what kind of loser do you take me for

just kill me i need to get the feels out so i can work

Just dating Nero things:

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  • This lovable loser picks fights with every-fucking-thing, okay? If you’re the kind of person to do the same thing then go and have fun fighting things together because what is life if you can’t fight stuff? If you’re more patient then you’re lucky Nero loves you so much because you’re literally the only person who can talk him down from fighting the things. Like legit, the look Dante gives you when you’re like “Please don’t fight right now” and Nero just sneers at him before doing as he’s asked is like pure awe. Wow.
  • Speaking of Dante, be ready for him to bug you a lot. He does it because it pisses Nero off. Like, for sure you and Nero are a thing, but Dante flirts with you in a way that constantly pushes Nero’s buttons. If you’re really frustrated by it, Dante will get the gist and not bug you anymore, but if it looks like you’re just tolerating him then he’ll keep going until Nero punches him in the face and they have a fist fight or something, I don’t know.
  • Nero can get really defensive about somethings. He’s kind of self conscious about his right arm when it comes to you. He’s scared you’ll turn around and say the demonic side of him terrifies or you or that you lied and it bothers you after all. Some days he’ll seem jumpy or distant and its just him struggling to come to terms with that fact that you do not mind being with him. Just leave him alone for a bit. If you push him to talk or interact he’ll most likely get aggressive before feeling more guilty and running off to disappear for a bit.
  • This dumb dork really sucks at flirting. He’s not a natural like Dante and coupled with the fact that he genuinely likes you, Nero is just a really cute mess when he tries to impress you. He can’t even give you a gift properly. Instead he just leaves it in places where he knows you’ll find it and when you see him to thank him he just plays it off like it’s no big deal or he just saw it randomly and got it for you. It doesn’t matter how obscure the thing is, when you grill him about where he got it from, he’s just like “I just got lucky and found it, okay? Drop it.”
  • Bad at flirting doesn’t mean he’s awful at being affectionate though. You just gotta recognise what affection looks like when it comes from him. It’s things like how sometimes you catch him looking at you and then turning away and pretending he wasn’t. Or how he quietly eats whatever food you cook for him, no matter how good or bad it actually is. Or like how whenever you go out and you get scared from a noise or something he’ll grab your hand right away. Sometimes he’ll just grab your hand for no reason to be honest and pretend he’s not doing it. He pretends he doesn’t do a lot of things, he’s an idiot.
  • But lets be real, his hugs are the best. Hug your boyfriend as much as you can. Nero will sometimes complain and whinge about how ‘clingy’ you are, but note that he never refuses to hold you if you ask or hug him first. It’s always warm, welcoming and secure and if you fall asleep in his arms, you’ll magically wake up all tucked into bed safe and sound.
  • No, but seriously you’ll be watching Nero and Dante fight a lot. They might even ask you to keep score, so enjoy that.