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You want Malia to publicly protest against her father’s presidency while you’re afraid to tell your parents what they just said was a slur or homophobic in the privacy of your own home with very little reaction potential, but this girl better start a revolution over her war criminal father before she even thinks of banding together for another movement. What kinda…like there reaches a point where political theory overrides common sense and you just passed that

  • Fan: Which song of the new album kinda personifies what you guys stand for as a band?
  • Luke: Personifies is a great word. Actally one of my fave words because it's a big word and I know what it means.
  • Ashton: Thank god someone knows what it means in this band.
  • ....
  • Calum: Personifies the band? I think all of it.
  • Ashton: Maybe we should explain personifies first. Unless everyone knows it. Personally I don't.
  • Michael: Personifies is when a person makes fries. Isn't it?
  • Luke: That's personi-fries.

Band of Brothers AU where they all attend ‘Single Parent Speed Dating’

  • Nixon isn’t even an actual father. But he has 5 dogs and they totally count as his children.
  • Even though he told everyone he did not need something like Speed Dating Speirs still showed up. But he totally sneaked in the room just so no one would see him.
  • Liebgott and Webster are married already but whenever they have a fight they go to an Event like this just to prove the other one that they could totally find somebody better than their husband. After 2hrs of awkwardness they remember that they already found the perfect match.
  • Lipton and Winters were convinced by Welsh to go try meet other single parents. They are both very loving fathers but Harry knew that they needed somebody else in their lives. 
  • Babe refused to go on his own, so Bill had to come with him. Bill never told him that he wanted to come anyways just for a different reason.
  • Malarkey, Skip and Penkala are the trio hosting the thing and make everybody attending uncomfortable with their stupid jokes. But they have a surprisingly good idea of who might match with each other.
  • When Speirs enters the room the first thing he sees is Lipton smiling at him, highlighted by a violin playing a romantic melody. The violin is played by Skip who quickly disappears before Speirs can vent his anger.
  • Roes collegue Renee mislead him to the Speed Dating because she figured he needed someone by his side to take care of his adorable daughter.  

Random Person: Hey have you heard about Fall out Boy before?

Me: ummmm….yeah I have heard of them

Random Person: Well, you probably don’t know [insert random fob song here],but…omg its so good. You should totally check them out one day! And omg, their bassist is so hot!! Have you ever heard about Pete Wentz?? You probably don’t know him……

Me: *looks at the camera like in The Office*

Random Person: Anyway, their lead singer is a great guy! Have you also heard of Patrick Stump?? This is kinda weird,but some people ship Patrick and Pete! *laughs* Hahaha isn’t that weird?!

Me: *screams internally*

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  1. what upcoming comeback are you most anticipating?: Got7 and Monsta X
  2. hedgehogs, bunnies or hamsters? BUNNIES! 
  3. is there a book or movie that you think is v overrated? The hunger games series is pretty overrated imo
  4. what would your role in a zombie apocalypse be?: If I managed to stay alive, I’d probably be a medic or something like that
  5. describe your perfect saturday: I sleep in until 11 and study french/korean, write and binge netflix
  6. if someone were to scroll through your browser history how screwed are you?: Well considering half of what i do all day relates to kpop and most people think it’s weird that I even like it, I guess I’d be kinda screwed
  7. what are some of your favorite artists/bands outside of kpop?: Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, Panic! at the Disco, Motionless in White, Green Day
  8. what’s worse: laundry or doing the dishes?: Laundry. I can do dishes in less than 15 min. Laundry is like a week long process for me lol
  9. who is the ultimate bias wrecker?: currently it’s Taemin
  10. do you prefer hiking in the mountains or swimming in the ocean?: Well I’ve never done either, but considering I hate large bodies of water I guess I’ll have to go with hiking. (Unless there’s bugs, then it’s a no go from me)
  11. describe yourself in three words (or more, or less): Shy, Awkward Bun

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  • Why do you bias your current bias?
  • If you were a mythological creature, what would you be?
  • Describe your style?
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I just cannot believe that I’ve been a fan of this band for actual years now. 

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7. What shirt are you wearing?
i’m wearing a grey shirt that has 3 daleks on it and the doctor and it says “doctor who and the daleks” which kinda sounds like a catchy band name idk

14. What is your current desktop picture?
a picture of dnp☺

16. The last song you listened to?
What Do I Know? by Ed Sheeran

18. Who would you really like to just punch in the face?
-cough- donald trump

Me: *listens to Sweater Weather when it first dropped on the internet* hey you guys should listen to this song it’s so flipping good.

Friends: nah bruh sounds lame and what kinda name is The Neighbourhood for a band like dafuq.

Friends: *after Sweater Weather hit the radio* omfg you seriously need to listen to this song Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood it’s so fucking dope bruh like it’s life.

Me: you pieces of donkey shit.

One Direction was never really Zayn’s kinda bag if you know what I mean. You know his taste in music is different and I guess that’s what drove him to do what he did in the end. Which isn’t necessarily a bad
thing you know, everyone’s come out fine from it. Thanks to our beautiful fans. He’s off doing what he loves as well. So you know, both parties are winners at the end of a  disaster of a situation so it’s all good.
—  Liam Payne