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Modern AU jehanpernasse where Jehan knows Klingon because they decided to study it one summer and Mont knows it because he's a Giant Fucking Nerd and they meet when Mont says some snooty comment in it thinking no one would understand and Jehan replies and they bond over being snarky shits in a Star Trek language

The only reason(s) why Montparnasse knows Klingon is that Babet (another Giant Fucking Nerd) once suggested adopting the language to communicate as not to be understood by prying ears, namely the cops. So they all learnt the language and the alphabet, and Montparnasse LOVES codes and secret languaes, because he thinks it’s badass and mysterious and all.

Now keep in mind that this happens in high school, in which Montparnasse is supposed to be that typical too cool for school bad boy with an attitude. And too cool for school badboys with an attitude aren’t exactly supposed to speak KLINGON!

So when Jehan talks Klingon back, Montparnasse flips the fuck out because “SHIT my cover’s been blown, no one can know I’m a nerd!” especially not that cute person he’s in English and Spanish class with. He just keeps a stone face and looks away, trying to pull himself together.

Later, as he empties his locker, he find a folded piece of paper. There’s a whole alphabet written on it, that isn’t Klingon at all, though it rings a bell. On top of the paper reads “It’s Elvish, if ever you wanted to learn another fictional language.” Several sentences are written at the bottom of the page, and Montparnasse decodes: “Hi, I’m Jehan. Feel free to toss that paper in the bin if I’m mistaken.”

He doesn’t. He folds the paper carefully and slips it in his pocket. Ensues weeks of little messages slipped into Jehan and Montparnasse’s respective lockers, all written in Elvish alphabet. The messages get flirty quickly, and Parnasse notices Jehan blushes everytime they walk past each other in the hallway. That does something to him. A great deal of things, actually.

Teach me spoken Elvish, he writes one day. Jehan, it turns out, is fluent in the language. And a fictional language shouldn’t sound so beautiful. Parnasse watches, mesmerized as Jehan tries to teach him the basics.

“Are you listening?” they ask, as they catch Montparnasse staring.

“Yeah! I swear!”

He’s less fluent than they are. The vowels are hard to get right.

“No, you need to open your mouth more,” Jehan points out, their thumb on his lower lip.

Montparnasse’s heart skips a beat. He doesn’t now how to describe what he’s feeling, in French, Elvish, or else, but he doesn’t want it to stop.

Les Mis Characters as Texts I've Gotten:
  • Valjean: Dude they have free bread this is rad
  • Javert: That's 100% illegal, you moron
  • Fantine: My sweet baby child, whom I would die for
  • Cosette: I actually have a great father, so I can't relate to you
  • Eponine: Lmao what's childhood anyway?
  • Thenardier: Just zero redeeming qualities. None.
  • Enjolras: *heart emoji* VIVE LA REPUBLIQUE!! *heart emoji*
  • Grantaire: My love life is basically just an angsty fanfic
  • Courfeyrac: As the glue of this relationship I'm here to keep your ass in line
  • Combeferre: It reeks of mothballs I can't handle this
  • Bahorel: Don't forget about me again, I'm salty!
  • Feuilly: This is some Bolognese propaganda. Fuck autocorrect I mean bourgeoise*
  • Bousset: Wait what?
  • Joly: This is actually causing me physical pain
  • Marius: What color pants did Washington's army wear??? please answer this is urgent
  • Gavroche: I may be 4'9 but you're still beneath me
  • The Priest: Thank me when you get it together

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My boyfriend and I have wanted to start Discworld for AGES and I keep seeing all these flowcharts of the proper reading order, but none of them match each other. Is there a proper order in which to read the books, or is Discworld a series you can just read as you find the books?

Oh man, flowcharts are a dime-a-dozen and everyone has their favorite ‘series’ within the discworld books. There isn’t a correct place to start, but if you’re planning on reading multiple books then you’d want to start at the beginning of a series. 

