what kind of question is that pierce

It’s a tattoo, guys, and it will eventually be used for promo purposes. Taylor is trying to sex up (I mean, “mature”) her image. Kinky Boots, the 50 Shades soundtrack, Drake. It’s all coming together by degrees.

But this is still Taylor we’re talking about. A tattoo with a meaning behind it will give her image a little grit, but not TOO much. It works for her. A clit or nip piercing, however, would be going too far. The same fans who would go nuts for a tattoo would think a clit piercing makes her a slut. (Not saying I think it would, but in PR terms, that’s how it would play. Piercings would bring her into Miley territory, and she doesn’t want to go that far.) I’m telling you. It’s a tat. The only question is what kind.

“The question is why doesn't he has any piercings.”

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Omg he is LOVELY and I completely agree 100% he needs more piercings. Thank you for submitting!! I love your @dailymaeshughes blog; you are seriously doing God’s work over there.

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“I’ve been researching your friend Pierce, are you sure you wish to retrieve him?”
“What kind of question is that?!”
“An honest one. Historically you spend nearly half your time ridiculing him.”
“Yeah, but it’s all in good fun!”

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One of my biggest pet peeves, is someone who asks me a question when the answer is on my blog, and yet they claim their a “big fan” of mine. So lets see who my real fans are. First 5 to get ALL QUESTIONS CORRECT get a FREE VIDEO of my choosing. HINT: All of the answers are somewhere on my blog, ie videos, captions under pictures, random posts, etc.

1. Where am I FROM?
2. Where do I LIVE?
3. What size bra do I wear?
4. What is my FAVORITE day of the week?
5. Besides my ears, what do I have pierced?
6. Whats my sign?
7. What porn star do I want to have sex with?

8. What do I sleep in? 9. Do I cream or squirt? 10. Do I have any pets? If so, what kind? And is it a boy or girl? Good luck!
Tony Perry: Asking Questions

Warnings: Smut

Word Count: 1351

Featuring: Tony Perry of Pierce the Veil

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A/N: Started writing this in September of 2014, never finished it. I picked it up in February of 2015, but the original part hasn’t been touched except for light grammar editing. It’s now the end of June. s0rry

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marcthefrog replied to your post: “Follow up question: what kind of clothes would the most fashionable…”:

Eygon wears extremely well fitted thermal sweater(you can see his piercings), olive green cordory slacks, black combat boots, and a hand knit scarf that Irina made that doesn’t match at all. But if anyone dares to even think anything particularly negative about it, they’re getting German Suplexed. Sometimes he has a beanie on particular nippy days

Holy shit this is really good too 

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I wanted to fall down right there but I knew | you wouldn’t catch me because you’re dead.

He knows he isn’t supposed to watch the recording. It had been stored away in Leonard’s psych file. “If you could see Jim now, what would you tell him?” What kind of a fucking question-

Jim’s lashes flutter, a flinch, as his eyes fill. The gauntness of Leonard’s unshaved face bothers him, but it’s the hollowness in the man’s tone that really pierces him.

He’s made some big mistakes in his life, and even though saving Enterprise definitely was like the right thing, generally-

This, whatever it has done, to Bones, to Leonard-

This is wrong, this is a mistake, and he doesn’t know how to fix it. Not now. Can he?

The door to his cell hospital room slides open. He snaps his PADD off and smiles at the intruder shit it’s Bones, hopes that the light gone means the man won’t see the tears in his eyes.

“Bit late, isn’t it?” At least ‘dead recently’ was a decent excuse for his voice cracking.

anonymous asked:

D, E, N, O, & P

D - If I have a preference for boys or girls.

I have no idea if this question means for friends or sexual orientation or what??? 

E - How many piercings I have.

Just my ears pierced once

N - Favourite animal?

Dogs! And sloths

O - Where would I like to travel

Honestly anywhere. Maybe Europe, Japan, Chicago and other American cities i’ve never been to

P - What kind of music I like.

I really like rock and alternative rock

thanks for asking!!

