what living in nyc did to me

Something I know is true. Josh uses music, I use music, I know that you guys use music. So thank you for using our music to get from one place to the other.
I don’t know where you were before you came into this room. I don’t know what it is you were expecting. But I want you to know that you can leave it all here. 
And if anything, this room full of people is a testament that it’s worth it to stay alive and keep going. So thank you for staying alive and keep going. Don’t give up! 
Thanks for letting us say what we wanna say in our songs. Thanks for being honest with us when we’re being honest with you in our songs.

…and Josh, I love you man. Thank you so much for being a part of this with me. Look what we did!

- Tyler Joseph 9.16.15 nyc

Natasha, Pierre, and My Soul Ascended To A Higher Level Of Existence Which Is Basically What The Whole Show Is About

I saw Great Comet last night (16 August) you guys and let me tell you, ALL MY DREAMS CAME TRUE.

There’s truly nothing that can replace the experience of having your butt in a seat and I am so, so grateful that I was able to go. I truly count it as a blessing.

SO! My best friend and I made a trip of it (we don’t live near NYC) and because we could only see the show once I did my research and sprang for second row of the front mezzanine, center. We could not have chosen better seats. I was on the center aisle right next to all those ensemble members and could probably have reached out and touched Scott Stangland and Paul Pinto at various points in the show.

Shoba was on for Natasha and I was so excited to see her because even though I LOVE Denée I do have access to her performance through boots and though it’s not the same as in person I had heard such great things about Shoba that I really wanted to see her and I did and she was perfect. There is so much of book!Natasha in her, my dear, dear girl and soul sister. I adored her.

Scott was on as Pierre and he was everything I could have wished for. His voice sounds rougher in recordings I’ve heard but was delightfully smooth last night in places where smoothness was called for but also got rough when it was necessary and he’s got a such a dark tone to his voice that was great and a wonderful contrast with all the lightness of Shoba’s.


Let’s play a little game called “How Many Times Did MG Cry?”

  1. I walked into the theatre and saw the set.
  2. It started with the blue light and “The moooooooon” in “No One Else” and continued through the whole song because I know exactly what that feels like, Natasha darling. And apparently so did the audience member Shoba made eye contact with because her eyes were so wide and she nodded.
  3. “Dust and Ashes”. I mean. Fuck. Me. Up. That is perhaps my favorite musical theatre solo of all time and it’s just a brilliant song and Scott did it brilliantly. His delivery of “Did I squander my divinity?” had me WRECKED.
  4. Literally everything from “In My House” to “The Great Comet of 1812” with special intensity in “Pierre & Natasha”. Scott’s three “stop”s were so gentle. Instead of it being harsher, like “stop, I can’t bear to hear you speak of yourself like this, you have to stop”, it was so tender, like “Natasha, darling, please, shhh, stop”. And when Shoba reached out to touch his face, he leaned back like he was startled, couldn’t believe it was happening, these things don’t happen to him, he almost couldn’t bear for her to touch him because he loves her so damn much.

Other things I noticed and loved:

  • Scott’s “raise the roof” motion on “I am enjoying myself at home this evening” was the best thing I’ve ever seen.
  • In “The Opera” when Natasha sings “Yes, Pierre that good man, a little sad, a little stout,” Marya shakes her head slightly and widens her eyes like “Natasha you can’t say things like that.”
  • I enjoy going to the opera in general but I can also tell you that the opera performance is 100% what zoning out at the opera is like. Suddenly nothing makes sense and everyone’s making weird noises. It was fantastic.
  • Our seats for Lucas’s first entrance were PERFECT. STRIKE A POSE, ya Russian playboy.
  • When Anatole tells Pierre he saw Natasha and Pierre says “Oh, dear Andrei’s betrothed” Anatole looks at the audience and does a hand gesture that translates to “eeeeeeeeh let’s see how long that lasts”.
  • Pierre’s little dance during the “gonna drink tonight” section is so adorable and so sad because he’s so excited but there’s no way this is gonna go well sweetie.
  • They were not fucking around with the announcement about the strobes. They were hard even for me and I’ve seen shows with strobes before, but I managed to keep my eyes open and it was fucking worth it. Anatole during the “Drink with me my love” section was A GIFT.
  • Also Grace McLean in that suit. She rolls up to Pierre and mouths “I love you” before stalking off with her whip.
  • During the preparations for the duel the ensemble member lounging on the stair next to me turns to the ensemble member seated up the staircase behind her and slurs “This seems familiar. It feels like we’ve done this before today already.” #twoshowday
  • When Anatole tells Pierre “Shake it off, and be happy, we live to love another day” he gives him a wink and does the finger guns thing and it’s like God Anatole YOU HAVE NO TACT.
  • The way Shoba delivers “I’ll shut myself in my room and try on new dresses” is like, yahs, girl, I know exactly what you mean and that is also how I cope.
  • Obligatory casual reminder that I would do anything for Natasha Rostova.
  • In “Charming” when Hélène sings “he was thinkin’ bout you, he kept sighin’ bout you” Natasha turns away from her and mouths “yes” and it was exactly like when your best friend tells you that they overheard your crush telling his friends you were cute and he wanted to ask you out my gosh it was so real
  • Honestly in general Shoba just gives off this sense of Natasha a young woman who’s trying to figure out what this love thing means because she definitely cares for Andrei but he’s gone and you get the sense that she’s young and she loves who’s in front of her (and that is so real for me) so she’s got a crush but then it’s like the first time someone has paid attention to her in an implicitly sexual fashion and it kind of makes her head explode. It’s a perfect (to me) interpretation.
  • Anatole’s “I am in love, dear, I am in love” gave me the sense that Anatole was saying that because he knew that’s what was going to get Natasha to take him seriously enough for him to get what he wanted. (I also think Anatole thought he loved Natasha. I don’t think he did, because he’s not looking out for her best interests and that’s a key part of love, but he thinks he does because he’s a shit with no emotional intelligence.) But in this case he’s wheedling, like, “look at me sweetheart look at me look at me I love you please look at me I love you.”
  • Anatole’s face when Natasha sang “I will love you Anatole” seemed less “oh shit what did I get myself into” and more “oooooookay yep I can roll with this very nice good job Kuragin.”
  • I got a letter! I caught Pearl Rhein’s eye as she was walking up the aisle and smiled at her and she smiled back and presented a letter with a flourish and Blaine was behind her and gave his letter to my best friend. (Blaine’s note said “If I flip a coin what are the chances that I’ll get head?” and Pearl’s note said “Your face glows as brightly as the comet itself” and this is the story of how I died I will treasure that note forever.)
  • Anatole rolls into “Preparations” with luggage! Like, he just strides in with a duffel bag, and the way he delivers “You’ll not be seeing me…for some time” and the look he gives the audience just screams “BECAUSE I’M GONNA GET LAID, BITCHES”. Also, both Lucas Steele and Nick Choksi swagger like they’re weightless and I adore it. I’m easily charmed by well-executed swagger. See above comments about how I get it, Natasha honey.
  • I am normally anti-singing at the theatre because other people did not come to hear me sing BUT the cast is so loud on the “Goodbye my gypsy lovers” chorus that I figured it wouldn’t bother other people and I know the cast likes to see when people know the show so I sang along and caught the eye of the accordion player walking up the aisle and sang right to him and he gave me an “awwwww yeah” face and it was the greatest moment.
  • After Pierre’s “WHOOOOOOOOOOA” the entire theatre erupted in applause while the cast collapsed on the floor and caught their breath. Scott was bent over gasping for breath, and when the applause died a bit and he looked up to start singing again he caught Lucas’s eye and just started giggling and it was the greatest, and then he sucked in another deep breath and dove straight into “Here’s to HAPPINESSFREEDOMANDLIFE.
  • When Lucas did “Shut the door! First we have to sit down!” he scooted into the end of a booth next to a young woman who looked at him, looked out at the rest of the audience, and fanned herself, like “oh my god he’s so hot”. Everyone laughed and the way Lucas said “Yes” sounded like he meant “Yes, that is true.” And then they ‘sup nodded at each other and Lucas reached his arm around her shoulders and relaxed into it and said “That’s the way,” and gave it another beat before “It’s a Russian custom.” And then held the silence for a solid thirty seconds before “alright.”
  • In “A Call to Pierre” during the ascending scale on the strings the lightbulbs light up a path from Marya D to where Pierre is sleeping at his desk. THIS LIGHTING DESIGN UGH I LOVE IT.
  • As mentioned above, “Pierre & Natasha” ended me.

