what life are we living in

God can teach us something valuable through any and every situation in our lives… but are we even listening to Him? Are our ears open to what He’s trying to say? Are our eyes focused on Him at all? Are we giving Him our hearts and minds? We must give Him something to work with! We must remain open to what He wants us to learn, and pray for lives that want to be continually in sync with Him. Lord, wake us up!

Maybe you’re in your mid-20s, and you’re going through some tough mental health issues, and you’re feeling left out in life. Maybe you sometimes ask yourself if it’s too late for you to heal. To turn everything in your life around.

Some people who are younger than you have it all together. Sticking with your depression seems to make a lot of sense. You’ve learned so late about stuff. Maybe it’s your passion for writing poetry or painting or making music. You’ve learned that you’ve wasted years doing useless things. You’re now living a life filled with regrets, and I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone in feeling this way and that you are never too late to heal.

Everyone has made mistakes. Everyone has wasted years. Everyone has their own regrets. And you and I are late bloomers in passion and in healing. We don’t need to compare our progress to anyone other than ourselves. We are what overcomes us at the present moment. We are not prisoners of our pasts, but we are pioneers of our futures.

So please, let’s not stop writing poems, painting, and making music because this is what we love doing because we’re artists. Each and every single one of us is a revolution in the flesh conquering the tyranny of regret and despair. Each and every single one of us are heroes that make the world a better place through healing ourselves through our art. Yes, we are going through our quarter-life crisis, but that’s not going to stop us from creating and healing while there’s still air in our lungs and blood pumping through our hearts.

We are never too late to heal because we’re just getting started and we’re going to leave this place filled with hope and self-love.

—  Juansen Dizon, You Are Never Too Late To Heal

We never were very sure with what we wanted. Our entire relationship was based off of “maybe” and “one day.” Nothing was secure or safe. We lived on the edge and that was proven in the way we cared for each other.

Sometimes it felt like more and that possibly we were worth the risk of crushing each other’s hearts. These were the moments that made it all so damn addicting, but more often than not I could sense the danger we were putting ourselves into; it was terrifying.

Know your intentions before you love too wild because when it all comes down to it, certainty is what leads to possibility and it keeps your heart safe.

—  Lauren Eloria

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how is being vegan "exploiting immigrants/'illegal aliens'”

it’s human exploitation. like, i love the concept of not slaughtering animals for our own volition. and i would prefer vegetables over the concept of animals getting raised in horrible conditions only to get wrecked by us and living a shit ass life. but like, when we talk about things, we ignore those who produce the products. which are most likely low paid immigrants and/or illegal aliens. i agree the veganism is a type of ‘cruelty-free’ but it treats animals as more important than humans. we often forget about those who are exploited by companies who hire immigrants and/or illegal aliens because they can pay them less and make them work more because they’re just willing to work whatever as a means of getting up on their feet. What about the people who harvest and pick our vegetables. Why are we going to force more people to get paid less and do literally do what the slaves did and get “paid” essentially the same amount as they did for more work. Like, If you grow your own shit and tend for it yourself, nice. But there are still a lot of stuff that you buy or hell, other people buy from big chains that are exploiting other humans, whether they be from overseas or a couple miles down the road. 

this article really tells you a lot about immigrants and doesnt fluff things


in general, like all other social justice issues, it’s focused on the white person’s view. POC are erased from it all. POC are the ones most likely to be working in the fields tending to the crops. the thought of exploiting immigrants doesnt fit the white person’s narrative but in a lot of their eyes, “yea it sucks that they are in that position, but I cant do anything for them since they’re already in that position”. like, honestly I’m not any better I know that. I could make an effort to stop eating as much meat as I am. But I just feel like the people who have the most power in this situation, white vegans, need to step it up a lot.

