what lies beyond the gate

maybe i’m still that little girl
aged ten
running around the streets of their neighborhood
wondering what lies beyond the metal gates
with wide eyes
i’d hop from one house to another
unravelling the stories each person has
i grew up wanting to conquer cities
to mark buildings with x’s
to have places named after me
with gentle hands and a sincere hand
i vowed to make this world softer
to make flowers bloom with my kisses
to create forest fires with my love

i am now twenty one
not knowing what roads to take
crying over the softest ray of sunshine
breaking with the littlest touch of the wind
dying every time the darkness devours me

maybe, after all this time
i am still that ten year old child
but somehow i am not tall enough
to jump over the walls
not brave enough
to believe in my own hands
so all i can do
is gaze out the windows
and pray to the gods
to free me from the hands of misery

Maybe I am still that little girl, aged ten, running around the street of her neighborhood, wondering what lies beyond the metal gated, with wide eyes. I’d hop from one house to another, unraveling the stories each person has. I grew up wanting to conquer cities, to mark buildings with x’s, to have places named after me, with gentle hands and a sincere hand. I vowed to make this world softer, to make flowers bloom with my kisses, to create forests fires with my love.

I am now seventeen; Not knowing what roads to take, crying over the softest ray of sunshine, breaking with the littlest touch of the wind, dying every time the darkness devours me. Maybe, after all this time, I am still that ten year old child. But somehow I am not tall enough to jump over the gates, not brave enough to believe in my own hands.

—  b.w.
DAY 3144

Jalsa, Mumbai             Nov 6/7,  2016             Sun/Mon  12:10 am

Birthday - Ef Chaitanya

Sunday, November 6, 2016

celebrate the birthday of Ef Chaitanya, the Hyderabad techi who spends his day in the US .. happiness from us all .. love

Birthday - EF Rajib Mitra , Gyanchand Garhwani, Zabiullah

Monday, November 7, 2016

and birthdays too of the 7th for our dear Ef .. love to all and happiness ..

Strange ..

Strange to be in morning light and not know where to go .. to go to work to clear table work to qualitate time with family to work out to visit my parents in prayer to rest to recover to read to script to prepare for the wave to be footballised .. to just wonder and sit ..

Strange ..

Work is the ethic of existence .. it occupies it reverberates it exercises body and soul it interacts it converses it laughs and cries and stumbles it tells stories it exhausts it contemplates and delivers ..

Strange …

Strange .. it strides in jeans and tops for the cold in ballet shoes in redone hair and in anticipation of what lies beyond the gate ..

This is strange ..

Strange ..

The cheer of those that were not born when I commenced when I worked at 1969 to 2016 a century changed when I am stepping to 75 years when wonder embraces me in the gratitude that comes that lingers long in absence of the moment that brings query to mind that wonders why that responds as best I can ..

Strange ..

It is the festival of Chhatt Puja … the prayers to the Sun, the giver of all energy .. the remembrance of the wife of the Sun God and the women that immerse themselves in fast and water for the washing away of all that disturbs .. the rising Sun and the setting as well for 3 days ..

Chhatt Puja ..

The beaches be filled with devotees .. it be the best vantage for the setting of the Sun and so in prayer .. devotees mostly from the Northern parts of the Country, Bihar in particular .. and they that have lived here in the city of Mumbai now celebrate their divinity ..

This land this happy land this land of wonders .. blessed with the multitudinous cultural and social moral diversity .. this land that accepts and acknowledges all under its vast roof, protected by the manner of the people in its fold .. seeking harmony at every step and love from all .. peace and well being ever !!

and 47 years of my life in this city of Mumbai that gave me all that I possess now .. that engulfed me in its warm and affectionate embrace, nurtured me, protected me, pushed me, kicked me, reprimanded me, raised me to heights and crushed me with my falls .. allowed me to make a beginning with the first film in profession :

I am eternal in blessings and gratitude to the Almighty and the those that became well wishers and my Ef for all that I possess in wonder ..

Strange ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Alexandria’s Sweetheart

author’s note: Uh, I know I took some time to upload this but I have been very busy this past week. I kinda rushed this so, again, I am sorry for it’s shitty quality. I left this open because I feel like I would do a part two for this but um, just let me know if that’s something ya’ll would want to ready.

prompt: Hi! Would you be able to write a Daryl x reader where it’s the Alexandria ‘welcome’ party & the reader is anxious about going- but she decides to go and she looks AMAZING and the whole family compliment her but she leaves early & bumps into Daryl and he is blown away (but they aren’t together) 

I kinda did it differently but I hope it’s to your liking, anon :D

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“Open the gates!”  

