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Fun Musician Asks

1. Favorite movie soundtrack
2. Favorite soundtrack piece from a movie
3. Favorite TV/anime show soundtrack
4. Favorite sad soundtrack
5. Favorite powerful soundtrack
6. Favorite instrument
7. Favorite percussion instrument
8. Your favorite thing about the instrument you play
9. Your least favorite thing about the instrument you play
10. Prettiest looking instrument
11. Prettiest sound
12. Your definition of band nerd
13. Favorite band piece
14. Favorite symphony
15. Favorite brass quintet piece
16. Favorite woodwind quintet piece
17. Favorite chamber ensemble piece
18. Favorite overture
19. Favorite symphony
20. Favorite opera
21. Choose one: brass quintet, string quartet, woodwind quintet
22. Piece that gives you energy/pumps you up
23. Piece that makes you emotional
24. Piece that makes you sad
25. Favorite slow piece
26. Favorite fast piece
27. Favorite piece to play
28. Favorite excerpt
29. Favorite Etude
30. Piece that kills your lips the most (or hands)
31. Favorite solo literature for your instrument
32. Favorite classical music composer
33. Favorite band composer
34. Favorite soundtrack composer
35. Favorite genre of music
36. Most musical inspirational quote
37. Favorite and least favorite note
38. Favorite orchestra
39. Who do you look up to most in the music world
40. Are you hoping to continue playing music past ms/HS/college?
41. If you could talk to a composer right now, who would it be and what would you say?
42. If you could bring a composer back to life, who would it be?
43. If you could learn another instrument, what would it be?
44. Have you ever cried while listening to music? What piece?
45. Have you ever cried on stage?
46. Embarrassing performance?
47. Performance really proud of?
48. What made you decide on playing your instrument? (What was your “Ah-ha!” Moment?)
49. If you are wanting to play music professionally, did you have an “Ah-ha!” Moment to decide that?
50. What was the first orchestral piece you ever played?
51. What is your favorite piece to listen that has a fantastic part for your instrument?
52. If you could make a living off your instrument, what would you be doing? (I.e. professional orchestra, freelance, etc)
53. If you were to compose a symphony about your life story, what would it be like?
54. What makes you want to throw your instrument across the room? (Pls dont)
55. What is the best instrument to use as a weapon?
56. Do you have playlists on your iPod? If so, what are your fav playlists/the names of them?
57. Have any random, good musical stories?
58.If you make a mistake during rehearsal, what do you usually do? (Do you make a face? A noise?)
59.what type of music do you listen to other than classical?
60. What do you do during long rests?
61. Have you gone to any music camps? If so, which ones?
62. Post a pic of your music binder/folder
63. Post a selfie with you and your instrument
64. Post any selfie at a band event/festival/honor band
65. Post any selfie of you with your HS or orchestra section
66. Post a practice room selfie
67. Post a picture of you right before or after an audition
68. Post your favorite pic of your conductor
69. Post a picture of your case
70. Post a picture of your practice area

a-broke-in-heart  asked:

Pete said in the interview that Young And Menace is the farthest left song that will be on M A N I A but the other songs will be complementary and tell a story like the other albums bc albums are still really important to the band.

See that’s what i was kinda thinking too… I feel like this was the big showstopper song sorta… The one where they try too hard… Kinda like panic!’s Emperor’s New Clothes

You want Malia to publicly protest against her father’s presidency while you’re afraid to tell your parents what they just said was a slur or homophobic in the privacy of your own home with very little reaction potential, but this girl better start a revolution over her war criminal father before she even thinks of banding together for another movement. What kinda…like there reaches a point where political theory overrides common sense and you just passed that

anonymous asked:

Can you make a "Day in the Life" kinda thing with each of the band members? Like what kind of things would they do?

(For sure my dude)


-loves shopping
-reads magazines in her room
-plays with Katsu
-watches Netflix all day
-if she goes out it’s to take photos or buy new strings for her guitar
-writes songs on her guitar(with 2d)


-reads about upcoming rallies
-plays his drums or listens to music
-he writes about del and his other friends
-he really likes cooking??


