what lies beyond the gate

DAY 3144

Jalsa, Mumbai             Nov 6/7,  2016             Sun/Mon  12:10 am

Birthday - Ef Chaitanya

Sunday, November 6, 2016

celebrate the birthday of Ef Chaitanya, the Hyderabad techi who spends his day in the US .. happiness from us all .. love

Birthday - EF Rajib Mitra , Gyanchand Garhwani, Zabiullah

Monday, November 7, 2016

and birthdays too of the 7th for our dear Ef .. love to all and happiness ..

Strange ..

Strange to be in morning light and not know where to go .. to go to work to clear table work to qualitate time with family to work out to visit my parents in prayer to rest to recover to read to script to prepare for the wave to be footballised .. to just wonder and sit ..

Strange ..

Work is the ethic of existence .. it occupies it reverberates it exercises body and soul it interacts it converses it laughs and cries and stumbles it tells stories it exhausts it contemplates and delivers ..

Strange …

Strange .. it strides in jeans and tops for the cold in ballet shoes in redone hair and in anticipation of what lies beyond the gate ..

This is strange ..

Strange ..

The cheer of those that were not born when I commenced when I worked at 1969 to 2016 a century changed when I am stepping to 75 years when wonder embraces me in the gratitude that comes that lingers long in absence of the moment that brings query to mind that wonders why that responds as best I can ..

Strange ..

It is the festival of Chhatt Puja … the prayers to the Sun, the giver of all energy .. the remembrance of the wife of the Sun God and the women that immerse themselves in fast and water for the washing away of all that disturbs .. the rising Sun and the setting as well for 3 days ..

Chhatt Puja ..

The beaches be filled with devotees .. it be the best vantage for the setting of the Sun and so in prayer .. devotees mostly from the Northern parts of the Country, Bihar in particular .. and they that have lived here in the city of Mumbai now celebrate their divinity ..

This land this happy land this land of wonders .. blessed with the multitudinous cultural and social moral diversity .. this land that accepts and acknowledges all under its vast roof, protected by the manner of the people in its fold .. seeking harmony at every step and love from all .. peace and well being ever !!

and 47 years of my life in this city of Mumbai that gave me all that I possess now .. that engulfed me in its warm and affectionate embrace, nurtured me, protected me, pushed me, kicked me, reprimanded me, raised me to heights and crushed me with my falls .. allowed me to make a beginning with the first film in profession :

I am eternal in blessings and gratitude to the Almighty and the those that became well wishers and my Ef for all that I possess in wonder ..

Strange ..

Amitabh Bachchan