You couldn’t help but to grin at the sight of the gates that guarded your home. The hot sun was beating on your back, sweat clung to your body, and you were both bloodied and dirtied by your travels. You couldn’t describe the feeling you had whenever you returned home after a long trip, but it was a warm feeling.  

The weeks on the harsh, dead-infested roads had been rather hard on you, it showed on your clothes and body, but the smile on your face erased all of that. The iron gates groaned in protest but opened to reveal your untouched home. The cookie cutter houses brought you a sense of comfort and relief. The sun would be setting soon, and you had much to catch up on with your mother, brothers, and father.  

“Aaron,” You grinned happily feeling your body relax at the familiar face, “Jesus, you will not believe the haul I have. I came across a few bakery’s, jack—“ Your eyes caught on the unfamiliar sight of an older dark-skinned woman lingering behind Aaron with an assault rifle in her hands, “Whoa, you convinced my mom to let in new faces?” You gaped at Aaron proud that he managed such an impossible task!

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Aaron was trying his best not to look smug, but he was failing. He couldn’t help it. He had been super eager for Y/N’s return to tell her the good news. He was glad that she was unharmed and safe now. The Monroe family would be happy to see their youngest back.

“It took me a while but I did it. This is Sasha,” Aaron gestured to the dark-skinned woman who gazed at you with immediate dislike and caution, “Sasha, this is—“

“Is that who I think it is?” You immediately whipped your head around with wide, excited eyes at the sound of your father’s voice. Your father’s friendly eyes were glowing with relief and warmth. Your stomach churned pleasantly as you dropped your backpack and threw yourself into your father’s waiting arms.  

“Daddy!” You laughed as he embraced you tightly, his shoulders sagging, and a breathe escaping his mouth in relief.  

“Thank god, you took longer then usual, I was worried.” He said frowning down at her, “You didn’t radio in at all for almost two weeks, missy, I thought we agreed that this was going to be a two week trip not a two month vacation.” His disapproval was clear but the smile on his face countered that.  

You grinned a bit sheepishly, “Yeah, I know but things got a little crazy, but it was all worth it because I have a lot goodies for us.” Your dad was always easier to disengage whenever you did something you weren’t supposed to; after all you took after him the most, but your mother on the other hand…well, that was like another world war.

He sighed softly and shook his head, “I don’t like the idea of you going out there on your own anymore, Y/N. I think we should put an end to these long scavenging trips.”  

You rolled your eyes, having gotten this talk plenty of times already, “Because Aiden does such a fine job with his shitty runs.”  

“Hey now,” Your father reprimanded, “Aiden has a lot on his plate right now, cut him some slack.”  

You rolled your eyes not wanting to spoil your mood with talk of your older, annoying brother before perking up, “How many new faces do we have? When did they get here?” You questioned glancing at Sasha, who had resumed watch on the tower.

Your father followed your glance and smiled in amusement, “Forget about that for right now, right now we should focus on getting you home and getting some rest. You look dead on your feet, I almost mistook you for a biter.” Your father teased.

You gasped and glared at him playfully but couldn’t help but to laugh, “Your sass has not died down with your age, old man.” You commented with glee before calling out to Aaron who had returned to manning the gate, “Hey, I’ll come over your place to gossip later and tell Eric he better make some of his amazing tea for his favorite.” You grinned teasingly at Aaron.

The brown haired recruiter threw you amused look, “If you can escape the clutches of your mother.” He remarks smartly causing your father to laugh out loud.  

You groan as your dad began heading towards the house, “Is mom in a good mood today? Because I can hide out at Aaron’s until she’s in a good mood, oh, maybe you should slip her some wine to ease her up.” You gasped and looked up at your father pleadingly.  

You were tired and did not want to deal with an overprotective mama today. You had traveled through the night just to get here. Your body was practically begging you to drop to the ground for sleep.  

Your father smirked, “You know your mother, she’s never in a good mood whenever you’re not here.”

You sighed running a hand through your greasy hair and muttered, “Where’s the demon spawn Aiden?”

Your father chuckled, “Complaining to your mother about the new faces.”

“Bitch.” You mumbled.

