what kind of money

imagine you’re a busboy at eden’s twilight and some kid, clearly drugged out of his mind, bruised, and panicking, checking over his shoulder every other second, comes up to you and says “hey i’ll pay you a hundred bucks if you knock me out in the next minute” do you a) call the police like a decent human being or b) take the money and knock him out

Spending Sugar Money

As most experienced sugar babies will know, when first starting off an arrangement, determining how to spend your new windfall allowance is difficult.  To assist newbies and other babies in the bowl, check out my strategy below!

Beginning Allowance (when first entering the bowl/a new arrangement):  

  1. Save up three months worth of rent (keep in savings for rainy day, continue paying rent out of pocket from vanilla job)
  2. Purchase general necessities (stock up on things like shampoo, toothpaste, other toiletries, etc. also for rainy day; stock up on non-perishable food also or grocery store gift cards)
  3. Pay off all credit card debt (minor debt)
  4. Begin chipping away at Student Loan Debt (major debt)

Percent of what goes where:

  • 50% - student loans (or other large debt you may be carrying.
  • 30% - high yield savings account (I use Capital One 360 because I like the ability to make sub accounts)
  • 10% - personal spending fun (if you’re in a lot of debt you might be tempted to put all your money in savings or paying things off, but be realistic here. You will always want to have a little bit of fun spending money! If you don’t include it in your budget, you will throw your whole budget off)
  • 5% - sugaring necessities (makeup, hair, nails, tanning, lingerie - don’t forget to invest in yourself! This is important!)
  • 5% - house cash (random necessities - food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, bed sheets, etc.)

What does this look like in monthly allowances?

…And so on.  You get the idea.  It doesn’t matter what kind of allowance you have.  It’s still money you didn’t have before!  Remember to think of your sugar money as a windfall and put it to good use! 

chris has done a lot of funny things on the age of ultron press tour, so naturally i had to draw steve doing some of them… my favourite is the second one down on the right ✌

☽ Bonding with a New Deck ☾

A deck is just that, a deck of cards. It’s the energy and bonding you do that makes it yours, and makes it work. Decks often have a vibe or energy when you get them, then it’s just time for the bonding. So, how do you do that?

Sleeping next to your deck: It sounds strange, but it really helps. Just like sleeping in the bed with someone can really strengthen and grow your relationship, same goes for your deck. I normally just pop mine in with my pillow case and sleep on ‘em for a few days.

Deck interview: Exactly what it sounds like. Yes or no questions work great, but open ended questions work best for me. Ask you deck a question, and pull a card. Good questions include

  • What kind of reading are you good for? (Love, money, school, personal, for clients, ect)
  • Are you going to do accurate readings?
  • Do you feel connected with me?
  • Are you feminine or masculine?
  • What’s your vibe?

Shuffle: Just shuffle. Think about stuff, meditate, and shuffle away.

Take your deck on a “date”: Just talk about stuff. Watch TV with it. Take it to a movie and then ask it if it liked the movie. See if you get along with it. You know, date stuff.

Do a reading for something you know about: For example, say I tell my deck about two lovers. Jack and Rose, they come from different places, different classes, but are deeply in love. How does their love end? If I pull the ten of swords, you know that the deck is can cynical but practical. If I pull the five if cups, you know your deck is frank but kind. If I pull the six of swords, you know your deck is kind and optimistic. You know?

This all being said, none of this is set in stone. You don’t like em? You don’t feel like they’ll work? Don’t do em. It’s your deck, it’s your life, it’s your decision.


5h meme - favourite member(s) (½): dinah jane hansen

“i am hopelessly in sister-love with you and it’s pathetic. but here’s the thing everyone. if you knew dinah jane you would do the same thing, because this woman is damn magical.”