I went to the stage door and got to meet Josh Canfield and Shoba and Scott and Grace and Brittain (sweet Brittain! I nodded to my best friend who was next to me and said I would stand in the dark for her any day and Brittain said “Everyone needs someone like that” god she’s so cute) and I got to thank Pearl for my letter in person and she thanked me for my glowing face and Nick Choksi came out and Nicholas Belton and other awesome badass ensemble members and everyone at the stage door was so respectful and it was wonderful. It was a bit of a bummer not to see Lucas or Amber (although I know Amber almost never stage doors because she has a tiny human to get back to at home) but I’m going to write so many letters tomorrow because it’s so important for me that this cast and team and family knows that they are loved and that people (me) traveled across a third of the country to come see them.

This show is SUCH an inspiration, not only to other theatre performers and designers of my acquaintance, but to people like me whose primary artistic expression is not theatre, however much I love it. I’m a writer and this show has reminded me that I get to do what I want and that beautiful, beautiful things often come from a melding of tradition and complete out-of-the-box fantastical thinking. It was an honor to be a part of that world last night.

How Salt Daddy CEO Almost Got Killed...By Me.

Let’s start from what ticked me off the end to the beginning. 

1. He tried to put his arm around me and hit my hair. 

2. After he bumped my bun messing it up, he told me to calm down and touched my f**king hair again.

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The reason why we don’t like our hair being touched it jeopardizes the hairstyle. A lot of people do not know how to touch hair. The reason why my hair is long is because no one f**king touches my hair. If you want to touch my hair you need permission and instructions. He touched my scalp, and I touched his throat. I SPENT 2 DAYS STRETCHING MY HAIR AND GETTING IT RIGHT AND YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO NOT ONLY TOUCH MY HAIR BUT PET ME LIKE A DOG? 

He told me to calm down, I saw the end of his life flashing through my eyes. 

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3. He is dismissive. 

He is the type of man who doesn’t like to be interrupted but interrupts and rushes you to finish speaking. First of all, you have nothing interesting to say except you are Italian and you know how to garden. For someone who owns a million dollar company, his interactive skills is below average. 

4. Doesn’t Stop Staring.

One of my biggest pet peeves is someone who stares at me when I eat, when I read the menu or when I drink from my glass. I looked at the menu for 10 seconds and proceeded to ask me “What are you going to order?” I responded when I can read the menu. He replies “Hurry up.” The Sugar Baby, the cuteness was slowly leaving my body. 

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5. He was trying to get me drunk, but I’m Caribbean. 

I had 8 different glasses of whiskey and he kept asking me what are going to do after? Wanna watch a movie?  Oh I’m going home. I’m a stallion when it comes to dark drinks, and I know my drinking limits. I drink Wray & Nephew, Whiskey, and Cuban Rum straight since I was 21. Its the fruity s**t that fucks me up. Keep waiting love. 

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6. He wanted to know too much. 

Where I live? Why did I say it like that? What Highschool I went to? Why am I so private? Why did I just sniffle? 

7. The food wasn’t good and he disgusted me. 

No lie, I’m a fat ass. We went to Maysville NYC and the food was nasty.It was that type of food they marinate it in sea salt and squeeze a lemon. I was so pissed while I was eating. He eats like a pig. He stuffs his mouth and wants to talk during it. He took a knife to scoop a sauce and licked it then proceeds to drop his knife and use his finger. 

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If girl meets world were to get picked up, what lessons would you like to see?

Idk about what lessons in particular but I could tell you some things in general that would be nice to see:

Kill the laugh track. Yes GMW was filmed usually with an audience but there was still definitely laugh track added. I don’t think it was a Jacobs decision since he has publicly stated his dislike of laugh track, so I think this change is an high possibility.