So like, the earliest books that Pratchett wrote were focused Rincewind, who is a terrible wizard and does a lot of running away and manages to see a lot of the world in the process. I don’t recommend starting here because the first few are some of Pratchett’s oldest books and therefore lack the kind of cleverness and subtlety that he becomes famous for. But the Rincewind books are, in order:

The Color of Magic (deals with tourism/travel story, dragons, kind of classic fantasy satire)
The Light Fantastic (directly follows tCoM, apocalyptic story, cthulu/lovecraftian mythos)
Sourcery (old-fashion epic high fantasy satire, like Conan the Barbarian)
Eric (directly follows Sourcery, parody of the story of Faust)
Interesting Times (basically the Conan-the-barbarian-equivalent is trying to take over discworld’s China-equivalent and dragging Rincewind along)
The Last Continent (time travel and Crocodile Dundee parody)
The Last Hero (illustrated story— aged heroes are going to blow up Discworld’s mount olympus-equivalent because they’re pissed the way life turned out— Rincewind has to stop them)
Unseen Academicals (not really Rincewind book, but wizard-centric and deals with the wizard’s university. sports culture and the fashion industry)

Another series of his focuses on the character Death, who TALKS IN ALL CAPS and is generally a pretty nice guy who finds humanity interesting. These books have a lot of existential discussions and what it means to be human— plus Susan, Death’s granddaughter, shows up later and she’s FANTASTIC; very smart and wit so sharp she could cut you with it, and the ability to see through every kind of bullshit.

Mort (Death gets an apprentice so that he can experience living like a human, the apprentice keeps trying to save this chick he likes, Death’s adopted daughter thinks he’s an idiot)
Reaper Man (Death gets fired from his job, people don’t die and get angry about it)
Soul Music (rock & roll, introduction of Susan! focuses more on her than Death tbh)
Hogfather (an assassin is hired to kill the Discworld Santa Claus equivalent, Death & Susan save the day)
Thief of Time (a race to save the world from beings that want to freeze time permanently)

My second favorite series features the Witches— they are these incredibly badass ladies that makes sure shit. gets. done. There are a lot of fairy tales and Shakespeare stories that get covered by the witches’ series, but get flipped upside down because none of them have ever been the sort to give people what they want but rather what they need. Which people don’t always appreciate. Granny Weatherwax is the bomb btw.

Equal Rites* (girls are witches and boys are wizards— but a girl is born with wizard powers)
Wyrd Sisters (shakespeare!!!)
Witches Abroad (fairy tales! fairy godmothers! marti gras! voodoo!)
Lords and Ladies (motherfucking elves)
Maskerade (phantom of the opera parody)
Carpe Jugulum (vampires! not the twilight kind)

*not the best to start with— I recommend skipping and returning to later

Pratchett also writes a young adult series that I actually HIGHLY recommend, like seriously, the only difference between his kids books and adult books is that the kids books have chapters and only from one POV. This series takes place after the Witches series, because it’s about a young witch that learns a lot from the older witches. I recommend reading the Witches books first but it’s not completely necessary.

The Wee Free Men (fairy tale hodgepodge plus the Labyrinth and Narnia)
A Hat Full of Sky (what it means to do for people what needs to be done instead of what they want done. also alien possession)
Wintersmith (nature spirits, kind of Jack Frost but much worse, greek quests)
I Shall Wear Midnight (witch hunts, evil spirits)

My favorite, favorite, favorite series is the City Watch. It’s kind of a bunch of cop stories, which I love, and the Captain of the Watch (Sam Vimes) is this adorable grumpy badass who’s not bright but fucking determined, and his cops are all these diverse characters, and the leader of the city, Vimes’ boss, is even smarter and better than Machiavelli. 

