what lies between your skin and bones

I’m sorry i was addicted to the way that men hold me.. I hope you understand that lust never lasts. And i hope you learn to tell the difference between lust and romance. There will be hundreds of men and most will do what it takes for you to let them in. Most will love your bones till they ache and then they’ll break your heart in the end. They’ll sell you white lies and empty promises that you’ll become more attached to than them. The men will be sorry enough to touch where it hurts and make sins with your skin.
—  Reyna Biddy, I Love My Love
Jeonghan : Are You My Mom Now? (pt 2)

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Summary: Part 2 of jeonghan’s single dad au because… why not…. it was already pretty much finished when I wrote it but I wanted to continue it just because I love Jeonghan….. this part is just summarizing a regular morning in the apartment and also the introduction of the nickname Dino (it’ll be somewhat explained in the next part)

His arm tightening around your waist is usually what wakes you up in the morning. You turn over in his hold, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to his forehead. Today, the room smells vaguely of freshly dyed hair, and you curl your fingers through his short locks as he smiles at you, his eyes still closed as he struggles to pull himself out of sleep. Then, the door is nudged open and Chan walks into the room with a too-big blanket wrapped around his body like a cape and his favourite stuffed toy in his arms.

“Are you hungry, baby?” You ask, sitting up in bed, Jeonghan’s arm around your waist falling loosely into your lap. Chan nods.

“Should I make you some oatmeal with fruit?” You say. The boy nods excitedly, clutching his dinosaur toy in his fists and offering you a toothy smile.

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