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I love F(x) a lot. I love their charms, and their voices. I love our Ice Princess Krystal, Our Goddess of China Victoria, Llama Amber, Cutie Sulli, and our Vitamin Luna. They are a perfect group. But being pushed aside to let labelmates succeed is kind of harsh. They deserve more than what SM hands them. I wish they could all just leave SM and go to a agency that would cherish them. And bring Sulli with them. I’m sure they still talk to each other. They are family at the end and always will be.

Sam, Cait & Rugby

It’s nice to wake up to S/C banter on the rugby match. Sure, it’s their teams playing each other so naturally they are going to banter about it. BUT, what strikes me the most is how Sam is all over Cait on this: Cait onesie, Cait Scotland shirt team, vitamin C and extra shirt in case Cait gets sick, Cait, Cait, Cait. You get the idea. He has Cait on his brain even if she is right there with him. So to me, that is heartwarming and induces all kinds of feels. Have a good weekend!

Kind of embarrassed to post this before pic from January 1st but in the spirit of my honesty and recovery journey, I figured here goes nothing. Besides the obvious physical improvements, I cannot stress enough the inside improvements are way more noticeable!!!! Good diet, exercise, prayer, meetings, vitamins, positive thinking and a career I love are what work for me. I’m gonna keep on doing what I’m doing and hope I can inspire others in my journey.

When you first transition to veganism, you often have to explain your decision to everyone you know! It can seem difficult or frustrating, especially when people question your decision.

Here are some tips that can hopefully help you!

  • Do your research! If you are educated in the health aspect of veganism, then you will be prepared to handle the questions that are often thrown at you like: “Where do you get your protein?”, or “Are you getting enough vitamins?”. It also helps to understand why you went vegan. The best explanation is an honest one. I made this transition for ethical reasons, so I try and communicate that to others and hopefully educate them in the process.
  • Be open to questions and try not to get defensive. Understand that there people will have their preconceptions and over dramatizations like, “What do you eat? Celery?”. Answer people with a kind heart and an open mind. Remember that you were once in their shoes. Veganism simply does not make sense to them yet, but if you approach them kindly and honestly, then you may be able to influence their choices. Being patient and understanding can make a huge difference!
  • Bringing food with you always helps! I love sharing vegan baked goods with others to prove to them that vegan food is NORMAL!! So many people are really confused and have no idea what we eat, but if you share some of the delicious recipes with them, then they might be more open to it!
  • If your family is concerned about your health, then try meeting with a dietitian who can assure them you will be perfectly healthy - sometimes it makes it easier for them to hear things from a professional.
  • Ask your friends/family if they would be willing to watch a documentary or visit a farm sanctuary with you! It is the perfect way to educate them.
  • Tell people in advance. If you are visiting friends/family, it can help to let them know ahead of time, so they can prepare something for you. Offer to cook your own food or bring something with you to make it easier on others. I usually bring my own dish to social gatherings, so I can share a delicious meal with others (and show them how amazing veganism is). This also prevents anyone from being able to complain that veganism is difficult - it doesn’t burden them in any way, so they have no right to complain about it!
  • Evaluate your situation. Depending on who you are talking to - you don’t necessarily need to tell them you’re vegan (I go into this more below).

Evaluating your situation:

There are many situations this may come up in and sometimes it is easier to just answer simply “I don’t eat animal products” or “I am lactose intolerant.”

  • With your close friends or family, it is definitely best to be completely honest with them and explain your beliefs, as mentioned above.
  • However, if you are just meeting with someone from class or someone you don’t see quite as often, then you could use one of the excuses I mentioned above without having to get into an explanation with them about it. Often when babysitting, I will just say I am lactose intolerant since I do not feel it is my place to be discussing veganism with the kids.

If you survey the situation, you can decide which option is best for the moment! I often tell people I am vegan, so I can hopefully educate them and influence them in a positive way, but I also know when to keep it simple to avoid a long argument or explanation.