Guards! Guards! (dragons, royalty, Casablanca)
Men At Arms (dwarf-troll race relations, the Discworld’s first gun)
Feet of Clay (attempted assassination whodunit, introduction of Golems—argument of what qualifies personhood, basically an “I, Robot” kind of thing)
Jingo (war with the Discworld’s Middle-East equivalent— written pre-9/11)
The Fifth Elephant (vampire-dwarf-werewolf politics, hard core action-adventure)
Night Watch (time travel! french revolution/les miserables)
Thud! (dwarf-troll race relations, riots, murder mystery)
Snuff (cop on holiday, crime happens, hidden slave trade ring)

Another series that takes places around the same time as the later City Watch books and in the same city, are the Moist von Lipwig books. If you like stories about the redemption of the con man (like the tv show White Collar), these are good. I find them very funny, because he definitely is redeemed in spite of himself.

Going Postal (Moist is forced to take over the defunct postal service, politics, big business)
Making Money (Moist is forced to take over the defunct mint, banking, money politics, economics)
Raising Steam (invention of the steam engine, politics, terrorism

There are also books that are stand-alones, that you can just read one and decide if you want to read more Discworld books.

Pyramids (an assassin finds himself with god-powers and has to save the Discworld equivalent of Egypt)
Moving Pictures (invention of movie-making! but the movies are warping reality)
Small Gods (religion, the spanish inquisition, what makes a saint, greek city-states, what do the people in power (gods or otherwise) owe the people beholden to them)
The Truth (invention of the newspaper, freedom of the press, mistaken identity, murder mystery)
Monstrous Regiment (a girl joins the army as a boy to find her brother; covers military/warfare, feminism, human stupidity)
The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents (a YA book that’s a take on the pied piper story)

….So, that was a lot of words. I dunno if any of it is helpful, but I hope so! And if it might be useful to you, my top 6 favorite discworld books of all time are: Night Watch, Small Gods, Monstrous Regiment, Thud!, Feet of Clay, Witches Abroad.

tl;dr I love the City Watch books the best, so you should start with Guards! Guards!

okay sorry but I need to get this off my chest. possibly snob-ish literature rant ahead of you.

do you know something that’s been grating on my nerves about a bunch of posts I see on tumblr? it’s this continuous insisting that ‘no literature is sacred because everything is a fanfic/transformative work so why do people think certain books are special’.

because I mean on one side it is technically true, though it means nothing and everything - like, okay, as someone once said all western literature is a continuous redoing of the Iliad and the Odyssey and that’s pretty much true to a T because every theme you find in all of western lit is in there, so we actually could say that all of western lit is basically Homer fanfiction. there’s nothing technically wrong about that statement. but if you say that, you’re basically equating all literary works to a certain standard which is not necessarily a high one and you’re saying that no literary work could be considered more important than another because after all it’s all transformative work.

and that means that you didn’t understand the basic point of history of literature and of how literature shapes cultures/languages and of how literary trends start. given that nothing is really original for the reasons above, but there’s nothing wrong with that as all of literature/culture in general is made of being influenced by someone else, the point is that there are certain works/books that are actually more important than others and not necessarily because of their style.