Things the Cascade 600 internal filter should have:

  • a power switch

Things the Cascade 600 internal filter should not have:

  • a flow modulator that looks deceptivly like a power switch
  • the ability to shoot water several feet in the air

Things gravity shouldn’t have:

  • its action in general
🍩 Donut askmeme 🍩
  • Send one!!
  • Glazed: Favorite public place to relax?
  • Powdered: Favorite weather?
  • Chocolate glazed: If you could spend a holiday with anyone, who would it be? What holiday?
  • Donut hole: Do you collect anything?
  • Maple iced: What do you like to do on rainy days?
  • Beignet: What kind of things do you tend to splurge money on?
  • Maple bacon bar: What's a favorite food of yours that tends to make other people cringe?
  • Berliner: Post one of your favorite outfits?
  • Cruller: What are you craving RIGHT NOW?
  • Old fashioned: Do you follow any family traditions? Have you adopted new ones?
  • Bear claw: What's one of your typical orders from a coffee shop?
  • Sprinkled: Favorite color palette?
  • Jelly filled: Would you ever want a pet?
  • Long John: What kind of books/authors/genre's do you like reading?
  • Boston cream: What does an "indulgent" day look like to you?
  • Sufganiyah: What does your ideal vacation look like? Where would you want to go?
  • Glazed twist: Got any weird guilty pleasures?
  • Churro: Favorite music to relax to?
  • Apple fritter: Have any fond memories about baking? With who?

☆ Headcanon Prompts ☆
       Clothing Preferences

  • 👚= Does your muse prefer long sleeved or short sleeved clothing? Why? 
  • 👕 = Does your muse have a colour preference on their clothes? If so, what colour and why? 
  • 👖 = What fabric of clothing does your muse prefer? Silk, cotton, etc. 
  • 👔 = Does your muse always wear their best clothes or do they prefer casual clothes? 
  • 👗 = What kind of dress does your muse prefer? 
  • 👙 = Does your muse prefer a one piece of a two-piece when going to the beach or pool? 
  • 👘 = Does your muse try to keep up with fashion trends, or do they wear whatever they want? 
  • 👠 = Does your muse prefer high heels or no heels at all? 
  • 👒 = Does your muse like to wear hats? If so, what kind? 
  • 👑 = Does your muse always spend a lot of money on their clothes, or do they buy cheap clothes? 
  • ⛑ = Does your muse wear all safety gear in applicable places, or do they not bother? 
  • 🕶 = Does your muse like to show off skin, or hide it? 
  • 🌂 = How many layers of clothes does your muse prefer to wear in colder seasons?
Easy solution for writing problems

Problem #1: Can’t write past the first page, or can’t write the first scene.

Solution: Don’t start your novel by the beginning of the story, but a few scenes before the beginning. Later on, you’ll remove those scenes, so you are free to write crap. Your goal is to write, just write.

Problem #2: Not having a story for a novel, not enough ideas, or lack of elements.

Solution: Borrow a range of ideas from movies, games, series, gifs, books, songs, music videos, commercials, even Youtube channels. Merge them together to fit your genre and go for it.

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Problem #3: Too many story ideas for a novel, too many ideas syndrome, or unable to choose between two plots or characters.

Solution: Score your options from 0 to 5 in the following categories: how much would you like to read it, how much would you like to write it and how much are you ready to write it. Pick ideas with a higher score.

Problem #4: Editing as you write, or perfectionism.

Solution: Trying to change your editing instinct takes a lot more effort than the actual editing. If you are a perfectionist, if you can’t fool yourself into not editing as you write, just let go. Accept yourself the way you are and edit as you go.  

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Problem #5: Procrastination.

Solution: Turn off your wi-fi. But, if you keep turning it back on, just set aside your computer and write the novel by hand. Writing longhand boosts creativity.

Problem #6: Can’t think of a plot, plot is not interesting enough, or nothing is happening in my book.

Solution: Explain your story to an imaginary friend, to a muse, or to your spirit animal. Talk to them, out loud or into your mind, it doesn’t matter. Ask questions, hear what they have to say. The more you talk, the more you’ll understand what the story is all about.

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Problem #7: Receiving hate, or a bad review

Solution: Don’t read reviews. It’s that simple. Readers are allowed to express themselves. Some will love your style, some won’t. Write for yourself, because that’s your only and best tool.

Problem #8: Can’t find my genre, can’t decide on a subgenre, or can’t find my niche.

Solution: Just answer these questions: When you visit a bookstore or an ebook website, which section do you check first? Which type of book would you love to find? What kind of book cover or synopsis would you pay a lot of money for? The answer will show you the way.