If anyone is interested in transitioning and would like to join a support group, just send me a message :)

Moonsun shipper RIP part 2

So this happened…. Q: what is does solar mean to you? (Q for moonbyul) Moonbyul’ answer: “our vitamin. Healing existence. Treating me as a friend, she’s kind and knows me best. If I didn’t have her, I would not have come so far.” Q: what is moonbyul to you? (Q for solar) Solar’s answer: “a very loyal kid. Driving force of the team. Since I am the youngest at home, I had a hard time when I first became a leader, but because of moonbyul’s support I have overcome it. We can share everything in our relationship.” Me:

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That’s Right, My (Blood) Type

Requested: EXO reaction to finding out their sweet and innocent girlfriend is a bloodthirsty vampire when they see her feed on a human for the first time. // Not gonna lie, I had a lot of fun writing this, more fun than I was expecting, so thanks for the request, love!


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Junmyeon would think you’re kissing another guy on the neck at first and would be about to storm over to you both – until the guy goes limp in your arms and Myeon sees your mouth covered in blood. His next thought would be him wondering whether you are iron deficient and what kind of vitamins/supplements he can get you to fix this.


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Let’s be real – Chanyeol has read the Twilight books and other vamp romances and is willing to be the Bella to your Edward. He’s probably not even surprised when he finds out you’re a vampire because he’s been waiting his whole life for fantasy to become reality. It’s just that he’d always imagined finding out that he was the one with secret powers, not the pretty boy love interest.


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Kyungsoo would join you. Hail Satansoo.


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Sehunnie would be terrified and heartbroken – that is, until you mention to him that some perks of being a vampire are immortality and inhuman beauty. After that, it’s all aboard the Dracula train. Toot toot, motherfuckers.


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Minseok would be the most unfazed by the news that you’re a vampy. In fact, he’d probably volunteer to help you hide the bodies.


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Jongdae is the one who would try to kill you, but not because he doesn’t love you – precisely the opposite. He thinks that’s how he’s going to save you. But he overlooked one tiny detail…you’re faster, stronger, and still want to be with him. So you turn him into one too. Now his little pointy smile has pointy teeth to go with it.


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Baekhyun would develop a new bloodsucking kink. (“It’s like a super hickey, jagiya! But if you could keep from killing me, that would be great.”)


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Yixing would have the most normal/expected reaction in that he would probably call a priest to try and save your soul from eternal damnation. He’d insist on dragging you to church so the two of you can pray for you, and he’d learn everything there is to know on vampire lore. He would even go so far as getting you animal blood for your thirst so you can stay away from human’s. He would refuse to believe that you’re evil, that you have no choice but to lead a monster’s life. You might be creeping in his heart, but he won’t call you ‘monster.’ (I HAD TO.)


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Jongin would like to know how one goes about becoming a werewolf. (Half man/half dog?? Sign him the fuck up)

As everyone knows, your brain cannot function without food, particularly without healthy food. When studying, your mind is on overload and it can be stressful. Studying can last from five minutes to six hours, but keeping your brain energized is key.

I have composed a list of some of my favorite snacks along with some others. All of these are vegan friendly but are great for anyone!

-tea (any calming tea is good, also tea that is used for headaches can help because i get headaches when i work for too long) (my favorite teas are mint, fruit teas, green tea with citrus, cinnamon/vanilla) im not sure exactly what they are called but my therapist always puts different kinds of powders in my tea that have antioxidants or vitamins and theyre like super foods. you can get tons of different ones and you cant really taste them but they can add some extra umph to your health.

-smoothies (one of my favorites)
•1/2 cup black berries
•1/2 cup raspberries
•4-8 strawberries
•two (preferably frozen) bananas
•handful of spinach

-apples with peanut/almond butter

-a fruit burrito (i accidentally made this when there was no food in the house and ive loved it ever since)
•whole wheat tortilla
•butter (i used vegan butter)
•fruits of choice (i use strawberries/bananas)
~spread the butter on the tortilla and heat it up to your liking.
~cut the fruit
~put the fruit in the middle of the tortilla so it fits when you roll it up
~sprinkle cinnamon/sugar and roll it up and youre good to go!

-sweet potato chips

-plantain chips (they taste like fries if you get good ones)

-veggie sandwich (you can get this at subway or make it at home and modify it to your liking)
•bread of choice
•(at home i add avocado or black beans)

-nice cream (basically a frozen smoothie haha)
•frozen fruit of choice
•bananas (mostly the base but not mandatory)
•anything you want to add in flavor wise such as mint extract, vanilla extract, or cacao powder
~literally just blend it and it should be fully blended but a thicker, cold consistency
~if it is not thick enough blend in some ice or freeze it to your desired texture

-blue corn chips

-granola (obviously)

-fruit (if youre lazy like me)

-spinach salad
•toppings of choice (strawberries/pine nuts for me)
•balsamic vinaigrette

-peanut butter/avocado sandwich (its amazing i swear)
•peanut/almond butter
•whole grain bread
~mash up the avocado until it is a creamy consistency
~mix in cinnamon
~spread peanut butter on both slices of bread
~spread the avocado/cinnamon mix on one side and enjoy!

-juice (if you have your own juicer)
•spinach or kale
•apple juice
~make it to your liking but that is my favorite combination of fruits in juice

-Silk Very Vanilla or Chocolate soy milk cartons (little 8oz ones that come in a pack but fill you up if you are just a little hungry or in a hurry and have TONS of calcium and protein) (you can get almond ones too)

-pretzels & peanut butter

-oats/oatmeal with fruit and cinnamon

-quinoa dishes (you can do anything with quinoa/rice/couscous and they are very good for you and fill you up) i personally add vegetable oil with curry and peppers

-Outshine fruit popsicles. made with real fruit juice and are wayyy healthier than other frozen treats (lemon is my favorite)

-trail mix
•any dried fruits/nuts/toppings your little studying heart desires


-ABC company cookies (you can get them at Whole Foods or Smoothie King, theyre huge cookies that are good for you and taste amazing)


Those are just some things I love eating and are somewhat healthy. Some of them require cooking, but others you can just pull out of the fridge! Happy studying! Blessed be! xx.

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i'm having acne scars (hyperpigmentation marks) and through my researches ppl tend to said that vitamin c is the solution, what kind of product can i use to reduce these marks?

Vitamin C Serums are my favorite way:

  • Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum 
  • Paula’s Choice Resist C15 Super Booster
  • Dr. Brandt Skincare Power Dose Vitamin C
  • Glossier Super Glow
  • Ole Henriksen Truth Serum
  • Derma E Vitamin C Concentrated Serum
  • Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum
  • Wishtrend Vitamin C 21.5
Habit Tracker Ideas

Hey, hey, hey!! This is my first official helpful post ever so yikes. Hope people like it.

Basically, I remember when I was first making my bullet journal, I knew I wanted a monthly habit tracker, but, I couldn’t think of what to put on it, so, I thought I’d leave some suggestions to help you guys out!!

Basic Health Things: Mine includes brushing my teeth, eating fruit, exercising. taking my birth control and vitamins, washing my face, and eating breakfast, but, there’s a million other things you could include! I didn’t include drinking water because I have a water tracker on my daily spread, but, you totally could! If you want to be more specific about the kind of exercise, go for it! Include what you think you need to be healthy!

Brain Stuff: This can include school stuff or just stuff you think will help you keep your mind sharp and active! I included reading, studying, writing, duolingo, and ACT/SAT prep.

Practice!: If you do something that requires practice, include this! I’m a singer and actress, so, I put that down, but, if you’re a dancer, or athlete, or musician, or anything really, put this down! Practicing your craft is so important and it’s a good habit to get into.

Good Person Stuff: These can either be habits that you currently don’t do that would help you be a better person, or things you do, but feel like you could do more! I included not skipping class, doing chores, and appreciating my friends, but, you could put down anything you think would make you feel like a great person! Whether that means complimenting people, or helping someone, or taking out the recycling, the world is your oyster!

So, here’s some beginning ideas for your habit trackers! Sorry it wasn’t super specific or crazy helpful, but, if you want more specific ideas, feel free to message me. 

I can’t believe I just found out I’m like significantly vitamin D deficient… and I live in the literal Sunshine State… and it’s been 70° out all winter and we haven’t had a single freeze… what kind of loser lives in Florida and is still not getting enough sun…

Supernatural — Season 7  {Sentence Starters}

  • “I remember you. I remember everything.”
  • “We never catch a break, so why would we this time?”
  • “You’re gonna flirt your way past.”
  • “We need to come up with a new saying for that.”
  • “You die before me and I’ll kill ya.”
  • “You’re wrong. I am utterly indifferent to sexual orientation.”
  • “I’m sorry. I think you have to go back to start.”
  • “Shark Week, man. How do you not watch that? A whole week of sharks.”
  • “What are the odds this ends well? What are the odds?”
  • “You almost got us both killed. So you can be pissed all you want, but quit being a bitch.”
  • “I’m sorry. I think you have to go back to start.”
  • “It’s called anime. And it’s an art form.”
  • “Can you even get drunk anymore? It’s kind of like drinking a vitamin for you.”
  • “I have a question. How do you talk to girls?”
  • “You seem troubled. Of course, that’s a primary aspect of your personality, so I usually ignore it.”
  • “I don’t usually drink beer. It messes with my depth perception.”
  • “Everything is supposed to end.”
  • “Damn straight. Screw consciousness, I say.”
  • “This looks like a sex torture dungeon. Is this a sex torture dungeon?”
  • “I hate these indie films. Nothing ever happens.”

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Usually when a test has a “>” or “<” sign it means the test that was run cannot detect anything greater than or less than that number.   It can’t say more than you level was at least 60.   It is bizarre that the reference range is up to 150 but it seemingly couldn’t detect >60.  If you and your doctor are concerned about high vitamin d levels in your past my suspicion is the doctor will want to repeat the test.                

He or she may also recommend using a different lab or will call the lab the find out what happened. Unfortunately with these kind of things it really is the lab that makes the determination not the doctors so he/she might not know why the results came out this way.

Listen I am not trying to direct this anger at you, but in no way is it ever acceptable for a lab to deliver these kinds of results.  Just like a freaking mechanic, I’m not paying a lab money if they can’t actually do the job.  If they can’t accurately measure levels then they shouldn’t be running the test, they should be outsourcing it and I’ll keep my $34 thank you very much.

And the lab is run inside my doctor’s office, it’s not outsourced, so this is inexcusable.  And as for the doctor not knowing why the results came out this way or being able to accurately read the results, how in the hell am I supposed to take their direction seriously if they don’t know what this means?

Like I get that you are trying to be helpful.  But there is no way that “the doctor may not understand your test results but is still going to be able to provide you with the care you need” is ever going to be an allowable answer to me.

Again, I’m not mad at you.  I’m mad at the shitty fucking medical system we have that doesn’t force labs to give patients readable results in a standardized format.  And I’m mad at the way we’ve been socially conditioned to think that, your doctor says so, is somehow a reasonable answer as to why they are cutting off one of the few treatments that makes your quality of life tolerable.

I really do appreciate you taking the time to comment, but this is going out to everyone to say, nope.  That would be totally unacceptable.Admin J

So I haven’t given too many details about what happened with Ani, Balto, and Hubble over this past weekend. I was just trying to deal and I didn’t want any BS from the tumblr brigade. 

But I was out with Noodle, the huskies were loose down stairs. This happens every day, they are well behaved, they just look out the window, sleep, or play quietly and wait for me to come home.

I came in the door, released Noodle from her leash, looked over at Hubble and he had a bottle of chewable vitamins between his paws. I snatch the bottle from him, all the pills are gone and Ani is acting really funny is not greeting me at the door, just laying there. I immediately called poison control. 