-writes songs in his room(with noodle)
-plays his piano
-talks to murdoc about life(since murdoc is truly getting better these conversations go much smoother)
-plays video games
-goes and gets groceries
-dances like a dad


-literally talks to his therapist for half of the day
-promotes gorillaz
-encourages the band to make new music
-planning a new version of kong studio
-Probably hires a prostitute tbh

Bonus-cyborg noodle:

-is dead


Request: will you do a band au kylo ren where he’s a super badass lead singer to this junk band and you stumble across them at a bar or something?

A/N: First of all, the gif above fits this one shot perfectly, so I decided to use it. Second of all, thank you anon for the request, I enjoyed writing it! Enjoy! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.9K+

Warning: Slight profanity.

Rubbing your forehead as you felt an awful migraine coming on, you decided to shut the chemistry text book, deciding trying to understand science wasn’t in your favor at the moment–let alone, at anytime. Leaning back in your chair as you let out a disgruntled groan, the door to your dorm instantly slammed open, you not even bothering to see who as you knew it was Rey. “Yes, Rey?”

“We need to get you out of here.” Walking over to you, she spun your chair around for you to face her. “You’ve been locked up in here for the past three days studying for this damn exam, give yourself a break!” She exclaimed, causing you to sigh. “Come on, Poe and Finn wanted to stop by this bar that most of the uni kids go to since apparently they have live music and yadda yadda and you know how Poe is about music,” She swatted a hand, causing you to huff.

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Band of Brothers AU where they all attend ‘Single Parent Speed Dating’

  • Nixon isn’t even an actual father. But he has 5 dogs and they totally count as his children.
  • Even though he told everyone he did not need something like Speed Dating Speirs still showed up. But he totally sneaked in the room just so no one would see him.
  • Liebgott and Webster are married already but whenever they have a fight they go to an Event like this just to prove the other one that they could totally find somebody better than their husband. After 2hrs of awkwardness they remember that they already found the perfect match.
  • Lipton and Winters were convinced by Welsh to go try meet other single parents. They are both very loving fathers but Harry knew that they needed somebody else in their lives. 
  • Babe refused to go on his own, so Bill had to come with him. Bill never told him that he wanted to come anyways just for a different reason.
  • Malarkey, Skip and Penkala are the trio hosting the thing and make everybody attending uncomfortable with their stupid jokes. But they have a surprisingly good idea of who might match with each other.
  • When Speirs enters the room the first thing he sees is Lipton smiling at him, highlighted by a violin playing a romantic melody. The violin is played by Skip who quickly disappears before Speirs can vent his anger.
  • Roes collegue Renee mislead him to the Speed Dating because she figured he needed someone by his side to take care of his adorable daughter.  

anonymous asked:

So what kinda music you into? Got any favorite bands, singers etc?

hmmm, english ones? i like IAMX, Maroon 5, Placebo, Panic!, Studio killers, The Vaccines, The neighbourhood, New Order, Gorillaz, Woodkid, Florence + the machine, Point Blank Society, things like that


Enjambre, Molotov, Camilo Septimo, Rubytates, Love of Lesbian, DLD, Cafe Tacvba, Porter, Reyno, Panteon Rococo

  • Fan: Which song of the new album kinda personifies what you guys stand for as a band?
  • Luke: Personifies is a great word. Actally one of my fave words because it's a big word and I know what it means.
  • Ashton: Thank god someone knows what it means in this band.
  • ....
  • Calum: Personifies the band? I think all of it.
  • Ashton: Maybe we should explain personifies first. Unless everyone knows it. Personally I don't.
  • Michael: Personifies is when a person makes fries. Isn't it?
  • Luke: That's personi-fries.
Rajigaze Jan 6

Ruki: So this is actually mail from last year, but I’m interested so I wanna read it.