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Magic Tip: Be specific in your correspondences.

I feel like one major weakness that many magic practitioners don’t realize when making correspondences is that they aren’t specific. 

Yes, basil and rosemary are both good for protection. But what kind of money spells? What kind of protections? 

A protection could work by hiding you, by filtering things out, by being an impenetrable wall, by dispelling negative energies. And if you were to pick from one or two of those- you could still be even more specific. 

How does it become an impenetrable wall? Is it the bricks themselves, or is it the cement that holds it together? 

And even then-how good is the cement? Would rosemary’s cement work better? 

Don’t just stop there- consider the different forms of the material. 

Is dried basil better at certain things then fresh basil? How does it act in a potion, in an oil, in a tincture? 

Be specific in making your correspondences to truly find out the differences between materials. It is pointless to have a list of 50 different herbs for a purpose if you do not know the different ways they carry out that purpose, because you cannot combine them to maximize their effects. 

I have made a worksheet to help make more specific correspondences here. 

every rip vine compilation
  • mmhm, that is not correct! because according to the encyclopedia of *mouth noises*
  • it’s summer, i’ve got my hat on backwards and its time to fuckin party *walks into a garage door*
  • at least 1 ProZD vine (increase number the more the compilation creator is into anime)
  • at least 3 vines from the dude who does mexican stereotype jokes but isn’t even mexican
  • about 20 vines where they zoom in on the face really fast to land the punchline
  • the girl dancing to the intro of take on me and she turns around to reveal she’s wearing swimming goggles when the sting plays
  • the jeff goldblum version of the above
  • at least 3 thomas sanders vines (if the compilation creator likes steven universe, at least 5, one of which will be the one with the SU voice actors)
  • back at it again at krispy kreme
  • bitch, i’m washin’ me and my clothes
  • the woman running from the fake rat and making a weird noise
  • the rat running away with the weird noise from the above vine dubbed over it
  • what’s up, me and my boys are goin’ to see uncle cracker
  • zach, stop, you’re gonna get in trouble
  • would anyone like some stew *hoverboards away*
  • hi, welcome to chilis
  • hi, welcome to chilis parodies
  • if the compilation creator is into bandom, 20 vines throughout of fucking…k-pop or something
  • “oh i love beth!” “you hate beth” “YEAH NO SHIT, HONEY”
  • i bass boosted the audio so it’s funny
  • “i like ya accent where you from” “i’m liberian” “oh i’m sorry [whispering] i like ya accent where you from”
  • the teacher saying hello and wearing different shirts
  • the guy getting interrupted halfway through his skit by a snake crawling in the window
  • brandon ask me what kind of tree i have. ask me what kind of–brandon ask me what kind of tree i ha–it’s a chris pine.
  • dick cheney made money off the iraq war
  • at least 1 other gabriel gundacker vine
  • the game grumps one where dan throws a football at arin’s face
  • a mini ytpmv but the pitch is really off
  • “how can you know what’s good for me “THAT’S MY OPINIOOOOON”
  • a vine that was funny on its own but the person decided to put a stupid song over the punchline and made it less funny
  • bitch, huhu, why you mad? cuz my pussy pops severely, and yours don’t?
  • a white guy remaking a vine with higher production values but it was funnier when it was done originally by a black girl in her bedroom on her android
  • i smell like beef
  • dad, look, it’s the good kush
  • try me, bitch
  • the kid in the hoodie turning towards the camera while snoop dogg plays
  • why the fuck you lyin, why you always lyin, mmmm oh my god
  • a “what are thooooooose” vine (usually the one that ends with “those are my crocs”)
  • there’s probably more so add your own

person of interestthe devil’s share

i could’ve been just like you, a bottom-feeder who turns on his own kind. for what? money? power? i got lucky. i had a partner. she was good for me, for a lot of reasons. she reminded me that i could be good again too. i could be a good father, a good friend. a good cop. i’m not gonna let you undo all the good she did. carter saved my life. she — she saved me from myself. because she believed in me. and i’m not gonna throw that away on a piece of crap like you.