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tragic that straight people are so convinced jk has a gf just because he didn't want to answer the crush question but when namjoon says "we --- boyfriends or girlfriends" suddenly he's talking about the entire universe and "people are overreacting, bts are sO sTrAiGhT they fuck pussy every night" (sorry for the vulgarity but that's what they literally say)

ja;fd FOR REAL. like, because jk didn’t answer the question, he suddenly HAS TO HAVE a girlfriend. but oh no, nmajoon was talking about every living life form in the universe when he said “when we” like okayyyy. everyone’s up to their own interpretations, obviously, i just find it funny they constantly try to brush of the hints to being apart of the lgbt community lol. 

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Will you let us know what you think of the band's visit? I've heard good things

Hey I am SO SORRY it took forever for me to answer this.

-The show itself is beautiful. It is a quiet, slow burn. And a very clever way to examine the relationships we have with people who pass through our lives in very, very brief ways and the impacts those interactions can have on us. It’s a beautiful look at people’s lives not meeting their expectations of them and how they adjust to the reality of life. But the show is also a beautiful reminder that life finds very unique and funny ways of touching us and uplifting us. And a great look at cross cultural interactions and the nuances of it.

-I thought the score was melodic and beautiful and also funny and brimming with it’s own unique personality. Omar Sharif is the song of the season hands down no contest. I was so swept up in it. I thought it was also a lot of fun when it needed to be. The book was thoughtful, delicate, warm, passionate, and beautiful.

-Katrina Lenk. Katrina Lenk. Katrina LENK. It is impossible to describe what makes her so goddam good in this role because most of the interactions these characters have are very subtle and brimming with subtext and unspoken meaning. She manages to communicate so much with so little. But she has that thing that Barbara Streisand has. And what I mean by that is when she sang Omar Sharif she evokes that thing that Streisand does where you become swept up along with her in her deep emotion. Her performance really invites you to experience these feelings with her. My mouth was open during her big numbers. She’s mesmerizing. I know it’s early to make statements like this…. but hers is a high contender for being the performance of the season. I can’t say enough about how deeply she touched me. Her performance will be remembered for a very long time.

-Tony Shaloub was wonderful giving a very quiet, affecting performance. Like Lenk, he’s able to say a million things in a word. And how wonderful to have a protagonist like his character be the lead of a musical.

-The moment that made me cry the most was the telephone song at the end. It was so beautiful because in a way every character on that stage is the telephone man. They’re all waiting for something to come along or improve. And that song persists that the telephone will someday ring for them too. I’m a SAP for that kind of shit COME ON.

See The Band’s Visit if you can. It’s really as good as people say it is.

I think one of the worst things in America is how we are so obsessed with punishment and retribution. We may no longer be the puritans and we may no longer force women to wear scarlet letters, but we are not much better.

We don’t care about the person who went in for a minor drug offense. We don’t care if they come out worse off, as long as they are punished. They made their choice.

We don’t care about women who become pregnant or the infant inside of her. As long as she faces the consequences and punishment of her actions. She chose to have sex and bow she must suffer for it.

We don’t care about the man who is dying and can’t afford medicine. He should’ve worked to have enough money before he got sick. He made his choices in life and now he is suffering the consequences.

Americans have no empathy but are instead obsessed with what each person does in their life. As if everyone lives in bubbles of equal opportunity. As if a life is only worth something if it offers something else in return. Everything has a price and everything requires retribution.

I will never, ever, be able to comprehend violence between humans. Together, we can literally move moutains, we can cure disease, we can fly rockets into space, we can build the most advanced cities… but we cannot live out our full potential because men kill other men over petty differences like invisible borders, a currency that only exists in our minds, or what gods to believe in. Every time there is a new attack like this, it numbs us more and more, and the ultimate cost is our future. Violence has been around for all of human history, but as our population grows, as our open land shrinks, and as our resources deplete, we are digging ourselves into a hole that we may not escape. We have every tool at our disposal and still we are less humane than the animals who take only what they need and live life to discover. Humans haven’t evolved, we haven’t risen above, we are stubborn beasts that have greed and hate in place of our hearts. But there is always hope, there are always good people, as the smoke clears, light shines through and we have to allow that light to feed our souls and push us towards unity. Bless the people of Egypt in the wake of this horrific attack. May the survivors heal, may the deceased be remembered, and may we learn and grow from this senselessness.