Better dialogue. I think a lot of the clunky dialogue of GMW came from the over abundance of meta, and I think that meta was Jacobs trying to promote lessons or other things past the Disney censorship or framed in a way for Disney’s audience and the older audience. I think with more freedom on another network, they could fix the dialogue and have it more like BMW.

Touching on more serious topics. BMW for the most part didn’t hit that kind of stuff until S4 anyway so I could see GMW doing the same (Jacobs did say he would focus on loss & change).

More representation. They live in NYC!! Yes it’s great there’s Zay and Smackle (she’s Filipina, I believe), but where’s the diversity of religion? Where’s the LGBT community? Let Rowan and Amir collaborate with the writers to write some episodes or something.

Growth for the adults. Shawn and Katy feel more like real adults to me right now than Cory and Topanga, and they’re the mains (Topanga does sometimes when she’s written well, ie Her Monster, but it’s not often enough). Cory needs to grow. What made BMW so compelling was that amongst the kids growing up and coming of age, there was a really solid sounding board of adults (Feeny, Turner, Alan, Amy).

Rilaya needs to acknowledge the toxicity in their friendship, decrease the codependency a bit, and allow each other to grow. They love each other and are best friends, and will probably always be best friends. But life long best friendships like that aren’t always just holding on tight and “friendship 4ever!!” Life changes people, other people change people (as the show has demonstrated), and like Cory says to the class in Rileytown “sometimes you have to grow by yourself”. At 25 almost 26, I’m still close with a group of 4 other girls since we were 8. But our friendship doesn’t survive because we act like Rilaya. It endures because we give ourselves room to breathe, and because we’re not unhealthily codependent on each other, we are able to adapt to our growth as individuals over the years. Lucas, as clueless as he is sometimes, wasn’t wrong in Belief when tells Riley “maybe [you and Maya] are a little too close”. So personally, I would like to see Rilaya distance themselves a bit next season and allow themselves to grow as individuals. Cory and Shawn, as BFFs as they are, also had to grown by themselves (especially Shawn).

Less bay window. It’s over used to the point that it doesn’t have any impact anymore. Use it for special occasions only (their Rileytown talk was a good example). It’s also very static.

More NYC locations. They live in NYC, in lower Manhattan. There is no way the only place they hang out is Topanga’s. And since they’ll need to recreate sets anyway, have the Matthews renovate their apartment (maybe build the wall Cory wanted) or move somewhere else in the city. Maybe a first floor apartment with a small backyard. Just make the home set more dynamic.

Vito & Carmela’s appartement in Little Italy, NYC, c.1917

did i just spend the last two days trying to draw a faithful plan of Vito & Carmela’s appartement in Little Italy during their youth, c.1917 ?? well… GUESS WHAT? YES I DID! (why? you are asking. because i needed this information for my fic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

so, i watched *once again* the scenes about vito’s youth in NY (my fav scenes in the whole saga) and i screencaptures a few to help me to create a plan. my conclusion is this one:

an appartment with five rooms: one kitchen, one bathroom, one living room and two bedrooms.

(details under the cut)

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ID #98970

Name: Savannah

Age: 20

Country: United States

(I never know what to put on these things so bear with me). My name is Savannah, I’m 20 (21 in August), and I live in the US. I love to draw, write, sew, watch movies (I love talking about this), and occasionally I play video games. I’m also an avid traveler.

I’m looking for a pen pal because I’ve always wanted to do it again. When I was really young, my class did a pen pal thing with a class from NYC and I really enjoyed it! I love talking to new people, learning about their lives and the places they live.

I also love to talk about music. I’ve got a record collection that is slowly getting out of control, and I’m very proud of it, especially my Bowie records. Other musicians I like include (but definitely are not limited to): Glass Animals, Gorillaz, Tame Impala, Father John Misty, The Smiths, The Cure, REM, The Beatles, Nirvana, Lana Del Rey, Marina and the Diamonds, The Weeknd, Arctic Monkeys, and Joy Division.