I saw a few people in my recent tags asking HOW and one kind sweet user asking what bears the most money so I’m going to share my success story. I’m tagging @alice-elizabethscott , @xxkalleexx , @drunkenwhaleer , and @seismitoadsbutt,    cause I saw y’all in the notes There were a lot more but they were anons


You will need a game year, roughly 928 Starfruit seeds, the greenhouse, 6 iridium sprinkers, as many kegs as you can possibly craft, 157 casks, your favorite music, and a LOT of patience.

I’m putting it under a readmore because hot dang it’s a long post. It woudln’t be as long but I wanted to put pictures in 

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Nouveau Départ  | 01

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humor | angst | smut | fluff | smartalec!jungkook | spoiled!reader

word count: 3.9k                                                                                                              

Its January, the start of another shitty year at Mendia High and your vivacious parents are coming in 2 months for a report on how you’re doing in the aspects of grades, reputation and of course the long awaited–dating. This means 8.7 weeks to change your attitude–60 days to pull up your grades–1,440 hours to land a decent boyfriend. There is nobody decent enough to help you–therefore you have no choice but to turn to the schools’ derisive dweeb, Jeon Jungkook. Watch yourself struggle to cope with the smart-assed boy as he tries to transform you into a changed lady that everyone would look at differently.”                                                                     

“You feel so good princess–keep going.” your best friends’ groans of pleasure filled the room and you were damn sure any by-passer would look at you dead-dirty if you even dared to exit the small and clustered room at this time.  

“Oh shut up, you make it seem like i’m giving you a blowjob or some shit. Cut it out.” you grit out, making sure to press a bit harder than usual on the sensitive part of his neck. Feeling your nails press into his jugular–he pitches up in pain, a variety of obscene curses fly your way. “Do that one more time and I swear to God i’ll pull you over my lap and spank the shit out of you.”

Your pupils take a trip to the back of your head,  resurfacing rapidly, and you lightly hit the back of your best friend’s head. Yoongi was an uptight bitch sometimes. A downright petty one at that too. That’s why you found yourself giving him a back massage in the janitors closet, probably people coming up with many wild scenarios that their saint-like minds couldn’t handle when they try to put the puzzle pieces together. But hey, this was your best friend. 

Unfortunately, you lost a bet to the grudge-keeper two weeks ago. The deal was that if any of the new freshman could get laid at a party the week they came, Yoongi would get a back massage from you–along with the fact that you had to compliment him anytime he asked for the rest of the school year. If he lost, he would take you anywhere you want and let you buy, anything you wanted. Well, you guess you could say–Yoongi knew his shit.

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anonymous asked:

Didn't your mama ever tell you if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all? Don't bad mouth Taylor. I mean she's over there with all her money and fans and you're here so.

Originally posted by agustinignaciot

honey, you don’t know anything about my life. and I don’t give a fuck about Taylor’s money or fans. I care about what kind of person she is. fyi, she’s a shithead. she’s a cry baby that whines about her problems and NEVER takes responsibility for the problems she created herself. she claims she’s a feminist, but she’s NOT about that life, especially given the fact that she brings down other women in her songs. she’s a LIAR.  she believes she’s better than everyone. she’s manipulative. and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

and btw, no one MADE her do anything. she decided to act like this on her own.

Seventeen Reaction: Your Guy Best Friend Buys You Whatever You Want

“SVT Reaction to Your Guy Best friend Buying U whatever you want” -Anon

A/N: This is one of my first times doing reactions so I apologize if it is not the best! -Admin Sara


  • “Let me buy you something.”
  • “Who is this guy?”
  • Pouts the whole time cause this bean just wants to buy cute stuff for you but when he starts buying you everything what is left for him to get you.
  • Is a bit afraid you’ll stop telling him what you want and around Christmas and birthdays he’ll have to guess what you want.
  • Just wants to provide. 

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  • He’s happy he isn’t spending money
  • Is a bit sad still cause he wants to buy you cute things
  • Pressed?
  • “Oh, we need milk, get your best friend to buy it for you”
  • Is okay with it yet not so it confuses you SO much.

