what kind of ramen does he have!

151214 line music express transcript

This contains selected transcripts only. Some parts the translator deemed unnecessary are skipped.

MC: Then firstly, a question from me. I also announced the news a while ago about SHINee’s new album 「D×D×D」 to be released next year on January 1st. What is the album’s concept?
Jonghyun: 「D×D×D」…
Key: 「D×D×D」’s concept
Onew: D D D D D~
Jonghyun: What? Is that our song? You were singing D D D~ just now. Ah…it’s an album with a lot of genres so our charms…uh…please look forward to them. Also, the song 「D×D×D」 is a dance song so we’ll have a performance for that.
Taemin: Also, since it’s a dance song I think it’s a song that will be fun for everyone.
MC: I see…
Taemin: *whispering to Key*
Key: I don’t know!
MC: Do you have anything to add?
Key: No, I’m fine…

MC: How is 「D×D×D」 different from your other works? Like from your previous album?
Key: As expected…hmm…
Onew: As expected…the song…
Jonghyun: (LOL)
Key: Since it’s our fourth album, we have a lot of new songs. And compared to before (the album) shows a more mature side of us.
MC: We’re looking forward to that mature feel in the album then.

MC: Today, your song 「D×D×D」 was released via LINE Music and it is a dance song, as you said, right.
SHINee: Yes
Key: I think it suits a powerful performance but recently SHINee has…what are you doing??
Jonghyun/Minho: *does 「D×D×D」 choreo while sitting down*
Key: You want to dance it, right? (LOL) Ah…we’ve been releasing bright songs and ballad songs recently but now we’ve come back to releasing dance songs so I think that it will energize anyone who listens to it.

MC: There are a lot of questions also about your music video. Lke this one: “In your dance, is there a part that was difficult for you? I’m looking forward to the cool dance performance!”
Jonghyun: 「D×D×D」’s dance is really fast.
Onew: That’s true.
Taemin: First of all (it is fast), yes. It’s too fast.
MC: It’s too fast? LOL
Jonghyun/Minho: *does sample dance*
Taemin: I think it’s not good for the body…
Key: No, no, no, that’s unrelated!
Taemin: I wonder… I’ll just do my best.
Key: More than the dance, in the MV Taemin had a scene where it’s raining, right?
Taemin: Ah, there’s water…
Onew: Rain, rain
Minho: Water, water…
Taemin: I mean I…while I was drenched (with the rain) we were filming but that part wasn’t even shown much.
Key: What are you saying?
MC: That’s too bad…
Taemin: Yes, I was sad.
MC: You were shooting with the cold water…
Taemin: I was really excited about it (while watching the MV) and I was thinking, “Ah, when will it show…” but it was shown towards the end and just a small part, too.
Key: But that was a cool scene.
Jonghyun: You were cool.
Taemin: Thank you very much.

MC: Here’s another question. “You always have snappy dances, but who remembers the steps the fastest?”
Taemin: *raises hand*
Minho: Key.
Jonghyun: Key is…ah…Taemin, why did you say yourself?
Taemin: I feel that recently, I instantly remember (the steps).
Onew: Not really.
Jonghyun: Eh, no, no.
Key: Everyone’s against it, LOL.
Jonghyun: Taemin’s really slow. Key is the fastest.
MC: I see. Then who is the slowest?
Jonghyun/Onew: *raises hand*
Onew: Yess!
Jonghyun: It’s Onew and I.
MC: So it’s sort of your weakness?
Jonghyun: We’re both slow.
MC: But in the 「D×D×D」 music video I’m sure you were both snappy dancers. So I think it’ll be okay.
Jonghyun/Onew: Thank you very much.
Key: We’ll do our best.

MC: Also included in your album is 「View -JP ver」. What kind of song is it? Do you have a part in the lyrics that you like?
Key: View has a lot of repetitive phrase, so when it was translated in Japanese the director and us thought about how to present it and so it’s quite… huh?
Jonghyun: Mm!
Key: It’s quite nice.