Why Good People are Hard to Find These Days

It would’ve been nice if the people we never wanted to lose didn’t leave. Because you see, I think we’re all keepers. We keep the people who make us feel loved and worthy of whatever they give us because who wouldn’t, right? But what I don’t understand is the inevitable idea that they might leave us.It’s a joke that life throws at us if we try really hard to keep them and in the end, they’d eventually get the fuck out of our lives. Leaving us alone, sad, and lonely.

When we become dull, broken, and boring they’d think that we’re a mess they would never take a chance to help and fix. Why? I don’t know. Maybe there’s this thought that comes into their heads saying, “You’re wasting your time with that person. Go and set yourself free. Don’t settle with that piece of drama.”

And if they did think of that or close enough to that idea well, fuck them. We have given them so much love and care and if we crumble, who knew they’d be scared to touch us? And they’re pieces of jokes too, you know. They’re brave enough to leave but they’re not brave enough to fix us.

We don’t owe anything to them. We have no one to chase. We shouldn’t blame the traces of mistakes they made because at one point of our lives we have been in their shoes. We may have left someone in the past too and the reason why it’s our turn to get left behind is the idea that what goes around comes back around.

The universe won’t make things right for us. It won’t help us get back the good people who left us. We are the ones who should make the traces of mistakes, right. And if we couldn’t then we should do something else just don’t get back and dwell again with the past.

If we’re having a hard time finding good people to stay in our lives then maybe we should be the ones who are worth keeping. Let’s make the people who stayed with us feel appreciated because the ones who left won’t ever get the chance to feel that.

- Ruby Rose Ignacio

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Someone should make a list of vegans and animal rights activists who grew up in animal agricultural families or worked in animal agriculture. For those who keep insisting all vegans are city kids who learned everything about it from PETA propaganda.

There are so many vegan former farmers and slaughterhouse workers, they’re so easily found with just a little research so this assertion can’t be anything other than wilful ignorance honestly. There are of course stereotypes that many vegans do live up to, but vegans come from all walks of life and the reason most of us go vegan in the first place is because we found out what is involved in animals agriculture. In my experience the people who are really ignorant on how animals are reared and slaughtered tend to be meat eaters, because there is a vested interest in not knowing. Besides, vegans spend half their lives arguing about this stuff, we tend to end up pretty clued up about it after a while.

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I'm a few years older than Z but still relate to a lot of her control freak ways. I used to care a ton how others perceive me while also constantly claiming idgaf what other people think, LOL. i had to adopt the mindset of "it's none of my business what other people think about me" in order to actually stop caring. Z trying so hard to hide and control what the public thinks about her relationship status - it's her life, but she's still giving other people power over how she lives it.

Absolutely!!! As we discussed here before, she is not as “free” as she claims if she continues to give that much of a fuck what others think who she is with. And by the way people will ALWAYS think something about her personal life, when it is a very attractive, young, movie actress in question. Rumors will still happen even if she hides things…. But like, we don’t care about their details; but denying just the fact  that they are together is giving TONS of fuck about what others think. And I personally would not let anyone rule me that much. 

May be a very extreme example, but it is a bit kinda like how a closeted actor/actress comes out and feels liberated by the fact they don’t have to DENY who they are with for fear of what others will think (and gay actors have a lot more to lose by coming out) , but when they do come out, they always say “I wish I did it sooner. I feel much freer”. Does that mean I am getting step by step details into their love life or sex life with that admission? Nope. They can still remain private on what to share but they are NOT hiding who they are with and that IS freeing.

The topic of Dante’s life after the death of Eva will forever fascinate me. Since as a character we are hardly given much information to go on. He’s a pretty mysterious character once you begin to think about just how little information we have on him as a person and what his life was like up to the point he finally manages to get his shop. 