  • as in: the divine comedy might be a bible + roman/greek mythology fanfic with rps thrown into it for someone who wants to see it like that (tho writing this sentence is making my fingers bleed but never mind), but the thing is that if you say it you’re missing that a) the story is a pretext, b) that it’s used as a commentary for philosophical/historical/society issues, c) that it’s written in such a complicated verse that no one else tried it again after Dante did it first, d) that it’s been the basis for the formation of the language of an entire nation. it’s not just a fanfic, it started Italian literature in vernacular
  • all of ancient latin/roman lit is a greek literature au but it shaped their culture which then they exported all over the continent and it’s not necessarily the same and actually the aeneid is more important for western culture than the iliad/odyssey because it was more widely read.
  • I could go and say that robinson crusoe is just another variation of ulysses being stranded on calypso’s island so who even cares, and I also think it’s boring as fuck, but if someone hadn’t written the umpteenth variation of ulysses being stuck on the island you wouldn’t have modern narrative novel and not just in the english language.
  • ulysses is pretty much upfront an odyssey fanfiction for that matter, it doesn’t try to hide that, but considering that joyce invented the stream of consciousness and that was when he introduced it that kinda makes it stand since it influenced all of 20th century literature
  • the beat generation novels can be a huck finn or tom sawyer au tho that definition is kinda reductive and can be applied to 90% of american lit and actually the beat generation is more autobiographical shit than most of any other american lit current, but without the beat generation novels american lit nowadays would be vastly different and they still did something innovative that hadn’t been done before
  • for that matter huck finn also is based on themes you can find in the odyssey - fuck, the entire road trip concept is based on the odyssey, I could write you another post where I show you that lord of the rings has endless themes in common with that book - but without mark twain you wouldn’t have today’s american literature
  • religious art can be bible fanart to you, but it wasn’t to people who went to church because they couldn’t read the bible so if they didn’t see the pictures how were they going to get told the story even if the priest wasn’t explaining it to them? also some of that bible fanart ended up inspiring entire movements (ie Caravaggio’s use of light in his bible fanart influenced all art for a century at least if not more while the artists that weren’t influenced by him aren’t famous unless they did something other groundbreaking or that somehow was relevant as far as currents go), and tbh using the bible as a fanart/fanfic comparison thing means that you reaaaaally have no clue of how religious texts work (says the atheist)

like, what people don’t seem to grasp is that it’s not that all works are equal but some are more equal than others and that’s wrong. the thing is that some works are more important than others, not equal, in virtue of the fact that if no one had written that book or painted that picture(s) literature history would be vastly different and by proxy the culture that book belongs to would be vastly different, because like it or not, literature shapes a culture if it’s a culture that relies on the written word.

like, there’s a post floating around tumblr (which wasn’t what started this rant but never mind) that says that jane eyre was based off emma and wide sargasso sea was based off jane eyre so IT’S ALL FANFIC-CEPTION. never mind that it’s probably not true (and like knowing charlotte bronte I totally went like WHAT when I read that post), but let’s just assume it is for this argument. so, emma is a book you study in high school. jane eyre is a book you generally study in high school (I didn’t but it was on my english lit book so let’s say I should have). wide sargasso sea generally is not unless your teacher is into postcolonialist lit or that you study outside university. but it’s not because there’s a bias against wide sargasso sea. the thing is that you study emma because jane austen is an important author and her work is groundbreaking as far as female writers being published goes, so if you wanna know anything about english lit you’re gonna have to deal with it/her. you study jane eyre because charlotte bronte was another example of groundbreaking female writer managing to publish, it has a female heroine that was vastly different from most female heroines of the time and has set the bar for that kind of book in the following years. wide sargasso sea is important for other reasons as far as postcolonial lit goes, but other than giving an unique spin on the story and putting attention on bertha as a character it does exactly nothing special as far as actual writing style goes or as introducing new plot devices or so on. actually if jane eyre wasn’t there first you probably wouldn’t have 90% of today’s literature touching feminist themes. so wide sargasso sea gets taught in unis because it has something to say as far as postcolonialist themes go, but not in high school because it has exactly nothing to add to works that actively changed english literature before the 20th century which is what you should study in HS.

to make another example, this also is valid for idk everything based off ancient greek tragedy - it’s been done and redone to death, but for one, there’s been tons of literature written just about Elektra’s character. ffs we have three full tragedies featuring her character that survived ancient Greece but there probably were endless, we just got those three because they were the most important/innovative. on the character’s wiki page there’s fifteen not-Greek works in between operas and regular theater. out of the four operas, the only one that gets performed today regularly is Strauss’s because it was important as far as musical style went and it stood out from the others, but it’s based on a drama that no one would give a damn about if it wasn’t the base for the opera. meanwhile mourning becomes Elektra, which is the American 19th century AU of the Oresteia, is vastly more important as far as theater goes.

and like, it’s not even about the style or personal tastes - for one, I think robinson crusoe was a yawn-worthy book when it wasn’t irritating and emma is one of the books I loathe most on this planet, it doesn’t mean that I think they’re trash or meh FANFIC or stuff that shouldn’t be taught in schools - they should be, for the basic reason that everyone here is missing.