Character Questions #001: Appearance Edition
  1. How would you describe your character’s style? 
  2. If they were a cartoon character, what would be their signature outfit? 
  3. Tattoos? Piercings? 
  4. What color do they wear most often?
  5. Do they have a lucky t-shirt or some other lucky garment?
  6. Would they wear two different socks?
  7. Do they need fashion advice or do they give it to others?
  8. How do they react to having their style criticized?
  9. Would they be sen in public looking less than perfect?
  10. Do they pay more attention to other’s advice or their own sense of style?
  11. What kind of shoes do they prefer wearing?
  12. What do they usually wear at home?
  13. Which outfits would they definitely pack for a vacation?
  14. Do they have a particular skin care routine?
  15. How much do they care about their hair?


So why does she come here?

Why does she insist on being so intelligent and wise, so kind to everyone, so interested in what they are saying?

And why does she always dress so tastefully and with such style?  Why are her eyes always so piercing and curious?

Why the surprisingly full and ready laugh to all my bad jokes, destroying the final stubborn shreds of my defense?

And why does anyone claim that studying such flawless beauty can ever be a calm, contemplative experience when in truth it is the most deranging and pernicious activity of all?

Why can’t she just be perfect somewhere else and leave me to my hopeless peace?


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instructions: fill out the questions about your muse, repost, and tag as many people you want.

1. what does your muse smell like?
woodsy, he likes musky-scented cologne and body wash.

2. how often does your muse bath/shower? any habits?
he showers twice a day when he was practice or a game, once a day otherwise. he likes taking baths only with people he is in some kind of romantic relation with.

3. does your muse have any tattoos or piercing?
no tattoos, no piercings. and he has no interest in getting any, not yet.

4. any body movement quirks ( ex.knee shakes )?
when he’s nervous, anxious or stressed out he rubs his thumb into the palm of his hand. he also cracks his knuckles when bored or mentally occupied with something. 

5. what do they sleep in?
sweatpants and nothing else, it’s most comfortable for him that way. even during the winter and summer time.

6. what’s their favorite piece of clothing?
nothing really. but his preferred type of clothing are sweaters!! 

7. what do they do when they wake up?
coffee first, then a protein shake. his favourite breakfast food are waffles, but he hates syrup. then he grumbles and walks around with a cloud of doom until lunch, when he usually lightens up. he is not a morning person, he is at his crankiest when he wakes up. 

8. how do they sleep? position?
he’s usually a pretty still sleeper, he likes sleeping on his stomach when sleeping alone && he likes spooning when sleeping with someone else! he is also a chronic cuddler, very serious. 

9. what do their hands feel like?
he has some callouses on his hands, but mostly warm. 

10. if you kissed them, what would they usually taste like?
mint. he likes mint flavoured everything.

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I’ve been getting the question rather frequently of where I got my fakeboobs.
Actually I have never feelt like I’ve had the money to spend on that kind of stuff, so I bascially made my own!

In the beginning I just had sort of bags of wool, which was rather bad since they didn’t get the right shape no matter what I did with them, but then I found some tutorial to making your own fakeboobs on the web with just flour and rice. Since I didn’t have any rice I just skipped that part and filled two small plasticbags with flour tied it up and tied an old pair of stay-ups around it so that it didn’t show as easily.
I’m not sure if it would be better with the rice, but these obviously end up shaping with my body and I guess it would just be a bit more sturdy with the rice too.
Anyway, I have been using that since, just a bag of flour and some old stay-ups. They are easy to shape, the only downside would be that they change shape easily but it has never been so bad that it’ve actually looked weird. But atleast it’s alot cheaper than any alternative I can come up with!

Person: “So, what’s your favorite band?”

Me: “What the fuck kind of satanic question is this, you think I can choose favorites? THESE ARE MY FUCKING CHILDREN YOU CAN’T JUST CHOOSE A DAMN FAVORITE, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, GODDAMMIT.”

Get To Know Me Using Emojis 😄 (part 2)

👱- have you ever dyed your hair?

💄- do you wear makeup?

👓- do you wear glasses?

💉- do you have any tattoos?

💊- have you ever tried any drugs?

💲- what’s the most money you’ve ever spent in one shopping trip?

📰- have you ever been included in a news story?

📱- what kind of phone do you have?

🚬- have you ever smoked?

🎰- have you ever gambled?

🛁- baths or showers?

🎺- do you play any instruments?

🎄- favorite holiday?

✏- favorite memory from school?

📍- do you have any piercings?

actually-nico answered your question “the question is how many piercings would nico have?????? what kind of…”


god bless you

i love uppercuts and piercings and i would draw tattoos but lmao i can barely draw arms