Aiden and you were always butting heads, no matter how small it was, you could always bet you and Aiden fighting over it. That’s why Spencer was always there to calm things down between the two of you. Now, Spencer was another story. You loved Spencer with all of your heart, well, you loved Aiden too, but he was such a stuck up prick with a twisted sense of humor.  

Spencer was always the calm and quiet one. He was kind unlike Aiden. He knew how bad things were outside your iron gates. Aiden just made fun of everything and didn’t take anything seriously.

“Aiden got into a fray last week. He was worried that something must’ve happened to you and wanted to make a search party to go search for you.”  

Then Aiden acted like the worried big brother he was supposed to be and you just couldn’t hate him. You sighed, “I guess I’ll cool the bitchy attitude, but I swear if he tries something I’ll kick his ass.” You told your father.  

Your father laughed and nodded, “I believe you.”

A few familiar faces called your name, shared their relief that you were back, and went on their way. You smiled happy that you were home again. Your mother’s home came into view. You said your mother’s because you didn’t live with your mother and father; like Aiden. You and Spencer lived in the town homes on the other side of the safe-zone.  

Instantly, you spotted your mother speaking with an unfamiliar woman. She was pretty with her light brown hair and summer green eyes. You could instantly see yourself making friends with the woman. She seemed to be around your age.  

Your mother shifted to the side a little and caught sight of your father before she caught sight of you. Her mouth hanged opened, surprise and relief filled her sharp eyes, and the woman confusingly stopped talking to your mother to look over her shoulder and at you.

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“Y/N!” Your mother, Deanna, quickly made her way towards you and engulfing you into a tight, motherly hug.  

“Hey, momma.” You mumbled burying your face into her shoulder. You had missed her the most. You always loved her familiar warmth and smell. She always wore the same perfume.  

“I have half a mind to slap the shit out of you, missy, you were gone for a month! You were only supposed to be gone for two weeks! Do you have any idea how worried I was?” She demanded smacking the side of your head.

You laughed and rubbed your head, “I know but I hit a small town that was untouched by any humans and spent almost two weeks taking everything back to our warehouse.” You explained.

Your mother opened her open to reprimand you some more but your father quickly cut in, “Honey, why don’t you finish business with Maggie so Y/N can get some rest?”  

Your mother sighed and almost shot you apologetic glance, “I’m glad you’re back, baby, go on and rest. We’re having a welcome party for the new arrivals tonight—“

“Do I have to?” You groaned not really in the mood for a stupid party.

You were in the middle of a shit apocalypse it wasn’t the time to be having a formal house party! That was something that you didn’t like about your home…it had always been sheltered from the gruesome sights of the new world. The folks here had no idea what cruelty lied beyond your gates. They wouldn’t even last an hour outside these gates.  

You told your mother countless of times to train them but she saw no use for it when they had the gates and walls your father built up.  

Mother gave you a hard stare, “You’re going.” And that was the final say.  


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“Come on, Y/N, we’re already late.” Spencer, your older brother, walked into your room.  

You glared at him as you pulled your hair up in a messy bun, “I don’t want to go, Spence, you know how I feel about these damn parties.”  

Spencer patted your shoulder in a comforting way, “I know, sis, but this is important to mom. She wants to make the newcomers feel safe and welcomed.” He explained to you in a tone you knew would budge your stubbornness.

The dress you were wearing you had since before the world went to hell. It was meant to be for a dinner with one of the mayors from another state, but obviously that never happened. The dress was long and just barely kissed the ground. It was sleeveless revealing your delicate shoulders. The back was left open revealing your creamy back.

The color adorned against your naturally creamy skin. It made your soft eyes pop and your slightly rosy face to almost have a soft glow. It was also your mother’s favorite color; a gentle wine red.

Your silky curls were stubbornly pulled up into a messy but elegant bun with a few tendrils of hair framing your face. You hadn’t been this dolled up in quite some time. You hardly ever went to the house parties in the safe-zone and only went because you were forced too.  

It seems that even with the world being the way it was, mother’s always had rule over their children.  

“Fine, let’s go.” You sighed quietly getting up from your vanity seat.  

Spencer gave a light grin and draped his arm over your delicate shoulders, “Have you met any of them yet?”

You shook your head, “No, wait, Aaron introduced to one…Sasha? But I didn’t have a chance to introduce myself because dad showed up.”