which is, works in literature are important/stand out insofar as they have something new to say about something that’s already been said and done, be it language or style or twisting the tropes or cementing the tropes or completely turn them into something else or what have you, not because of the story. the story in itself is irrelevant as far as lit history goes. I get the feels about the characters in Les Miserables but it’s not an important book because I cry over life being unfair to jean valjean, it’s important because among the rest it shows you why the fuck I should cry over jean valjean which translates in let’s go and criticize French society and smash at it with a hammer. among the rest, because that’s not even 1% of that. I could also tell you that les mis is basically a Greek tragedy in disguise because three people survive at the end of it but that’d be making a pretty damn disservice to everything it stands for.

and the thing is: people, fanfiction is setting the lowest bar. with that I don’t mean fanfic is bad and actually I agree it shouldn’t be shamed/seen as lesser literature (I mean, I’ve been writing it for ten years or more than that and I will for the foreseeable future, I’m hardly bashing on it) insofar as we do it carefully for reasons I’ll disclose in a moment, but the point about fanfic is that it’s self-published, it’s free and everybody can write it. which is amazing and that’s why I love it, but the thing about incensed literary works is that they are incensed because in their context, not everyone could have written them. No one ever managed to write another divine comedy, I highly doubt that any writer that wasn’t joyce could have pulled off ulysses, wuthering heights was important also because it had a protagonist who was unlikeable but hella complex at the same time and guess what no one else had written a heathcliff until that point or at least not as well as emily bronte did, if I sat down and decided to write a book about a ship hunting whales I can 100% assure you that the result would not be as good as moby dick and I could never write a les miserables or a brothers karamazov or a waste land. because those works are unique and only the people who wrote them could have written them and that’s why they changed literature or were influential to other people. like for fuck’s sake let’s lower the bar some more, stephen king is my favorite writer and I don’t think he’s groundbreaking or extra special, but still he’s had far more influence over horror/thriller genre lit and popular culture than any other genre writer of his generation ever had and no, if I sit down and write horror books myself even if I’m influenced by his work I will never replicate it, because he’s vastly better at it than I could ever be. and that’s okay, I don’t want my dark tower fanfic to be considered equal to his canon. and all ‘there’s fanfic better than canon!!’ is perfectly true, but fanfic wouldn’t exist without the canon. like, think about that one moment - canon will always be more important whichever canon it is.

and other than that, the fact that everybody can write fanfic is good but can also be not good. like, there’s some fanfic which deserves being published, but for every one of those there’s fifty trashy ones and equating all of literary canon to fanfics in general and saying that people need to get off their high arse when they think a certain published work is superior means that there’s zero difference between 1984 and my dystopian game of thrones AU based on brave new world, and that’s crap, because my dystopian GOT AU will make my readers have feels and maybe they’ll read it on their kindle but I’m never going to end up in literature classes for it. considering I do it in my spare time and I’m not paid for it nor do I care, I don’t see the problem in considering 1984 superior to my fanfic. and so on.

but other than that: people, ffs, everyone on this website loathes fifty shades of grey. and that’s not the problem, because it’s a shitty book and deserves to be loathed. but 50sog is a twilight fanfic that was published for reasons that I’m entirely not sure about, tho the agent saw right since el james has made more money from her shitty twilight fanfic than I will ever make off any fanfic I will publish if I ever do. like, following this ‘everything is fanfic everything is equal let’s get off high horses published/studied in school =/= special or particular or worthy of my attention’ we’re saying that 50sog is exactly the same thing as idek lady chatterley’s lover if we wanna stay in the erotic genre/banned books category, and that it totally should have been published/made into a movie/read by a bunch of people who got the wrong idea about bdsm. problem is: everybody can write a shitty book like 50sog and most people would write it better tbh, and that’s why if it ever ends up on literature books it will be because of the sales and because it’s was a phenomenon in the good or the bad, not because it was a fanfic or because it was a good book in the first place. if people don’t forget about it in the next ten years, which is highly more probable.

like, getting off high horses is all good and proper and I 100% agree with it also because in order to make that kinda lit palatable to everyone treating it as it’s 100% sacred and untouchable is stupid, but not to the point of everything being treated as if it was exactly the same thing because sorry but in fact some fucking books/works are more important than others and there are reasons why and those reasons aren’t people being snobs. the moment you know that you can do whatever the hell you want with/to them but at least know what you’re talking about first.