Preferences: I would definitely prefer to talk to people closer to my own age, however it isn’t mandatory. Really and truthfully, I’m just excited to make new friends. :)

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Hi! So my fiancée and I are looking to move to Brooklyn or Queens (we work in the city and are from Long Island). How did you find your apartment with your gf? Any apps, word of mouth, online? Currently we're using streeteasy and trulia the most. What advice would you give to a fellow lesbian couple looking for a place? Anything you wish you did looking back on it now? Thanks!

the apartment we currently live in is kind of one of my greatest accomplishments, but I don’t know how helpful my story is going to be. so my girlfriend was moving to nyc from like. the opposite side of the world, and I’d been living in a stranger’s attic for four months like some kind of horrible reverse harry potter. we n+–eeded an apartment fast, and it was up to me to find it. I’d been monitoring streeteasy and nybits for a few weeks, absolutely determined not to pay a broker’s fee, wiggling to the upper hundred dollars of our budget in my search. I was ready to jump. 

our apartment popped up in the listings on a monday, I went to view it that tuesday. my appointment was at six-thirty, the realtor took me around, and I liked it. middle of the road, “eh I can probably do better” liked it. but then I left, and as I did, two girls passed me as they came up the stairs, going to view the same unit I’d just left. there’s a feeling that’s unique to new york city, that sinking oh fuck me I’m going to lose the apartment, that just dropped into my stomach like a rock. by the time I’d walked to the subway station six minutes away, I’d texted the realtor to let him know we’d take it. after that it was off to the races, trying to get our documentation in and our finances approved, all while those other girls hung like a hiply-coiffed sword of damocles above us. to this day, I’m pretty sure we got this place by the skin of our teeth. 

(we adore it now, by the way, even if we made more money we’d really really have to convince ourselves to move to a different neighborhood)

so here’s my advice

  • have your paperwork ready. your broker/realtor doesn’t give a shit about you and will let someone snipe the place out from under you if they’re set to go and you’re not.
  • be on streeteasy and nybits every single day. you want to catch the newest listings.
  • know the handful of things you won’t compromise on. ours were subway distance, room for two PC setups, and price. everything else? be ready to send them down the river.
  • you’re fighting other people for this place: make sure at least one of you is available to sign leases or view the unit. don’t make the realtor wait until you’re out of work. everyone wants to meet him after work. call in sick for an afternoon if you can. 

good luck!! let me know how it goes! brooklyn could always use more real lesbians, not just straight girls dressing like them. 

16 Years Ago

16 years ago today Yugioh aired on Kid’s WB early one Saturday morning. After weeks of hyping people up, sending videos to addresses to get kids excited, and after a two week delay dur to the horrible attack in NYC(9/11)….it finally aired!! What it didn’t realize was that it was going to change the lives of so many people…me including! I remember my brother was so excited to see it while I was sitting there huffing and puffing…I did NOT want to watch another one of his shows. What I didn’t realize was that almost a year later I too would be into this show that would cause me to no longer attempt suicide and give me friends that I never thought I could have. Thank you 4Kids you did ONE thing right! You brought Yugioh to america, you gave Yami and Yugi a english voice. I am so excited that 15 years I have been a fan of Yugioh and I will continue to be a fan till the day I die!

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Sam is not in new york, wasnt lately, picture he posted is not his, he supports gay parade in Ny only.. He has been in Budapest for a few days with actors from his future movie..Read through ttook place today

And you know this as fact Anon? There were fan sightings of Sam and MacKenzie at a museum in NYC. Is the fan lying or being paid to lie by Starz?

Sam could have taken a flight to NYC then to Budapest. To me, that’s what it seems he did.

Sam and MacKenzie are dating long distance. Couples do that and do whatever they can to see each other. 20+ years ago I started a long distance relationship with someone. Fast forward to today, the man I was in a long distance relationship with are happily married and have been for 20+ years. Sam and MacKenzie are doing what they can to make their relationship work.

But here’s a few things I know that are true: Sam is dating MacKenzie, Cait is dating and living with Tony, Sam and Cait are NOT dating, married, living together or having a baby.

I really don’t care where Sam is. He could be living in an igloo in the North Pole. Sam’s whereabouts does not affect my life, my emotions or my day to day routine. What pisses me off is the hate MacKenzie is getting on her IG. That shit needs to stop. Now.