Spencer held the front door open for you before pulling off his dress shirt jacket and draping it over your shoulders, “I forgot we’re heading into the fall and the nights are going to get colder.” Your old brother mumbled before the both of you began to head towards your mother’s house.  

“How are the new people anyway? Why did mother pick them?” You questioned.

Spencer sighed, “You’ll see when you meet them, sis. It’s hard to explain but you’re smart, so, you’ll see it.” His answer was vague but it only fueled your curiosity about these new faces.  

Spencer updated you on the gossip within the safe-zone. He didn’t really give you any information about the new comers but you figured you’d know once you mingled with them. It was most likely the reason why your mother was so adamant that you attend this formal welcoming. You were Alexandria’s Sweet-heart, as much as you didn’t like them calling you that, and you knew how to turn on the charm and make anyone feel welcome.  

It was one of your many God-given talents; one you were proud of.

You came to the door and sighed softly, “I’m only saying for an hour then I’m going back home. I am way too tired to put up with the gossip about whatsherface finding her stupid pasta maker.” You gave a scowl making Spencer laugh out loud.  

Your mother answered the door and gave you a slight scolding look, “You’re late.” She stated. The party in apparent full swing behind her.  

“You’re lucky I’m even here.” You sang with a smirk.  

She managed a small smile, “That is true.” You were just as stubborn, if not more, as her.  

She hugged Spencer and kissed your forehead before ushering the both of you inside. “I’m only staying for an hour,” You whispered to her and ignored her disappointed frown, “Mom, I am tired and honestly, you know how I feel about this pointless parties.”  

She just sighed and nodded knowing it was better to give in then to fight. She needed you here to make Rick and his people feel like they were worth trusting. You were her secret weapon in getting Rick’s trust.  

You were instantly greeted by familiar faces. They all welcomed you back warmly and proudly, asking what took you so long, and prodding for your adventures. It seemed like they were returning a war-hero. It made you upset. They knew nothing of what lingered outside these iron walls.  

“Y/N,” Jessie exclaimed with a grin, “I heard you were back, it’s so nice to see you safe.” The blonde hugged you tightly and you hugged back. Jessie was one of your closest friends and you did your best to watch over her boys and her whenever that brute of a husband was around.  

He might’ve been someone of importance here but if he even dared to touch or hurt Jessie, Ron, or Sam you’d put a blade into his skull. Your mother turned a blind eye to it, but not you. 

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“Y/N!” Innocent, little Sam beamed up at you looking up at you as if you were his favorite superhero, “I missed you! Ron thought something happened to you but I knew you were alright!” Sam boasted happily.  

You smiled and ruffled his thin, brown hair, “I missed you too, kid, and you know me, I always come back.” You took in Ron’s absence and frowned a bit when you also didn’t see Enid. You were sure the girl was probably very upset with you. Enid was very closed off but you did your best to get the girl to open up to you. It took almost five months before she began to confide in you. Around that time, you suggested that she come live with you and Spencer. Enid couldn’t have said yes any quicker.  

“Y/N.” Pete smiled at you warmly.  

You stared at him with venom but flashed him a toothy grin, “Pete, my god you’ve gotten a bit fat. Jessie’s been spoiling you.”  

Pete’s smile faltered the tiniest bit but he just chuckled, “I’m a lucky man.”

You smiled, “Of course you are.”

“Rick, I would like you to meet my youngest daughter, Y/N,” Your mother’s voice came up from behind you and you turned around to see a brooding, imposing man standing beside your mother. He had these haunting blue eyes, curly brown-black hair, and had this commanding aura about him. Your mind immediately thought that this man had either been an officer, a mayor, or an army man. Someone of power. 

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In that short instance, you knew why they were here. Glancing behind him, you saw other unfamiliar faces—even a baby. Something you hadn’t seen in a very long time. You forgot about your mother and her introductions. A massive smile broke out on your face at the sight of the beautiful little girl cradled in a boy’s arms—probably Rick’s son by the similar looks.  

“Oh my gosh, she is beautiful!” You cooed stunning Rick and his people.  

“Y/N,” Your mother sighed with a small smile.

“She is precious,” You gaped as the baby looked at you and babbled at you looking like she wanted to be held by you. “Oh, she is…may I hold her?” You looked at Rick.  

The brooding man looked like he would snap a quick no but glanced behind when he heard his daughter’s mewls and saw her reaching out to be held by the younger girl dressed in red. Rick’s stoic face softened and he nodded at Y/N.  