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  • How sweet of him
  • “Oh my gosh he bought you that outfit, its really cute”
  • “Sorry I couldn’t be there to buy it”
  • Pouts
  • “I’ll buy you a whole new closet next time we go shopping!”

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  • I didn’t come here to date you and your best friend
  • “Why is he buying you all this stuff. I wanted to pay for that!”
  • I… wanted? to pay for that
  • “Why am I even mad, like I don’t understand.”
  • “Thank you for buying that?”

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  • “Lets go shopping now, I have to buy stuff before him”
  • Makes you give him a list of things you want so if your friend buys them he still has back ups to get you
  • This babe likes buying you random gifts so it sort of rains on his parade.
  • “Oh… he bought you one… okay.” Hides the exact thing he just bought you as your surprise gift behind his back
  • “I have to go to the store again”
  • :( ½

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  • Tries not to let you go shopping with the guy but somehow even if you don’t you still have new stuff.
  • “Why are there boxes of shoes at the door? I thought you didn’t go out today”
  • “Oh. I see.”
  • “Can’t you just tell him I want to buy you presents too? It isn’t fair if he is buying everything before I can.”

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  • “Why are gifts just appearing in this houSE?”
  • “Where are you even getting all of this stuff?”
  • How does he even have money anymore, he bought you like 200 things in one day.
  • Drags you to the store, even if he got out of practice at 3AM and the only store open just sells gum. You’re going.
  • “I don’t care if you’re tired. I’m tired of not being able to buy you as much stuff and it makes me feel bad. Now gET UP.”

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  • “He’s buying you stuff? Cute.”
  • “What’d you get today?” :|
  • “N-no I am happy he is buying you stuff and you’re able to hang out and stuff with him. But… Isn’t he spending a lot of money on you… are you sure that is okay? Like he has enough money to do that?”
  • ?
  • Is more worried about your friends spending habits than trying to buy you anything
  • Doesn’t want your friend to feel left out of the gift circle
  • Buys your friend random gifts in return so he at least gets something other than pure friendship back.

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  • “I mean you can still hang out with him, I don’t really care… I just don’t like him.”
  • Tries to buy you more stuff 
  • “Oh that’s what he got you… well I got you THIS.”
  • “Yeah well, you’re the one dating me.”
  • You’re dating me.
  • Tries to ask your friend to stop buying you so much stuff but then gets caught and you think hes jealous.
  • “You’re dating me. How could I be jealous?”

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  • Sees you getting everything you want made him just a bit upset because he enjoys buying you things
  • Starts trying to find unique things that you didn’t even know you wanted
  • “Yeah, he may have bought you like 3 pairs of shoes today but the bracelet I got you… Yeah. I picked out everything.”
  • Acts really cool and proud about all the stuff he finds.

Originally posted by minghaeo


  • Made your best friend mad accidentally? when he first asked him to stop because he called it clutter. 
  • Sees how much he buys you now and gets mad but just keeps joking about it.
  • “Can he buy me stuff?”
  • “My best friend who?”
  • “No seriously though Y/N, it could work I have a plan.”

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  • Not really upset, but also not fine with it either
  • Tries to buy you a bunch of stuff while out with you
  • Makes a list of stuff you want so he doesn’t forget and makes you promise not to tell your friend about the stuff so he can at least try and buy it first
  • “Ya know, just tell him I really want this album.”
  • The album shows up the next day and hes like… what??
  • Is he really buying me stuff too? He has that kind of money? I should probably get to know him so that way I can repay him one day…
  • All of us are friends now.
  • “Three musketeers”

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  • Didn’t really mind at first and was like, okay, yeah I’m cool with it as long as we can coordinate so we don’t get the same things again.
  • Started caring more once your friend said something he didn’t like and then they stopped coordinating
  • Got really sad because three weeks before Christmas he went to this place to get you this necklace you said you wanted and waiting 2 hours in a long line only to find out he was in the wrong one. Then go to another line for another hour just to buy it and find out that your friend got you the same one AND gave it you early.
  • You have to tell your friend to stop buying you so much and to start only buying maybe once every few months because this babe isn’t going to tell you that it bothers him because he knows that when you get gifts it makes you happy and that is all he wants.
  • :( ½

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