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Okay idk this might be weird but do you have any headcanons about Les Amis sneezing? [Your hcs are so goooodddddd uwu]

(it’s not weird at all and thank you!)

  • enjolras sneezing is basically what courfeyrac has described as “sounding like a bird exploding with feathers going everywhere and everything.” so pretty much he tries his best to quiet his sneezes and inevitably ends up either sputtering loudly or just failing miserably because they catch him off guard. they’re loud and unexpected and his head jerks back when he does and his hair goes just about everywhere. (it’s quite a sight, they all recommend seeing it at least once if given the chance)
  • courfeyrac sneezes with some eloquence though it’s varied and can sometimes fall flat. he usually pulls up the collar of his shirt over his mouth or turn away in time before sneezing as quietly as he can. though he does sputter often in the attempt to do this which causes joly and bossuet to burst out laughing.
  • combeferre’s sneezes are sudden and defined with nothing particularly special about them beyond the fact that his glasses have a tendency to sometimes slip down the bridge of his nose. courfeyrac takes this as the opportunity to push them back up and make cheeky little grins while combeferre tries to get over the temporary dizzy spell. 
  • joly when he sneezes never sneezes just once - it’s usually in a series of at least three and they come out one after the other with moments of refrain. he inhales and scrunches his nose and rocks on his feet before sneezing again and then repeats the whole process before finally stopping. depending on the situation in which these sneezes occur they can end in hysterical fits of giggles. (bossuet doesn’t help and neither does grantaire who is so very good at doing imitations of joly’s sneezes because they are almost always funny in some way)

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Why aren't you all obsessing over Aaron Tveit?

I mean

just look

at him

he’s a dork

with perfect hair

and a perfect smile

(let’s just stare at his smile for a while, shall we?)

and basically his perfect everything

also, he was Enjolras in Les Misérables

this badass revolutionary guy

with awesome songs and perfect hair and great clothes

What I’m trying to say is… Why isn’t tumblr CRAZY about this guy? You should be.

some of the many reasons to appreciate bossuet:

  • puns. so many puns. even his name is a pun, for chrissake.
  • he’s generally the most lighthearted of les amis so if you need comic relief he’s your guy
  • he basically accidentally-on-purpose gives up his seat at law school so that some pontmercy guy he hasn’t met can stay enrolled, and when he meets marius all he says is “young man, let this be a lesson to you. in future, be punctual.”
  • he’s in a practically-canon polyamorous relationship, how dope is that???
  • his relationship with joly, platonic or queerplatonic or otherwise, is actually really stable and adorable. like they totally support each other, awwwwww
  • he’s one of two barricade boys who are explicitly lowerclass. basically the more attention fandom gives to bossuet and feuilly, the sooner the revolution will happen. and that’s the gospel truth
  • “he was familiar enough with fate to call it by its nickname. ‘good morning, evil genius,’ he would say.” like what more do you need how can you not love this guy

I really loved @lesmiserablol‘s brilliant headcanons about Les Amis as movie theatre workers, so here’s my contribution (of course I take no credit for none of the characters).


One day Enjolras and Cosette hear about this new musical movie coming out in their theatre… What was the title? Les Misérsomething?? Enjolras heard it’s about a huge revolution, so of course he’s all for it, and Cosette heard there’s also some love story in it, and both of them want to see it SO BAD that they basically settle on the first available date and drag all of the Amis along with them.

