enjoy being able to contribute to the Dramione fandom, but you guys are the most demanding ones, I have to admit… If I get a message from a Dramione shipper, it’s usually “Where are you finally going to draw more?” instead of something nice, supportive, and inspiring. And I get A LOT messages like that, even multiple today. It’s a lot of completely unreasonable pressure, and the more you guys demand of me, the less I want to do it.

So I don’t know when there will be more Dramione. I appreciate you liking my art and looking forward to see more, but constant nagging isn’t going to help… Sorry :/

Besides. There wasn’t even two months since the last Dramione? And how many pairings do I strive to draw more or less regularly? Like 10 or something. And then there are other stuff and fun or artistic ideas besides that, it’s not just pairings. And then there are the HP Portraits. And also my other sideblog. And I post one drawing a week. So when do I get to post new Dramione? You can do the math :)

Sorry. I’m ranting… But this had to be said. And it’s not just meant for Dramione shippers, but also to everyone else who thinks that nagging me and demanding stuff from me is somehow going to make me want to do it, or do it faster.. :l

Dancing w/ Jisung
  • omg omg omg this is my first masterpost for my son, i’m-
  • he was the only one without requests what a loser am i right haha
  • lmao i’m sorry 
  • real talk, i’m really excited about this, i’ll do this super fluffy i promise
  • so let’s start okay~~
  • sooooo,,,,,
  • both of you were besties, but not the normal kind of besties
  • or at least not for too long
  • y’all were the ‘i’m actually deeply in love with you” kind of besties for months now
  • y’all actually have been bffs only for some months but y'all were inseparable
  • you were like chenle, randomly appearing on his life and making it more bright and happy <3
  • god, dreams’ maknae line is such a blessing for this world?? we don’t deserve them
  • all the members are already use to see you almost everyday in the dorms and even in the practice room
  • and if we go to the story, that’s where both of you were right now
  • the dreamies practice finished like an hour ago but he didn’t want to go back to the dorms yet bc he wanted to to have some time alone with you
  • because everytime you’re with the other members they always steal you from him and he’s like >:^(((( the whole time
  • lmao
  • “you’re such a jealous smol child, park jisung”
  • “bUt iTs TrUUUuUUuUuuUuUeE, they always steal you :(”
  • give me a second
  • i just realized how much i actually love him
  • but anyways, y’all never did something like this before
  • but he knew that you loved dancing because you literally know every kpop coreography that exists, lmao
  • that and the dance battles you always have with donghyuck to see who’s better, lol
  • so this time he remembered that and super suddenly would be like
  • “do you want to dance with me?”
  • woah okay someone’s feEling ramdOm todAy
  • but it was really weird because you were talking about idk bees and he comes with that out of nowhere
  • “what?”
  • “i have seen you dancing before and you’re actually not as terrible as i though you would be”
  • oh thanks jisung that’s so nice of you
  • but you say yes because why not am i right
  • “you laugh at me and i’ll hurt you”
  • “i would never laugh at you!”
  • he did laugh at you though
  • he was teaching you a song of one of the other groups of the sm
  • let’s say that it’s tvxq because they’re the kings of kpop ok
  • and it wasn’t that bad for being a first time
  • you only had a few problems in the beggining
  • like not remembering what comes next or forget to move your arm while doing a specific dance move
  • “y/n move your arm, no, the other one”
  • “no, you fish, start again”
  • istg i would slap him if he wasn’t so adorable
  • but after a few hours both of you get really into it
  • you would dance while facing the mirror and only being focused in your moves
  • and you learned it pretty fast actually, baby jisung was very proud
  • “i think that was perfect, let’s rest a little now y/n”
  • and he was literally dying because of how tired he was
  • i mean he had the dreamies dance practice + your practice in the same day
  • so you sat on the floor and he lied down by your side, using your lap as his pillow
  • and you whiped off the sweat of his face with a towel like a mom
  • can you imagine being lucky enough to have this angels face so close
  • “you look really pretty from this angle y/n”
  • and you got rlly shy so you throwed the towel in his face to hide your own face with your hands lmao
  • he would laugh and sit by your side as he look at you in silence
  • and you looked at him too and really suddenly
  • “i like you so much”
  • you whispered it but without even realizing, like it just happened, you had not control over that
  • it was a whisper but judging by the way the opened his mouth and raised his eyebrows i’ll say that he heared you lol
  • “n-no! i- i mean i- uhm”
  • he was so excited now, like suddenly all his energy came back
  • “i-i like you too, y/n”
  • you babies were so flustered, you managed to hug each other but then y’all couldn’t look at each other in the eyes for the rest of the day
  • you only did when both of you arrived to your house after he decided to walk you home
  • “this was fun, y/n, do you want to go to the dorms tomorrow? maybe we can watch a movie or something"
  • “sure thing!”
  • and, the end I guess, lol
  • this was so trashy just like everything in this blog
  • :’)