You giddily walked up to the teenager boy and gave him a smile, “May I?”  

The boy seemed to have blushed a bit and hastily gave you his baby sister. The baby cooed at you happily, going to pull your cheeks, and touch your nose. You laughed and the baby giggled cutely. “She is a gem, what is her name?” You asked to no one in particular.  

“Judith.” The teenager mumbled.  

“Judith, what a pretty name!” You did funny faces at Judith who squealed and laughed in joy.

“She’s never acted like that with a stranger.” Rick sounded impressed.  

“She has a way with kids.” Your mother boasted proudly.

You were introduced to Rick’s people. You could tell they’ve had hardships and seen gruesome sights. You could see it in their eyes, in their body language, and their expressions. There was this unspoken message between Rick’s people and you, it was like they knew that you weren’t like the others. You knew how it was out beyond the walls. You knew there were others seeking to take what you had. You just knew.

You were still cradling a sleeping Judith in your arms while speaking to Rick, Michonne, Carl, and Abraham. “They said you went away for some time,” Michonne, the dark-skinned woman with a hard face, asked you after cracking a joke that was so bad it made Abraham spit his beer, “What do you out on your own?” She was curious, if not a bit suspicious.

You shrugged and gazed between Rick’s people who looked awkward and your people who looked completely at ease, “I didn’t like sitting in this cage and not doing anything, so, I told my parents that I would go try to find other survivors or try finding supplies we needed, anything to help. Over a month ago, I told my parents of a town I once visited, a vey small and sleepy town, but it had quite a few bakeries and food joints, so I wanted to see if there was anything left to gather,”

You shifted your gaze around the room full of familiar people and noticed a few people missing still; Ron, Enid, Aaron, Eric, Sam, and one of Rick’s people named Carol.  

Aaron and Eric didn’t really attend parties mostly because despite the world going to shit, they were still people who were assholes and snobs.  

Ron was probably with Enid.  

Sam…where was the little boy?

“I didn’t think there would be a lot but there was, and I spent a lot of time going back and forth to one of our secure warehouses a few miles from here hence why I took so long.”  

“Why do you go alone?” Rick questioned with a frown.  

You shrug, “Because beside Aaron, Eric, and a few others…the rest here don’t know how to even kill a biter. They don’t know of the shit that happens out there. They think they’re safe within these walls, but what they don’t get is that there are people out there that want to take what we have. I try to tell my mother but she doesn’t want to believe it. Sooner or later, someone will see what we have and will try to take it and I can only kill so many people before someone takes me down.”

You were a bit out of breath and you had a frown on your face. Rick definitely looked impressed. Abraham was smirking and saying, “Hear, hear, princess badass.”

Michonne was looking at Rick with an eyebrow raised, “This some has spunk.”

Carl had this look similar to his dad and a slight red tint to his cheeks when you shot him a grin. It was clear he wasn’t used to an older girls attention.

“Damn right, I do.” You laughed.  

You mingled with Rick and his people for bit handing over your newest adoration in life to Rick. You could tell that he was a bit more trusting towards you. You moved towards Rick’s other people who looked a bit unsure what to do; Tara, Noah, and Glenn. Maggie was mingling a bit easier then her people.

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“You guys looked bored as fuck.” You commented with a friendly grin.  

Tara glanced at you and gave a friendly smile, “Not even before did I go to these.” She commented.  

“Yeah, same. The only party I went to was my neighbor’s.” Noah remarked with a small chuckle. The younger ones in Rick’s group were a bit more open.  

“So, how come you don’t go out with your brother Aiden?” Glenn questioned.  

“He’s a fucking idiot.”


Your mother had heard your comment and gave you a pointed glare while your father was snickering from beside her. “He is.” You shrugged as your new friends snickered.  

“That dress is amazing, Y/N.” It was Maggie who complimented you and was now sitting beside Glenn. You had learned that those two were married, and you could see the love they had for each other whenever they locked gazes. It made you feel hopeful.  

“Thanks,” You chuckled, “I was going to wear something more casual like jeans and a nice top but my mother would’ve killed me.” You made a funny face making your new friends laugh in amusement.

“So, I guess tomorrow you’ll take one of the trucks to the warehouse?” Maggi questioned.

You nodded, “Yeah, I am glad that I don’t have to rely on Aiden now. He’s such a pain in the ass,” You snorted and grinned at them, “I can use you guys to help, you don’t mind do you?”  