Things i told my students today

-It’s the Age of Exploration. We’re here for God, Gold and Glory. And the fountain of youth. Dont worry about it

-I hate Christopher Columbus

-Me: they thought the earth was flat

Student: what sort of dumb, bullshit ass

Me: it looks like a flat line when you look at the ocean



Student: ….i would have died for the exploration


-Student: did they have the nyc draft riots because they were racist

me: i mean….partially? its the 1800s. lowkey everything was because they were racist

student: what the fuck miss


-Me: ok, so just as a reminder. the civil war is happening between these states on the map

Student: what are the western territories doing?

Me: stealing land and murdering native americans

Student: ….wait youre not joking

Me: nah


-Me: think of it like this. why would you let your first born son. your heir. your flesh and blood. go fight in this war in the south when there are poor people avaible

Student: but the poor people have families! 

Me: no, everyone knows poor immigrants and black people don’t have families

Students: WHAT

Me: im KIDDING. but also they didnt care


-Me: ok guys i need you to consider why this was so drastic as a battle.  consider if -student name- died on the first day-

Student: MISS

Me: -and this one -pointing- died on the second day

Student: no miss, come on i could last until the third day! make someone else die second

Me: ok, that one died second now you die third. who would be the easiest to identify? 

Students: the last one! because the animals didnt get to them yet

Me: yes! but also, we havent been running over them with our cannons and wagons and ourselves, digging them into the mud made from blood

Students: ….miss

Me: anyway read your documents


Students: are the battlefields haunted?

Me: most of america is haunted

Student: why? how?

Me: we have done bad things and we have to pay for it. 

Students: WHAT

Me: don’t worry its usually not directed at people of color we’re good

HATAI - November 1, 3, 5 & 8

I’m usually pretty bad when it comes to writing reviews about anything. I always think too much about little things and then get distracted and forget what I really wanted to say and… Well, let’s just say that it never really works out the way it was supposed to be in the end. So let me keep this as short as possible. Especially since most of you already know pretty much everything about the show and there weren’t that many differences - but there were some.

Let me just say that this (November 1, 2016) was the first time I’ve seen “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” live and not just clips or bootlegs or anything. I didn’t have time to make it to NYC last year, so I pretty much did everything I could to at least make it to LA this time. I won’t even compare it to the NYC show, because it would be slightly unfair, since seeing videos and actually being inside the theater are two completely different things. The atmosphere alone makes it much more special. So, I’m only going to talk about the LA show this time. Just to make it clear.

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satansbratn replied to your postWhat if Shuichi met Jodie for the first time in…

I feel left out of the loop. What bar? (What did I miss again? Also, I’d feel better if you could throw me a Finn prompt - I was so temped to write about him and his mom this weekend but out of ideas)

Shuu played accordion at a bar (in NYC I guess?) for a living, until he could finally apply as an agent at the FBI  😂 
It cracks me up. I just can’t imagine him playing anything at any bar for a living.

We gotta rename the kid. The name is awful lmao. But anyway, how about some angst? 

smallandsundry replied to your post “How did you and your gal get/got together?”

what actually happened is that @maladyofthequotidian was in a good mood one day and sent me a girlfriend from LA by registered mail

honestly this is just so totally untrue.  i came to nyc via an economy seat on a delta flight, thank you very much.  i mean, @maladyofthequotidian found me a place to live and helped me pack up my life and drove me to the airport for my flight, but honestly she had nothing to do with it at all.  

dogsandkittens  asked:

what are your favourite books? if you had to move somewhere else where would it be? do you want kids? if yes, do you have any potential names that you like? ever broken a bone? favourite holiday and why? what was your favourite subject in school? what about least favourite? favourite comfort food? least favourite colour? do you have any siblings? what are they like?

Bless your heart.

I will be honest - I’m not a big reader. I’m trying to get back into reading, and I’ve been reading a lot of nonfiction about haunted places. But I genuinely don’t have pieces of literature that are overly meaningful to me - I wish I did.

I’ve already moved one and lived in NYC for a few years. That was always number one, and I wouldn’t move back, but I’m so happy I did that. If I had to pick a second place, I think it would be San Diego. Or, honestly, somewhere rural. Tennessee? I think that is one of our prettiest, most underrated states. I would love to spend a few years in the genuine country.