MC: We also solicited questions from our users. The total number of mail we received was 70,000.
Key: Whoa!
Onew: Huh?
MC: A lot of people wrote to us. So we’ll try to ask the members the questions as time permits us.
Onew: *after a long silence* 70,000?
Jonghyun/Minho: (LOL-ing)

MC: “Do you like long hair or short hair on girls?”
Jonghyun: As long as it suits her.
Onew: That’s right.
Jonghyun: Either will do as long as it suits her.
Taemin: That is true.
MC: So whether long or short, it doesn’t matter, both are lovely?
SHINee: Yes.
MC: That’s such a perfect answer.
Key: When we have interviews, this question pops out a lot.
Taemin: We got used to it.
Key: What are you saying??
Jonghyun: I always become close, though.
Key: Close?
Jonghyun: I mean I always change my tastes.
Onew: (It changes) Everyday.
Jonghyun: Not that much.
Key: I’m sorry, it’s a bit sudden but it’s Onew’s birthday today.
Key: So we’re letting him do whatever he wants and not scold him.
MC: So you can do what you want and it’s okay, huh!

MC: Next question, “How do you spend Christmas?”
Jonghyun: Work, of course, right?
Taemin: Nothing’s decided yet but…
Jonghyun: We have a schedule, right?
Key: Nothing’s decided yet but we probably a performance?
Taemin: If possible, I’d like it to be a performance where we can meet with everyone.
MC: I see! Everyone would be looking forward to it.

MC: What is something you absolutely have to do every day?
Jonghyun: Do you have one?
Onew: Yup.
MC: For example, her answer is she has to pat/rub her cat every day.
Onew: For me, it’s showering.
Jonghyun: Everyone does that.
Onew: Is that so? But sometimes it feels troublesome so I don’t…
Jonghyun: Don’t lie!
Taemin: You’ll get found out.
Key: Do I have one?
Jonghyun: Something we have to do every day?
Taemin: I have to eat meat every day.
Key: He’s a carnivore.
Jonghyun: I also eat meat every day.
Taemin: If I don’t eat meat I can’t do anything like work.
MC: You have no energy? I see!
MC: We have another question from a user called Watanabe Maki-san.
Jonghyun/Onew: WATANABE!!
MC: ??
Key: It’s the name of our staff, too…
MC: Ah, I see
Onew: Nabe!!

MC: Do you reply fast to e-mail or LINE messages?
Key: This child is slow *points at Taemin*
Jonghyun: I reply fast but this kid is really slow.
MC: Why is that?
Taemin: I have a new ah.. *covers mouth*
Jonghyun: Why?
Taemin: Just water coming out (of my nose).
Everyone: (LOL)
Taemin: Recently, I had a fight with my friend. Because of that. I don’t really contact everyone much, so because of that…
Key: But from the start, he checks but never replies!
Taemin: Because it’s bothersome…
MC: But if you get into arguments because of that I think you should reply faster!
Minho: Jonghyun, though…he’s fast.
Jonghyun: I reply fast. Because I’m nice.
Taemin: So you’re nice?
MC: That means Taemin doesn’t seem very nice, then…but he’s probably nice he just doesn’t reply!
MC: By the way, do you think you can live without your phone?
Key: No, not at all.
Onew: I think I…
Jonghyun: I think I can do it probably but…
Key: Really? I can’t at all.
Onew: I can do it. It’s not an inconvenience.
Minho: I think I can do it.
Key: No, no, no.
Onew: I can live without it but the people around me would be bothered if they can’t contact me.

MC: We’d like to introduce SHINee’s playlist in LINE MUSIC.
Staff: *pulls smartphones from table and they fall to the floor*
Jonghyun: Oh!! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!
Everyone: (LOL)
MC: This playlist will be presented here! The members can also see it.
Onew: Dee-Ex-Dee-Ex-Dee-Ex (DxDxDx)
MC: (LOL) Onew’s really freely commenting right now.
Jonghyun: Dee-Dee-Dee! (DxDxD)
Onew: Dee-Ex-Dee-Ex-Dee
Jonghyun: Dee-Dee-Dee!
MC: We’ve created this playlist so please check it out.