Like the moment she died and Dante was separated from his brother he immediately went into hiding under a new alias, Tony Redgrave. In the novels it is said he’s tried hard to distance himself from his past by living under a new name, in the novels the Mercs in Bobby’s cellar + Nell and Grue only know Dante as “Tony Redgrave”. Only for Dante to forsake his alias and live under his true name after his mother figure Nell dies. The deaths of his pseudo family by the hand of demons again was a clear turning point for him in order to come out of hiding and face his demons (Literally and Metaphorically) head on. Not to mention that he also encountered Vergil who was also living as a merc and going under an alias as well during that time. But that’s a topic for another post.

Also the age at when Dante decides to become a mercenary/demon hunter also interests me because it’s clear he’s decided to go into the mercenary business at a very young age. Perhaps around 16-17 at the youngest. Which kind of makes sense, shady mercs really don’t care how old you are, just if you’re able to get the work done. Dante’s life man…just…I need more info.

The new number one.

I will write again. But I am (always, was?) at a crisis. These episodes happen to me sometimes, that I need to start again. I guess it has something to do with public and private expectations; A change in pressure. I lose direction and start to eat myself like the famous snake does to it’s tail.

It’s like I’m left with the question of why, which doesn’t get a (living) answer.

Suddenly there is no certain purpose that regenerates itself from day to day.

(Day to die? - A smile.)

Then I feel that it’s best to just get rid of my past and start again. I suppose that in writing I have actual control with the waste of past; that I can destroy it.

Most often we humans aren’t that lucky.

This has a lot to do with my trauma, if you want a psychologic, psychooanalytic angle. I lived a life where others always told me what to do, where my parents left me to my own devices except when I made a mistake. So I learned to find my own space through solitary creation, a kind of hiddenness.

When my work become too public, too accepted, I suddenly react with a childish emotion; This is wrong, my parents weren’t like this.

When I find that no-one tells me what to do, I get lost. It’s like waking up from a dream somehow.

What have I done? Have I done this? A strange feeling of desperation takes me over. Is this a feeling a parent feels? There’s just too much words alone. I push them all out the door. When you look at lost words, it’s sort of like the wind. There’s still something there, a trace of things that were. They came from me, grew old, sick, left died and I had to go through it with them.

If I’m a parent, am I also someone who sentences another to die? It’s just words, but words are so much.

Think: It’s just children, but it’s never only children.

It’s like it all says here, from a very simple feeling: Alright. We did not die yet. Let us not die yet.

So I was lying down in my bed for a while and reading to get through this.

You are without writing until something in you says with a certain voice: Please.
It is a helpless voice, but it is also strong. Like when something is placing a hand on yours, without too much pressure, you can come to work again.

Sometimes it takes a year, sometimes weeks, sometimes days.

It is part of life, my existence. At it’s core, the processes of creation never end, but sometimes they are very destructive, I’ve found. I think of Bataille here, that there is a dark side to all creating, that there is also a creation of waste. When I find that I can’t find a way to deal with my waste anymore, I move into destruction, sacrifice, some form of violence… In a banal way, I do a violent act of non-writing.

But, as the current paragraphs show, the form is bigger than me somehow. I have some control, some will of my own, but the overarching shape of my life likes to restructure and reform itself. I feel that I must, but the must has a bigger form than what I exactly think. There is light and there is darkness. Many forms multiplicate, almost invisibly but never quite imperceptibly. There is a sense, but it’s sometimes hollow and not a reflection of anything specific in you. It’s not me, but something else.

Writing is like a sky; how it too became from nothing (how many times over?) to be that starry thing enveloped with a new nothing. Something waits there.

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how can you be anti civ.... like civilisation has been around since at least 10,000 years ago, when humans first became behaviourally modern. so you’re advocating to going back to like... not being modern humans? that doesn’t make sense like that’s ahistorical. not to mention very idealistic. it puts indigenous etc living and tribes on a pedestal and it’s just weird and racist..