Kids depends on if I found someone I wanted to have them with. I don’t think I’m ever going to be the person who wants one bad enough to pursue on my own, but I think I would like being part of a parent team, if that makes sense. I love the names Oliver and Graham for boys, and Evelyn or Lily for girls. I think. If I had to choose though, I would want one daughter. 

Never broken a bone, but did once sprain my ankle while dancing alone in my bedroom to the Les Mis cast recording at age 12.

Christmas used to be the big one for me, but I think I don’t actually like holidays. I like seasons. The Halloween season is my favorite, though I don’t really do anything on the actual day.

I was an English kid, because I was good at writing and had a big imagination. Also I always got along really well with English teachers. Least favorite was math.

Pasta is my comfort food forever.

I think orange is a weird color. And purple. Not for everything, but in general, I don’t gravitate toward those.

I have a younger brother. He’s.. idk, a little distant. I really wish I had a close sibling relationship, but he has no real interest in being friends with me. He just has his own life. He works in IT and he plays guitar and he’s quiet.

The Day Keith Haring Died, 2012.  Acrylic, Gouache, Collage on Wood.  8.5"x11"

I was just thinking about a conversation I had Tuesday night.  While having dinner with a VP from MERCK, I asked him what HIV medication’s MERCK manufactures.  He told me they make CRIXIVAN and I told him I used to take that.  We discussed CRIXIVAN and other HIV related issue’s.  I don’t have his contact information, but if I did I would ask him to please thank his colleagues who are responsible for making that drug.  Before CRIXIVAN I didn’t know if I would live or die.  A few days or weeks after taking CRIXIVAN my body began to blossom and I could actually think about living.

The first time through “Hamilton” it’s all about Alexander’s story and just freaking out that constitutional rap battles are a thing that exist and every song is your favorite song. 

The second time through it’s all this noticing of the other characters and falling in love with their stories too and re-listening to the songs that are your favorite and skipping the ones that will make you cry because YOU ARE IN PUBLIC. 

The third time through and it’s “how does a bastard, orphan, son of a…” singing along and screwing up all over the place. But then hearing a lyric and stopping dead because it’s just…HOW DID I NOT HEAR THAT BEFORE? Because the lyrics are equal parts funny, informative, beautiful, and inspirational. 

The fourth time through you wonder if you will ever listen to anything else? And start having an existential crisis about your life. And you think about writing fanfiction or maybe picking up a biography or just go watch clips on youtube again. 

The fifth time through and I am falling in love with Aaron Burr…like what? How much to get to NYC again? 

Sixth time through and people are looking at me as I dance in my seat and sing-a-long and yes I am in PUBLIC but “Who lives, who dies, who tells your story???” 

Christmas At The Kim's: Part III


A/N: I had so much fun writing this threeshot. Hopefully you guys enjoy it just as much as I did creating it ♡ 


Arrival in NYC – December 30th

“Um, you’re going the wrong way.”

Wordlessly, Bobby continued to lead you into Terminal 1, the domestic flights departure hall.

“Hey, we’re going to be late for our flight back to Seoul!” you huff, pulling him to a stop.

“Who said anything about going back to Korea?” he asked, turning around to face you.

“What, don’t tell me you quit iKON and want to make a living here selling medical insurance.”

Bobby shook his head, laughing. “Where have you always wanted to go but never got around to it?”

“No way.” It couldn’t be.

“Say it.”

“There’s no way. Nope. You’re bluffing.”

Bobby booped you on the nose.

“I’m taking you to New York City.”






“I’M FOR REAL RIGHT NOW!” he chuckled, matching the tone and power of your sudden outburst.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” you do a little victory dance, jumping up and down in your spot as your hands flail back and forth. Tugging Bobby’s shirt towards you, you plant a loud, smacking kiss on his lips. “You win the best fucking boyfriend of the galaxy award!”

Bobby’s eyes crinkled into crescent moons as he pulled you into a hug. “Anything for my girl.”