I’ve literally been squealing for the past few hours, can someone please message me about this because I’m fangirling so much. 

Well, during one of his free periods, my class wasn’t doing anything, so I stopped by there to go over our test. There was one other chick who was there, and she’s my friend. So I basically spent the entire period there, so I was really happy to get all this extra time with him :).

First of all, this motherfucking nerd was playing chess online with other people—for some reason that just made me laugh. But anyways, every time my friend asked him a question, he explained it to her and was nice about it. Then he turns a total 180 on me, and he said, “Ughhhhh, you’re ruining my concentration on this chess game.” WHAT A LOSER AM I RIGHT? Then I asked him a question again, and he was like, “URGHH!! MY CHESS GAME!” And he was just smiling at me as I was laughing at him.

It was funny, because every time I didn’t understand his explanation, he could totally tell. He tried to explain a problem and he said, “You didn’t understand what I just said did you?” And I was defending myself, even though I still didn’t understand, and I said, “I get it.” And he was skeptical, and he said, “Are you sure?” LOL, honestly I was not, but I fought back, saying, “YOU ALWAYS ASK ME THAT~~~” Then he started laughing at me. I said, “Please have some faith in me, oh my gosh,” to which he just laughs even more.

Then I thought this was the cutest part, but we left class, and I was walking with my friend. But she turned the other direction, so I was walking by myself. But then my TC speed-walks up to me, and starts walking with me <3 as we were heading towards the parking lot area. He sarcastically said, “Ughhh, you parked here, too?” smiling at me, and I said, “Nope, I have class right now.” And we said bye to each other.

Ahhhh, that parking lot moment made me wonder so many things. I thought it was so cute he sped up to me in the first place and pretended that he didn’t want to walk with me.

  • Loser : ballad, slow-tempo melancholy hip-hop track.
  • Bae Bae : mid-tempo, soothing rhythm, soft-trap snares and melodic piano.
  • Bang Bang Bang : EDM, bouncy, electro-pop, siren-like, trap-laden breakdown.
  • We Like 2 Party : pop, mid-tempo, soft-hip-hop feel-good track.
  • Sober : spunky delivery and high-energy rock sound,lush guitars mixed with pounding percussion
  • If You : soft ballad, sparse guitar strums, impassioned belts and haunting croons.
  • Me : thank u :')

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Tfa omega supreme style, they discover the ship was a person the whole time

How fucking terrifying would that be! Some asshole makes fun of Rung like “pfffssh what you’re dating a ship, you’re such a loser, who dates ships am i right guys haha” and then the Lost Light transforms into this huge guy and grumbles" You talking shit to my boyfriend?“.

man, every time a “shadow” shows up in Persona I can’t help but think that I’d just end up agreeing with everything it says 



“I don’t like anything about myself! I’m a loser!”

“you got that right”

“Uh… what?”


“I, uh, I AM A PERVERT! I jack off CONSTANTLY!" 

"yeah, that’s true" 


“can I have my stand now?" 

"Shit. alright, I guess”

I don’t know what my life is right now. I am a loser on the internet who takes pictures and does too much online shopping (my GOD) to cope with severe depression. Also I am very delusional thinking I could model and blog and stuff (?!). So now that I’m getting noticed and followed by people I basically used to idolize, and brands are contacting me n stuff, my brain is going into overdrive and shutting down because I’m still a loser. But now I’m a loser with potential? Idek