Tara and Noah looked back at Glenn who shrugged, “I’m sure Rick wouldn’t mind. Just one trip?” Glenn questioned.  

You grinned, “More then two or three trips.”  

“Whoa, this must’ve been a big haul for you, why didn’t you take someone with you?” Noah questioned with a cute, confused look on his face.  

You gave a small shrug, “Most of my other friends are out scavenging too and I don’t really trust anyone else to have my back like that. Aiden may act tough…but when it comes to the wire, he’ll freak. His friend Nicholas is the same too. Aaron is too busy with finding other survivors with Eric, although I think Eric will be out of commission for a while since he twisted his ankle.”  

“You don’t get along with your brother, do you?” Tara teased.  

You gave your new friend a sheepish smile, “I love Aiden but we butt heads way too much. No idea where he is tonight; probably fucking some girl.” You knew there was only two girls left in the safe-zone that were about Aiden’s age.  

You ended up staying at the party for more then an hour. You were exhausted and the heels you were wearing were killing you. You yawned and rubbed at your eyes announcing that you were retiring for the night. “Oh, come on,” Tara complained, “Noah just found Uno!”

“It’s alright, Y/N,” Glenn rolled his eyes at Tara and Noah complaining, “You go and rest up. You look dead on your feet.”  

You didn’t feel like telling everyone you were leaving; so, you told your mother and father before leaving. You were walking down the street enjoying the crisp, cold air on your exposed shoulders and back; it gave a jolt of awareness.  

You were humming a long forgotten song when you were turning the corners towards your townhouses and bumped into a warm, hard form. “Whoa,” You stumbled and in these heels, you felt your body swaying backwards but a rough hand caught your elbow.

“Sorry,” You immediately apologized, “I wasn’t—“

“Who the hell are you?” 

Your body responded to the voice unnaturally. The voice was raspy, deep, and tinged with a southern accent. Your eyes shot up to locked onto dark blue eyes that were glaring at you with confusion. The man had to be a good twenty years older then you but he was damn fine. He was dirty, covered in dirt, had a vest, and a crossbow on his back. His face was hard and sharp with a frown. His hair kissed his shoulders.  

“Who the hell are you?” You demanded hotly with a frown and placed your hands on your hips.

The man followed your movements and his eyes lingered on your slim but curvy waist before trailing upwards towards your best and to your shoulders. Your cheeks burned and your stomach pooled with a weird sensation.  

Daryl didn’t know what to do in this situation. Honest to God, he had never laid eyes on such a beautiful woman before. She was young maybe mid-to-late twenties. She had high-cheek bones that were elegant and soft. Her face was round, a sweetheart face, with charming and loud doe eyes and lips that would stretch into a beautiful smile.  

Her hair was up in a bun but a few strands were hanging loosely around her face. The dress she was wearing was nice and tight around her petit and lithe body. Daryl had never looked at a woman like he was looking at this one. Hell, he avoided women; they were complimented as hell, but this one seemed different. This one had bags under her eyes and looked tired—exhausted.  

It reminded Daryl of a warrior princess returning home from war—it was in a comic he had once read when he was younger.  

He inwardly scoffed, what the hell was he thinking?

“Oh, Y/N!” Daryl and Y/N turned to see Aaron jogging up to them.  

“Daryl?” The lovely vixen looked at Daryl with curious eyes.

Daryl clenched his jaw but didn’t comment. He was trying his best to ignore the tinging sensation in his lower stomach from when the woman had said his name—it was almost a bit too intimate for Daryl.  

“This one of Rick’s people?” She asked Aaron whilst eying Daryl, “He needs a damn shower.”

Daryl glared at her, “’Cuse me?”

“You heard me.” She answered boldly not backing down from his icy glare.  

Aaron watched the interaction between man and woman with amusement. He had never seen Daryl act so out of character; despite the short time Aaron had known the redneck. Y/N was known for being sassy but there was something off about the way she was staring at Daryl.  

“You got some nerve, girl.” Daryl snapped with a frown.  

“We have running water, ya know.” The annoying but lovely girl smirked. 

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Daryl growled, “You better watch your mouth, sunshine.”  

Feeling bold, you smirked, “Or what? What are you going to do about it?” You taunted taking an instant liking to this handsome redneck.  

Daryl clenched his jaw, “You gonna find out.”