MC: Can the members please face the camera and say, “Let’s LINE Music!” (Ongaku wo LINE shiyou!) in a loud voice to invite people to reach your playlist. Is that okay?
Key: Yes!
Onew: Then, 1, 2…
SHINee: Let’s LINE Music! (Ongaku wo LINE shiyou!)
Onew: Shio ramen… (t/n: salt-based ramen; shio sounds like shiyou)
Key: No… (LOL)
Jonghyun: That’s different!
MC: The birthday boy is doing whatever he likes, please go easy on him.
Key: That’s (a) fast (pun)!
Minho/Taemin: Because it’s his birthday.
Onew: Thank you.
Minho: Shio ramen.
Jonghyun: It’s delicious.
MC: Do you like shio ramen?
Onew: I love ramen.
MC: Ah, we have more questions from our users.
Onew: *mutters* 70,000…

MC: “During the fanclub event there were a lot of games and it was fun and everyone was playing around. Normally, do you do other exercises? What kind of exercises do you do?” It’s for Minho.
Jonghyun: But everyone is doing a lot of working out, right? But Minho does hhis own freely.
Minho: Like in gym, or playing sports like soccer or basketball. Recently, I’ve been doing golf. Golf is the most difficult for me.
MC: Have you mastered it?
Minho: Not yet.
MC: Ah, because it’s hard, right?
Minho: *does golf swing*
MC: Ah, that’s great.
Jonghyun: Nice shot.
Minho: Thank you.
Onew: *hits Jonghyun with stuffed bear*

MC: Another question, “If you were to become a high school girl for a day, what would you do?”
Minho: Fairy? (t/n: just guessing since he said yousei = fairy, as opposed to koukousei = HS student)
MC: High school girl. What would you do? First of all, it’s different since it’s a girl and then you’re even a high school student…
Key: I want to enter an idol fanclub. I don’t know. I just want to enter a fanclub and look at the idols and go, “Yaah did you see Kibum?!” Or see Taemin, etc.
MC: Of course it’s SHINee’s fanclub, right? I see. Since right now, you’re the ones that causes people to go “kyaa!” you would like to experience doing it yourself. What about the others?
Jonghyun: For me, I’d go to a meeting…meeting? Blind date (omiai)?
MC: I think that would be more of a drinking party/group date (goukon) right?
Onew: What about souvenirs? (t/n: since omiyage or souvenir sounds like omiai ^^; )
MC: Do high school girls go to drinking parties?
Female staff: They don’t. (Shimasen)
Onew: They don’t (Shimasen)
Jonghyun: Eh? They don’t?
Onew: That’s all, thank you.
Jonghyun: I’m sorry (Sumimasen)!
Onew: I don’t, I’m sorry (Shimasen. Sumimasen. t/n: …because they rhyme again)
MC: Are there any more?
Onew: I’d try singing with a female voice.
MC: Ah I see, in the karaoke right?
Onew: Because (a female voice) is high. I’m able to do “kyaa!” and stuff.
Jonghyun: Kyaa??
MC: You want to do that in a high voice?
Onew: Right now I can only do “gyaaa” *in a low voice*

MC: Do we have time for a last question? “Which world do you want to live in? A. Pokemon or B. Doraemon?”
Taemin: I (don’t like) both…
Minho: Are there only two options?
MC: Yes.
Jonghyun: Pokemon..
Minho: I want Pokemon.
Jonghyun: Doraemon..
Onew: Doraemon.
Key: I want Doraemon, too.
Taemin: I want to live in Dragonball world.
Key: What??
MC: Ah that’s great, you can do things like kamehameha…
Minho: I want One Piece.
Taemin: Do you want to be a pirate?
Minho: Yes.
Onew: One Punch Man then?
MC: That would be nice, too.
Minho: *imitates situps*
MC: Everyone has their own world that they want to live in, right?
Minho: *laughs and mutters* One-Punch Man
Taemin: *imitates gestures from OPM*