You break away from the hug almost immediately afterwards, forehead wrinkled. “But what about all the money you’re dropping? Nevermind the tickets from Korea to America, even domestic flights are really expensive during the holidays. I don’t want to set you back financially just because of my stupid wish list.”

“Show me the money baby,” Bobby smirked, letting one arm rest on your waist as he caressed your cheek with his thumb. The look he gave you was so smug and arrogant it kind of turned you on.

“Yeah yeah Mr. Champion but didn’t you want to set aside that money for your parents?” you slap his hand away, not wanting to be distracted.

“These expenses barely make a dent in the bank. And besides, you’re worth it. You’re worth more than the prize money.”

“Bobby…” you melt into his embrace and lightly hit his chest with your fist. “You silly boy.”

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Purveyors of Taste: Recording Egypt’s Fading Ads

By Iman R. Abdulfattah

(Click images to see full size)

My mother suffers from what I call positive nostalgia. She is the reminiscing type, the kind of person who enjoys recounting the “good ‘ole days” with intense passionand vigor. On one of many reoccurring occasions, she was lecturing me about the grandeur of Cairo prior to her departure for a new life in NYC in 1973; and like anyone in my position, it was difficult for me to relate to her anecdotes, primarily because I was born and raised in NYC and the Cairo that I witnessed did not resemble what she was describing. Then one day in the late 1990s, there was a revelation. I was living in Abdin and happened upon a fading advertisement on the side of a building off Talʿat Harb Street. It was an old ad (ca. mid-1940s?) for a bus company that specialized in overland travel between Cairo and Gaza. You see, my mother used to tell me about Gaza of her days: how even though she has never been there herself, she knew how beautiful it was based on her eldest brother’s experiences, who visited and returned to Cairo with stories of its riches. That ad put the ease with which people traveled to and from into a perspective that was tangible, and it awakened in me an interest in learning more about Egypt’s recent past by searching for more on the sides of buildings.

People tend to think history is best transmitted formally, via the academe, museums and publications; yet, for me, like other forms of popular culture (films, music, fashion and architecture), fading ads are insightful illustrators of the central point of many of my mother’s stories: that Cairo was cosmopolitan, modern and relevant. And like old storefronts – many of which have fortunately survived the onslaught of bland globalization – fading ads are great indicators of taste and consumption habits. These striking ads are also like puzzles that elicit the modern-day viewer to rediscover obsolete brands, companies and typefaces. I especially like ads that are best described as palimpsests, those thick layers of multiple ads that have accumulated over time, each one revealing a different mystery. Unfortunately, with the wanton neglect of the urban fabric and built environment, we are losing a genre of ephemeral art that informs the contemporary eye. So the next time you pass by a fading ad in Cairo or elsewhere in Egypt, snap a picture to record it for posterity.

I could start making more videos...

but I would be doing it for the wrong reasons.

Every day, someone asks me when I’m going to make more videos and/or expresses that they’d love it if I made more. It’s great to hear and I’m so glad that people have enjoyed what I’ve made and gotten value from it.

The tough thing about this is that I don’t have any desire to make videos right now. I don’t really have a logical reason why. The desire is just absent. But then, maybe I do understand the logic…

My only real pull towards it is to make all of you happy. And I can’t do that. It’s too much time and energy spent on pleasing other people.

Now, I am totally responsible for the fact that I’m burnt out on videos. A LOT of the time I spent on them was for other people’s happiness. And that’s on me. I did that for so long that now I’m just spent.

And so, here we are.

I’m going to focus on some new things that really scare me. Things that I’m not already good at and that make me uncomfortable. Like live workshops in NYC and speaking gigs. And learning piano and writing my own music.

Outside of my coaching business, my leadership and coach training, my band, my friendships, my family, my dogs and my marriage… I have a pretty limited amount of time to do anything else. And I now know that what I need to spend that time on are things that call me forth and require me to grow. Video isn’t that for me right now. I would love to just go back to what I used to do and chill, but it just doesn’t feel right.

So it’s not that I’ll never make videos again, I just won’t be making any for now.

But I will continue to enjoy the shit out of watching Grace reinvent her content. It’s highly entertaining… and happy-making!

This has been a post.