“Behaviorally modern” what does that even mean? 

you wanna call me ahistorical and racist but you prop up a pretty ridiculous idea of like, people living outside of civilization as being backwards, “behaviorally un-modern” (whatever the FUCK that means)

Also anti-civ folks aren’t putting anyone on a pedestal, we simply want to live a life free from hierarchy and coercion. We’re in favor of living a life that resembles something like an indigenous society would but something much more decidedly anarchistic.


Stress is inevitable. Our lives are full of requirements, duties, lists, tasks, jobs, people, and the future - all demanding our attention. It can easily become overwhelming and we can quickly lose focus, letting our mind wander as we drift into another world. Yet we cannot escape stress by simply running away. Rather we must work to meditate, contemplate, and truly learn what our preferred way is to reduce this stress. I’m doing so, we truly will learn more about ourselves.

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Is there something from the bible to explain this? This is biggest life question I've always had. Why was I born into my conscious state and not the conscious state of another person on this planet? It's interesting because everyone realistically wonders this. We all know ourselves as "me" but yet we all experience completely different lives. Like what chose "me" as "me" who can control my thoughts and my actions and "me" who lives in my own eyes. It's like I'm looking into a binocular haha

Hi dear friend, God bless you greatly.

The Lord is our Creator, of everything and of everyone. He has made us in His perfect image and liking, created for Him and to fulfill His purpose, which is to glorify, serve, honor, and love Him above anything else, and by that, to spread His love and talk about His fame to every creature. He has made us wonderful and unique, it is an amazingly complicated work that only can be achieved by Him. He has given us life by His breath, and given us a name (“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” - Jeremiah 29:11) God has given you an identity of your own, and a plan for your life, no matter where you stand at this very moment, this plan is still the same, because you are you, and He has predestined it for you. All you must do is to turn your eyes to Him and allow Him to show you who you are in Him and where to go (“For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb. I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well.” -Psalm 139:14)

God’s love for you has kept you and strengthen you all your life up to this point, and He is calling out your soul from the slumber to reveal your identity in Him. If you wish to find out, just answer to His voice (“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” - Jeremiah 33:3)

I pray this has helped you!

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At least they made caroline important enough to have her own arc and self reflection. That must be for something. There's no point her having a self reflection and nothing coming from it. What do you think she will realise?

I personally would love if she realized the fault in having idolized her former relationship with Stefan. It’d be awesome if she sort of came to jesus that she’s idolizing something far different than what she actually had. 

Are we that lucky, it’s unlikely, I’m afraid. However, I do sort of think she will realize that she deserves to go out there and live this life that’s far bigger than she’s allowed herself to have. When she was a teenager she didn’t let herself go for that, she was firm that she had plans, and not one of those ended up panning out. And that’s a mistake that I think she’s gonna see that she made, and will chose differently now. 

But yes, I do think that TO having her self-reflect at all, is huge. There’d only be cause to have her do so, if there was going to be an end point to this mini journey, and it being on TO, it’d have to be an end that we’re supposed to give af about. TO’s audience wouldn’t care if they do this tiny arc, only for her to end alone or something. It wouldn’t be an end that the audience would want for her, as they’ve only been introduced to her this season. Whatever her ending would be, odd’s are it ties to someone their audience does care about, who’s ending they do have expectations for. 

Losing yourself inside of other people, school, or the job happens - it’s not the end of the world. You stop remembering why you took the job, signed up for the class, or why you wake up. Your life lacks purpose and that lack of purpose makes you mad at everything and everyone, especially yourself. We spend so much time living for others, it makes us ruin our journey. Don’t get crazy and change your entire life in one night. Just add more passion to it and take away stress. Find out what sparks the fire inside of you & let it set your life ablaze, all you need is more purpose and more passion.
—  s.mcnutt // passion & purpose