  • Cosette ends up weeping through the whole thing, because she loves the main character so. much. Like, he’s literally made one small mistake in his whole life (it wasn’t even a real mistake, c'mon, he was just trying to feed his poor family some bread, for God’s sake!) and yet that awful policeman keeps giving him hell?? Instead of chasing those horrible innkeepers who steal things and abuse children?? Whoa, way to go Mr. Lawful! And in the end, when the old man reunites with his adopted daughter, she barely keeps it together cause at least he’s had a tiny spark of joy in his life and can finally die in peace.  
  • Grantaire has a sarcastic comment for whatever decision the Naive-But-Quite-Hot Blond Revolutionary Boss ever takes. “Uh, yeah, a barricade, great idea, that will definitely keep the whole national guard away! What could ever go wrong?” “Are you sure that singing that your little lives don’t count at all is the proper way to encourage your friends, Apollo?” “Oh, well, you’ve literally accomplished nothing and you’re about to die a very heroic death, this revolution was not a bad idea at all.”  (Never mind that he actually finds quite charming the passion and dedication that Blond Revolutionary Boss puts in everything he does.  Sarcastic comments are much more likely to elicit a reaction from Enjolras than any kind of compliment, so he’ll go for them.)
  • Enjolrasloves the political part of the story and follows the whole revolution with eyes wide open. What he does NOT appreciate is Grantaire’s sarcasm, and he can’t keep himself from retorting to every. single. one. of his comments. Obviously. “What should he do then? Sit in a corner and drink himself to sleep like that dark haired boy in the background? You think that’s a better way to get things done?” Cue long rants on how it’s better to do little than to do nothing. Cue a not impressed Grantaire answering with even more sarcastic comments. Cue an astonished Enjolras wondering why does the man have to be so fucking skeptic everytime on everything? WHY??
  • Courfeyrac and Combeferre sitting in the row behind them and placing bets on how long will it take for those two idiots to finally stop arguing and admit that they have the most ridiculous crush on each other. (Both agree that, judging from the way they get closer and closer as the discussion goes on, they will be making out before the movie even ends)
  • Feuilly, Bahorel, Bossuet and Joly root loudly for the revolutionaries, get excited for every fighting scene and make fun of that Shy Revolutionary Boy on screen for being soooooo madly in love with Pretty Blonde Girl and almost dropping out of the revolution just to follow her.
  • Marius tries to laugh with them at first (“Ahah yeah that boy is such a booby right?”), but he can’t help shedding one small tear when Shy Revolutionary Boy and Pretty Blonde Girl are separated and sing that sad, beautiful song to each other. (He also likes the part when they first talk. When the characters on screen sing that beautiful song about hearts full of love and romantic stuff, he pretends to yawn, lifts his right arm and lets it slide over Cosette’s shoulders, blushing like a twelve years old kid on his first date. He also unintentionally scratches Bossuet’s arm, but Cosette seems to appreciate his gesture anyways, so no problem.)
  • Jehan adores the soundtrack. All of it. He has a small notebook with him and he takes notes of all his favourite verses and rhymes in case he finds a way to use them in one of his poems. When the movie finishes and they get home, he hums the tunes all the way to his place. It takes almost a week for him to stop randomly bursting into songs when someone mentions the words ‘France’, ‘students’ or ‘revolution’ in a sentence.

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Could you please explain me what is up between les miserables and donald trump? I still don't know what's happening..

He basically stole an extract of “Do You Hear the People Sing” at a rally and barely photoshopped a promo picture he had no right over (featuring Aaron Tveit as Enjolras) and captioned it “Les Deplorables”. Which is like…. vastly ironic considering what les Misérables is about and what /he/ is about.

Trump stealing songs for his rally isn’t a rare occurrence though, he’s done it multiple times. Take John Oliver’s word for it

Today’s Enjolras is brought to you by: making a mental note to never let Grantaire answer questions about the revolution in the future

(”So what exactly is the purpose of everything you all are doing?”

“Well, you see, what our fearless leader really wants is to basically, you know, make the government govern more…”)

[cue Enjolras facepalming]