Aoi: Okey

Ruki: Uhhh okay….. “Aoi-san, Ruki-san, good evening. Christmas is done and now everyone is in New Year’s mode.” Well it’s the new year now but

Aoi: Yeh

Ruki: “Since the theme is Christmas –” HEHE NO IT ISNT

(Aoi laughin)

Ruki: Lmao whatever huhu “this is a story about my Christmas three years ago.” omg AND it’s three years ago… “I went to Shibuya O-EAST (*live house) to see a VK band.” So that would be Maruyamacho, yes, the area with the love hotels. “All the fangirls were standing out in the love hotel street shivering in their lil outfits, waiting to get called in, but time was passing and it wasn’t starting. Finally, the staff made an announcement that they couldn’t start the show due to technical difficulties. There was nothing we could do but wait. But 10 minutes went by, then 15, until I realized we’d been waiting for an hour. I understand that technical difficulties are out of their control, and I know that all the band and staff want to do is put on a great show, but like we’re standing outside on the love hotel street on Christmas Eve, and Nishiuchi Mariya is doing some event at the venue next door, and all these girls dressed as Santa and reindeer and a bunch of drunk couples are crowding all around us…and here we are, a bunch of cold VK fans dressed in black, watching all the couples go off into [the love hotels] on their special night…the live was super fun, but it was a kinda shitty Christmas Eve.”

Aoi: (whispering) Ahh I feel that…..

Ruki: I mean there’s no use reading about last year’s bitter feelings now but…

Aoi: (giggles) But you know…Maruyamacho…it’s that place, right…

Ruki: Mhm

Aoi: There’s a lot of good restaurants and stuff there! I go there often.

Ruki: Oh really? In that area? Oh yeahh you mentioned that before…I mean I
don’t even know what kinda bands play there anyway so…

Aoi: Oh I go all the time!

Ruki: One time I was walking alone in Shibuya and I got lost…and I ended up around there and I saw people lining up to see some Visual Kei band…I booked it huhuhuhu

Aoi: Oh really? I just walk right by tbh

Ruki: Oh wow! Listen Aoi fans, if u go to Maruyamacho u might see him walkin around…what restaurants do you go to?

Aoi: Well there’s Italian…and then some bar kinda places

Ruki: Ahhhhh~

Aoi: That’s about it I think

Ruki: But yeah it seems like they would have [that kinda place]

Aoi: Yeah you should totally go

Ruki: Oh you recommend it?

Aoi; Yes

Ruki: Ahh…you go to them expensive places huh

Aoi: No no not at all! They’re on that street! You know, East…

Ruki: That street?

Aoi: Yeah you know, kinda at the bottom of the hill

Ruki: Ahhh…ah okay that place with…what was it… (*idk what he said)

Both: huhu

Ruki: But anyway…they had to wait an hour outside on Christmas Eve for a live…three years ago on Christmas Eve, at O-EAST, a band delayed their show one hour…I wonder who it was

Aoi: Yeah, who could it be?

Ruki: I wonder…a VK band…

Aoi: It wasn’t us, right??

Ruki: What???? We didn’t do [an event there] 3 years ago…

Aoi: Oh wait didn’t we do some event at Tsutaya?

Ruki: Yeh

Aoi: Yeah so it wasn’t us! We would never do that!

Ruki: We would never be an hour late

Aoi: Yeah

Ruki: They were an hour late

Aoi: Yeah I think so

Ruki: Yeah omg no no no no no we wouldn’t do that

Aoi: Right?

Ruki: Nope I don’t think so nope

Aoi: But I mean it was technical difficulties, what are you gonna do

Ruki: Yeah, even we have them sometimes.

Aoi: Yeh sorry

Ruki: Yeh sorry lmao but yeah they were waiting outside for an hour on Christmas Eve and they saw couples going into the love hotel

Aoi: But wait, lives are usually in the evening right…are people actually going at that time?!

Ruki: What

Aoi: To love hotels…

Ruki: Yeah I don’t think so…maybe [they were going early] cause it gets too crowded at night HWHIEHIEHHUEHU

Aoi: What like they go [to the love hotel] and then go get some dinner after?

Ruki: Yeh why not?

Aoi: Omg really?

Ruki: Well idk……but yeah that’s the love hotel area like……

Aoi: Yeh……..

Ruki: But I heard VK fans sometimes stay there

Aoi: Yeah apparently they do!

Ruki: Hmmmmmmm

Aoi: Mhm….yeah

Ruki: That’s some dirty shit

both: huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu