what kind of special feelings

  • other ppl: *highkey into BATIM, creating all these au's, fan songs, interpretations or whatever*
  • me: *looks at the BATIM game*
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: i dont get it

I told my friend today that all I really have on my bucket list is that I want to *impress* someone one day. He said I only needed to see that I already did, and I realised that it’s not as simple as I thought… I want to impress someone with something I’m actually proud of, and that’s way harder and it hasn’t really happened yet.

croawe replied to your post “Y’know like Crowe never visibly shows much worry to Libertus or any…”

;__; but she walked him into the van when he was atretchered off the field


Did she?? Oh man I missed that!! I might be eating my words soon enough! I just happened to notice how endlessly devoted he seemed to his lil bab sis and how she seemed to not want to have much to do with him in comparison to the others? Ie; kicking his hurt leg, scolding him for causing Nyx trouble, ect ect. So when I saw her just scream out desperately for Nyx when he went running out after Lib and she didn’t seem concerned about Lib at all I was just kinda ?? ? ?   ? ?

But I’ll have to rewatch that scene much closer!!! Cause I have been corrected, I did not see that little bit there. Thanks for pointing it out!!!

every day i thank the cosmos for the fact that symmetra exists because honestly she is the only character in widespread media that i can name who is not only autistic but also slammin hot

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matsu's reaction to having a smol s/o?

Osomatsu: He’s a jerk with this, he would use his s/o’s height to his advantage and make them mad. Things casually start to appear out of their reach so they have to ask him for help and he has an excuse to ask for affection as the price doing it. He’ll hold their hand while they’re in public and jokes about “potentially losing them in a crowd” and usually call them a child.

Karamatsu: Perfect, so many scenarios and things he’s read and seen in romance shows can come into practice. Of course some stuff only go as pictured in his imagination, and he is just being as painful as ever. He would give them gentle touches and maybe give of the impression that he thinks they’re made of porcelain. He feels like he is his protector, so proud, big, and strong. A knight in shining armor! Always to be there for his Karamatsu angel~ 

Choromatsu: He doesn’t really act differently, height is not a really big thing for him but he does kinda appreciate being the taller one in the relationship. He’ll be more careful with certain things and put everything somewhere they can easily reach them without having trouble but, of course, he’s always there to help if they need something.

Ichimatsu: At first he acts indifferently towards it, he likes being able to cuddle them easily. But then he becomes cruel and doesn’t help them getting things out of their reach until they beg for it. He can give himself the little pleasure of treating them like a small cat and pet them whenever he wants, also, he may use them as arm rest whenever possible.

Jyushimatsu: He adoooores it! Of course he’d love his s/o no matter what. But them being smol brings a special kind of cute feeling. He likes to hold their hand and just compare it to his own to see the difference. He’d be surprised on how easy it is to carry them, yet it opens so many possibilities. Piggy back rides? Carrying them out of the blue and running around? Yes, yes, so much fun! 

Todomatsu: Totty feels good with himself since he is usually the smaller partner. Having an even smaller s/o brings him a lot of new experiences he’d like to try out. Sitting them on his lap, being the big spoon when cuddling, helping to reach out for things -to an extent-. He’d definitely like the new sensation of giving protection. Also if the clothing size isn’t so different he’d allow them to borrow anything they’d liked -special treatment. 

You and I..

maybe, just maybe..

we could be something..

It could be so easy..

Just one kiss..


(x) animated version c:


thoughts re: kissing  -  We Got Married 233

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In some cases they are pretty similar. 

This is just water. (It’s plain water with nothing added.)

This is just ordinary water./This is merely water. (It’s just normal water. Nothing special.)

If you use them together you can add emphasis (You can often find ただ and だけ used together).  ただ can also add a kind ‘no special reason for what I’m doing’ feeling. (This is probably the main difference I think.)

I’m just looking. (I have no particular purpose or aim.)

ただ has a few other meanings as well, but they don’t overlap with だけ so I won’t go into them here. I hope this has helped a bit! It’s definitely something you get used to as you hear/read more examples.

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I can see Taylor dropping a surprise single, never a full album. I don't get why people seem to think she would do that, maybe if it was greatest hits I feel she would even at-least make a post about it weeks before, not minute of. She cares for album sales, she also wouldn't risk her work.

i completely agree. imo the build up to her album releases, seeing her and other people talk about it, reviews slowly coming out, trying to figure out if the singles are representative of the album, the radio visits, the morning show appearances…those kinds of things are what makes each body of work feel special and important. finally getting to listen to the album is the payoff for months of speculation and anticipation and it feels good. if you just drop an album all of those things are lost because people immediately have the art in their hands and everything becomes about snap judgements concerning the quality and content of the music. the starting point is also the high of receiving new music…like it’s only downhill from there in terms of people inevitably getting over the shock factor of a surprise release and finding something else to talk about. the era is slowly fizzling out from the very moment it starts. 

just my thoughts. 

A little practise

“Babe, where are you?” I searched everywhere but I couldn’t find him. It was like he just dissapeared. “Luke, this isn’t funny.” Then, I saw a little note on the kitchen table. I picked it up and read it out loud. “I may hide for you, but you will know where I am. Just search the place that has the best memories for both of us.’’ I smiled. There was only one place so special that all of our memories where there. I took my jacket and walked towards the playing ground.

There was he, gorgeous as always, waiting for me. When he noticed me, I run up to him and I jumped in his arms. “So you finally found me? That took you really long.”He laughed with his mouth and eyes. I slowly kissed his lips. “You know I suck at Hide and Seek.” He kissed your lips again. “At least you found me.‘’ He was still laughing. "But Luke, why did you hide for me?” “Well, because I want to show you something.”He put me down on the floor but before I could do something, he picked me up bridestyle. “Hey, what are you doing?” He didn’t say anything. He just carried me all the way till the beach.

“Luke, why are we at the beach?” Again, he didn’t say anything. A smirk appeared on his face as I saw two blankets next to each other. The sun was getting down and the beach was empty beside us. He put me down and put his arms around me. “You always told me that on special days, you used to go to the beach and watch the sunset.” He smiled as he looked you in your eyes. “Wait, I feel so stupid but what kind of special day is this then?”You asked confused. Luke chuckled and looked at the sun going down. “It was here, on this beach I first saw you. It was here where I immediately knew that I wanted to make you mine.”

You didn’t know you had teared up until he wiped a tear away.“It was here when you first told me your name. It was here when you blushed because I did something embarrassing. It was here when the boys laughed at me for being a pussy and not asking you out. I am happy they pushed me to do it because look were we are now. That day was 4 years ago. After that we had fights, long distances between us, skype calls in which we both cry because we miss each other. But we also laughed at the others joke, we cared, we cuddled, made love.’’ You chuckled slightly.

‘’I must say, the day I asked you out was the best day of my life and one day we are gonna have a little family on our own. The boys will be seen as uncles and they will have the best childhood they could imagine. Maybe even homescholingen them so they can come to me when I am on tour. They would see so much of the world already. We would be the best parents ever. But before we can be a family.’’ He paused and looked at you again. You felt your heart beat faster when you realised what he was gonna do. ‘’Luke’’ You whisperd quiet. Luke sat down on one knee and grabbed a little box.

While he opened it, he started talking again. “(Y/N), You make me the happiest man in the whole world. I can’t think about living my life without you. I wanna grow old with you. I wanna share the most amazing memories with you. I want you to be next to me when I need you. I wanna be next to you when you need me. (Y/N), will you please marry me?’’ tears were falling of your face while you nodded. You were scared to speak since you knew you wouldn’t be able to control your voice but the nod was enough for Luke. He picked you up bridestyle and kissed you passionatly. ‘’This was already a little practise for our big day.’’ He smirked as he leaned in to kiss you again.

 9 months later

You tried to control your breath. Your father was right beside you. You waited for your sign to walk down the aisle to you husband Luke. You still couldn’t believe he asked you to marry him but here you were in your dream dress, more nervous then anything because right now you were still (Y/N)(Y/L/N) but in a couple of minutes, you were (Y/N) Hemmings. Then you heared the music, played by Michael, Ashton and Calum. You personally asked for that. You didn’t want to hear a stupid song play that everone had, you wanted a special one. The doors opened and you started walking to your soon to be husband, but also to a new future.

So this is my first Imagine. I made this one a while ago. I do take request if you like it. English isn’t my first language so this might be full of mistakes though. I think it sucks but okay. let me know what you guys think xx