MC: Today, there are people who have their birthdays!
Jonghyun: Ohh, who is it?
MC: And also, Minho! You recently had your birthday, too.
(t/n: Jonghyun laughed at Onew because he was excitedly saying his name but the MC mentioned Minho)
MC: And so, 1..2…
SHINee: Happy birth– *party poppers start sounding and SHINee acted like they’re being shot*
MC: No one’s shooting you. No one’s shooting you. Anyway, we have cake for them!
Key: Waah! They look delicious!
Onew: *starts dancing*
Minho: Onew, Onew… *motions for him to use their noses for blowing the candles*
Jonghyun: No, no, you can’t.
MC: Congratulation! We also have gifts for you from LINE.
Key: Whoa!!
Taemin: Waah! I’m envious!
Jonghyun: LINE Bear?
Taemin: Is it okay if we carry this home?
Jonghyun: Thank you very much.
MC: Then a message from each of you? Onew, since you’re the birthday boy.
Onew: …Eh?
Jonghyun: A message.
Onew: Ah, thank you very much…
Key: That’s it?!
Onew: *starts to poke his own nose with LINE rabbit’s ear*
Minho/Key: LOL-ing
Jonghyun: No, no, don’t do that.
Onew: Ah, I’m nervous right now.
Jonghyun: Why are you suddenly nervous??
Onew: More than any day, I feel the happiest today. Thank you very much.
MC: Then Minho?
Minho: I’m really happy, thank you very much! *imitates LINE Bunny’s pose*

WHILE the MC was explaining SHINee’s new album:
MC: The members have started eating the cake!
MC: Then, final messages from the members?

Onew: Even though it’s such a short time, we managed to mee…mee…ah meet with everyone, so I’m really happy. Thank you very much.
Jonghyun: Yes, we’re doing our best in preparing for our concert so please look forward to it, thank you very much.
Taemin: Actually, we don’t usually do live streams, so it’s a bit difficult but today is a bit intersuf (t/n: he said omosuroi instead of omoshiroi)
Jonghyun: Huh?
Taemin: Interesting.
Jonghyun: It’s really difficult isn’t it??
Taemin: Yes, I still have a long way to go. But it’s nice to meet with everyone up close. And since it’s also Onew’s birthday, today is a meaningful day. It’s the best.
Minho: Thank you to everyone who came to see us today. Thank you very much. Please cheer for us.
Key: Yes, um…ah… well, we are about to release our new album DxDxD, so please look forward to it. We’re anticipating our tour so please wait for us.
MC: Then, will the members introduce their song as we end our program?
SHINee: *says different things* LOL
Jonghyun: We’re gonna say “please watch it” right?
Key: Let’s just say, this is SHINee’s DxDxD.
Key: Well, then, this is SHINee’s…
Onew: Let’s LINE! (LINE shiyou!)
(t/n: Idek why Onew said that)

translation credit: @keihissi

this is a birthday gift for my darling kate dylanshelley​!!! i love u boo. so much. i wish i could give u more than this, but alas, i am poor, and also a terrible planner.

good love is on the way

summary: Stiles Stilinski’s ex-girlfriend, Lydia Martin, invited him to her wedding with a ‘plus one’ attached to his invitation. Stiles is currently without a plus one. Thank god for his best friend’s girlfriend’s best friend, who happens to be free that night. (read on ao3)

Stiles Stilinski has been dreading this day for months, now. It might as well have been a big flashing warning sign: “ALERT. ALERT. MAY 23RD IS COMING.” He rolls over in his bed and sighs, picking up the long-since discarded invitation that had come in the mail. It’s his ex-girlfriend Lydia’s wedding, and she’d invited him to come with a plus one. Now, he’s got nothing against her—they remained friends after they broke up, and he had even helped set her up with her current fiancé-soon-to-be-husband, Jordan.

He’s happy for them. He really is.

(His relationship with her had been rocky—though they’d been friends for years before, the romance aspect of things threw a wrench in their communication skills, and they struggled for a few years before they mutually came to a close. He loves her, but not the way he thought he would’ve all those years ago.)

He’s not happy about the fact that, at this moment, he’s pathetically single and trapped in his apartment half the day working on cases for the precinct he’s interning in. And now, here he is, on the day of her wedding, without a plus-one and thus doomed to humiliate himself in front of his friend and her fiancé/husband.

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