At first the guy says to just look for vomiting and diarrhea like it won’t be an issue. I mention again that its a chewable thing when he asks what kind of pill because that will determine how much stomach upset. He goes oh, well let me check again because it seems that has xylitol in it, which of course Hubble has chewed off the label or I would have seen that immediately. 

As soon as he says that I put him on speaker phone and I’m starting to gather my shit and put the collars and harnesses on the dogs. Ani starts vomiting, I’m carrying ani in my arms, the other two dogs are just dragging their leads, and I get them into the car. 

Guy gets back to me and says to take them in immediately that its really dangerous, which I already know, I tell him I’m already driving.

We end up hospitalizing them all. 

When I say that it was serious, it was almost fatal for Ani. I mean I almost lost Ani. Balto was on the fence. Hubble was consistently better off but delayed reactions are more than possible and just as devastating. We talked about the possibility of natural death vs euthanasia. 

They had to have iv fluids, dextrose supplements, blood work down every two hours, medications to support liver function, and when I signed the resuscitation paper our e-vet told me that it was more than possible that they might be calling me to night because they had to use it and to keep my phone on if I was leaving. I decided to stay just in case, because I didn’t want to be too late to say good bye if something horrible happened.

Ani stayed two nights and should have stayed a third but after 4k in vet bills I couldn’t afford another night. Balto came home after the first 24 hours of hospitalization, developed complications and had to be taken back. Hubble was able to remain home. 

Ani’s liver levels have still not leveled off yet. Our e-vet told us it is not a matter of dosage but of individual reaction, that even tiny amounts in big dogs can send your dog into liver failure and hypoglycemic shock and they die. I am still having serious issues keeping food in their bellies, they either don’t want to eat or throw it up. They are still on medication to support their liver function and got blood work on Monday and will get repeat blood work today (wednesday). 

Both our regular ver and e-vet said that they don’t allow anything with xylitol in their homes or practices. No gum, no candies, nothing.

BUT Xylitol is NOT just in candy, gums, chewable supplements, but also cosmetic products like your face wash and foundation, toothpastes, shampoos, in some honeys, ice cream, yogurt, sauces and condiments, health drinks and dumb protein bars, lotions, lip balms, you name it you can find xylitol. 

Some moron wasn’t paying attention when they were looking for something while I wasn’t home and it almost killed my dogs. Its well known that its in certain peanut butters and stuff but guys its in SO MUCH. I went home and dumped everything it might be in, because so many products suck at labeling its better safe than sorry. 

Our e-vet also said that there is a new xylitol in icebreakers that is absolutely devastating to dog livers, extremely fatal. 


If your dog ingests even a small amount, take them to the emergency vet immediately. 

you have killed me, and thriven on it a wuthering heights mix 

part one 

01. red right hand — nick cave & the bad seeds 02. bang bang — 2cellos feat. sky ferreira 03. sons and daughters — the american spirit 04. heavy in your arms — florence + the machine 05. arsonist’s lullaby — hozier 06. immortal — marina & the diamonds 07. runaway — the yeah yeah yeahs 08. can’t pretend — tom odell 09. skinny love — vitamin string quartet 10. what kind of man — florence + the machine 11. take me to church — hozier 12. halah — mazzy star 13. white blank page — mumford & sons 14. send his love to me — pj harvey 15. when i left the room — dan auerbach 

part two 

16. moonlight sonata — ludwig van beethoven 17. comin’ home — murder by death 18. welcome home, son — radical face 19. hallelujah — leonard cohen 20. ultraviolence — lana del rey 21. violet hill — coldplay 22. big eyes — lana del rey 23. wish you were here — pink floyd 24. ain’t no grave — johnny cash 25. tiger mountain peasant song — fleet foxes 26. broken crown — mumford & sons 27. valley of the dolls — marina & the diamonds 28. west country girl — nick cave & the bad seeds 29. to bring you my love — pj harvey 30. yes! — dario marianelli